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artist-ellen · 5 months
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It’s been a long time coming but it feels so good to finally redesign these iconic villains! Maleficent was a little bit of a challenge… and yet very little changed. And I know, I know, I didn’t keep her horns…. But I was really struggling to draw the pointy medieval headdresses so I went with this one instead. There are historically inspired costumers that have come before me for Maleficent in a houppeland so the content is out there if you're interested!
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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starbashir · 8 months
“go to hell" is basic. "i hope your fav star trek aliens get redesigned in modern trek" is smart. its possible. its terrifying.
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she makes things explode too- its just that she uses 沙炮 instead of battery acid
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scarymaaze · 2 months
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vampire queen
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villainartist · 11 months
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salutations, i’ve got a bucket full of V3 redesigns for you all! 
this is for a “rewrite” fic, technically, and i thought it’d be more fun to give the character designs my personal touches, since i’m gonna be doing the same with my writing
little bullet point reasonings on each of the designs below the cut
ouma: - i didnt really change too much of his design, but i wanted to give it less of a “straitjacket” look and decided to go for a wispy, mysterious look. his scarf now doubles as a hood, which is loosely inspired by his cape in his official art - i gave him a bang to cover half his face, because i just like how it looks on him lmao, imo it gives him sort of a sneaky, “intentionally being the creepy kid” look
himiko: - ill be honest, her redesign was just me having fun. i dont mind her canon design too much, but i did wanna give her the air of not only a performer, but a girl who seriously doesnt care about social conventions (autism) so she wears her cape and her little witch dress around everywhere bc she loves it - i gave her more teal on her design, since APPARENTLY thats what v3 has decided is himiko’s main color? teal, not red? so i gave her a healthy mix of both
kaito: - he’s wearing a JAXA jumpsuit that is modified into his signature magenta color, but he’s an idiot so he’s wrapped the top half around his waist so he can wear his little... bomber-style jacket, since aerodynamics and all that - i made his hair.... more normal, because i really hate drawing kaito’s stupid spiky hair! now he has a little headband flattening his wild hair
shuichi: - his design in canon, while... nice, it’s very plain. so i kept the general look and feel of the canon uniform but adding some touches that feel personal to shuichi, like the turtleneck with sleeves that cover his palms. it gives him a more reclusive look, somebody who prefers being in their comfort zone
kaede: - she’s the first one i started with, so she ended up being a bit of a “basis” for the rest of the designs, considering how different my design is from her canon one. personally, dislike the skintight sweater vest, it doesnt look comfortable NOR does it suit kaede’s personality (imo) so i decided to give her an outfit that makes her look loose, carefree, but still naive and inexperienced. - ponytail, i just think kaede would prefer as well, her canon design has such a round hair shape and it looks silly if i focus on her silhouette too much. shes like a bobblehead
maki: - HOLY SHIT, maki i had a good time redesigning, since i harbor nothing but disdain for how she looks in canon. her stupid edgy red/black seifuku with thigh highs and mile long hair just was too much for me to bear. - i gave her an outfit that seems serious, but still cutesy and nonthreatening. i took her red/black palette and turned up the warmness a bit so she has more browns and maroons that give the impression she’s warmer than she acts like she is - her pigtails are much shorter as well-- i cant decide if theyre clip-ons or her real hair, but at least theyre shorter. honestly, i know she’s supposed to be the ~wooby tragic backstory sexy anime girl~, but her mile long pigtails wouldve gotten her ass yoinked from behind and killed long ago. so i chopped them. also, she’s got a handgun tucked in the back of her pants, hidden by her sweater’s bagginess. no more lame knives for you maki, you get a gun
korekiyo: - just like with himiko’s design, i was mostly just having fun with korekiyos redesign. i like his canon design, but i wanted to try my hand at giving him a much more androgynous look. it ties well into the whole sister thing, anyway... - the flowers depicted on his clothing are crudely drawn i admit, but theyre intended to be white lilies, which represent a few things: renewal of the soul, a common funeral flower, commitment and rebirth - i also figured, if im gonna give more girls pants, i should give at least one of the male characters a skirt, and korekiyo is beautiful and i wanted to draw him in drapey clothing.
