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“Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone magazine, has now found himself in hotdog water after an interview with New York Times writer David Marchese, where he revealed that the reason he did not include Black or female artists in his book is because they were not in his ‘zeitgeist,’ and he did not feel that female artists were ‘articulate enough on this intellectual level.’”
Jann Wenner is extremely inarticulate himself, but has been the gatekeeper of such things as who is or is not articulate enough for quoting or admiring for their contributions to Rock & Roll — a genre of music CREATED by Black people. And since he failed to mention any, lest we forget, people can be both Black and women simultaneously. (TERFs dni)
And just for clarity: Wenner exhibited the racism, sexism and tokenism that has probably held back many talented people throughout his very long career of picking winners and losers, and deciding who gets rewarded and who doesn’t in the music industry.
And one last thing: while I give the audio interviewer partial credit — not full credit — for pressing Wenner on his sexism and racism, I am imploring white people to unambiguously name and call things for what they really and truly are, in the moment.
Coddling white fragility is not helpful, it’s harmful.
Unambiguously calling out racism is helpful, not harmful.
SN: Obviously the same goes for all the other isms too (Islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. etc.)
Don’t let members of the oppressor class trick you into thinking that call-out culture (aka, accountability) is a bad thing. It’s not.
Racist gatekeepers need to be embarrassed and called out. On a regular basis. When they’re young, people want to excuse their racism because of their youth. And then when they are old, people excuse their racism because, “Well that’s just the way they grew up,” and before you know it, some racist misogynistic asshole has lived their entire life without anyone ever seriously telling them that they’re racist. AND THEN we wonder why nothing is changing!
Instead of being concerned with hurting the feelings of a racist, maybe try being more concerned with the people who their racism will inevitably harm. Let’s try more of that please.
👉🏿 https://thehub.news/old-white-guy-hates-black-music-that-made-him-rich/
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white femmes are so quick to dictate the "correct" expression of feminity for femmes of color all while repeating phrases such as "femme is not an aesthetic" and "there is no right way to be femme." i have seen white femmes call femmes of color both "too gender conforming" and "not feminine enough" when talking about important aspects of feminity from their own culture. white femmes set the standard of femininity that all femmes are expected to conform. without meeting this expectation, you are not femme enough. when called out on their racism, white femmes will deflect onto other areas in which they face oppression such as classism, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, etc. or, they will imply that only cis able-bodied thin femmes can uphold white supremacy. they will say femmes of color can contribute to their own oppression by being feminine in ways they do not approve of. it's "listen to femmes of color" until femmes of color are speaking. it seems as though there is no right way to be femme, so long as your femmeness fits within the perfect box of white femininity.
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I'm not saying Frye's losing streak is being influenced by colorism, especially on the Japanese side of the fan base. However— Like, I believe there was an interview with a bunch of Japanese fans on Deep Cut's idol design, and so many of them were calling Frye a monkey n shit. It was disgusting. We need regional Splatfest again please Nintendo. Not that NA and Euro don't have racism either but there's at least more colored fans in those regions.
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Quebec's official opposition wants the province to adopt Joyce's Principle in its bill on improving "cultural safety" in the health and social services network. The principle, created following the death of Joyce Echaquan in 2020, would require Quebec to recognize the existence of systemic racism within its borders. "As requested by all the groups we heard from, the addition of Joyce's Principle to a section of the bill is an essential condition for us to support the final version of Bill 32," reads a statement from André Morin, opposition critic for Indigenous relations. "If the [Coalition Avenir Québec] refuses to listen to the demands of First Nations and Inuit, we will not be complicit in its stubbornness. The safety of everyone in our healthcare network is non-negotiable." On Sunday, the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) announced it would table an amendment to the bill. [...]
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1 Million March 4 Children is a transphobic far right rally seeking to remove education of gender and sexuality from schools and furthermore to restrict access to gender affirming care for trans youth. It is being supported by a number of organizations, including Indigo People, also known as Project Indigo, a project organized by Raven News, a far right anti-vax convoy affiliated news source. This organization is funded by Police On Guard For Thee, an organization of active and retired Canadian police officers with anti-vax sentiments, who openly espouse doubts in the legislative assemblies which govern their work.
Furthermore, another supporter of this march is the Canadian Democratic Defense Affiliation, which includes among its affiliates The Myth Is Canada. This organization openly espouses a goal of a coup in Canada for the overthrow of the constitution to implement their own constitution, which actively targets "cultural marxism" and "political correctness" for criminalization.
