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tiyoin · 8 months
no cause this is still the funniest twst ss to ever exist
Tumblr media
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dotster001 · 6 months
Diasomnia boys with a s/o that calls them her prince charming or knight in shining armor?
(ah yes, our cutsie boys, getting the loving they deserve 😢)
CW: Fem Reader, and I have yet to fix Silver's picture. Will I ever fix it? Who's to say?
Tumblr media
"Ah, Malleus, you're like my prince charming…"
Child of man, he has told you a million times he is a king. But how sweet that you think he is charming
He goes home to tell the funny story to Lilia. He is certain they will both have a laugh at your human mishap.
Until Lilia explains it is an endearment. It is a high compliment from one lover to another! He's so proud of his boy! Lilia is wiping a tear away as he hugs his son. He's going on and on about how he's such a proud dad, and all his children are perfect.
Malleus dips out in the middle of the speech to properly thank you for the compliment. Aka, scoop you up in his arms, and kiss you deeply.
He gets blushy, now, every time you call him that. He never really believed he'd find a happily ever after with someone, but it might just happen with you…
Tumblr media
"Sebek! You are my knight in shining armor!"
"Of course I am, human! I have trained extensively in the art of knighthood!" Those are the words he wants to say.
"Blehsichkenchdjzn" -those are the words that come out of his mouth.
You think you broke him. He excuses himself for a moment, and as soon as the door is shut behind him you hear him scream.
He comes back in and pretends that didn't just happen. But his cheeks are awfully pink. 
Anytime you need him to shut up, or you just want to fluster him, you say it from now on. He hates the power you have over him, and he practices in the mirror, calling himself a knight in shining armor, alone, in his room.
(Silver has walked in on this three times, and may never recover)
Tumblr media
"My prince charming…"
Well now he's awake. You'd been resting with your head near his heart, softly caressing his cheek, and pushing his hair out of his face. But that's not happening anymore.
"I'm not a prince, Y/N. I'm just a knight."
"Maybe you're not a prince of a country," you hum, "but you're my prince."
He's shy and blushy, but you grin that cute grin of yours, and he'd agree to anything you say about him.
"If I'm prince charming, does that make you my beautiful princess?"
How is he always so effortlessly smooth? He doesn't even mean to do it, he just is like that!
From here on out, whenever he is about to kiss you, he'll call you, "my beautiful princess"
Tumblr media
"Lilia! My knight in shining armor!"
Duh. He's smug as hell. He hasn't trained as long as he has, and read as many romance novels, to just be an average lover!
He'll bow deeply, before wrapping an arm around your waist and giving you a roguish wink.
For the rest of the day, he'll feel mischievous. He'll dramatically help you as loudly as he can, because "it's a Knight's job to help a damsel in distress!"
"Fear not, fair maiden, I shall hold this door open for you!"
"My darling damsel, do not fret, this jar of pickles is no match for me!"
"I shall duel this wretch to the death for the injustice he has done upon you!" -Lilia, after Grim took a bite of your sandwich.
If you want him to stop you can…
Lmao, you're so dumb, nothing can stop Lilia 😂
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coralinnii · 7 months
forgetting your jacket and wearing someone else’s  feat: Sebek · Rook · Idia · Kalim genre: fluff, jealousy note: not gender-specific reader, no pronouns used (except maybe gendered French words in Rook's part but unsure), established relationships, reader is not part of Scarabia in Kalim's part, reader is implied to be smaller than Jack in Rook's part
I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this one because this was honestly quite a challenge for me. I haven't read book 6 yet so Idia may not be too accurate to his canon character? But still, I hope you guys enjoy it
Tumblr media
Would definitely scold you for forgetting to wear your jacket. No matter how warm or how cold, Sebek always wears his school uniform neatly and with pride, his honour as Malleus' guard on the line. A sloppy appearance reflects a sloppy character, he believes.
You didn’t feel too bad when he was reluctant to give you his jacket upon request. You shouldn’t force someone just because you’re a little cold. 
Fortunately for you, a classmate of yours noticed your shivering and offered his own for the time being, saying he has a spare for Flying class. You thanked your good luck as you graciously accepted. Now Sebek won’t feel bad about not giving you his jacket, right? 
With your newly acquired jacket, you managed to survive the first half of the school day and went to find Sebek in the cafeteria during recess. You waved at him happily as you approached his table but he did not return the greeting. 
He felt a sense of bile in his throat when he saw you in a jacket that did not fit you at all. The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves engulfed you. Sure, you looked cute but he doesn’t like it. He initially thought that it was because he didn't like how unfitting it was on you. 
