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astrology notes 2.
Mercury square and (perhaps any hard aspect) with Uranus might play out as a person speaking very fast (like 98948594 words under one minute)
weak Moon position (most likely Moon in Scorpio, Moon in 8th) might mean that the person is highly likely to have issues with sleep because they can’t relax, and the hard aspects to Moon can tell what actually makes the person tense: - Moon hard aspects with Mercury or Uranus - the person can’t sleep because they are too preoccupied with their thinking process, with their «to-do-list tomorrow», and etc, they are too very anxiery prone people HM: Moon in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini, Moon in 6th, 3rd and 11 house having hard aspects from malefics
the person with Moon in Sagittarius or Pisces under the Neptune in Capricorn, or having Saturn in Pisces aspecting the Moon, perhaps Moon in Capricorn might think that they don’t have any dreams during sleep, it’s blank darkness and that’s all, and in general they don’t remember their dreams afterwards. this is because their sign ruler is in detriment (Neptune in Capricorn) or Saturn restricts Pisces influence (e.g dreams).
natal Moon square Saturn might mean that the person was raised by grandparents, or the Mother was somehow at odds with her parents. - also, Moon square Saturn might play out like a child is forced to go out of the Moon’s comfort and take more responsibility like taking care of their grandparents in a childhood or comforting their mother during difficult times. - very emotionally taxing and one of the most difficult placements for Moon as it forces the person to bury their vulnerability somewhere really deep. same might go to the Moon in Capricorn placement.
Venus in Scorpio is in detriment, meaning that at some point of the native's life they will face a situation when they are an outsider of their social circle: they might get bullied in school and don’t feel themselves attractive at all, instead might feel like they are invisible, and this in turn might force them to refuse their feminine energy and keep them away from fully embracing it.
note: these observations are based on the people around me and how I perceive and observe them. please let me know your thoughts and experiences with these placements too!
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solarianastrology · 2 days
I just made this blog to post my astro observations, learn more, and interact with others into astrology. I've been studying astrology for 2 years and heavily focus in medical astrology, but I love it all.
DISCLAIMER: These are my observations from my personal experiences with these placements and energies. They may or may not apply to you. Astrology is not the end all be all, it's simply the possibilities and in your birth chart, you determine the outcome. There's duality to everything.
Let's get into these observations>>>>>>
If you've ever paid attention to degrees, you've probably noticed this pattern. Let's take Aries for example. The Aries degrees are 1, 13, and 25. Aries is of the cardinal modality and fire element in astrology.
Let me get to the point >>>>> In astrology, 1 degree is Aries, so is 13 and 25, but let's take a closer look at these numbers. When you add 1+3, you get 4, which is Cancer, a cardinal water sign. When you add 2+5 you get 7, which represents Libra, a cardinal air sign. The degrees coincide with the signs of that same modality.
Another example: Taurus is 2 degrees and its fixed earth sign. The other degrees that represent Taurus are 14 and 26. 1+4 is 5, which is a Leo degree, a fixed fire sign. When you add 2+6, you get 8 which is Scorpio, a fixed water sign. You see the pattern?
Most Pluto 2H natives I know that are undeveloped have an unhealthy attachment to extremely materialistic items (if that makes any sense, lol) such as designer or the most trending fashions. I've seen some go broke buying shoes and clothes, travelling, and I could be wrong but I think it's to give them a temporary sense of self-worth or value. The key with Pluto here is to get in touch with what is truly of value to you instead of what society deems valuable in outer appearance. When you transform your value system, the constant ups and downs with finances, stability, and self-worth will improve. Learn yourself, love yourself, evolve yourself.
In my opinion, Libra's are the most manipulative sign, and this is coming from a Libra. Don't get me wrong, Cancers can be very manipulative emotionally, but they don't care to have you around if you negatively affect their mood. Most manipulators need to manipulate because they need something from you whether it be something physical or not. Geminis manipulate for fun and out of boredom lol, it's not too much reason and they are very independent and can connect with almost anyone, so they don't take the top for me either. Scorpios are known for this, I know... but it's Libra's need for relationships that get me. Libras are balance and anything tipping the scale will cause an imbalance and that's the last thing any Libra wants. Some will do almost anything to keep the peace and not to mention the charm. Heavy Libra placements, especially Sun, Venus, and Mercury's words and deliverance are magnetic. They can manipulate almost any situation. and don't forget they are VERY intelligent. (AIR)
Pisces Rising's are always so beautiful in an out of this world way, like I can stare at them and just admire their beauty, almost like a painting.
Those with Sagittarius Suns in Pisces degrees are healers. They also have an expansive imagination which can sometimes lead to unrealistic or more fantasy thoughts frequently. Beautiful inventions and ideas but it's important that Ya'll sometimes put focus into the details of things and how to actually make those ideas practical so that they manifest physically.
In order to manifest anything, you need all four elements. You first begin with the imagination/visions (FIRE), then you have to connect with that thought emotionally (WATER) to give the thought meaning and reason. Through connecting with that thought you develop thoughts that support that feeling, you gather information (AIR), your mind knows what direction to go in in order to make it a reality. Now you make the thoughts a reality by putting in the practical work (EARTH) to make it physical.
Chiron 3H natives are so smart but with a lot of them I know, the education system made them feel like they weren't because of their unique way of acquiring knowledge. They like to learn on their own and in their own way to build confidence in the knowledge they know. Just because a teacher taught them something one way, doesn't make it the only way. Just because some information came from one source, doesn't make it credible or true, they dig deeper and find their own meaning.
