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Happy 3rd Anniversary Twisted Wonderland!!
I can't believe I kept up with twst for so long and I'm excited for what's to come, it feels like it's just beginning!
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— INTRODUCING THE CONCUBINES / CONSORTS + others ♡. The first part and it's over 1k words hahdk
Tumblr media
. LEONA KINGSCHOLAR ; The second prince of the neighboring country; married the emperor for what is presumed to be diplomatic reasons; he has his entire family's support and backing, allowing for the utmost comfortable experience. Though many assume Leona married into the harem for political reasons alone; Leona had many more prominent and dignified proposals that he had denied blatantly in the past and his family had never truly pushed him to get married- his brother preferred giving him freedom and free will… and yet he married into the harem? An union which was more than unlikely to be accepted by the lion?.. Why would he agree to this marriage.. Could there be a reason? 
. RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS ; Riddle comes from a high ranking family; his family owns multiple pharmacies and is a known name in the medical district, his family has treated royalty and many other foreign diplomats in the past; originally he had no plans in joining the harem, despite being a palatable candidate for a high ranking position, the stories and fights he’s heard of in the past, regarding the harem made him decide that it was better off marrying into a normal noble family then royalty; but per his mothers request he joined into the brutal playground that is the royal harem, thankfully his unique magic puts him at a advantage in any fights that may occur. 
. JADE/FLOYD LEECH ; Many say that twins are attached to the hip and would follow along everywhere the other goes; and this seems to be the case for this pair. The Leech family had been a pillar for the empire and helped the emperor for many years; they've played a role in imperial politics, hand in hand with the emperor for multiple generations by now. Though many could argue the pair married into the imperial family to strengthen the relationship and political bond between the two families; in reality only one son marrying into the family would have the same effect.. So why did the pair decide on such a decision?
. TREY CLOVER ; Trey’s family owns the emperor's favorite bakery; Trey fell for the emperor at a young age, even among first sight. Yet he remains blissfully unaware and in denial of his feelings for the emperor, burying them deep into the enraptures of his heart. He enters the palace as a concubine and before this entire ordeal he’d send baked goods to the emperor, preferably the emperor's favorites with recommendations of other sweets they should try; he’d continue sending these baked goods to the emperor after his entry in the palace; which in return allowed him to gain the emperor's favor quickly.
. KALIM AL ASIM ; A wealthy mercenary heir, of the biggest mercenary there is. Kalim was brought up as a candidate for the emperor's official partner; and for some peculiar reason he agreed to join the harem. Reasons of interest are unknown and even his parents were shocked when he decided so, but the public is quite interested in knowing why the ever so charming heir of what seems to be one of the richest- if not richest families around, married into the royal family's brutal playground. 
. JAMIL VIPER ; Background is unknown; ?????.. information unattainable. 
. YUUKA ; Emperor's closest companion, personal guard, and childhood friend. Seems to know a lot about the emperor and their whereabouts, quite a few concubine candidates contacted them in advance and tried paying her for information- but her loyalty resulted in her denying all offers. The emperor reaches out to her for advice and care, onlookers describe their relationship to be too close for comfort.
. YUUKEN ; One of the emperor's most trusted guards and close comrades; the pair became friends in childhood as they studied under the same teacher/mentor, their friendship continued to blossom and strengthen over the upcoming years and into the emperor's youth. The two can be spotted alongside Yuuka, another close companion, having tea in the garden. Though these meetings occur less nowadays as the Emperor, the pair of guards become all the more busier. 
. CHE'NYA ; Che’nya often finds himself sneaking into the gardens of the imperial palace; these visits increased when the new emperor was crowned, as the palace being in a stir allowed his visits to be more frequent and carefree. However recently he was caught on his expeditions by the emperor themselves, this channeled a sort of cat and mouse relationship between the pair. Che’nya could have gotten an higher rank in the harem, yet only decided to send his application in after he met the emperor in the garden; due to his curiosity, but the late application only earned him the role of a concubine. (Which he was fine with) 
. VIL SCHOENHEIT ; Originally a candidate for the position of the Emperors official spouse and was planning on giving up the role after hearing of the Emperors announcement; yet pushed for the role of an Imperial consort after hearing that his longtime rival would be joining the harem. He has a strong backing as a high ranking court official's only child. He’s confident in his abilities and can make some devilishly succulent tea; though he prefers not doing manual labor and focusing more on skills he finds to be useful and not minor. 
. NEIGE LEBLANCHE ; Had seen the emperor before while they were still training to become an heir and wasn’t yet crowned as the heir to the throne. At the time he was told to keep a distance from them, and Neige was raised in a strict military family; so he complied easily. However, he claims from the very first day he laid his eyes on the emperor, that it was true love and as such he convinced his parents to send in a letter of recommendation for him; though it would be a challenge to say the least, Neige’s strong backing allows him to be accepted easily. Thankfully he has company, as his childhood friend Vil will also be entering the palace.
Tumblr media
— THE CONCUBINE GAME !! ♡. Synposis ; After many months of persuading, the emperor, Y/N L/N had finally agreed to take in a select few concubines and consorts—not an official partner.. but concubines. This caused an uproar in court; however the emperor promised to choose an official partner; amongst the crowd of concubines and consorts.. Who will the emperor choose?