“Human, where did you acquire that jacket? It doesn’t suit you at all” 
When you answered how someone offered his jacket to you, the bile was more prominent. The way you snuggled into another boy’s jacket, the oversized fabric enveloping you like a warm cocoon. Sure, he was hesitant over handing you his jacket before, but knowing someone else provided for you hits him in a sore spot as your boyfriend. He wants to be the one to take care of you, to be your ever reliable knight. 
Quickly, Sebek stood up from his seat and started to remove his own jacket. Without looking at you, he asked you to remove the jacket you have and put his on. 
“But I’m comfy” 
“Please, I…I beg of you” 
You did as he asked and after quickly putting away his lunch tray, he escorted you back to your dorm to get your own jacket and to quickly return the jacket of that generous classmate of yours. 
“The idea of seeing someone else take care of you… as your boyfriend, I will not stand for it!”
Tumblr media
A masterful huntsman, Rook Hunt is not an easy man to track. Not to mention the fact that he’s a third year and Pomefiore’s vice Housewarden, you figured that searching for him this early in the day would be a fruitless endeavour. 
Luckily, you did find Jack who, despite his grumbles over your absentmindedness, offered his jacket to you. Happy, you promised that you returned it with a favour to the beastman. 
However, the atmosphere around you seemed odd to you as the school day went on. Other students, particularly the beastman students, were busy whispering and gossiping behind you which confused you and honestly got a little bit on your nerves. 
All those unpleasant feelings quickly disappeared when you spotted a familiar feathered hat in the distance. Without a word, you quickly rushed through the crowd to give your boyfriend a hug from behind. 
Or least, that’s what you planned if it weren’t for Rook quickly turning to encase you in his arms instead. 
“I thought I heard your adorable footsteps running towards me. What a wonderful surprise!”
You laughed, thinking you should have known nothing gets past Rook. You tried to step back but realized that Rook maintained his grip on you, inspecting you with a look of curiosity. 
The hunter looks over your newly acquired jacket. The shoulders are much too bulky to be yours. He noticed the Savanaclaw emblem on the sleeve which would explain the jacket's size considering how the majority of those students are. However, he caught the scent of something -  of someone - familiar. A certain tall, gruff beastman to be precise. 
“Mon amour, is this perhaps… Jack Howl’s jacket?” 
“Oh, how did you know?” You exclaimed as you told Rook how you were cold today and Jack offered his jacket to you this morning. 
“So that explains the whispering I’ve been hearing” Rook thought as he carefully traced the lapels of the jacket clearly not tailored for you. There’s a charm to see you in a new look like this but the hunter himself is experiencing a new emotion, a burning feeling in his chest that compels him to rip away the offending fabric. Is this jealousy? Perhaps a possessive urge to reclaim his spot that feels threatened by a newcomer? 
Oh, what a beautiful new experience you have given this admirer of beauty. Rook happily revels in this feeling he has never experienced before until meeting you. 
“How wonderfully kind of him. Let us find him, I must share my thanks for caring for my beautiful trésor~” 
There’s a part of you that feels like it would not be a good idea to bring Rook to your friend, but you decided to brush that anxious feeling away. After all, the smile on Rook’s face convinced you that there was no harm (poor choice, really). 
Hidden from your sight, Rook’s fingers slightly twitched in anticipation as the two of you went to look for the white-haired freshman. Rook truly did want to offer his thanks to the beastman…with some helpful tips for surviving a hunter. 
“One must be very careful in the wild. It is not smart to leave marks near a hunter’s territory”
Tumblr media
You didn't even bother to try asking him, this man isn’t even on campus. Even if he was, you doubt he would give you his jacket, probably claiming it’d be “such a normie cliche”, leaving you to find other means to find warmth. 
Thankfully, you found the kind-hearted Silver who was gracious enough to lend you his school jacket for the day. With all the interesting types of students you have encountered on this campus, your flame-haired boyfriend included, Silver is odd himself for simply being such an outlier case of a typical student here. 
The day went off normally, and you decided to visit Idia in his room before heading back to your dorms. You hope you could spend some intimate time with him, some cuddling and perhaps a kiss or two. 
Too bad your boyfriend had other plans, which was apparently playing video games while purposely ignoring you. His back is turned towards you and every time you get close to him, the gamer has the audacity to scoot AWAY from you. 
“Idia, please tell me what’s wrong before I actually get mad” 
“...that jacket” You heard him mumble which confused you further. You asked to repeat himself. 
Which led your introverted boyfriend to yell out, surprising you. “You're wearing that jacket! And it had to be that guy who’s practically an otome game target!” 
