Rot/vamp/zomb pronouns flag. A flag for those who use rot/rots/rotself, vamp/vamps/vampself, and zomb/zombs/zombself pronouns
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hatescoiningcorner · 7 months
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Made a pronoun combo flag for myself, though anyone who also use these three can also use this flag, the colors are just colors I personally think fits the pronouns (except blue, that's just the color commonly associated with he/him pronouns. Personally I associate he/him pronouns with bright green)
I may make more, since I have a lot of pronouns and it would be neat to have a collection of pronoun combo flags
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Made by me, requested by no one
Tumblr media
Please read my pinned post before interacting!
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pronoun-asks · 3 months
heyy it's me again, keepin you on your toes!
can I have a pronoun check with the name Rain and pronouns
(hope that's not too much.)
Also can I get another paragraph for a friend?
Name Michael
Sure thing!
Radios name is Rain. Bug often studies by murkyself in the library. Rain was wondering if you wanted to study with code. Oh, and this book is rots, so do you mind giving it to lurk if you join?
His name is Michael. She often studies by heartself in the library. Michael was wondering if you wanted to study with her. Oh, and this book is flowers, so do you mind giving it to theatre if you join?
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candyic · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
┊°˖ ✧ a flag for those who use skull/skulls, gho/ghost, and rot/rots pronouns ⊹ this flag can be used by those who use exclusively skull/skulls, gho/ghost, and rot/rots pronouns or use them alongside other pronoun sets
flag created by me ⊹ template by ezgender !!
IMAGE ID: two nearly identical flags stand side-by-side. the flag on the right is seven stripes. the first and seventh stripes are the largest, all the same size, and the fourth stripe is slightly smaller. stripes two, three, five, and six are the thinnest. the colours, from top to bottom, are: maroon, caramel, white, blue mauve, white, caramel, and maroon. the flag on the left is the same, but there is a PNG of a ghost on top. the ghost's body is the same brown as on the flag and the eyes are the same red as the flag; END ID
DO NOT INTERACT if you are... anti-mogai, anti-neuroidentities, anti-nonbinary lesbians/gays, anti-mspec lesbians, NSFW or cringe/flop blog, anti-self diagnosis, autism speaks supporter, t(w)erf/swerf, MAP/supporter, aspec exclus, believe you need dysphoria to be trans, trump supporter, follow other basic DNI criteria; anti-neopronouns/xenogenders, proshipper/anti-anti, anti-kin, or are "neutral" on anything above
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themogaidragon · 11 months
hi hi! could i maybe get a flag? no requirements really, i don’t know if we’re allowed to req flags to be made and not posted, idm either way, this is just a very personal experience of mine but i’m sure other people can relate to it as well
my pronouns are he/him, rot/rots, and zom/zomb :o)
my xenopronouns come from a place of neurodivergency, feeling outcast, feeling like i function slower and vastly different than everyone else, really
its okay if this is too complex!
A flag for people who uses he/him, rot/rots and zom/zomb pronouns because of neurodivergency, the feeling of being outcasted, the feeling that they function slower and vastly differently than everyone else.
Tumblr media
The infinity-shaped symbols at the middle of the flag represents neurodivergency. It is an infinity-shaped symbol of the neurodivergent flag by @neopronouns.
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somecunt · 7 months
Pink - Mew/Mews/Mewself
I was able to make it to Pink’s house earlier today. When I got there, I saw that mew was attempting to clean up mews mess.
Mew had spilled an entire bag of jellybeans all over the floor, I could see that Pink looked embarrassed when mew looked up to see me opening the door. It’s cool, I’ve always known mew to be quite clumsy. I held Pink clean up the rest of mews mess, and then we sat down to talk,
Pink actually seemed really happy to see me, I didn’t expect that of mew. We didn’t always have the best relationship, but I’m glad things are changing. Before I left, Pink made me something to eat, it was delicious, mew was nowhere near this good a cook in highschool.
I still recall the time mew blew an entire carton of eggs up in the microwave, with the shells on.
