pinetreevillain · 2 days
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Reassurance Part 3/3
Thank you for reading my comics :) Until next time!
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akindplace · 10 months
Your exhaustion is not shameful. It is not a moral failure to be physically, mentally or emotionally tired. It is okay to be overwhelmed. You're not inferior to anyone just because it's hard for you to keep up with a fast-paced life.
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notabled-noodle · 1 year
when I say “everyone’s on their own timeline”, I mean it.
there’s no right age to learn something by. there’s no right age to be settled down, to move out of home, or to start your own family. there’s no right age to start working, if you work at all. there’s no right age to graduate.
life isn’t a series of boxes you need to tick. do things at your own pace. slow down if you need to. it’s okay.
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scrupulosity-et-al · 1 year
you don’t have to be perfect to be a good person. you don’t have to spend your whole life making up for past mistakes. you don’t have to know everything or do the right thing all the time. good people come in many different forms
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spenceswife · 6 months
Not like others
Dave Lizewski x fem!Reader
Warning: implied sex, fluff
First time writing in a while hope you like! (The summary is kinda ass sorry. Trying to get back into writing 😭)
Summary- After you and Dave finished having sex you thought you had to leave right after due to never having aftercare. But he made sure you got what you needed.
Tumblr media
After a while I finally slid off of Dave breathless at the activities we’ve just done. This wasn’t my first time doing the deed but it was my second.
And the first time was terrible it was honestly a mistake. The guy left in the same ten minutes after we finished and ghosted me ever since.
So that’s why I was scared for this to be over. Dave and I weren’t established as a couple but we knew we weren’t friends and only talked to each other romantically. I think it’s just fear for both of us to take that next big step.
But would Dave be that guy to just tell me I should go and never speak to me again?
We laid in his bed both staring up at the ceiling both trying to catch our breath in silence.
Slightly looking over his eyes were closed with his hand over his chiseled stomach. God what workouts did he do?
Thinking he was a sleep or trying to ignore this embarrassing moment I stood up quietly putting my clothes on.
The bed creaked lightly making him open his eyes. “Hey where you going” he asked sitting up deciding to put his boxers back on.
“Oh I was just gonna head out…” a tiny smile appeared on my face putting my hoodie over my head.
“Oh… why?” his face had saddened making me feel worse then I already did about having to leave.
“I just thought you had wanted me to leave…” we stared at each other for a couple seconds.
“I don’t want you to leave, this is the time where we talk and you know…” he wanted me to finish his sentence but I had no clue where it was going
“We cuddle! It’s like a rule after sex we both have to make sure we’re okay. I mean this only like my third time doing it but that’s how we end it.” I looked at him confused.
“I’ve never done that before… sorry” I sat back on his bed crisscrossed as he took my hand in his.
“You’ve never had aftercare? God i’m sorry Yn.” he pulled me into a tight hug.
It was nice feeling him against me and not just in a sexual way. It was reassuring.
When he pulled away he motioned me to lay my head on his chest as he laid back.
“Can I ask who never gave you aftercare?” he whispered slightly smoothing his hand down my hair not wanting to mess up my curls.
“Uh I’ve only done it once before with a football player from school. Worse mistake of my life.” I laugh trying to lift the mood.
“He had came over and I thought we were gonna watch a movie then he just got right to it and left. What a way to lose your virginity am I right?” a tear fell down my cheek.
When he noticed quiet sniffles he looked down wiping my cheek.
“Hey don’t cry, I won’t ever do that to you never” he promised leaning down to kiss my lips.
“We’re gonna do this again?” my eyes widen “I mean if you want… but I was hoping we could do it as boyfriend and girlfriend” he shly whispered.
“You wanna be my boyfriend?” I tried keeping a smile off my face
“Of course”.
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twstedbeauty · 2 months
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A daily reminder from your fae peepaw~♡
((Sprites provided by the amazing @ alchemivich !))
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whumpster-dumpster · 2 months
"It gets easier."
"Are you lying?"
"...Of course I'm lying."
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echo-stimmingrose · 3 months
I just made a post about the end of pride month. It's July now, so happy disability pride month to my fellow disabled people!
Friendly reminders to able bodied people
Don't tell disabled people how to refer to themselves
Listen to them when and how they refer to their disabilities
You don't need to know why someone is disabled
This includes if they have a service dog, you may ask what tasks the dog performs if you are a business owner. Not what disabilities they have.
Also, in the US there are no "service dog cards/papers"
It's illegal to refuse service to someone because of a disability
If you know someone who is disabled questions are fine as long as you are respectful. Some of us love to educate. (However some aren't things we like to talk about, be respond that)
Slurs are never acceptable if they don't apply to you (you wouldn't use a racial slur don't use one about disabilities either)
Don't make jokes based around disabled people stereotypes. It's not funny.
Not all disabilities are visible!
