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Danny is the supernatural IRS
So after danny gets crowned ghost king, it's his responsibility to sort out all the paperwork, complaints, renovations and basicly get the infinite realms back on track
It was going smoothly until he sees afew things suspicious in this one universe...
Theirs someone named Constantine who hands his soul out like candy,
Someone called Klarion keeps messing with the natural balance of his universe while simultaneously stealing artefacts
Something called the Justice Leagues Dark are in illegal possession and use of artefacts and cursed objects
Theres something called a Lazarus pit thats been used for illegal resurrection by Re al ghul
Theres a zombie-ghost baby named jason todd who's been left unsupervised and put in dangerous situations
...yeah...dannys about to go nuts on this universe
Hello misplaced aggression my old friend
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blobghostdoart · 5 months
I want Danny to straight up revoke Ra’s ownership of the Pit when he becomes king. Boy takes one look at his yucky ecto-pool and was like
“Ancients did this guy have no concepts of purification? What did he do with it? What he revives people with THAT?! Those poor soul! Did he at least get them proper treatment after that? No? He just send them off to god knows where and left them to fend for themselves? That won’t do”
And Ra returns to an empty Lazarus Pit. There’s not even a drop in there, the pool is drier than Sahara Desert. A note sits at the bottom of the pit.
“We have confiscated the pit due to the lack of filtration and poor maintenance. For more information please call 1-800-KING-PHANTOM”
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Danny, points at the pits: this is mine
*Various snarling assassins trying to disembowel him as he gets rid of the pit*
Danny, pointing at Ra: this too
Ra: wha-
*sucks the Lazarus out of Ra Al Ghul*
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dyinggirldied · 6 months
Just reading about this TV trope and hey, a little idea pops into my head. Like, imagine Ra al Ghul one day found Danny Fenton, who shared a lot of resembling to Bruce Wayne/Batman, and sent his spies to capture or kidnap him.
Easy peasy right? Wrong because through incredible luck and oblivious, Danny managed to evade and defeat the spies, while in his human form all the time. And Ra, in all his creepy seriousness, felt that there was a better heir or threat and sent even more top spies, ninjas and assassins after the boy.
Danny won, of course.
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dxrksong · 2 months
Blob ghosts and the Lazarus pits
May be subject to change as I just woke up.
So before I go into the study of Blob ghost's relation to the pits I should probably analyze the pits themselves.
Taking a note from various theories, I'm gonna go ahead and say the pits are natural portals to the GZ. But since these don't close I'm gonna do a step further and say these are the pores of the infinite realms!
Portals that open in the GZ but they close SLOWLY, making it seem like they don't close at all. And while they're closing, excess ectoplasm pools around it, making the pits we know today!
And of course, the longer the pits were exposed to negative emotions and various contaminants, the more dirty and corrupted it became.
The solution? Blob ghosts! The feeder fish of the ghost zone! There are dozens of them in every pit!
Now about the blob ghosts, is that they adore helping people and ghosts alike. Hungry ghosts? Free snack! Sick ghost? *vacuum noises*
So when this random human fell in, looking sickly? Free roomie!
And that's how Ra's al gul found 'immortality'. Although what the blob ghost really did was get rid of whatever was ailing him and replace anything that needed to be replaced.
The more Lazarus pit baths he has? The more parts get replaced by blob ghosts. He'd probably be 80% blob ghosts by the time he realizes this fact.
So what about Jason?
Well if my Intel is correct, TECHNICALLY it wasn't the pits that revived him at first. It was someone more or less punching someone with enough power to essentially revive Jason! (I think it was super boy??? I can't remember??)
But Jason was a zombie at that point. No core, no ghost. Until the dip into the pits where Johnny 13 got yeeted back into his old body.
And a body suddenly gaining a core? At least a year after death? The body would attempt to reject the core! And that's where the blob ghost comes in!
Making an ectoplasmic vein and nervous system, the blob ghost wraps around Jason's core and got comfortable! :)
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bblackthing · 8 months
I only recently start reading Robin 2021 and I still want to see something about Tim's spleen
Something like:
Ra's: Damian, give this to your brother, Timothy! *gives him a box*
Damian: What's in there?
