#riddle x reader
hello! I saw that you opened requests ^^ if that's okay with you, I'd like to order some funny hdcns for the dorm leaders (if you want all except idia and kalim, since there are a lot of them) when mc decides to dress up as a bat for halloween because he thinks that that's cool and it means getting noticed ✨ but it ends up looking more funny than scary, even so, mc is proud of her costume and will spend her time proudly modeling everywhere because in her mind she still thinks she looks cool~ despite the laughs hehe thanks <3
Thank you for the request! The dorm leaders are probably going to be the exception to the 5 characters max rule.
How the dorm leaders would react to a reader who dresses up as bat for Halloween but it ends up more cute/funny than scary.
Tumblr media
Notes: gn reader, reader gets low-key bullied lol.
Riddle Rosehearts
🥀Doesn't hesitate to tell you your costume isn't scary when you try to startle him by jumping in front of him in the doorway when he was passing.
🥀This boy cannot read a room because he was sheltered his whole life.
🥀When he realises your feelings are hurt, he tries to make it up to you by helping you make it even more scarier.
🥀It's fruitless, but you have so much fun you don't mind.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Your pout is cute, and he's not one to pass the chance to tease you.
🦁You would look cuter in a lion costume but that's just his opinion...
🦁Actually, now that he thinks about it, you look like one of those Diasomnia scums.
🦁Yeah his smuginess is tainted.
🦁If you wear little cat ears maybe he'll forgive you~
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙Acts cool but inside he's completely melting.
🐙Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're-
🐙Honestly, you should monetize your cuteness.
🐙Wait it's supposed to be scary? Honey, he deals daily with the Twins. You've got nothing on him.
🐙But he can play along if you give him something in return~
Kalim Al-Asim
☀Immediately squeals and jumps high and down about how cute you are.
☀He stops when he sees your pout.
☀After you explain everything to him, he starts screaming in what's supposed to be fear, but he stills has his bubbly smile and demeanor.
☀So yeah, you're not convinced at all.
☀Jamil, however, runs into the room panicked. When he arrives he's not very happy and asks if you got your costume from the dollar store.
Vil Schoenheit
💅He recognises the efforts you put in your costume, but he simply cannot let you walk around in that ridiculous thing.
💅Still, you refuse to get it off. You made it yourself, you're keeping it on.
💅Since you're the only person who's more stubborn than him, he gives up eventually.
💅At least put some accessory to lessen this fashion atrocity!
Idia Shroud
🎮OMG you look like a cute anime character!!!!
🎮Now he just needs you on a body pillow.
🎮Actually, strike the pose, he IS putting you on a body pillow.
🎮That is if he has the courage to ask you. Because right now, his hair is bright pink and he isn't able to utter a word.
Malleus Draconia
🐉It's funny how you thought you could scare him, fufufu~
🐉But he'll let it slide since you're so cute.
🐉Others would also find you cute, but Malleus's stance beside you is enough to make them cower.
🐉He absolutely knows this, but he lets you live in the blissful impression of having a scary costume.
🐉Also god forbid someone tells you about it.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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shinmon-c · 7 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᓚᘏᗢ My role in the Villain's world ..彡 (HERE!) (PART 2) (PART 3)
SYNOPSIS. (Reincarnation AU) You got yourself involved in the Villain's story, by either taking the role of their lover or some fate led you to. Either way, good luck with not getting killed
CHARACTERS. Riddle Rosehearts, Malleus Draconia
TAGS. Fluff, mentions of death, king is a gender-neturual term here, reader got kidnapped I guess, mentions of poison, mentions of deathdeath(?)
A/N. Ngl, I gave up at writing for Malleus' part😪
Tumblr media
You woke up to feel a throbbing pain on your chest, an unbearable pain—you sat up clutching your chest, cursing for how painful it was, and for a moment... The pain slowly faded and you were relieved. You assumed it was those random chest pain you get time to time.
You look down to look at yourself and took notice of your sleepwear. This wasn't what you were wearing before you fell asleep, you have never owned one so soft before, like it was made out of cotton; this may be tailored by a professional because of how detailed the design was. You noticed the mattress too, there was too much space and the blanket was too thick,
This made you spiral in thought, were you kidnapped?! Your surroundings are vastly different—everything looks so vintage and made out of gold with the frequent colors of red and black everywhere. This is probably a dream.. you pinched your cheek to check, it hurt, it means this was real... HAVE YOU DIED?! Did you end up like one of reincarnation stories?! What. is. going...
—A chirp from the window now took your attention, the blue sky was bright as ever as you stare at it too much—the window's vague reflection showed 'yourself' ,
This familiar appearance...
. . .
You were reincarnated as the Crimson Tyrant's lover!? A novel that you favor amongst all the stories you own from your previous life. Riddle Rosehearts, a fearsome, cruel, strict Ruler who beheads those who defy him, a terrorising Queen who'll be defeated by the main character in the end of the story. He's the main villain of this story —You shiver in thought, the character you inherit was rarely shown, its only purpose was to be the Queen's partner and an unimportant asset to the plot
Now that you realize you're in the novel, you're scared of how the Tyrant treats his spouse, is he harsh on them as he is with his subjects? One wrong move and it's your head that's next to roll...
