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luxthestrange · 3 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#388Material GURL
Leona*With a pink apron on and Nala(1) and Grim on his back*Im loving this gender equality stuff, Look!*Points outside the window*
You are in winter clothes outside your house with a shovel
Leona: Wife outside shoveling the driveway and Im in the kitchen making waffles*has spatula in hand and plate*MATERIAL GURL-Oh shit it's burnt-*Opens the waffle maker and the waffle is burnt*
Yuu*Is struggling with the shovel and slippery floor...falling on your butt*ACK!
Tumblr media
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fanfic-gallery · 3 days
just one little pat!
Tumblr media
✎ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl × gn! reader
"their reaction to you touching their ears and tail"
|| headcanon, fluff, crack
✎ manager's note:
Tumblr media
|| leona kingscholar
despises every bit of it
has or had threated to disintegrate any and all who dare to step a foot, even a mere inch, near him
don't even waste your efforts to concoct a 'master plan' in order to catch him off guard; been there, done that; unless you're his little nephew, the rate of your success is fairly low
strong reflexes, would pin you down in a heartbeat
tackled from behind? his tail has just enough strength to swat a regular sized human across a hallway; hurts like hell too, never pleasant
the process, tough maybe even traumatising to some, but the reward right after is one worth the struggle:
"..i can't believe this.." who ever planned this as a sick joke was as good as dead, but he already knows who's behind it all. the laughing of a howling hyena causing a deeper shade of rosy red to dust his cheeks, growing goosebumps on his tanned skin not apparent but fairly visible on closer inspection.
"poor mr kingscholar, whatever will he do to escape this predicament~" soft rumbles of purring increasing with each pat of his silky mane; tail swaying involuntary, thumping against the wooden flooring, mind wishing to be set free from this hellish torture yet body craving more of your warm touch.
"i'll have your head for this-" ruggie smirked, effortlessly brushing off eyes of green, laced with poison, glaring daggers at him. his body trembling from laughter yet still to prevent the measly lion from leaving his spot on the ground. you, of course, barely paid much mind to what displayed upon you, fingers ever so carefully caressing leona's fluff from head to toe. your squeals of excitement growing louder, grip on the housewarden's waist growing tighter.
Tumblr media
|| ruggie bucchi
embarrassing; more so humiliating
isn't very guarded but would be on high alert after the many many times you 'just-so-happened' to have your hand brush against his head
very flinch-y; would even pout a little if you continue to caresses him after his warnings
had used his signature spell against you; had you running around the campus like a mad-lad till your knees turned numb
wish for a certified way to get your daily in-take of serotonin? bribery. what did you expect?
though his price doesn't come cheap; better be prepare to have your wallet empty tonight
"erm.. 50 thaumarks..?" the hyena yawned, gloved hands fanning near the entrance of his mouth, tail swaying downwards feeling boredoms sinking its teeth into his bitter soul. 50? you had to be joking- why would he serve himself up to you for a measly 50 thaumark? you were already considered the 'lucky ones'; had it been anyone else, he would have marked up a fortune.
"i've already cut down your cost for the last time- 350 or nothing~" the frustration swirling within your eyes, the way you chewed at your bottom lip; it amused him. he could never understand why would be so desperate for a touch of his mane- absolutely ridiculous.
"ughhh- fine! j-just take it.. here- you happy now-" though he wouldn't say he didn't admired your determination.
"very!" ruggie grinned, fingers already dancing across the edges of light brown-ish paper, greed filling his pupils yet quickly dispersing when arms tackled him to the ground. his face planted against your chest with your hands already scratching at his scalp, upper limbs enwrapped trapped along with his body, leg entangled within yours. he wanted to yell, yell for you to let go- yet he forgot, he had already sold himself to you for the next hour~
Tumblr media
|| jack howl
he doesn't mind it actually
well, that was a bit of an understatement-
he doesn't mind, as long as you both are alone; likely staying within the privacies of each other's rooms; he still has his pride to keep after all
gets extremely red -and maybe has a piece of him die on the inside- if you touched him openly
has a very reactive wolf form; and is why he never transforms around near you; 'cause once he's caught- either of you would be willing to let go-
loves a scratch behind the ears and tummy rubsss; no touching the tail though- makes bby very uncomfortable
he wasn't known for having much in that empty head of his; just sports; yet he's not one to give up something without a proper fight even if it's just a couple pieces of paper with words sprouted across them. knowing he couldn't fight this battle alone, he searched you out; despite not having knowledge of any magic had excellent grades in every class, in his eyes at least.
you both got to work; having study session everyday till exams week. alongside much of what was taught within textbooks, he observed your love for patting his ears- he found it strange at first; your hands entangled within his mane, praising him with a 'good boy' with each right answer but he started enjoying it slightly. maybe it swelled his pride up or he likes the way your palm feels against him.
but he does know- he doesn't want anyone knowing about his little secret..
your hand grazing the back of his left ear as you cooed ever so sweetly; the paper rolled within your hand in a red circle, '68'. he knew it was a high improvement from his mid-years but you didn't have to reward him here- out in the open as well- the snickers of the two heartslabyul students was enough to get him all flushed.. he doubts he'll hear the end of this till the day he dies-
Tumblr media
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leonasimp · 4 months
❥ 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦!
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: all dorm members x crush reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: slightly suggestive on leona's part, not proofread
𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐫𝐚: i have homecoming tuesday so i decided to do it with the twst! plus reader's pronouns aren't stated!
Tumblr media
After losing another yearly tournament with RSA, the headmage and staff had decided to throw a homecoming dance!
This being your first NRC homecoming, you wondered how great it'll be.
Walking through the hallways to go back to your dorm, you're oblivious to what the twst boys have in store.
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬:
he would probably ask you to be his homecoming date in the rose garden
will give you a single red rose
his face will be as red as the rose
i think this would be his first school dance because he was homeschooled
at homecoming, he would be blushing the whole time and uses his signature spell on anyone (ace) who teases him
he's really good at slow dancing!
while being your date, he also supervises to make sure no one is breaking rules
i feel like he'll work up the courage and kiss your knuckles
"Thank you for being my date to the dance, Prefect. This is both our first dance so I hope this will be a great experience for the both of us."
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐜𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐚:
he'd probably ask as soon as he knows about it
wants to do it before deuce
he will blush if you actually are willing then would be smug about it
at homecoming, he'll look really formal
laughs at couples yet acts coupley towards you
there's never a moment where you aren't on the dance floor either dancing crazily to songs or embarrassingly trying to slow dance
teases you a lot during it although deep down, he's shy.
you guy will probably tell the dj to play an inappropriate song LMAO
riddle won't be happy!
"ew, yuck! look at those losers over there, all sucking each other's faces. HA, that's hil-...WHAT- i never even tried to kiss you tonight! pfffttttttt."
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐞𝐮𝐜𝐞 𝐒𝐩𝐚𝐝𝐞:
he'd be a blushing mess!
he'd accidentally confess his feelings too :0
mans asked his mom for help and will end up getting you a bouquet of flowers
at homecoming, he's so awkward and tense but it's cute
he's also a gentleman and will willingly beat up anyone who tries to steal his date away
he will be so shy while slow dancing too, he just knows that ace is somewhere laughing and filming him
you'll definitely will have to take the lead
pls don't laugh if he steps on your foot, he's trying :(
i think by the time the dance ends, he'll give you a little kiss on the forehead
100% calls his mom and tells her EVERYTHING
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐝:
will 100% film himself asking you and your reaction
i feel like he'll be standing with a huge cringe poster that has a pun line to ask you to homecoming!
he'll help you with your dress/suit and getting ready. you guys are matching
his magicam will be FILLED with videos and pictures of the dance with 98% of them being you.
you'll never be bored at all the whole time and you'll have so much confidence with him!
slow dancing will be comfortable and nice yet he'll probably be a little shy
"WOAH! Look at my amazing date, go prefect! #dancingprefect #nrchomecoming #caycaysdate."
