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miss-grim · 2 days
Aether “buns of steel” Ghoul
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Swiss, kicking open the common room door: "Who was going to tell me Sunshine and Dew are related?" Aether, muting the tv: "You didn't know that? I thought I told you...?" Swiss: "Apparently not! Wait, you knew??" Aether, nodding: "You couldn't tell?" Swiss: "They look nothing alike!" Aether: "Yeah, I mean, fraternal twins generally don't look the same, but they do have the same nose." Swiss: "THEY'RE TWINS?!" Aether: "Yeah, hatched from the same egg... although technically, I think that means they're actually identical, but ghoul genetics are weird..." Swiss, holding up his hand: "Wait. Rewind. They hatched? Like birds? From an egg??" Aether: "Yeah, you didn't know-Oh. Oh, right you, you aren't from Hell." Swiss, flabbergasted: "Did YOU hatch from an egg, too??" Aether: "Uh, yeah? Course quintessence ghouls bury their eggs in the sand around sulfur pools, ya know, like sea turtles? But we spend time developing outside of the shells while still in the sand, so... You doing okay, Swiss? You're looking a little wide-eyed there, bud..." Swiss, leaning on the doorframe: "...Just processing this new information." Rain, walking in: "What's going on?" Aether: "Swiss found out Sunshine and Dew are twins." Rain, looking at Swiss: "I thought everyone knew that?" Swiss: "How would I possibly know those two were related??" Aether: "They have the same surname!" Swiss: "WHAT" Rain, nodding: "Dewcifer Maurice and Sunshine Maude Drop." Swiss, sitting down: "..." Rain: "...Is he going to be okay?" Aether, unmuting the tv: "Probably."
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endopyre · 20 hours
Tumblr media
I wanted to work on some bigger projects tonight but I am just a sleepy creature and could only manage this very rough Rain/Swiss sketch before I pass out 😩
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So homoerotic and for what?
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iamthecomet · 1 day
Hey hi I've been thinking about the ghouls (Rain most likely, and either Dew or Mountain) and sharing a shower just for platonic intimacy and taking care of each other 🥺
Here's everyone's daily dose of extra soft Dew/Rain. Because I love them.
It's become an after-show ritual. Rain refuses to shower at the venues. Citing a myriad of reasons starting with the water smells bad and ending with it makes my skin feel weird. And Dew does the same, only his reasons are more the water pressure sucks and why would I want to shower with all of you? Rain presses himself to Dew as soon as they're back on the bus. He smells like sweat and the venue, rubbery, plasticine in a way that makes Dew's nose twitch. Dew can't be much better. He can feel the film of sweat drying on his body, stiff and sticky. He can smell the cigarette and stale beer scene clinging to his jacket. Rain doesn't seem to care though, he just nuzzles closer, resting his head on Dew's boney shoulder, nuzzling his nose into Dew's hair and neck. "Clingy," Dew whispers as he tips his head to the side to rest his cheek against Rain's temple. Rain only hums in response.