— taglist ♡ ; @corvids-treasure-box , @queerlordsimon , @treytheslay , @syl-lithy , @liris--noir , @dxmoness , @oogly-oogly , @ravenlking ,@sarah22447 , @merurishi , @gyarunie , @nerdy-simp-7120 , @love-sicklesbian , @islander-posts , @the-dumber-scaramouche , @lunavixia , @senpaiofotome , @sophiethewitch1 , @voasprofile , @dotster001 , @aviagax , @eriislost , @twst-writer , @the-fox-of-the-eclipse , @yandere-kou , @achy-boo , @deathbunnyluv , @despairingy-obsessed , @tiyoin , @mirai-in-the-headspace , @novaloptr , @rose-the-witch1 ,
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© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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ooffies · 2 days
Could I request headcanons of Jamil and Vil walking in on their female s/o bragging about them to the first years?
: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for long wait I had mid-terms 😭. Also I added all the blot-buddies(?) because I felt inspired, I hope you don't mind! Hope you enjoy them!
❥─➤ Jamil, Vil, Leona, Malleus, Azul, Idia and Riddle x reader (separate)
❥─➤ warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper (flustered)
He’s never been this flustered before, like ever. He hears Kalim sing him praise for his talents all the time but that only makes him feel slightly annoyed. But hearing you talking so highly about him? His heart feels like it’s about to break out of his chest. He’s blushing from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Makes sure to invite you over once classes are done. He wants to express his gratitude to you and show how much he cares for you.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit (proud/flattered)
Of course, you're bragging about him, who wouldn’t? He’s used to people singing him praise and boasting about his talent and beauty. But never has he felt so giddy from hearing someone talk about him. he’s got butterflies in his stomach hearing you talk so highly of him to your peers. He’s got a smile stuck on his face for the rest of day. Next time the two of you hang out he makes sure to pamper you with compliments and kisses.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar (smug)
He’s already got a shit-eating smirk on his face as soon as he overhears you. His herbivore singing him praise is a massive boost to his ego. He’s attached to your hip for the rest of your day. He’ll try to get you to skip class to be with him. He’ll have his tail lightly wrapped around your thigh or hand, letting everyone know for the millionth time you're his. It’s kind of his own way of bragging about you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (falls in love all over again)
He practically falls in love with you all over again anytime he hears you speak a single good word about him. He’s all over you for the rest of the day, giving you as much affection as possible. He’s trying so hard to hide the fact that he overheard your bragging but after five minutes of being with this overjoyed man it’s pretty obvious what happened.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (blushing mess #1)
Acts all smug when he confronts you and the freshmen but once they leave he’s blushing from head to toe. He can barely form a sentence as he tries to give thanks to you for being such a great partner. But he can’t help but ask if you actually think that highly of him. Once you reassure him he’ll become a blushing mess all over again. Will treat you to a special dinner at lounge that night to make sure you know how thankful he is to be yours.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud (over the moon)
On the outside he was an absolute embarrassed wreck after hearing you brag about him to Ace and Deuce. But on the inside he’s kicking his feet and giggling. His s/o bragging about him? Him out all people? God he doesn’t deserve you. He’ll make sure to show you more affection than he usually does next time you come over.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts (blushing mess #2)
Bright burning red as he scolds you and the Heartslabyul duo for “loitering around”. It’s very easy to tell that he’s flustered from overhearing your high praises of him. He drags you away for the troublesome duo, ranting about various things. Once you two are alone he thanks you for the kind words while still being as red as a rose.
Tumblr media
© ooffies 
Please do not repost or translate my work without permission and credit. Thank you!
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luxthestrange · 2 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#386 Rosehearts 2.0
Son(6)*Tugging Daddy pants*Mommy and Gwandma awe fighting again...
Riddle*Sighs and pick his son in arms*...I thought I told you...to leave them alone, Stop making them fight with each other
Son(6)*Blinks innocently but then smiles with a mischievous glint in his eyes*...I wike drawma
Riddle*Snorting and shaking head trying and failing to give his son a disapproving glare*HAHAH!-
Tumblr media
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daily-trey · 19 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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datboredpencil · 2 days
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Ugh WIPs alongside schoolworks :’DDD Had a little art series going on with the Overblot bois (Idk the title yet, but we’ll get there eventually T^T) Tried to experiment with my painting style and kinda proud it’s turning out pretty well ^^ Welp, that’s 4 down, three more to go *passes out*
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siphoklansan · 3 days
Some TWST sketches I did today. I rarely draw in my sketchbook anymore because digital art is easier for me. You could undo, redo, fix the components. But traditionally you gotta erase everything and have a mental breakdown🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media
Malleus looks so done with life, I can hear Ruggie’s laugh, Epel being precious, Peepaw looks kinda weird, and chibi Leona
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I sketched (left photo) this in Japanese class since there was free time💔 I drew them from memory too. Jamil will be left unfinished forever. Also the weird lines on the second photo was supposed to be Leona but I got lazy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Last but not least, a tiny doodle of Jade that I will probably redraw later when my screen is fixed. Also my TWST OC that I’ll be introducing soon<33 His name is Charin🌊
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hello! I saw that you opened requests ^^ if that's okay with you, I'd like to order some funny hdcns for the dorm leaders (if you want all except idia and kalim, since there are a lot of them) when mc decides to dress up as a bat for halloween because he thinks that that's cool and it means getting noticed ✨ but it ends up looking more funny than scary, even so, mc is proud of her costume and will spend her time proudly modeling everywhere because in her mind she still thinks she looks cool~ despite the laughs hehe thanks <3
Thank you for the request! The dorm leaders are probably going to be the exception to the 5 characters max rule.