It makes me wonder, really, how long has it been after all? It’s been five years, five years since I’ve heard mews voice.
I missed Pink terribly, and by the time I’d come to realize, I was back home.
Reese - Rot/Rots/Rotself
When Reese walked in, the first thing rot saw was me picking up jellybeans off the floor, I felt stupid. Why, why at this exact moment did rot have to arrive now? Reese helped me pick everything up, rot probably thinks of me as a moron, I mean, I’ve always been clumsy especially when it came to rot. Rot’s really see the worst of it, I’ve made such a fool of myself in front of rot. After cleaning up the mess, we sat down to converse, since the time we stopped seeing each other, I’ve been working on myself, finally it’s my time to show rot I’m productive. I’ve been practicing my cooking skills, and so I made Reese something to eat before rot left. It didn’t seem like rot enjoyed it at all, another mistake. Then rot left, and I was alone.
I tried to make a more natural feeling story this time, I know not all forms of the pronouns were used in this instance, apologies.
I guess this one is more for making neopronouns feel more natural, than understanding the pronoun forms.
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Hi there! My name's Ash
I wanna test out these pronouns; he/him, it/its, rot/rots, and rai/rain
I really like drawing, playing video games, reading, and baking
Hi Ash!
I got an ask from a person named Ash and he has some pronouns he’d like to test out! I really like its name, a character from my favorite tv show is named Ash! Rot likes to draw which is super cool! I bet he’s a really good artist and I’d love to see some of his art one day! Rai also likes to play video games and heyyy me too! I wonder what some of his favorite games are? It likes to read too! I would like to reccomend to rot the book The End for the sole reason that I loved it. And lastly, rai likes to bake! I bet his baked goods are delicious! It is Kenny from the future and we are revisiting this ask because bun has some new pronouns bun would like me to use! I hope this helps void out. Bun included in buns most recent ask that bun likes to take walks and I think that’s wonderful! I’m so glad voi has a nice way to relax.
I hope this helped! If there’s something you’d like me to fix or change, feel free to send in another ask or message me directly and I’ll redo it! Have a great day :)
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can i get a check for chvrch or juurille with it/its, xe/xim, rot/rots, spi/spiral, and whist/whistle? i like cryptids, folk music, science (biology mainly), writing and poetry!! thank you :3
Of course Chvrch!! Your names are super duper cool by the way!
Look! It's Juurille!! It's such a cool being :0 Did you know that xe likes cryptids? I don't know much about cryptids, maybe rot could tell me about them sometime! Anything that spi likes must be really cool!
Whist also likes folk music!! I've never listened to it much, I wonder if xe could give me some recommendations? I think that rot probably knows some cool artists! Spi may even be able to recommend a few individual songs!
Chvrch also likes science, but whist especially likes biology! I wonder what xis favorite fact is! Does rot focus more on animal biology, or does spi like to learn about cells and stuff?
Oh my stars, Juurille likes writing too! I'm sure that whistles writing is amazing!! I'm not sure what xe writes about though. I'll have to ask it! Maybe it has a favorite genre that it likes to write?
Chvrch likes poetry too? Xe's such a creative person! I could never. Maybe rot could give me some tips on writing it if spi writes it? Or maybe whist just reads it? I'll be sure to ask it later! Maybe xe would tell me more about it?
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pronoun-checker · 9 months
may I have a pronoun check for karma, pronouns he/rot/it/xe
I love drawing and writing
Sure thing!
This is Karma! I love his name! I wonder how rot got it? It said that it loves drawing, which is very cool for xem. I wonder what kinds of things he likes to draw? Karma said that rot likes writing, too. I bet all of its stuff is super cool! I hope that xe has a great day and takes care of himself!
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neopronounsmybelovaed · 9 months
pronouns check with the name Bingo and vamp/vamps and rot/rots pronouns? Thank you!
Heyo, this is my friend Bingo, and vamp has some super cool pronouns! I don’t know much about rot, but I really like vamp’s name as well. Rot and vamp pronouns are really awesome, and the vibe is absolutely impeccable.
