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koobiie · 1 month
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i just know sanji would go crazy for ratatouille i know this 100% for a fact
bonus sanji singing la festin :-]
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asfarblues · 1 month
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yob0t · 3 months
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Some older Law and Sanji doodles too
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miyukisluv · 1 month
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they’re all relatively normal I think
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zorotitties · 5 months
I think about the one piece statues placed around Kumamoto Prefecture often
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It's just so cool that this is part of a much bigger project that Oda put together to help his home who had experienced a devastating earthquake. He made an extremely generous donation and they finally completed all 10 strawhats! Jinbe was just unveiled back in late July!
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jakesythu · 4 months
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hi (⊙ᴗ⊙)◜✧˖°
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bugsinmyhoney · 3 months
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my fave boys :]
print available here!
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owlight · 3 months
Law + monster trio with a s/o who like to borrow Thier clothes/hats to wear them
Character(s): Law,Luffy,Sanji,Zoro
Tw: fluff
Notes: check my blog for other Things I've written 💀🫶
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You're brave to be doing this to him ngl
He will Allow you to wear his shirts or hoodies but his hat off limits like don't even try
Who am I kidding, You're cute when you wear his hat he actually allow you to take it sometime only in the private of your room or his office
He actually enjoy seeing you wearing his hoodies ,it do things to him, you're so... precious wearing them like that, specially if you wear nothing but his hoodie
He want to take picture of you wearing his clothes and keep it to himself for... memorial reasons..yeah no other reason
He is secretly a pervert and he allows you to wear his clothes because it low-key turn him on
9/10 have warm clothes and fashionable that's actually nice to wear ,but they aren't very colorful bit since u love his emo ass it is not a problem
Tumblr media
You can wear him as your clothes and this man will not mind
No really you can wear it occasionally when he allows you to ,which is kinda a lot ,he kinda like how the hat look on you!
His clothes are very .. interesting ngl,you wearing them will allow your chest to be free always and perhaps that's why he never mind you wearing them cuz you always look like a snack wearing them
Will start wearing from your clothes actually,he think it's fair enough,rip to all your clothes if you're smaller than him
8/10 his wardrobe isn't very diverse and he stick to red colours but it's okay ,his hat make up for his sense of fashion
Tumblr media
He doesn't mind much just keep your chest covered he is the only one allowed with his bonkers chest out like that
He will get bit too blushy seeing you Wearing his clothes ,it give him a warm feeling in his chest
Like if he thought you were pretty before, you're for sure 10 times prettier wearing green
He will occasionally tries to matches with you ngl
he might even buy you something that match his clothes! He will deny he did it so you can both match but by how his cheeks had darken you are pretty sure he did it on purpose
8/10 his sense of fashion isn't bad and also nami buy him his clothes sometimes so u bet ur ass he got nice cloth he never really wear that u now get to wear
Tumblr media
he loves u even more than he thought it was physically possible now
You might as well wear him ,he will not mind,he will encourage you even! Take his whole wardrobe like you look so good wearing his clothes
He will almost die from nosebleed everytime you do wear them
He will start to buy clothes that he think that will look good on both of you really
Please wear his shirts without pants for at least once 🙏 he want to experience that please
10/10 he have wide range of clothes ,you can almost always look good wearing them plus he is very supportive of you wearing them anytime you want,so you pretty much win by dating him
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luvvybee · 1 month
How OP boys would react to you tripping and falling in front of them ☹️
Aww this was a cute idea I had
I got to include Kid this time 😈
Should I be changing out the pictures I use for characters cus if so I’m lazy :((
Warnings: Totally sfw, Obviously reader trips and hurts themselves, gn reader, sometimes I use a couple bad words 🤒
This fic includes Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law, Ace, Sabo, & Kid
Tumblr media Tumblr media
100% he would first kiss your knee or whatever you hurt because Sabo would do the same thing for him when he was little
If you start crying he’d make funny faces to make you feel better 🥺
Like he’d stretch his cheeks and pull his tongue in attempts to get you to laugh
He’d probably steal food from the kitchen for you to eat
When he got you a bandaid, he’d draw little smiley faces on it :)
Tumblr media
It’s for sure a little awkward when you trip in front of his face…
He waits a second to see your reaction before ofc coming over to check the damage
Your pouty face is his weakness ☹️
He’d roll his eyes while telling you to be more careful next time
Would begrudgingly pick you up bridal style and carry you to chopper
Tumblr media
“[NAME] ARE YOU OKAAAYYYY” He’d yell loud enough to wake Zoro up from his nap 
He’d immediately sprint over to you to make sure you’re okay, and pepper your face with kisses 😗
Mf would actually put a hole in whatever you tripped over cus like how dare it 
Pulls out the heavy duty Hello Kitty bandaids just for you
Makes you comfort food lmao
Tumblr media
He’d rather just pull his hat down and keep walking until you look up at him, on the brink of tears, lip wavering ever so slightly (he dies a little bit on the inside)
He eventually saunters over to ask if you’re okay
He’d plop his hat on your head and go find you a bandaid
He was actually a little scared when you fell 🤕
(He lets you keep the hat on for a little bit)
Tumblr media
mf would do all the “Wow looks like you really fell for me huh” smooth talk 😐
Giggles at you for a little bit but eventually comes to check on you
He’d pinch your cheeks while telling you to watch it next time
While you’re sitting there, tears in your eyes 😢, he’d come over and kiss your boo-boo
Would be extra and hoist you over his shoulder and carry you to Marco
Tumblr media
He’d chuckle as he strolls over to ask if you’re alright
He probably keeps bandaids on him, so he pulls one off to stick on your boo-boo 
He would get up close to you and draw little hearts all over the bandaid
He tells you that it was a liiiittle funny 🤠 as you sock him in the shoulder
Dramatically falls over from his crouched position beside you, “Good job [name], now we both need bandaids!”