Virgo risings are so well put together and they know it. They not only see the flaws in everything and everybody, but they see it in themselves. I find it beautiful and quite classy that they don't judge anyone despite being able to see the imperfections in others but instead strive for perfection in self. They'll never make a bad first impression.
Cancer moons feel deeply but they are not crybabies, (at least not in front of others). They don't try to suppress their emotions, nor do they try to show them too much, they sort of let them flow. They have a keen understanding of emotions.
Okay thats it! THANK YOUUU
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astrogynyy · 3 days
Take my quiz for my opinions on ur placements!!!
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mamajebbun · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have a series called Star Seedlings. It was my way to make fairy like characters.It was on my old tumblr which tumblr deleted ¬¬ I might make a blog for them again if this gets popular.
I wanted to redo some of the girls I made years ago so I decided the Zodiac. Old fire sign designs are under the tab.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ferie-anon · 2 hours
Tumblr media
🧩Astro • Observations🧩
Tumblr media
🎧 People with uranus in 6th may have unexpected health problems relating to their stomach. Since 6th house is the house ruled by virgo which virgo rules digestive system, uranus can cause unexpected health problems related to ur stomach 🫠 eg. I have a sensitive stomach due to the prominence of my virgo placements and having uranus in 6th also, I sometimes get stomachaches or stomach cramps unexpectedly.
🎧 If you have a planet conjunct to your ascendant, people may mistaken or guess your sun sign as the sign of that planet conjunct to your ascendant. For ex: I have moon conjunct ascendant and sometimes people guess I’m a cancer sun which is the sign that is ruled by the moon.
🎧 Water rising signs are often very attractive or magnetic to others. Scorpio risings often have an edgy, sad girl/sad boy, grunge, or skater look, they may have a charismatic or fierce look to their eyes (almond shaped). Pisces risings have a sleepy ethereal look with round soft eyes, interchangeable unique style while maintaining a dreamy vibe. Cancer risings styles fall with the sweetheart, gentleman, and elegant look. They may look younger than they are physically.
Tumblr media
🎧 Sag mars may have an athletic figure or fit figure, these people tend to take hobbies and interests that are related to movement, whether its playing sports or dancing etc.
Additionally I notice sag mars and pisces mars make for very groovy and good dancers, they’re able to catch the flow and movement - Eg. Winwin from Nct has sag mars and Ten has pisces mars, Chaeryeong from Itzy has sag mars and Yuna from the same group has pisces mars.
🎧 The stereotypes regarding Tauruses liking food isn’t true all the time but it is notable that taurus placements have a certain relationship with food, whether they diet or use food as comfort. Audrey Hepburn was a taurus sun but she always maintained a slim figure thru strict diet for her roles and career, but also ate healthily when she allowed herself to.
🎧 Virgo suns with cancer placements in the kpop industry are admired for their visuals, they can be chic, elegant, cute, cool etc. They may be good at modeling as well, knowing how to pose and express their different looks and vibes thru their eyes and etc. Eg. Joy from Red velvet and Wonyoung from Ive. Additionally, if they have cancer venus with Virgo sub, it may tie to how others are attracted and appealed to their energy, virgo + cancer = put together, elegant, magnetic.
🎧 Mutable sign energy(sag, virgo, gemini) + mercury energy (gemini, 3rd house, virgo, 6th house) = rambling on and on about a topic or their thoughts. I have a friend who is a gemini sun and virgo moon, he rambles on to try to get the words or phrase right or thoughts out, and he's just keeps chatting on while you're clearly concerned if he should take a breath and pause. I have another friend who is a sag moon with mercury in 3rd house and she rambles on but instead messes up the words a lot and when she's texting she has so many typos lol.
Sag + gemini energy in the chart makes them chaotically energetic when they're passionate about a topic when with friends. Gemini + virgo energy makes for an interesting conversation that touches on different topics in one sitting and it's neverending. And my virgo moon and 1st house stellium is here for it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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skinfrostlight · 2 days
sextiles are la dolce vita
this started out as a post about sags in love but it just ended up being about sextiles and i didn't round out my conclusions about sags in the end bc i just kept expanding on the idea of sextiles so this post doesn't really end the same way it begins, hope it's a fun read anyway; i use pisces and sagittarius as examples for activating sextile signs, so if you have placements of any kind in these signs it might be helpful.
one of my friends here said that they understood the philosophical side of sags but not their romantic side, which i thought was interesting, given how obsessed we are with romance, so i thought i'd write a bit about it here.
sag sextiles libra and aquarius, the sign of harmony, beauty, and relationships, and the sign of friendships, innovation, and the common good. while for the feminine signs, the signs sextiling them provide a way to ground their chaos (we consider chaos sacred here), for masculine signs, the signs 60 degrees away provide a source of, i guess, "stimulation" if you will, a way to come up with new ideas, a novel way of shaping itself that it would have never learned from a trining sign alone.
sag's trining signs are aries and leo, both very self-oriented signs (nothing wrong with this). however, its sextiles being in aquarius and libra, are outwardly focused. sagittarius being the last fire sign, and a mutable sign wishes to spread its philosophy as much as possible, but if it relied solely upon its trining signs it wouldn't have the tools necessary to communicate with the world (a sextile will require effort and initiative to activate, unlike a trine, which is a jupiterian aspect, and thus doles out blessings passively).