I hope that vamp has an amazing rest of rots day, and that vamp gets immense euphoria from rots pronouns.
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pronoun-magpie · 2 years
Corpsegender/Deadgender/Necrogender flag!
Tumblr media
Made for one of my alters, but anyone else can use it too! 
Black symbolyzes death.
Grey symbolizes gravestones, lifelessness, and stone.
Brown symbolizes dirt.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rot/rots pronoun flag!
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pronoun-asks · 9 months
Heyhey! Here's to hoping you still do these :D
I wanna test the names Traitor and Daydream! (Very different vibes, I know.)
I'm testing the pronouns Drae/Draer/Draers/Draerself; Exile/Exiles/Exileself; Nuke/Nukes/Nukeself and Rot/Rots/Rotself! (Sorry if that's too many, I don't mind if you don't do all of them.)
I really like writing, Fran Bow, Minecraft, mythology and birds!
Thank you in advance! I really appreciate it.
No problem, Daydream! I try to do all the pronouns I can. And I love your names!
Traitor likes to write. That’s super fun! I wonder if drae write a lot, or what kind of stuff drae writes. Maybe it’s inspired by mythology, since that’s another interest of draers. Daydream also likes birds! Birds are so pretty.  I see a lot of cardinals, and sometimes hummingbirds, too; I wonder what kind of birds exile likes, or what exiles favorite one is. Nuke also enjoys Fran Bow. I don't know what that is, but maybe nuke could tell me about it! Minecraft is another interest of rots. Is rot more of a builder or explorer? Both are super fun! I hope Traitor has a nice day, exile gets some time to enjoy draer interest, and nuke takes care of rotself!
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faegrovefawn · 2 years
xenogender: cadavergenus
Tumblr media
cadavergenus: a gender that feels like a rotting corpse. it can feel like it is being eaten by other genders, and has a general sense of unease and uncleanliness. it can also be related to forests, gothic castles, zombies, vampires, and skeletons (or any undead/rotting supernatural entity from within your region that you feel closer connected with).
Color meaning: the red to violet represents blood to the cold and drained corpse, the transition of violet to moss is the cadaver decomposing to become one with the forest again
It is neither feminine or masculine inherently, but if you would like to make variations for the flag you are welcome to do so, just remember to credit this blog.
sample pronouns: rot/rots/rotself, death/deaths/deathself, gore/gores/goreself, reap/reaper/reaperself, fungus/funguss/funguself, corpse/corpses/corpseself
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mogaiboards · 2 years
i've seen a bunch of people getting name/pronoun validations so it reminded me to ask for one :0 hoping i can get multiple in one for me and some of my headmates if its not too much trouble: Fenris, he/they/fei pronouns, likes drawing, archery and plants. Osweiller/Oz, he/it/grim/rot pronouns, likes gorillaz(band), collecting drink cans/bottle, and star wars. Klaus, they/clown/it/fog, like animations/cartoons, cats and ghost conspiracies. ty ^w^
can do!
this is Fenris! he loves drawing, perhaps he could show me some of his work if he wants to?
they also love plants, and as a fellow plant lover I can't help but wonder what their favourite ones are! I especially love flowers and sunflowers :D
fei likes archery too, I can only use a crossbow but maybe fei could tell me what it's like to use a bow too?
feir headmate is Oz! he likes to listen to music and his favourite band is Gorillaz!
it loves to collect cans and bottles too, I myself have a little hoard of Monster cans :3
grim also loves Star Wars! that series is so vast, what's grims favourite movie?
rots headmate is Klaus! they likes cartoons and animations, what's their favourite one? personally, I love Steven Universe, The Owl House, and some anime :3
it also loves cats! I have three, maybe it would like to see them?
fog likes ghost conspiracies too, I remember watching so many tv shows about ghosts, what's fogs favourite conspiracy or story?
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xenohcs · 2 years
Tumblr media
Kokichi Ouma from real life is a cinthean beauphoric aromantic transmasc who uses it / its, xe / xem, and rot / rots!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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