—The door was suddenly swung open, you gripped the sheets of the mattress in shock as a few soldiers entered and surrounded the room while leaving the door wide open, a frantic shout was heard then revealing the Red-headed Tyrant. His eyes gazed into yours once he was onsight
"My king! You're okay!" the redhead who entered in a worried hurry rushed to the side of your bed, he cup your face to inspect your health—you didn't expect him to hold you so gently. After he finished and deemed you well, he removed his hands and his once gentle face morphed into an angry scowl from the thought of his enemies harming his spouse
"How dare those insolent fools—! They have targeted you when they shouldn't have! Once I capture those traitors I won't hesitate to roll their heads to the ground."
"Soldiers! You may leave now," he signaled them to leave the room to give you two privacy. The clanks from their metal armor created a bunch of noises until they left. You couldn't speak, your throat was lump to form any words. Riddle thought it was just from the fatigue,
"You still must be tired, take the rest that you needed"
You hesitate but ask anyway what caused this sort of event. You've never seen or heard of this in the story. "I don't understand, what happened?"
His brow furrowed, confused, "Don't you remember..? One of the traitors who disguised themselves as my servant poisoned you"
So that's why there was a throbbing pain in your body. You shook your head as an answer, you have no knowledge of what happened before you transmitted. This made Riddle mad, he assumed the same poison had affected your memories,
"Did you lose your memories as well?! —That does it! I'm beheading the imbecile who poisoned you."
Before he can leave the room, you grabbed into his wrist to keep him from leaving, "No, wait—!" Even if the king of this story was killed and you now inherited their body, you still didn't want anyone to die because of it, "You don't have to! I'm fine right now, aren't I?" You try to ease up the enraged Queen, and it seems to work so well, especially since you're in the body of his beloved
He sighed, he turned his attention back to you and his hand moved to your cheek, his gloved thumbs caressed it lovingly while his eyes held a gentle firm, "We can't let them roam around freely, what would happen if they do the same again."
You feel your face warmed from the love-struck look he's giving. Still, Riddle's hold was just as gentle, "—I want you safe at all cost, I can't afford to lose you too." He said this with a firm protective tone, he still thought you were his lover
You almost feel bad if you were to tell him his original King had died; you stayed quiet, maybe your head will really decapitate if you tell the truth.... But you know you can't lie forever, you have to tell him at some point —however, you don't know which timing is right to tell
All you can do now is pretend to be his King
Tumblr media
What was supposed to be a peaceful day turned upside down when you were kidnapped by men in black armor by the abode of your home. You thrashed, shouting at them to let you go but everything was deaf on ears as they carry you like a stack full of potatoes. Everything was a blur after, all you remember was arriving at a dark, eerie castle. You've heard of it from the local folks of your hometown— Dark Faes living within this Kingdom, their ruler was a fearsome dragon who'll burn anyone to flames if its territory was threatened.
You entered the said castle and were taken to what seemed to be a throne room, it was dark, and the room lack of any light source. A guard had pushed you further in. Suddenly, a candle illuminated the room followed by others that lit in green. There, a man in black robes and horns on top of his head sat on a throne—next to him was another empty, an unoccupied throne
"At last... I get to see you again, my dear treasure." He got up to walk to you, his guards simultaneously left as they had served their assignment. You're panicking in your place, your body refused to move from the intense atmosphere.
Your troubled thoughts were a contrast to his. He was delighted, happy, and joyous to see his lover again after a thousand of years waiting for your return— your reincarnation.
"Look, sir... I think you got the wrong person." You protest before he can walk up to you any further
"No, I would never forget the face of my lover. Never in a thousand years"
He was staring lovingly at you, even after all this time, he was still captivated. But his face took a turn when he noticed a small cut was grazed on your cheek, it didn't leak any blood, but it was barely a cut at all when it wasn't noticeable. Still, this angered Malleus greatly, his trusted guards didn't handle you with care like he ordered them to.
"Tell me what they look like."
You're puzzled, you didn't understood his words "...What?"
"Tell me, which one of the guards who escorted you to cause this" His thumb brushed through the cut, you flinched from the touch, his face was close —too close that you got a glance at his green eyes that shone like emeralds; you moved away from his hand, looking at another direction to avoid further eye-contact, "I don't know..."
He was dejected when you refused to look at him, you can't really tell with his stoic face. "I'll have a chat with your escorts, they have you treat you with respect especially since you'll be ruling with me."
As he's about to leave, you grab ahold of his sleeve to catch his attention. He turns his head to the side to look at you—you've mistaken it as a glare as you let go instinctively thinking you'll be punished too. Still, you wanted answers about why you were taken away from your home hours ago
"...You still didn't explain why you brought me here"
"You are my lover, my beloved treasure. You had died more than a hundred times, I had searched for you in every life to bring you back to our home." His explanation was short, not enough for you to process everything that had happened,
"Now, excuse me for a bit, I will be needing to scold my loyal knights. I promise I'll be back," with a flick of his finger, a short man with black hair and pink highlights appeared then bowed from your presence. "My most trusted retainer will take you to our room, I'm sure you're tired after a long day."
He soon left the room to carry on his royal duties, the man with pink highlights took you elsewhere to follow what he was told to and escorted you. Amid of everything, you were still confused as ever with some questions that were yet unanswered.
You're the Fae King's past lover?!? You have gotta give your past self some credit, they married a real fine man...
Tumblr media
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underqualified-human · 10 hours
Self-Aware Yuu sings La Seine and I:
A/N: So because there are a lot of songs that were requested, I don't think I'll be doing all of them mostly because the Jekyll and Hyde one was because I really liked the song. I’ll also be doing separate parts for the songs that I do.