How the dorm leaders would react to a reader who dresses up as bat for Halloween but it ends up more cute/funny than scary.
Tumblr media
Notes: gn reader, reader gets low-key bullied lol.
Riddle Rosehearts
🥀Doesn't hesitate to tell you your costume isn't scary when you try to startle him by jumping in front of him in the doorway when he was passing.
🥀This boy cannot read a room because he was sheltered his whole life.
🥀When he realises your feelings are hurt, he tries to make it up to you by helping you make it even more scarier.
🥀It's fruitless, but you have so much fun you don't mind.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Your pout is cute, and he's not one to pass the chance to tease you.
🦁You would look cuter in a lion costume but that's just his opinion...
🦁Actually, now that he thinks about it, you look like one of those Diasomnia scums.
🦁Yeah his smuginess is tainted.
🦁If you wear little cat ears maybe he'll forgive you~
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙Acts cool but inside he's completely melting.
🐙Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're-
🐙Honestly, you should monetize your cuteness.
🐙Wait it's supposed to be scary? Honey, he deals daily with the Twins. You've got nothing on him.
🐙But he can play along if you give him something in return~
Kalim Al-Asim
☀Immediately squeals and jumps high and down about how cute you are.
☀He stops when he sees your pout.
☀After you explain everything to him, he starts screaming in what's supposed to be fear, but he stills has his bubbly smile and demeanor.
☀So yeah, you're not convinced at all.
☀Jamil, however, runs into the room panicked. When he arrives he's not very happy and asks if you got your costume from the dollar store.
Vil Schoenheit
💅He recognises the efforts you put in your costume, but he simply cannot let you walk around in that ridiculous thing.
💅Still, you refuse to get it off. You made it yourself, you're keeping it on.
💅Since you're the only person who's more stubborn than him, he gives up eventually.
💅At least put some accessory to lessen this fashion atrocity!
Idia Shroud
🎮OMG you look like a cute anime character!!!!
🎮Now he just needs you on a body pillow.
🎮Actually, strike the pose, he IS putting you on a body pillow.
🎮That is if he has the courage to ask you. Because right now, his hair is bright pink and he isn't able to utter a word.
Malleus Draconia
🐉It's funny how you thought you could scare him, fufufu~
🐉But he'll let it slide since you're so cute.
🐉Others would also find you cute, but Malleus's stance beside you is enough to make them cower.
🐉He absolutely knows this, but he lets you live in the blissful impression of having a scary costume.
🐉Also god forbid someone tells you about it.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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shinmon-c · 7 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᓚᘏᗢ My role in the Villain's world ..彡 (HERE!) (PART 2) (PART 3)
SYNOPSIS. (Reincarnation AU) You got yourself involved in the Villain's story, by either taking the role of their lover or some fate led you to. Either way, good luck with not getting killed
CHARACTERS. Riddle Rosehearts, Malleus Draconia
TAGS. Fluff, mentions of death, king is a gender-neturual term here, reader got kidnapped I guess, mentions of poison, mentions of deathdeath(?)
A/N. Ngl, I gave up at writing for Malleus' part😪
Tumblr media
You woke up to feel a throbbing pain on your chest, an unbearable pain—you sat up clutching your chest, cursing for how painful it was, and for a moment... The pain slowly faded and you were relieved. You assumed it was those random chest pain you get time to time.
You look down to look at yourself and took notice of your sleepwear. This wasn't what you were wearing before you fell asleep, you have never owned one so soft before, like it was made out of cotton; this may be tailored by a professional because of how detailed the design was. You noticed the mattress too, there was too much space and the blanket was too thick,
This made you spiral in thought, were you kidnapped?! Your surroundings are vastly different—everything looks so vintage and made out of gold with the frequent colors of red and black everywhere. This is probably a dream.. you pinched your cheek to check, it hurt, it means this was real... HAVE YOU DIED?! Did you end up like one of reincarnation stories?! What. is. going...
—A chirp from the window now took your attention, the blue sky was bright as ever as you stare at it too much—the window's vague reflection showed 'yourself' ,
This familiar appearance...
. . .
You were reincarnated as the Crimson Tyrant's lover!? A novel that you favor amongst all the stories you own from your previous life. Riddle Rosehearts, a fearsome, cruel, strict Ruler who beheads those who defy him, a terrorising Queen who'll be defeated by the main character in the end of the story. He's the main villain of this story —You shiver in thought, the character you inherit was rarely shown, its only purpose was to be the Queen's partner and an unimportant asset to the plot
Now that you realize you're in the novel, you're scared of how the Tyrant treats his spouse, is he harsh on them as he is with his subjects? One wrong move and it's your head that's next to roll...
—The door was suddenly swung open, you gripped the sheets of the mattress in shock as a few soldiers entered and surrounded the room while leaving the door wide open, a frantic shout was heard then revealing the Red-headed Tyrant. His eyes gazed into yours once he was onsight
"My king! You're okay!" the redhead who entered in a worried hurry rushed to the side of your bed, he cup your face to inspect your health—you didn't expect him to hold you so gently. After he finished and deemed you well, he removed his hands and his once gentle face morphed into an angry scowl from the thought of his enemies harming his spouse
"How dare those insolent fools—! They have targeted you when they shouldn't have! Once I capture those traitors I won't hesitate to roll their heads to the ground."
