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I enjoyed drawing this sm!!! i wanted to do a little baker version of him bc i was bored and late at night.
hheisa is right he is fun to draw
Mint sans belongs to the lovely @hheisa!
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ghostangel2000 · 3 days
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asteroiidx · 1 day
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sans fanfics w/ this trio 🥹
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sansofhumor · 1 day
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baby bones it is!!!
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majorpatheticcas · 3 days
Little doodle art of my character and Sans.
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Cass is warning ya about him
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tupthetrickster · 2 days
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pencil and watercolor in my planner because I can't draw anywhere else!! consider this the equivalent of blowing all my mutuals a kiss <3
I have more of these sketches,, some closeups of this one below:
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I might take this down because I am nervous to post it,,, we'll see!!
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feel free to request more, ty so much for the inspiration <3 (not me makin it extra sketchy so it looks better lmao i cant line)
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jjxxsunn · 1 day
Random...yet interesting.
I thought I’d share a random thought I had; In Undertale, “Gasters followers” appear to be grey.
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It made me think of how in Deltarune, the darkners who enter other dark worlds turn to stone. Turning grey.
Because they don’t belong.
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That isn’t to say that the darkners are connected to Gaster. I just thought that there could be a connection. Considering the fact that Clam Girl mentions “Suzy” her daughter, which could be tied to Susie in Deltarune and she turns to “stone” right in front of you.
I’m aware of the fact that “Gasters followers” can actually speak, where as Lancer (and Rouxles) can’t due to them “turning to stone.”
So yeah, random but pretty interesting. Make of it what you will hehe
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wearycow-art · 1 day
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They are having a couch date
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fellruelf · 9 hours
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i just love to draw this funny little handsome man. guess next i'll draw the one who wears the second paired ring, hehe
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blazepandaartz · 3 days
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Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Story of UNDERTALE
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jepr0d · 1 day
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didderd · 11 hours
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(Click/tap image for better quality)
I meant to post this the other day lol, but these are drawings I did for RedBeanPorridge's weekly Sketch Clup. The theme for this week was MSPaint, so I just drew some Undertales. In MSPaint ofc. ^^)
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scary-life · 2 days
I was watching this movie called Unicorn wars and...
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Omg...It could be...
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AaAaAaaA 😭
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octopus-is-octopus · 2 days
Hey! Can u do yandere platonic friendship with the sanses? You can choose them if you want! I hope ur having a good day/night
(Sorry if the asks arent open)
Yes, asks are open! Open 24/7 right now until I get a TON load of request! Which isn't likely lol.
And I'm having a good day thank you! So kind :)
Anyways!- these are based off the underverse version. Sorry if you don't like that, I just thought it would be cool.
As we all know, ink has a tendency to forget easily and has trouble with emotions. When he meets you, he thinks you're a pretty cool person! If you are an artist, that's amazing! If you aren't that cool as well! Either way, he gets to show off to you his art style. With a yandere platonic ink, jealousy, stubbornness, and protectiveness would be key factors to his behavior. He does like attention, especially yours, to be always on him. So when someone gets more than him for a long period of time, he can get a little annoyed or even cold shouldered towards you a bit. He is very stubborn when it comes to not leaving you alone and other things like friendly teasing, ETC. If you tell him to stop, it would take him a while to actually stop since he really doesn't like the word no. He will pout, that's for sure. He doesn't need physical affection alot, he does like small gestures like friendly holding hands or maybe a small hug. He's not too hung up on physical affection but doesn't mind it. Now, with protectiveness... there is a no limit for him, and that's the big major that plays in the yandere key he has. If someone is to threaten you, he will fight for you and even kill if he has to, but doesn't go to killing as the first option right away, mostly just verbal. If someone were to make you sad and yell at you, he wouldn't know how to comfort you and probably would stand there awkwardly when you break down before turning his attention to the threat, giving them a BIG peice of his mind. He would be more protective than the normal ink sans since in underverse there's a lot of bad things happening, so most likely, he will be much more protective. The only reason why he doesn't forget about you is that he thinks about you ALLL the time. Honestly, he is probably one of the more chiller platonic yandere compared to most others sans's.
For one, he's a man, baby. Two, if you guys were friends, he would have MAJOR attachment issues if he was a platonic yandere, especially since all of the x gaster stuff had been going on and the frequent appearances of ink. Visiting him often is a must, or he will come and get you himself. If you're stuck there with him, prepare to be bombarded with lots of undernovel and LECTURES OF ANGRY TOWARDS INK. You're basically like a therapist to him, and that's one of the things he likes about you. You will listen to him and will only comment on reasonable things. For him, his most major key would be JEALOUSY and PROTECTIVENESS. This man will go beyond and more than what he can withstand just for you. You get threated, boom there gone, you get attacked, boom the person you got attacked by his gone. If you ask him about it, he most likely will snap at you a little, telling you to stop assuming he does everything that ever turns out wrong in the multiverse. Error WILL get jealous if you pay attention to ANYTHING longer than him. He likes his attention VERY much. If you live somewhere and only visit him sometimes or not enough to his liking, he WILL kidnap you and keep you with him in the antivoid. If you get angry at him about it, he will yell at you and won't care if you start crying, ok mabye just a little, he will try and calm you down though when you cry. NO PHYSICAL AFFECTION AT ALL. Jealousy Jealousy~, this man is probably one of the worst for jealousy. When he's jealous, he will kill anything to get your attention back to him. He's like a child. He wants ALL you attention. And so help me if you try to be friends with other people as well INFRONT of him while he's there. Oh boy, it's not gonna be pretty.
