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artist-ellen · 5 months
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It’s been a long time coming but it feels so good to finally redesign these iconic villains! Maleficent was a little bit of a challenge… and yet very little changed. And I know, I know, I didn’t keep her horns…. But I was really struggling to draw the pointy medieval headdresses so I went with this one instead. There are historically inspired costumers that have come before me for Maleficent in a houppeland so the content is out there if you're interested!
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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demonangelgirl134 · 3 months
I drew some of my favorite Disney villains as babies. I thought it would be kinda fun and it was
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If you can't really tell, baby captain hook has a pacifier for a hook
@cosmiconix @sp00kies @heyhopperart
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gritsandbrits · 7 months
Tumblr media
I felt bad so i drew her in one of her concept outfits i made.
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zoeloveconvers99 · 9 months
Tumblr media
Disney Villian Redesign:Cruella De Vil🐾
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tophthedaydreamer · 2 years
Tumblr media
finally.... it is finished
all the redesigns of the villain kid squad are here (with some minor revisions)!
Nyx/Mal - daughter of maleficent and hades. is your typical goth with a scathing sense of sarcasm. she comes off as blunt and snarky, but she is unwaveringly loyal to her friends. nyx fears that she is unlovable, and that she is trapped as the daughter of maleficent. but there’s a lot more to her than she realizes.
Princess Hilda/Evie - daughter of the evil queen grimhilde. a flirty girl with swagger, hilda hides her deep insecurities about her looks with a confident attitude. it doesn’t help that her mom has such unrealistic beauty standards that she expects her daughter to keep to. rigorous diets can’t change her natural body weight, hours of flat-ironing can only straighten her curly hair for so long, and she cannot choose her own clothes. hilda finds relief in nyx, whose laid-back attitude helps her unwind and enjoy life. 
Carlos de Vil - son of cruella de vil. treated like a pet rather than a son, carlos is used to waiting on his mother like a servant. he’s incredibly anxious, especially around dogs, which cruella had conditioned him to fear. despite what his cruel mother tells him, carlos is a bright and brilliant boy with a penchant for solving puzzles and coming up with great ideas. he’s sometimes pushed around by nyx and the others, but he knows they’d do anything for him.
Jamal/Jay of Agrabah - son of jafar. jamal is a master of manipulation and wit. trained by his father in the art of trickery, jamal is cunning and always gets what he wants from anyone. jafar wants him to take over agrabah someday, but jamal is more interested in setting up his own dream kingdom, where hunger and poverty is a thing of the past. he’s not one to mess around like a bumbling politician, he’s here to make a change. 
and that’s all i got! i’m thinking about redesigning ben and audrey.... we’ll see...
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A quick tip for artists during Mermay this year:
If you
Only draw thin mermaids
Only draw one or two fat mermaids while making all of the other mermaids you draw thin, especially if you draw a mermaid for every day of the month
make all of the fat mermaids you draw only based on whales, manatees, walruses, seals, octopi, etc.
Only clothe the mermaids you draw that are fat
make fat mermaids that are so similar to the fatphobic Disney villain Ursula that they could be her twin
Make all of your octopus-based mermaids fat
Shove fatphobic stereotypes on your fat mermaids like drawing them gorging on food
Make excuses to not draw fat mermaids like “Fat mermaids aren’t realistic” or “Mermaids are always beautiful!” (I swear to god if I ever have to hear this rhetoric again)
Caption your posts of fat mermaid drawings with things like “I drew a chubby mermaid! They’re so squishyyyyy! So soft! So huggable! What a friend-shaped mermaid! I would love to use them as a pillow uwu”
Degender all of your fat mermaids
Force all of your fat mermaids who are women to be masculine
Make a “fat mermaid” that is just a thin mermaid with a big tail (the mermaid equivalent of artists drawing “fat characters” that are just thin characters with big thighs)
Only draw the tiniest amount of fat on a mermaid and call it a day or only draw fat mermaids that are “thick”
Write in the tags or caption of your post that the mermaid you drew is “plus size” when they’re literally just a thin person (I’m not even telling you to use the word fat, I’m asking for the BARE MINIMUM here) 
Then please reexamine your work and what biases that have been put into it. Every year, finding art of fat mermaids during Mermay is as common as winning the lottery. I’ll look at hundreds of drawings in the Mermay tag before I find a single drawing of a fat mermaid. PLEASE do better this year. It’s sad that I even have to make this post to beg people on this website to include weight diversity in their art, especially since most artists will draw every single other type of body diversity and every single other oppressed minority except fat people. I’ll see artists who draw the most diverse art you can imagine and never even make one picture of a character with a fat body. This is not right and needs to change.