"Soldiers! You may leave now," he signaled them to leave the room to give you two privacy. The clanks from their metal armor created a bunch of noises until they left. You couldn't speak, your throat was lump to form any words. Riddle thought it was just from the fatigue,
"You still must be tired, take the rest that you needed"
You hesitate but ask anyway what caused this sort of event. You've never seen or heard of this in the story. "I don't understand, what happened?"
His brow furrowed, confused, "Don't you remember..? One of the traitors who disguised themselves as my servant poisoned you"
So that's why there was a throbbing pain in your body. You shook your head as an answer, you have no knowledge of what happened before you transmitted. This made Riddle mad, he assumed the same poison had affected your memories,
"Did you lose your memories as well?! —That does it! I'm beheading the imbecile who poisoned you."
Before he can leave the room, you grabbed into his wrist to keep him from leaving, "No, wait—!" Even if the king of this story was killed and you now inherited their body, you still didn't want anyone to die because of it, "You don't have to! I'm fine right now, aren't I?" You try to ease up the enraged Queen, and it seems to work so well, especially since you're in the body of his beloved
He sighed, he turned his attention back to you and his hand moved to your cheek, his gloved thumbs caressed it lovingly while his eyes held a gentle firm, "We can't let them roam around freely, what would happen if they do the same again."
You feel your face warmed from the love-struck look he's giving. Still, Riddle's hold was just as gentle, "—I want you safe at all cost, I can't afford to lose you too." He said this with a firm protective tone, he still thought you were his lover
You almost feel bad if you were to tell him his original King had died; you stayed quiet, maybe your head will really decapitate if you tell the truth.... But you know you can't lie forever, you have to tell him at some point —however, you don't know which timing is right to tell
All you can do now is pretend to be his King
Tumblr media
What was supposed to be a peaceful day turned upside down when you were kidnapped by men in black armor by the abode of your home. You thrashed, shouting at them to let you go but everything was deaf on ears as they carry you like a stack full of potatoes. Everything was a blur after, all you remember was arriving at a dark, eerie castle. You've heard of it from the local folks of your hometown— Dark Faes living within this Kingdom, their ruler was a fearsome dragon who'll burn anyone to flames if its territory was threatened.
You entered the said castle and were taken to what seemed to be a throne room, it was dark, and the room lack of any light source. A guard had pushed you further in. Suddenly, a candle illuminated the room followed by others that lit in green. There, a man in black robes and horns on top of his head sat on a throne—next to him was another empty, an unoccupied throne
"At last... I get to see you again, my dear treasure." He got up to walk to you, his guards simultaneously left as they had served their assignment. You're panicking in your place, your body refused to move from the intense atmosphere.
Your troubled thoughts were a contrast to his. He was delighted, happy, and joyous to see his lover again after a thousand of years waiting for your return— your reincarnation.
"Look, sir... I think you got the wrong person." You protest before he can walk up to you any further
"No, I would never forget the face of my lover. Never in a thousand years"
He was staring lovingly at you, even after all this time, he was still captivated. But his face took a turn when he noticed a small cut was grazed on your cheek, it didn't leak any blood, but it was barely a cut at all when it wasn't noticeable. Still, this angered Malleus greatly, his trusted guards didn't handle you with care like he ordered them to.
"Tell me what they look like."
You're puzzled, you didn't understood his words "...What?"
"Tell me, which one of the guards who escorted you to cause this" His thumb brushed through the cut, you flinched from the touch, his face was close —too close that you got a glance at his green eyes that shone like emeralds; you moved away from his hand, looking at another direction to avoid further eye-contact, "I don't know..."
He was dejected when you refused to look at him, you can't really tell with his stoic face. "I'll have a chat with your escorts, they have you treat you with respect especially since you'll be ruling with me."
As he's about to leave, you grab ahold of his sleeve to catch his attention. He turns his head to the side to look at you—you've mistaken it as a glare as you let go instinctively thinking you'll be punished too. Still, you wanted answers about why you were taken away from your home hours ago
"...You still didn't explain why you brought me here"
"You are my lover, my beloved treasure. You had died more than a hundred times, I had searched for you in every life to bring you back to our home." His explanation was short, not enough for you to process everything that had happened,
"Now, excuse me for a bit, I will be needing to scold my loyal knights. I promise I'll be back," with a flick of his finger, a short man with black hair and pink highlights appeared then bowed from your presence. "My most trusted retainer will take you to our room, I'm sure you're tired after a long day."
He soon left the room to carry on his royal duties, the man with pink highlights took you elsewhere to follow what he was told to and escorted you. Amid of everything, you were still confused as ever with some questions that were yet unanswered.
You're the Fae King's past lover?!? You have gotta give your past self some credit, they married a real fine man...
Tumblr media
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bibibbb99 · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My twst flower mini series is complete🥰
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Topsy Turvy Days in Diasomnia
Yes, I intentionally added the thorns in the background for… reasons :)) If you know, then you know—
SORRY FOR GETTING THIS OUT LATE I’VE BEEN TRYING TO WRITE SEBEK’S BROOMQUET FIC ON TOP OF SCREAMING ABOUT THE YEAR III ANNI STREAM 🤡 But with this, my blog event for TWST’s third anniversary comes to a close! Thank you for following me on this week-long writing prompt~
The Thorn Witch, and her Spirit of Nobility.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts…
Tumblr media
… stakes his claim in Diasomnia right from the get-go. Word quickly spreads, making Riddle out as the “fuck with me and find out” guy. For the students of Diasomnia, who take great pride in their magical prowess, to set Riddle off and be beheaded revokes the source of that pride. “Have you reflected on your actions? Only then will I remove that collar.”
