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remusmirrorball · 1 day
The Better Robin, the better lover.
Pairings: Batfam x batsis, batsis x Roy Harper
summary: It’s Valentine’s Day, and the Batbros are fighting over who is most likely to get a flower arrangement.
warning: fighting, mentions of death.
a/n: And the Cupids Fourteen love stories continue. Hope you guys are enjoying the series! Lots of love
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Dick Grayson walked down the stairs in the Wayne Manor heading towards the kitchen to sneak some snacks but his little trip stop when he spotted a beautiful flower arrangement neatly placed on the kitchen counter. Before he had time to pick the card of the flowers his actions where interrupted by Jason Todd entering the room.
“Don’t get near my flowers” he said emphasizing on my flowers.
“Your flowers? Who even got you flowers?” He said inspecting him up and down.
“ I have many lovers, Grayson. So they obviously sent me flowers. Now keep your dirty hands off it” Jason exclaimed, slapping his hand away.
“You can’t just assume these flowers are yours. It’s obvious that the flowers are for me, they are literally f/f, my favorite flowers. So I highly doubt that those flowers are for you. Now step aside and let me thank the person who got me those”
“Answer me this Dick, when have you had a stable relationship that your partner would send you flowers? Exactly, now move”
“Why do you find the need to offend me? I’m not the one that had commitment issues, look at yourself ” Dick said looking at Jason knowingly.
“Die and then you can judge my commitment choices” He muttered, pushing him slightly.
“I already did, asshole. That’s why I’m judging, you can’t use getting brutally murder as an excuse for everything, ” Dick said, pointing his chest several times.
“Dick, listen to what you just said because right now you’re really living up to your name” he said even louder face to face to him slapping his hand away.
“My names not Dick you ass. It’s Richard so joke on you” he said pushing him back. Both of them started pushing each other back and forth each time being harder.
“Oh! They look beautiful” Tim Drake said entering the frame and pushing past his brothers to look at the flowers.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Jason and Dick said at the same time looking down at their brother. Tim turned around to them, glaring at them.
“Please, Jason. I don’t want to get personal but you never leave this house and if you do, it’s for your vigilante bullshit so they wouldn’t know you live here and you, none of your situation ships are giving you such expensive flowers so move and keep on walking” Tim said smelling the flowers leaving two angry guys to stare him down.
“I’m sorry that you are so in love with your little boyfriend. But you literally couldn’t say it better, they are too expensive for you boyfriend to buy it” Dick responded.
“Are you trying to assume my boyfriend is poor?” Tim said, turning towards him.
“You said it not us” Jason responded, making Tim yell at him. The three of them yelled at each other making a huge ruckus. Bruce passed by watching them fight which made him quickly turn around back to his room. A few minutes later Roy Harper walked into the kitchen standing near the three boys.
“Guys?” Roy said but none of them answered after a few minutes of trying to get their attention.
“What!” The three of the yelled at Roy.
“Why are you guys fighting right now?” Roy asked separating them.
“We are trying to figure out who got us these flowers” Dick responded agitated, looking at him.
“Oh, that’s what this is about? Easy, I got the flowers” Roy responded with a shrug.
“See! I told you guys it was mine! Thank you so much Roy” Jason responded, giving him a side hug.
“You’re welcome? But just so you know this isn’t for you” Roy responded confused.
“What?!” Jason exclaimed, pushing Roy out of the hug.
“Ha! I knew you would eventually come through” Dick said, hugging Roy.
“It wasn’t for you either, Dick” he muttered.
“You disappoint me, Harper” Dick said, letting him go.
“I’m flattered Roy” Tim said walking towards him to walk him but before he did Roy spoke.
“Guys, it’s not for any of you guys. Did you even read the card?” Roy asked, looking at the trio. All three of them shook their heads, not making Roy roll his eyes.
“Well for who isn’t then?” Tim asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Oh, hi Roy!! I just wanted to thank you for the gifts” Y/n said walking in with chocolate covered strawberries in her hand.