the infamous sag mouth, of being blunt and accidentally hurting people's feelings, of being totally naive about how their words and actions may affect people actually comes from those sextiling signs not being activated as yet. unfortunately, there's no challenge in relying solely on your trine sisters. the fun wears away eventually because not a lot of new things are happening. you're on repeat. you become predictable and the jokes stop being funny. there's no creation which could only really happen with the sextile signs, which is a venusian aspect. jupiter (which rules the trine) amplifies whatever you are, but venus makes you brand new everytime.
as an example, it's like the difference between 'talking at' an audience from a podium and not really being able to see their faces because of the lights, versus having a genuine and sincere exchange with someone in a comfortable setting, and leaving that conversation having learned something new, not only about yourself but also about the other person.
you could say the sextile signs 'humble' the masculine signs they're sextiling, but also make them waaay more interesting, fun, and stimulating. with the feminine signs, their sextile sisters help them through the dark labyrinth of chaos they're constantly having to deal with, and it's so beautiful and wonderful once you've activated the sextiles if you have feminine placements. for example, with pisces, you have taurus and capricorn as your sextile sisters. once you as a pisces placement initiate a connection with these energies, then it's like incarnating this idea of unconditional love that you naturally have access to, but which you may have a hard time protecting or expressing, through taurean sensuality and pleasure in forms, as well as capricorn sense of working towards a life's work. it's not a surprise that a lot of pisces placements end up being artists and creating new careers in the world specific to their niche passions.
but going back to why i started writing all this in the first place: sag placements, when the sextile connections are still inert can have a very clear idea of what they want for themselves and getting that, but may struggle to make room for the other person's needs and desires, or if it's a group they're speaking to, struggle to connect with the group's needs and desires. i used to be this way as a sag sun and stellium. i wouldn't say i was annoying but i definitely used to be kinda dense and oblivious to people and naively assumed they were all just like me. the stereotype i see everywhere of sags being the loudest and most annoying person in the room is i think an indication that the sextile connections in those people are dormant. but i've also seen sagittarians for whom those sextile aspects (w libra and aquarius) are active and busy, to the point where you don't know what they actually want from you or what their real intentions are.
i think that when balanced active sextile connections can make sags charming and even bewitching, at the very least give them social skills, a far-cry from the annoying and loud stereotype.
this is such a tangent, but i already mentioned pisces earlier, which is a lot like sag, being both ruled by jupiter. pisces sextiling taurus, versus sag sextiling libra explains the kind of art both signs usually fall into. pisces placements aren't trying to reach for an ideal of perfection in their art, if they do, it's most probably the opposition influence from virgo. to me piscean art is like a garden overgrown. the influence of chaos and its attendant whimsiness are definitely there. and it's not always about any specific topic at all, sometimes its just art for the sake of art. whereas a lot of sag artists i know of are usually writers, writing about love and marriage, funnily enough, like jane austen or george eliot (never read them but if my little research is correct these are usually the topics they covered in their books). or they're writing about something intellectual (aquarius), whatever form their art takes there's a conscious intentionality to it and it does strive towards a standard or ideal of perfection of some sort, whether it's a moral ideal, a philosophical, or aesthetic one. there's always a topic their works center on, unlike with pisces, which again is working with chaos.
i was supposed to talk about sagittarians in love but this just ended up being about the importance of sextiles so this is what ya'll are getting. i'll cover the other signs in another post, but leave an ask if you want me to go in depth with a particular sign <3
edit: tacking this onto the end bc i forgot to clarify it above. but you don't need existing sextiles in your chart to work with it, you can take whatever placement you already have, like a taurus moon for instance, and then refer to the official sextile signs of taurus, which would be pisces and cancer then work with those. but if they exist in your chart sextiles are powerful, albeit rather dormant unless activated.
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bloggerxblogger · 3 days
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zendayamybabe · 1 day
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tell me you are a sagittarius without telling me
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astrologyshitpost · 5 months
Signs and their months on an alignment chart
Tumblr media
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astroqueer15 · 6 months
80's astrologers were savages. 😭😂
Tumblr media
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piscesmerc26 · 26 days
Attractive Placements in Astrology ׂᨘ ‣ ♥️🔥
Tumblr media
Sun in 1H, 5H, 7H, 10H and 11H.
Sun in 1H shines brightly, others can notice this energy and feel drawn to them, these people can also be very comforting people, these people can often that beautiful smiles. Sun 5H individuals are creative, these people have talent and others see that, making them drawn to them, these people can also be the the life of the party. Sun in 7H individuals are caring, and respectful people, can be in tune with others emotions, people feel comfortable in their presence. Sun in 10H and 11H, similar to 1H and 5h, people are naturally drawn to these people, theyre exciting to be around and ca be very social individuals (bonus if placed in Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer).
Moon/Venus/Neptune in 1H, 5H and 11H. I don't even have to explain, these people are simply naturally magnetic, they typically have looks of a model, when they walk into a room they turn heads, also very creative people and can be very in tune with their emotions.
Underrated but Pisces Mars. These people may have a subtle presence but they always seemed to be noticed from afar. Believe it or not these people can also seem very mysterious, people tend to be so curious about their lives, theyre drawn to them. Very sensual and loving individuals, gotta love them.
Mars in Capricorn, esp in women. Very and I mean very assertive people, these individuals tend to have a confident energy and they make it known to the people around them.
Mars in Scorpio. Similar to Pisces, these people are alluring, they're very strong willed people, with a hint of mystery. Very attractive individuals.
Mercury-Sun/Venus/Moon positive aspects, these people have a beautiful way of communicating and may have an expressive or soft voice, people also may be attracted to them because of how understanding these people are. Bonus if placed in 1H.