Though he’s removed from his usual dorm, he takes care to still observe the rules of the Queen of Hearts! This earns Riddle no shortage of strange looks from Diasomnia, some of whom (mostly the strictest of Draconians) criticize his loyalty to Heartslabyul. He doesn’t relent though–Riddle tunes out the naysayers and stays true to his own ideals. His fellow queen, Vil, approves.
He’s a(n unwilling) bat magnet. Apparently, a cauldron (group) of them hangs out in Diasomnia—Riddle made the discovery when he was first strolling down a particularly dark hallway. Screeching had filled the air, and he was immediately swarmed by bats!! “I don’t understand why they’re so attached to me…!” Riddle protested, shooing one off of his shoulder. (E-Eh, isn’t it because he’s the closest in height to Lilia-shi? Idia wonders.)
The students of Diasomnia (and even Jack, a first year), he notices, are much more disciplined than those of Riddle’s own dorm. They stay in line and do their work, though with perhaps more arrogance than one would like. If only his own students were just as diligent!! Riddle gets a headache thinking about what Ace and Deuce must be getting up to unsupervised (and no, Azul is no role model for them!!)… but even so, he doesn’t wish for them to be carbon copies of the Diasomnia kids. Heartslabyul may be full of fools, but they’re Riddle’s fools and no one else’s!
He beelines to Diasomnia’s bookshelves every evening to stack texts up high before stumbling off with them to read until he knocks out. Riddle is on a quest to take in as much knowledge as he can, from new spells to tips and tricks to simplify the current spells in his repertoire–his ambition is apparent! Then, perhaps, he will be wise enough and strong enough to overcome the Malleus Draconia in combat.
Though Riddle’s specialty is practical magic, the level at which the Diasomnia students perform it is astonishing to him. He burns out so quickly, while they can change the color of a dress multiple times without batting an eye, and orchestrate many cleaning implements at once! It’s frustrating, but it’s from this feeling that Riddle is able to drive himself to work even harder to achieve his goals.
It’s so odd for him to see bramble bereft of any flowers. The sight is so depressing to Riddle, but he can’t put words as to why exactly. He’ll politely avert his eyes when he sees those ashen, creeping thorns, or make a passing comment about how the atmosphere feels dreadfully gloomy. It’s like being trapped in a cage, he thinks. Memories of his past prick him, but he is quick to dismiss them before they overwhelm him. Like a rose, he shall grow and rise above the thorns.
He develops a fondness for floral teas during his time at Diasomnia. Maybe it’s the absence of flowers that makes him feel nostalgic for the gardens in Heartslabyul. When he sips a cup of rosehip, he dreams of the red and white of the maze, of strawberries and porcelain, and the card suits that decorate his vision. Ah, he realizes, the warmth enveloping his chest. That was it—that was where his home, his hearth, is.
“I do feel as though I’ve gained knowledge in Diasomnia that I could not have anywhere else. However, the same can be said of Heartslabyul. There were many things I could only learn because I was in Heartslabyul. That is not to say that my dorm members did not get under my skin every now and again, but I will always be grateful for the lessons they have imparted in me. This, too, is an experience for which I am grateful for–but, if you would allow me to say… there is no place like home. Fufu. Perhaps I’m simply becoming too sentimental.”
Jack Howl…
Tumblr media
… keeps to himself and doesn’t trouble anyone—not unless they start trouble with him first. Most face-offs with Diasomnia students involve them staring each other down until they get scared off by Jack’s menacing face. In a weird way, that makes him the conflict resolver of the group—because people tend to run away rather than face him!!
Jack feels as though he’s witnessing a lot of things that he shouldn’t. For example, Riddle and Vil have made it their personal mission to whip underperforming students into shape… starting with their temporary dorm mate, Idia!! They confront him together, taking turns knocking at his door and then physically dragging him out when Idia inevitably pretends that no one is home. (Jack stares after them, wondering if Ruggie ever had to do the same to Leona to get him to attend class.)
When in doubt, Jack tends to defer to seniority. Like the good boy that he is, he’ll follow his upperclassman’s orders with barely a second thought!! … But trouble arises when Idia is the upperclassman that’s giving the order 😅 Jack takes his hyperbole seriously, so when Idia says something outrageous like, “C-Could you please not get within aggro range of me? Lmao, I could be at a single hit point and I’d still not want to deal with face-to-face interaction. Kk, thnx,” Jack just shrugs and lets Idia flounder when the Diasomnia mobs are assaulting the dorm leader with Malleus facts.
His poor nose just can’t stop sneezing!! It’s not that Diasomnia is filthy, but his sensitive nose can pick up on all the dust and the secrets littering the castle. From the ancient tomes to the artifacts and relics of the past that line the walls, there’s no place where he isn’t met with an enigmatic history that tickles his nose.
Jack’s used to doing everything himself, by hand. It catches him off-guard when he sees the Diasomnia students so casually use magic for everything. He shouldn’t expect anything less from a dorm that is full of all-rounders, but the last thing he expected to see was silverware flying across a table and serving up breakfast by itself! And… is that a clock and a candelabra fighting?! Who’s ever heard of living furniture…
He tries to incorporate some older techniques (recommended by Sebek) into his exercise routine. (”Our dormitory is well-equipped with everything you’ll need!!” Sebek had reassured him. “See to it that you use them well!”) Jack didn’t realize that it would involve hauling around weighted weapons!! He thought they were just fancy-looking wall decorations, not actual morning stars, axes, swords, and javelins! “Is… Is this really how they train in Diasomnia?!”
