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sorry!! I meant peter b for the doodle thing
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here you go ^_^ my favorite uncle who would offer me a beer if I pirated a movie for him
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Days 31 & 30 of Mogeko March!:Fav Character(s)/Blood/Fierce
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So this was supposed to be a part of a Novecento Anastasia!AU with Alfredo as Anya (or you know,,, a Tsar) and Olmo as Dimitri but guess who never drew Olmo yup that’s me. But it’s honestly such a beautiful artwork and it’d be a shame to let it rot in my computer so, here it is: Russian Royalty Alfredo Berlinghieri. 
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Neighboring Zodiac Signs
Below are misunderstandings I’ve observed about neighboring signs over the years. I’ve also written about traits these signs can share or may seem to share.  
I’ve found many seem to easily confuse Aries’s assertiveness and ambition with Taurus’s stubbornness or determination. These two signs have very different energy. Aries is fast-moving, decisive, impulsive, action-taking, adaptable, heated, and competitive or confrontational. Taurus is slow-moving, takes their time making a decision or can be indecisive, is about attraction and/or planning rather than jumping right into things, stubborn and possibly fears change, they avoid pressure and conflict. 
I don’t think many confuse traits of Taurus and Gemini, but I could see the logic of air and earth making them sometimes seem similar. They could possibly seem similar due to Gemini’s positivity and Taurus’s peaceful nature too. I think some could sense this similarity in a person when first getting to know them vs. confusing traits of the two signs outright. 
Gemini and Cancer both get labeled as “changeable” and maybe even “fickle”. Gemini’s changeability comes from the flexibility of being a mutable sign, their need for mental stimulation, and need for variety. Cancer’s changeability comes in phases and moods, much like the Moon. Gemini’s changing side may be rooted in curiosity and high-energy, in places of “the mind” whereas Cancer comes from their current mood, the realm of “emotions”. 
Cancer and Leo can share many traits such as being romantic, loyal, affectionate, and creative. Leo is a fixed fire sign - they can be stubborn, prideful, brave. Cancer is a cardinal water sign - they have more adaptability and is known for being cautious, private, protective. Both signs can be incredibly sensitive and even bright, cheerful Leo can have moments of moodiness. 
Leo and Virgo can have high standards for themselves and others. Leo can be motivating, ambitious, and generous while Virgo can be caring, helpful, a hard worker, and be in a position of knowledge or authority. There can very easily be a status that these two signs share in their community. Leo aims for grandness and Virgo perfection. 
Virgo and Libra value security, logic, and intelligence. It may be in each other’s easygoing nature that they could seem similar. Virgo is flexible, caring, supportive, and thoughtful. Libra is cooperative, adaptable, level-headed, charming, and known for either being very polite, nice, and some genuinely kind. Both of these signs also tend to run away, ignore, or hate on their flaws. Virgo may be more focused on self-improvement or could be incredibly harsh towards themselves and is out for perfection. Libra may be more about hiding or ignoring flaws, they are out to make things beautiful, balanced, or peaceful. 
It may be in Libra and Scorpio’s differences that they somehow get mistaken for each other. Scorpio is most known for intensity and depth - Libra shallowness, detachment, running away from conflict, pressure, intensity, and flaws. However both can be romantic and artistic. Libra is known to sometimes become out of balance and to over correct. Air in general is known to explore and process emotions through art, the occult, or psychology. It is through these moments of dipping into the extreme that Libra may somewhat resemble Scorpio’s intensity. Scorpio can be known as a reserved, private, and cautious sign. A common metaphor is the deep, still cold pool of water - calmness on the surface and plenty of action and secrets underneath. Because of this I would believe plenty of Scorpios give off a chiller first impression or exterior. 
Scorpio and Sagittarius are both “hot” signs, or at least seem that way. Scorpio as a water sign can be freezing, icy, they are not fire BUT Scorpio is easily mistaken as a fire sign due to their “Mars-like” traits and associations. Sagittarius being a fire sign is truly  🥵 🌶️ 🔥 Both are associated with deeper, abstract concepts: Scorpio with the metaphysical, occult, transformations, facing taboos and/or inner demons, and psychology. Sagittarius with religion, philosophy, spirituality, ethics, wisdom, foreign affairs, worldly subjects, big picture thoughts, and higher education. 
Sagittarius and Capricorn have a lot of differences, some may even seem total opposite such as Sagittarius’s loose connection to good luck and Capricorn bad luck. Sagittarius is hot, impulsive, risky, maybe careless, youthful, maybe foolish. Capricorn is cold, calculated, cautious, associated with maturity, seriousness, and responsibility. I’ve used the story of the grasshopper and the ant to describe their differences in the past. However, both can be self-reliant and confident. Both have connections to wisdom. Sagittarius with the polarity between the fool and wise man/woman. Capricorn with wisdom gained through time and growth. Sagittarius can hunger for experiences, expansion, and learning while Capricorn is out for success, survival, and leveling up. Sagittarius see’s the big picture and exists in the realm of philosophy, religion, theories, the abstract. Capricorn can have a focus on society, rules, laws and exists very much in the material realm. 
Capricorn and Aquarius share the planet Saturn. Both can be logical, practical, and have a coldness about them. Both prefer or even seek out predictability and stability. I would assume many people probably pick up on both of these sign’s coolness and this may be the main point others could confuse them by. In modern astrology Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus and has connections to themes very different than Capricorn such as chaos, rebellion, liberation, etc. Both Capricorn and Aquarius have strong ties to the collective and society. Stereotypically Capricorn is the rule maker, follower, and enforcer while Aquarius is the rule breaker. A Capricorn can still be the one to see the need to leave or stand up to a group and Aquarius can easily fall into peer pressure, trends, or strictly following a society’s standards even with their common stereotypes. 
Aquarius and Pisces are two signs I see get confused with each other the most. People easily confuse Aquarius for a water sign due to its name and symbol. Even with a good understanding of the elements it doesn’t help that Aquarius and Pisces do share some overarching themes. Both signs are tolerant and accepting. Aquarius’s humanitarian traits may be confused with Pisces’s compassion. Aquarius is observant, social, open to and even fascinated with learning about humanity while Pisces is empathetic, receptive, understanding, and perceptive. These two can be labeled as the “peace, love” ☮️ signs of the zodiac. When you look at their polarities and elements - fixed vs. mutable and air vs. water there are plenty of differences, making Aquarius and Pisces very much their own archetypes/signs. 