Venus in Aquarius. May be an unpopular opinion ☠️, but these people are very original and loving towards their friends. These individuals attract others by their very original and unique personality. These individuals may also have a unique style.
Prominent Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini placements. These people have a playful and flirtatious personality. People are often drawn to them, through them being high energy and full of life and fun. Very attractive individuals.
May make a Part 2 soon, but for now I hope you enjoyed 🔥♥️
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harmoonix · 2 months
☾ Attractive Placements in Birth Chart part II ☽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 here:>
☾ Neptune in the 1st/5th/8th/10th/12th/ houses ☽
☾ Leo in Big 6 (Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, Mercury) ☽
☾ Jupiter in Libra/Leo/Scorpio/Cancer/Taurus can give a very attractive husband/spouse if you are attracted to Men ☽
☾ Pisces/Capricorn/Sagittarius/Aries Venus can make you look very very attractive in the public eyes ☽
☾ Venus in the 1st house/10th house/aspecting the ascendant ☽
☾ Uranus aspecting the ascendant ☽
☾ Midheaven aspecting Pluto/Venus/Mars/Sun ☽
☾ Asteroid Sirene (1009) in Water Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. Sirene asteroid feels like home in these signs ☽
☾ Asteroid Medusa (149) in Fire Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries. Medusa attracts jealousy people will be jealous of those who have Medusa in fire signs because they can have a very charismatic personality ☽
☾ Lilith in Earth/Water Signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. Lilith embodies the feminine energy and Water/Earth are feminine nature elements. This can apply if you have the true Lilith in one of those signs too ☽
☾ Midheaven aspecting the asteroid Medusa (149) makes people jealous of your career, of your interests, of your hobbies, and everything to the public eyes ☽
☾ Asteroid Juno (3) aspecting the ascendant can make you wife/husband material to people who like you/people can desire you ☽
☾ Sun in Aquarius/11th house can give you ethereal and unique beauty features ☽
☾ Sun in Aries/1st makes people being in heat over you ☽
☾ Mars in Aries/Leo/Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces can give you a natural high drive like you don't need to force yourself to be hot because you know you are hot already ☽
☾ Midheaven at 8°, 20° degrees can make you very misterious to people, they be like "Who are they i wanna know more about you, you seme very promiscuous ☽
☾ Midheaven at 5°, 17°, 29° degrees can make you very famous and attractive to people, you can get people attention from a young age tho ☽
☾ Aquarius Risings are having the 10th in Scorpio, these can appear very misterious to other people, these people can be like "You don't know me for real, you just know my name " ☽
☾ Asteroid Medusa (149) aspecting the ascendant
☾ Midheaven aspecting Neptune can give you a very charming aura to people around you, at your job people might be very curious and shy around you ☽
☾ Mercury in 1st/7th/10th houses can give you a very intellectual personality, you can be very smart and you like to talk about everything you find attractive ☽
☾ People with Mercury - Venus aspects especially conjunction are having such sweet and good voices ☽
☾ Uranus aspecting Venus can say a lot about you, you can love and send love in a very unique and different way, kind of "You have this love only once in your life" ☽
☾ Taurus on the 3rd house cups can give you a very sweet voice, you can be very good at signing
☾ Neptune - Mars aspects can make you to dream about sex 24/7 or to be a very horny all the time, people might find this very attractive to you ☽
☾ Asteroid Medusa (149) aspecting Neptune people might be very jealous of your ideas and dreams but also about your appearance ☽
☾ Moon aspecting the 7th house Lord/Cancer 7th house ☽
For example, for those who don't know these things:
Example: You have Libra in the 7th house = Venus rules your 7th house, now watch out if you have Moon - Venus aspects :))
Lord Refers as the Planet who rules that sign Venus rules Libra
☾ Sun aspecting the 7th house lord/ Leo in 7th house ☽
For example, for those who don't know these things:
Example: You have Pisces in the 7th house= Neptune rules your 7th house, watch out if you have Sun - Neptune aspects in your chart. !ALSO. Be careful if your sign rules 2 planets because Pisces has Neptune as ruler and Jupiter as co-ruler so watch out if you have Jupiter - Sun aspects too
Lord Refers as the Planet who rules that sign, Neptune rules Pisces but the traditional ruler for Pisces is Jupiter
Watch this photo if you wanna know if your 7th house sign is ruler by both Planets:
Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces have 2 ruler planets.