Dew feels his exhaustion in his bones. The adrenaline of the show trickles from his body with every minute that passes. He's spent the last six weeks exhausted, it's nothing new. Touring is not conducive to being rested. He's surviving on too much caffeine and nicotine and a few hours of sleep in whatever lumpy hotel bed he's shoved toward. Dew wishes he was like Swiss, able to fall asleep anywhere. Even now, Swiss is curled up into the side of his seat, his head smushed up against the window, pillowed by the hood of his sweatshirt--asleep, mouth open, drool gathering in the corner. They've only been on the road for five minutes. Instead, Dew has trouble sleeping through the night in his own bed. Never mind hotel beds that are somehow always wrong. Too hard. Too soft. They all feel like they've been crafted out of rocks and feathers. He laces his fingers with Rain, pulls their joined hands onto his thigh, rubbing his calloused thumb over the space between Rain's thumb and forefinger. It's a short drive to the hotel. Dew untangles himself from Rain as soon as the bus stops moving, he shoulders his overnight bag and is the first one off of the bus. It's a sticky, humid, summer night. It makes his skin itch. He leads the way into the hotel and waits, impatiently by the elevator for Copia to get their keys. Copia has a system for how he rooms the ghouls together. Dew imagines that it's the product of some behavioral spreadsheet that Sister crafted up. It doesn't matter. It's rare that they actually follow it, hopping between rooms like musical chairs--treating their floor of the hotel the same way they do the Abbey. Doors open half of the night to the chagrin of any other unlucky hotel guests. Dew is always paired with Aether. Rain's always with Mountain. Swiss gets paired up with Cumulus. Sunshine with Cirrus. Each agent of chaos paired with someone who Sister thinks is supposed to keep them in line. It rarely works. Mountain and Dew trade keycards as soon as Copia hands them out. Rain seals himself back to Dew's side as soon as they get back in the elevator. Dew slides his hand up into the sweat-damp curls on the back of Rain's head. He scratches his nails against his scalp. "You smell," Dew says. "Better than you." Rain counters, digging his nose into the juncture between Dew's neck and shoulder and inhaling sharply. By the time they reach their floor, Dew's holding onto his human glamor with white knuckles. His skin feels too tight, his joints ache. He drops the glamor as soon as the door snicks shut behind them. Sighing bodily as the weight of it lifts off of him. Rain's already making a b-line for the shower, his own glamor fading. Tail uncoiling as he strips his jeans off. Dew follows him, pulling his shirt over his head, trying, and failing, to keep it from catching on his horns. Rain's already in the shower when Dew gets there. Steam filling the comedically small bathroom. Dew strips down the rest of the way and slips into the shower with Rain.
They're lucky they're both small. Mountain and Aether are definitely not going to fit in one of these showers together. As it is, when Dew turns to let the water spray on his back, he rubs up against Rain. Rain's already purring, back pressed against the cool tile, eyes closed as water that isn't quite hot enough for Dew rains down on them. Dew taps the knob up a few notches and Rain hisses at he temperature spike but doesn't complain. His tail curls around Dew's leg, the broad spade of it resting against the side of his knee. "Can I wash your hair?" Rain asks, hands already trailing up Dew's back. Dew nods. The hotel shampoo smells like chemicals. Whatever flowers it's meant to smell like don't actually exist in nature. Dew wrinkles his nose at it, but still groans when Rain sinks his fingers into the hair at the crown of Dew's head. Scratching, rubbing. Dew tips his head back just enough to keep soap from running into his eyes. He closes them. He feels every muscle in his body relax one by one as Rain shuffles him a little to rinse his hair. Rain works conditioner into the ends methodically. Dew doesn't let many people do this--they never get it right. But Rain has mastered the technique, and Dew is all too happy to let him. When it's Rain's turn, he has to crouch a little so Dew can reach. Digging his fingers into Rain's scalp until the water ghoul gasps and sighs and his knees go a little soft. Dew runs his fingers through Rain's curls as he rinses his hair, untangling small knots and rubbing slow circles over the base of his skull until Rain is knocking his hands away. "You're going to put me to sleep if you don't stop." "Good." "You really want to drag me to the bed?" Rain turns his head, raising a dark eyebrow at Dew. Dew shakes his head. "Who said anything about that? If you fall asleep here, you're staying here. I'm not going to complain about having the bed to myself." "Liar," Rain says, shifting them again so he can pull Dew's back flush to his front, pressing his face against Dew's hair. He kisses the side of one of his horns fondly. Dew doesn't argue. There's no point. Rain grabs the bar of soap and smoothes it over Dew's back, pressing his thumbs into Dew's constantly tense shoulder blades as he does. "You'd miss me," Rain presses. "Yeah," Dew agrees, "I would."
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owlghuleh · 1 day
Why do I love everything about this photo …
- Mounty in the background, just being mounty
- Aether looking dazed as hell
- Swiss just being hot
- Rain looking like he’s about to murder someone
Tumblr media
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forlorn-crows · 2 days
I come with trinkets for my Crow ♡
Option a: MountRain bathtub sex
Option b: t4t sunny/swiss sharing a double ended dildo
Option c: cumslut Dew getting just c o v e r e d in it
once again, i find myself fulfilling another one of miasma's prompts. she is truly my muse ♡
this is, surprisingly (or maybe not), option a. but DAMN are those other two good as well.
rain is permanently trans in my brain now. pretend this was posted on tuesday, im shy of about 40 minutes
"How's the water, darling?" Mountain mutters against Rain's temple. 
