#remus lupin
Regulus: *cooing at baby Harry and giving him all his attention*
James: *disgruntled noises*
Regulus: If you have a baby you can’t be the baby.
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fairysilk · 2 days
Tumblr media
SIRIUS MODERN MODEL AU!!!!! Shoutout to the insomniacs, here's a late night post. Tumblr privilege is seeing everything hours before instagram does.
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sirius: guess what i’m about to get?
regulus, not looking up: on my nerves?
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Prompt from @wolfstarmicrofic
"You can't visit today, Moony!"
Remus crouched down so he was at Harry's eye-level. The five-year-old had dramatically flung his skinny arms across the red front door, blocking entrance to the little countryside cottage Sirius and Harry called home.
"Why not, Harry?" Remus frowned. "Is everything alright?"
"You can't make Padfoot sick today, there's a Quidditch game and he promised we'd go!"
"I know," Remus said, still confused. "He invited me too - that's why I'm here, to spend the day with you both. Wait," he added, Harry's words finally registering. "Why would I make Padfoot sick?"
"Because after you visit, he always lies around on the sofa and sighs a lot! And I asked him if he got sick from you like I got Ron's cold and THEN he said you made him lovesick!" Harry glared at Remus. "And he can't get sick today, because the Wasps are playing, and -"
"Yes, thank you Harry!" Sirius appeared hastily, cutting off the rambling. His handsome face was as bright red as the door he held open, ushering them all inside. "I also told you that was a secret, love."
Harry pouted. "But Padfoot, the game!" He began to push Remus towards the door like a very determined little bulldozer. "Moony makes you lovesick and we can't miss the QUIDDITCH, Padfoot!!!"
Remus began to laugh as Sirius covered his face with his hands, looking like he wanted to sink into the floor and perish. "Harry, what if I could cure him, then would you let me stay?"
Harry stopped pushing immediately. "Yes! Is it a spell? Do it now!"
Remus walked over and tapped Sirius on the shoulder. One grey eye peeked out from between his fingers. Gently, Remus tugged his hands away. Slowly, so slowly, he pressed his lips to Sirius', sinking into their first kiss with giddy warmth. After a moment, he pulled away.
"You make me lovesick too," he whispered.
Sirius looked a little thunderstruck. Then he grinned, eyes dancing with delight as he reached out and tugged Remus close. "Oh no, can't have that." he murmured. "I guess I better cure you too."
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Person A: You're right
Person B: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
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Tumblr media
Time may change me, but I can’t trace time… *
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Tumblr media
Idk if I love or hate this so here it goes to tumblr I guess
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regulus "at least im trying" black PLEASE
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championship cups
tensions run high during the quidditch league cups. when your favoured teams loses, there’s an annoying git that keeps replying to your tweets. not one to back down from a fight, you respond. chaos then ensues
<< previous | chapter 15 | next >>
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fun facts:
— remus wasnt actually serious but best believe sirius pestered him enough to actually do it
— james actually got to 125 but he had to stop because yn kept yelling boo! 🍅
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James: I've found a Valentine's card in my pocket
Sirius: Yes, I put it there
James: But... Why did you sign it 'from R.'?
Sirius: What?? I- Remus????
Regulus: Yes, I've seen, he did it
Remus: *remember when Regulus made it in front of him* Okay, I did. Do you want to go on a date, James?
Regulus and Sirius: *aggressively jealous* NO.
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Drunk James: I like hot guys, and girls. Mostly hot guys. Mostly Regulus.
Peter: I want my galleons Moony
Remus: fuck
Sirius: what
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patrophthia · 3 days
it wasn’t implied? | remus lupin
Tumblr media
pairing: remus lupin x reader
genre: fluff, pining, maybe angst¿?, miscommunications, secret confessions, not proofread
wc: 4.2k
originally posted on wattpad
"i saw you," sirius said lowly, smirking, "you two think you're so sly but i see everything."
"i don't know what you're talking about."
"sure, you don't," he remarked with a roll of his eyes, "you never know what i'm talking about, not when i told you that your crush on remus was obvious, not when i tell you that remus fancies you back and definitely not when i saw —with my very own two eyes— you kissing."
"just be careful doll, i've been there before," he told her softly, making her glance at him. "you've been there before?" she repeated testingly, not understanding what sirius meant. "i was once remus when i was younger."