The word "Old" refers as the traditional ruler in the traditional horoscope
Tumblr media
Now that we got over that lets continue with more attractive placements :D
☾ Virgo Venus, such a hot placement ☽
☾ Libra Moons make people so charming ☽
☾ Midheaven in Water/Earth Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus ☽
☾ IC/4th house sign in Fire/Air Signs: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra ☽
☾ 12th house is the house of subconscious so look over what sign rulers over you 12th house can make you attractive in your aura/energy ☽
Capricorn in 12th house can have a very maturing aura, very powerful, energetic, fairy vibe, natural beauty
Gemini in 12th house can have a very lovely aura poetic, communicative, inteligent, rational, otherworldly beauty
Cancer in the 12th house can have a very nurturing aura, childish, stubborn, artistic, angelic beauty
All signs have something unique here i just gave few examples because the post will get too long if i make about all signs, but tell me in the comments if you wanna see such type of post. ❣️
With love, Harmoonix ❣️
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listenmyguy · 11 months
The signs as lyrics from daft punk’s 1997 hit “around the world”
Aries: around the world
Taurus: around the world
Gemini: around the world
Cancer: around the world
Leo: around the world
Virgo: around the world
Libra: around the world
Scorpio: around the world
Sagittarius: around the world
Capricorn: around the world
Aquarius: around the world
Pisces: around the world
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safiredreams · 6 months
venus signs and their seduction style
with men there is a lot of the time a projection of this energy onto the partner, so they will be attracted to this type of energy expression in their potential partner
aries venus: this is a very fiery placement, very fast to express their desires, they lean on their intuition heavily and so their desire for someone is not slowed down by the process of thoughts and logic, there is a trust in the self ‘i want this so this is the thing i need to have’. they don’t hide the fact that they want someone but, they do want you to play the chasing game and they want to be the chaser. boldness is accentuated in their manners and affects, they will show off, they will be louder, aggressive in their pursuit of you but they don’t actually want you to give in. there’s an art to this type of game of chase and you need to be good at playing it if you want to capture the aries venus or be captured by them. they love to compete, they love to be bratty and tease you, they love to playfully hit you too, they are the type to wrestle you into the bedroom.
taurus venus: this is a very languid, sensual person, the type to take their time. they will use all the senses to seduce you, they will make sure that they smell nice, that their skin is soft and their clothes are appealing to the eyes, this is the venus sign that when they speak to someone they like they will use the most seductive words and tone with them. they will wine and dine you and then kiss you on the cheek. there is no rush with this placement, it takes a while for them to even figure out if they like you, once they do though they will go after you like a bull goes after what it wants. i find that a lot of the time they will be very generous with you, offer to buy you drinks, they will feed you, cook you your favourite meals. they love the process of dating, long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, all that traditional stuff. and they will look gooood for you, trust me if a taurus venus likes someone then they will put the effort into their looks when they are around the person that they like. generally they can get quite predictable but if they like you then they will match your energy, so if you are more playful then they will play with you. they are touchy people, so if their hand lingers on yours a little longer, or if your knees touch and they don’t move then they probably like you. they will just find excuses to touch you. they are possessive too, so if they keep you close to them then yeah they want you.
gemini venus: they will listen to you the way a child listens to their favourite bedtime story, they will want to put you in their pocket and bring you everywhere. this is a placement that will tell you so many random stories, so many jokes, they will talk to you about anything, entertaining all of your interests. you like painting, great they will go paint with you, you like cooking, they will go to a cooking class with you. they will suggest you two go off and do a bunch of random activities together. they love to spend time together, they want to keep things light and playful too so they will always insert humor into everything. they will text you all the time, these are the people that text you goodmorning every day and ask you what you had for breakfast. but then they will also need times when they will kind of fly away for a little bit, just because they need a lot of stimulation so they need a lot of people in their space, you can do group activities together but they will always need time away and if they are provided with this freedom that doesn't clip their mercurial wings then they will fall in love even more deeply.
cancer venus: this is quite a cautious person because they are very sensitive and so they have learned they need to protect themselves, so it’s a more slow and insecure pursuit. they have a tendency to mother and nurture the people that are important to them. very soft then can get a bit defensive and crabby if they feel that your tone was off. they will show their love by baking you a cake or they will make sure to ask you if you ate and if you want to go and eat. they will try to soothe you too, if you’re in a mood they will go out of their way to make sure you feel better, if you are hurt then they will stay up with you and let you cry while they rub your back. if they are more the shy types and you are more of an extroverted type then they will show up to a party that you are at even if they didn’t really want to go because they knew you would be there. they might just show up and be like oh i baked you this bread because you said that it was your favourite type. they will also start opening up to you emotionally because they feel like they can trust you, they might even cry in front of you. if the hard crab shell comes off then you know they like you. 
leo venus: you will know. they will not leave you guessing, wondering and pining after their affections, they will let you know. they will have the biggest grins around the person they like, they will throw out compliments galore, they will touch you, want to hug you, play with you. they will ask you to dance at a bar, they will playfully serenade you, stare deeply into your eyes. think of a very classical romance. they will shower you with gifts, always choose you, always put you first. playing is very important to this placement so whenever you are together, wherever you are, whatever boring thing you are doing they will make it fun. they are the type to make grocery shopping fun, or cleaning your house. they will also show you off, they really like having someone they can be proud of, someone that they know is just the best and they can kind of parade you in front of everyone. they will also need to be the best, so they expect you to treat them like royalty. very encouraging people. they will put effort into their looks, wear more showy clothes and makeup, pay extra attention to their nails and hair. they will never make you second guess yourself in their presence. if they ignore you then they don’t like you. 
virgo venus: they will do things for you, they will pick the fluff off your sweater, blow the eyelash off your face, they will try to help you whenever they see you are doing something. this is that person that will offer to help you clean your house, they love acts of service. they will share little quotes that they like, or they will encourage you to do something that you were thinking of doing but never did. if you are struggling to exercise then they will offer to do it with you even if they hate exercise. they need to feel useful so they will go out of their way to do just that. if you do something to show them that you care and they get all shy and blush then they start to feel like you like them back too and they feel a bit more secure in themselves. they love to analyze and make lists so they have probably putting a lot of energy and thought into you and if they are turning up and doing all these things for you then they like you. they are definitely kind of shy and introverted but, they will try to make conversation with you, they love to talk and they kind of love to tease too although sometimes they can be a bit too mean without realizing. if they remember things about you, like little, minor details that you told in passing then they probably like you. 