Tumblr media
All of them:
A new challenger approaches
“Who is Seine and where is the bridge?!?!”
Most of them are too focused on Yuu’s singing to pay any close attention to the lyrics. 
Cater is once again filming Yuu, but oddly enough no clips are posted to Magicam
Trey is the most normal, not really reacting much during but complementing them after.
Ace and Deuce are trying to find out who Seine is, for research purposes obviously. 
Riddle is completely mesmerized, then he listens more closely and gets a bit sad. The only Heartslabyul guy to ask Yuu about the Seine
Once again, not really listening to the lyrics
Leona falls asleep halfway through, but enjoyed it nonetheless
Ruggie is honestly just happy to get some time off, hearing Yuu sing is just a bonus in his eyes
Jack is pretty curious about the origin of the song, so it and others become a common conversation topic for the next few weeks 
The ones that suggested the singing in the first place
The tweels are now following Yuu around in case they go to meet anyone at a bridge
Floyd may try to sabotage the performance if he gets bored [which he thankfully doesnt]
Azul is torn between wanting to hire the prefect at the lounge full-time and wanting to keep their singing to himself [Erik style]
Kalim is, once again, not fully paying attention to the lyrics. Honestly, he’s just happy that Yuu looks like they're having fun
Jamil starts paying attention when hypnotism is mentioned and doesn't ever stop paying attention. Another one that actually asks about the lyrics.
Rook is finally allowed to duet! [It was only because he knew how to pronounce Seine when reading the lyrics]
Epel is more interested in the instrumentals if he’s being honest, but he still supports Yuu from the sidelines.
Vil actually had a hand in the production of the performance, he couldn't help himself! Definitely talks to Yuu about their singing and ways to improve afterwards [is also oddly nice about it]
Ortho also talks to Yuu about the song lyrics but only like, a month later.
Idia is too busy recording everything to pay attention in the moment, but he has several questions once he watches the recording back [and trust me he does. A LOT]
The entire dorm is of the few that pay attention enough to realize Seine is a place, not a person
Malleus asks about the lyrics, the origins and even where the Seine is located. He’s a little sad when he finds out it doesn't exist there. Also asks if you’ve ever thought of naming a child Seine 🤔
Sebek disregards the fact that it’s mostly about love and just jumps straight to asking if the Seine is a safe location or not.
Lillia is just laser-focused on the wine, he asks about the river too but mostly about wine.
Silver is taking a nap, please do not disturb him.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @coffee-or-hot-cocoa [the requester]
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domxmarvel · 24 hours
Pairing:Riddle x Female!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“So should I make you some tea or should we just skip to the part where I fuck your brains out?” Your words left him completely red. You and Riddle had a sort of friends with benefits relationship,he was always in control which is why he always wanted you to be in control. Running around keeping everyone under control and following the rules was stressful,as for you you got to bend him over and have your way with him. He had been staring at you,only realizing when you called his name again. “So what will it be?” He started taking off his jacket.
“Skip it” He grabbed your shirt,pulling you towards him. He kissed you,holding onto the collar of your shirt. You picked him up,pushing him against the wall as you kissed him. You moved to his neck and immediately he stopped you. “Not there. I can’t let someone see it” You pulled down his shirt more and bit down on his shoulder. “Y/N”
You had already covered every part of him in kisses and marks.
“Y/N” He moaned your name,making you look up from your place in between his legs,holding both his thighs as his legs draped along your shoulders and back. 
“Something wrong?”
“No,I-I” He seemed hesitant,you waited a bit before you asked.
“Riddle,do you want to stop? I understand if you do and I promise I won’t get upset”
“That’s not it,I know you wouldn’t get mad. But I don’t want to stop,I want you to kiss me” You quickly kissed him,you felt his arms around your shoulders.
“Why don’t you tell me what you want?”
“I want you to make me forget about this week”
“I’m guessing Ace and Deuce have been even more annoying”
“I didn’t even think they were capable of that” There was a brief pause before he quickly said “Can I ride you?” He always lets you take charge in these moments but you let him. 
“If that’s what you want” You laid on your back as he straddled you. It took him a minute to adjust before he started bouncing up and down,you held onto his hips,pushing him further down. He sped up after a few minutes.
“Y/N,I’m-” He was cut off,his cum splattering all over your face. He was trying to catch his breath but you rolled him over and moved faster,letting him ride out his high. He looked tired when you were done and completely fell asleep in seconds. You cleaned him up without waking him,covering him with a blanket and you let him sleep. 
He woke up in a panic about being late,until you walked in with a tray.
“Good morning”
“Good morning,what time is it?”
“You’re not late,calm down. I got your favorite” You poured him a cup of tea,before you set his uniform down on the bed. “I washed them for you,I didn’t want to wake you since you seemed so tired”
“Wasn’t this supposed to be just something to de-stress” You rolled your eyes at him “What do you think about being more?”
“More? Is this your way of asking me out?” 
“Yes,would you like to go out with me?”
“I would love to”
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alice-angel12x · 2 days
In your Au, since Riddle's mother and father are divorced, imagine riddle has a half brother after his father's remarriage. Like his younger sibling is a twst version of Alice or the White Queen from the Looking glass.
"Hey, Y/n...I was wondering, umm. What has my father been up to?" Riddle asked, causing Y/n's eyes to widen.
"Umm, I would think this would be a question for your mother," Y/n coughed.