The water ghoul sighs and melts further against his chest, dropping the back of his head against Mountain's shoulder. "So nice. Missed this."
"Mm, those hotel baths are simply not big enough," Mountain agrees.
"Some of them don't even have baths," Rain pouts, floating his hands over the lavender-scented bubbles. 
Mountain chuckles, the sound reverberating through Rain's own chest. "How rude of them." 
"It is." Rain flexes the fingers on one hand, clenching and unclenching them beneath the warm water.
"Sore?" The earth ghoul asks, his own fingers already trailing down Rain's arm, reaching for his hand. He pulls it close to his chest, wrapping his other arm around to meet in the middle, massaging before Rain has a chance to answer.
Rain chirps happily and lets his hand go limp in both of Mountain’s. He melts even further, if that were possible, draping his other arm over Mountain’s thigh and sinking more into the warmth of the water. “That’s nice,” he hums. 
The earth ghoul works his hand quietly, gently stretching the tendons and kneading into the fat of his palm. He pays careful attention to the thumb and pointer fingers, perpetually tense and strained from playing. Mountain works up his wrist and forearm, smiling at the way Rain groans in response. He places a kiss to his temple, digging his thumbs into the tight spots across the muscle. 
Rain’s fingers twitch against his shin as a soft whine escapes his throat. 
“Too much?” Mountain pauses his ministrations, worried he’s pushed too hard on a tender spot. 
“Oh, don’t stop,” Rain whines, petulant. But there’s a hint of something else, something that goes straight to Mountian’s gut when the water ghoul shifts and presses closer, nuzzling his head into the crook of his neck. He squeezes Mountain’s thigh, just hard enough not to be written off as absent-minded.
“Rain,” he says huskily.
“Hm?” The water ghoul kisses his jaw. Sweet. Tender. Just soft enough to set his heart alight with yearning. Mountain slowly drops Rain’s hand back into his lap, sliding his arms around his torso in a loose hug. He drops his head down to kiss along the column of Rain’s neck. It earns him a happy trill and another squeeze to his thigh. 
“Is there something else you want, tadpole?” Mountain mutters against the soft hollow of his throat. 
Rain bares his throat further, dropping his head back as far as it’ll go. “Oh,” he sighs as Mountain kisses along his collarbone. Rain’s hands drift up and down the earth ghoul’s thighs, searching, wanting. “You. Want you,” he says into the air above his face, whispered like an unholy prayer. 
“Can I touch you?” Mountain’s hands trail down his ribs and stop at the v of his hips, cradling Rain in a delicate, reverent grasp. 
“Yes,” Rain breathes. “Yes, anywhere. Everywhere.” 
Mountain pulls him close then, bodies slotting together like well-worn puzzle pieces. The earth ghoul lets his hands roam down to Rain’s legs, smoothing over the soft skin of his inner thighs, back up over the dark freckles on his stomach, over the lilac blush blooming at his sternum. He kisses at the side of his neck, mouthing at a slow and lazy pace. Rain purrs at it all, little sighs falling from his lips as he loses himself in Mountain’s touch.
His hands move lower once more, teasing above and around where Rain really wants it now. “Mount . . .” Rain pulls him into a kiss, a little awkward with the angle, but intoxicating nonetheless. Mountain smiles against the water ghoul’s mouth, letting himself be pulled in. He licks at the seam of Rain’s lips, who lets him in without a second thought. Their tongues slide together with ease just as Mountain dips his fingers between Rain’s legs. 
A shiver runs through Rain’s body. A soft moan escapes his lips, ghosting over the earth ghoul’s mouth. Mountain pulls away and nuzzles against the side of Rain’s face instead, sighing as his clit plumps up beneath his stroking fingers. 
"Fuck, yes," Rain sighs, grinding against the touch. Mountain groans; he can feel his cock fill out, bumping against the swell of Rain’s ass. He pulls the water ghoul’s hips back against his own, groaning again at the friction. “Oh,” Rain gasps, gripping at Mountain’s thighs as he continues to rub lazily at his cunt. 
Mountain takes one of Rain’s earlobes into his mouth, sucking and nibbling gently. Rain whines as another shiver runs down the length of his spine, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He’s trembling against the earth ghoul, desire seeping out of his very pores. 