“Y/n?!?” The trio exclaimed looking between the pair. Roy quickly blushed covering his face.
“What?” She asked, confused taking a bite of the chocolate covered strawberries.
“The flower arrangements are for you?” Dick asked, raising an eyebrow.
“The flowers, the chocolate covered strawberries and the plushies are for me, why?” She said looking at her brothers.
“I just can’t believe you and him or even better, you with anyone” Tim said looking at the flowers.
“What can I say, I got the romantic genes in our family” She said winking at them.
“You did not” Jason glared at her.
“I’m the only one that got a gift, so..” she said with a laugh making them roll their eyes.
“Just wait until you read the card” Roy responded with a small smirk. The three of them leaned into the flowers picking out the card reading the little note. All three of them angrily gasped at what they read.
“To the better Robin! That’s just insulting”
request are open, xoxo.
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kasonkodd · 2 days
So like Jason and Lian totally do homework together at the table while Jason is getting his GED right. And she and Roy help Jason prep for tests with flashcards and the like.
AHH STOP!!!!!!??
they SO do their silly little homeworks together. Roy thinks its the cutest thing in the world when he comes home to find the two at the dinner table, helping each other. He even snags a few pictures because AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW and then like offers to help. now theyre all at the table with their serious faces. it’s adorable. they all eat pizza as a reward for working so hard.
thank u for fueling my jayroy addiction, Anon. smooches ur bald head. AHH lex luthor lookin ass!!!! jk ily!
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headcanonthings · 20 hours
Dick: Jay, you might complain about him a lot, but Roy is truly your BFFLWYLION.
Jason: What the heck is that?
Dick: Best Friend For Life Whether You Like It Or Not.
Jason: ...
Jason: That’s one way to say it, I guess…
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waveblazer · 23 hours
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neonphoenix · 1 day
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darsky17 · 2 days
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nyxqueen97 · 2 days
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adhdslugcrimes · 17 hours
Hal: it's weird not having Barry here...
Arthur: we have Wally, they are basically carbon copies of themselves.
Oliver: yeah, and you see Barry off work so there's should be no missing him.
Hal: I don't know, it's just weird. He's just so young taking care of his role in the Titans, taking care of both Keystone and Central City, and now taking over his uncle role here it's got to be exhausting for him.
Bruce: he's also working for me.
Clark: he's what?
Bruce: working for me, well he's been working for me helping out Alfred with patching us up and babysitting for me. Apparently he wants to pay back Allen for all he's done.
Hal: how much are you paying him?
Bruce: 100 an hour for the medical training, 130.56$ an hour for babysitting.
Hal: damn...
Diana: good for him, how long has he been working for you?
Bruce: since he was 15.
Arthur: why does he feel like he needs to repay Barry? Doesn't sound like he would do that to him...
Bruce: he just said he needs to pay for his own keep being a second speedster he worried he was hurting them with the food he needed, now he just do it to help the other speedsters and the Allen's. They saved it for his college so.
Diana: good for Wally, I'm very proud of him.
Oliver: but damn that's a lot on one person...
Dick, carrying a very boxes: that's why he has us.
Roy, carrying several weapons: and the Titans and Dick's siblings.
Bruce: ... We should stop them..
Clark: no, Roy found the kryptonite sword... We should let them be.
Wally, in his seat now: hey, sorry I'm late! Big line at the doughnut shop. *Put the box on the table* I got everyone favorite! So what were you talking about while waiting?
Hal, hugging his nephew: nothing really, now did you get my bear claw?
Wally: yep. Also why are Dick and Roy taking weapons out of here?
Clark, eating an old fashioned: don't worry about it.
(me and @renwilson talked about this, we hitting off on each other lol love ya bestie 💕)
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the-mumbo · 21 hours
Roy: Hey sweetheart did you have a good time with Uncle Jason?
Lian: ya he taught me all sorts of things
Roy: like what?