"I tried, but Mother began very...Unreasonable afterward," Riddle said sadly.
"Alright," Y/n said as they pulled out a book from their jacket. "Well, it seems that after the divorce, a few years later he remarried and took on his wife's last name, Meidiland."
Riddle nodded, not knowing what else to say or feel about it.
"They had a son and named him Rosario. Rosario Meidiland," Y/n continued reading.
"S-so I have a half Brother?" Riddle asked with surprise.
"Yep, and he is only a couple years younger than you. And soon will be a first year at Royal Sword Academy," Y/n nodded.
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cvlutos · 1 day
Riddle with a tongue piercing and he's been hiding from his mom. Sebek with a split tongue is cool but would it be naturally occurring or happened by accident? Because I don't see him getting it done on purpose?(unless he had a very short rebellious phase)
Prev Riddle w/ Tongue Piercing
Prev Sebek w/ Tongue Piercing - I mention how he got it.
Riddle having a tongue piercing, he's absolutely hiding from him mother for the longest time and I feel he'd do a rather good job, speaking with his tongue outta view, probably switching the piercing to look like his tongue or clear to draw less attention to it.
Honestly, she wouldn't know until on of her friends from her Tuesday Afternoon Tea Session, and her friend gossip about it. Riddle's mother is infuriated, if you're in the picture, she's automatically blaming you. Saying you brainwashed her son with your unruly behavior. She's also demanding Riddle takes it out before he gets an infection.
Depending if Riddle is brave enough to disobey his mother, he'll either listen and take the piercing out when he's around her and when he's not, he'll wear it. Or he'll simply discard the piercing altogether.
Or he will outright say he won't and I do feel Riddle's mother would be speechless, but she wouldn't disown him, cause that'll be embarrassing for her that she can't control her own son. If Riddle denies, she might try a few more times to persuade him to get rid of it, before slightly glaring at the peircing whenever she sees it. And if any of the ladies ask, Riddle's Mother will make it seem like her own idea, as a way of letting him express himself.
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beaurasgarden · 21 hours
— (๑´`๑)♡ A HEARTFUL ROSE!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a gift for ari and riddle's wedding!! twst
in honor of their wedding, riddle sends gifts to his dearest beloved before the day of.
tagging. @shinmon-c
disclaimers.. mentions of marriage. reader is up to interpretation. riddle is referred to as both husband and wife. reader is not yuu.
part one (you're here). part two.
reblogs and likes are HEAVILY appreciated. silent readers dni.
Tumblr media
you awoke to see a letter addressed to you, and a rose on top of it by your bedside table, looking around you found it empty, it seems riddle must've left for work. you decided to open the sealed letter, and read it.
my dearest, ( ).
how i've been awaiting for this day for so long, we are soon to be wed, it's rather exciting. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
from the day we first met, my mother warned me of trouble, and that you were. fierce, and compassionate. the first time i laid my own eyes on you, i knew you were the one, from all those years ago to now, you have always been my one and only. my one first and only, true love.
i love your smile, how you would always light up at the sight of something you adore, how every day you look so angelic.
i love all of you, your eyes, your hands, everything.
i wish to spend everyday with you, and now i can.
what i am saying is, i love you, so much, i would spend out future with you, you don't know how much you cross my mind, how much you stay in my mind everyday, how i'm looking forward to seeing you everyday after work. what i'm saying is, i love you ( ), and i, am honored to be your soon-to-be husband, or well as you call it, your soon-to-be wife.
forever yours, riddle rosehearts.
finishing the letter, you couldn't help the smile that crept on your face, dropping the letter onto your lap as you cover your face into your hands, after all these years, riddle still managed to make you swoon. how you await the day he is officially forever yours, and how you officially become forever his.
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hii would like tender relationship headcanons for heartslabyul with a giggly and sociable mc with golden curls, yeah mc look something like goldilocks from the farytale /ᐠ. .ᐟ\ฅ♡⸝⸝ that's all <3 thanks yuu and have a good day ^^ *hug*
Making it Just Right
Genre: Fluff
Contains: Heartslabyul boys
CW: none
Word Count: 602 (without A/N)
Riddle Rosehearts:
-Riddle would greatly enjoy spending time with a goldilocks MC, at first he'd be drawn to the need of perfection, watching as you'd run around trying to make things 'just right' as you'd say.
-Dating Riddle would be filled with events such as unbirthdays and attending his equestrian club meets, he'd defiantly love having you around the dorm as his significant other but doesn't like how little rules you follow do to your goldilocks nature.
-Seeing you interact with others is always a joy as well, specifically with his dormmates, trying to help out and gossip as much as you can, always seeming to have made a new friend every time you visit.
-Yep, this relationship is just right.
Cater Diamond:
-Dating Cater is a match made in heaven with your bubbly personality and his influencer type status on magicam. You'd always have the most perfect couple pictures posted, whether it's small snippets of your dates or just you two laying about enjoying each others company.
-Cater would love spending all the time he can with you, always relying on your key eye of perfection when it comes to camera angles and lighting for new pictures.
-Just as sociable as you, so I can assure you, you'd be great friends with the light music club, the four of you sitting around the room after a practice gossiping about latest trends and school news.
-This relationship isn't too low or too high, it's perfect.
Ace Trappola:
-Oh where to start...
-The fact that you, a goldilocks personality, can even put up with the ever chaotic soul and spirit that is Ace is a blessing in it of itself. You're Riddle's favorite of all of Heartslabyul's significant others, obviously not counting his own.