Aries and Pisces are likely not easily confused with each other however fire and water both tend to be more emotional or volatile in their expression. With Aries impulsiveness and Pisces easygoing trait both can be seen as highly spontaneous. Both can be amazing salespeople and I mean this more in personality than the actual job. Aries is enthusiastic, confident, maybe outgoing, action taking, and good at making others excited or engaged. Pisces can read others like a book, can be a chameleon, persuasive or manipulative, and easy to trust. Aries may listen and take action based off their gut and while Pisces could be slower to act, they are intuitive and being mutable can be an agent of change. Aries can be brutally honest and Pisces expressive with their feelings. Aries is brave and Pisces self-sacrificing. Both can be incredibly generous, affectionate, and passionate. 
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Hi! I’ m looking for a friend
A while ago I read this fic and now I can't find it, it's dramione (obviously) and well Hermione is a teacher at hogwarts and draco is divorcing Astoria (she doesn't love Scor) and hermione is starting to be friends with scor.
I have more key points
Luna and Blaise are married.
-Hermione is attacked by the mortifagos and narcissa saves her life
-Hermione and Draco get married so Astoria doesn't take away scor
-In the end she gets pregnant with twins
If you could help me find this magnificent work of art I would greatly appreciate it.
The author is currently rewriting it:
A Year and A Day - By: Mistrus-Back-From-The-Dead - T, 53 chapters - It’s one thing to marry your enemy but it is completely idiotic to actually fall in love with him. Could it be Stockholm Syndrome? I doubt it. It could have been necessity, I mean I was abandoned by Harry and I felt alone. That must be it.
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Tumblr media
Let's Talk About Gods: Part Two, Minor Deities
So, we've gone over the basics of how the gods function and the major deities. Now let's talk about the minor gods.
There's a lot of them.
The two categories of minor deities are the Chthonic Court, sometimes referred to as the Chthonics, and the Constellations. The Chthonic Court is all of the entities associated with Mortia, the underworld. The Constellations are simply a collection of minor deities. All of these gods are capable of bestowing blessings (aka giving magic) to mortals.
The Constellations, in no particular order:
Vulpecula, Goddess of Trickery, Deception, Cunning, and Thieves
Phoenix, God of the Winds and the Air
Cygnus, Goddess of Music
Lupus, Goddess of Magic, Fortune Telling, and Oracles
Corvus, God of Inevitability and Bad Omens
Pavo, Goddess of Luck and Good Fortune
Draco, Goddess of Power
Vela, Goddess of Adventure, Travel, and the Wandering
Serpens, God of Medicine and Healing
Grus, God of Time
Monoceros, Goddess of Fertility, Parenthood, and Children
Musca, God of the Harvest
Pictor, God of Art and the Arts*
Aquila, God of Rebellion, Resistance, and The People
Tucana, God of Wine, Partying, and Indulgence
Delphinus, God of Protection
Columba, Goddess of Peace
Did you know there were that many constellations in the sky? Well, now you do! There's 88, actually, and I used 29 between the Zodiacs and the Constellations. The more you know!
Now the Chthonics. There's some fuckery here, I'm not going to lie. First and foremost, the head of the Chthonic Court is Capricorn, a Zodiac. She's the Goddess of Death, which also makes her the Goddess of Life, and she's the Queen of Mortia. She also created all the Chthonics. Good? Great.
The second bit of fuckery is that Ophiuchus is here! For those that don't know, Ophiuchus is a constellation that technically falls on the line of the Zodiac in the sky right between Scorpius and Sagittarius. He's often referred to as the 13th zodiac, but generally people disregard him and I wanted to use that.
I mentioned in the first part that Scorpio and Capricorn weren't created by Cepheus and Cassiopeia, but just sort of popped into existence. There was a brief moment between Cap's arrival in the world and Scor's, and in that gap is when Ophiuchus came into being.
Also none of the Chthonic Court constellations are recognized IRL anymore. Don't try to find them on any sort of sky chart or constellation guide, they won't be there.
The Chthonic Court, listed in no particular order:
Capricorn, Goddess of Death and Life, Queen of Mortia
Ophiuchus, Psychopomp
Lepus, Guardian of Mortia
Anguilla, Goddess of Revenge
Vespa, Keeper of Fate
Aranea, Cleaver of Souls
Hirudo, God of Disease
Noctua, God of Knowledge, Intelligence, and Wisdom
Felis, God of Sleep and Dreams**
Bufo, God of Shadows
Rosa, Goddess of Broken Promises/Vows/Oaths
Asterion, God of Peaceful Death
Chara, Goddess of Violent Death
*"the arts" excludes theater here because Gemini is dedicated specifically to theater. What can I say? Theater is important.
**"dreams" here means literally the dreams people have when they sleep. Dreams as in aspirations/goals is covered under Scorpio as the goddess of passion and desire
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HI I'm Luca/Tommy/Scor(e)/7 :)
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Read my carrd before following please
Webcomic sideblog
Art sideblog
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My beautiful friend Vanessa @goldenlikealbus​ is having a bad day today, so I thought I’d write her a little gift to try and cheer her up ❤ Based on a conversation we had this morning about Scorpius and Albus bringing home one of those life sized plush toys, like the ones in IKEA. Except this one is shaped like Totoro, because we’re wholly convinced Scorbus would love Ghibli ❤
Tumblr media
It was unusual for Albus and his boyfriend’s uni schedules to align. And it was even more unusual for them to both finish early so, after Scorpius had left work at his placement job and Albus had finished rehearsals one cloudy Tuesday afternoon, they met up in the city at their favourite cafe.
They found a table by the large windows that overlooked the street below and sat and talked for hours and hours. It was late Autumn, but it was still warm outside, so they decided to go for a walk through the laneways and arcades - taking the long way to the station before heading home together.
They ducked in and out of stores, laughing at the novelty iron on patches in a small hole-in-the-wall shop and gasping with delight at a cat shaped mug in the window of an artisan store. They paused to take photos of the street art and listen to a busker playing La Valse d’Amelie on the accordion.
They watched crepes being made in an old converted news stand and pointed out dogs to each other as they walked through the city streets. They stopped to collect postcards and flyers from a booth outside one of the theatres, Scorpius proudly showing off the one he had found for Albus’s uni production to the confused but delighted ticket salesperson.
Their last stop before the train station was something of a tradition. There was a bookstore, tucked away in one of the arcades, that Scorpius had fallen in love with years ago. Whenever they were in the city together, they always stopped there to browse the shelves - leaving hours later with bags full of new additions to their growing home library.