Idia was sulking the entire day as he saw you through the security camera accepting Silver’s jacket. He wanted to scream and call foul-play on that but instead he reluctantly faced reality. Of course, Silver will be that type of guy. The mysterious but kind knight archetype with good looks to boot. Idia wouldn’t be surprised if he was some kind of long lost prince. 
“Well, I would love it if my boyfriend would give me his, if he wasn’t allergic to coupley stuff” there was some snark in your tone but you never really want to pressure Idia to do something he doesn’t want. You would love to show off your relationship with Idia but you wanted to respect his comfort.
Idia knows that, and he’s grateful for you for not pushing him too far out of his comfort zone. But still, knowing someone acting like that with you, all sweet and caring, leaves a sour taste in Idia’s mouth.
There was a short pause between you two, letting the mood settle before saying anything else. Then, Idia quietly asked, “Do you want to share jackets…with me?” 
“Absolutely” you gasped excitedly and without another word, Idia turned to his computer and started searching the Internet for worthwhile jackets in his sizes and yours. If you have more jackets then you won’t have to go around asking for someone else’s.
Also, even he can’t resist the giddy feeling of seeing his amazing lover wear something that’s special only to you and him, not that he would admit it out loud. Too cringe.
“If we’re doing the lame normie stuff, we’re doing it our way. And no sharing with anybody else, right??”
Tumblr media
Kalim would absolutely offer you his jacket, his vest, his shirt, heck even his pants without question. Whatever you want, he would give it up no questions asked. But you were surprised how you couldn’t find your boyfriend at first, until he texted you he had to be called in for a Housewarden meeting with Crowley which leaves you to wait for him in the cold. 
Luckily, a classmate of yours from Scarabia saw you shivering and offered his jacket to you. Afterall, you were his Housewarden’s beloved so he wanted to make sure you’re warm for Kalim’s sake. You were touched by this sentiment and accepted the jacket, promising to return it after meeting with Kalim.
Kalim ran to hug you as soon as he saw you as he left his meeting, enveloping you in his warm embrace with a grin on his face. In his excitement, it took a while for him to register your slightly new look. 
“Did you join Scarabia? Are we in the same house now?!” Kalim excitedly asked which you laughed at his silliness. 
When you explained the story about the jacket, Kalim was really glad. He thought about how lucky he is to have such kind people in his dorm that was so happy to help out his beloved, he must reward them later! The white-haired man was happy that you were cared for in his short absence. 
But, what is this other feeling in his heart? This heavy feeling in his chest that slightly aches when he saw how you adjusted the jacket on you, bringing it closer to your body like a comforting blanket. He felt unsatisfied, almost fearful of your attachment to this jacket. 
Was he jealous? 
Kalim shook off his thoughts as he removed his soft beige cardigan and the jacket you have. You watched him confused as he draped his cardigan over you, replacing the heat from your classmate’s jacket to his.  
“I just thought you’d be comfier if you had my cardigan instead. It’s really soft!” he grinned as he pulled the large cardigan to wrap around you like a cute burrito. 
And to be fair, Kalim’s cardigan WAS comfier. Probably made with the highest quality and taken the best care by you assume Jamil. You happily snuggled into its warmth, reveling in the cloud soft coat, missing the loving looks from your sunshine of a boyfriend. 
Yea, he definitely likes seeing you in his clothes better. 
Don’t be surprised to see packages of luxurious coats and sweaters from yours truly. You two can match!
“If you’re ever cold, you can always come to me first! I’ll make sure to keep you warm!”  
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lyneira · 6 months
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rae-pss · 9 days
yuu: accidentally brushes sebek's hand with their own
sebek: aggressively holds yuu's hand
sebek: fucking commit to it, prefect!
Tumblr media
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ginneko0 · 8 months
You fall asleep and that's how they see you:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He chuckled and thinks you are too brave ne~ sleeping vulnerable in your predators territory.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He just... Couldn't distrub you now. I don't know why but maybe he has a thing to kiss you before waking you up dear. He will view like this even you are sleeping in your pajamas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry, but did you forget to do your night routine!?? Like he didn't know you don't have night routine to begin with, thanks to your laziness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuu view of point when sebek talking about Malleus.
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sigmascumslut · 3 months
What to Expect When Your Lab Experiment Drinks Formula
Tumblr media
A continuation (Mini fic Ver.) fic of what I made for Rook, HERE
| Synop.: You and your lab partner make a mistake in your potion, one that comes out looking strangely like it's related to you.. |
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge, Floyd Leech, Sebek Zigvolt, (Rook Hunt) x MC
Warnings: Suggestive (Floyd), Angst (Sebek), implied light manipulation (Malleus)
Scroll Farther Alert! There's a narration cut for the second part of each fic after the first portion. Don't miss it! Each ends with fluff. Sebek's is long, fair warning.