libra venus: they are very charming but, they will try to match your energy, to mirror you back so if they start kind of acting a little bit like you, dressing like you, saying they like the things that you like then well they like you. they will put in the effort when it comes to getting to know you, they will read your favourite books, listen to the music that you like, go to that movie they have zero interest in just to please you. they do tend to fall into the people pleasing tendencies so that is a big sign that they like you. they are very socially gifted and well mannered, they will know exactly what to say to make you feel special and beautiful when you are with them. they will look at you in this romantic, star crossed lover type of way. flutter their lashes, listen to you talk, smile and blush, they are just very good at this. they will look very put together when they are with you, they will wear your favourite colors and favorite perfume. they are the type to walk up to you, extend their hand and ask you without words to come dance, or else they will catch your eyes across the room and invite you to invite them to dance. just charming darlings. not too outright, not too aggressive.
scorpio venus: they love to ignore the person they like. they have their eyes on them, on all platforms. they have tabs on them but is very good at making the person that they like think that they haven’t spent any time thinking about them. eventually when they come out of the shadows then they start really trying to get to know you, even though they probably already know a lot more than you think, they definitely did their research. they will ask a lot of questions, they want all the dirt, all the stuff you are ashamed of they want to know. the more messy the more they like someone because they love to relate through trauma. they will stare at you a lot, but in this very penetrating i want to eat your soul type of way. they will also act really mean, like they will try to trigger you to see how you react in those situations. they will be quite seductive in their movements, gaze, the way that they touch is very healing. in general they will take a long time in seducing you because they are afraid of rejection and they have trust issues so it takes awhile for them to build that trust. they will also start showing up to places that you are at even though you haven’t told them about your plans, they have external sources to keep tabs on you. 
sagittarius venus: they will show off their intelligence, will find a topic that invites you to debate them with real fiery passion that ends in laughter. if they get all angry and in your face about something then they just drop the pretense and say something like ‘i’m just playing’ or just look at you with that playful stare and burst out laughing then they like you. they are very clumsy, they might want to show off but it will usually end in some sort of little accident because they are kind of awkward and goofy. they start asking you about your beliefs then they are showing interest, if the want to go and try something new with you, and if they start sharing their philosophies, their beliefs, they start kind of preaching then you in. they are also the type of people who want to laugh with the ones that they love, they will go out of their way, out of their comfort zone to entertain and make someone they like laugh and have a good time. if they invite you out, just the two of you, no other friends then they find you entertaining and they know that you two can have fun together without external influences. they kind of like to chase too sometimes, so if you are just flighty enough then they will be into it. the moment they start sharing some truths about the meaning of life and asking for your input then you know they are into you. they will get you two to exchange your favourite books.
capricorn venus: so they don’t like to waste their time, they are not the ones to get into a relationship with just anyone, so if they start showing interest in you then they really like you and are not going to play no games with you. they will ask you out, no fuffing about, no childish games, they will ask you to dinner or something classy like that. they want someone who proves themselves to them, so they will ask questions, they will also show off their accomplishments. they aren’t really the type to bring you back home to their momma until you are super serious. they will buy you stuff, treat you really well, or else they will want to be treated very well. it can be a bit confusing with them because they are kind of cold and standoffish, not too touchy or flirty, kind of just to the point. they are kind of good at making you feel special because it is really you that they chose, they aren’t looking at anyone else. they will want to look the best for you, most expensive clothes, jewelry, they will show you off in this kind of proud way of ‘that’s mine’. what they will also do is try to help you meet your life goals, if you say oh i want to be this then they will try to pull some strings and get you to that position or place, they will encourage you to reach towards the top. they will invest time and effort into you.
aquarius venus: first they will befriend you, they will insert you into their friend group. they might not like you romantically at first, just see you as a friend but then feelings will show up and then it will be a bit confusing because aquarius isn’t the greatest at showing someone that they like them. they are sort of forcefully detached and nonchalant, a lot of the times you have to make the first move to make them realize that oh yeah they like you too. if they like you they will start hanging out with you alone, this is a big deal to an aquarius, they will be very good listeners, sometimes it will feel like they are zoning out but then months later they will gift you your favourite chocolate bar that you didn’t think they would remember you telling them about. they will want to talk and hear your ideas about eclectic topics, they kind of like people who are a bit more into the taboo stuff even if they themselves aren’t really into those things. they are open minded so they will listen and even get into those things with you. like if you like astrology then suddenly they will start learning about it too. they aren’t the best at making you feel super special, they kind of treat everyone the same so it gets confusing, but if they stick with you at a party where they have many friends, or they try to make conversations awkwardly then they probably like you.
pisces venus: they kind of mold themselves into you, not even kidding. i think its very unconscious, they just start channeling the energies that you do. suddenly they love astrology like you do, and they really take a deep interest in it too. they daydream about you, they tell you they had a dream about you, they fantasize about you and then manifest those fantasies into reality then mention something like ‘how strange i was just thinking of you’ they might make playlists for you, write poetry or songs about you. they are shy though so it might take them some times to ease themselves into this fall into love. they will also want to take care of you, they will get you little gifts of things that they know you like, they will make you a little care package just because they like you. they are very romantic so they will want to dance with you in the rain or something, they will listen to music that reminds them of you and you will never know until they get a little braver and send you a whole ass playlist that is titled something like ‘the moment i saw you’. they will just show that they care, they will show up for you, take care of you, give you a massage then run you a bath, they will look you in the eyes and you will feel seen for the first time in your life, they will make you feel like everything is alright. very soothing energy. 