Albus wasn’t a ferocious reader like Scorpius, but he loved flicking through the art books and brushing his fingertips across the spines as he wandered through the shelves. And it helped that his favourite cafe - the one with the chairs hanging from the ceiling - was just next door.
While Scorpius went inside “just for a quick browse”, Albus ordered a flat white and aimlessly flicked through the brochure for one of the local theatre companies. But the afternoon was dragging on, the skies were growing darker with the promise of rain, and it had been almost half an hour since Scorpius disappeared into the bookstore.
He peered through the shop window, trying to spot a boy with silver hair and a stack of books in his arms, but only caught the eye of a small child in a pink pinafore who blinked back at him with curiousity. He gave them an awkward wave, before turning around and staring out into the street again.
Suddenly, someone emerged from the store with a giant Totoro plush obscuring their face. Albus watched them stumble on the footpath and almost run into a pole, before he instinctively reached out and pulled them back by the arm.
“Sorry, you just - oh.”
Scorpius peered over the plush toy’s enormous shoulder and grinned at him. “Isn’t he great? I didn’t even know they sold stuff like this, but they had a whole Ghibli shelf set up today!”
“I thought you were looking for books?” He asked, running a hand over the Totoro’s belly. It was even softer than it looked.
“Well, I was, but - then I saw this and I blacked out and now I’m here.”
“That checks out,” Albus replied, with a laugh. “Never thought I’d see you walk out of a bookstore without any books, though.”
“I did find some books, thank you very much,” Scorpius huffed. “I just couldn’t carry both, so I left them.”
“Totoro over books? Scandalous.”
“Hmm,” He hummed, before glancing sadly back at the bookstore.
“Do you want me to hold that so you can go back and get them?” He asked, playfully tugging at the little feet of the Totoro while Scorpius watched on with amusement.
“...Yes, please,” he replied, before carefully handing him over to Albus and heading back into the store.
If it was awkward for him to carry, he hid it well, because Albus struggled with the awkward shape of the thing. His arms just weren’t long enough to wrap around its middle and, after a while of wrestling with it while passersby looked on in amusement, he settled on putting him down on the footpath with an exasperated sigh. 
He’d introduced Scorpius to Ghibli’s films a few years prior, one Summer during the end of their school years. His sister had grown up watching Ponyo, which came out the year she was born and quickly became a staple of her childhood. She loved the colours and she loved copying Ponyo as she ran around the house with a towel wrapped around her shoulders.
Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro followed not long after that, and they watched Arrietty together at the cinema. But while James and eventually Lily grew out of the films, Albus kept returning to them whenever he was sad or he missed home. 
When he first started dating Scorpius, it was on a trip to the country side during their Summer holidays. They brought their bicycles and went riding through the hills and stopping at the village market to buy local honey and sprigs of lavender. They were staying in a cabin with no reception and a television that couldn’t even pick up the local stations, but Albus had come prepared with a couple of Ghibli films on a USB - hoping to finally introduce Scorpius to them.
They watched film after film, while devouring pastries and sweets they’d bought at the market. Although it was getting late and they had a tour booked first thing in the morning, Scorpius insisted that they keep going - he was so enamoured with each and every movie they watched. Deep down, Albus had always known that he would love Studio Ghibli. There was a sense of wonder and hope in every scene, that he saw reflected in Scorpius’s eyes and in the way he talked about the things and the people that he loved. 
They were always finding new traditions with each other, over the years and as they went through secondary school and then university together. The table by the window at their favourite cafe, the bookstore in the arcade, the funny cat photos whenever one of them was sad - and now they had Ghibli, too. 
He should have felt embarrassed, running through the city with a giant Totoro carried between them as they tried to beat the imminent rainfall that was so frequent in their little, beloved city.
But as Scorpius confidently placed the giant plush toy on a seat on the train, before sitting down next to it and beaming at Albus, he couldn’t possibly feel anything but warmth and joy. So he leaned across from his seat, and he kissed him. 
As he pulled away, Scorpius blinked at him and smiled. “What was that for?”
“Nothing,” he replied. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
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Chronicles of Galar - Prologue 1: Taiko Hirebayashi
Some Info beforehand. This is going a pretty long fic with several chapters. But the chapters are somewhat different than normal fanfictions. Because they are just in chronological order but some of them are not actually connected to each other and some may have a greater timeskip than others. Imagine it like a readable diary of your adventures with just the mention worthy adventures added. But be careful, because this story is like a HELL OF A TOOTHROTTING-FLUFF fic. The main pairing is of course You x Leon. A side Pairing is Taiko(OC) x Raihan and a mentioned Pairing is Leiko(OC) x Piers Although, you won’t have to deal much with Leiko. But Taiko will get a bigger role since she becomes your best friend. Oh and if you wanna look for the Fic and it’s parts, make sure to follow the tag: Chronicles of Galar. Now enough Chatting, here is the introduction of the first character: My lovely tsun Taiko! And don’t forget: This is NOT proof read. English is NOT my first language. So please be gentle with mistakes.
[Prologue: Taiko Hirebayashi]
[9 years before  the timeline in sword / shield]
“Taiko, honey. Don't run too far away from the camp. The wild area is teeming with Pokemon. ”, a woman, around her late 20s to early 30s with purple hair that was tied in a pigtail, spoke in a warning tone. She wore glasses and petted a Flareon, her loyal partner Pokemon. "Yes, mommy.", a 9-year old girl with fiery red hair replied cheekily. "And stop using this word, please. Did you learn that here in Galar? Please just call me mother. ”, she corrected her daughter. Ever since the holiday in Galar began, the child seemed to have increasingly adopted the linguistic peculiarities of the inhabitants of this region. "Okay, mother.", Taiko muttered and rolled her eyes in slight annoyance. She didn't thought it was that bad, because she loved everything in Galar. Much more than at her home in Ecruteak City, in Johto. Her mother was one of the dancing geishas at Ho-Oh's temple, which was why Taiko was promised an Eevee for her 10th birthday as a starter Pokemon. Like all geishas, ​​she should learn the art of meditation dance one day, in order to command the awe of the holy phoenix pokemon. But now they were here, in Galar, enjoying a few days of vacation.
Taiko quickly got bored, however. In her tent, she started to felt shut in. Her toys were only entertaining for a short period of time. She wanted to explore the wild area and see Pokemon! No matter how much her mother told her not to.
The young redhead sneaked out of the tent, while her parents were talking to an employee of the Pokemon Rangers, because a wild Dynamax Pokemon attacked the Lake of outrage nearby. Therefore, a warning was issued to all traveling coaches and tourists to stay away from this lake in any case.