miu: - and best for last is miu iruma! man, i HATE her canon design, seriously, what a lazy design! they just slapped bondage gear over a pink seifuku and were done with it! dont even get me started on her long, loose and wild hair that would be an utter nightmare for people who work with machines. i decided to keep her wild and long hair, but packed it all in a thick braid, because it ended up looking surprisingly good for her. besides, she’d probably make some innuendo about it being the “perfect to use as a reign from behind” or something lmao - i also changed her pink seifuku into a frilly, steampunk-styled shirt with the straps and gear on top to kind of... hold it into a specific shape. - we were ROBBED of miu with cute overalls in one of her beta designs, so i gave them back. i rly kinda kept in mind the mindset of “if i was miu iruma, what would *I* personally choose from my wardrobe to feel attractive and powerful?” - i wanted to give her a toolbelt, but thought it would look a little cluttered on the design. but she likely uses one regularly
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ben-miller-art · 30 days
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Wonder Woman Villains - Circe
Extremely pleased with the final product. Wanted to do an amalgamation of Circe’s 3 major comic book looks (classic green dress, 2000′s pink haired, and new 52 red braids) and I love how they came together. 
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bingosomen · 1 month
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I’m the main character and you have to like me!!
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awzominator · 29 days
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More designs for my TMNT version!!
I really liked 12MonaLisa so I took inspiration from that and made her a bounty Hunter Bc I’m weak for badass women (so is Raph); leatherhead is the turtles grandpa Bc they deserve it!! Jennika my beloved and most yellow turtle (I’ll include her human design when I start posting the villains); and lastly VENUSSSS! I tried relating her to the statute (missing arms/cracks&scars) bc it’s fitting for what I have for her story
That’s all I have for now folks enjoy!
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squiddcakes · 2 days
Hello! A lot of you had positive responses to my last post, so here I’ll be writing my personal rewrites of the I.M.P. Crew (Sorry this took so long, I got side-tracked this weekend <:]). For a reminder of what my redesigns looked like, you can find them Here. I’m gonna go from left to right and start with the first crew member:
Mildred (or Millie)
I did a lot of reworking around Mildred since a majority of her characterization is basically nonexistent, so I gave her a personality with a lot of potential and complexity that’s on par with her male crew members.
Mildred comes from a very low-income, Southern family in the Wrath Ring. She grew up on a barn with her parents and several other siblings, making her essentially a middle child. She worked on their farm for most of her life as a hand and delivery girl to send fresh produce to buyers and the local market. It was like this for some time until the family business had gone dry due to some messy ties with the upper-class that resulted in them going into poverty. Wanting to help her family and support them financially Mildred left to go find work elsewhere, in which she meets Blitzo and is hired onto the I.M.P. team.
She’s very hard-working, a bit brutish but has a heart of gold, and is blunt and out-spoken. She’s not very sophisticated but has a lot of Wisdom to her and gives some great advice to Loona as the only other woman in the workplace, and someone for Loona to look up to in times of need. She gets along great with everyone except Moxxie, who she butts heads with constantly due to their conflicting personalities and backgrounds. Speaking of Moxxie, he’s next on the list.
Moxandicus (Moxxie)
Moxxie was an Imp born into the wealthier part of Imp society, basically making him the equivalent of your typical “uptight, sophisticated rich boy”. His family comes from a line of competitive businessmen, none of that mafia mumbo-jumbo, though they probably do have some loose ties to them in some way. Moxxie is the odd-one-out of his family, rather than taking an interest in the family business, instead finds his passion in Mortals History (this man is so infatuated with Humans culture its crazy). Because of this, his family looked at him more as a nuisance “wasting his time on silly hobbies”, and basically cut him off from his wealth until he “proved himself worthy” of being welcomed back into the family. Now broke and nowhere to go, Moxxie finds himself looking for work, where he meets Blitzo and joins I.M.P.
I imagine my Moxxie has a very similar personality to the one if the show, except he’s more educated, calculating, snooty and uptight, and less of.. I don’t know how to put this— coward? Butt of the joke? You get what I mean. He’s essentially the straight man and voice of reason for the group, and is the one who usually has to get them out of their pickles when working. He doesn’t have a lot of street smarts and is less willing to get his hands dirty compared to everyone else. Like I said earlier he clashes a lot with Millie and frequently questions Blitzo’s authority, but most of the time doesn’t argue back on the count of that’s his boss. He’s indifferent towards Loona, though questions why a teenager is working for them in the first place.
A lot of Blitz’s backstory and personality is mostly the same: Grew up in the circus in the Pride Ring, left after wanting to seek more in life prove to everyone someone from his social class can make it big in the world, yadayadayada. However I did rewrite some things that I believed wold make his character a lot better/more tolerable:
He’s still on good terms with his sister, they’re just really busy all the time so they don’t have a lot of time to talk or see each other (I’m so sick of this dude not having at LEAST one good relationship).