Lian: Fuck
Jason: *filming*
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three-am-writing · 1 day
Don’t mind me, I’m just here pushing the aroace Jason Todd agenda
Jason having a thing for Wonder Woman but really he just thinks she’s cool and that’s how crushes work (HE IS A DIANA STAN)
Him thinking he has feelings for Roy at some point but then actually being weirded out by the thought cause why would he be in love with Roy (the feeling was friendship)
To be fair I think he thought he had a crush on every single one of his friends at some point
He doesn’t know he’s attractive, like he genuinely HAS NO IDEA that people are attracted to him and he’s always confused ???
He’s always giving romantic advice to his siblings cause he doesn’t understand what’s up with the drama?
definitely had a fake girlfriend at some point just to feel included when talking to Dick
And since he was a very bad liar, naturally, they thought he was gay (as most aro/ace people experience)
I don’t think he labels himself tho I feel like he’s just who he is and that’s ok
I love my babybird Jay ok?
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johnvenus · 2 days
Titans by pvmedeirosart (link):
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nitpickrider · 2 days
Tumblr media
Roy's alright. And to these two, that means more than all the power in all the world.
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kasonkodd · 2 days
a continuation of this!!!!
so after jason did all his big huge Red Hooding, he realizes like… he doesn’t have a legal license.. and he never graduated high school and tbh? he’d like to go to college. So he brings this up to Bruce who is ALL for it.
anytime Jay comes by the manor Bruce insists. INSISTS (makes) Jason drive at least a block or two. and everytime they go for a ride, Jason learns a new thing. So truthfully, hes kinda grateful hes forced drive. by the end of these little lessons, he takes the test and passes. the first time. everything went flawless. Bruce is beyond words proud and Jay is on errands duty for the next week.. which he doesn’t mind at all. They even do a tiny little celebration with a cake and Jasons favorite movie. its cute and sweet and Jay doesn’t cry.
next is him trying to figure out how to finish high school. Ultimately, he takes this month long course of night classes. Jays always been smart so it was honestly a breeze for him. He also lowkey loved it. and when he finished those, he slowly transitioned into college. They did a small ceremony for when he graduated highschool but he begged and pleaded Bruce not to throw a huge party and that if he really wanted one, to wait until he graduated from college. Jay probs went in for English Studies or something along the lines of History. IDK hes a nerd. but he graduates from one of those. (he’s considering going back for ??nursing?? idk)
he had to do the whole walk the stage thing too. cap n gown. the entire family is there. Roy and lian too (ya jayroys involved do NOT be surprised.) jay gets called and the whole batfam goes nuts. theres crying, there’s cheering. jay gets a little embarrassed but he loves it.
Afterwards, when they had to go and collect the graduate, Bruce pulls him aside. He tells Jason how incredibly proud he is. How it felt like such an honor to watch Jason grow into this wonderful, talented, loving man. He says he was honestly worried for a bit there, in which Jason agrees, but hes happy and wants nothing more but for Jason to continue to grow on this right path. He throws in a few apologies for how the past had been but that he’s grateful to have been able to move past that and to proceed to father him just as he has been. Jason cries- oh boy does he cry. and they exchange a sweet, squishy hug.
after this sentimental moment, they go out for BURGERS then set home for a small party for Bruces second eldest.
fight me on this i genuinely dare you. tell me my bruce is out of character then slowly realize that i dont care about your opinion. dc should let bruce be a proper father.
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batposts · 8 hours
general opinion on dickroy? i have seen some of your takes on them before and i am curious :D
I'm a fan! Their Speedy/Robin dynamic was so fun, they could barely stand each other half the time and there was so much tension like there's no WAY making out wouldn't solve at least half of them. Their older/current dynamic is amazing, and they have awesome chemistry as just Dick and Roy. The way they both value each other's skills and intelligence and constantly have each other's backs. Their banter is honestly immaculate, plus the openly uptight & openly easygoing but both competent dynamic gets me every time
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guardianbee · 1 day
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