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maggiecheungs · 1 month
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Lifetimes come and go in turn…
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2015) dir. Isao Takahata ↳ Kaguya through the years
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whenfatecollides · 6 months
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Xena Warrior Princess: 2x05 Return of Callisto
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bellyprincess · 14 days
Tumblr media
Gaia moaned quietly to herself as she slid into the car, her belly brushing against the steering wheel until she pushed the seat all the way back. She felt so full but knew she had more growing to do until her precious babies came out to meet her. She just bought this bra last week, but it seemed she'd need a bigger size by the end of this week.
As she settled into the car, she pulled her shirt up over her middle and snapped a picture, sending it to you, who she knew was waiting for her at home.
👑princess: Look at how big I am today! Babies won't settle down, think they want you 🥺 you'll rub my belly when I get home, right?
She knew that you would. You were so attentive throughout her pregnancy, and even though she still had months to go, she knew that even while on bedrest, you would keep her satisfied and full. After sending the picture attached to the message, she didn't bother to pull her shirt back down but started to drive home. Pulling into the driveway, she parked the car and slid back out, waddling into the house, belly and tits first, shirt still pulled up.
"Babyyyy~ I'm home~ I hope you're ready to satisfy me and the babies!"
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cinnominbubble · 2 months
I think… Gerard hopes that Elody’s story is going in a way that she wants it to, or at least it gets there eventually, and it would be great if I had a chance to be there for it. And I hope we can break the curse the same way we did the first time, by getting to know each other again.
I am so gently moving up Arms Unfolding by dodie on the Gerelody playlist.
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casualdisneyprincess · 2 months
Tumblr media
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velvetcloxds · 2 months
in love with you- send me a character and an au scenario and I'll write a little baby blurb for it
Can I please ask for a Tangled!AU for Geralt of Rivia + Princess!Reader, please? Thank you!
word count: 0.8k words
warnings: reader having very long hair, geralt being a grumpy little simp
Tumblr media
Geralt knew the feeling of frustration well, an annoyance to the point of murder, that nagging tug to his brain that had his fist shaking around his glass and his eyes burning- this time, however, the feeling was different, clouded, as annoyed as he was, he was also sort of awed, vividly aware of the fact that he didn't look away from you for even a second as you walked about the drunken witchers with a smile bright enough to light up all of Kaer Morhen despite the darkness that loomed its halls. You were hardly the threatening kind, in fact, he was sure he could quite easily force the information you promised right out of you without much, if any hassle, but when he saw you or rather saved you from the tower your mother had kept you in, he caved into taking you to see the floating lights you'd very adamantly demanded to see.
He questioned your reasoning when you so senselessly considered him a trustworthy traveling companion, it spoke of ignorance and naivety, evidence of being robbed from the company of other humans or living beings for that matter since he was yet to determine what or who you really were aside for a princess. He brought you to his winter home purely for shock value, needing to pass the stony confines on the way to your destination anyway, so he considered it only fitting to tease you some in the process- he'd not, for even a second, considered that you'd be just as sickeningly sweet in a room full of murderers as you were with just the one, him, of course.
You were currently sat atop one of the bulky wooden tables, fawning over Lambert's curls as he offered you a sip of his drink, he looked up at you much like he would an innocent deer running across his path- conflicted between finding you unmentionable adorable and just a bit too foolish and weak to be around him. He allowed you to drag a hand through his curls, musing about the ways you could braid it for him so it bothered him less, giving him advice about keeping it healthy while gesturing to your own hair that spread down the table onto the floor, comically well-kept despite what might be assumed.
"Las, I shall humour your remedies for keeping the curls at bay, but you're not bringing any leaves near me," he reprimanded and you giggled as you sat back, feet peeking out from the hem of your dress as you folded your legs under you, not at all looking like the princess the witchers were accustomed to, admittedly much more satisfying to be around, to listen to and to talk to- you'd managed to charm a group of men who hated your kind with all their hearts.
Geralt was walking towards you before he even knew it, reaching out to support your back when you leaned back just a tad too far while laughing at Lambert's opinions on the different flowers he'd seen on his hunts, listing all the very many reasons why he despised them. A few hours ago the touch of the fingers spread out over the thinning material would've felt foreign, unknown, but despite how uncharted Geralt's presence was to your existence, his touch was quickly becoming familiar, comfortable regardless of how uncaring it was.
"Careful," he grunted though the sound wasn't nearly as annoyed as he wished it to be, earning a shy smile from your lips as you moved your hair out of place to turn around towards him, looking up at him with those big eyes that were daring to break through his cold exterior. "Wouldn't want you to fall and get injured, might not make it to the stars."
"Floating lights," you reminded, he was almost regretting his mistake when your smile threatened to dip into a frown, shaking his system with nerves for being the reason for it. However, luckily the notion was interrupted by a giant yawn, the motion of you slipping from the table to stand next to him being far too smooth. "And I don't think you'd mind it all that much if you didn't have to take me to see them."
"What makes you think that?" he mused and you swore his eyes were lighter as he spoke, a sense of playfulness behind the golden orbs, but you didn't think of it too much, scared to get your hopes up, instead, you gathered your hair into a big ball in your hands, smiling at the white wolf when he helped you do so.