-Whenever you're around, Ace clearly tries to impress you, which results in him losing his head. Though you're influence is definitely starting to rub off on our chaotic neutral boy here. With you adding an input in most situations, public or private, Ace starts to actually think through what he does or plans on doing.
-Despite constantly wanting to impress, he doesn't want to see you hurt because of his antics, most of what he does is only done if it means you're safe and ok.
-His love for you is beyond just right, and it makes your heart flutter every time.
Deuce Spade:
-Basically Ace 2.0 but with more braincells. This means he has two more braincells. Because Deuce follows in almost everything Ace does, it results in you sometimes getting stuck in the middle. Even if Deuce tries to keep you away, because of your sociable personality, it causes slight airheaded traits and moments.
-With the want to keep you safe and to be a son that his mother could be proud of, Deuce will do his best to make you happy, sometimes at the risk of facing Riddle's wrath.
-You want to come to an unbirthday with him? He's unknowingly annoying the dormhead for permission. You want him to sleepover and spend the whole night cuddling? He's sneaking out of the dorm to keep you warm in the bitter ramshackle hovel.
-Spending time in public with you is amusing, seeing you chattering about with almost every student is adorable, he loves seeing your eyes glittering and the bounce in your stance as you ramble. He does get jealous if your attention is on another for a while but can you blame him? You're just too cute when happy.
-While under his protection and in his loving arms, you'll be just right in this new world.
Authors Note: Thank you for the request! As stated previously I won't be writing for specific characters due to not knowing enough about them, one of these characters is Trey Clover, I apologize if you were looking forward to his but I currently don't have too much knowledge about him.
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20032 · 3 days
@gn! reader mentioned you in a post! "the post":Hey guys just wondering how you guys see me :)
Tumblr media
💭 -hey there! I’m Erin nice to meet you well I have nothing to say anymore so enjoy my writing! <3 the characters may be OOC
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim replies with . .
“I see you as a kind person! You always visit me and Jamil during when your not busy and once you took me too a cafe which was so cute they decorations they had there for so absolutely beautiful!! But you never fail to make me smile also your nickname for me “sunshine” is so cute! thats all thank you *name*! <33”
Jade Leech, Silver, Riddle Rosehearts & Jamil Viper replies with . .
“I see you as a wonderful and kind soul you help everyone in need and always defend your friend when get into trouble you take the blame all the time for them and they should be greatful for the wonderful friend they have, Not to mention that you are absolutely gorgeous/handsome.”
Floyd Leech replies with . .
“I see you as a cute shrimp waiting to be eaten! Just kidding Shrimp! The truth is I see you as a amazing human being you always help Jade, Azul and I when we’re busy at Mostro Lounge but one thing I don’t like is that you always run away when I try to squeeze you . . Just kidding!”
Ruggie Bucchi replies with . .
“I see you as a nice person and I’m not only saying that because you give me doughnuts during our breaks I genuinely mean it your an amazing person who helps a person in need no matter what, I’m so greatful for you and your presence in NRC I don’t know what NRC could’ve been without your help in stopping that Overblots.”
#navigation ! # masterlist!
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kokofromwattpad · 3 months
Featuring: Dorm leaders
Plot: The way how different twst characters sleep with and without you and their sleeping habits.
Cw: fluff, spooning(Riddle and Vil), snoring (Leona and Azul), mentions of boobs (Kalim), drool (idia)
Note: You can obviously tell who my favorite is.
Before you:
He sleeps like a old man. Like, fingers crossed over his stomach, or he sleeps like a corpse. He is very silent when he is sleeping only letting out very soft breaths.
With you:
Riddle is either sleeping fetal position into your arms or being spooned. I feel like after having an extremely long day, all he wants to do is be held.
Without you:
He has zero clue what to do with his hands. So all he does is take one of his pillows and cuddles with that. Sometimes he gets mad just as he is about to fall asleep and just chucks the pillow across the room.
Before you:
He snores like a dad. Like, you know you sometimes when your dad is busy snoring and then he chokes on his own saliva mid snore... yea... thats Leona. Also he sleeps like a hot mess. Half of his body is off the bed and the other is barely hanging on.
With you:
Living blanket. Like, he just lays his entire body weight on top of you like a blanket. At first it felt like attempted murder, but after a while you got used to it and now you can't fall asleep without weight on top of you.
Without you:
He twists his blankets into a long noodle so that it (kinda) feels like he's cuddling you. Also, his tail is swishing the same way an angry cat does the entire time he is sleeping.
Before you:
Completely normal. Maybe a hand under the pillow(?) Snores. The tweels used to make fun of him for that when they were kids but got used to it eventually.
With you:
Koala mode: activated. His legs are twisted through your legs and arms attached to your torso like superglue. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and sometimes even leaves little kisses there.
Without you:
He refuses to sleep without you. Period. He got so used to sleep with you in his arms that it has become a condition for him to sleep. He will either stay in his office, busy with paperwork, studying for an upcoming test or reading a book you recommended him in his bed.
Before you:
I headcannon that he sleeps fetal position. But like, on his stomach. His face is smashed into the pillow, which causes bedhead and he becomes scarily still (Jamil sometimes comes in and checks if he's still alive.)
With you:
He does not give a shit if you have tiddies or not, he is shoving his face into your chest like it's no-one's business. You have never slept so damn good until the day you started sleeping with Kalim in his fucking king sized bed made from swan feathers or something close to it.