I know you mean well but you do not know what it feels like, please do not tell disabled people you do.
When we say we are tired and you are also tired, we do not mean the same thing.
Abilism isn't funny, it causes so much harm and discrimination please don't be abilist.
Reminders for my fellow disabled people
You are valid no matter what.
You are allowed to have good days and still be disabled.
You are allowed to have bad days and need extra help or more time to rest.
With that you are allowed to take days to rest.
You know your limits, please follow them and don't harm yourself.
You are not an inconvenience!
Please remember to take your meds, they are important
Don't stop taking your meds without consulting with a doctor (unless they are doing horrible things, even then please contact your provider)
Also doctors who don't listen suck, we've all been there and we feel you.
You are not faking for attention no matter how much your brain tells you that
Sometimes you can't always look on the bright side. It's okay to recognize the negative as long as you don't let that take over.
Asking for help is good and doesn't bother people. And if it does those aren't people you should have in your life.
If a mobility aid will help you then use whatever will help you
Your problems are "bad enough" and valid. Don't compare yourself to other people and if you need help then get it.
You do not need to be absolutely horrible to get help.
If your diagnosis came as relief that is perfectly fine, knowing there's a cause for your problem and now having ways to manage it is wonderful.
If your diagnosis did not come as a relief that is perfectly fine as well. It's terrifying and soul crushing sometimes getting diagnosed and realizing you're going to deal with this forever. You're not alone.
You know your body better than anyone else. Listen to yourself and what your body needs.
You got this, you aren't alone. Mental and physical disabilities suck but be proud of them.
You live with them everyday and you're still here, you're still fighting. You're so strong.
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enii · 4 months
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You are shining and you are enough💕
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selflovewarrior · 4 months
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selflovewarrior on facebook & tumblr
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This is your permission to block that person!
There is no stigma attached to blocking people on tumblr. I promise.
Listen, I promise you. You can just block them.
I have blocked someone because I don’t like their art style. Their art constantly shows up in a fandom tag I follow; so I blocked that user.
Someone I follow reblogs from someone I don’t want to see on my dash so I put their entire URL in my filtered terms/ blacklist.
There was an aesthetic blogger in a tag I frequent and I didn’t want their collages/ mood boards to clog up my search results. So I blocked them.
I promise you, you are allowed to filter out and/ or block people.
People don’t need to be bad, don’t need to be annoying, don’t need to “deserve” getting blocked.
You are allowed to block people for any reason whatsoever; including no reason at all.
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pinetreevillain · 24 hours
I love how you wrote Donnie and Leo's fight. They're growing up and growing apart and it's beautiful. But it also hurts and they're hurting and they hurt each other. But it's also ok cause they talk about it and genuinely apologize for it and they still love each other ❤️. My brother and I have fought (never to that extent), and it feels and plays out identically to their's.
!And I cannot get over the continued use of orange! It's so nice! (And if I remember correctly you said it represents saftey? That's so cool! I've gone back and reread them with that context and!!! That's so neat! I love that!) And your color palettes are always on point!
Thank you!
I have siblings, and while I do obviously adore the incredible relationship the boys have with each other, I also desire Problems and Issues. Sibling relationships are not all sunshine and rainbows! Especially as you get older and develop your own personality and life independent of one another.
Family isn’t perfect! Neither are your relationships with your siblings, but the thing about family is if you really care enough, you can make it better, you can move on. In the sort of family the boys have (which I consider to be fairly similar to my own), forgiveness is not a rare commodity, and so long as everyone is trying, things can get better.
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akindplace · 7 months
Even the smallest joy matters, even if it doesn’t last. Life is supposed to be enjoyed and it is not morally reprehensible to do so.
Your health matters more than any material thing you sacrifice it for.
Life is not supposed to be made of sacrifices.
Your dreams are not too big “for someone like you”. You are not too small to dream big.
Everything is temporary. Use the time you have to love and be loved, to enjoy this life a little, to create the relationships you seek, the safe home you need.
Community is what kept us evolving. The human thing is to ask for help.
Perfectionism is the enemy if you want to get things done. Progression above perfection, always. You don’t have to be so anxious to prove your worth, you are already enough. You can do this.
Guilt and shame are common emotions to us all, but they should not dictate your whole life.
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notabled-noodle · 1 year
the fact that you’re here, surviving, is enough. I’m proud of you for making it through
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scrupulosity-et-al · 1 year
not everything is your fault. anything you have no control over can never, logically, be your fault. you shouldn’t feel guilty over something that was out of your hands.
some things are your fault. sometimes you screw up. that’s okay, we’re all human. most mistakes just need an apology, and a promise not to repeat that action.
learn to let go of the things you weren’t to blame for, and to forgive yourself for the things that you are to blame for. living your life in shame doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all the people you want to do good for.
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snorlax-and-co · 11 months
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