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seventhvenusian · 29 days
The Rising Signs by Appearance - But Accurate 🌠
Okay, so here’s the thing - no rising sign description will ever be perfectly accurate for you, because realistically our appearance comes from our genetics! However, I do think astrology can play a part, and with that said here are my best estimates of how your rising sign might influence your appearance!
♈️ARIES - our fiery powerhouse! Look for a warm, reddish sort of hint to the complexion - it may be more obvious if the person is white, though you might be able to see this sort of glow on darker skin tones as well. Sharp jawlines are common but you’re also likely to see a squareness to the body, strong shoulders and chest, and calf muscles that may appear defined even if the person rarely exercises - that’s the Mars influence!
♉️TAURUS - this rising sign definitely has a specific ‘look’. Keep an eye out for a full lower lip and a slightly thinner upper lip, especially in women - it’s quite distinctive. They sometimes look a bit like they’re pouting, even when they’re not! They look both innocent and worldly, but when they pull out that smirk you can see their Venus influence right away - that sensual, ‘come hither’ vibe. The eyes are often kind of sleepy, rarely very wide or piercing like some other rising signs - very gentle, watching you with patience.
♊️GEMINI - one of the cheekiest, cutest rising signs! They always look like they could be smiling or smirking, even if they’re not. There’s a look in the eyes of a mischievous little imp almost - I say that lovingly! They definitely have a flirty energy, whether they intend to or not, though how intense it is will depend on the rest of the chart. They may find people often comment on their eyes, because they can definitely be the focus of the face - often wide, bright, and very pretty.
♋️CANCER - look for the nose and the smile in this rising sign! They often have distinctive noses in some way or another, noticeable in the face (that’s certainly not to say unattractive) and their smiles tend to be wide, showing off white and well-kept teeth. There is a very gentle, almost vulnerable look to the face when it is at rest, all their emotions showing through - and then when they smile it’s bold, powerful sunlight and you can’t imagine they ever looked less than joyful!
♌️LEO - this may be the one time I will generalise a bit, but Leo risings do tend towards a warm, golden glow to the skin. Not everyone of course! The hair, though? The hair is pretty much always blessed with a Leo rising. Whether it’s long or short, straight or curly, it definitely draws the eye. And I can’t avoid mentioning their ‘smug’ resting face - don’t come for me, it’s true! That ‘don’t you worry about me, I’ve got this, honey’. Assured and confident - leader of the pride.
♍️VIRGO - there’s a sweet yet confident look to this rising sign, and this makes it distinctive. Gentle, but not the type to be pushed around - you can see it in their face. Look out for slightly smaller mouths and smiles that are always sincere. The eyes are gentle, approachable but not dreamy - they’re an earth sign, and their feet are firmly on the ground. It’s hard not to like a Virgo rising at first sight - they’ve just got that happy-go-lucky energy!
♎️LIBRA - this is the most glamorous rising sign for sure. And what marks them out for me isn’t anything in their natural appearance at all - it’s their outfit choices! So many Libra risings love wearing a variety of colours and patterns, make sure everything matches up, and take such great pride in being well dressed. In terms of their appearance though, they’re often very symmetrical of face, and can surprisingly have quite a serious, intense look despite the lighter Venusian energy that naturally rules them. It’s those scales - they’ve gotta have a bit of balance!
♏️SCORPIO - is this the most stereotyped rising sign? I think it might be. Everyone seems to go on about the sharp, dark look of a Scorpio rising, and with Pluto as a ruler perhaps that’s unsurprising. The eyes are definitely the marker of this rising sign, though - some might even think they’re scary if they widen them just so and give you that stare. They have a focused, powerful aura. People don’t always mention their eyebrows, though, which tend to be well shaped and distinctive, or their smiles, which tend to melt away all of that serious intensity in just a half-second.
♐️SAGITTARIUS - any Sagittarius influence in the chart brings a tendency to dye their hair interesting colours, in my experience! I know a Sagittarius sun who has dyed her hair all the colours of the rainbow, and my friend who’s a Sagittarius rising has been dyeing her hair red for years. You’re also likely to see prominent teeth - not necessarily big front teeth, just noticeable. They may simply be noticeable in terms of how attractive they are when they smile, but they do tend to draw attention.
♑️CAPRICORN - now this is the rising sign that tends most towards dark hair, I think! People always say it’s Scorpio; I think it’s Capricorn. That’s not to say there aren’t other hair colours among you of course but I wanted to point it out. The other markers of this rising sign are a quite serious look, lips that are typically full and well-proportioned, and eyes that tend to be upturned. Good bone structure, especially in the face, is also common - that Saturn influence making itself known!
♒️AQUARIUS - we definitely don’t talk about this rising sign enough! One of the markers of an Aquarius rising is their calm, observant look - if you watch them for a while they always seem to be carefully taking in everything around them. This is another sign where bright, focused eyes are common, and I’ve noticed some of them are a little reluctant to smile with teeth in photos - perhaps because they prefer to keep that enigmatic look. They’re also second only to Libra risings in their love of colourful clothes and second only to Sagittarius risings in their love of hair dye - well, standing out is kind of their thing, they’re Uranus ruled after all!
♓️PISCES - the sleepy eyes stereotype for this rising sign is one of the few I actually go along with! They really do have a dreamy look in most cases. A few lesser-known markers I’ve noticed are small, slim noses and mouths that are often heart-shaped. Their teeth tend to be both very even and pearly white - that Neptunian, ocean influence, maybe? And this is the rising sign where I would say lighter hair is most common - this depends on your genes, though, of course.