Tumblr media
This bitch would stand there and CACKLE at you for like five whole minutes 🤡
He pretends to swipe a tear from the corner of his eye as you flop on the floor, “What if I really died Kidd???” you pout and dramatically cross your arms over your chest in an X for emphasis. “Ah well, one less mouth to feed” he smirks and walks over to you as you sit there flabbergasted.
Please have patience as he fiddles with the bandaid (his hands are too big to open it 😢)
He’d give you a piggyback ride to his workshop so you can keep him company as he works
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ollieartie · 2 months
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I can’t help but think of Sanji as the ugly duckling...
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goofbell · 3 months
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post sanuso proposal 
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asfarblues · 29 days
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doing the dishes together <33
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What would they do if they knew it’s your time of the month.
Info: sfw, scenario/head-canon, light suggestive themes
One Piece: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law
Tumblr media
Note: I just need some comfort and thinking of them will help me through this!
Luffy doesn’t get why it happens, even though Chopper tried explaining it to him. He just knows that it does every month.
It’s not as easy as you would think to hide it from him. Luffy can tell when something is different about you and he does get a little worry.
He won’t mind the moodiness and he’s happy to bring you your favorite feel-good snack, because that means he gets to have some too.
What he hates is the pain you feel. Chopper gives you medicine, but Luffy doesn’t like seeing you in any kind of pain.
Luffy will want to spoon you and hold a warm hand to your belly. You’ll complain at first since you’re embarrass of your bloated stomach, but Luffy doesn’t care. The warm heat from his hand is soothing and it makes you feel loved.
“That feels good Luffy. Please don’t go.” You say, as you start to feel sleepy.
That makes him smile and he’s happy that he can help ease some of your discomfort. “I won’t go, y/n. I’ll stay as long as you want.”
He leans over and kisses your forehead to asure you that he doesn’t mind taking care of you.
Tumblr media
He hates it mainly because he forgets that it happens and usually says something tactless. “You’re really moody today”, or “Why are you acting weak today?”
“Because I don’t feel good, you ass!”
It’ll take him a moment to realize what is happening and he does feel like an ass. To make up for it he’ll give you space to relax.
More like he’ll try to give you space. His protective nature will take over and he’ll keep a close eye on you.
If he thinks you’re over doing it and having too much pain, Zoro will take you to your room himself. He’ll get medicine from Chopper, demand special food from Sanji and have the others cover his watch.
His priority will be taking care of you till the worse of the pain is over. You can try to send him away but it’s nice to have stroking your hair, while he lays in bed with you.
“I’m fine Zoro. It’s not like I’m dying.” You tried telling him.
“Just let me do this for you, okay!” He then kisses you on the mouth to keep you from arguing with him.
He’s staying by your side and that’s that.
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Let’s face it, Sanji is that one boyfriend who knows your cycle schedule almost better than you do.
He has everything ready and springs into action on the first day. He serves you your favorite drinks and snacks, massages your back, has warm water bottles readily available.
On your worse day, he makes sure your not disturbed and checks on you, till he eventually stays by your side. He wishes he could feel the pain for you and says so a few times.
“You spoil me to much.” You tell Sanji, as you lay in bed next to him.
Sanji just smiles at you as he kisses your cheek. “You can never be spoiled enough, my love.”
He then reminds you that there is a temporary solution to keep this from happening for a few months. You laugh, since you know that Sanji is only half serious.
“When I’m ready for that, you’ll be the first to know.” You replied with a flirtatious wink.
Sanji’s face goes red and he looks like he could explode with excitement and joy.
“Y/N-swan, you know how to make a man go wild!!!”
Tumblr media
Law absolutely hates this time of the month. Just because he’s a doctor doesn’t mean it makes it easier for him. He dislikes the strong front you display when he can clearly tell that you don’t feel good.
He’ll tell you to lay down or to hurry up and take your medicine so the pain won’t get worse.
He hates how powerless he feels because there’s nothing he can really do. It was just the normal process of life. Plus, you wouldn’t let him do anything.
“Law, I’m fine. The worse is nearly over.” You assured him as you put a away some tools he was using. A strong cramp hit and you wince slightly.
“You’re not fine. You need to rest,” Law growled.
You tried to argue but Law used his ability to transport the both of you into the room the both of you shared. On the bedside table was a cup of warm tea, three chocolate dipped cookies and a warm water-bottle.
Law give you a small cup of pills and said, “Take this, and enjoy that,” pointing to items on the small table. “I don’t want you to leave the room till the worse has passed.”
You take the pills and sat on the bed to sip your tea when the bed dipped. Law was sitting on his side and taking off his shoes and shirt.
“What are you doing?” You asked in surprise.
“I staying with you to make sure you relax.” He replied. He then reached over and pick out one of the cookies and brought it to your lips.
Smiling, you take a bite and ate the rich chocolate. Law then kissed you and pull you down into the bed. When you suggest the idea of a temporary fix to your monthly courses, Law merely smirked.
“Don’t temp me love, I just might do it.”
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roachmeatz · 11 months
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one pees my beloved
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sydbarrett46 · 1 year
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atomic-ellie · 13 days
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Babygirl Sanji can't get a break
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