Again, this is the bare minimum. I’m not even asking for as much as I should, like drawing fat mermen and not just fat mermaids, actually using the word fat instead of treating it like a taboo slur, TAGGING YOUR FAT ART SO FAT PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY FIND REPRESENTATION OF THEIR BODIES, drawing fat muscular mermaids, drawing fat mermaids based on super small sea animals instead of making thinness the default for every personification of something small, or redesigning canon thin characters to have fat bodies like how people genderbend canon designs. I’m just asking for the barest representation, like being able to find one fat mermaid within 100 drawings in the tag instead of within 300, and the least that is required to not spread fatphobic designs. Currently art on Tumblr is so bad about how it treats fat people that I can’t even ask for more than the tiniest crumb of good representation. So please, PLEASE, actually give a fuck about fat people this Mermay. Just please.
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Hyrule warriors Zelda official redesign! Full name Zelda Belloa Hyrule.
I know Hyrule Warriors isn’t a canon game, but honestly that’s what makes our rewrite of it so interesting to me. It’s both very different from the original and also kind of not that different, depending on if you’re looking at a surface or core level. We’ve made it a sort of sequel to Oot, inserting it in the child timeline between Oot and TP.
One of the things that is technically different but also sort of not really: Zelda is the main villain of the story!
Seriously, she‘s a genuinely awful person with hate in her heart. It does not matter what she destroys or who she hurts, it is all justified in her relentless quest for power. Yes she is very beautiful I know-- I did that on purpose. Traits commonly viewed as beautiful, such as thinness and fairness, are not indicators of goodness, just as traits commonly viewed as ugly are not indicators for badness. I wanted to use this common bias to further demonstrate Zelda’s deceptive nature. She is manipulative and dangerous. She is evil elf Barbie. 
I initially wanted to keep the main colour of her outfits pink, to go more in on that evil elf barbie vibe, but unfortunately making her whole dress pink made me have a severe allergic reaction and break out into hives, due to an instinct that has been deeply ingrained in me ever since I was but a wee bairn and got pissed off when in disney’s sleeping beauty the pink dress won out over the blue one even though the blue is objectively better. Nintendo needs to stop putting Zeldas in pink because blue is always objectively better especially for the blonde ones.
Her castle clothes are pretty much completely invented, but her armour is slightly more based off her canon design. Just barely, but there are some elements there. When actually going into battle, she would put her hair fully up.
Lemme tell you, this Zelda goes into battle a lot. There’s a whole section on our timeline called the age of war and it’s pretty much just her running around doing whatever she wants and totally trampling anyone to tries to stop her.
Will the heroes of the Hyrule Warriors rewrite be able to stop her bloodthirsty rampage? You’ll have to wait and see...
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harrierttv · 2 months
Tumblr media
I just watched ever single episode of the Little Mermaid series with a friend, and let me tell you when we simped *hard* for this villian. His name is Evil Manta, and the little tike at the bottom is his son Little Evil.
Now this isn’t to say I don’t love his design, but obviously it had to be simpler so it was easier to animate, so my friend and I took it upon ourselves to redesign him~
Let me know if you remember this guy! Cause I swear all of the Disney villains were a 1000 times more recognisable than the protagonists, I mean what about an evil manta ray, who’s voiced by Tim Curry, doesn’t demand a rent free room on the brain? 
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thewickedmerman · 7 months
Tumblr media
This was a redesign that I had a really hard time trying to figure out because his original design was already really perfect. I mean, he was a skeleton in a suit of armor all the color of old, dried blood. That's a really tough act to follow, especially when you consider that the character is basically this world's version of Satan. I tried to make parts of his armor sharper, give him glowing eyes, and a different face. I tried to do a combo of Hades from Disney's Hercules and concept art of The Horned King from The Black Cauldron.