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐲 𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫:
i think he'd be really cringe about it
like he'll say a dad joke and ask you to the homecoming LMAO
during homecoming, he's a gentleman
he'll even pay for yummy snacks and drinks
probably a secret dancer, i think he'll dance pretty good
he'll crack jokes and he'll laugh if you fall while dancing but then help you up
the slow dances good? it'll probably be so romantic then he'll crack a dad joke---
"my dad jokes aren't that bad. these dance jokes really get you in the rhythm..hahaha that was the last one. yes! i promise."
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫:
probably wouldn't ask you to be his date until you're at the dance. like he'll be sleeping outside the gymnasium and get jealous at some dudes trying to dance with you or ruggie will make him do it
mans will look so fine like damn
he's great at dancing, esp slow dancing
i wonder if he'll hold you close to his chest while you dance
100% a tease the whole time and will definitely kiss your face or hand
he'll be smug with that mf smirk
will show you off to everyone
ruggie will tease him and you, probably will film to get blackmail
by the end of your night, you guys will sneak off to the botanical garden and cuddle or more :0 <3
"no one'll notice if ya ditch, cmon herbivore. let loose, will ya? it ain't nice to reject a prince. "
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐞 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐜𝐡𝐢:
he'll get you a bouquet of freshly picked dandelions. they don't look REALLY pretty but it's the thought that counts :(<3
he'll play it off cool while asking you but is freaking out
during homecoming, he's probably wearing one of leona's suits or one of his own which probably has a few holes in it but he looks very good
you guys will always be near the food and you'll probably have to be on look out while ruggie steals snacks
i bet ruggie is a really good dancer but when it comes to slow dancing, he isn't all that good
he'll be shy and might step on your feet LMAO but he's cute so it's okay
"Oi, mc! come stand guard while i grab these slices of pizza for us!"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐥:
i feel like he'll ask you and play it off as him not wanting you to be the only one without a date but he just really wants to go with you
he'll be wicked shy asking you and during homecoming but will play it cool, esp in front of the first years
his tail will never stop wagging like he'll be such a happy bby
i think he may be good at slow dancing
he'll growl at anyone who looks at you badly or hungrily too so yay
"hey, wanna go to the homecoming? the others seem to have found dates so i didn't want you to be alone."
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐥 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨:
he'll be panicking to ask you out. before he can ask you out, floyd will probably say something about him wanting you to be his homecoming date
during homecoming, he'll look very clean and formal yet he'll be panicking. dw, he'll loosen up throughout the night
slow dances will be good, i feel like he'll be MARVELOUS at slow dancing
he will NOT let you waste your money or his on the snacks and drinks there. instead, he'll make you guys go to the mostro lounge and have stuff there
"oh prefect, why spend your money on these things when you can get free luxury at the mostro lounge?"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡:
he'll get your favorite snack and ask you out
a huge smile will be his face while he asks and at the homecoming
he'll be such a gentleman the whole time
100% will call you things like darling, love, etc.
he's a good slower dancer and will caress your back and HAUHDBDHDO
i bet he'll give you a little smooch the forehead just to see you get flustered
you guys probably sneaked to the bathroom and ate mushrooms (good or bad ones, you decide)
"fufu, you're quite adorable when you blush, darling."
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐝 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡:
once he heard about the dance, you were already his date. you got no choice cuz mans will cling onto you
he's the life of the party so you'll never be bored the whole time
why do i feel like he'll show up with an animal print suit?
he'll be clinging onto you the whole time
if he has mood swings, just do a goofy dance and give him kisses then he'll be fine
if you attempt to slow dance, it's just floyd picking you up and swaying you.
"shrimpy~! i love this song! let's go back to the dance floor!...nono! food can wait, we gotta dance!"
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐦 𝐀𝐥-𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐦:
he'll have jamil help him through a huge party to ask you
you guys will have such a fun time but always remember that jamil is watching
he'll be so excited over the littlest things
sm compliments and he'll probably give you some jewelry to go with your dress/suit
slow dancing is so cute with him. he doesn't really know how to do it but every time you guys mess up, you both will burst out in laughter.
"mc this is amazing! are you having fun? im having fun! yay, what should we do next?"
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥 𝐕𝐢𝐩𝐞𝐫:
kalim would 100% help him ask you out whenever that'll be him accidentally saying something or forcing you two to go together!
you'd have to remind him that he is supposed to relax and not look after kalim
he'll make sure you drink and eat enough
he's a great dancer so try and keep up with him LMAO
he's great at slow dancing but will blush obv
he'll be smiling too awhh
mans will 100% appreciate that you were able to make him relax for a few hours
"thank you mc for tonight. i don't normally relax like this so i appreciate it. you're a wonderful date."
Tumblr media
𝐕𝐢𝐥 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐭:
he'll probably give you a whole thing of roses and shit then ask you out
he's a gentleman yass
now..there's no doubt that vil looks better than you. although he helped you get ready and everything, he still looks better. you just gotta deal with it
you guy will probably be the most popular date that night
he'll make sure you guys dont consume too much sugar
dancing with him is fun and you'll even get some dance tips and critics
slow dancing, he'll 100% take the lead and teach you
rook will be crying at how beautiful you guys are
"perfect! you're a natural already but just remember to keep your head up and be confident, prefect."
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐭:
mans will go ALL out for asking. he'll stalk you and gain intel on your favorite stuff, write a love poem, and all that
when he sees you, non stop compliments. i think he'll even go far as to crying
he'll be the perfect gentleman and will always hold + kiss your hand
on the dance floor, he'll always be holding onto you and dancing
slow dancing, he's great! like it's really shocking at how good he is
"oui tricker! oh, you look so marvelous. this beauty is so overwhelming. look at me weep in your presence of beauty."
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐩𝐞𝐥 𝐅𝐞𝐥𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐫:
he'll be so shy while asking you but will act manly
probably will carve a heart out an apple
he'll look all pretty cuz vil dressed him up but once out of vil's side, he'll fix it up to his liking
he'll talk in his country accent with you
he's wild on the dance floor esp with cotton eye joe
slow dancing, he's so nervous and will act goofy about it but when vil glances at him, he'll be so serious about it
"pfftt, this is how y'all snobby rich folk dance? oh no, he's lookin' at us."
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝:
you're gonna be the one asking him out with the help of ortho
if you manage to convince him, you're gonna have to help him get ready
at the dance, he'll be so shy and scared but probably after some monster drinks, he'll be fine
you guys will probably sit all the way in the back of the bleachers and play games
if you manage to slow dance, his hair will turn pink as you both sway back and worth
"a-ahahah- d-d..do we have to be with the normies?"
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝 (𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜):
he'll probably find you sitting alone and ask you if he could accompany you
you can teach him how to dance and slow dance
he'll say you're pretty and proceed to try and make you dance with idia HELP
"mc! you look so pretty but you're sitting by yourself! would you like to try dancing? idia put a new code to make me dance good."
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐚:
he'll ask lilia for help on trying to ask you. on one of your walks, he'll shyly ask you and will be so happy when you do. he'll tell lilia all about it when he gets back
you guys will be the most popular couple and it'll be a little overwhelming but great
he doesn't really know a lot of dances but when it comes to slow dancing, well, he is almost fae king. you'll take the whole dance floor away but also good luck with dancing cuz he's tall!
you'll probably end up leaving and going stargazing
he gives you little smooches on the forehead
"haha, child of man, stop giggling. im trying to give you a blessing!..no, im not just giving you a "smooch" on the forehead."