In this manner, the police of Canada is collaborating with a fascist terrorist organization through targeting trans youth. The contradictions are sharpening, and the police are revealing their class collaborationist characteristics more and more! The role of the police is to protect private property of the bourgeoise, and when capitalism is in crisis, as it most certainly is in Canada and across the world, the police become divided between protecting the property of the imperialist bourgeoisie or the property of the precariat and petite bourgeoisie (who face threats of proletarianization as the rate of profit decays). Regardless of the general direction, this will always result in violence which targets the working class and oppressed groups of Canada! Stand not with the fascist reactionary forces nor with the Canadian colonial-imperialist bourgeoisie, and study the methods of working class struggle to replace police slave drivers with working class militancy and solidarity!
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removing “cop” from online leftists’ vocabulary until they can learn to behave
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im... gonna have to change class because the english teacher we got this morning is.. racist as fuck. Openly. I'm baffled. She is making us study why "wokism is bad and is PC culture gone mad" and why people of color are getting out of line and discriminating against white people, and why "discussing racial dynamics is racist anyway bc races are a racial construct" (no shit), and why white people "shouldn't have to feel ashamed of their past", and why "positive discrimination is madness" etc. etc. im the only person of color here so obviously i can't say shit about any of it so... you can see how good my morning is going 👍
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What if in my "dinosaurs developed sapience instead of apes" speculative evolution setting, there is racism is between two species that resemble real-life ravens and crows? I think it's a better racism metaphor than Beastars since the differences between the two would be so small that no average person would notice or care so you'd have to try real hard and look real crazy to be a racist. Racism metaphors that use carnivores and herbivores as analogues for different human races always rubbed me the wrong way because those two types of animals are biologically different enough to genunely warrant discrimination whereas real-life human races aren't that different from each other biologically. What do you think, as a scientific professional with experience in biology?
sure, I'm a professional, but I'm also white. No matter how much I learn and listen and do to be actively antiracist, I'll never have as accurate a perspective on this as someone who is a person of color. And there are biologists who are POC on this very site who you should probably ask ahead of me
any metaphor for racism that implies there is an actual biological difference between races (like this one) just bolsters the idea that races are biologically real and thus can be used to discriminate and differentiate. The truth is, there are no significant differences in the DNA between people of different races, and race is only a social construct (a very real one that has implications for life and how it works, but still, something made up by society). Hence, no, I do not think this is a good metaphor.
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Darryl George, a 17 year old junior, has served more than two weeks of in-school suspension. The school claims it is because of the length of his hair and not the style, which violates school dress code.
Discrimination based on natural hairstyles violates the CROWN Act, which went into effect in Texas on September 1st.
source 1
source 2
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There is some highly sensitive context that should be taken into consideration with regard to Egwene being put in a Seanchan a'dam, the collar that was placed around her neck in 2x05
Trigger warnings: includes the mention of deceased persons. There are images, voices and discussions of deceased persons in some of the links attached. Discussion of racism, enslavement, abuse, exploitation, and genocide
nb: the attached link on language mentions madeleine's mother, hetti perkins
Egwene al'Vere is portrayed by Madeleine Madden, an Aboriginal Australian woman (Arrernte, Kalkadoon, Gadigal, Bundjalung) from the place now called Sydney, which is Gadigal Country, as it has been for thousands of years
If you have heard or seen Madeleine referred to as Black / Blak, that is because in Australian-English Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the indigenous First Nations peoples of Australia, have long been identified with the term Black
From 1901 to the 1970s the White Australia policy only allowed White British and European people to migrate into an already majority White Australia. Today, African-diaspora Australians are a small minority of Australia's population
Blak, Black, Blackfulla: Language is important, but it can be tricky
In Australia, the practice of locking neck chains onto First Nations peoples persisted into the 1950s, until it was formally abolished in 1958. This practice was carried out within living memory
How Western Australia’s ‘unofficial’ use of neck chains on Indigenous people lasted 80 years
First Nations peoples, including children aged 12 and over, were forced into unpaid labour up until the 1970s. The living survivors of this practice are still fighting the Australian settler government for reparations of unpaid and stolen wages
It’s about time Australia owns up to its significant history of slavery
Indigenous Australian people of Madeleine's grandparents and parents generations were put in neck chains and were subjected to unpaid forced labour by Australian settlers
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sustainably inhabited the place now called Australia for at least 65,000 years. During the 142 years from the British invasion of Australia in 1788 to 1930, between 80-95% of the Indigenous population died as a result of British-Australian colonisation
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples weren’t counted on the census as part of the population of Australia until the 1967 referendum. 1967 was only 56 years ago. Federal voting rights were granted in 1965, but full, equal voting rights weren’t granted until 1984, only 39 years ago
This year has seen a highly contentious political campaign rife with anti-Indigenous misinformation in the lead up to an upcoming referendum on October 14, where people will vote whether they want to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by enshrining an Indigenous consultative body in the Australian constitution
Madeleine Madden:
Madden notes there’s been somewhat of a disconnect in the international perception of Australia and what it’s like for Aboriginal Australians. “As a Black woman and a Black person my experience has been very different. I have a deep love and connection for my country and my culture, but I also had a lot of difficulty growing up there. Racism is very real [in Australia] and it’s very out in the open.”