Tumblr media
"where should we go next?" peter asked excitedly, holding onto the teddy sirius had won for him for dear life.
it was a hogsmeade weekend, the marauders had decided that it was a bright idea to sneak off to an amusement park. the sun was setting, a pretty mix of pink and blues with hint of gold within it. they stood in the middle of the park, pulling at their coat tightly to keep themselves warm whilst james suffered in a corner.
"definitely not the roller coaster again," said lily wearily, eyeing james from where she stood as he hunched over a garbage can with remus and sirius to his side. "anything but the roller coaster again."
"i'm pretty sure they're done with it," she said kindly, watching as remus rubbed james' back in a soothing manner, "we've been on it four times now, i don't think they'd like to go on it for any longer."
"hopefully, you're right," lily muttered under her breath as the group of boys returned.
james looked up, smiling charmingly. "what's next?"
"i wanted to go on the ferris wheel," said sirius off-handedly, his hands digging into his pocket to keep itself away from the cold, "the sunset's nice."
"okay," lily agreed; nodding her head as she approached james' side, lily looped her arm around his and began leading the way when she realized that two of their friends were missing. turning around, lily spotted the pair conversing between themselves. "guys?"
"yes?" remus looked up, finally noticing that their friends were ten steps away and blushed. "sorry."
lily only smiled, giving him a pointed look and glanced down slightly. "is she cold?"
"very," she answered, voice muffled as her head was pressed against remus' torso, holding onto him tightly. "remus is very warm."
"of course, he is. the man's a human furnace," sirius said, almost frowning, "now, c'mon i want to see prongs throw up again."
"that's disgusting," she whispered just loud enough for remus to hear, moving her head slightly to look up at him.
"it's pads, what'd you expect?" he asked in return, smiling fondly at her.
she scrunched her nose in disgust, accidentally picturing james going through hell once more at sirius expense. "less suffering for the man who's already legally blind?"
remus laughed at that, making sirius groan even more. "would you stop flirting please?" sirius whined dramatically, "seriously princess, are we going to get an apology here?"
pulling away from remus completely, she stood besides him and assessed their friends.
"sorry, i made you wait because i was cold," she started slowly, feeling as though she was a kid waking up her parents to tell them she'd done something bad. sirius tutted, pulling out his wand and casted a warming charm on her. "can we go ride the ferris wheel now?"
"of course, we can," sirius said brightly, all signs of his previous sour mood disappearing.
sirius led the way this time, bantering with lily as remus and [name] walked slightly behind. shoulders brushing against one another as they listened into their friends arguing.
somewhere between where they started to the waiting line, remus had managed to slip his hand into her's intertwining them together.
she looked up at him, surprised —not to mention, extremely flustered, and smiled. an action that remus reciprocated along with a comforting squeeze of her hand.
james, lily, sirius, and peter took a car of their own. insisting that remus was too tall (as if it made any sense) to fit into their carriage so it would be better to have her accompany him as to not have him be lonely. all four completely oblivious to just how obvious their match making attempt was.
"this is nice," remus commented absentmindedly, looking over his shoulder, "it's so pretty up here."
"it is," she concurred, eyes kept on remus. tinge of pink and blue with the slightest hint of purple, painted his face, green eyes shining brightly. "they're taking pictures of us."
remus turned abruptly, concern written all over his face, "what?"
"them." she pointed upwards, remus eyed her direction and found their friends in the other car grinning and waving at them.
lily had her polaroid camera in her hand, it pointing at them. she gestured her over, shouting about how she couldn't fit her into the frame unless she sat besides remus. she followed her request, moving to sit by his side and looked up at them.
their was a flash, lily took the first polaroid out and handed it to james who was besides her. "smile!" she shouted before adding, "move closer, [name]! you're too far away!"
again, she did what she was told, scooting over and rested her head on remus' shoulder, smiling up at lily. remus laid his head on top of hers, beaming at the camera as well. lily counted from three and the flash went, sitting back down when she was satisfied with its result.
remus hand found hers once more, holding onto it firmly. "i think i might fall asleep."
"go ahead," she said lightly, "i've been working on my levitation spell, i can get you back to hogwarts safely."
remus lifted his head up so he could look at her properly. "as much as i am honored to the first person you murder, i'm really not looking forward to dying so soon."
she moved away from his shoulder, gaping at him with mock offense. "you underestimate me, mister lupin."
"and i've always been correct with my underestimations."
"that's not a kind way to talk to your best friend."
"actually i can talk to my best friend however i want," he said matter-of-factly, "that's kind of the point of being best friends with someone, being able to act however you want."