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚 𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐞:
lilia will probably go the traditional route and get you some roses and ask you out formally
he's old so he knows a lot of dances but it's funny to watch and teach him modern dances from today
he's very great at slow dancing, he has had practice. will probably compete with malleus and his date for slow dancing
"fufu~ am i rocking it, like the kids say?"
Tumblr media
he'll ask malleus and lilia how to ask you but will regret it cuz they'll tease him
i hope the loud music will keep him awake!
he's decent at dancing and is pretty great at slow dancing cuz he dances with his animal friends!
he's the number 1 gentleman for the night
he'll only blush when malleus and lilia tease him
"father, stop! mc is my date, we're just friends! no no! ah, please be quiet..ahh"
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐞𝐛𝐞𝐤 𝐙𝐢𝐠𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐭:
im not sure how he'll be your date but you'll probably ask him to dance and you guys'll dance battle HELP
he'll see you worthy and will only be with you as long as the young master is in his sight
he'll laugh WICKED LOUD if you fall or step on his foot
if you're a malleus simp then that's good cuz that'll probably be your whole conversation
he wont seem like it but he's actually really happy to have you as a date
"you human! you seem rather decent in the midst of the dance battle, let us be partners at this dance."
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tiyoin · 1 month
leona : *sleeping in botanical garden*
mc: *walks in*
Tumblr media
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shibainu2006 · 2 months
hey dude!! could you do the savannaclaw boys trying to groom the reader in their sleep, like the reader is asleep next to them or in their lap? nothing romantic between them, they’re just close friends. thank you!’
If any sort of animal grooms you, that is the highest form of affection you can receive.
Even if it is platonic.
Leona Kingscholar
Both of you were lying around in the botanical garden having a little nap.
Leona had snatched you out of class since you guys hadn't hung out in a while.
It's his weird way of expressing that he missed his friend.
The two of you were huddled up underneath a tree, you having your head up on his chest as he rested on his back.
When Leona took a good look at you, something told him you needed to be groomed, and almost immediately, he pulled you up closer and gave your head a few licks.
Of course, he hoped you wouldn't wake up, but the feel of his rough tongue against your dome sort of woke you.
"Leona?" You said his name and his grip tightened on you.
"Hold still herbivore." He ordered, not stopping what he was doing.
Now you were stuck until he was finished.
Jack Howl
Jack was headed to your dorm to wake you for the morning run you agreed to take with him.
The two of you had a fitness plan going, and he agreed to keep you motivated.
Upon arriving at Ramshackle, and then reaching your room, he noticed how messy you looked.
He took it upon himself to rectify this, settling down on the bed, giving you a good grooming.
✨️Canine style✨️
You awoke to a sort of gentle toothy feeling against you... Like something was trying to pinch your skin or some shit (my dog did this to me. It feels that way)
When Jack heard his name leave your mouth, he stopped immediately, "Uh-"
"What where you doing dude?" You ask, rubbing your cheek.
"N-nothing! Don't worry about it!" He quickly heads for the door, "We have a jog to go on. Get dressed and I'll meet you in the lounge.."
Ruggie Bucchi
The two of you were out doing work, and currently taking a break.
It was yard work and the sun was beaming down like it might explode soon.
Ruggie had a lot more stamina to spare, but you didn't, so he let you take a lil nap while he did the rest.
Of course, you'd have to pay him later.
Once he finished, he noticed that you were a mess, and decided to go ahead and fix it.
All you woke up to was your cheek being licked, and being propped up on his side.
"What are you doing?"
"You're dirty. I'm cleaning you." Ruggie responded bluntly and continued his actions.
Welp.. You're stuck.
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pearlinthecreek · 4 months
Animal instincts.
All writing credit goes to @pearlinthecreek. Feel free to repost, like, and share with credit.
Aged up!Savanaclaw x GN!Reader TW: Pre-smut.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar 
Despite his cold and almost careless nature, he wants to touch you as much as possible. You have to be physically touching for him to get in the mood.
Waiting for you, patiently. No matter how animalistic his thoughts about you are — You have to be feeling the mood too.
Is grumpy and grouchy with everyone else around him. Doesn’t really care how rude he’s being, like always, but it’s more severe. 
“ Leona, come on! I gotta get to class,” you complain. Leona looks up, his arms lazily hang around your waist. “ I love you, man but I really got a place to be.” 
“ Why don’t you stay, herbivore?” You cross your arms. ‘Arms that were draped over me just minutes ago, arms that will be straddling me. that I could mark. Mark and bite..’ He says nothing and just looks up at you, with a neutral expression.
“Have you been ignoring me? I’m saying, I’m gonna go back to class.” 
“ Why? You hate class.” He spins his eyes around the botanical garden, making sure no one’s there. “I’m not gonna stick around here if all we’re going to do is laze around.”  You explain, adjusting your uniform shirt. “We could do something else.” He says, now completely awake. His body pulses with tension, he wants to grab, pull, and .. dominate.“ Like what?” 
‘Like pounding you so hard you see stars, and no one else will even think about touching your pretty little body after seeing me fucking break your everything,’
He stares at your thighs. 
“ Leona?” You ask, breaking him from his trance.  “You were saying?” He stands up, muttering a spell under his breath. Locking the garden door. He stares at a patch of trees so tall and looming that they’d cover.. anything. “ I got something in mind, herbivore.”
Ruggie Bucchi 
He starts asking for your help, a lot. Trying to be around you as much as possible with his busy schedule. You're on the track team? He's suddenly got enough free time to join the track team!
He’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want. You ask, he does! My guy is devoted as fuck to winning you over.
Whispers what he’s thinking a lot, rarely do you hear it but Leona does all the time and tells him to shut the fuck up and get laid already.
Mad kinky, not gonna lie. He wants you to wring him out like a dirty towel and then toss him backward and walk over him like a carpet. God forbid he wants to test any of them out.
“ Ruggie! Where do you want this box to go?” You shout across the room. He had asked you if you wanted to help him move all the tournament supplies back to the gym closet with him. “ Just put it down outside the closet!” He calls back. “Woo, this is heavy work. I should’ve brought my water bottle.” Ruggie appears next to you, clutching his own water bottle. “Take it.” You smile, “Thanks, dude! I owe you.” You drink it. The sun beats down on the both of you, you both covered in sweat. He stares mindlessly, “ No, no... I owe you. I owe you for your presence ahead of me, for your body next to mine.. for letting me be under you.” He whispers, as quietly as possible. 
You turn to him, 
“Did you say something?” 
“ Nope. I’ll go grab the next box,” You nod, and flash him a smile. He grins back.  Ruggie grabs another box. He was about halfway across the room when all the dust in the air must’ve irritated him because he let out a large sneeze falling backward and letting go of the box. You spring forward, managing to catch him. “Oh my god! Are you okay, Ruggie?” He looks up at you, noticing exactly how you hold him carefully in your arms. “ You should hold me like this when I’m between your fucking awesome thighs,” 
He whispers to himself with a smirk. Instead of pretending not to hear him, you stare at him. “ Ruggie, that’s such a naughty thing to say.. but you’re lucky I don’t mind it one bit.” You say back, your smirk matches his. 
Jack Howl 
Jack only really feels an attraction to people he knows are good people so you guys are probably friends already.
He gets horniest while in front of other beastmen, it’s kind of odd. Something about how if he doesn’t mark you at THAT moment they might take you away from him. That makes him want you even more.