Ra's: Timothy's spleen! :D
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impyssadobsessions · 7 months
What if Danny was originally Ras Al Ghul's younger brother from ages ago who fell into a Lazerus Pit but never resurfaced, this brother would be reincarnated as Danny and would live a normal life until the Portal. Danny would suffer from reoccurring dreams of his past life which would eventually culminate in Danny and the Brother fusing together with Danny taking charge, the brother would serve as a guide to life outside of what Danny knows.
Danny with the Brother's help could pass from a brother of Damien up until confronted by Talia, who would be told that her uncle thinks she looks as beautiful as her mother was.
Ooooo That be such an interesting take. I wouldn't know how to go about it, right now im like YES AND GO ON?!!!!!! MORE PLZ? XDDD Can see longer he continues to be phantom the more memories come back/skills he use to obtain. Wonder if there be some inner turmoil.. because danny's morals and the brothers morals would be so different.. except for one thing.. family. How would Ra act to this? ah just too many questions to this what if question!
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jasontoddsguns · 1 year
Tumblr media
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daminette-56 · 3 months
Imagine Ra out of the picture and Talia is an explorer. She turns the league around (Considering that she hates being an assassin), and she goes exploring and picks up ancient artifacts. She either keeps, sells or donate them to a museum. Exploring is a part time job considering that she runs Lex Corp. She also takes Damian on some of her adventures. Jason also tags along sometimes.
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batstorm93672 · 1 month
"That fact that you think I value myself based on how someone sees my performance is absurd"
The three original Robins waited for a moment and Jason broke the silence "You accidentally put salt instead of sugar and then went on about how you failed and deserve punishment..."
Damian rolled his eyes "Your point being?"
Tim whistled "That's a lot to unpack"
Dick exhaled and moved his hair out of his face "Why would we punish you, anyone can make that mistake"
"Tt. You all may, I can't do so or else I'm useless and a tragic disappointment in need of teaching" That's something that Ra Al Ghul would say, he remembers those days when they were alone and Ra would talk to him in such a manner so he had to learn. It would normally end with him being whipped or another method of learning.
Dick was tearing up, holding Damian's hand "Dames that is not healthy"
Damian frowned and moved his hand away from Dick's grasp "It's what needs to be done, if I'm not perfect than I'm nothing and don't deserve to... to... oh..."
Jason tilted his head slightly "You feeling okay?"
"...this isn't healthy..?"
"Not one bit"
"You want to watch Lilo and Stitch while eating cookies or something?"
Damian held the end of his shirt and nodded, the four walked. Damian held Dick's hand and followed.
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kluvcomicsnfantasy · 11 months
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Talia Al Ghul & Ra Al Ghul first appearance
Episode: Off Balance
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Inspired by this
What is instead if making the deal while pharia is in charge, they attempt to make it while dannys already been kings for centuries
So ra al ghul wanted better standing in the infinite realms and get access to better Lazarus pit water
So what dose he do?
He offers his grandson as a bride... and if the king dosent want a bride it'll be an offering none the less
So the LOA kidnap damian and prepare to travel to the infinite realms to try and make a deal with the ghost king
Talia, finding this out, runs to bruce (who has spent the last 3 days without sleep trying to find out where damian is) and explains everything
They call a meeting and explain that Ra is trying to gain standing in the infinite realms by offering damian as a bride, every member looses it, dick tim and jason are all foaming at the mouth and loading up weapons left and right because that is their 12 YEAR OLD BABY BROTHER FUCKERS
So talia is driving with the batfam to get her son back while re-evaluateing her opinion of the batfam because they've gone fucking nuts
1 day later they arrived in the infinite realms and immediately decided to break into phantom keep
Thats where damian is being held and they have no time to loose
When the wall they crashed into cleared, they are met with the sight of damian playing with a glowing green puppy, A white haired being with a flaming crown talking to a tied up Ra al ghul and a living armor stand with a flaming sword watching over damian
Dick, still foaming at the mouth, walks up and punches Ra in the face, turns to the guy with the crown and says
:look i know they offered you a bride but-
: if you think im accepting this your more crazy then him
The white haired guy points to damian who is still playing with a dog, looks dick in the eyes and said
: that is a child! He. Is. A. Child. And im not a pedo
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foeofcolor · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From Dark Knights Of Steel #6... Well this is certainly a development. As weird as the writing has been, I am lowkey interested in what might happen next. 
I can’t speak for the other characters but it is kinda on brand for john to be making questionable deals.
