iero · 2 days
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What follows after... (video cr.)
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cod-dump · 3 days
Ghost: "God doesn't make mistakes"
Gaz: He knew you'd be too powerful if you loved yourself
Ghost: That is the only acceptable answer
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itspapillonnoir · 2 days
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HADES ‣ [4/?]
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verk0my · 2 days
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balin wondering where he left his glasses and mira wondering how long it will take him to notice
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I drew the first one in may but I never published it anywhere because I thought it was too stiff and I didn't like it in general, but I gave it another go and redrawed it and I'm so happy with how it looks now!
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hallwriteblr · 5 months
to you, it's a shitty sentence. to some random bitch 500 miles away, it's a fire line that'll haunt them for the next 17 years.
you don't know how impactful your writing is because it's been in your brain for far too long now. you've stared at it for hours and repeated "this sucks" over and over again to the point that you killed your capacity to feel anything about your work.
but trust me, once you get your shit out there, someone's gonna go over that paragraph you hate and go "jesus fucking christ" and put the book down to have an existential crisis.
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historyshuh · 1 month
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steveraglan · 11 months
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not-so-blue · 2 months
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BALDUR'S GATE 3 countdown to full game release (day 4/21)
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jermonday · 10 months
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pyjamacryptid · 1 year
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a favourable misunderstanding 🧣
this was supposed to be a meme redraw of a b99 scene but with my own twist on it … instead: it took on a life of it’s own, became super fluffy and ridiculous, and consists of 5 different styles at once lmao
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mysticmunson · 1 month
buddy; steve harrington x f!reader
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s.harrington x f.reader
a little blurb i wrote quickly about reader ditching the mushy nicknames they both love. no warnings, but blog is 18+ and special thanks to the loveliest girl ever, autumn, for entertaining this idea w me @lilacletter word count: 1k
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The idea sprang into your brain through a conversation with Robin over frozen yogurt, a mountain of toppings on each of your treats. 
“The way you two fawn each other is weird!” Robin scolded, shoving her plastic spoon in her bowl.
“What! How?” You laughed, wiping a bit of vanilla from the corner of your lips.
Rolling her eyes, she huffed, “Baby? Sweetheart? Love? Don’t even get me started on darling or mama-And yes! I did hear when he called you mama and it made me gag. Use something less gross.”
Her tangent made your cheeks warm, covering your face in embarrassment. The names were cavity levels of sweet, both of you loved them, but it was silly to consider how often you indulged in them.
So sitting on your blue sofa, you watched TV with the volume a bit higher than you wanted it to be, too lazy to stand and turn it down. 
“Hey buddy, can you turn it down please?” You asked from the mountain of blankets as he walked into the room.
“Yeah- Wait what?” He froze, finger on the sound, pushing down for a few notches.
“Thank you.” You replied, ignoring his question and just relieved you could watch Family Ties in peace. 
Your warm smile made his own question fade, figuring he misheard you, and moving on with what he was walking towards. Which he forgot, so he went into the kitchen. 
It would be an hour or so later when you were getting ready to hang out with friends, standing in the bathroom and applying some concealer when it would happen again. The wand glided over your skin, gently patting it with your fingertips as he walked in behind you.
A hand firm on your waist to solidify his balance and keep you in place, he went over your head to reach your medicine cabinet, taking the pot of hair cream you bought him for Christmas.
At your side, he opened it and began applying it to his hair which was now scattered with shades of blonde due to the brutal summers of Indiana. After he finished, he wiped his hands on the towel hanging on the rack, turning around to put his cream back.
“You look so pretty.” He gawked, kissing your temple before looking at your concentrated face in the mirror as you applied mascara. The words made your heart flutter, a small ache in your tummy that could only be brought on by emotions from another person.
Recalling Robin’s words, you smiled, “Thanks, pal.”
A nearly disgusted look went onto his face, not remembering the last time someone called him a pal. But you looked unphased, so he assured himself it was a bit of a tease, settling for squeezing your hip assuringly and walking out of the confined space. 
However, the ride to Eddie’s new apartment was seamless with listening to Wham on the radio, stopping for candy, and walking in his front door with that and the movies in hand. Nancy and Robin were already there, and Jonathan and Argyle were ditching this week's movie night to go on a small road trip to buy certain plants in another state.
The pizza man had delivered dinner as you all sat on pillows on the living room floor, napkins and paper plates in hand. 
“Thanks, dude.” You quipped, taking a bite of the pizza your boyfriend had just set on your plate. 
Eddie’s loud cackle broke Steve’s distressed look into a more agitated one, Nancy smirking to herself as Robin joined the laughter.
“Harrington, how did you get friend-zoned by your own girlfriend!” Eddie barked, grabbing his own stomach. The use of ‘dude’ wouldn’t have caused such a fuss if they weren’t already aware of how overtly affectionate you two were in terms of endearment.
 “I’m not in the friend zone, you asshole! There’s nothing wrong with being friends with a woman- But we’re not friends- Wait! No! She is, but we have se- She is my best friend and girlfriend!”
Cutting off his rambling, you patted his shoulder, “I know what you mean, man.” You placed a kiss on his forehead, but that didn’t erase what you called him. 
Swallowing his pride, he pouted through the rest of movie night, even when you cuddled up next to him sweetly. Physically, your public displays of affection weren’t too egregious, so the normalcy felt pleasant.
As the night came to a close, both of you now in pajamas, the frustration had dissipated. Beneath the sheets, you curled and waited for Steve to turn off the light before joining you. Walking over while scratching his belly, he joined you, shuffling to be closer to your body.
“Goodnight, sweetheart.” He whispered, kissing your nose, followed by your forehead.
Putting a kiss on his collarbone, “Goodnight, buddy.” 
What you didn’t expect was his foghorn whine, dramatic as he sat up, yanking you with him, all to just hover over you with your wrists in his hands. It was embarrassingly easy how quickly he could overpower you like this, but this was probably due to how you didn’t fight back. 
Giggling with girlish lit, you looked up at him, “What?”
The creases between his brows doubled as the scowl on his lips grew, pressing his face to your cheek as you shrieked. 
“Stop calling me buddy!” He complained, resting his weight on top of you, “Or any of those other names either! Why do you hate me!”
“Stevie, I don’t hate you!” You cooed, nudging his head up with your cheek until he looked at you, “Robin mentioned how gooey our names are and I wanted to try to switch things up.”
Scoffing, he rolled his eyes, “Of course, Buckley had something to do with this.”
Slinking your hands free, you cupped his cheeks and kissed his lips. There was something so enticing about his skin that you were convinced you were reliant on it. 
“I love you, baby.” You murmured, his sigh of relief audible as he deflated to his side, pulling you in close to his chest.
“I love you too,” He began, speaking into your hair, “don’t call me dude like that again though or I will lose my mind. Absolutely bonkers. I will fight Robin at work-”
“Okay, sweetheart.” You cut him off, kissing his chest as it rises and falls.
“Much better.”
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thank u for reading! check out my other fics in my masterlist :)
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iero · 10 months
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Have you heard the news that you’re dead?
DEAD! Live at Maxwell’s
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cod-dump · 3 days
Person: *says something*
Roach: Due to my lack of elegance and skill in verbal debate, I will only make a fool of myself trying to argue. So, I’m just going to beat your ass instead
Laswell: … Price, why do you have two masked, violent children?
Price: Listen, Ghost was planned. I don’t know where that one came from
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alivedean · 10 months
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destiel crack → 43/? (insp.)
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verk0my · 20 hours
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mira in erebor
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itspapillonnoir · 12 days
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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA ➔ scenery ♾️
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