cistematicchaos · 2 days
The Atlantic publishing a paper saying that the genocide in the Congo [which has killed and displaced MILLIONS of Black folks] is a win for climate change is so, so dehumanizing and anti-Black.
If the genocide of Black folks, of African folks anywhere around the globe is a "win" for climate change in your book, then your climate change is white supremacy and when you run out of Black and Brown folks to sacrifice for your comfort, there will be nothing left worth saving.
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gyudons · 22 hours
Tumblr media
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hussyknee · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ID in alt.
Palestinian and pro-Palestinian students and academics are being actively persecuted beyond all precedent at universities right now. Can confirm Palestinians who're losing family members are being institutionally terrorized in both the North America and Europe. Students have been suspended for putting up Palestine flags. Palestinians posting on social media about their families and neighbours are being reported and doxxed and getting death threats and their employers and supervisors refusing support them. A colleague of a friend who lost her entire family went to talk to the university counselor about her anger and grief and was immediately reported to the administration. An entire think tank was dissolved because of its members spoke in support of Palestine at a lecture. This level of witch hunting and purging hasn't been seen since the Red Scare. It's fucking terrifying. Please boost this.
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Black Life: Untold Stories | episode 6: More Than A Game
pk subban's ig
CBC Gem | Black Life: Untold Stories is an eight-part documentary series that reframes the rich and complex histories of Black experiences in Canada.
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boldlygoingtohell · 3 days
In a weird way, as a Jew, I can kinda take Normal Antisemitism™️.
I mean, I understand where right-wing racists are coming from when it comes to their antisemitism. At the end of the day, theirs just comes from fear, replacement theory, etc… It’s easily identifiable. 2+2=4. Yea its shitty, but I see how they got from A to B and it’s a straight line.
But left-wing antisemitism?? Like, how does that happen? I thought the left was about supporting minority groups, encouraging them to speak and be heard. But all I’m seeing from leftists these days (I myself being super fucking liberal, left, etc…) is just waves and waves of antisemitism. And yes it has to do with Israel, but these people are incapable of criticizing the Israeli government without going “all Jews are responsible!” in the process. It's infuriating.
Are all the the world’s Jews, millions of which live OUTSIDE of Israel, now responsible for Israel’s actions? I'M a stupid American! I’ve never even BEEN to Israel, much less know the intricate details of a geo-political conflict whose complexities go willfully unlearned by armchair activists in favor of yelling in all caps for 140 characters.
But what really gets me, and I mean REALLY get me about the whole situation, is the hypocrisy.
Remember how awful it was when we saw waves of Islamophobic hate crimes after 9/11, American Muslims with no ties to al-Qaeda being targeted for the faith those terrorists claimed to represent?
Or do you remember standing against the wave of anti-Asian hate crimes that was spurned on by COVID falsehoods? The “China virus” as Trump so eloquently put it? You remember being pissed about that, not blaming Asian Americans but standing with them against hate?
And hell, I’ve heard there has been a rash of Islamophobic attacks again because of the Israeli-Gaza conflict. That’s fucking awful, and I will stand against that bull shit because it does not belong here, end of story.
But now there are also antisemitic attacks, hate crimes, being perpetrated around the world. And who are the perpetrators now? The left that stood against everything else. There's no widespread ally-ship for Jews like me. There's no sweeping social media campaign, no catchy hashtag, no ice bucket challenge.
Why am I allowed to be condemned for what a country on the other side of the world is doing, when I have nothing to do with it? Why can I have the finger pointed at me when I don’t want the fighting in the first place? Why must Jews be allowed to be the target of this ire when it's already been decided that other ethnicities/religions don't deserve it either?
Now, I am PROUD to be Jewish; it is my culture, in my heritage, in my literal blood. It is in my genetics, my bones, my spoken language, it is in the holidays I celebrate, the philosophies I live by.
But it is also in the generational trauma of my mother insisting I have a passport as a young child, not because we were traveling, but in case we had to flee. It is in her inherent distrust of the government; a card-carrying Democrat all her life, she would always remind me, "if you don't think the government can't turn on you, you're kidding yourself." It is her constant reminders that as a Jew, our assimilation is conditional, our acceptance is political. I felt these, but never as strongly as she did. Not until now.