For his Shadow Phoenix form, I kept it similar to its original look but gave him glowing eyes, made his head look similar to his helmet, and made his wings actually made of fire. I mean, the phoenix is known for having wings of fire, so why not do the same here?
A problem that Darkar has always had is that, while he's still a great villain, he's not really as interesting as The Trix, Valtor, and arguably even Selina. He's a demonic bad guy that wants power and that's pretty much it. He's theatrical, which definitely helps but that's not much. While he could be cringy in the 4Kids dub (I say this as someone who considers the 4Kids dub to be the BEST Winx Club dub), he was definitely more memorable with more personality and iconic lines. So in my version, I would like a mixture of both versions with him being a demonic deity but also have a memorable and enjoyable personality without being cringy. Basically, I'd have him be like Hades from Hercules, only without the James Woods style of humor because that wouldn't work for Darkar. Basically, being a great villain that is flamboyant and fun while also being a serious threat. I mean, he was the master of The Ancestral Witches for crying out loud. But I do like that he is a more distant threat and would keep that as part of the character because of how it led to more character focus stories, which is one of the reasons why season 2 was such an amazing season. My personal favorite episode from that season is the one about Musa and her dad.
Anyway, I hope you guys like it and think that I did justice to the character.
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Hard to choose, i go with heroes one but you can talk about any of those others later.
Cool, let's go.
I am so, so, SO goddamn tired of villains with facial differences. I'm so tired by how we all know it's a bad thing, we all know why it's a bad thing, and we keep doing it anyway. I'm tired of progressive media still using it. I'm tired of heroes that are magically left with two neat slashes or nothing at all after their face explodes while a light slash mutilates a villain beyond anything. I'm tired of ugly equals evil. I'm tired of disability being used as a cheap gross-out tactic. I'm just tired.
The only other role a person with a facial difference has besides villain is if it's a story all about their facial difference and how it affects their life, and those are vanishingly rare anyway. And if they exist in books, which seem to be the only medium that'll take them because you don't have to look at them heaven forbid, it never translates. It's Quasimodo being redesigned as "cute" for Disney to let him be a protagonist rather solely than an object of pity. It's every facial scar that disappears from page to screen. It's every magical cure that takes it away.
It's just a problem that gets worse and worse the further you dig and yet progress on undoing that is super slow. Frankly the only step I've seen is that the British Film Institute will stop funding movies with the trope, and it feels deeply shameful that it was necessary. Like we can't be trusted with the toy so we need to have it taken away until we learn better.
More heroes with facial differences. More heroes with ugly scars rather than neat ones. More stories where losing your beauty isn't the end of the world and now you're just "the ugly one". It's the only thing that'll actually make a difference.
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artist-ellen · 5 months
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The Evil Queen
The unnamed villain of the first Disney animated movie, Snow White. She was a really fun challenge to redesign as I wanted to keep aspects of her silhouette and colour palette while referencing real fashion from the fairytale’s historical setting. Sadly for me it was in fashion for a number of decades in Germany to wear “Cranach” style gowns (named after the artist) which don’t have long trailing sleeves. If anything the animated movie has the Evil Queen in really classically medieval fashion, think pre-Tudor & pre-Italian renaissance. So in a little bit of a humorous twist the best reference image I found around the right decades for the Evil Queen was the portrait of Anne of Cleves. So while I took a Lot of liberties if it is feeling familiar… that would be why. Her makeup and what not isn’t very historical but generally my goal is to have recognizable characters with their historical twist… and yes I went way too hard on the details. I had way too much fun.
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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ohboyohboyherewego · 11 days
Hello it's me again and if you could do request from me if it's okay with you to Maybe please draw the Disney villains in my redesign ending color please and thank you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PS Ursula Captain Hook Cruella Deville and the queen of hearts are all black because this is like my descendants version of the Disney villains and I wanted to bring more ethnicality into them and also the the Queen of Hearts is afro-latino meaning she's half black and half Latino in my AU again to bring more ethnicity so I would really like you to do my request please and thank you
You got it!