If that didn't sound like an adventure ..
Without even thinking about it, the girl simply ran through the wild area. Lake of outrage was relatively in the middle of the area and her parents' camp was quite far to the south, at a popular campground for out-of-towners. Because there were only weak Pokemon running around, which did not pose any danger to hikers.
So Taiko just had to walk south, right? ... But she didn't knew where the south was.
The extroverted redhead remembered her days in the scouts camp, which had taken place near Cianwood City. She remembered that moss grows  on the northern side of trees because they are often in the shade due to the rays of the sun on the other side and the moss can spread there. So Taiko examined the surrounding trees and based on the position of the moss, she quickly knew where north was. She nodded proudly and then strutted north, full of energy.
Meanwhile in another part of the wild area.
“Pokeball, go!” an 11 year old boy with dark skin, casual clothes and a red headband that hid most of his hair, shouted. The pokeball hit a small, white spherical pokemon, which was vaguely reminiscent of a slug. The dragon pokemon Goomy. The ball wobbled three times before stopping and trapping the Pokemon. "YES!" the boy smirked and put himself in a victory pose, which, of course, nobody could see because he was alone. Shortly afterwards, he took his Rotom smartphone out of his pocket and took a picture of himself and his latest catch. Then he opened a social media page that was similar to Facebook.
'Look, I caught a Goomy! The dragon tamer Raihan has struck again! : D Soon nobody can stop me, so take a good look @Leon! I will be champion before you!'
With a grin, Raihan tapped 'Publish' and waited for the many likes from his friends and “fans”, as he liked to call his followers. It took less than 5 minutes before his best friend and rival had already made a like and comment.
'Wow, congratulations @Raihan! This Pokemon is totally rare! Unfortunately I haven't seen one yet. But don't be too early! Who will be champion first is still to be decided! '
Raihan grinned and replied, in his cheeky way. 'You have to find the stadium for our decisive fight first! XD I have enough time to train my Pokemon. '
The young man put his smartphone back in his pocket, he knew that Leon never accepted his provocations and therefore it was a waste of time to wait for an answer. “Come on, Vibrava. Let's see if we can find more cool Pokemon! ”He said to his partner Pokemon. The green, dragonfly-like Pokemon nodded eagerly and flew over the area, while Raihan grinned and followed his companion. He just loved looking for Pokemon in the wild area.
Back to Taiko. The young redhead was already regretting her spontaneous ideas and had to admit: she was lost.
This part of the wild area was so heavily overgrown by dense forest that hardly any sunlight penetrated through the thicket and consequently the moss grew on all sides of the trees. So it was impossible for her to determine in which direction she had to go.
"...MUM? DAD? DO YOU HEAR ME? ”And then she gave up and called desperately for her parents. Why the hell was she always so .. stubborn and had to give in to her curiosity?
The girl fell on her knees and began to cry. She was just too spontaneous and didn't think about the consequences. Now she was here in an unknown area, far away from her parents and who knows what else was lurking in the dark thicket?
A bush near her began to jiggle and that frightened the little girl. She stopped her emotional outburst and looked frightened at the bush. She crawled a few feet back from her almost sitting position and shivered as the rustling increased. Taiko swallowed lightly, trying not to make a sound to attract the attention of this unknown creature in the bush.
Suddenly a small, white rabbit pokemon rolled out with some somersaults. It had a kind of red fur in the shape of a plaster on its nose and its long ears wiggled and twitched as it straightened up and looked around. Taiko looked at the little Pokemon, which noticed her now too. It looked back. Neither of them moved for a few moments until Taiko blinked several times.
"How cute ..", she beamed and crawled forward on all fours. The little Pokemon stopped and tilted its head slightly as it watched the humans movements. "Scor? Scorbunny!" the little creature said. Taiko knew that Pokemon could only say their name, so now she knew the species. So that was a Scorbunny! She had never seen it before. Was it a regional Pokemon from Galar?
"Mmm, I think I have some candy somewhere …" the redhead mumbled. At least the situation calmed her down enough to forget about her outbreak minutes before ... She searched her pockets and actually found some fruit gums made from red haban berries. A very sweet type of berry that was perfect for sweets. Taiko smiled and offered the Pokemon some fruit gums. "Little one? You're are hungry, aren't you? ”She asked.
Scorbunny bounced closer and sniffed the girl's hand. Probably a first approach as to whether it could trust the person. As it took a fruit gum on its paws, it sniffed the gelatine again and stuffed it into its mouth. Taiko giggled as the Scorbunny gleefully chewed the fruit gum and then happily hopped up. "Scor! Scor Scor Bun?"
Taiko didn't knew what the Pokemon was trying to tell her, but from it's hopping around and staring at the fruit gums, it was obvious. It wanted more candy. The redhead smiled and gave Scorbunny a few more fruit gums. This time the Pokemon was braver and patted Taiko's hand with its paws before pounding on the fruit gums. Taiko had to laugh gently when Scorbunny let 5 fruit gums disappear into it's mouth at once and chewed contentedly. "You remind me of me." Taiko giggled.
Scorbunny finished snacking and as a token of gratitude, leaned it with its head on her arm and cuddled up to her. Taiko blinked slightly in surprise. Who could have guessed that wild Pokémon would approach humans so quickly? So obviously love goes through the stomach. Taiko smiled again and ruffled Scorbunnys fur behind it's ears. The Pokemon let out a satisfied purr and closed its eyes.
After a while, the Pokemon hopped onto her lap. This action surprised Taiko and she put both hands around the Pokemon. "It's so trusting .. it definitely belongs to someone ..", the redhead sighed, disappointed. She would have liked to keep the Scorbunny to herself. The two lingered like this for a few minutes until Taiko noticed that she was still in a quandary. She still didn't know how to get back to her parents. And the Pokemon was certainly not a sign back.
Slowly, the girl got up and let Scorbunny on the floor. “Go, your trainer is probably already worried about you.“ Taiko smiled and gave it a few last fruit gums before she continued on her way.
For the next 10 minutes she already missed Scorbunny .. She sighed softly to herself and stopped to lean against a tree. "Scorbunny ..." Taiko's eyes widened when she heard the Pokemon's call and turned around. Scorbunny was a few meters away from her. Taiko didn't even think for a second that it might be another Pokemon. It MUST be the same ..
When the Pokemon saw the girl kneel down, it ran into her arms and snuggled against the redhead's chest. Taiko straightened up and hugged the Pokemon. "You probably missed me too ..?", She asked and as if Scorbunny wanted to answer, it's nose nudged her fist when she raised her hand in front of it. Taiko smiled. "Then let's find a way back together." Scorbunny nodded and climbed onto her shoulder, where it made itself comfortable.