I am third generation American, and yet I feel like an outsider in the only country I have ever known. People who I thought understood, who were my friends, who marched with me against the injustices of the world, are now calling after Jews to answer for Israel's actions.
I say I don't want the violence to persist and I'm told that I'm, "one of the good ones". I'm told hurt Israelis don't deserve sympathy because, "all Jews are rich anyway, right? Who cares." I tell them my fears about the rising antisemitism and wearing my star of david necklace out. I'm told, "it doesn't matter, you're white anyway."
For the first time in my life, the racists aren't just some crazy KKK members. They're not just Nazis marching around with beer bellies and ill fitting helmets. It's not just some screeching street preacher who claims I'm going to hell after he caught the glint off my star of david necklace. If needs be, I can kick and punch my way out of those. They're just idiots. Isolated, concentrated incidents. It'd be a good story to tell at a bar the next day though a gap-toothed smile and a sling on my shoulder.
But now, both sides are coming after me and my people. Now, it's not just idiots who have all of their views backwards; it's people I thought I could trust to have my back, to go down swinging with me against those Nazis. Right. Left. It's everywhere. There's no escape.
It's coming from all sides. It's coming from social media platforms, from dinners with friends, from posters on street lamps.
I live in one of the safest, most Jewish neighborhoods in America, and for the first time in my life I am truly scared.
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Islamophobic incidents up by 600% in UK since Hamas attack
PSA: Islamophobia and Antisemitism are two sides of the same coin and go hand in hand.
Whatever you think of this war:
Diaspora Jews are not literally the IDF
Diaspora Muslims are not literally Hamas
Know that bigots of all shapes and sizes have been busy not letting this crisis go to waste.
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genderkoolaid · 2 days
In my gender studies class today we were talking about immigration and asylum specifically in regards to trans women, and it was a very interesting topic, but when someone asked if we had any data or stories about the struggles trans men faced when seeking asylum, the teacher said no. This isn't the teacher's fault, I don't expect her to go out and personally collect data, but it's sad to me. We never talk about trans men or transmascs when talking about trans issues. The one time trans men were mentioned was the briefly say that they got periods, and that was just a sidenote.
This is not to say that trans women aren't important, it's important to hear about these issues, it's just something I noticed. idk
I don't know of any studies on immigrant transmascs (or abinary people for that matter), but I do know of some specific situations that may be relevant:
Yuen "Chin" Tzu is a diabetic Chinese trans man who was held in solitary confinement by ICE for 19 months and denied medical care; the article talks about imprisoned trans people are specifically targeted by solitary confinement.
A Ukrainian trans man talked about how he had to detransition while fleeing the country with his mother
Possibly less relevant but there is also Chriton Atuhwera, a trans man and Ugandan refugee who was killed in a refugee camp in a suspected hate crime and a Tunisian refugee who was stabbed to "make an example out of him"
I would send these to your teacher as things she can talk about alongside the information on trans women.
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icedsodapop · 1 day
With this hellsite praising Hugh Grant for being vocal about his experience making Wonka, I feel like fandom needs to sit down and actually have a long, serious discussion about the double standard of praising White men like Hugh Grant and RPatz for dissing the projects they were in, while we crucify actors of color like John Boyega, Constance Wu and Rachel Zegler for even being vaguely negative. I'm not saying that Hugh Grant shouldnt even criticize his projects, he has every right to do so. But, this is a grace not applied to everyone.
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sepublic · 2 days
Jokes aside, I’d argue Belos isn't openly homophobic because there's no point to it; There's no point in trying to 'redeem' witches and demons by changing their lifestyles if he's convinced himself they're all going to Hell anyway, so the only thing he needs to do is kill them. "Why bother teaching them anything if you can just wipe them out?"
Belos only changes aspects of witches' lives that are directly necessary to his plans; In this case, applying sigils by justifying the lack of them as 'wild magic', and then keeping magic divided with different covens so they can't easily rebel against the system that's applying sigils, thereby allowing it to keep doing that and marking as many targets as possible for the draining spell. It's really quite simple. That's why he'll refuse to replenish the Palistrom forests but then promote women like Hettie and Terra to coven heads; Because Hettie and Terra will be killed by the draining spell anyway, but Palismen won't be.