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doeblossom · 5 months
well, now that my mlp question has been answered, what was the episode of mlpfim that stuck with you the most? for me it was most of the season openings/finales and then the want it need it have to have it episode or whatever that one was
bestie you know it's definitely not just one. i get why those stuck with you though! those were definitely bonkers episodes
Obviously, the first two episodes. they're the pilot!
look before you sleep, because for some reason i hyperfixated on the sleep song they made for rarity. it was hilarious and i think about it every time i rewatch the episode
sonic rainboom. i think about the guitar riff when rainbow was close to performing the boom quite a lot. i'll rewatch the episode just to hear it again! it's so awesome and good
season 2 openings, because discord is fun. why didn't he just forcefully discord them all. forever. silly discord
luna eclipsed. i wish we saw more of the bat ponies! also luna's redesign was pretty cool, no matter how much i loved the beta design. just assuming that luna's return left her completely powerless, hence the non-flowy hair and small stature. also holiday interpretations are fun!
sweet and elite, just for the iconic rarity song
hurricane fluttershy, because shes relatable! i was always a little self conscious about my own physical abilities but this episode (and joking around about it) made me feel a lot better
canterlot wedding. cadence my beloved. changelings are so very interesting. i also remember waking up on the couch in my mom's office since they put it on the tv, and my mom joked about mlp being the thing that got me to wake up
crystal empire kinda came out of nowhere but i LOOOOVE the magic implications. i wish they did more with sombra because he seems so interesting as a villain. also i remember being very proud of remembering that the square root of 546 is 23.36664289109
too many pinkie pies; i remember watching this episode the day it aired (it was a reupload on youtube) and my sister and i watched it on our old dinosaur computer, loaded up with good ol' windows 7 and internet explorer
magical mystery cure. i also remember watching this one specifically, sitting in my old bunk bed watching it on my pink disney princess tiara tv and crying at twilight becoming an alicorn because i was so very proud of her (and thought the show was ending)
the season 4 opening, very obviously a huge upgrade in animation. i remember watching leaks of luna's transformation into nightmare moon from a convention and being so excited to see it! im just a big fan of history in shows like this. it gives the world such depth
bats. bats. bats. freaked me the heck out
pinkie's pride because i knew weird al before he showed up on mlp (and always flexed it to my friends in elementary school lol) ALSO i really liked pinkie's lament in it
from whom the sweetie belle toils. ah, siblings. my sister and i never had THESE kinds of issues but i always relate to their sisterly dynamic the most
testing testing 123. probably one of my favorite episodes to rewatch. dash is just neurodivergent!!! it also helped me when i was transitioning from elementary school to junior high (i went to that 6 year college prep school) and the learning curve of "not being as gifted anymore." i still struggle with studying and have not found any great learning methods! well, aside from pretending to be interested, for some reason.
twilight's kingdom. first luna song, AND a laser battle, AND super powerful twilight??? it was pretty awesome. i still want the library back tho pl0x thanks
the cutie map. communism, ok thx byeee. also one of the first villains to be a where's waldo! its fun to look back and spot her and know it WASNT a lazy animators choice
do princesses dream of magic sheep becaues it discusses self harm???? to a target audience of young girls entering a period in their lives where self harm is pretty prominent? man.
rarity investigate is a very fun episode. man i like rarity a lot
scare master validating my fears and acknowledging fluttershy's anxiety around the holiday!! it did a decent job at communicating that what may seem trivial to some is a very real issue for others. i love love love how fluttershy is treated in this episode; her boundaries are validated and accommodated for. (i dont like that sometimes they portrayed her as a party pooper. however! this is a very real feeling some people have! and i think it would be worse not to include a little bit of tension surrounding it)
a hearth's warming tale stuck with me well and good since im a huge christmas buff. also, more luna songs. luna songs were always huge in the fandom
all bottled up! starlight glimmer, my beloved. bottling up feelings is a pretty real thing for me, and instead of disregarding my emotions, it taught me that its healthy to vent in a consensual environment and tell people they're bugging you if they are.
parental glideance. actually, any episode introducing parents. omg, theyre (mostly) not orphans!
a royal problem. daybreaker is cool and awesome, and the lroe behind what she COULDVE been is amazing, but i miss the days of nightmare star
once upon a zepplin was so real for me. confounded people pleasing leading to you having an awful time and missing out on everything.