Taiko went on for a while, she didn't know how long, but it was already getting dark. Her parents were probably worried ... Then suddenly a huge lake was before her. Scorbunny sniffed the new surroundings and then tensed up with a menacing growl. The redhead swallowed at this cautious behavior. "The Lake of Outrage ...", she realized then. She wanted to run in the other direction when suddenly a giant Pangoro blocked her way. Apparently she had invaded it's territory because it looked angry. And aggressive.
The redhead stepped back, startled, and tripped over a thick branch. She fell on her bum and held her aching foot after she fell on it with her weight and cried out in pain. Pangoro seemed angry at the noise and stepped closer. It's dangerous threatening gesture made the girl's blood run cold. Scorbunny growled loudly and jumped in front of the girl as if it wanted to fight Pangoro.
"No..! This is an evolved Pokemon ...! It's too strong .. ” Taiko warned, but Scorbunny tried to attack with a double kick and jumped on the evolved Panda Pokemon. Pangoro held up Scorbunnys leg with one paw and tossed it back so that it landed in the mud next to the girl. "Scorbunny!" Taiko shouted distraught and took Scorbunny in her arms when Pangoro came closer and raised his paw for a blow. The redhead closed her eyes tightly and tears ran down her cheeks. "I don't want to die yet ..."
"Vibrava, dragon rush!", a boy's voice penetrated her ears and Taiko looked up when something enveloped in a blue aura slammed into the menacing Panda Pokemon from above in full speed. Pangoro was staggered by the recoil and  Raihan jumped in front of Taiko, ordering his Vibrava to make further attacks. "Super power, now!"Raihan ordered, causing Vibrava to launch a wave of attacks on the Pangoro. The fighting Pokemon appeared to be extremely robust and put up with all attacks. "Damn it, well then we have no other choice. Vibrava, use sandstorm! "Raihan shouted. Then he turned to the girl behind him. "Cover your mouth and nose!"
Taiko nodded and pushed the scarf, that her mother had given her over, half over her face. Vibrava created a dense sandstorm that made the entire area so opaque that you couldn't see anything. It was only when Taiko felt someone put a hand on her shoulder that she recognized the outlines of the boy, who helped her. "Let's get out of here before the storm subsides," he said. Taiko tried to get up, but a strong pain in her leg made her fall back to the ground.
"Ouch .."
"Hey, are you okay?" Raihan asked, holding her to keep her from falling again.
"I must have broken my leg when I tripped earlier .. I can't step .." the redhead sighed in frustration. Raihan blinked for a moment and saw his Vibrava land on his shoulder. He knew the sandstorm wouldn't hold up the enemy Pokemon much longer. An idea occurred to him without further ado and he turned his back on the girl while he knelt down. “Climb on my back. I'll carry you. ", He said.
"T-I can't ask that of you ..", Taiko mumbled and shook her head vigorously.
“Come on, my tent is not far from here and the storm won't hold back Pangogo for long. We have to get out of here. ”, the young trainer explained and Taiko probably had no other choice. She sighed and climbed onto his back, the Scorbunny clinging on her shirt and holding onto her as the boy carried her away from the lake.
It really didn't take long, a maximum of 10 minutes, until the boy reached his tent and gently laid the young girl on his sleeping bag.
"Here we are. Uhm. What's your name anyway? ”The boy then asked with a smile.
"T-Taiko and what's your name?"
"Raihan. Are you a Gym Challenger too? " Raihan asked and saw how the Scorbunny had snuggled up with her and was sleeping. The redhead shook her head. “I'm not from here and I'm only 9 .. My parents and I are only here for vacation. I live in Johto. “, She then explained.
“Then why were you alone at Lake of outrage? It's not an approved campsite at all. On the contrary, it is strictly forbidden for travelers to enter here.“
"Uhm .. well .. I was curious because I was bored in the tent and .. then I somehow got lost ..", the redhead explained, embarrassed, and tugged on a strand of red hair. Raihan just looked at her before he laughed. This reaction offended Taiko now that she thought he was making fun of her situation.
"Hey, that's not funny, I was really scared!" She said with a pout and turned away with slightly flushed cheeks. Raihan wiped a tear of laughter from his face and grinned slightly before winking at her. "Sorry, I didn't laugh at you. Just .. I've done so much nonsense too. When I was 5, my father was camping here with me too and I saw a Trapinch and followed it to Lake of outrage too. My father had to save me from a wild Gyarados in the water. And I was just thinking that I was having a deja vu when I saved you, ”he admitted with a laugh.
Taiko blinked slightly.
"Uhm ..", she just wasn't quite sure what to say to that. "Thank you for the rescue ..", she said quietly, but still slightly offended, and turned her head away from him.
"You are welcome. But let's take care of your leg first. ", Raihan said and got a first aid kit from the corner of his stuff. Taiko lingered as quiet as a mouse, a rarity with her otherwise extroverted personality, when Raihan exposed the leg by lifting her pants up the affected leg and pulling down her socks to inspect the damage. “That looks bad. No wonder you can't walk. ", He said and took a rag that he moistened with a kind of disinfectant spray. "That could burn a bit now," he warned her.
The redhead bit her lip and squeaked softly as he placed the rag on the wound on her leg. Raihan smiled and praised her for how bravely she got through this action. She even had to laugh a little when he confessed that he had screamed like crazy when he was injured and his father wanted to treat him with the stuff too. She didn't know why, but somehow Taiko didn't feel so helpless anymore.
She watched spellbound as he expertly cleaned the wound and treated it with a bandage. "You don't seem to be doing this for the first time," she said then. Raihan blinked and then looked up at her as he kneeled in front of her to put his foot on his lap.
"Yeah. I have a clumsy best friend. His injury rate is pretty high when he's got lost. I don't even know how often I've been bandaged his falls and grazes. ", Raihan said thoughtfully and Taiko giggled. “Sounds like me. I am also at risk of injury. A miracle it was only the leg. ", She sighed. Raihan smiled and put her leg down again.
“You would certainly get along well. He exudes the same positive energy as you. ", Raihan said, whereupon Taiko went a little red in the face. However, she didn't know why. "I exude positive energy?" She asked.
