levihantrash · 2 years
Hi!!! I'm curious about 24, 35, 36, thank you <3
Hello!! Splitting the answer for the ask from @kleinezoe because I got carried away~
36. Did you read the manga? Do you have a favorite panel / scene?
Sharing the coloured panels from readsnk and how I actually named the screenshots lmao. (It's mainly the later chapters because I haven't re-read the front part of the manga since 2016...) Mostly just Levi and Hange. And a slice of Onyankopon.
aot chapter 132 hange and levi's coded confession imo
Tumblr media
2. aot chapter 132 hange asking levi if they're watching us tt
Tumblr media
3. aot chapter 132 hange thinks titans are incredible . beautiful
Tumblr media
4. aot chapter 126 onyankopon being the one with the brain cell
Tumblr media
5. aot chapter 132 hange spitting truths
Tumblr media
6. aot chapter 132 levi making a bad joke abt how eren overhead them through paths
Tumblr media
7. aot chapter 127 hange again the voice of reason btwn the bicker of magath and jean
Tumblr media
8. aot uprising arc levi's shit comforting jokes
Tumblr media
9. aot chapter 132 levi see you hange
Tumblr media
9th Anniversary Ask Game by @happybird16
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warm-starlight · 2 years
There are so many different English translations of Aot on different sites. I want to know where I can get the official translation of Aot.
Readsnk has official translation. But it's often incorrect too.
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newsup18 · 3 years
Must See: The Strange World Popular Reign of Attack on The Titan Spin-off
Must See: The Strange World Popular Reign of Attack on The Titan Spin-off
The Strange World Popular Reign of Attack on The Titan Spin-off (Quora) Since its anime debut in 2013, “Attack on Titan” has been a phenomenon on its own as well as in pop culture. Despite the fact that there was a break of about four years between its first season and the short. Its popularity never waned, given the lack of a second season to air in 2017. For those who somehow haven’t heard at…
Tumblr media
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darth-eagle · 6 years
Korean Scanlation sadly so waiting Impatiently for the Rough English Scalation! T___T
Btw, WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE DOING EREN (and did you ate Reiner???? O____O )
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so uh Mikasa didn't in fact do what an Ackerman "slave" would have done (run away with Eren and abandoning her friends to live happily ever after until they're all killed by Marley), but instead chose the path that led to mass genocide and Eren having to be killed by her own hands, but saved at least some of the people she cared about?
sounds pretty neat to me. tragic, but beautiful.
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kawaii-pastaaaa · 3 years
Bro r/TitanFolk and r/yeagerbomb are SO MAD rn 😂😂😂 like someone tried to tell TitanFolk to try to calm down and they got got added to r/ControversialClub
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red-gekkouga · 3 years
God, I hope chapter 132 comes out soon so we can just get the pain over with. 😭
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lansska · 3 years
Damn, the EH shippers are the real MVPs of this fandom. They created their own ending and ReadSnk posted a link to it at the end of the last chapter.
Really? Well that really is badass. I didn’t know that, but i will definitely check it out.
I’m all for alternative endings 💪🏻
Tumblr media
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junisfics · 3 years
Hey. I just wanna say. You writing is ✨Immaculate✨👀 and also a new post said You've read the ending to AOT, correct? If so, I hear that it was a fake chapter for some reason, because of the amount of violence and Death Isayama had given us, this one seemed too Sus and actually happy for his taste.
thank you !!
aot 139
i don't think it's fake if i'm being honest, it's on readsnk and everything
it is very different from what he usually does, but i'm just glad that they're all healing u know
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inumakkis · 3 years
on the readsnk website, the translation has changed for connie and jean's final conversation.
where connie once said " it was all you. you were the reason we saved humanity."
he now says " this is all your fault. you're the reason we got stuck with this job. "
for jean, that's gotta be a fucking punch in the gut, given that he feels responsible for the deaths of his comrades.
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wakatvshi · 3 years
👀 they made a “fan chapter” that’s the “prefect ending” and literally only made er*hisu canon like.... are people real? Like.... I get loving your ship but.... like having readsnk post it is ridiculous.
And making a petition to make mappa change the ending to that??? Like.... are you guys okay????
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fanmoose12 · 3 years
"she felt like her time has come” is incorrect translation from the korean raw. The official translation is in readsnk and it's changes the meaning. Hanji thinks that she involved them in this mess and she need to take responsibility, she was he one who asked jean and the rest to join her to stop eren, she can't just ask them to sacrifice themselves, she also blames herself for eren's actions and feeling guilty about killing her subordinates. she didn't think of herself as hero.
i know what you mean and i can understand that in some way hange's sacrifice was needed and all that, but?? she wasn't the one who got involved them in this mess, she was the one, who actually gave the whole world a chance of surviving the shit that eren started. if you liked how her death was portrayed, that's cool! but, unfortunately, I didn't, because a lot about it didn't exactly make sense to me. if isayama spend a little more time developing it, i'd more okay with it. for example, erwin's death was so memorable, because isayama spent so much time building up to it. from the moment he appointed hange as the next commander, it was certain that he wasn't going to make it. hange, on the other hand, was so full of life and she even thought about her future, that her death feels as it came out of nowhere. maybe, that's exactly how isayama planned it, idk, but if he at least showed us a scene, where hange talks with armin beforehand (while they were still in the forest, after negotiations with marley), telling him that if anything happens, he'd take her place, it'd all make that much more sense. i also feel like the line about their comrades watching them from afar should have happened at least a chapter earlier, since it would mean that she was actually thinking about death, because, as you said, she felt guilty for so many things. instead this line was spoken in the chapter she died and it made me feel like it was extremely rushed
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warm-starlight · 3 years
I don't like what OpUsurper is doing to mix their fanfics with the real chapters hosted there. Readsnk made me meet snk and buy the collection, i feel bad for future fans who don't know about this drama.
Yeah like wtf this is so disrespectful for the author. :/
And ReadSnK actually considered publishing them and only didn't because they'd be afraid of backlash????
Their site should be locked tbh. :/
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ace-bookdragon · 3 years
Do I cave and read the 138 speed translation from readsnk or do I wait until the official release and disappear from tumblr for a few days
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darth-eagle · 6 years
The Rough English Fan Scanlation is here! -__^
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eremiie · 3 years
chapter 139 is out in korean:) it’ll probably be out in english soon
i read the english ver on readsnk, i cried so fucking hard
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