Without you:
Tosses and turns, ruining the sheets and making it dirty. He usually gets up and starts pacing the room, trying to tire himself out, but failing miserably. Kind of just lays there.
Before you:
Looks like a fucking angel. His hair perfectly frames his head and he just looks so damn peaceful. I bet he listens to nature sounds whenever he can't sleep since him losing sleep is a big no-no.
With you:
He likes to spoon. He only big spoons, if not, then he's pushing you (affectionately♡) off the bed. He has gotten accustomed to your light snoring, kind of using it like a non-verbal lullaby.
Without you:
Can sleep, but not as nicely as when you do. Kind of turns a bit, but he does fall asleep normally. Gets a sad gut feeling whenever he wakes up without you next to him.
Before you:
Probably never sleep willingly. He probably would just pass out from exhaustion ever once-in-awhile. But when he does sleep, he drools like a fucking dog. Like, entire pillow case damp from his drool. He has gained mild control over this, but is still considered a problem.
With you:
He wants to cuddle like how anime couples do. He specifically likes it when you sleep on his chest, your weight feeling the same as when a cat lays on him. He also gained a condition in order to fall asleep. He must stroke your hair gently while you mutter in your half-asleep state on how much you love and adore him.
Without you:
After he started dating you, he finally decided to get a better sleep schedule so he could spend more time with you, rather than being passed out, looking half dead. So he got a plain body pillow (He didn't get a cover as he thought it would be a betrayal of your trust) He cuddles the body pillow the same way he does to you.
Before you:
He slept the same way as Riddle, like a corpse. He is completely silent and does not move at all in his sleep.
With you:
He became absolutely addicted to cuddling once you introduced it to him. He would shove you into his chest, kind of like the two of you were hugging, but he has an absolute death grip on you.
Without you:
The skies have a green hue to them as lightning cracks. He is pissed at who or what made you not want or have the time to sleep with him. He would sneak out of his dorm and (break in) sneak into your dorm. He would then climb into bed with you and then instantly fall asleep.
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tiyoin · 1 month
i like to think the world of twst has weird names for diseases / illnesses
for example:
yuu : *gets a chill up their spine*
deuce : you okay yuu?
yuu : yeah i’m fine. just got a bad case of the goose bumps - what?
adeuce staring at them horrified : how… how are you still alive???
Tumblr media
yuu : yesh man, don’t spook up on me like that! you gave me the heebie jeebies!
azul pauses mid rant, before looking horrified : i i don’t- i don’t have
azul : *runs away*
hours late
azul : how DARE you joke about such a lethal disease that took the life of millions 200 years ago! that was a dark time in twisted wonderland where-
yuu :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ruggie : yeah leona had to go home because he got a case of brain freeze
yuu : aww could the wittle wion not handle a cold beverage 🥺
jack :… yuu, brain freeze means your entire brain function has stopped working- it has a 80% morality rate
yuu :
jack :
ruggie :
yuu :… awww could the-
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little-miss-mei · 2 months
Yuu: I don't think your mother approves of me.
Riddle: Don't worry about it. She doesn't approve of me, either.
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shinmon-c · 18 days
Giving Riddle a plushie thats the size of him.....
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I put rocks inside
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happilykrispypirate · 3 months
Don't touch her
Tumblr media
Pairings: Mattheo Riddle x hufflepuff!reader
Warnings: Swearing, violence, blood, tw! abuse, bullying, and my shitty writing
Summary: Y/n has two older brothers in Ravenclaw. Both are little entitled shits that love treating their sister like shit. When Mattheo finds out when they take it too far... Well, we all know what he'll do.
A/n: @victoriapedroza thank you for requesting! Im sorry if u didn't want me to make the reader a hufflepuff, I just thought it was a good idea. It's not my best, but do let me know what you think of it.
Y/n smiled happily as she saw Mattheo waiting for her after class.
"Hi love," Mattheo smiled as Y/n came to a stop in front of him, he pecked her lips before taking her hand in his as they walked down the corridors to the Great Hall for lunch, "How was class?"
"Great! I helped Hagrid with the nifflers and one of the babies gave me a gold coin. Have you ever heard of anything like it? A niffler giving instead of taking something shiny. I feel honoured," Y/n smiled brightly.
Mattheo felt a warm feeling bubbling in his chest as he watched her smile brightly.
"That's amazing, baby," He said kissing the side of her head.
"What's also amazing is that I heard a certain someone won the potions competition again," She smirked as she eyed her boyfriend, "Another vial of liquid luck that is going to collect dust?"
"Why would I need liquid luck if I have my lucky charm right here?" Mattheo smiled as he brought their hands up to his lips and kissed the back of her hand.
"You're cute, you know that?" She smiled kissing his cheek, "Oh! I completely forgot I have herbology next. I have to go get my books. I'll see you at lunch. Tell Pansy that she has to finish that story that she told me earlier."
"I will," Mattheo smiled before kissing her, "Now hurry back."
Y/n smiled at him before she hurried towards the hufflepuff common room. When she rounded the corner she bumped straight into someone.
"Watch where you're going!" She looked up and saw Gavin and Phillip, her two older brothers. Phillip was the oldest and Gavin was only a year under him. (Btw, the years might not make sense. However we're here for the story, not math)
"Oh, it's you," Phillip said.
"Sorry, I was in a hurry. I have to get my her-"
"Yeah, we don't care," Gavin said interrupting her.