"you know what," she said, scooting away from him, "i don't want to be near you anymore."
"is that so?" he taunted, pulling at her hand.
"it is."
"i don't believe you." he leaned forward, pushing at her buttons. the full moon was near, which meant remus' senses had been heightened, making the both of them fully aware of just how fast her heart was beating. "i really don't believe you."
within seconds his lips are on hers, closing the gap between him and her without any hesitation. the line of whether their relationship was platonic or romantic, now crossed. remus tilted his head, leaning down to help her from straining her neck. the kiss was innocent, pulling to a stop when they were ushered out of their car by their friends.
remus cheeks were red when he left the carriage, blaming it on the cold wind. james had swept remus into a conversation about the prosperity of churros when remus took her hand again, holding onto it as he amused james with questions.
sirius was walking besides her, hands tuck in his leather jacket. he nudged her lightly —an action that almost knocked her off of her feet if it weren't for remus catching her. remus scolded sirius quickly before turning to check on her, after being satisfied with her answer he turned back to james.
"i saw you," sirius said lowly, smirking, "you two think you're so sly but i see everything."
"i don't know what you're talking about."
"sure, you don't," he remarked with a roll of his eyes, "you never know what i'm talking about, not when i told you that your crush on remus was obvious, not when i tell you that remus fancies you back and definitely not when i saw —with my very own two eyes— you kissing."
"just be careful doll, i've been there before," he told her softly, making her glance at him. "you've been there before?" she repeated testingly, not understanding what sirius meant. "i was once remus when i was younger."
"sirius, you're seventeen stop talking like you're in your eighties," she said exasperatedly, "and i'm really confuse right now. what the fuck do you mean you were once remus, were you once tall and cute or something?"
sirius made a face, one of offense and irritation with the slightest tint of hurt. "are you calling me short and ugly? you wound me, sweetheart."
"i'm not calling you short, sirius. it's just that i don't have the crippling fear that you would suddenly lick my head when i'm near you."
"tall people don't do that," sirius frowned, "do they?
"i wouldn't know," she shrugged.
"anyways." sirius dragged out, moving back to the topic at hand. "what i'm trying to say is that i've put someone in the same situation as you and moony right now. it doesn't end well, [name]."
"it's really confusing —and if i'm being completely honest here, i feel guilty for everything that happened," he confessed quietly, "i made it complicated. when it could've been so easy.
"so . . ." sirius trailed off, watching her with patient grey eyes, "talk to him. make sure you know where the two of you stand before everything goes wrong."
sirius gave her one last reassuring smile before he tuned into their friends discussion on churros. remus let out a laugh at one of james' comment, a pretty smile on his lips that may or may not have pulled at her heart string.
fuck remus, where did she stand?
sirius was laying on the couch, james sitting on the floor besides him along with peter while remus sat on the armchair when lily and her found them in the gryffindor's common room. there was a girl, hunched over the coffee table, a small notebook in hand talking to james and sirius as she wrote down whatever she found important.
she must've felt her presence, looking up at them with a small smile. "dorcas, we had care of magical creatures together in third year."
she replied with her name, smiling as well. "what were you three talking about?"
"a project," she said enthusiastically.
lily sat down besides james, and patted the empty spot to her left for her to take. she was about to take a seat beside lily when something tugged at her hand, she turned, following the direction of her distraction and found remus smiling at her, his hand holding onto hers.
"sit with me." she was hesitant, not knowing where she was supposed to go when the chair was so small. remus must've noticed, pulling her directly into his lap and wrapped an arm around her waist, securing her in her spot.
dorcas didn't even bat an eyelash when she continued on, "would you like to hear about it?"
dorcas began her explanation with a clap of her hands. "so i've been reading a new romance novel and in it there's this muggle newspapers thing where people can mail something they wanted to say to someone they loved or cared for, whether romantically or platonically, it was called the W.L.U segment —standing for words left unsaid."
"i thought it was cool so i asked dumbledore if i could somehow pull an event together and he said no but i'm known to be quite annoying so i used that to my advantage and eventually he agreed."
"so." she clapped her hands together. "on march, thirteen, the fifth floor corridor will be plastered by sticky notes with hand written words on them for each person that is submitted to. it is by first name only and there would be a spell to prevent you from actually recognizing who's ever hand writing it is, so everything will be anonymous."
she had many questions, unsure how everything will work out like dorcas planned it out to. there was thousands of students at hogwarts, how can she fit them all in the corridors (even if the name were to overlap), how will the letters be submitted if it was anonymous, and most importantly —how will filch's cat resist the urge to claw off all the notes?
instead she settled on asking, "march thirteen?"