The boy is a gentleman and does subtle body language checks to make sure you're into it. He'll ask if you're cool with it even if it ruins the mood. He wants to make sure you're as into him as he is you.
You happen to be his date to a large Savanaclaw party which was organized by a bunch of older beastmen, of course he had asked you in pure intentions. But while you were just dancing and talking around, and those guys were saying all those things about you, he couldn’t think straight. “Dude! Look at them, they’ve got ass for days.” One purple haired beastman said to his friend, who then chimed in, “goddamn right! I’d give an arm and a leg for them to sit on my face.” 
“Man! You’re a total freak.” They got to refill the drinks, and that’s when Jack knows he has to fucking destroy you. He clambers through the crowd, looking for you. Shoving through beastly partygoers, and other visitors. He spots you, dancing and smiling.
“ Jack? Is something wrong?” You ask, holding your cup. 
He looks you up and down one final time, before grabbing your arm and squeezing it as hard as he can. “ We have to— have to go somewhere,” are the only words he manages to get out before dragging you to another room.
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supremeshrimpy · 10 months
courting rituals
Tumblr media
Savanaclaw Edition
Summary: Driven by infatuation and love, the boys try and court you in their own way. 
A/N: This took a while to research and some interesting searches, so please leave a like or comment. Anyways, please enjoy the read. 
Characters: Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, Jack Howl
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ‌ (Lion) : 
In courting, some lions will rub heads with each other. Imagine Leona helping you study in the library and while you are working out a question, he just lays his head down on your shoulder and rubs his head into your neck
"Focus on your work, Herbivore."
Male lions will patiently follow whoever they are trying to court anywhere. Leona following you around to the classes you have together is just so adorable. He'll follow close behind you and glare at anyone who even looks your way. 
"I'm only going to this class to get Ruggie off my ass."
Leona would be in LOVE with your neck. Always nuzzling his head against it, throwing his arm around it, etc. He finds your smell divine. 
"You smell decent today." 
Ruggie Bucchi ‌ (Hyena) :
So, hyenas are an interesting one. Hyena packs will always be very aggressive towards the males. So, I feel like Ruggie is scared of you once he realized he really liked you. So, whenever he approaches you to court you, he immediately runs away after about two to three minutes. 
"I think Leona's calling me, bye!"
Male hyenas will follow around a female they are trying to court. So, I see Ruggie shadowing you throughout the day. From taking you to class to studying with you. He just wanted to make sure no one else is trying to take you from him. 
"Here, use my book, shishishi"
Hyenas also try to impress whoever they are courting. Ruggie's attempt to impress you would range from direct jesters to indirect jesters. To be direct, he'd compliment you or do something for you without requiring something in return. Ruggie being indirect would be him making concerned comments about your health. 
"Your hair looks nice today."
Jack Howl (Wolf) :
Wolves are big on physical contact with their potential mate. Honestly, if Jack wasn't so concerned with people seeing him be 'soft', he would love to be close to you in public. So, he'll have to settle with touching shoulders with you while studying. Even just touching shoulders will get his tail wagging like silly. 
"D-don't worry about my tail, just focus on your book.
Wolves will groom their mate and Jack is no different. He'll fix your uniform throughout the day, redo your  hair if it gets messed up, and even do face masks with you just to make you happy. 
"I-it's so cold, do we really put this stuff on our face?"
Wolves in the courting process will treat  the other like royalty, and Jack is the same. Always offering to hold your bag, grab you lunch, and help you clean around Ramshackle dorm. He's such a good boy.
"There is just a lot of dust in here."
Please leave a comment
Tumblr media
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bloodredfeathers · 8 days
Drabbles about how I think the Savanaclaw boys would kiss because I'm in need of some major fluff with my favorite dorm rn
Characters: Leona Kingscholar, Jack Howl, Ruggie Bucchi
⚠Gender neutral reader, Leona gets a lil frisky towards the end, slight swearing in Jack's part, also Jack's is really long I'M SORRY I COULDN'T HELP IT HE'S MY FAVORITE HGKFHKFHD, absolute tooth rotting domestic style fluff with Ruggie
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
You missed him.
You missed him a lot. You hadn't seen Leona the whole week due to the heavy workload you had been assigned before the weekend. Crewel really didn't know when enough work was enough.
Nonetheless, you used seeing Leona as a reason to get your work done, and you did. It was Friday, every last piece of work turned in, and you were on your way to see your favorite beastman.
"...mmmmmwhat...?" You could hear Leona growl from inside his dorm room after you knocked. Opening the door slowly, you were met with drawn curtains, creating a dimly lit room and a sleep enticing atmosphere.
"Oh my King," you knelt down and began speaking as though you were in a fairy tail. "Please forgive me for intruding upon your sacred private quarters. It is merely I, your beloved, here to see you-"
You looked up to see Leona, crossing his arms and staring down at you. His emerald eyes practically glowed, even in the dim light of his bedroom.
"Get up herbivore," he groaned. "If you're gonna be on your knees, at least make it for a good reason~"
"LEONA!" You stood quickly, face heating evidently. His arms enveloped you and you felt him rest his chin on your head.
"I'm kidding, herbivore..." He said sleepily. "I've missed ya..."
You smiled from where your face was buried in his chest and reciprocated his embrace, squeezing him tight and sighing contently.
"I've missed you too..." You murmured. Leona grabbed your chin with his hand, forcing you to look at him. He smirked and let out a quiet, amused huff. You pouted.
"Nothing," he grinned, shaking his head. Leona tilted your head upwards, lowering his own to meet you in a long, slow, deep kiss. It had you shivering and melting into him, leaning your whole body against his broad figure. Breaking the kiss, you panted and gazed into his eyes.
"Ohhh I don't think you'll be leaving this room anytime soon, herbivore~" Leona teased, leaning down to kiss your throat. "I wasn't kidding when i said i missed ya. Now whaddaya gonna do about it, hmm~?"
Jack Howl
"Deuce, have you seen Jack?" You had searched the grounds of Night Raven College at least three times over and still couldn't find your wolf anywhere. Deuce shook his head.
"I haven't seen him since our Flight class," Deuce said. "He told me he was going to look for you after school, but judging from what's going on right now, I'm assuming that didn't quite go as planned."
You rolled your eyes.
"No shit, Sherlock," you muttered. You scanned the crowd and couldn't see Jack anywhere. If he were there, it wouldn't have been hard to see a 6'3 bulky, tanned skinned, white haired wolf beastman that literally EVERYONE knows. You groaned aloud, deciding to give up searching, until...
"Wait, his dorm!" You nearly yelled. "I feel so damn stupid...why didn't I think to look for him in his dorm?"
You ran as fast as you could to the Savanaclaw dorm, huffing once you got there. Some student looked at you weird, whereas others minded their own business. You searched for anybody familiar when you saw-
The hyena turned and smiled as he saw you.
"Hey! What brings ya here?"
"Where's Jack?!" Ruggie put his hands up in defense, chuckling.
"Relax, he's up in his room. I think you came at a good time, he came back looking like his favorite cactus just died."
You quickly thanked him and ran to Jack's room, knocking on the door. No response. You slowly opened the door to see Jack sitting on his floor, playing with a little potted cactus, tail limp and ears flat, a sad scowl on his face.
"Jack?" You called softly. His head shot up and his eyes widened, ears alert as he stared towards you. You stepped inside and shut the door behind you, turning back around to be almost knocked over in a bone crushing hug.
"Jack if your tail wags any harder your homework is going to fly out the window-" You warned him.
"Don't care," he said, face buried in your neck. "Can't help it, I missed you too damn much..."