Let me know what you think! Does this resonate for you? 🪐✨
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rainy-astrology · 1 month
Venus signs
My view on Venus ruling different signs. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, attraction, expression, and creativity. May change/add to this later.
Aspects to Venus, house placements, and degrees can affect how your Venus expresses itself.
If you like kpop and astrology, I do chart readings for idols and astro notes. List is here
If you like kpop and typology, I do typology profiles for idols and notes on my main blog @rainymbti
I also do a bit of journaling @rainyblues19
Venus Aries is in detriment. Venus has a soft and calm energy, whereas Aries are often the opposite. They're not very romantic and/or affectionate people at all. If anything, they seem quite awkward with it. They want to show their love to others but don't seem to know how. Despite this though, they will still show their deep care and passion regardless.
E.g BTS Suga - he clearly loves the members, but he seems a bit awkward in how to initiate his affection. He likes holding hands (however seems very shy about it), dislikes arguing and will show affection to avoid it, and even wanted to get a red string tattoo with them.
Venus in Taurus is domicile. Very sensual and relaxed kind of energy about them. Very nice and calm. Can make anyone feel comfortable with them. May attract all sorts of people. They like to take things slow, don't like to rush. Need to truly feel you physically and emotionally. They really want to make sure they can trust you. May be into luxurious things, have an eye for elegant fancy things.
Seem to crush very easily and on many different people. They like intellectually stimulating people. Their way of bonding with others seem to be having any type of conversation - no awkward moments, just endless and random discussions. They may be into preppy kind of fashion or just something nice, they want to look stylish and smart.
A bit shy and closed off at first, but once they like someone, they can be really attached. Clingy clingy venus sign. They'll give you a lot of love and want you to reciprocate it, even if they don't say so. They really will do almost anything for people they love. I also notice they look quite nice in pale and light colors like a pastel blue, just a soft palette in general.
Leo venuses are very expressive about their love and loyalty to others. Grand gestures are both given and received. Even if they aren't the most visibly affectionate, they still have other little ways of showing it. They can have a bold sense of style or just naturally stand out without even trying.
Venus is fall in Virgo. Virgo doesn't mix well with the carefree, loving free nature of Venus. Virgo Venuses are the probably the hardest to tell if they like you or not. The least openly affectionate. However, their love language seems to be acts of service. After all, Virgos like to help people. They're also highly observant - they notice every little thing about you and will keep note. I also notice they just like to watch people, just enjoy their close ones' company. Prefer clean and simple fashion, Virgos want to look presentable since they're very image conscious.
As a Virgo Venus myself, I've been called cold and heartless since I am not very affectionate...Hugs, kisses, saying I love you, and all that is just not for me. However I show my care in other ways - I'll always listen if you need me to, give advice, and try to help with whatever you're struggling with.
Venus is domicile in Libra. Libra Venuses seem to love giving their love to others. They really like giving and receiving affection. Playful and charming. All Libra Venuses I've met and observed are not shy about their love at all. May really be into light toned colored clothing, loose and flowy clothes, pretty, elegant aesthetics.
Venus is detrimental in Scorpio. Known for their obsessive and possessive nature, Scorpio Venuses can get very attached and obsessed to people they like. Scorpio is too intense for Venus. They're definitely the type to pursue with no hesitation if someone catches their eye. All or nothing. They're very observant like a Virgo Venus and really won't forget anything about you. A lot of them seem to like wearing dark clothes, maybe a little on the cool/edgy side.
Sagittarius venuses seem to like being mean as affection...Playful teasing and light bullying. But to be fair, I've rarely seen Sagittarius placements that are...soft and gentle. It takes a lot of effort to actually catch them since they don't fall for people easily and would rather be on their own most of the time. They might date just for a fun experience, since Sags want to experience every part of life. If they do truly like you, they will want to take you on their adventures too
Capricorn Venuses have very high standards, very picky. They are slow to letting people in, but they can be very sweet and almost cheesy once they like you. Cap venuses let down their serious exterior down if they trust you enough. They will always try to help you if you need it. They may like to buy or make gifts for people they like. They really seem to like vintage items and clothing, very refined sense of style.
One of my best friends has this and she's quite affectionate towards me. She likes buying/making me gifts, tells me she loves me, and has joked about kissing me - she knows it makes me cringe and gets a laugh from it. She's also an Aquarius dominant and Scorpio rising...Those 2 + a Cap venus is kind of surprising isn't it lol? She also thinks about having a partner, but her type of men seem to only exist in fiction lol
Aquarius Venus people may prefer to be friends first before becoming romantic. They definitely love platonic bonds though and may love to spend a lot of time with their friends and/or families. They want to be with unique, like minded people. They may like strange people, just like themselves. I honestly think they care the least about physical looks - we all care to a degree but for an Aquarius Venus, you really can not simply win them over with just looks alone. Definitely need to be an interesting individual, need to stick out to them. A lot of them may like to dress comfortably, may wear solid colors. Have their own sense of style that usually doesn't adhere to social standards. But still well put together
Venus is exalted in Pisces. The romantic and idealism of Venus is boosted even more in Pisces. Pisces are very dreamy and romantic for sure, very artsy and creative. I've noticed Pisces Venus are very warm and welcoming to everyone. They're empathetic and understanding people, sensitive. The downside is probably they can be a little too open and hopeful, need to be brought back to reality sometimes. Other than that, they're usually really sweet people.
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