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ashwii · 3 days
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It was KILLING me the way everyone was drawing the celestials just ;;; over the basketball stadium for the tmnt au polls UDJWHIWJQHW POOR LEO :'((((
If celestial au wins, then star!leo gets to throw a basket? Mayhaps? Do it for him :'((
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daedelweiss · 3 days
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vote for my friends' AUs >:3 it doesn't matter which one of us wins. if one of us wins, all 3 of us wins!!!
(ColorCoded by @camilieroart, Celestial AU by @ashwii)
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go ahead. i dare all of you. get us to semi finals :3 idc about winning. y'all aren't ready for the trailer uwu
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give the boi headpats 🥺👉👈✨
bonus on why my bois aren't in a basketball fit:
Tumblr media
(Separated AU Leo by @separatedleoau)
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aduckmurder · 2 days
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We didn't make it past the vote to see who would actually make it into the competition, but they can still watch
Celestial Au: @ashwii
Separated Leo Au: @separatedleoau
Never Better Au: @less-depresso-more-espresso
TM(N)T: @nerves-nebula
Memoria Damnum and GhostLee: ME!!
Vote the other guys for me, alright?
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acewithapaintbrush · 1 month
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@ashwii since StarLeo spies on couples I'm pretty sure he also has ✨✨✨opinions✨✨✨
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snailsnaps · 3 months
Tumblr media
Have I told you i'm in love with the Moon!Donnie (Monnie? Moonnie?) from @ashwii 's Celestial AU? I might render this someday
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cosmicalley · 3 months
Solar Eclipse..
Tumblr media
omg when i tell u im absolutely in LOVE with @ashwii’s celestial au like theyre so <33!?!?
might draw star!leo and comet!mikey soon too i love the designs sm
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lava-bite · 3 months
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Space is so vast, it’s probably easy to get lost. Luckily Raph functions as his own flare signal 🔅
@ashwii’s celestial au lives in my head rent free
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anxiouslizarrd · 1 month
@ashwii !!
I wanted to draw star tears and decided that your Donnie would be perfect for this✨
I really underestimated your work, drawing all these details is terribly difficult 😩
Tumblr media
I feel like I should report that this is a big snoot, not a mouth, as you might think..
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art-of-the-maiden · 2 months
okay so i thought i’d be done memeing after the first comic with mikey and leo playing catch, but no. @ashwii ‘s au is finally bringing back my art mojo and i can’t resist
so here, have “April Asks Too Many Questions: a Saga” as a tribute to the brain worms
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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leona-draws · 4 months
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Since y’all liked my last post with the @ashwii ‘s celestial au designs, I bring more silly doodles of the space turtles! (ft my take on Comet!Mikey) [ID in alt text in the first image]
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shadowoffandoms · 3 months
"Is This a 'No Way Home' Reference?"
Rise of the TMNT Fandom, I present to you: Leo meeting different versions of himself! Inspired by the great @dianagj-art in a random ask, this 4K word chapter spawned out of it! This is going to be multiple chapters in that regard!
Summary: In the heat of a battle, Leo is teleported to Mikey's side with the use of his new mystic powers. Thing is, Mikey was warned not to use them on his brothers.
All AU’s that I used on this project, some haven't made an appearance yet, but trust me they're going to! (And apologies for all the @s, I just want to give proper credit!)
An edit: requests for other AUS are welcome! Because I love challenging myself. Yeah. >:)
Like Father Like Son - by @eternalglitch Separated AU - @cupcakeslushie Blood Bath - @trubblegumm Mutant Ninja Midlife Crisis - @mutantninjamidlifecrisis Odd Man Out - @threestripeslider Feral AU - @/cupcakeslushie Celestial AU - @ashwii Separated Leo - @/dianagj-art Tot-Pocalypse- @pastadorable Life Mission: Save My Brothers - @daedelweiss Prime Leo - @darth-sonny (added!)
Tumblr media
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ashwii · 1 month
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The new moon does not appreciate the stars' sass
Credit to @leona-draws and SEVERAL anons in the ask box for the "it's not a phase" joke, it's absolutely hilarious XD
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bookiedoodles · 4 months
Tumblr media
The celestial AU created by @ashwii has grabbed me by the throat and refuses to let go so I HAD to draw them asap
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acewithapaintbrush · 4 months
I'm in love with @ashwii Celestial AU. I wanted to write something poetic and beautiful but instead it turned into silly shenanigans between astronaut April and the Disaster Twins. I hope you get a good chuckle out of it at least.
"Wait! Hold on! Rewind! Humans do what?" 
April grins and adjusts her grip on the outer hull. She briefly gestures with the screwdriver before plunging it back into the innards of the space station she is going to call her home for the next few years. 
No matter how much she'd trained for and anticipated this mission, the idea of spending years alone on a space station to research the effects of long term exposure to low gravity had been as exciting as it had been scary. All that scientific and psychological mumbo jumbo aside, she'd been convinced that 'going space crazy' would be a given and had noted it down in her mission log on the very first day (something Ground Control hadn't found very funny, weirdly enough). 
She thought the loneliness might kill her before any asteroid or technical failure could. But now here she is, floating in her super advanced space suit in the vast nothingness of space and talking to a floating humanoid turtle who is also apparently an embodiment of all the stars in all the galaxies and who is named like a renaissance painter even though April had to explain what a renaissance painter even is and… 
Maybe she has gone space crazy after all? 