And let's be real... He's a Puritan white guy. He absolutely believes that queerness is inherently a threat to society not just on a spiritual level but a biological one, because it discourages people from making babies because they're more focused on partners of the same sex they can't reproduce with. He probably thought Boiling Isles queerness was contributing to an inevitable decline that he merely hastened and that's why he allowed it. And Belos can't be openly bigoted because people wouldn't listen to him that way.
He's also definitely racist. Belos making an 'exception' for Luz is totally meaningless because white racists make exceptions for brown and gay folk all the time, while still clinging to their beliefs. Luz just happened to be the only human around since centuries, and that's better than no humans because the lowliest one is still above the greatest demon. And he still tried to murder Luz when she didn't flatter his white savior complex, and didn't adhere to his idea of what a proper human should be.
Even if Belos didn't try to kill Luz... Genocide isn't just murdering people. It's also erasing a culture, such as when white people assimilated Native American children, forcing them to convert to Christianity and dress like white people and speak only English, under the claim that they were 'civilizing' them. So even if they were alive, it was still genocide and it was still racism in the form of the White Man's Burden.
He was a white boy raised in a colony, everyone would've taught him that the indigenous people were 'savages' and Philip not only devoted his life to exterminating an entire culture he deemed evil and demonic, but actively enjoyed it too. Why would he stop at brown humans, unlike Caleb who already unlearned one major prejudice of his. If he never learned of the Boiling Isles, he'd have gone after women in Gravesfield (which would've been misogynistic in practice regardless of Philip's intentions), and probably Native Americans too because his witch hunting games are no different than Cowboys VS Indians.
Like I dunno man these white racists do have fellow white people they care about, and are willing to make exceptions and humor brown women too. But they're still racist and will refuse to listen to those people when called out over their bigotry, and ultimately choose that. Any argument that Belos wouldn't be guilty of other human prejudices is purely wishful thinking, and fairly contradictory to his characterization and whole narrative.
And we can wax poetic about why Belos doesn't openly disparage Luz for being brown, queer, and/or a girl, but we know the real reason why; It's because Disney censors would throw a conniption over portrayals of bigotry, and the show was already shortened for 'not fitting the brand'. Look at how Texas banned critical race theory. They think discussing racism is inherently racist, kinda like Twitter users. But with the added difference that they know it's a callout of the people running corporations and the government and investors (AKA themselves) and they hate that.
This kinda gets me back to an earlier point I made; I think the fundamental disconnect fans have with the show over Belos is that Belos stans (not necessarily fans) recognize their character's backstory and motives are something gross that can't be romanticized, and that's why they work so hard to reframe the focus towards Philip's dynamic with his brother Caleb, emphasizing codependency, and religious suppression and guilt. Because they can romanticize that, but not the intentionally pathetic core of Belos' character (itself a satire of certain subgroups).
They're seething over the reminder that their sexy aesthetic will always be second-banana to a 4channer complex, and salty that the crew chose to discuss something topical instead of making a sexyman villain, because their complaints can be boiled down to tastes and preferences, not actual objective critique. That's also why they claim the finale 'retconned' Belos and stripped him of nuance, because all the show really did was just frame and acknowledge his desire to be right as cowardly and selfish, instead of flattering him with tortured abandonment angst over a brother he never cared enough for. As if we didn’t have the ghosts in the previous episode for that purpose.
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sissa-arrows · 3 days
Guillaume Bigot saying that while it’s normal for white people to be scared of “thugs” (code word for brown and black men) the reality is that there’s only 2 millions “Muslim men” in France with only 30000 weapons and on the other side there’s 12 millions French men ready to “shoot” so they could kill all our men if needed so they shouldn’t worry…
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degeneratedworker · 3 days
Tumblr media
"The First Lesson. This way the society in which vices reign gives the child their first lessons." Soviet Union 1964
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politicsofcanada · 20 hours
White People Are Liars Sometimes (Usually)
It is virtually impossible to get white "Canadians"  to shut up about how welcoming and diverse Canada is.
Over the years, the Canadian state and the white majority population have cultivated a reputation for progressive politics and an inclusive culture. But what exactly is it like to live on this stolen land as a person of colour?
I'll let you in on a little secret: white people are liars.