“Mountain,” Rain breathes. The earth ghoul dips his fingers lower, teasing. He grinds against Rain’s ass, teasingly acknowledging what he can already sense hanging off the tip of his tongue. 
“Yes, darling?”
Mountain teases two fingers around Rain’s entrance, prying the smallest of moans from his mouth. Rain pushes back against his cock, making Mountain groan in return. “Need it, inside—fuck, put me in your lap, please.”
“Turn around, need to see you.” Rain does as he’s told, careful not to slosh the water too much. It’s a tight fit with Rain’s legs bracketing Mountain’s hips, but there’s just enough room for him to settle on his knees, hovering over his lap. There’s slick already making its way out of Rain’s cunt; no longer hindered by water pressure, it drools out past his folds. “Fuck,” Mountian breathes, dipping two fingers into it. Rain grips his shoulders, gasping as he teases his entrance once more. 
"Mountain," Rain whines, almost desperate. "Please."
"Yeah," he breathes as he drags the slick gathered on his fingers over his cock, lining up the head to Rain's cunt. The water ghoul sinks down of his own accord. It's a slow, lazy slide all the way down, Rain heaving little sighs until his ass meets Mountain's hips.
Mountain's forehead falls against Rain's as he forces himself to remember how to breathe. He can feel the way Rain throbs around him, how his thighs shake against his hips. 
“Fuck," Mountain chokes out. "Sometimes I forget how good you feel.”
Rain smirks at that, shifting his hips. “How could you forget? You—ah—tell me every time.”
Mountain trails his hand back down to Rain's clit, circling the reddened bud with nimble fingers, mouth dropping open at the way his folds stretch around his length.
"Remind me again, darling."
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purlty · 1 day
What do Rain's kits look like? <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Water ghouls don’t do live birth like most mammals. Once their egg(s) are fertilized they grow, then are laid, then keep growing while developing a hard shell during incubation. Then they hatch into evil little things
However it’s incredibly rare that it can happen, even in the Pit. Even less likely on the mortal plane.
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Okay so I blame @sphylor for daring to bring up the concept of Narciccus Rain....
Trans masc Rain, mirror masturbation, taking self love to a whole new level here. Also feat. Dew being in awe of his boyfriend. As he should be.
I did not proof read this so if you see weird spelling no you didn't.
Rain finally drags himself out of his bed, he finally manged to pull his hand out of his pants long enough to do so. He'd felt it since waking up, burning, needing, aching...All Rain could do was writhe in the sheets and try to satitate the feeling, but his fingers just don't seem to cut it. Sure, he gets himself off at least twice and makes quite a mess of himself but it doesn't quell the need. Honestly it leaves him worse off.
He tries to make it to the bathroom with the hope he can shower away the smell of sweat and sex. Like that might be what frees him from this relentless haze of desire, and maybe it could have...If he could've made it that far.
Rain catches the sight of himself in the mirror and pauses, leaning in to look at himself a bit closer.
A deep flush had taken his body. Lavender just beneath the skin, darkest in his cheeks. He tipped his head slightly, a curl or two falling out of place, and stares down his own shirt with a strange fascination. His tanktop hangs loose, yet another piece of clothing he'd stolen from Swiss, and he can see far too much. His collarbones, his ribs, the curve and dip of his sternum. He can see the stiff buds on his chest and absentmindedly paws at them through the fabric.
He bites his lower lip and takes note of the fact it's already gone red and puffy from his fangs worrying it earlier. He runs the other hand down his cheek, drags the tips of his nails down the column of his throat and nearly whimpers. If he closes his eyes he can almost pretend it's someone else's hand around his neck. Pressing down against his pulse, holding him still...But part of him doesn't want to. He likes the sight of his own thin fingers wrapped delicately around his windpipe far too much. Makes his knees weak.
Rain sinks to the floor and parts his thighs automatically. If he was thinking about anything clearly, maybe he'd have felt a bit of shame when he feels himself dripping...All from just looking at himself. His boxers are wet, probably soaked judging from the way they cling to his skin. He still lets his hands wander despite the throbbing between his legs.