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chaoticthotsstuff · 4 months
my favorite thing is that everyone thinks Damian is going to turn out like his father, or like Talia or like Ra's
But in the end he turns out to be like dick
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Ra's Al Ghul was canonnically at Woodstock and is currently characterized as this "Hippie grandpa character" so he's probably into classic rock ranging from the late 60s to mid 80s. Damian could've inherited that same music taste
Coincidentally I also made a Playlist based on that but feel free to ignore it
Damian can say he detests the rock genre all he wants but he at least has at least 15 to 20 rock songs on his playlist ranging from
Nirvana's somethings in the way
To (funny in my opinion and you should watch the music video because its hilarious)
Meat loaf's I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)
He later bonds with Bruce and explores more of his love of rock music with him
Because bruce started to listen to rock music as a angsty rebellious teen
Anyway thank u for the playlist 💝💝
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toulousewayne · 2 days
Batman: the Brave & the Bold
This is a concept for a DCEU adaptation of Batman: The Brave & the Bold.
This is a concept for Batman: The Brave & the Bold. Set in the DCEU.
- Batman/ Bruce Wayne - Scott Adkins
Tumblr media
- Damian Wayne/Robin - Carter Rockwood
Tumblr media
- Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Logan Lerman
Tumblr media
- Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - Leslie Grace
Tumblr media
- Alfred Pennyworth - Jeremy Irons
Tumblr media
- Ra Al Ghul - Oded Fehr
Tumblr media
- Talia Al Ghul - Nadine Nassib Njeim
Tumblr media
This is apart of the DCEU franchise. Which will Mostly be Batfamily films. This is the first film in the first wave of trilogies. The second one in this series is Batman vs Red Hood
This film take inspiration from a few different comics and ideas from the old DCEU. In this universe we pick up with an older Batman. Robin has been dead for a few years and his partnership with Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is nonexistent. Batgirl has just proven herself as a ally to him and has been his crime fighting partner for about nine months at this point.
The film is an action film,with family moments throughout it.
Batman and Batgirl receives a call from Alfred while patrolling in the Batmobile. About a double homicide in the Diamond District and hurry to meet Gordon.
We cut to a temple in the Mountains where we meet a young Damian Wayne training with several league members. Over watching is Talia Al Ghul. Her Father Ra appears and tells her that his time is coming, Talia tells her father that he is far to young which he dismisses and tells her to prepare him. Talia has shift in her demeanor and decides in that moment she has to get Damian away from her Father’s influence. We she a brief montage of her pack and later she takes Damian from his room in the middle of the night. Most battle through the league. She barley escapes and puts Damian on a ship and gives him a bag and tells him to find Bruce Wayne in America. And the ship leaves as more league rush towards Talia and there gone in the fog.
We see as Damian arrives how hard it is for him to adjust to his new life with his father. He wants to return to Talia but Bruce cannot find her not is he sure she’s alive anymore. Damian struggled and lashes out at everyone Bruce, Alfred and even Barbara. Who takes it upon herself to try and show Damian how normal kids live life and it backfires because she isn’t able to convince him. She calls in a friend. And Dick Grayson arrives to see the famous Batman’s son.
Barbara and Dick try and show Damian things he didn’t have in the league. Like ice cream, pizza and other things kids his age enjoy meanwhile, Bruce is trying to find Talia while also trying to figure out how to be a good parent to Damian. Throughout all this Ra Al Ghul as returned to Gotham and has set his plan for revenge in motion.
By the time Bruce figures it out Ra as released bio weapon on parts of the city and goes to his blimp to stop him from destroying the city. Batgirl and Nightwing go to City Hall to stop his assassins from killing the Mayor and Gordon. Feeling that he should help Damian takes the Robin suit and goes out to help. He first saves two civilians from assassins. He learns that not everyone is an enemy. After that he helps a police officer evacuate an apartment building making his way to help his father defeat his grandfather.
Afterwords Bruce makes Damian Robin full time with training and showing more restraint.
In the last scene,we see Talia watch Batman and Robin from a nearby rooftop while there patrolling and she smiles to herself before returning to the shadows and that’s where this first film ends.
In a post credit scene we see a figure emerging from the rainy shadows and arrives at the gates of Wayne Manor. The figures turns out to be the Red Hood. It cuts to black before he say, “Surprise Old Man, I’m Back.”
I hope you liked this addition. It may be fun to do this little concept for the DCEU so if there are other ideas you have for this pocket universe let me know. 👍
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