"Sure, of course. You can see that just by how Scorbunny has taken you to its heart! I thought to myself that it wasn't yours when you said you were only 9 and not from here. So it's a wild Pokemon, but it behaves like you've been training it for years. ", The boy remarked, whereupon the girl's cheeks turned even darker. "Uhm .. I'll take that as a compliment .." she whispered, slightly embarrassed. "It was one." Raihan winked and was amused by the shy behavior of the girl. At the lake she had behaved differently. Then there was a short silence between the two of them until Raihan reached for his smartphone. For once, he wasn't interested in his social media activities. “Which campsite are you at? In the east or in the south? ”He asked.
"Uhm .. south?"
"All right." Raihan smiled and started dialing a number.
"Who are you calling?"
“Mr. Pascal. He is practically the lessor of the campsite. Your parents surely miss you. So I'll give him our coordinates so that someone can come and pick you up. Because I can't carry you the way to the campsite. ”At this comment the redhead blushed again and turned away slightly. “Your last name would still be helpful to find your parents more easily. "..Hirabayashi."
Raihan called and talked to Pascal for a few minutes until he had passed on all the informations. About the aggressiveness of the Pokemon at Lake of outrage, about the injured girl and also their whereabouts. Then he thanked him and hung up. “They can't send a rescue team out until tomorrow morning because they'd have problems finding us and transporting you. I told them that you can spend the night with me in the tent and that you are safe. ", Raihan said. "Uhm .. but you only have one sleeping bag." Taiko spoke. "But that doesn't matter .. I can sleep on the floor."
Raihan sighed.
“There is no way of letting a girl sleep on the floor. You sleep in my sleeping bag, I sleep on the floor. " He said.
"Well, then we'll both sleep on the floor if you don't give in." Raihan shrugged his shoulders, whereupon Taiko rolled his eyes. "Then give in.", She said and shrugged her shoulders. Raihan grinned slightly and folded his arms behind his neck.
"Only if you sleep in my sleeping bag." Was the devious answer. "To what extent is that giving in for YOU?" Taiko asked now and crossed her arms in front of her chest. The two just looked at each other for a few moments before Raihan sighed in defeat. "Well, let's make a compromise.", He said, which made Taiko sit up and take notice. “It gets darn cold here at night anyway. If we cuddle up a little ... together, we can both sleep in the sleeping bag and the body heat prevents us from half-freezing to death. "
His suggestion made Taiko look shocked. He wasn't really serious, was it? She didn't know this boy at all. But now that he said it, it was actually quite fresh. "..."
"You can of course also become a living Vanillite if ​​you prefer that.", Raihan said and spread out the sleeping bag. "Okay, okay. It's only for one night. ", She gave in, whereupon Raihan had to laugh again.
The next morning, Taiko's parents and some of the wild area staff members went to the location of forest that Raihan had described for them. It wasn't long before they found the tent, which was guarded by a Duraludon. “This is Raihan’s tent. It has to be. " Pascal remaked, before Taikos parents ran to the tent. "Taiko ?!"
Taiko blinked, she was still half asleep when she yawned and snuggled into something warm. This warmth moved slightly, from which the redhead woke up. She wiped away the sleep on her eyes and then saw how she was snuggled up against Raihan, her legs tangled and his arms pressed her to his chest.
The girl quickly broke away from him and Raihan woke up too. "Woah?"
The redhead ignored him and let her mother hug her tightly.
"What kind of things are you doing?" Her mother scolded her. "I'm sorry .. really .." the girl apologized and was then pulled into a hug by her father. "Never do that again," he said then. "You're hurt, aren't you? I'll carry you back. ", He said then and wanted to pick her up. "Wait, dad ..!" Taiko stopped him and then turned to Raihan. She made a beckoning hand gesture that signaled him to come closer. "Thanks again for everything, Raihan. I hope to see you again. ", She smiled and hugged him goodbye. Raihan smiled and hugged back. “Well, if you ever want to visit Galar again, you are always welcome. Until then, I'm champion and you can visit me in my palace. ”He laughed. "The champion lives in a palace?" Taiko asked and her eyes widened greatly.
"I dunno, but definitely!", Raihan laughed then, whereupon Taiko had to laugh too. "Well, see you at some point, hopefully. And take care of yourself, you risk-of-injury. ", He said teasingly.
Taiko was then carried back to the campsite and was even allowed to keep Scorbunny.
And what should she say?
5 years later, she set foot in Galar again after her divorced mother wanted to start a new life over there and Taiko seized the opportunity and followed her to see the cute boy from back then again.
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sialaterornever · 1 month
Tumblr media
Name: Phiirox "Arson" Cerbartus Rank: General Pronouns: Scor(scor/scorch/scorchs/scorchself), They, He Age: *it appears to have been burned several times before being scratched out* Notes: Volatile to scorchs core, Arson is cocky and, as their peers claim, a bastard. However, while he does pose a form of threat, scor is powerful and an invaluable asset, which is most likely where scorchs overconfidence stems from. Has no known family, is currently on leave due to, as they quote, "Other people business" to attend to.
random shit under cut
new oc time losers /affectionate, meet Arson(not in the same world as the DisOrder btw, same world as my sona)
theyre an army general with demonic-like powers - scors not a demon tho - and is just a mildly narcissistic asshole ngl but we dont care
anyways the art is ass in a bad way and i didnt even do shadows or that much detailing but screw it i do whatever the fuck i want to do
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dotjpeg · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HAPPY TRANS DAY OF VISIBILTY!!! Some doodles/sketches I have of trans spiders ^_^
(click for better quality)
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It’s No Big Deal
A/n: scorpious’ little sister has a crush on his best friend Albus. She thinks he doesn’t feel the same way but he really does.
(Stan Layla)
Tumblr media
Me and Lily were in our dorm right now and I was going on and on about her brother Albus.
“Lily he’s just a work of art I can’t handle it” I told her
“So then why don’t you tell him love” she asked me
“Because im a third year and im not skinny like other girls I have a chubby stomach and thick thighs” I said throwing my hand sho and them down
“Ok first of all you’re literally body goals and two my brother doesn’t care about what a girls body looks like” she told me
“I’m tired of talking about this lets go to bed” I said
“Scor she’s so fuckin hot” Albus said
“Albus i don’t think I wanna hear about how you think my little sister is hot” scorpious says
“I’m sorry but she is” he said back
“Ok so then why don’t you ask her to hogsmeade this weekend” scorpious asked
“Why so she can tell me she doesn’t feel that way about me and ignore me forever are you crazy scor” he asked back
“Well it wouldn’t hurt to try” scorpious said
“It doesn’t matter plus I’m going with you” Albus said proudly
“Um about that I’m already going with someone” scorpious said slowly
“Someone…someone who” Albus said suspicious
“Don’t freak out but I’m going with Lily”
“WHAT MY SISTER” he yelled
“Hey you can’t get mad you were just talking about how hot my sister was not too long ago” Scorpious said
“Well who the bloody hell am I supposed to go with” Albus said
“We’ll see as you aren’t man enough to ask my sister” scorpions said, Albus rolled his eyes “ you can just tag along with me and Lily” scorpious finished
“Very well I guess goodnight scor”
“Night Albus”
The next morning
The next morning me and Lily were eating breakfast with Roxanne weasley.