Out of nowhere, jack picked you up and tossed you onto his bed (gently of course) before climbing over you and laying down on top of you. You giggled and pet his hair, rubbing his ears as he nuzzled his face into your neck.
Jack raised his head to look at you. You smiled at him and cupped his cheek with your hand. Laying his hand over yours, Jack leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours in a gentle kiss. His lips were soft and warm, and he smelled like cactus flowers.
Once the kiss was broken, he rested his forehead against yours, eyes closed, savoring the shared warmth between you two.
"I love you, Jack," you said breathlessly, eyes still shut tight and forhead still resting against his. Jack breathed shakily before running a large hand down your side, gently but lovingly caressing you.
"I...I love you too..."
It was moments like these where Jack knew he didn't have to have his guard up, where he could finally relax, because he knew he would always be safe to be himself with you~
(Lol can you say self indulgent-)
Ruggie Bucchi
"What was that for, huh?" Ruggie stared up at you from where you leaned over him. All he wanted was a little peace and quiet, some time to relax and lie in the cool grass beneath his favorite tree. Why was it his favorite? To keep it simple, it kept the grass beneath cool because it provided a lot of shade.
He was lying in the grass with his eyes closed when out of nowhere, you had decided to show up and give him a quick peck on the forehead.
"Nothing really," you grinned. "I've been looking for you all day, and I missed you! Also, you looked super cute, all relaxed like that~!"
Ruggie grinned, grabbing you as he began to tickle you to death.
"RUGGIE STOP!" You squealed as his relentless hands continued to attack your most ticklish spots.
"Never!" He giggled boyishly as he eventually calmed and brought you to sit between his legs, your back against his chest. His arms encircled your torso as his chin rested on your shoulder. You reached up to pet his hair and Ruggie sighed happily, closing his eyes.
"You know," Ruggie said softly. "I came out here to get away from people, to relax and be alone for a bit. But honestly, this is so much better..."
You smiled softly. Ruggie was young and fresh faced, some even saying he looked younger than he was. But he was a very responsible man and a hard worker. He deserved a break every now and again. He shouldn't have had to sneak away.
"Well whenever you need a break from things, especially from Leona," you gazed into his eyes, cupping his cheek. "Just hit me up, I'll always be down to help you unwind!"
He smiled cutely and pulled you in for a quick kiss, pulling back to look at you before going in for another, this time slower, longer, more passionate.
"I love you, Y/N. I always will, please don't ever forget that..."
Tumblr media
Also I kinda tried to associate their name colors with their eyes (Leona was green, Ruggie blue and Jack orangy yellowy amber idk-)
I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more, extras~
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m0chis-cafe · 20 days
how i think savanaclaw dorm members would kiss you
word count; 1.5k
warnings; slight talk of self doubt/shutting people out (jack)
characters: Leona, Ruggie, Jack
Tumblr media
Leona kingscholar🦁
-you cannot tell me this man wouldn't give you kisses while he's half asleep (i mean when isn't he half asleep...)
-his lips are dry, I'm sorry. his unique spell makes everything sand, but if you started putting chapstick on him he'd allow it
-if you try to leave while he's taking a nap during classes with you he drags you back down and starts kissing you until you agree to stay
-he's a lazy lion and his kisses are too. really slow and just kinda chill (unless you try leaving during one of his naps...)
-often kisses your forehead and neck/jaw
-sidenote; not about Leona kissing you, but I feel like he would melt if you kissed on or near his ears. just-food for thought don't mind me
-doesn't care about PDA
-would kiss you right in front of ruggie or jack, he just doesn't care
-if you did care he would dial it back, he just likes showing everyone your his
While sitting in magic history with Ruggie he got a text. All he did was groan and show you his phone, glancing up from your textbook you saw it was from Leona. He was asking Ruggie to give him the lesson from today and the classwork, saying he was skipping to take a nap.
"Can you get him? He's got to have told you where he was taking his stupid daily cat nap" he said with a blank yet annoyed expression. You let out a quiet laugh pulling out your phone to see a barrage of messages from Leona telling you to come to join him in the botanical gardens. showing Ruggie your phone as you raised your hand to ask Treinif you can go to the restroom. "take my bag back to savanaclaw when class is over, please, thanks!" you murmured to him, quickly flashing him a smile. "just like Leona..." you heard him grumbling before you slipped out of your seat.
making your way through the halls and to the botanical gardens you spotted Leona leaning his back against the base of a tree. his arms crossed and a soft look across his features. kneeling next to his sleeping figure you reached out a hand to poke his cheek repeatedly, "Leona, wake up. I snuck out past Trein just for you." After a few pokes one of his eyes opened slowly, "whaddya want herbivore-?".
sitting next to him he softly wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you to lean on his chest leaning his head back onto the tree. Trying to push him away slightly you frowned, "Hey, no. I came here to bring you to class. not to be swept into this." He looked down at you, sweeping a couple of kisses to the crown of your head, "Stay herbivore, please.". you melted at his words and into his embrace, closing your eyes and resting one of your hands on his warm chest. *I guess I could stay a while...*
Ruggie bucchi🍂
-he likes to tease you while kissing you
-makes me think of someone who would kiss the corners of your lips just to mess with you, or kiss near/on your ears after whispering in them just to mess with you
-another sidenote: the same thing as Leona, kiss his ears, please hell be so happy
-back to him, his lips are also kinda dry but soft at the same time
-he would drag you to do all of Leona's dirty work with him, not to make you do the work but just so he's not alone
-would absolutely melt if you offered to take care of some of the chores for him (please, hes stressed)
-while you guys are out doing Leona's chores he occasionally kisses your cheek or hand expressing his appreciation
-I can see him as being into small PDA bit not like full making out with you in front of people
-very handsy though, with arms around your shoulder, hands on your hips or waist holding you close, you name it he does it (as long as you are comfortable with it obviously)
You and Ruggie were walking down the halls after history to get to the cafeteria. Your hands were laced together so he wouldn't lose you with how fast he was walking. It was a day when the cafeteria was selling something that Leona needed apparently, so you got dragged with him to keep him company and to get your own food.
After waiting in line for almost 15 minutes you got Leona's food and both of yours. You were about to sit down when Ruggies phone buzzed, he pulled it out opening the notification with a groan tilting his head back. "what's wrong?", you reached your hand out to touch his arm looking up at him with concern.
"He's in the courtyard, he doesn't want to walk all the way over here" looking down at you apologetically, "i'll be right back, ok?" before he could even turn around fully you grabbed the back of his jacket pulling him down onto one of the cafeteria benches. "What was that for?" he screeched.
"I'll bring him his lunch, you stay here. You need a break, Ruggie..." He leaned in, giving you a small kiss on the corner of your lips, "Thank you", you mumbled a quick 'no problem' before getting Leona's lunch in hand. you planted a kiss between his ears and on the tips of each before leaving quickly, "I'll be right back!" leaving the poor boy flustered on the bench to stare blankly at the food in front of him with a blush dusting his cheeks.
Jack Howl🐺
-no matter how tough he wants to act, he's a big softie with you
-I feel like he would have well taken care of his lips, as we see in book 5 he was friends with Vil when they were kids
-so I feel like some of his beauty tips would've rubbed off on him, I mean have you seen his hair, it's gorgeous
-he's someone that kisses your forehead a lot and the inside of your wrists
-not someone who shows a ton of physical affection as he gets flustered so easily, but when you're alone hell give you as many kisses as you want
-following that, not super into PDA
-if you needed it I feel like he'd be comfortable after a while, as well as surrounded by friends
-he's the type to, without words, understand what you feeling and know how to make you feel better
-he holds your hand or wraps his arm around your shoulder while walking you to class
You walk through the halls with Jack and the rest of the freshmen on the way to the cafeteria. You all had hard exams that day, in which you didn't score the highest one, but none of you did really. The highest score was Epels, and he only got a 72% thanks to Vils nagging him the night before. You had scored one of the lowest in the group, and it was really getting to your head so you chose to stay silent the whole walk.
