hheisa · 3 days
I love Rain World too😼✨✨✨
So I made I mix of both haha.... (. _.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry if you don't understand some things..... Those are difficult to explain if you don't know anything about the game
But basically sans is a pro in the survival game
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
POV you are just a little hater
they have a friendly rivalry going on :)  (luigi just wants his big koopa bf and his skeleton bff to get along)
also im going to start tagging my smash mansion stuff as “smash mansion” now because my brain is full of Ideas
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wily-art · 3 days
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pgs. 283-286
[previous] [next]
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hansama · 21 hours
Tumblr media
"Maybe we can make a deal, doll face"
Redraw of this artwork by @catsitta​ for her art raffle on twitter! (check it out over there before it ends! XD)
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theskeletongames · 14 hours
Tumblr media
Bara UF Sans Felt like drawing him again to see if I could get his brow bone to be more subtle. (Wanted it to be there, but not completely defined) 
He’s pretty fun cause he has lots of round shapes and wrinkles, which are things I like to draw most. I think of bara Sans as a character who represents the ideas of fans who change Sans’ iconic characteristics to fit their uh... personal interests. (Taller, more attractive, physically stronger, ect...)
I do think realistically a horn dog monster would be a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.
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cornmayor · 2 days
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gumo-uwu · 2 days
Tumblr media
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dmanix · 3 days
Tumblr media
i was really excited when the wheel landed on dust again, cuz i got to use one of my favorite songs as inspiration! speedpaint below, featuring said song! :D
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uhh anatomy practice…? yeah we’ll call it that.
Tumblr media
and the other two i kinda gave up on:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
drawing a skeleton in 3/4ths view was not a good idea. maybe later.
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marihem · 8 hours
Tumblr media
@fransweek 2023
Day 1: Sweet Gesture
I'll never get tired of tight hugs
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Nightmare: Since we're Immortal and it is impossible to know which part of my life is the middle
Nightmare: I've decided to have an ongoing crisis
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carlyraejepsans · 2 days
Tumblr media
Sans and Toriel.
exactly, HAHAHAHA!
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whiteartblood · 3 days
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Da hell he talking about?
Very quick drawing
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venelona · 8 hours
Tumblr media
"idiot. your tag is out in the open again."
@fransweek Day 1 - Sweet gesture
Lockfell by @lockfell/me
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pumpkster · 14 hours
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naturaldreamer · 3 days
Can i get classic sans x reader cuddling?
Hello there~ Thank you for requesting first! I appreciate it! ♥
A gentle breeze comes through an open window causing the curtains to lightly flutter from their touch. The sun’s ray creates a glow in the somewhat dim room and warms the bedroom; a comfort that you and the skeleton in your arms enjoy. There are no other sounds in the room besides your quiet breathing and the shuffling from underneath the covers that the two of you are sharing comfortably. Your eyes are shut, but you can practically feel Sans gaze on you; something you’ve grown used to since the first day that you met him.
There were times, in the past, when it made you uncomfortable since it felt like he was looking through you- all of your sins and past mistakes that you wish you could have fixed, but you are no longer able to. Yet, the longer you grew to know him and the other skeletons, the more you realized that Sans was looking out for his family, making sure that no terrible human entered their lives, and most importantly, looking out for his cool brother, Papyrus. It also helped that you did your best to prove that you weren’t a threat and always had good intentions when hanging out with everyone.
It seems so long ago when you think back on it. Now here you are, cuddling up to Sans in your bed, the lights are off in your room and both of you are currently being covered by a bunch of blankets.
What a great outcome this turned out to be!
Sans pokes your cheek. A smile threatens to form, but you keep your eyes firmly shut, though you do puff out your cheeks like a squirrel. You hear him chuckle under his breath before Sans resumes tapping your cheek. With every poke on one cheek, you deflate it slowly, a puff of air escaping through your lips every time. There’s shuffling from his side, his body turns away from you for a moment before Sans come back to your side. You arch a brow but don’t say anything.
There’s some tapping on his side and a familiar clicking sound from a phone when the sound has been turned on. Curious, you crack open one eye to look at what he’s doing and observe him scrolling through his phone, his wide smile in place, though you notice his eye lights have a bit of a mischievous glint to them. Before he catches you watching him, you quickly shut your eye, rubbing your head against the soft pillow to get comfortable.
After a moment of typing on his side, it goes silent until you feel that familiar touch on your cheek. As you let out a puff of air, another sound joins you, one that causes you to cough and wheeze at the suddenness of it. The sound of an aggressive fart bounces off your walls while Sans laughs with you, his eye lights glowing and full of mirth.
“Oh my god, Sans...” you said afterward, your head shaking at the comedian, though there was a smile on your lips.
“what? it didn’t toot ya?” Sans asked, his grin widening when you groaned at his pun, however, the smile remained.
”I’m tempted on getting up and leaving your bony butt here, you dork,” you told him, but you make no move in actually leaving the bed, your threat falling flat.
“then i’ll be a bonely skeleton,” Sans joked, his one arm circling around your waist underneath the covers and pulling you closer.
Your face warms up at the bold action. Admiring him through half-lidded eyes, you bring your hand up and trail your index finger over his teeth, the texture smooth but bumpy over some areas. Glancing up at him with your eyes, you notice his eye lights growing fuzzy as a blue glow adorns his bony cheeks. Shifting until you are practically inches away from his face, you tap gently on his cheek, the warmth of his blush emitting from his skull and grazing your skin.
“Bonely, huh?” you whispered, your lips almost touching his teeth, but you didn’t move to close the gap.
His eye lights seem to expand the longer you stay in that position. You didn’t miss the quick glance at your lips before he returns your stare. Some blue droplets are forming on his skull the longer you hold that position. Grinning, you giggle under your breath before your hand trails upward to cradle the side of his skull. Your stomach flutters when he nuzzles into your hand.
“Close your sockets, Sans...” you whispered again.
Without making a joke, Sans follows along and shuts his sockets. Taking a deep breath and gathering your courage, you bring your lips from his teeth to the top of his skull and press your lips against the rough surface. You linger there for a bit before lowering yourself and facing him again.
You try not to smile more at the heart-shaped eye lights in his sockets, but you feel warmer and loved by his gaze. Rubbing a thumb across his cheek, you kiss under his left socket and withdraw your hand from his skull, resting your head on your pillow. Your smile becomes teasing as your face becomes warmer the longer Sans regards you, his eye lights intense.
“I guess I can stay here and cuddle a bit longer. Unless...” you arched an eyebrow at him, your tone coy, “...you have somewhere else to be?”
“nope. rest of my plans are canceled,” Sans answered while making sure both arms are wrapped around you tightly, “you’re stuck with this bag of bones for a while.”
Laughing at his answer, you make sure you’re comfortable against Sans before closing your eyes, a breathy sigh escaping your lips.
It’s not often that you’re able to cuddle Sans, due to him working down in the basement and outside of the house. When there is time to spend this moment together, it’s always worth it.
(I hope it's not too rushed. It has been a couple of years since I last wrote fanfic, so I will be rusty until I get into the swing of things. Thank you for understanding and I'll see you guys soon~! ♥)
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