You're trying to make a simple transformation potion, aging up a tadpole to a frog, when you add the wrong ingredient, and use one drop too many on the poor tadpole. The result is a child that looks eerily like the two of you...
Azul Ashengrotto
"Holy-- great sevens, Azul, is that a child??"
He holds it up a foot away from him, equally baffled.
"Don't ask me! You're the one who insisted on using the wrong ingredients!"
"You were the one who picked those--"
"WAHHHHHH--" The baby flails its arms and fusses at your petty squabbles.
You turn your attention back to the small creature, looking disoriented from being held so far away from any solid ground.
Azul's watching too, as the child seems to scold you both with an oddly knowing glare that could kill.
You've seen that glare before--
"Azul, am I crazy, or does that thing look like you??"
"Weh." It motions towards you as Azul looks over it.
"Gracious, so it does. And it looks like you too. Look at its' nose and eyes."
You come closer to look, but the baby seems intent on having you hold it, squirming out of Azul's hands.
"Ahem, I believe the little one wants you--"
He pushes the wiggly baby into your arms, taking the moment to reposition his glasses, which had slid down with nervous sweat.
"I'll go talk to professor Crewel, there is undoubtedly something he can do about this."
Malleus Draconia
"Child of man! What is that you're holding?"
"Um... it was supposed to be a frog...."
Malleus takes it from you, holding it cautiously. The little baby he holds has soft black hair, slit-pupiled eyes the same color as yours, and suspiciously familiar shorter horns. It coos at him and motions to his horns with curious, grabby hands.
"Whatever we did, we must have touched it at the same time, Tsunotarou... Because it looks like a mix of both of us."
He puts it on the back of his neck with his arms up to support the chubby infant as it grabs at his horns.
"Hm. It's quite cute, Child of man. We can keep it in Diasomnia if Ramshackle doesn't have the capacity to care for it."
You stare on in disbelief.
"It's... its a frog with a transformation potion... we can't keep it, Malleus!"
He frowns, taking the infant down from his shoulders and cradling the small bundle to his chest.
"The potion had birch seed in it. The transformation is permanent; so I don't see a reason to get rid of it."
Malleus smiles, tickling its chubby cheeks.
"There's no way it's totally permane-- Wait. Didn't you have me add some of those ingredients? Did you know this would happen?"
Malleus is suspiciously silent.
"I'll go ask professor Crewel if there's a reversal." He sighs, handing the baby to you and moping all the way to the desk.
Lilia Vanrouge
"If you wanted a baby, precious, you could've just asked--"
You nearly slap him. So cocky, when there's a baby that looks suspiciously like you and Lilia on the table where a grown frog should be.
"Sevens, Lilia, this is not the time--"
He chuckles.
"In my defense, I told you not to use a sprig of pine."
You splutter, lost for words and flustered. The baby certainly seems to share Lilia's sense of humor, giggling mischievously at your flustered expression.
You pick it up before Lilia can, determined to barge straight into professor Crewel's office if you had to to get an answer on what this thing was.
"Heh, MC, the baby's smiling at you--" Lilia calls from a distance. You look down and find that the baby is indeed wholeheartedly excited that you're paying it attention, reaching its chubby arms up to feel your face and grab your nose.
"Aww.. so cute," You whisper, blowing a stray breath into its face for amusement.
"I heard that!" Lilia shouts from the table. "Don't go getting too attached now. I'm not raising another child, darling."
"Shush! I'm taking it to the professor right now, you have nothing to worry about."
Floyd Leech
Floyd is whirling the baby around in excited twirls.
It's a very cute moment, but you're still baffled at the little creature's existence-- since it very much didn't exist about 10 seconds ago.
"Floyd, I'm pretty sure that's just an oversized tadpole..."
He stops in mock offense, thrusting the baby into your face.
"Does this look like a tadpole to you?? Unless you're suggesting that we both look like tadpoles, in which case, I'm taking offense because this baby looks like us."
He puts it down to play with its tiny legs.
"Look, shrimpy! It's going for a walk--" He pauses to think. "A sky walk!!" And continues to make the little one's legs 'walk'.
While Floyd is busy making baby noises to amuse the child, you're panicking. This potion had birch seed-- an ingredient known to make transformation potions permanent, if you remembered correctly.
"Floyd, c'mon, give it here, we need to take this to profess--"
"NOO we'll keep it!!!" Floyd holds the baby tight to his chest. "It's wayyy too cute!"