When white people from other parts of the world think of Canada, they so often think of maple syrup and politeness, of silly looking RCMP officers in their stupid hats. This is because of lies and propaganda.
Propaganda that serves white Canadians operates uniquely in that it attempts to almost infantalize the image of the Canadian government and colonial occupation, while also claiming to be at the forefront of societal progress. It seeks to convince the world, and indeed the population of this land, that Canada is harmless, overly polite, a utopia of diversity, and something of an international pushover.
This could not be further from the truth.
Read the rest now on my patreon!
Support me via paypal!
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hussyknee · 2 days
Just found out that the baby baked in an oven thing Zionists accused Hamas of doing is actually something Zionists themselves did during the Deir Yassin massacre of 1948. And the fetus cut out of the pregnant woman's womb is something that was done in the massacre of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps by Lebanese militants in concert with Zionists. We already know that they rape women and children in detention. I think the only other huge fucking lie about Oct 7th was the beheaded babies, and I'm legitimately afraid of learning whether or not that was also just something Zionists themselves did at one point.
I mean it's not even improbable because this type of unfathomable cruelty is par for the course with genociders, that only happen when the dominant group has so much disproportionate power in the region that there is only mindless hatred and perfect impunity. (The Brits used to use native infants as crocodile bait.) The reports of IOF ripping babies from their mothers arms, shooting them dead, throwing them aside and dragging the mothers off in front of witnesses were numerous even before this. I've also heard reports of young parents being dragged off and abandoning their toddlers and infants on the roadsides (saw a video of it and I'm going to be haunted to my grave). So those premature babies being left to die of starvation at the hospital was shocking but only surprising because there were so many eyes on the situation due to the efforts of the aid workers and journalists. We thought that Western governments wouldn't pull this shit with the whole world watching. As it turned out, the only reason the last twenty-odd premature babies at Al Shifa Hospital survived was because the director of the place refused to leave them until they were safely shipped off to Egypt (unaccompanied, God knows if the parents will ever get them back. Egyptian governments refused to let the few critically injured people allowed safe passage by the US to go through without visas and passports so they died in the ambulances). Then the IOF kidnapped the director right afterwards. He's still missing.
The organ harvesting thing is also true btw. We've been talking about it ever since they made off with those dead bodies at Al Shifa Hospital. Whether they were going to use them to stage their own propaganda, harvest their organs and skin, or just did it to deprive their families of giving them a burial. Probably all three.
I'm so tired of you people refusing to pay any attention to the news streaming out of Gaza via their own citizen journalists and Al Jazeera and Quds News and families of activists and then accusing us of spreading conspiracy theories! "There's so much misinformation" just say you don't trust Palestinians to tell the truth about their own genocide with your whole chest. Say that your charges of antisemitism is about how much you fear Black people and Muslims. Say that you don't reblog calls for the Jewish community to interrogate their whiteness and their enmeshing with Zionism over the decades because you feel like "it's not your place" to amplify Black and brown people challenging whiteness. Say that you shut us down and police our language about Zionists because you're philosemites who believe Jews could never be as genocidal and bloodthirsty as every other group on the world given the same power. Say that you still don't think Zionists are "as bad as" Nazis because they haven't murdered enough people yet.
I'll take the Zionists cheering over the deaths of people we're mourning over all the hidden polite lethal racism you're hiding under your white liberal tongues. I can't take this death by a thousand cuts shit anymore. Seriously why are you scrolling past? You think we aren't talking about you?
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tododeku-or-bust · 2 days
when asked where the first Black artist falls in your playlist, and you say this:
Tumblr media
This is a perfect example of the "im not racist!" Person™ on here (i.e. a covert antiblack racist) and their insufferable performances I be talking about 🤣 "don't like their vocal timbres and accents" oh come the fuck off it and say you don't like Black people lmaoo like there is no need to waste time making it sound pretty or logical 🤣 imagine saying "I don't like an entire group of people's VOICES" man what even 🤣 just call us a slur and be done with it 🤣 shit is exhausting but this one has me WEAK
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sweaterkittensahoy · 11 hours
For my fellow non-Jewish people, a list of terms to watch out for
Here's a whole PDF of antisemitic vocabulary and examples and history that was put together by the American Jewish Committee. Read it. Understand it. Learn from it.
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