sounds of silence, because kirins are so cool and they were a very cool thought but i would like to see them speak more than in one episode please thanks
the beginning of the end p2 with twilight's super awesome speech while fighting sombra. man shes so cool. the hair flip animation was cool. twilight is so cool.
she talks to angel, because ive always very badly wanted to know what the heck is going on in that little bunny's mind. and it was hilarious
Hurricane Fluttershy, S2
A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, S2
The Crystal Empire Part 2, S3
Sleepless in Ponyville, S3
Magical Mystery Cure, S3
Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2, S4
Pinkie's Pride, S4
Filli Vanilli, S4
From Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, S4
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, S4
Twilight's Kingdom Part 1, S4
Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, S4
Amending Fences, S5
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, S5
The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2, S5
Celestial Advice, S7
The Perfect Pear, S7
Once Upon a Zepplin, S7
The Beginning of the End Part 2, S9
Sparkle's Seven, S9
The Last Laugh, S9
The Last Crusade, S9
The Big Mac Question, S9
The Ending of the End Part 1, S9
The Ending of the End Part 2, S9
The Last Problem, S9
if i gave a tally of how many times certain episodes made me cry we would be here all day
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cottonfeltgembira · 10 months
i want to thank you for addressing the (current) issue with TWST, feels like it’s a new one every week now. i don’t have much to say besides i agree with your stance that YT is shit and it’s SO hard to enjoy the game with all the shit that keeps getting revealed, i was an idiot to expect better from Disney after they released movies like Encanto and Turning Red and getting my hopes up. but i like the idea of essentially curating your own experience: redesigning characters, adding characters, rewriting plots, etc to fix the bad in a way that makes it still somewhat enjoyable. it’s still hard, esp when it’s a hyperfixation, but it’s something ig. on that note, would you be okay with other people following your example and making their own Diasomnia uniform redesigns? i just… really can’t stand looking at them anymore after this lmao. thanks again in advance.
HELLO ANON (*´∀`*)!! And ouhhh no problem (=^・・^=)!!
Ouwa I don't fink you're stupid to expect better from Disney, however we are dealing with Disney Japan :0c media like Encanto and Turning were made with 1) an international audience and 2) to be family friendly in mind, they're also pretty big projects, twst feels like a small scale project with how it was only opened to Japan for its first year, only adding English translations for a few other regions later (=^・・^=)
Which is to say, it's more so Disney Japan being poor about background checks, twisted wonderland as its core concept definitely feels like a cash grab for me,
gacha free to play mobile game where classic Disney villains are pretty handsome boys? instant money!
And you can tell since their target audience are specifically young girls and young women. They probably decided that since twst wouldn't need any thorough cleaning of anything that could be offensive because it wasn't going to be advertised to an "for all audience" they were probably a bit to lax with picking a director, and it just happened to be the most bigoted one... (=_=;)
Ohh anon you're right!! I think it's the best possible remedy when you find out a media you've grown so attached turns out to be bad or made by a horrible person but you struggle to truly let go, I still enjoy twst but my idea of twst is far FAR different than the actual canon game itself, trying your hand at your own rendition of that media can actually be a lot more fun :]c
And I'm totally fine with it!! Encourage it actually, I'd love to see everybody make their own diasomnia uniforms, hell even do the other dorms if you want (*´∀`*)!!
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monsterkingu · 1 year
Tumblr media
Not my usual cup of tea, but i redesigned Madame Medusa for twst. I just think she’s neat, and she needs more recognition from disney as a proto-renaissance villain. Anyway this is Madden Memphis, he’s the head of the disciplinary committee and he’s fucking Crewel. Also the crocodiles are Gaius and Julian.
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centeris2 · 1 year
(belated) impressions, thoughts, ideas, etc about the Dark Riders + their redesigns. Under the cut because I'm sure it'll be long af. Now I wanna talk about how I’d redesign the soul riders but that’ll be another post
tl;dr - Basically I have an icky vibe, not because of any single design but because collectively, compared to the soul riders, they are more diverse. Which gets into vaguely icky "gender non conforming/not being Pretty Obvious Ladies is a Villain Trait." I doubt it was intentional but it is a shame that the soul riders are all basically, well, gender conforming and traditionally pretty. Their body type differences are extremely minute to me, I could only see the differences when looking at their nude models. But the dark riders are all radically different in body shape and color. Hell even Katja, the 'white' one of the group, falls more into the albino category, which is isn't great given albino characters are generally villains. It's a shame that the Soul Riders didn't get the variety in body type and gender presentation, at least they get points for making Lisa visibly hispanic (even though her mother had a canon appearance and I miss her spiky bright red hair rip). It seems like it accidentally reinforces the terfy "(traditional and proper) Girls Only Power!" feeling that SSO is developing. Only girls can be the heroes, if you are gender non conforming or don't fit into the acceptable Pretty Girl mold you're a villain.