Leonardo proves that he is not merely a figment of her imagination by tapping one of his fingers against the face shield of her helmet, an action that had scared the crap out of her the first time he'd done it. Not anymore though. Her new friends won't let anything happen to her. 
"Hello? Stars to April!" 
"Yes Leo, I heard you." She can hear him loud and clear. She wonders if he can too or if her voice sounds muffled to him through the helmet. "Don't know what to tell you, dude. It's just a silly thing humans do. There are websites where you can buy a star and give it a name and then give it away as a gift." 
"A gift?" Leo clutches at his chest like an old lady might clutch at her pearls. He floats backwards a few feet. The trails of his mask flare and tiny stars follow his movement, surrounding him and sparking briefly like small explosions before fading away again. 
Oh, how April wishes she could touch them. Would they be cold or hot? Would they pass right through her or settle on her skin like a thousand little fireflies?
They don't know if Leo and his brothers can enter the station without harm to them or the ship and April knows that they are too wary to try. Yet. 
Which, yeah. Fair enough. Maybe one day. 
"A gift!" he repeats. His voice cracks and he looks genuinely distressed. April would feel bad for him if she wasn't trying so hard not to laugh. "How dare you humans sell pieces of me as a gift!" 
"Hey hey, calm down. It's not real. No one can really buy a star. It's just… make believe." 
"That's besides the point!" 
In that moment Donatello joins them, alerted by his brother's shouting and gesticulating. He's been keeping an eye on the two of them from a distance. The moon turtle is the slowest to warm up to April, although her willingness to show and explain to him the various uses of her NASA approved equipment has gone a long way. April is determined to win the celestial being over with her charm and wit, just like she did with his brothers. 
"What's all this racket about?" Don looks and sounds tired. It's a waning moon and his arms are already more black than green, his eyes vaguely distant. The black mass traveling up and down his arms like the insides of a lava lamp should look creepy but it's actually quite mesmerizing. April could watch the dance of darkness and light for hours, but Donnie gets testy when he catches her staring so she refrains. Barely. 
"Donnieeeee!" Leo wails and throws his arms around his brother's neck. Immediately the stars on his skin brighten. It's fascinating: The darker Donnie is, the brighter Leo shines. The closer they are to a full moon, the more subdued Leo's glow becomes. Neither state seems to affect the other negatively. Rather, they seem to gravitate towards each other even more frequently during full and new moons. 
Donnie smiles softly in the face of his brother's antics and April catches herself thinking that it's probably a good thing both of them don't shine at the same time. That might just blind her. 
The moon turtle catches her staring and just like a switch being flipped his smile turns into a scowl and he pushes his brother away. 
April smirks. So predictable. 
"Nardo! What is it?" 
Leonardo waves his arms around. Streaks of light paint waves into the space between them. "April just told me that humans buy stars as gifts!" He shudders and hugs himself. "I feel so violated." 
Okay, that is so not fair. Now April feels really bad. And it's got nothing to do with the glare Don sends her. 
"Hey man!", she says and gently bumps her fist lightly against Leo's shoulder. It feels just like any other shoulder. Corporal and squishy. She wonders if it would feel different without the glove in the way. "They only do that because stars are beautiful. You buy a star for your loved ones, to show them how important they are to you and because you want to give them something unique and lovely. Gifting someone a star is like, the most wonderful thing you can do on earth, y'know?"
She is mostly talking out of her ass right now. April never got the whole 'gifting a star' business. To her it's mostly a scam, just a very expensive piece of paper. No one owns stars so no one can sell them either. But she does acknowledge that it's a cute idea at least and that lots of people are really digging it. 
Leo stares at her with, excuse the pun, stars in his eyes. "Really?" His attitude does a complete 180. He twirls in a circle, throws his glowing mask trails around and blows his brother an exaggerated kiss. "You hear that, Dee? I'm the most wonderful gift, ever. Humans pay lots of money for a piece of me. You all get my company for free, be thankful." 
Donatello rolls his eyes. "Oh, joy. Though I  wish I had paid some money. At least then I'd have a receipt and could return you for something cooler." 
Leo only laughs good-naturedly, but April mentally rubs her hands like a villain. 
She really shouldn't aggravate the guy. She does want him to like her, after all. But Donnie just offered her the perfect opportunity for some light teasing. And she did promise to teach the boys everything she knows about earth and human customs. She's got a duty to fulfill, doesn't she? 
Ah, well. They can become best friends later. After all, she'll be around them for many years to come. 
"Oh Donnie!" she drawls and floats closer to him. He eyes her with the usual distrust and she smirks in anticipation. "Did I ever tell you about this thing humans do, where they buy land on the moon?" 
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chilihandle · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doodles of the boys from @ashwii’s au
It literally has me on my knees king/queen your designs are so cute and pretty at the same time
I think it’s obvious which one I started with before getting the hang of it—
If you can’t it was Leo…
idk if it’s a coincidence or not but Leo is the stars and there’s that one constellation/zodiac literally called Leo 🥺🥺🥺
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manga-toons · 4 months
Tumblr media
He's just...so pretty??? Fanart for @ashwii 's celestial au. I love this au so much, the designs are so stunning. The space effects in the bg are mostly free png's I'm not that skilled shhh
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