He and Verosika are still on bad terms due to their messy break-up, though I want to believe Blitzo regrets and sometimes even misses her and the actions that led to their falling out, though due to his pride refuses to admit it out loud.
None of that weird “sexually harassing my coworkers” shit. That was weird and gross.
I gave him a personality that’s more attuned to “if Weird Al was a bounty hunter who grew up in the circus”. He was always some silly little guy to me. The man grew up in a circus, I’d expect him to be a little clowned down if you get what I’m sayin’.
His relationship with Loona is typically the same. He adopted her when she was around 13-14 and has been raising her ever since as his teenage daughter (None of that weird “treating hellhounds like literal peta thing that was weird and confusing). He makes her work as their secretary and “social media manager” as a way to earn a weekly allowance and also “the kids are hip with it she’ll do wonders for us promotionally”. She does not, he just refuses to admit it.
Leona (Loona)
I’ve done a lot of reworking for Loona as well, same reasons as Millie. Istg they do not know how to wrote female characters.
Loona is a hellhound born from the Sloth Ring. She doesn’t know a lot of her background, but was raised in foster care for a small portion of her life until Blitzo took her in when she hit her teenage years. Before that however she took a liking towards astrology and magic and would constantly read about it in her formative years. When she began living with Blitz she began attending schooling to further learn about magic and how to translate older works, which is how she’s able to use Stolas’ book for the IMP team to use. She get’s teased on a lot in school for being one of the only Hellhounds there, which causes her to feel insecure about herself and shut in from people including Blitz.
Loona’s a very quiet, closed-off teenager (16-17), who’s very much in that “going through a phase” part of growing up. She’s very insecure about herself and is easily-impressionable, which is why she looks up to Millie so much, since she’s cool and is the only other girl in the office space to talk to. Loona’s relationship with Blitz is the same, except she actually acts like a teenager and not an abusive asshole. She wants to prove to herself that she’s not some “loser nobody” and can actually do magic and make friends with other teens her age.
And that’s it. Sorry it was so long I had a lot to say lol. If you have further questions, direct them to my ask box.
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irlbatmanvillain · 7 months
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designed a friend for that scrow design i made a bit back.
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mellow-cryptid · 26 days
Tumblr media
Being a hero was the original goal… but when no one takes you seriously except when you’re a threat, Izuku found that the only way he could make a change in the world would be to become morally gray.
— 🔪 —
In this story, All for One is the N°1 Hero, and All Might is a retired villain. Tomura, the adoptive older brother, is relatively apathetic to the issues of the world, and only ever cared about himself and his little brother’s well being.
(All roles, besides those, mostly stay as they are in canon)
Izuku gives start to the League of Karma, a vigilante group that hunts down the worst of the worst - people who have committed unforgivable crimes - and also corrupt heroes who do dark things when the public isn’t looking. What fate awaits them depends only on Viridaemon’s knife.
Quick edit to add: It took me a lot of courage to post again, so reblogs are very appreciated ★
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artist-ellen · 5 months
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The Evil Queen
The unnamed villain of the first Disney animated movie, Snow White. She was a really fun challenge to redesign as I wanted to keep aspects of her silhouette and colour palette while referencing real fashion from the fairytale’s historical setting. Sadly for me it was in fashion for a number of decades in Germany to wear “Cranach” style gowns (named after the artist) which don’t have long trailing sleeves. If anything the animated movie has the Evil Queen in really classically medieval fashion, think pre-Tudor & pre-Italian renaissance. So in a little bit of a humorous twist the best reference image I found around the right decades for the Evil Queen was the portrait of Anne of Cleves. So while I took a Lot of liberties if it is feeling familiar… that would be why. Her makeup and what not isn’t very historical but generally my goal is to have recognizable characters with their historical twist… and yes I went way too hard on the details. I had way too much fun.
I am the artist!!! Don’t repost without permission & credit! Thank you! Come visit me over on: https://instagram.com/ellen.artistic
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benanazauce · 9 days
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redraw of miss question!!
redrew it because the last time I drew her it felt bland and there were like a million mistakes with the lineart colours, and there was no watermark and aughh it was all just irritating me
decided to make my own design for her!! I really like the idea of her having earrings (saying this as someone too afraid to pierce their ears 💀)
let me know what you guys think!!
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mikejbecker · 1 year
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Teen Titans villains
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shenzy · 19 days
head in hands
Tumblr media
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villainartist · 4 months
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oh i KNOW they're worsties
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