Fresh doesn't really have many emotions and has trouble feeling them, but he seems to have a spft spot just for you, and even he doesn't know why. He's a pretty chill yandere...unless he's provoked. When he's chill, he's just like a normal friend. He hangs out with ya and will probably have a special nickname just for ya! So feel lucky. Let's just say he favorites you out of everyone he knows, and that's why he's friends with ya. He's actually a big softy when you REALLY REALLY get to know him. He is a parasite, and he would appreciate it if you didn't care if he was if you knew. A main part of his yandere is CLINGY and PROTECTIVENESS, especially when he's provoked. Regularly, he's pretty chill, just normal like usual. But if someone had provoked him, say someone was threatening to take you away from him or threaten you. That's when these CLINGY and PROTECTIVENESS behaviors really come into play. If someone had threatened to take you away from him (which would only be when you weren't with him since people like to manipulate other people I guess), he wouldn't explain why even if you ask why he was randomly popping up more around you, staying with you longer and even start threating people in his own way if they try to talk to you when he's around, which becomes almost all the time. If you get angry at this, he won't care. He's getting attention from you, and you're by his side. That's all he cares about. When he goes away, he does tend to get annoyed more easily without you around, but never shows it to anyone. To him, the multiverse is boring without you besides him. And that's why he's with you all the time. He will do ANYTHING for you, besides swearing. He's kinda like a puppy if you imagine it. In the scene of underverse 0.7 (spoiler coming up), he actually is quite bored talking and 'playing' with ink. So he tries to entertain himself by cause some trouble with ink and gets ink annoyed at him. He had nothing else to do, that's until he remembers that he has you. Though he did have to take care of the error first so he didn't follow him back. So he took over inks and used inks body against error. Once all of that was done, he went straight to you. He's a yandere that's mostly just bark but WILL bite if he gets to that point, and when he bites, it's not pretty for anyone even if you're just watching it happen.
Nightmare himself is a toxic and manipulative friend. He's defently the worst out of all of them to have as a yandere friend. Just because he considers you a friend compared to others doesn't mean he will treat you like one. Very controlling on who you hang out with and will go to killing someone as his first option. He's very attention seeking but will never admit it and does enjoy all your attention, whether it be bad or good. He doesn't care really what you want, he will tell you what to do and if you don't listen to him, he's not afraid to yell at you or hurt your feelings, he might actually enjoy it (most likely). VERY narcissistic. Don't test him. If you try to unfriend him, that's not gonna go well for you. He's already gotten sickeningly attached to you, and he won't let you go. You know too much he couldn't let you go now even if he wanted to. Main trates is JEALOUSY and OBSESSIVENESS. EXTREMELY JEALOUS of anyone that gets too close to you or talks to you. He doesn't like physical affection, but I swear if you hug someone in front of him, he will kill that person and break your arms. How dare you do something so VILE and DISGUSTING. But don't worry, he will fix your arms if you beg him and promise to never do that again. He will manipulate your emotions to feel negative so you come to him. He likes it when you come to him crying, he enjoys it so much. He won't comfort you, but he will sit there with you. Even Killer thinks it's a toxic friend ship, and you should stop being friends with him, and he doesn't even have emotions! If nightmare caught him saying that, he would SEVERELY hurt killer. After that nightmare would be the ONLY person you would be able to talk to. When in underverse 0.6 (spoiler alert), when Nightmare was watching Killer fight cross, he was quite bored, so he pulled you out of a portal suddenly, surprised. He would just hold you in a tentical and talk to you, not really expecting an answer or a kind one. You stopped doing that a while ago after he started to become more violent and obsessed with you. When he's fighting dream and cross, he will leave you to the side lines to watch. He loves to show off. This would be your only slim chance as to escape, but 99% chance he would get you before you can even get 10 feet away, and instead of his attention on dream and cross, it was now all anger towards you. How DARE you! After everything he's done for you! If cross and dream were able to get you from nightmare (which is a very low chance). He would be in a fit of rage, angry at dream and cross for taking you away from him. But don't worry, he will get you back eventually. But if you didn't get saved, however....you locked up with him forever. And you'll get the beating of your life, but you won't die.. no, no, he will make you suffer and beg him to stop and promise you won't do that again. He's defently not a good friend to have as a yandere.
PJ (not underverse) (the ship child one)
Paperjam (the one who's a ship child between error and ink not the separate character one).
Pj isn't really in contact with his 'parents', so he for sure would be a little Clingy, but not annoying. He's not some baby that needs physical affection 24/7 and is just fine being alone. He doesn't mind friendly holding hands, though, or hugs. He's not so much a yandere and more of a very protective skeleton... but still a yandere at the same time. He's not really good in magic, but he can pack a punch, that's for sure. If anyone were to want to fight you or beat you up, he would jump in and start punching and kicking there ass I to the ground until their bleeding and broken bones. He's not afraid to tell you that he's coming with you to surtent places whether you like it or not. He's just worried about your safety since you're the only person he really is close to. He can get jealous, but it's not common but not rare either. His most yandere traits (if you wanna call it yandere) are PROTECTIVENESS and STALKING. He doesn't like to be apart from you and will go out of his way to follow you around without you knowing. He's pretty intimidating when he wants to. He's not scared to bark or bite. He's isn't a kid and isn't afraid to show so to anyone in his way that he thinks is a threat to you or him. But overall, he's more like an extremely protective brother than anything else.
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asteroiidx · 6 hours
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i am so funny guys 🔥🔥🔥
Horror, Aster, Sans Bros hehe
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