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liquial · 2 months
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ルーンファクトリー オーシャンズ Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (2011)
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keonnise · 1 year
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Rune Factory Protags
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melodybottles · 5 months
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experimenting with lineless art......
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mermaidsbiann · 1 year
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When is their family gathering?
Edit: I forgot to put Bianca in the original I’m so sorry queen
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~*~Rune Factory Secret Santa 2022 sign-ups have now begun!!!~*~
Hello again everyone! I’m Merry, and I hope we can all come together to once again spread holiday happiness and cheer!
Please read all of the guidelines carefully!
This event has a PG-13 and below rating, meaning absolutely no nsfw. If you think what you made is questionable, it’s probably best not to post it.
Please make sure you are able to finish your gift! If you sign up and cannot complete it for any reason, contact me asap so that I can find a backup Santa. If you did not receive your gift last year, please message me immediately upon signing up to let me know.
Have your submit box or IMs open, please! This is the best way for me to send you all of the information you need to know once you are assigned someone. If I cannot contact you, you may be disqualified. (if you signed up last year and dropped out with no warning, I may not accept your application, so please message me first!)
If you sign up and then change your username and do not notify me, I will try to track you down once. If I cannot find you, then you may be disqualified from the event. Please be sure to keep me updated on any username changes!
Please, do your very best to give your giftee what their heart desires! Do your best to make their wish come true!
This shouldn’t need to be said, but if I find out you’ve used stolen art in your gift or put anything nsfw in the tag, you will be banned from participating in the future. Please make original gifts!
Sign-ups will remain open until November 15th at 11:59 PM EST. You will receive your match-up shortly after.
Once you receive your match-up, you will have about a month to get your gift completed! You are allowed to post your gift any time between December 20th and New Year’s Eve. I will message everyone throughout the month (especially as it gets closer to the deadline) with reminders to get their gifts done.
All of that being said, the best way to give your giftee their gift is to post it publicly, and tag it “RFSS2022″. I will reblog it here. If you do not wish for your gift to be public, then please submit it to me so that I may send it to them privately. It’s preferred that you do not send it to them directly, mainly so I will know that you completed your gift and don’t assign a back-up, but if you MUST send it to them directly, please let me know once you do so.
Are crossovers allowed? What about OCs? Crossovers within the Rune Factory and/or the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons universe are allowed as well as Rune Factory-based OCs.
-What forms of media are accepted for this event? Because I had some issues in the past with a few people, I have no choice but to narrow down the criteria to fanart and fanfiction. HOWEVER, that does not mean edits and videos are no longer allowed! You can still submit them so long as they have some sort of original aspect (like a video of a fan-made in-game scene, incorrect quote-styled edits, etc.), I will accept those into the “fanfiction” category. All that being said, if you’ve participated in the past with different forms of media than listed above, please contact me and we can work something out!(please message me if you have any questions about this)
Please put as much effort into this as possible. Your giftee would probably be disappointed with a blurry drawing on notebook paper taken with a camera, so I will not be accepting something like that as a final gift.
-I’m a fanfic writer, how long should my story be? I would recommend 1000 words minimum. There’s no word cap, but please keep it reasonable.
-Can I send my giftee an anonymous ask if I need more details about their gift? Yes, absolutely! If they do not have anonymous enabled, feel free to send me a message and I’ll ask for you.
-I want to participate but I don’t have a tumblr. Thankfully you don’t need one to participate, all you need to provide is a form of contact!
-I got assigned the same person as I have before! This is a small fandom, so that may happen with an event with many of the same people signing up year after year. I’m only one person, and I cannot remember who has been assigned to who before, so if this happens and you’d like someone else, please feel free to let me know!
-I got assigned something that I’m not familiar with! I use a random number generator to assign match-ups and I do try to fix match-ups that are incompatible, but sometimes I may miss something. If you are an artist, I may have to end up assigning you something RF1 based when you have only played RF4 based on how many signups there are, but when it comes to writers, I try my hardest to make sure they are familiar with the source material. Still, if you are assigned something or someone you are not comfortable with, please let me know ASAP and I will work on getting you switched.
Feel free to ask any additional questions, and they will be answered as soon as possible! Happy gifting! ~*~*~[SIGN UPS ARE HERE]~*~*~
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The rune factory iceberg is finally complete, 8 layers, I don't know how many enteries, and a lot of rf facts.
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I will (hopefully) he explaining all of the layers, I don't have any way to do it in a video form so I'll just reblog this post a good few times to explain the enteries.
Thank you to the Rund factory Fandom site, it helped a lot as well as @forestofbeginnings I didn't contact them directly but their many posts helped me a lot as well.
If you want to know a explanation for a entry, just ask in the replies, tags, dms or just ask me anonymously.
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momosuzurina · 9 months
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The 15th Anniversary of Rune Factory🥕🥕🥕(2021/9/30)
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forestofbeginnings · 2 years
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Happy 15th Anniversary to the Rune Factory series!
In celebration, the Rune Factory Twitter has several special events going on. Please see the previous post to see a link to the official 15th Anniversary website!
Celebrations include a Rune Factory art contest, a questionnaire filled with a bunch of Rune Factory questions, a special 15th anniversary trailer, a Twitter giveaway, and special sales for the Japanese versions of RF4, RF4S, and RF5!
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acediee · 5 months
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Commission from N3URO5I5.EXE! Thank you so much for commissioning me!! ☺️☺️
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ranchstoryblog · 1 year
Merch news again! This time for the Rune Factory fans!
Rune Factory Oceans, 4, and 5 are all joining the line-up in GraffArt and original artwork styles with acrylic standees, buttons, keychains, and a few everyday items like masking tape!
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keonnise · 2 months
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Updated my Etsy with a bunch of new stickers!
I’ve changed the materials I use while also adding a little tab to the stickers that will hopefully make them easier to peel
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god that would be the dream huh
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bokumonocosplay · 1 month
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Alice as Sonja! I like this outfit but what is up with that hat? 😂
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pinkcatflower · 5 months
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melodybottles · 7 months
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what if you lived at the church and i worked at the clinic down the hall and we were both girls 😳😳😳
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