"it's when my dad first met my mother," she said with small smile, "under a clementine tree."
"can everyone just submit anonymously?" peter asked, intrigued.
"that's pretty much the whole idea, no one would know who said what. we're giving out special notes that would magick itself out of your life the second you've finished writing and it would be added to the wall. the notes will be owled out to everyone, because if you saw someone trying to get the notes you'll be suspicious of them, ya know?"
and then she added, "the identities would be unknown unless you sign it off with your full name, or initials for whoever it is you wrote it to, to guess. it's up to you really, if you want your identity to be known then you make it known."
"are you sure it will stay anonymous?" he followed up skeptically.
"cross my heart. not even the ones preparing this project would know."
march came fast, so did remus' birthday —an event that had left her more confuse then she was before hand. the marauders had threw him a surprise party, one she attended in high spirits.
around midnight, marlene had dragged her into a circle where their friends was waiting for her. "we're playing truth or dare," she had told her.
the first few rounds was fun for the most part, her having done stupid dares that had spilled out of peter's drunken lips (the gryffindor is the funniest when he's absolutely wasted).
remus' birthday cake sat in the center of the circle, everyone enjoying their slices while they played the game. remus picked dare for the third time, keeping up with the courageous gryffindor spirit.
dorcas perked up at this, getting her word in before anyone else could. "i dare you to kiss the person you find most beautiful in this room."
sirius had pouted his lips out for him only to be blatantly ignored by remus. the room was —more or less— unphased when remus had made his way over to [name], cupping her face and kissed her.
soft and quick.
when he pulled away, he made his way back to his seat and acted like nothing had happened.
dorcas nudged her from her right, giggling slightly as she spoke, "i knew he would kiss you."
then the question she tried so desperately to forget resurfaces. what were they? where did she stand?
the next day comes and dumbledore introduced the project at dinner, letting dorcas up on the podium which she spoke at proudly, informing everyone of her plans and answering any questions they had.
the notes arrived the next morning, students walked around chatting about who they planned to write to and by dinner time half of the castle had written and sent off their first notes.
march, thirteen came and she was rudely awakened by dorcas and sirius pounding at her door, announcing that the project has been opened for viewing and that they needed to see it as soon as possible.
she quickly got dressed and followed them into the common room. stood by the entrance was the rest of their friend group, all looking tired out of their mind.
james led the way towards the fifth floor, the corridors walls littered with notes, all belonging to a group of names in alphabetical order.
their group went through the names one by one, being nosy when there seemed to be some sort of drama in the mysterious notes. some of the notes were on the sweet side, some malicious.
james was a common name but they were —luckily enough— able to identify which one was their james based off of how some referred him as 'the quidditch king' or 'james, potter, james potter' or the last (and definitely sirius' favorite way of identifying james out of them all) was 'james, the four eyed one.'
there was various love confessions, some cussing him for not giving them a position on the gryffindor's quidditch team, and some compliments about how much they wanted to run their hands through his beautiful, beautiful hair.
"you smell." sirius read out loud, ignoring the tiny :) that was drawn on the note to laugh at james' face. "i think that's for you, prongs."
"shut up, pads. you smell like wet dog."
then was the letter R standing tall above the name remus. on the wall stuck countless amount of notes, all confessing just how pretty they thought remus was. his pretty eyes, his pretty nose, his pretty lips and how much they wanted to kiss it and his stupidly pretty hands.
"good god moony, what spell have you put hogwarts under," james said slightly horrified, his eyes gluing to each notes that stuck under the name remus, "what have you done?"
"i haven't done anything," remus replied, his tone defensive, "and we can't be sure this is about me, i'm not the only person named remus."
"yeah but you're the only person in this school with that name." dorcas pointed out, just as fascinated as the rest of them with the amount of letters he received.
something caught her attention, making her take a step forward so she could get a better look at it. dorcas turned to her friend, fingers pointed at a note written in blue paper. "this handwriting looks familiar."
she followed dorcas' hand, reading the note to herself. i'm so confuse, remus. where do i stand? am i your girlfriend or am i just a girl that's a friend?
below it was another note written with same handwriting. i shouldn't have let you kissed me the first time and i definitely shouldn't have let you done it the second since all it did was amplify how i feel for you.
sirius cleared his throat loudly, pulling their attention to him. "this is boring," he began, grey eyes firmly locked with her, "let's go read mine."
he pulled her away with a smile to the others, hoping that they'd follow without questioning. "you wrote it didn't you?"