A small giggle spills out of him as he pushes beneath his shirt, exposing the dark trail of hair along his belly. He runs his fingers through it with a pleased trilling sound before his hand drifts to the source of his arousal. He palms himself through his sweatpants and shudders.
He doesn't know when he stripped, he doesn't really remember all that well. All Rain knows is the reflection mimicking him. One hand is splayed out on the floor between his knees to balance himself while the other drags slowly over his swollen clit. He can just barely see the way it juts out between his fingers in this position. The sound is wet, filthy, and he moans unapologetically. He's dared to dip his middle finger inside himself a few times but doing so only adds to the puddle beneath him, it only frustrates him further becaue it's not enough. He knits his brow as he repeats the motion, generously allowing himself two digits that he tries to curl into the right place.
The smell of his heat was thick in the air, nearly too much for his dizzy head to drown in. It was sweet like morning mist, sharpened with salt, tinged with something almost floral. It was enough to make Dew stumble in the hall outside.
He'd been on his way to complain to Rain, because of his absence that morning Dew got saddled with the other ghoul's chores. But the familiar spark of annoyance is snuffed out as the realization washed over him. Heat, he should have known. Dew goes to push the slightly ajar door further but freezes, mouth running dry.
He's something to see there, hips bucking into his own hand. From his place in the doorway Dew can see the curve of his spine, the way his shoulderblades tense, the elemental symbol branded onto his skin...He swallows thickly, grip on the doorknob tightening. Maybe he should worry about melting the damn thing with how hot his body decides to run. Out of everything, it's the way Rain whispers to himself, that's what truly gets him.
"Satanas...Look at you," he breathes, tossing his head to move the hair from his eyes. "Aren't you just the prettiest sight. Left on your own and you entertain yourself." Dew notes the way his supporting arm begins to tremble but Rain chuckles to himself. "Your'e your own porn huh?"
Dew bites his cheek when Rain shifts a bit, no longer leaning forward. He sits back on his heels and moves his arm behind him. He does his best to angle his hips, expose himself to the mirror. Dew could feel his mouth practically water, the sharp smell was getting to him. He felt lightheaded.
But Rain was...Just a mess. Dew's hand twitched at his side. He could feel the swell of arousal in his gut. The thought of shoving his hand down his pants crossed his mind, it wouldn't be the first time he'd pleasured himself to the sight of Rain but it felt dirtier somehow. Like he wasn't supposed to be seeing this, and if Rain were to catch him it would all end abruptly.
And his fingers plunged in and out of him without resistence, he almost seemed to try to roll his hips to meet each frantic thrust. His thighs trembled desperately and Dew longed to settle himself between them. Clean the slick from his skin with the flat of his tongue, tease the sensitive skin with the graze of his teeth.
"Fuck, ah- fuck! Not..." Rain's brow furrowed as he added another finger. "Not enough, need it. Need it, need cock." The words spilled out of him, practically babbled. Dew swore he could see tears pricking in his eyes as he glared at his reflection. "Not gonna be satisfied until you get really fucked, need to be knotted...You look so needy,"
It was true, he did. So beautifully desperate. It only stoked the fire in his belly.
"So..." His eyes fought to stay open, fluttering as his voice pitched. Not wanting to lose the image of himself for a moment. "So pretty, so pretty when you're close."
Dew nodded without thinking about it. So painfully enraptured that he nearly forgot Rain wasn't speaking to him.
Rain's moans pitched as his body strained. His mouth hung helplessly open, panting like a dog. Like each breath brought him closer.
"Yes, yes, fuck! Just like that, just-"
He cut himself off with a gasp, eyes practically going cross as his hips canted upwards. He pulled his fingers out with a noise that almost sounded liike a yelp. Dew felt the heat in his face burn. The slick pooling between his thighs was nothing compared to the gush of wetness his orgasm had brought. Some had even managed to get on the glass itself, dripping down the mirrorface.
Rain's body sagged and twitched as he lazily circled his clit with the tip of his index finger. His head tipped forward, chin against his chest as he tried to catch his breath. Frustration still creased harsh lines on his face as he lifted his gaze.
Dew froze when Rain's eyes found him in the gap in the doorway. Just standing there, peeping, a pervert, Dew wanted the floor to swallow him whole. 
But his expression softened to something more akin to pleading. Dew couldn't take his eyes off that mirror if he tried to.