By happenstance, Jack discovers a single red rose blooming amid prickly thorns in Diasomnia’s west wing. He becomes strangely protective of it–maybe because it reminds him of the flowers that sometimes grow on the (just as prickly) cacti he raises in his dorm room. One might say he’s the beast that defends a beauty.
The night is especially beautiful over Diasomnia. When the moon is full, Jack watches it through his window, drinking in the stillness of the night, the shapes of the shadows and the thorns that run contradictory to the bright, silvery orb above them. In these moments, he sits back and contemplates where he is, and where he’d like to be.
“I’ve never noticed it before, but the sky looks different depending on where you look at it from. What does it look like where Leona-senpai and Ruggie-senpai are, I wonder… Maybe they’re so busy that they haven’t even had a chance to notice the moon. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to catch up to where they are! When I get back, I’ll show them just how strong I’ve become!”
Vil Schoenheit…
Tumblr media
… looks perfect laid out against the backdrop that is Diasomnia. His austere looks and overwhelming aura make him the perfect evil queen of the castle. Every picture he takes of himself inevitably involves his face being illuminated by sinister green flames or an imposing dragon glaring down at him. Fitted in his own Diasomnia uniform, he gives off stronger villain vibes than ever “… This is hardly the sort of thing I need for my image,” Vil sighs.
Indeed, Diasomnia can be quite archaic in its ways–but in coming from Pomefiore, Vil brings with him a certain sense of respect for the old. He recognizes the past as not superior nor inferior, but as a basis for which the future is forged from. To him, it’s crucial to understand and to be aware of what came before so he can build himself up from that. This philosophy is what guides him as he learns to adapt to the lack of modern amenities in Diasomnia.
Like Riddle, he is keen on doing his own thing, regardless of the comments that others make. (Since when has a queen like him let the thoughts of his subjects dictate his behavior?) That means rising bright and early to train with Jack, engaging in a thorough self-care routine, and maintaining a healthy diet and sleep schedule. Unlike Riddle though, Vil’s anger is more icy than fiery. If someone offends him, they’re met with a cold shoulder and perhaps a cool tongue lashing.
For the most part, Vil acts courteous to his other dorm members–for it is easier to attract bees with honey than with poison. His natural charisma and charm get him in the good graces of some students, who pass on their knowledge of certain potions and curses. One sleeping curse he hears of is so powerful that it could only be broken by true love’s kiss! Vil shivers, praying that such a thing would never come to be weaponized.
He continues to work on crafting his own homemade cosmetics. Vil has to change up the ingredients in them, since he no longer has access to the same things he’d have back in Pomefiore. Thanks to his new connections, he’s able to obtain rare plants from the Briar Valley to use in his lotions and liquids. Vil also experiments with repurposing the creeping bramble around Diasomnia in various forms—dehydrated to brew a tea, powdered as a setting product, pounded into a paste for a wash-off mask…
He changes up his style to feel more “at home” in his new territory, adopting more vintage clothing and accessories to suit the era which the castle comes from. At any given point, Vil will look like he has just walked out of filming for a historical drama or a period piece.
Vil had always thought that Epel would be his biggest problem child… but hey, Idia is a close second. While Riddle harps on his in-person attendance, Vil focuses on how Idia chooses to present himself in both appearance and behavior. “For Sevens’ sake, you’re the son of the distinguished Shroud family. It’s high time you started acting like it,” he chides his peer. “You’re wasting your good looks with that gloomy expression and hopeless slouch!!”
After witnessing how well-trained the students of Diasomnia are, Vil has a newfound respect for his fellow dorm leader, Malleus. It’s not like he’d ever share the compliment out loud, but for him to have a positive opinion of the man who constantly misses dorm meetings is still a step up. It seems that they do have some things in common.
“It is said that the Thorn Witch boasted great grace and decorum. If Diasomnia is a reflection of her character, then I can say with confidence that my expectations have been met. Beyond the superficial aspects–although I do find them to be in good taste–there is a noble spirit that runs throughout the dormitory. As much as it pains me to say this, not even Pomefiore would be able to replicate such elegance. Hmph, we’ll just have to polish our own unique traits such that our sparkle rivals Diasomnia’s.”
Idia Shroud…
Tumblr media
… couldn’t be more unenthused. Not only has he been forced out of his room and deprived of his vast collection of tech, anime, manga, and games–but now he’s trapped in the same living space with all kinds of super strong personalities! It sounds like a plot straight out of a meta harem manga where the main character wants no part in any of it, he grumbles. S-Save me from this living hell, Ortho!!
He tries to minimize his presence as much as possible, but it’s difficult to do when his flaming hair makes him easy to spot in every dark corner or amid the sconces lit with green flames. (Everyone’s so quick to hone in on him, it gives him near heart-stopping fright!!) Because of this, Idia has chosen to wear his hood up most of the time (in hopes of diminishing any light he’d be giving off). 
He’s so disappointed that he didn’t at least get lumped into a dorm with a cute cat (Idia had been praying for Grim, but even Leona would have been acceptable). But nooo, instead he gets stuck with a muscly dog man. Why’s my gacha luck so bad IRL?! Cats are obviously far superior to dogs, NO QUESTION!! (Jack wonders why Idia stares so intensely at him, but maybe it’s best he doesn’t ask…)
Diasomnia has wifi, but it’s not nearly as fast as Idia would like for it to be. He constantly complains about missing the high speed internet of Ignihyde, though he supposes it’s sufficient for gaming. Idia laments to his online gaming buddy, Crimson Muscle, who reassures him that all will be well; Gloomy Samurai will surely get over this rough patch!!