Y/n stood up and brushed her robes off, "No need to be rude," She mumbled.
"What was that?" Phillip asked harshly.
"Nothing, forget it. I'm going," She said and started to walk off before she was pulled back and pushed up against the wall.
"You've been lucky until now, you little bitch," Phillip spat, "That little boyfriend of yours has always been around. Where's he now, huh?"
"Let me go," Y/n begged, tears threatening to fall.
"Aww is little Y/n going to cry?" Gavin said mockingly.
Phillip then laughed, "I'll give you something to cry about," He said before he threw her on the ground and she landed against one of the pillars. He then proceeded to kick her in the stomach.
She went to grab her wand but Gavin stepped on her wrist. She cried out in pain.
"Don't even think about telling anyone, or you're dead," He spat before the two of them walked away.
Y/n had to move quickly to get to the common room and back to the Great Hall, all the while making sure there was no evidence, just so that Mattheo and the rest don't get suspicious.
"You took a little longer than expected, love," Mattheo said as she plopped down next to him, "Everything alright?"
"Yeah, just had to look for it," Y/n said, "Room's a bit of a mess."
"As always," Mattheo said chuckling.
Y/n smiled at her boyfriend and kissed him before pulling away and looking at Pansy who was in front in of her explaining the story she had told earlier. Just behind her, on the other side of the hall sat Gavin and Phillip who were both glaring at her.
She immediately turned away.
It was a few days later the bruises on Y/n's hip and wrist got worse and were sore. So, sore that she couldn't move without cringing in pain. Something she had to do internally because she couldn't show it, she didn't want Mattheo or anyone else to find out.
Thank Merlin, it was winter, or they would've gotten suspicious if she wore a long sleeved shirt.
She sat with the rest of the Slytherin gang in the Slytherin common room. She was allowed to be there. She insisted on getting permission instead of sneaking in all the time and risk getting caught and getting detention.
"I'm so ready for the weekend," Enzo said, "I can't wait to get fucked."
"Fucked as in fucked or drunk and high?" Theo asked.
"Both," Enzo said.
"I could do with a drink right now," Pansy said.
"I can help with that," Y/n smirked as she stood up. Mattheo glanced at her confused, and as she stood up her shirt lifted slightly and he could see the big purple bruise.
Y/n then pulled two bottles firewhiskey from her bag.
"Holy fuck," Enzo laughed as he took one of the bottles from her, "Hufflepuff's becoming one of us."
"Shut up, I just thought we needed something to make us feel better," She smiled as she sat back down.
She went to open the bottle but her wrist pained. Mattheo watched as she struggled and saw the bruise.
"Looks like I'm not strong enough, you want to help me babe?" She asked smiling as she held out the bottle to him.
Mattheo took the bottle from her and opened it. Deciding to ask her later and not in front of everyone.
Later then came as Mattheo was walking Y/n back to the hufflepuff common room.
"Love," Mattheo said.
"Yeah?" She replied looking over at him.
"Why are their bruises on your wrist and hip?" He asked.
Y/n's heart began to quicken.
"Uh," She said before laughing nervously, "I was holding a bag that was stacked full of books. I was cleaning my dorm of course and then I bumped into the table. Guess I'm a little fragile."
Mattheo nodded, not believing her. She knew Mattheo didn't believe her, and she was glad he didn't asked anymore questions.
Y/n once again forgot her book in her room, and the same thing happened last time. She bumped into her brothers.
This time, she didn't submit to defeat like she has always done. This time, she pulled her wand out.
"Ohh, someone's brave," Gavin said as he pulled his wand out.
Y/n looked around to see if anyone was coming. Why was the hall always empty when she runs into them?
"Just leave me alone," She said as she started to back away.
"How could we? You keep bumping into us. You need to stop running down the halls, forgetting your books," Phillip said.
"We should teach you something about that," Gavin said.
"Like... this!" Phillip then shot a spell at her but she deflected it.
Then Gavin shot a spell and she deflected it.
Soon both started shooting spells trying to disarm her. She couldn't take much because it wasn't long before her wand was thrown to the other side of the corridor.
"Now, you should know not to pull your wand on your older brothers," Phillip said, "Crucio."
Y/n fell to the ground and screamed in pain. Gavin walked up to her and started kicking her. He even threw in a punch. In her face.
"Alright that's enough," Phillip said and all the pain stopped.
Y/n felt like she could breathe again and coughed for air, and there was blood when she coughed.
"Oh that's fucking disgusting," Gavin cringed.
"Come on, let's go before someone comes along," Phillip said before they vanished down the corridor.
That's the last thing she saw before she passed out.
"I wonder what's taking Y/n so long?" Pansy said. Lunch was almost over and Y/n stilled hadn't returned.
"I'm going to go find her," Mattheo said as he stood up.
"See you guys later then," Theo said before Mattheo walked out of the Great Hall.
He rounded the corner and at the end he saw someone lying on the ground.
"Y/n," He realised as he ran over to her. She was beaten up badly. He gently picked her up before running to the Hospital Wing.
"Who would do such a thing?" McGonagall asked Dumbledore as they stood in front of the hospital bed that Y/n was laying in. Mattheo sat next to her, he refused to move until she woke up.
"There are many that envy her," Dumbledore said, "But none that would hurt her like this."
"Well obviously someone did, we have to find out who. There is no place for bullying in this school," McGonagall said before they left.
It wasn't long after that, that Y/n opened her eyes.