“I can’t believe you’re going to hogsmeade with my brother” I said
“Um says the one who is literally obsessed with mine” Lily said back “plus I’m sure you can just go with Roxy”
“ sorry babes im going with Lorcan” Roxy said
“Lorcan scamander…does everyone have a date except for me” I asked
“My brother doesn’t” Lily said
“ not gonna happen lils” I said
“Well then I guess you can just tag along with me and scor” she shrugged
“Ugh fine” I threw my down on the table
At hogsmeade
When me and Lily get to hogsmeade I see my brother waiting for her but then out of nowhere another body walks torwards him.
I stop Lily grab her arm and face her torwards me. “ Lils what the bloody hell is your brother doing here” I asked
“I didn’t know he was coming” she said and kept walking
I stood their for a second “great just bloody great” I followed after her.
“Hey scor” Lily Said
“Hi love” he kissed her cheek
“Ok let’s get a move on” Lily said
They walked a head of me and Albus
“Hey y/n/n”Albus sid greeting me
“Hi albus” i said back
We decided to go get some butter beer. As we were walking we saw scorpious and Lily had ditched us
“Wow bloody jerks” he said
“Yeah” I said
“Hey let me walk you back to your dorm “ he said
“Oh ok sure thank you”
When we got to my dorm it was so quiet
“Well this me…so talk to you later” I said
“No…I’m done playing this game with myself your brother is right I need to man up” he said
I was shocked what was he talking about
“Y/n I am on love with you i have been since last year and I don’t care if you don’t love me because I will continue to love you-“ I didnt let him finish. I kissed him hard he was shocked for a bit but then wrapped his arms around my waist. A few seconds later we heard clapping we both pulled apart to see scorpious standing behind Lily with arms around her middle and Lily clapping.
“Finally took you two bloody long enough” she said
Me and albus looked at each other
“ of course you two planned this” he said
“ you better treat her right by the way” scorpious said
“Oh you mean like this” Albus grabbed my waist pulling me against him kissing me.
“Ok bloody hell enough already…gross” scorpious shivered
We all laughed and enjoyed each other’s company
A/n: my first imagine on tumblr. I hope people like it. It’s been in my drafts for a bit I couldn’t come up with how to go about this.
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cilegpncrypto · 1 year
Tumblr media
Welcome to Pokeworld! A magical Pokemon-inspired NFT collection where users can start getting some items in their hands.
Pokeworld  is a Pokemon-inspired NFT game based on the magical NFT collection, where users can start to get some items in their hands. Coming soon, Pokeworld will be adapted as a play-to-earn NFT game that makes NFT even more valuable.
The Pokeworld will consist of a central Pokeland where different collectibles will be printed. So far, the first collection has been created and will be revealed soon and can be printed as well. Stay tuned as this will be a dual function collection: a digital art collection and an NFT utility (keep reading to find out more). We are currently working on a second collection, which will consist of NFTs for our play-to-earn games due for release in early 2022.
How to buy?
Pokecoin will be our first NFT collection.
To buy  Pokecoins  , you must have MetaMask installed and set up (If you don't know what MetaMask is or how to install it, please visit   this link for instructions). Then, you have to visit the Opensea marketplace  here.  To buy, connect to your wallet and use the printing interface to choose how many Pokecoins you want to earn. Click the shiny mint button, approve the transaction on MetaMask and capture everything NFT to your wallet!
kartu poke
This will be our 2nd NFT collection.
Pokecards  cannot be obtained after the first collection is released and sold out. The steps will be similar to buying Pokecoins. In this case, Pokecards will be obtained on our website or on Opensea if multiple buyers sell them.
Pokecoin holders will automatically receive an NFT Pokecard to gain access to the play-to-earn game Pokeland. For non-holders, there will be an option to print it on our website through various Poke items which will be determined soon. Furthermore, users who decide to sell their Pokecards will be able to sell them on Opensea, where other users can also buy them.
Warning: Printing is the act of claiming ownership of a particular NFT for the first time. The printing action involves sending the correct amount of ETH to the NFT "Smart Contract" (which you can think of as the registry for a particular NFT collection), the Smart Contract, in turn, will "print" the new item on pickup and set the buyer's wallet address as the owner of the item
Know the story of the game to immerse it!
The roots of our childhood story are so famous, we want to make our own adventure to remember these cartoons which gave us so many wonderful memories.
The idea is to launch the first collection of NFTs based on the various cryptocurrencies we find on the market. It will have both collectibles and utility features, so those who get one of these will have access to our second and definitive NFT collection based on Pokemon rearrangements.
We’ll be giving away some NFTs, so keep an eye on our social media channels to get involved in this adventure!
This project consists of the first collection of 500 unique Pokecoins, NFT utility to access our second collection of 10,000 generated Pokecards, with which we are hand-illustrated and randomly selected
First collection: Pokecoins
Our story begins with the first collection of 500 unique hand-drawn Pokecoin characters. Pokecoins are based on Pokemon inspired NFT coins and they are all unique and preserved. Each Pokecoin will have a pre-set price of 0.025 ETH.
The price of Pokecoin will go up every 125 NFT printed! Thus:
The first 125 Pokecoins have a price: 0.025 ETH
126-250 Pokecoin: 0.05 ETH
251-375 Pokecoin: 0.075 ETH
376-500 Pokecoin: 0.1 ETH
So hurry up and print your Pokecoins before the price goes up. See that if you are one of the first to score Pokecoins, you can multiply your investment quickly!
The purpose of this collection is to engage with our fans as well as provide liquidity to the project to be able to complete the second collection. We will retaliate with NFT for those who have scored Pokecoins. This NFT will consist of Pokecards, which will be used for the second phase of the project. Described in the next section.
Tips & Warnings Make sure to choose the right NFT, it is your choice. Each one is unique and will represent the given Pokecard. Take a look at each characteristic associated with Pokecoin rarity, it can be decisive.