“I think being a First Nations person—when it’s your country, your people’s country and your ancestors have lived on this land sustainably for millennia—and then being considered as alien in your own country is really hurtful and something that a lot of Aboriginal people struggle with,” reasons Madden. She also notes that it’s her connection to and love of her country and culture that pushes her past the negative experiences.
Tumblr media
[Map of Indigenous Australia]
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I'm going to go ahead and add a quick 2 cent piece of my own here:
If you really want to de-colonize your thinking, your craft, your spirituality, your way of life, the first thing you got to get used to is the concept that not everything is about you. That many things, are in fact, not about you.
When people of color talk about the stuff that we've had to live with and put up with everyday for generations, we're not talking about you, white person with the white privilege who's never known systemic racism. Our struggles, our everyday lived experiences from white supremacy, those are not about you.
You want to be an ally? Then close your mouth and open your ears, for a start. We don't need your woke points. Fuck off if you don't want to be on our side and fight colonialism with us.
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It is wild how many people on this website who will decry racefaking in the name of stupid fandom shit like “justifying a Hamilton fanfic” (and to be clear, that’s bad and it was right to call out the white American woman who pretended to be two different non-Western queer POC because of that, and her “characters” were disgusting Orientalist stereotypes) will rush to the defense of and deny the existence of racefaking in order to suppress black voters and help a racist candidate win a presidential election. That post is right that what the Internet Research Agency did on Tumblr and other social media sites was essentially a digital minstrel show — put on an insulting parody of Black social media users, by reposting their jokes from other sites and crudely copying their posting style the rest of the time — for explicitly racist purposes that hurt Black people and other POC in a very real way. If you defend it and try to argue that lagonegirl et al. were “real black leftists” that is what you are defending, and you’re saying something very specific about what you think Black social media culture is and what you think Black leftism, Black humor etc. look like. And that specific thing is not a good, flattering, anti-racist thing — quite the opposite.
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Migrants, including undocumented people, students and refugees, marched in cities across Canada Sunday to demand permanent residency status for all ahead of the resumption of federal parliament on Monday. 
In Toronto, migrants and supporters marched downtown, including through the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street, prompting police to say on social media that traffic in the area had been disrupted. 
The protesters are calling on the government to create an uncapped program that would grant permanent resident status to all migrants and undocumented people without any exclusions, according to Sarom Rho, an organizer with Migrant Workers Alliance for Change. 
"Without permanent resident status migration, undocumented people are facing massive exploitation at work, are denied life saving treatments in healthcare, live in daily fear of deportation and the pain of family separation," Rho said. 
Protest comes after UN criticizes foreign worker program
The protest comes after Canada's temporary foreign worker program was labelled a "breeding ground for contemporary forms of slavery" by a United Nations official earlier this month. Tomoya Obokata, UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery,  called on the federal government to give all temporary foreign workers a pathway to longer term or permanent residency. [...]
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it should deeply disturb all of us (trans or otherwise) that a cis black woman was killed for the suspicion of being trans. That is the world we are living in. Trans women of color are killed every day, and now, cis women of color who are even suspected of being trans are facing the same threat. It's terrifying to think that this just happened and I suspect it won't be the last time. I've heard many a story of cis women being harassed for their "appearing trans", and it's so heartbreaking and infuriating. Please just look out for each other.
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