"Shit," She said as she realised where she was.
Mattheo's eyes shot up, "Hey," He said once he saw she was awake, "I'm here."
Y/n turned her head to him, "Hey," She said.
"Love, who did this to you?" He asked, "Don't lie to me this time. I know when you lie."
Y/n sighed, "Gavin and Phillip," She said, "They've been doing this for years. Gotten worse and worse."
"Why didn't you tell me?" Mattheo asked.
"They're my brothers. I'll never escape them," She said.
Mattheo remained silent. He only remained calm for her, but he wasn't going to hold back the next time he sees them.
A week later Y/n was healed. Mattheo never left her side.
They were all sitting outside under the big tree in the courtyard. It was a peaceful day.
However that peacefulness didn't last long because Gavin and Phillip arrived.
Mattheo glared at them before he stood up from his where he sat and walked over to them.
"Oh dear," Y/n sighed as she watched Mattheo punch Phillip.
"What the fuck dude?" Gavin said before he himself got punched.
"Don't you ever fucking touch her again," Mattheo said as he kept throwing punches at Gavin. Phillip tried to pull him off but instead got himself landed under Mattheo receiving multiple punches.
"We should probably stop him," Pansy said.
"Nah, this is fun," Y/n said.
"What in Godric's name is going on out here?" McGonagall asked as she rushed outside. Mattheo got up and glared at the two boys whose faces were covered in blood.
"Just making sure these two never hurt touch their sister again," He said.
"They're the ones that hurt her?" McGonagall asked and Mattheo nodded, "I'd like to see you two in my office the second you're out of the hospital wing. You'll also get 3 months of detention. Every day."
McGonagall then turned to Mattheo, "As for you Mr Riddle. Five points will be taken from Slytherin for your act, but 25 points will be rewarded for standing up for your peers," McGonagall gave Y/n a wink before she disappeared with the two bloodied up boys behind her.
Mattheo walked back over and sat down again before pulling Y/n into her arms and kissing the side of her head, "That'll teach them never to touch my girl ever again."
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angelltheninth · 4 months
TWST dorm leaders where Reader and them aren't aware everyone else thinks they're dating
Anon I love the "didn't know they were dating" trope. It's so funny to think about and has some pining/angst potential too.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, developing relationship, confessions, feelings realization, misunderstandings, courting
A/N: When I see this trope I know I'm gonna want to punch the screen but also laugh my ass off.
Riddle knows there's something odd going on. He sees and hears the other students glancing at the two of you and whispering among themselves. Frankly it's a little annoying to him that they're talking behind his back. It's not until he overhears them talking about him inviting you to tea parties often that he realized how that might have looked to an outsider. If the other students seem to think that there's something going on already then he might as well go ahead and try his luck at the next tea party.
Leona loves having you around really. Having you sing his praises, stroking his ego, flashing him those sunshine smiles that do odd things to his heart and mind. It took him a long time to realize that those feelings were, and once he did he was determined to win your affections over the right way. He might not apply himself fully when it comes to teste and studying but he will for sure fine a way to sweep you off your feet.
Azul is aware of your feelings for him right away but not of his for you. He saw you a fun plaything at first, not even realizing how fond he's growing of you despite it being obvious to his Housemates. He tried to deny his feelings for a while only to fail miserably when he thought you might be stolen away by another student. He suspects that this is just a ploy by Jade and Floyd. Damn them it worked. The next thing he knew he was embracing you, pulling you away to privacy and set to confirm what he already knew with a kiss: the two of you were meant for each other.
Kalim is much too nice to realize that his actions were flirtatious in nature. He loved hanging out with you, his arm around your shoulder, joking with you and complimenting you all the time. He did start noticing the way you blush around him though and it made him re-examine a few of your interactions with him as opposed to your other friends. He couldn't sleep all night when he did the same for himself as well and realized how blind he was being this whole time. He asked you to meet him in the gardens the next morning to straighten things out with you. When he met you with a full bouquet of flowers you suspected what he was going to ask. The answer was yes of course, you would love to be an official couple.
Vil was never too concerned with what people talked about, the rumors they spread, he knew the truth and it was all that was important. Or was it? When he heard that there were rumors going around that the two of you were a couple it have him pause. He wasn't sure what to make of that, you were amazing, smart, beautiful, but did you really like him like that? Did he give you reason to? Did he give you reason not to? He was determined to find out either way, and hopefully by the end of it, win your affections for real.
Idia and you exchange a lot of texts and video calls with each other, more than with anyone else really. It's not unusual that people started talking when you spend so much time in each others company. Neither of you were aware of just how affectionate and flirty you were acting over text until it was pointed out to both of you. His next few texts are very careful, testing the waters, trying to see if there is actually something more between you two. It's not working. When he gets frustrated he decided that it would be best to confirm it face to face. He could see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, in the way your hands shook when you held his, he knew you liked him, and he liked you as well.
Malleus doesn't even think about it when the two of you walk hand in hand, or when he's reading a book with his head in your lap. He's touch starved and you provide that touch and affections and smiles, he loves that. But he didn't realize how much he truly loved you until it was time for the dance. He knew he wanted to go with you, to see you laugh all evening, to feel you close to him, to feel your lips against his. He wanted to make what he'd been hearing whispers about all term a reality.
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twstwhore · 4 months
Calling them by their full name as a prank part 2
Warning: none
ft: Riddle, Idia, Malleus, Ruggie
Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't plagiarize my shit please <3
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