You kept your eyes downcast the whole walk to the cafeteria, barely noticing Jack's arm wrapped around your shoulder the whole time. Blindly letting him guide you to a table telling you to save the area as the rest of the freshman bags fell to the seats surrounding you. You felt him softly kiss your head as he walked with the remaining boys to get the food.
As you waited for them to return you sat and fiddled with the bracelet Jack had gotten you long ago (made out of the same beads that Savanclaw jewelry is made out of, yk what I mean). Your vacant gaze on your bracelet-covered wrist was broken at the sound of Deuce and Ace yelling at each other as they sat down first, followed suit by Epel and Sebek. Jack was last to join the group, arriving a few minutes after everyone else, he sat right next to you carrying both of your lunches. Looking at the food you realized that it wasn't normal cafeteria food, but your favorite snacks from Sam's shop.
Lifting your chin to look at him you simply smiled and leaned into his side as a show of gratitude for the kind gesture. You felt one of his hands come to the back of your head, directing you towards him as you felt him kiss your forehead. All you heard was Ace groaning, "get a room!" followed by a loud gasp from Sebek, "WE ARE IN PUBLIC". Sticking your tongue out at them all as you spoke for the first time since the exam, "you're all just jealous" leaning up to kiss Jack's cheek. They all groaned, but in reality, they were just glad you were feeling better.
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harfanfare · 6 months
Unique Kisses: Savanaclaw!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm so sorry for the second notification, but the work didn't show up in the tags... orz
Heartslabyul || Savanaclaw || Octavinelle || Scarabia || Pomefiore || Ignihyde || Diasomnia || Rollo, Che'nya, Neige
Tumblr media
Leona K. (lazy kisses)
You're not getting out of bed without a proper greeting.
It isn’t even morning, or evening, or any time that could explain why you were resting in Leona's room, away from the building where your next class soon will be held. It is midday, a while after lunch, and you knew you’ll have to walk at a brisk pace to make it in time for Mr Crewel's class.
“We have to get up...~” you say, gently touching Leona's shoulder. He doesn’t react, but you are sure that he is somehow awake (not by the touch, but by your soft complaints) and can hear you perfectly with his outstanding predatory hearing and you at his ear. But he apparently decides to ignore you because he doesn’t react when you start drawing circles on his hand with your finger.
You sigh, rolling over onto your back. You really don’t want to spend another break being lectured about your tardiness (caused by Leona) and hearing complaints alone (Leona is always late for his sermon. He is running off and doesn’t even ask if you’d like to join him).
You’ve already put your feet up on the floor and, for lack of a better idea to fill the moment, tried unsuccessfully to straighten a few unfortunate folds of your uniform.
Somehow, Leona's tail wraps around your waist as you try to get out of bed, and you notice the attentive but slightly lethargic gaze. By that, Leona completely underestimates any reason why you give up extra minutes of lying down.
“Come back here," he says, and you roll your eyes. And yet, you take a place next to him again.
His tail has completely loosened its grip, but now Leona's hands are on you. The fingers trail across your back until they are right next to your head, which Leona supported with his hand and gently forced it to lean towards himself. His distinctive scent mixed with the aroma of grass and flowers becomes more intense. For a moment the last emerald eyes are on you before he closes them just before the distance between you disappears completely.
His lips fit into yours and his teeth press gently against your lips. Leona seems to be moving steadily closer to you, although it looks and feels more and more impossible with each passing moment.
Or maybe you just aren’t thinking soberly anymore.
Although you can’t taste anything—or did your taste buds finally go crazy?—you begin to get drunk on the very essence of this kiss. However, if it had a taste, you are sure it would have been intense, equally filled with fierceness to eclipse your senses.
...It's just a shame that Leona looks so triumphant while you are losing your mind and heart.
This is also the moment when Leona sighs sleepily, sinks on the cushions and says something about continuing a nap. You look at him reproachfully, beginning to regret that he isn’t going to continue stopping you from going to class. And he smiles involuntarily.
Tumblr media
Ruggie (blown kiss)
Ruggie has always been a busy person.
You often pass him in the corridor when he is out running errands for Leona and trying to get his hands on Leona's next whim. Usually, his hands are busy, but the weight of the books doesn't seem to affect him as he walks down another corridor.
When you have time, you are helping him carry more stuff to the dormitory, to Leona, whom you complain about along the way. You really doubt that even if he heard you, he'd care about the opinion of little people like you, but Ruggie warns you anyway when you enter a potential area under his attention.
Between classes, however, most of the breaks are short and the corridors - long, too long when getting from one class to another, located at the end of the building or even outside. You don't have much time for, well, anything to do with a casual, warm encounter with Ruggie between classes.
“Don't you need help with that?” you ask him when, between magic history and alchemy, you bumped into each other in the hallway. He seems to be in a hurry, wriggling dramatically, as if the few volumes he is carrying are more exhausting than Mr Vargas' lessons. But he shakes his head at your offer.
“Nah,” he flips his books under one arm to wave his hand at your words. A dramatic effect. “You have, I think, lessons in the opposite direction, and I for my hard work have a free afternoon,” he smiles with a look that read, *'You know, there are benefits after all!’. “*We can go get something to eat later. Because finally—attention, attention, I repeat!—I have the afternoon off.
The bell fills the corridors and you have to go.
Ruggie smiles goodbye and turns on his heel. He glances in your direction once more and when he saw that you are still staring at him, the corners of his mouth curve upwards even more. He kisses his fingers with his lips and then titles them towards you. He blows on his palm with a quiet "Shu~!", playfully blinking one eye.
You pretend that his indirect kiss had hit you straight in the heart; you put your hand to your chest.
You receive a giggle that was drowned out by other people's conversations and steps.
“Well, I'm off! Wait for a message from me!” He shouts his farewell—with another smile—and disappears around the next corner.
You are already looking forward to it.
Tumblr media
Jack (kiss-bite) The wolf is hungry.
You can easily tell because, despite Jack's best efforts, you can feel the urgent gaze on you, watching your every move. He tries to keep his gaze on the ground, but he prefers to look people in the eye when they are talking to him, and now you’re the one who’s speaking and...
Well, he had a dilemma, but he concluded that ultimately he much more likes to look at you.
A similar idea runs through his kisses—he is always watching. Slow, mindless gestures of love are unlikely ever to be his thing, when he likes to put his ambitions and beliefs, into everything he does. And Jack is sure that a lot of attention had to be put into the act of caring.
That's why he can’t take his eyes off you when every gasp and huff draws his attention.
That happens often because Jack always surprises you with his kisses. You should have gotten used to them by now—maybe, after so long—but you sincerely hope it won’t happen. And if it does, you know it will be later than sooner, because Jack’s kisses are special.
They aren’t perfect, because Jack never had the opportunity (or even the idea or need) to polish this skill. So, even as he is already embracing you—gently but firmly as if he held Life itself in his hands—you wonder what he is about to surprise you with. And then he draws closer until he fully covers your vision.
You can’t remember the last time you guessed what your kiss would look like.
His lips are warm, but you aren’t paying attention to those that much as to his fangs and tongue on your mouth, and although the pleasant sensation tingles in your mouth, you can’t hold back a quiet gasp as Jack closes his mouth slightly and his teeth gently dig into your skin.