"wrote what." she acted oblivious, standing before the wall filled with notes for the name sirius. he, like remus, was the only one with that name.
"those notes." he rolled his eyes, annoyed.
"isn't there supposed to be a spell to prevent people from knowing who wrote it?"
"there is," he concurred, "i actually don't know for sure. 's why i'm asking you. i don't recognize your hand writing but i know the situation mentioned like the back of my hands. i can only assume and i know they can too."
"so now everyone knows that i'm confused about what remus and i are?"
"pretty much," lily joined in, standing besides her. "god, sirius why is so many people angry at you?"
"why people are upset with me is not important right now," said sirius distractedly, "what's important is that moony read those notes —just like we did, need i remind you— and he still hasn't come to try and talk to you."
"maybe he doesn't know it's from me—"
"remus is not a basket case, darling," cut in sirius. "he's being slow on purpose."
lily tsked. "men are stupid, [name]." she reminded, not sparing a second at the baffled look sirius threw her. "let's go read the ones with your name on it."
there was only so many notes for someone with her name, all littered with different colors and signed with their initials on it. she didn't know half of the possible initials but one specifically caught her eyes.
she hoped, despite knowing that she shouldn't, hoped that it was from him and that he had written it for her.
above the initials was the note itself, written in a set of neat handwritings that was so similar and yet so unidentifiable, it had her heart jumping to her throat.
i had hoped that one day i could shun you out of my mind but i cannot, not when you are the only thing running through it. not when the idea that you'd let me kiss you again is stuck in my mind. the same mind that hasn't stopped thinking about you before i even knew how much i liked you.
i can only hope you would forgive me for it. r.l
"you know," sirius said slowly, eyeing the note, "this whole confession thing would be so much easier if you just talked to each other."
"like you're the one to talk sirius," lily scoffed, "you wrote regulus a lengthy five note apology letter instead of just saying sorry."
sirius flushed at that, turning away from lily bashfully as he muttered under his breath about how she was no fun.
dinner came after classes as usual. dumbledore gave the podium once more to dorcas for her to express just how grateful she was that so many people participated in the project, welcoming feedbacks with open arms.
dorcas thanked james, lily, and sirius, respectfully giving them credit where it's due. dorcas was half way off the podium when her eyes widened comically, running back towards frantically. "just one more thing."
"if someone has said something to you and you're sure that it's meant for you from that special someone." dorcas looked at her pointedly, making her avert her eyes. "talk to them, work it out. that's all, goodnight."
dessert wasn't even able to make its appearance when she was hunted down by the marauders.
"i need to talk to you." remus took a step forward cautiously. "please?"
the five of them trudge towards the nearest empty room, the other three boys leaving to give them privacy. "so," she drawled, "what did you want to talk about?"
"why did you ask me if you were my girlfriend?" he asked directly, not seeing the point of beating around the bush.
"isn't it self explanatory?"
"no, it's not actually," said remus, annoyance etching into his tone, "would you care to explain why you said so?"
"i said it so because, i wasn't sure if i was."
"you weren't sure if you were my girlfriend?" remus scoffed, narrowing his eyes incredulously, "then what were you?"
"i dunno," she said lowly, feeling stupid that this conversation was even happening in the first place, "it's what i'm trying to find out."
"okay wait." remus took in a deep breath, his hand in a pausing motion. "so for the last three months, i thought that you were my girlfriend while you thought i was just some friend who goes around kissing people?"
"that's not—"
"it's not? because, it seems to me like you thought so."
"well it's not my fault you never made it clear!"
"and it's not my fault you never asked," he argued, "because, if you did —for even just once, we wouldn't be fighting right now."
she stared at him in silence, feeling speechless. "i'm so confuse."
"you're confuse?" he asked, almost taunting, "i'm fucking confuse. i've been thinking that you were my girlfriend since i kissed you in that goddamn ferris wheel."
"you thought we've been dating for three months?"
"yes," he said with a nod, "since we went on that ferris wheel and i kissed you. you didn't pull away, you kissed me back so i thought the feelings were mutual but apparently not."
"so that night," she murmured slowly, "your birthday." she clarified. "you kissed me because you were my 'boyfriend' and not because you were drunk."
"i kissed you because, you truly were the most beautiful person in that room," remus sighed, "why would you even think otherwise?"