"Firefly," his voice wavered slightly. "Need you to make it better." Rain weakly arched back again to show off his cunt, hole still clenching around nothing. "Please baby, I can't take it..."
He hardly trusted himself to speak, not when he was this hard. Especially not when he was so drunk off pheramones. Dew just let himself in and made sure to kick the door shut behind him. He didn't need anyone else seeing Rain in this state, he selfishly wanted the water ghoul all to himself.
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endlessraine · 1 day
Ghost images I have saved for your feed
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vnsomniac · 2 days
Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil, having a serious and important conversation:
Copia and the ghouls passing by with Copia’s speaker: I WOKE UP IN THE NEW BUGATTI
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absolutionnnnn · 3 days
Tumblr media
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Dew: "Sometimes, when I get all close to Rain during shows, I'm not trying to be seductive, I'm telling him bad puns, because he can't react and I love tormenting him like that." Rain, who loves bad puns and being bullied a bit: "Jokes on you-"
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your-ghoul-pal · 2 days
The ghouls and being on time (headcanon)
Aether: generally a few minutes early, maybe a minute or 3 late.
Cirrus: Always on time, if she's late then something truly important came between
Cumulus: Minimum of 5 minutes early. Absolutely hates being late more than almost anything
Dewdrop: either 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late, no in-between
Ifrit: Somehow he is on time even though he doesn't really live by the clock and never really knows how late it is. (the others tried to see how far it went, he fully believed whatever time it was they said. Even thought it was bright outside and he was told it was 3am)
Mountain: neatly a few minutes early, not too early and rarely late
Mist: Somehow always late yet on time, no one knows how they do it
Rain: he tries to be on time but is standard a few minutes late as he gets caught up in things (to make that he is on time they just tell him things start 10 minutes before they do so that he's on time)
Sunshine: Is rather an hour early than a few minutes late.
Swiss: Arrives when he wants. But he is generally on time, maybe a few minutes late
Copia: At least 15 minutes early, being late is about one of his biggest fears (thank Seestor and Nihil for that)
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ominousposting · 2 days
alright whos gonna write about rain with joint pain
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iamthecomet · 21 hours
Hi Comet! I haven't asked for headcanons in a while, and inspired by your last fic where Dew talks about Rain crying I simply must ask: Which ghoul is a pretty crier? Who is an ugly crier? Is there a ghoul who is a secret crier and never cries in front of others?
- Ghoulette Anon
Crying ghouls, coming right up. Swiss: Says he doesn't cry. Is lying. Absolutely gets misty during certain movies. Cries a little during intense sex. No one has ever seen him really cry though, and he intends to keep it that way. Aether: A silent crier. Doesn't sob, or hiccup. His only physical tells are the tears themselves, and a little pink dusted over his cheeks. His voice gets thicker when the tears start to well up. Tends to hide his face when he cries. Mountain: Takes a lot to make him cry. But when he does, he doesn't fight it. A messy, thorough crier. Pretty enough when he cries that the other ghouls seek it out. There are only a few things that are guaranteed to make him cry every time. Only Rain knows what they are. Cirrus: Has only ever cried in front of Cumulus. Usually only cries when she's angry. Does not cry during sex. Will tear up from stimulation, but does not experience the emotional build-up.
Cumulus: Frequent crier. Can't help it. Cute animal commercials on TV? Tears? Two orgasms in a row? Tears. Not a sobber. She's a quiet, clingy, crier who tends to bury her face in the nearest Ghoul and lean on them until it's over. Rain: Pretty when he cries. Knows it. Can cry on command. It's a disastrous combination. Also tends to cry easily when feeling needy. Cries during sex almost every time--whether it's real or not is always a mystery. Dew: A sobber. Hiccups and sobs and buries his beet red face into his hands to try to hide it. Messy. Inconsolable until he's cried himself out. Especially after sex. That's what he gets for bottling up all of his emotions. Sunshine: curls in on herself, cries into her hands or her knees drawn up to her chest. Hides her face not because she doesn't want to be seen but because she doesn't want to see. She likes to be alone with her tears. Rarely cries during sex. If she does she wants her space after. She'll usually come back to bed for cuddles after. But cannot handle affection when she's so vulnerable.
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