Second collection: Pokecard
As pointed out earlier, Pokecoins are just the starting point of the project and are designed as a collectible and utility NFT. Pokecoin holders will be rewarded with Pokecards, NFT for the second phase of the game which will be launched in the second phase as a play-to-earn game.
The second collection will consist of 10,000 unique NFTs that can be used in our Pokeland, where users can enjoy many benefits as well as our main token... or any other token determined by the community!
Pokeworld Street Map
This project consists of the first collection of 500 unique Pokecoins, NFT which is useful for accessing our second collection of 10,000 generated Pokecards, with which we are illustrated by hand and randomly selected by an algorithm.
We've been working hard to build our own style based on the Pokemon story, and we're constantly looking for new ways to push ourselves.
We believe in our community and we are committed to providing them with valuable collections!
Ash: Pakar Blockchain
Misty: Designer
James: Community Manager
Jessie: Designer
For Detailed Information:
Website: https://nftpokeworld.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/pokeworld_ann
Discord chat:  https://discord.com/invite/nTmWbgV8
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nft.pokeworld/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nft_pokeworld
Media: https://medium.com/@nftpokeworld
Username:Cilegond Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3198744
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valuesyellow920 · 2 years
Rugby 08 Mac Download Free
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just watch this video complete it is my promise you will get 100 percent working rugby challenge 3 free for pc. Friends my channel is new it need support. Cd Key For Rugby 08 Free Downloads - 2000 Shareware periodically updates software information and pricing of Cd Key For Rugby 08 from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date. You should confirm all information before relying on it.
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David Crane's Amazing Tennis 1.0
Have you ever wanted to master the game of tennis, nail the perfect serve, or brag about your amazing backhand? Well you can enter a world where all of this is possible just by playing David Crane s Amazing Tennis. In this power packed tennis ..
American Gladiators 1.0
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Jan 15, 2016.
Mar 01, 2010.
American Gladiators is a video game made in 1991 by for the Amiga, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super NES and Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the popular TV game show, American Gladiators. The NES version varied greatly from the others ..
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Peter Cox's Golf 0.4
An addictive free Golf Putting game.
3D Kit Builder (Red Bull Edge 540) 3.53
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LCL Score it! 2.02
LCL Score it!
Andre Agassi Tennis 1.0
A game endorsed by the American player who stunned the tennis world in the early 90s with his 'Image is everything' looks, sporting long hair, earrings and colorful shirts, Andre Agassi Tennis includes eight players (male and female and as as ..
Polar Pool
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Matchday Football Manager 1.7.1
Matchday is a free football manager game played over the internet. Matchday lets you build and manage your own football club. You control every aspect of your club from team selections to club finances. In Matchday you compete against ..
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Easy Chess 1.0
The virtual incarnation of chess will not disappoint fans of the original, ages-old chess game.
icon TrackMania Nations: Electronic Sports World Cup 1.0
Trackmania Nations ESWC is a free edition in the TrackMania series, specifically developed for Tournament play. It was used in the 2006 edition of the Electronic Sports World Cup (2006), held from 27th June to 2nd July 2006 in Paris - Bercy, for ..
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Rugby 08 Pc Game
Free Racing Games - Pimp Your Ride 1
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Score Tracker and Team Optimizer 1.2.0
Score Tracker and Team Optimizer is a program that allows you to input any number of scores for any number of players. Typical scores you might keep track of are bowlers or golfers scores. You can view a list of these scores of each player, along ..
ESPN Baseball Tonight 1.0
ESPN Baseball Tonight is a baseball game for the PC, Super NES, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and Sega (Mega-)CD. The game was licensed by MLB, but not by the Players Association, so while actual team names and logos are used, no player names are in ..
PureSim Baseball 2007 1.85
Ever wonder what it would have been like to see Nolan Ryan pitch against Babe Ruth? To see the 1947 Yankees play against the 2000 Yankees? In PureSim Baseball 2007 anything is possible. You have complete control over the great American ..
Falco Corners 1.4.0
Play 3D Logic Game.
Free Sports Games - Bowling Stars 1
Rare bowling arcade games are as exciting as this one. It is a free bowling game that requires a well trained arm and just the right dosage of bowling luck. Everyone who expects an easy bowling game will be disappointed. There is considerable ..
Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator 3.3
Rugby 08 App
Little Sailor is a sailing, surfing and motorboat simulator for mobile devices. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing anywhere! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn ..
Wrestling Encore 1.6
Everything so far has been a warm-up act.. get ready for the main event! Following the cult success of 2004's Wrestling MPire, the world's biggest and most innovative wrestling simulator is back and better than ever for a Wrestling Encore! It ..
Motorama gives you total control of your motocross bike. You control the bike based on where the rider places his body weight and the torque produced by the rear wheel. Unlike racing simulations, Motorama features multiple tracks that require you ..
Way To Go Bowling 1.0
Make your mark at the new 3D lanes! Play in 6 immersive environments unlocking new bowling balls as you win. Play head-to-head with up to 4 players on your computer or hone your trick shots in practice mode. Realistic bowling alley sounds and pin ..
Strategic Billiard 1.3
Alter the laws of physics in this billiard simulator. You can freeze time and while in pause apply various magic to the balls. For instance, you can make them jump, blow at them with a fan, accelerate, tilt the table, set up a magnet, and ..
32 Cards World Cup Edition 1.0.72
32 Cards is an exciting freeware digital trading card game loved by both kids and adults. This special World Cup Edition has one card for each one of the 32 countries that will dispute the football (soccer) Cup in Germany in June 2006. 32 Cards ..
Fantasy Football Expert 2007 1.7
Fantasy Football Expert is a software program developed to increase your chances of winning your fantasy football league. The software helps you improve your decision-making ability in order to squeeze every potential point from your fantasy ..
World Championship Ice Hockey Schedule 2008
The complete schedule of this interesting hockey competiltion.
Carioca Soccer Championship
This gadget shows the last results from Carioca Soccer Championship.
GotFrag Esports News
This application will deliver the latest Esports Gaming News to your desktop. Competitive computer gaming, or eSports, has always pushed the envelope in computer hardware and software. From processor speed to graphics and sound to interfaces, ..
Paulista Soccer Championship
This gadget shows the last results from Paulista Soccer Championship.
Darts News from TheOche.com
Shows the latest darts news headlines from TheOche.
FIFA World News
FIFA World News FIFA, delivering to you by eLert, the world's soccer and football stories, news and events, including FIFA World News
SF News (Sport und Nachrichten)
CNN Sports Illustrated
CNN Sports Illustrated
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