This man can’t be left alone to just be a nerd in peace!! Idia could be playing a fantasy game, watching an anime, or reading a manga, and out of nowhere a Diasomnia kid will pop up and lecture him about how actually the depiction of dragons in that game/anime/manga is inaccurate, or how it spits upon Malleus’s image to indulge in such materials. Idia often doesn’t have the energy or the confidence to fire back, so he’ll pack up his stuff and rush away. In his mind though, he’s cursing out the killjoys! (Idia gatekeeps on a regular basis, but he can’t take it when others do the same to him.)
He doesn’t get the hype around all the Draconians who stan Malleus or claim him as their oshi. Idia’s just smart enough to know when to zip his lip so as to not incite an angry mob. (What’s so great about that guy anyway? It takes more than being an OP character to get Idia’s attention!) Unfortunately for him, a Diasomnia mob mistakes Idia waving green glow sticks for an online concert as a sign that he, too, is a massive Malleus fan. This leads to Idia being introduced to other Draconians (he was too timid to correct them) and thus getting locked into a miserable cycle of being force fed boundless praise for their dorm leader and expecting Idia to echo their sentiments.
He takes solace in knowing that the biggest Draconian of them (Sebek) all isn’t around to shout in his ear about WAKASAMA this, and HUMAN that… but it’s honestly just as bad to have Riddle nagging him in one ear and Vil nagging him in the other! Idia feels like he’s playing a stealth level every time he has to exit his room—cuz once either of them catch wind of him, it’s Game Over!! It’s safest for him to just hole up forever…
Because Ortho begged him to try and make new friends, Idia attempts to try and start a D&D (or whatever the Twisted Wonderland equivalent of it is) campaign up. Something simple that allows for socializing! … The problem is, the Diasomnia students are WAY too competitive and take the game super seriously. They even have the gall to defy HIM, the DM! (“Womp, womp, womp. Your character died! Sure sucks to be you, hihihi!” “I roll to stab the DM and claim his position as god of this world!!” “LOL, you can’t do that, dude…” “… I roll to stab the DM.” “I LITERALLY JUST SAID THAT’S A NO-GO!!”) They get nowhere, so Idia has to shut it down.
“D-Did all the elements of the world come together one day and decide to dunk on me or what?! E-Every time I leave the safety and comfort of my bedroom, th-there’s some kind of world-ending event thrust in my face... I-I’ve been kidnapped by a ghost, pulled out of school to run tests on my classmates, possessed... B-But even worse than all of that is... being forced into social situations I didn’t ask for!! Seriously, not a single soul wanted that birthday interview ‘oh, if you had to pick a different dorm to join’ hypothetical to come true!! If this is some kind of cruel and unusual joke, you can pop out and point and laugh at the geek already! J-Just get it over with so I can go back to my uneventful otaku life already!!”
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domxmarvel · 23 hours
Pairing:Riddle x Female!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“So should I make you some tea or should we just skip to the part where I fuck your brains out?” Your words left him completely red. You and Riddle had a sort of friends with benefits relationship,he was always in control which is why he always wanted you to be in control. Running around keeping everyone under control and following the rules was stressful,as for you you got to bend him over and have your way with him. He had been staring at you,only realizing when you called his name again. “So what will it be?” He started taking off his jacket.
“Skip it” He grabbed your shirt,pulling you towards him. He kissed you,holding onto the collar of your shirt. You picked him up,pushing him against the wall as you kissed him. You moved to his neck and immediately he stopped you. “Not there. I can’t let someone see it” You pulled down his shirt more and bit down on his shoulder. “Y/N”
You had already covered every part of him in kisses and marks.
“Y/N” He moaned your name,making you look up from your place in between his legs,holding both his thighs as his legs draped along your shoulders and back. 
“Something wrong?”
“No,I-I” He seemed hesitant,you waited a bit before you asked.
“Riddle,do you want to stop? I understand if you do and I promise I won’t get upset”
“That’s not it,I know you wouldn’t get mad. But I don’t want to stop,I want you to kiss me” You quickly kissed him,you felt his arms around your shoulders.
“Why don’t you tell me what you want?”
“I want you to make me forget about this week”
“I’m guessing Ace and Deuce have been even more annoying”
“I didn’t even think they were capable of that” There was a brief pause before he quickly said “Can I ride you?” He always lets you take charge in these moments but you let him. 
“If that’s what you want” You laid on your back as he straddled you. It took him a minute to adjust before he started bouncing up and down,you held onto his hips,pushing him further down. He sped up after a few minutes.
“Y/N,I’m-” He was cut off,his cum splattering all over your face. He was trying to catch his breath but you rolled him over and moved faster,letting him ride out his high. He looked tired when you were done and completely fell asleep in seconds. You cleaned him up without waking him,covering him with a blanket and you let him sleep. 
He woke up in a panic about being late,until you walked in with a tray.
“Good morning”
“Good morning,what time is it?”
“You’re not late,calm down. I got your favorite” You poured him a cup of tea,before you set his uniform down on the bed. “I washed them for you,I didn’t want to wake you since you seemed so tired”
“Wasn’t this supposed to be just something to de-stress” You rolled your eyes at him “What do you think about being more?”