He notices the twitch and, with some reproach, quickly moved away from you—as far as the reach of his arms, which still embrace you, allow.
“Oh, I- I hurt you, didn't I?” He turns his head slightly and for the first time takes his eyes off you to look into the empty space to his left. “I'm sorry.”
“No, no,” you reply quickly, placing a hand on his forearm. “It didn’t hurt. I'm just surprised… But, did you know it's always a nice surprise?”
“But still...”
“Should... we practice?”You suggest quietly. In your mind, this offer looked more dignified and encouraging than the words you present to Jack, who was beginning to look more embarrassed than you. You quickly add: "If you want to learn to kiss 'normally', we can learn to do that..."
”W... What...?” He looks at you, shocked. “It's a... a very strange offer.”
“But I'll admit to you, it's your iconic kisses that I adore," you continue, standing on your tiptoes to get even closer to his face, his lips, "So? What is your decision?”
Tumblr media
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blueberry-pride · 21 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Playlist screens are back and are here to celebrate over 800+ followers in the past year! Go to my page to see the specials. The Follower Event will be from March 1-25, 2023. Come celebrate with me!
Tumblr media
Meaning behind each song:
Heartslabyul "Then she aimed at my chest with love in her eye."- This song overall is catchy, a jumpy song that I'd think would fit Heartslabyul as a whole. Having that whole talk about madness but at the same time just playing it off and like its normal for them. This song sounds mischievous to me, something I see all peeps from this dorm are capable of.
Savanaclaw "We like it dangerous, we like to see you sweat, turn up another notch, you ain't see nothing yet."- This dorm is known for living life on the more rugged and rough side of things, hard work and often times by physical means to get what they want. And just like their dorm leader, they have a few tricks prepared when you least expect it.
Octavinelle "I don't belong among the angels, and baby that's just fine with me."- I like to think Octavinelle students are opportunistic as a whole, see something they like? they'll take advantage of it before anyone does. They can be as nice and as giving as the generous Sea Witch just remember not to go too far into the deep end cuz they sure know how to.
Scarabia "Can we go back, this is the moment. Tonight is the night, we'll fight til it's over."- Honestly one of the best songs at a party sure to get everyone dancing which is why I wanted this song for Scarabia. I see this dorm as both fun and seriousness. Planning and carefully plotting so that they can give it their all and they would still have enough energy in the end. You can't contain them!
Pomefiore "Pop culture was in art now art's in pop culture in me."- I like to think each Pomefiore student has some form of creativity in them and they all would pursue it through hard work to have it in the image that they see fit. A song that I see fit this dorm (one of the reasons being because its freaking Lady Gaga) because everyone here wants to get recognition by showing their own kind of beauty.
Ignihyde "Looking to the ways of the ones before me, looking for the path of the young and lonely."- A dorm that revolves around updating and improving on pre-existing things so that it becomes more stronger and something to better even more so for the next gen of starry-eyed students. Though with their diligent work, it's not shock that this dorm is the most introverted out of all. Mostly focusing and tending to themselves with one another. (Another reason why I chose this song is because its from Wreck it Ralph with the tech and all)
Diasomnia "Tell you you're the greatest but once you turn, they hate us."- I could list a lot of why I chose this song for Diasomnia but generally, it's about the main theme which is...well, enemies. It even says on the wiki, that they have a track record of having students with a lot of magical capabilities. So in a school that trains wizards with said magic, it comes as no surprise that with their greatness comes with people trying to see them as competition *coughs* Savanaclaw *coughs*. But besides that, Diasomnia is a force to be reckoned with and I could see it with this song
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luxthestrange · 1 month
TWST Incorrect quotes#349 Yuu Rabbit
Now imagen Ruggie managed to score dating you, A Jessica rabbit Yuu, So Whenever Ruggie is in trouble...Leona is dragged to help you find him
Yuu: I have to find my darling Ruggie!~ I'm so worried about him~
Leona: Seriously? What do you see in that guy?
Yuu: He makes me laugh*Snaps back at him*
Tumblr media
....*Has the urge to draw THAT*
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ryker-writes · 24 days
TWST characters as ✨bestfriends✨ (Savanaclaw Edition)
What would it be like being friends with them? Come and find out! I offer my thoughts on what they would be like so I'm sorry if some of the characters are a little Ooc. Some characters I don't know as well but I'll certainly try! More dorms coming soon!
scary lion privileges
no one is going to mess with you if Leona is around you
if someone is bothering you tell him and he'll encourage you to handle it yourself
but if you don't or can't he will step in and take care of it for you
those people will never bother you again I guarantee it
no one is stupid enough to face Leona twice
you can also talk to him about anything
he will listen but it's hard to tell because he looks like he's asleep
if you ask if he's paying attention he will deny
really the whole friendship is him acting like he doesn't care but he does
if you need his help with something he will grumble about it but most likely will do it anyway
congrats! you are now the one people go to when they need to find him
contrary to popular belief, I don't think he would use you as a pillow
I just don't see him doing that with someone unless he was in a relationship with them but that's a story for another day
aggressive when it comes to you taking care of yourself
he finds out you're not eating? he will have Ruggie get some food and you are not leaving until you eat. doesn't matter if you have something going on or you're late to class or anything
you have become Cheka's babysitter whenever he comes over
Leona trusts you and then he doesn't have to deal with the small lion cub
food buddies
he will ask for your food and since you're his best friend he may give you some of his food if he can
most likely Leona ends up paying for both of your lunches
he's not as intimidating as Leona, but he could help you out if someone was bothering you
he wouldn't really be aggressive with it tho
Most likely would be able to stop them from bothering you with words alone
if you're upset you can talk to him he's very understanding
and he's great at cheering you up!
he can offer advice and then he will do things to try and cheer you up
he'll buy you food or a small gift to make you happy (with Leona's money of course)
you might have to help him clean up some of Leona's messes sorry not sorry
he would be pretty happy if you joined him in some of his part-time jobs
making money and hanging out with his friend is perfect multitasking
he totally helps you get deals at the school store
athletic buddies
he will totally try to get you to do athletic activities with him like his sports or morning runs
if you're not athletic he won't push you as hard but still encourage you to do it and exercise some
he'll try to join you on your activities too and help you out with them
he's got a bit of an intimidation factor so I don't think people would mess with you that much
but if they do he would try to avoid violence
probably encourages you to just ignore them and he'll try to separate you from them
he's also a very good listener though he is better at comforting and distracting then coming up with solutions
but that doesn't mean he doesn't try to come up with solutions
he will absolutely try to help you if he knows how
if he really can't think of anything he would probably ask Leona for advice
you're not taking care of yourself? how dare you.
he will sit with you to make sure you eat and hands you water
he won't be aggressive about it but he won't just sit by and let it happen
you need his help with anything? he's there
he's a super supportive boy who's got your back
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blues824 · 21 days
What would Savanaclaw trio and Malleus do if their s/o made them a home-cooked meal each day?
Gender-neutral reader
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Oh, what’s this? His little herbivore wants to make him a meal each day? Well, who is he to refuse? After all, your cooking is the best he’s had in a while.
It makes him feel like he’s living a domestic lifestyle, like he’s not in the royal spotlight. Like you’re his spouse who cares for him like no other.
It gives him a sense of normalcy in the midst of living the life of a member of the royal family. 
Whenever he visits Ramshackle during the evening, he always smells your scent in the air mixed with whatever you’re cooking.
By the way, whenever you fix him a plate, he will eat everything on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s veggies, he will eat it.