"i don't know—" she paused, feeling pathetic, "it's just something sirius said after we kissed, it got me thinking—"
"of course, it's fucking sirius," remus cut in, laughing dryly, "the lad makes one relationship mistake and thinks he's qualified to go off and give advice. look where that got us now."
they could hear a scowl from outside the room before a smack landed, a loud ow! and a shut up you twat, you messed this up once already following in its wake.
"nowhere bad," she said, defending sirius slightly, "he actually told me to talk to you but i didn't so it's technically my fault."
"it's not your fault, [name]." remus frowned. "this could never be your fault. i kissed you not once but twice and never bothered to talk to you about it. it was stupid of me to think it was mutual."
"but it was, remus," she told him, "the kiss. everything. it was all mutual. i just— i didn't know that i was your girlfriend."
"then i must be one shitty boyfriend," he snickered, chewing on his bottom lip.
"will you just shut up and kiss me?" she took a step towards him. "as my boyfriend this time."
remus met her in the middle, smiling shyly. "how could i ever say no to you."
Tumblr media
—from bee: this is incredibly inspired by the unsent project,, check it out it’s pretty cool!!
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ddejavvu · 1 day
mvm!!!!! best day of the week <3 thinking about dealer!remus who loves pampering his girl!! like all day he’s thinking about it he loves getting you ready for bed while you sit on the counter super sleepy thanking him for being so amazing and he LOVES it kissing your shoulder while he gently brushes your hair. he’d do anythingggg even give you a little puff of weed when you ask :( Did I mention he loves it. Thank you so much !!!!
today is multiverse monday! send me any au you can think of :)
i loved this so much!! and i love you even more, thank you for being so sweet <333
Remus loves putting you to bed. You get loopy when tired, and now it probably doesn't help that you're a tiny bit high, so there's a lot of sleepy giggles and slow, uncoordinated movements.
You're sitting on the counter, up against the wall mirror, but slumped against the medicine cabinet beside you. Its mirror is fogging as your cheek smushes against its surface, sure to leave a stain there from the various products Remus is smearing over your cheeks.
"Moisturizer," He hums, holding his goopy hands up, "C'mere, dove."
You lean forwards, plopping your face between his hands. He can't help himself, he uses his grip to tug you forwards, pressing a sweet kiss to your dewy nose that makes you giggle.
"Sticky," He hums when he pulls away, rubbing his lips together and feeling a sheen of product left behind, "I think I stole some, love."
"Now my nose'll be dry," You lament, eyes drooping as his thumbs smooth beneath them, "Thanks a lot, Rem."
Even if you mean it sarcastically, he knows you're thanking him for taking care of you. You always do, typically in a sleepy-sweet mumble as he tucks you under the covers.
So he decides to steal product away from your forehead too, pressing his lips there in a fond peck, "Y'welcome, dovey. 'Love you, y'know that?"
"I know," You almost forget to say it back, but Remus blames your sleep-riddled, weed-clouded brain for the slightly incoherent mumble that tumbles from your lips, "Love y'too, Remmy."
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that-bitch-kat3 · 9 hours
sirius: no YOU live in a society
sirius: i live at james’ moms house :)
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munacy · 1 day
Sirius knows the exact moment when he went from having an affectionate, if somewhat obsessive, bond to his fellow Marauder, to having feelings of full-blown infatuation and adoration.
Snivellus, human waste receptacle that he is, had watched the tawny-haired boy in question roll up his sleeves in Potions, and had pointed at his wounded forearms, crying, “Merlin, Loony Lupin, where did you get those disgusting gouges?”
To which he’d responded, quick and slick as anything:
“I was shaggin’ your mum,”—and here, he had looked up from his textbook at Snape, a lazy smile curling his lips—“She likes to scratch, don’t she?”
Then, he had caught Sirius’ eye. And winked.
He wishes it were a more romantic or dignified moment. But, no. That was it. That was the moment he fell in love with Remus Lupin.
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writer-of-sorts · 19 hours
written with @wolfstarmicrofic prompt: lovesick
“Oh, come on, Pads,” Remus complained, trying unsuccessfully to take some books off the towering mountain of leather-bounds Sirius had insisted on carrying for him, “You can’t tail me around like a lost puppy all day.”
“Like a love-sick puppy, Moony,” Sirius corrected, “And yes, yes I can.”
Remus groaned in frustration. “You know I can just put a tripping hex on you, right?”
“And you know you love me too much to try.”
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