“More? Is this your way of asking me out?” 
“Yes,would you like to go out with me?”
“I would love to”
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toastedpain · 3 days
Daily Twst Shitpost #10 (Day Ten)
Tumblr media
Imagining random Heartslabyul Student A getting a flyer about Tsum Riddle and finding it only for him to get mauled.
Inspired by;
Tumblr media
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cvlutos · 1 day
Riddle with a tongue piercing and he's been hiding from his mom. Sebek with a split tongue is cool but would it be naturally occurring or happened by accident? Because I don't see him getting it done on purpose?(unless he had a very short rebellious phase)
Prev Riddle w/ Tongue Piercing
Prev Sebek w/ Tongue Piercing - I mention how he got it.
Riddle having a tongue piercing, he's absolutely hiding from him mother for the longest time and I feel he'd do a rather good job, speaking with his tongue outta view, probably switching the piercing to look like his tongue or clear to draw less attention to it.
Honestly, she wouldn't know until on of her friends from her Tuesday Afternoon Tea Session, and her friend gossip about it. Riddle's mother is infuriated, if you're in the picture, she's automatically blaming you. Saying you brainwashed her son with your unruly behavior. She's also demanding Riddle takes it out before he gets an infection.
Depending if Riddle is brave enough to disobey his mother, he'll either listen and take the piercing out when he's around her and when he's not, he'll wear it. Or he'll simply discard the piercing altogether.
Or he will outright say he won't and I do feel Riddle's mother would be speechless, but she wouldn't disown him, cause that'll be embarrassing for her that she can't control her own son. If Riddle denies, she might try a few more times to persuade him to get rid of it, before slightly glaring at the peircing whenever she sees it. And if any of the ladies ask, Riddle's Mother will make it seem like her own idea, as a way of letting him express himself.
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(Gn!Yuu x platonic Riddle)
Warning:Topics of emotional abuse,mother issues,sickness vomiting and angst
Prompt:Yuu is a mother back in their world weather literally or metaphorically,when they learn about Riddle’s past they basically become his mother figure.
From the moment you saw him you felt protective of Riddle.
Something deep inside you knew he was hurt deeply and you felt it.
However you never really confronted him for his problems or behaviour even when helping Ace.
You weren’t surprised when Trey told all of you about Riddle’s past but you still felt heartbroken.
But when it all crashed down wasn’t when Riddle was challenged and overbloted.
But when he insulted your parents.
Ace was about to knock his teeth in after that snide remark but you stopped before he could and looked Riddle in the eye.
-“Did you know,that young children are quite intuitive?”
Ace looked at you confused as you continued to explain.
-“They immediately noticed when they aren’t loved or loved enough,but they are unable to understand the cause for their parents behaviour.So many children settle for the answer that seems more safe and natural.”
-“It’s their fault.”
-“It’s their fault mom is always screaming,it’s their fault mom is tiered,it’s their fault.”
-“Tell me dormleader Roseheart,is it your fault?”
Riddle stays silent with a dreadful expression and Ace looks at you shocked by your words.
Your words haunted Riddle that night.
Up until the overblot everything felt like it was going through the motions as he helplessly watched that little control he had disappear he snapped.
After the overblot everything seemed fine and dandy,everyone made up and ate tarts.
But even as Riddle cried and laughed you could still see how sad he was.
That night Riddle got violently sick.
Maybe he was alright in the beginning because his body was still in shock but now.
He was vomiting and coughing everywhere.
Not to mention the high fever.
And you not even being asked decided to take care of him without question.
-“It’s really no need!”
Trey tried to reassure.
-“No you are all tiered and hurt from the fight,you all need to focus on helping yourself.I will take care of Riddle.”
Riddle himself didn’t know how to feel about it.He felt weird,I mean he insulted and almost killed you.And here you are at the nurses office staying with him all night assisting him to the bathroom and trying to take his mind off of the feeding tube that was put on him because he was vomiting so much.
He wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with this but he couldn’t care less in the condition he was in,even when his friends and dorm mates came to check on him.
If only he knew that the blot somehow showed you his memories,so you heard,saw and felt everything that he has went through.Only making your attachment to him stronger.
You were sat in a chair right beside his bed reading a random book,you quickly glanced over and see Riddle with his tiered eyes weakly open.
Being left in silence unable to do anything after his outburst made Riddle think.About his past.About his mother.
Honestly if he wasn’t so tired he would have cried by now
Seeing him look so meek you putted the book down,got up.And laid beside him other the infirmary bed.
Pulling his head to your chest and caressing his hair and brow.
You started humming gently a lullaby that paired with the sound of your heartbeat in his ear.
Initially Riddle was flustered and uncomfortable but then…
-“Dear sweet child,
No need to cry,
I will hold you tight,
So sleep all your worries and cares away,
No need to be scared,
You are out of harms way I will keep you safe and warm,
Love you every day~,
Reach your tiny hands for the light take your future and make it shine so bright,
With every lie I’m crumbling,
Am dying inside,
Wanting to save you with all of my might,
But this world is against me I cannot fight,
They’ll steal you away out of my sight,
But I still pray and I hope that you’ll live past today,
Find your own strength please my dear runaway,
Don’t be weak or afraid let your heart lead the way,
I hope and I pray you’ll be alright.”
Riddle didn’t say a thing too emotionally constipated,he just buried his head in your chest and softly cried until he fell asleep.
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writesology · 18 hours
Tumblr media
tsum care 101
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