When you sit next to him, his tail will place itself in your lap as a way to maintain physical contact with you the entire time.
If Grim ever calls your food nasty, Leona will snarl at him and say that he should be grateful you cook for a freeloader like him
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi
His heart is pounding whenever you give him the container of food. And it smells good too. He could get used to being spoiled.
You both set up a schedule where you make a meal for each other, or you make an extra portion of whatever you made for your dorm.
Then, you sit together at lunch and enjoy what the other made for you while talking about the classes you two suffered through.
If you try your best on one of his grandma’s recipes, he will be down on his knees for you. The fact that you tried to bring him a little comfort makes him feel warm and mushy inside 
Feed him please. Mans wants to be spoiled but he won’t ever admit it. I know you Ruggie simps would agree with me
Also, as he’s eating, pet his ears. He will lean into your touch as he takes a bite of whatever you prepared for him.
The moment he hears Grim insult your cooking, it’s paws on-site. No mercy, he’s beating the shit out of the cat for having the gall and the gumption
Tumblr media
Jack Howl
If you thought that the others were flustered, you got a whole other thing going. Your cooking brings him back to his home 
The place where his siblings and him and his father were sitting at the table while his mother served the food for everyone.
You got his tail wagging and his face blushing as he froze, not knowing what to do when you handed him a warm container of food.
He won’t let any of the others even look upon the meal you prepared for him, especially not Ace since that idiot doesn’t know how much this means to the wolf.
As you both sit next to each other in the cafeteria, his tail wraps around your waist as he holds up a bite of the food to your mouth
It’s pure instinct to make sure his mate eats first, even if you have your own food. Plus, you should be able to taste the food you make.
Don’t get me started if Grim calls your cooking disgusting. Jack is picking him up by the scruff of his neck and yelling at him to shut up and eat the food that you went through the effort of making
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
He is grateful that he doesn’t have to suffer through Lilia’s cooking, if one could even call it that.
However, he’s kind of sad that you can’t sit with him so you two can enjoy your meals together. His retainers are the only ones allowed to sit with him 
Fortunately, he still has the food you made for him to allow him to remember that you understand his circumstance and love him anyway
Please don’t make food for anyone else, since he won’t view it as special as it originally was. When you reassure him that he’s the only one, he’s happy
Later that night, he will make sure to thank you with a kiss as he compliments your culinary abilities and tells you that Lilia could learn from you 
If he has the time, he will make a meal for you in return. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of time because he’s running the Diasomnia dorm.
If you tell him that Grim didn’t like a certain meal you made, he will have a personal chat with the problematic cat about gratitude and how you deserved it.
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ranimotia · 1 month
Tumblr media
You see your boyfriend napping as he usually does, upon seeing his defenseless form you get a bright idea
Summary: You do Leonas henna whilst he sleeps and hide your initials in the flower patterns
Content warning: SFW!!!,pps joke mentioned(nothing zegcual happens though dw), gender neutral reader, romantic oneshot, readers race/apperance not detailed, reader is implied to have a background that uses henna, the babygirlifaction of tall strong men, first person point of veiw, reader isn't specified to be Yuu but can be interpreted as so, marrige joke, my horrid spelling and grammar
Authors note: first fic be nice 👺👺 sorry if leona is kinda OOC (then again he's asleep for 90% of the fic 💀) kinda short sorry
Tumblr media
A mischievous snicker (you aren't you when your hungry) escapes your lips as you looks down at your darlings defenseless form sprawled out on the bed. Gently squeezing the squishy cone in your hand you creep towards the bed, eyes never leaving his blissful face, painfully oblivious to what you had in store for him.
Leonas sleeping habits were often the center of your frustrations as a certain hyena would dump the task of waking him from his precious slumber onto you. However, in this case you were more than grateful for his not so secret talent.
Gently seating yourself at the very edge of his bed, you take his warm hand into your own and spread out his fingers flat. Taking out the pin from the henna cone and adjusting your grip on it, you get to work. You began decorating his surprisingly soft hands with intricate little flowers flowers, elegant swirls and flawless lines. Snickering again at the thought of drawing a dick on his hand as a form of vengeance in honour the wasted efforts in trying to drag his ass to his classes.
With a pleased exhale, you stood from your position on the bed and admired the final product, you knew you didn't have to fret about the ornate designs being smudged in his sleep as you knew he snoozed like he never got an ounce of slumber his whole life (ironic).
"I'm looking forward to doing this again on our wedding night" you whispered with a giggle, bending down and pressing a small kiss against his cheek.
You turned and quietly scurried out of his room, attempting to conseal your squealing proudly at your act of affection. Your squealing clearly wasn't concealed as well as you hoped you had as the oh-so-fierce predator your had assumed as asleep peered through one eye, amaused at your flustered state.
He looked down at your self proclaimed masterpiece, lifting up his hand and examining the detailed patterns and breathing in the earthy scent of the henna. His eyes landed on two distinct markings made within the embellished swirls and flowers
Your initials. Leona felt his heart flutter at the sweet gesture. He recalled what you had said to him whilst he was allegedly unconscious.
'Marriage, huh?' He mused to himself
Maybe this flawed second Prince could have a happy ending after all...
Tumblr media
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luminous-letters · 9 months
Can we get mc giving more attention to tsums then the boys?
Savanaclaw edition pretty please
Tumblr media
j haven't read the event 😭 but i did read some of their translated voicelines
Tumblr media
"Hey c'mon, I'm right here..."
Jealousy, jealousy.
Though he'll deny it if asked.
His ancestors are probably facepalming at him right now, screaming 'JUST ADMIT IT' like drunk uncles at a football game.
"Hey, Jack, it looks like you!"
"It's cute like you too!"
"It sure is a ball of energy," he sighed, watching it chase another butterfly.
It didn't catch it, resulting in tsum Jack to sulk behind a tree.
"You should cheer it up, I'm beat," you told him, laying on the grass from hours of entertaining tsum Jack.
"Hey, you," he poked the tiny version of himself.
It nodded its head.
"Let me show you how it's done."
He quickly shifted into his wolf form, nudging the now inspired tsum, you could see the shimmer in its eyes.
'Alright, show me your moves!' he said, kind of surprised that the tsum understood it.
Tumblr media
"Would that tiny thing cook you good meals? No? Yeah, thought so."
He looked at the tsum, looking like a parallel of himself. The tsum was handsomely decorated with a crown made of dandelions.
"Isn't it so pretty?" you excitedly asked him.
"It is, heh. But~" he swiped the crown from the tsum's head, making it look sad.
"I'm gonna need these, thank you very much," he chuckled, leaving you to console a crying Ruggie tsum.
He kind of felt bad for both of you, so he made a dish to make up for it.
He was kind of jealous of it at first, but it brings a smile to his face to know that its eating plenty.
Seeing you stuff your face with food made him laugh, he joined the two of you some time later.
Tumblr media
"Good, one less annoying person..."
He'll sleep like usual, but he's secretly stealing glances between you and that tsum.
And after a minute or two, he'll actually fall asleep.
After waking up, you're still playing with that tsum? Unfair.
Ironic, coming from him.
And like he expected, the two of you were out cold, exhausted by hours of playing tag and whatnot.
He was about to wrap his arms around you when...
"Oh, you're here," he said to tsum Leona, snuggling between the both of you, a smug look on its face.
"Wanna take a nap too huh?" the tsum nodded its head to say yes.
"Sure thing little man," he chuckled, placing a small handkerchief to serve as its blanket.
He noticed the tiny paper crown on the tsum's head.
"Sweet dreams, your majesty," he lightly laughed.
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