"Just a suspicion that I have," you shrugged in return and tucked the last few inches of roots under your arm, dreading the process of having to braid the main in the morning, not used to having to do so alone- but before you could make your way to the room Geralt had pointed out as yours, you looked back up at him with a sincere smile, one he noted to be very different from the thousand other smiles you were capable of. "Thank you, Geralt," you breathed and he was notably surprised, a foreign feeling for him, you supposed because he didn't recover from the slip of emotion as quickly as you expected. "I know you're only doing this to get something out of me, but I appreciate it still, so thank you," you leaned up to kiss his cheek, a brisk gesture, hardly long enough for him to react before you were tiredly skipping away from him.
"You need to be careful with that one," Lambert noted, a perfect position to have viewed the whole scene as he looked at his friend with a knowing nod. "A girl like that won't be easy to let go of," he explained and Geralt was frozen, dazed as he looked at the arch you just walked through, frazzled and confused as the feeling of your lips still tingled against his white skin.
"Get rid of," he corrected but he wasn't convinced and neither was Lambert because right before his eyes the witcher in question stood lingering, no doubt listening to your steps, determining if you made it safely to your room, a fool really for thinking you hadn't already thread your way into his heart.
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gemrazzled · 4 months
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harlowhockeystick · 4 months
fireplace sex w nolan and princess
j's holiday celly
warnings: 18+ SMUT, alcohol consumption
Tumblr media
"nolie, sweetie," she rattled off endearments to nolan as she sips on her glass of red wine nolan knew he was in for something fun. either a night of sweaty love making, or a night of watching the absolute show that is his princess, drunk.
it's quite the sight, honestly. she becomes quite hilarious while drunk. it doesn't matter whether she's wine drunk or hard liquor drunk, she becomes the funniest person he knows.
"there's one place in this cabin we have yet to fuck," she says with such a tone that makes his blood run hot and his mouth water. she straddles his lap, tipping her head back to finish her glass of wine (which was her fourth of the night).
"and that is?" he responded while putting his hands on her hips.
"in front of the fire place," princess placed her hands over his shoulders, rubbing them over his arms up and down. "while it's lit."
he places his lips on the tip of his index finger, looking up at her in such a way to where she can't really decide if she's the craziest person he knows (which she is) or if she's the sexiest (also true). "that's a little dangerous, princess."
she rakes her fingers through his brown hair, tugging on it ever so slightly while lightly, very lightly, grinding down onto his lap. "wouldn't be the most dangerous thing we've done, you remember new years eve right?"
oh, that he does.
"i just want to feel you next to the fire, nolie. wanna feel how how you get while you're fucking six inches deep." she slowly unbuttons his flannel, keeping eye contact with his icey blue eyes. "i wanna...i wanna know how it feels to have your hot, sweaty body on top of mine while you cum inside me."
she continues to unbutton the flannel to where it's fully exposing his chest. she feels him grow hard beneath her sex and she can't help but have darkened eyes at the thought of it. her mouth waters and her lungs fill with deep, long breaths.
"please nolie, please. it always looks so romantic and fun in the movies. we're more fun that the movies, anyway." it's something about her tone that always just gets him going, it doesn't quite piss him off but it gets him so close to it.
"fine. but just this once, and this is the last time i'm letting you have this much wine in one sitting."
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consultingpacha · 4 months
Tumblr media
Some sketches today. This belongs to a Swan Princess AU, but instead of a Swan, Thorin transforms into a dragon during the day, and gets goldsick as morning approaches. With moonlight, he goes back to being a dwarf. It’s another of my fic wips 😅
“It has already started! When the sun comes out, the beast will take control. My mind won’t be my own anymore. You must leave. Get out of the Mountain!”
“Im not leaving you here!”
“Frerin. Please. Take him out of here.”
The former king fell to his knees then, as a jolt of pain ran up his spine like lightning. It was familiar already. His skin ached were the scales were breaking it to get out, and he could feel the strong headache of the horns pushing outside his skull.
His eyes were burning, too. As well as his throat.
The sun was rapidly falling down the horizon.
“You must go! Now!”
Almost chocking on a scream, Thorin gasped for air, fixing his eyes on Bilbo’s horrified expression. His voice, when he next managed to speak, was but the deep growl of a beast.
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grandmaster-anne · 2 months
Tumblr media
12 June 1947 Princess Elizabeth follows behind the King who is leading the procession between large crowds as they approached Horse Guards Parade for the Trooping the Colour ceremony
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toxiccrybabyart · 1 month
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Entrapta my beloved
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fate-defiant · 6 months
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Go to horny jail, go directly to horny jail, don't pass go, don't pick up 200,
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xenawarriorprincess · 16 days
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Happy international women’s day! 🖤🖤
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yeetlegay · 4 months
Thought about rule 63 Payurain and my knees nearly gave out
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casualdisneyprincess · 2 months
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“The beasts around Mononoke's world are already extinct. That's right. There used to be a hundred, but now there are only two left. I'm sure humanity will meet such a fate one day. It will be a gradual destruction. Our fate is probably like what happened in Chernobyl, when the old men and women who once lived there came back and picked up mushrooms, ate them and said, "I'm contaminated", but despite that, they go on living, eating potatoes without any problems. You're supposed to live as if you were eating, and I think I'm trying to live as best as I can. I feel human beings are like that.”
- Hayao Miyazaki in “How ‘Princess Mononoke’ was born”, Behind-The-Scenes Documentary directed by Toshio Uratani, 2001.
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