First impression: Wait why does she look like XCX Charli, whose music gives me Sabine vibes (especially Vroom Vroom. I can not explain it). I imagined she could straighten her hair or leave it super curly. This has to be a look that she'd pick after pretending to be a high school student, not before, especially with the face scars. Why any scars when you can choose your physical appearance? When you literally imagine and shape the body you are walking around in (and it isn't your true physical one) would you have any true scars? So it's just cosmetic to look scary then. Aight. Why is she giving me Native American vibes. Skin + cheek bones + super straight black hair in a braid(?) or impressively held together ponytail I guess? Can she ride a motorcycle may as well go all out. She should absolutely have a motorcycle. I appreciate the muscles and height, just wish one of the soul riders had a similar build. Why not Alex? Alex could be tall and buff.
First impression: tf. what does SSO have against highly feminine characters? first Anne now Jessica? Also hold on Jessica looks like one of Garnok's human forms what. That's. SSO how do you keep reading my mind and using it in strange ways???
For real though, first Anne is rewritten so she doesn't like being a model or her appearance and she's super smart, and now Dark Princess Jessica is switched into nonbinary(?)/androgynous(?) territory? Sabine feels like a better option for going androgynous/masculine. Or Chiyo! They literally have a blank slate for a fourth dark rider! Instead it just seems like SSO is just another "Girl Power! But not that type of girl power!" as if enjoying make up or being highly feminine or focusing on your appearance automatically makes you a bad woman. Like I get them not wanting Anne to be a snobby bitch (though she wasn't one by the end of the Starshine Legacy games anyway since she made friends. growth!) but they could have left her wanting to be a model and make a career out of fashion/her appearance. I'm getting off topic. Kinda. Feel like it's the same deal with Jessica, can't have a female character that is a princess (think of how many movies, including recent disney movies, scoffing at princesses, with the female protagonists insisting no of course they aren't some weak, useless princess!). Literally just let Jessica still be super feminine, she was the only one established to be super feminine with the Princess thing. Like yeah sure I can come up with stuff in my fics for why Jessica has a Jay phase but that's not gonna be a thing in SSO. Let's experiment with gender, but only when it's a villain >.< (I'm not counting Concorde because as soon as characters find out Concorde was born a filly it's all She/Her pronouns. Shame Concorde can't talk yet and tell everyone hell nah I'm a Stallion.)
I didn't expect Regicide to be her official horse's name but I'm still sad about it. But that's what fanfiction is for! He'll always be Regicide in my heart.
First impression: we've been seeing this exact same teaser art for years there are no surprises here. Guess she's not pretending to be a model anymore, or she's a somehow younger looking model. Idk how she looked older in the Starshine Legacy games but she did. Wish all the dark riders had musical instruments with them, be funny if my Dark Chord headcanons were accurate, at least in them all having some musical skill. I guess Stalker wasn't a Kid Friendly enough name, what a shame.
First impression: what happened to Elise? We literally only had her name? Okay whatever SSO guess we have Madison's evil twin now. Of course the Asian coded character has purple hair, but the others all have natural hair colors. Give Jessica a streak of green so Chiyo isn't the only one with unnaturally colored hair won't ya? And why is she presenting as a child is she trying to not get taken seriously? Adults are just gonna try to put her into school. Whatever as far as my fics and headcanons are concerned EliseChiyo doesn't exist. Or at least not as a general. Is her causing discord in the group just because she's a literal child that 3 immortal generals have to work with for some ungodly reason? I'd be pissed too if one of my coworkers was a 10 year old with a hobby horse pretending to be a leader. Is that how generals and advisors felt when a child would take the throne in a country?
The real question is will SSO change "Elise" to "Chiyo" in quests, or will they forget.
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