You pry the baby from him reluctantly.
"We cannot just keep a child, Floyd, it's not an animal--"
"If you take this one I'm just gonna make another one!!" He cries, moving to grab another tadpole from the tank.
"Well don't take my little sea-star then!!"
You sigh.
"I'm almost 100% sure this is permanent anyway, but neither of us are in a position to care for this baby. We might as well take it to the professors and see if they can do something. We can't just hide the fact that we accidentally made a baby for our final project anyway---"
He mutters something about 'could've made a baby other ways, but it had to be the boring way', but allows you to go with the little one, who coos in your ear.
You hear a clatter.
Sebek Zigvolt
"Human, explain. Explain----"
The baby bites his finger, which apparently was pointing at it too close for its liking.
"Ouch--! What do you think you're doing, little tyke? Do you think that just because you're an infant that you have an excuse to bite a retainer of the great Waka-sama??"
The baby looks blankly at him.
"You can't scold a baby, Sebek." You scoffed, bouncing the child on your hip.
"Fine! But you still have to explain why this child has my hair and eyes and....-- isn't that your nose?" He looks momentarily horrified as he comes to the conclusion you came to minutes earlier.
"For goodness sake Sebek you're shouting right in our baby's ear--"
He's babbling nearly incoherently at this point, and you have to stop the baby from attempting to bite him again out of what you can only assume is annoyance.
"...I would NEVER have a child with a lowly, magicless human, this CANNOT get out---"
Sebek stops talking for a moment, ears ringing.
You, too, are shocked.
"Sebek.. if it's not your child then I have ANOTHER auditory atrocity of a person to avoid on this planet."
"I'm taking it to professor Crewel."
"I think that's wise."
You/ your lab partner take the child to professor Crewel, who determines that it is in fact a permanent transformation, and that biologically the baby is as much yours as any other naturally born to the two of you.
Azul Ashengrotto
"Are... you ok, Azul? You've been staring into space for a... ahem, awhile."
The baby crawls around the the VIP Room of Mostro Lounge, bumping into walls. You suspect it may need glasses.
Surprisingly, the baby seems well-tempered, unless you have the misfortune of holding it the wrong way or otherwise inconveniencing it, to which it seems highly irritated.
However, it was one 'just like your father' comment that sent the already figity Azul into an unresponsive state.
"Was, um.. was that too soon?" You ask tentatively.
"..Yes.. yes, I think it was." He responds distantly.
"Azul, it's gonna be ok. We'll figure it out." You get up from the floor to hold his hand.
He meets your gaze, eyes sharp and calculating.
"Yes, of course we'll be fine, how could we not be? Finances are no issue and we could always hire a babysitter and.... well, it's not that. It's just a lot to take in."
"Today's been wild," You agree softly, gently picking up the baby to put it in his lap. "But I'm here for you."
You lean down to the baby's level.
"We're here for you, little one."
Malleus Draconia
"I still CANNOT believe you knew, Malleus--"
You're still squabbling with him pointlessly, even though the damage is already done. You can honestly say you've well warmed up to the baby, and Malleus seems to be doing worse than you on the details, having apparently very little idea how to care for a child other than playing with it.
"I'm sorry, Child of Man. I didn't know it was permanent," He insists calmly, but you don't quite believe that.
You sigh. He can act clueless as long as he'd like, but the overly exuberant smile on his face while interacting with your child says more than words.
He picked up the baby and put it down on his bed, already having sewn little, special pillows for the baby to sleep comfortably with its horns.
"You better be a good dad, you hear me?" You say, less threatening that you thought it would come out.
He beckons you over to the bed to lay down next to your baby.
"I will, Child of Man, I promise."
Lilia Vanrouge
You knock on his dorm room door, baby on your hip.
"So..um.. bad news, Lilia... it's perman-- Are you having a party?"
He shoos out at least 10 members of Diasomnia.
"I know, dear. Unfortunately I didn't realize what you had done in time to stop you. So I was having a little 'last moments of freedom party'. How sad, and Silver was essentially all grown up now.. Well, what's another 16 years?"
You're speechless. You had kind of forgotten that he was Silver's adoptive father.
"I'm... sorry, Lilia, I should've payed closer attention to the instructions and I screwed up--"
"Hush, it's fine. It's not the end of the world."
He takes the baby from you.
"I already brought in an old cradle and some food for our little one, see?"
He points out an old wooden crib next to his bed.
"Wow... you're.. so prepared, and I haven't even thought about that stuff.."
He smiled at you, nuzzling the baby's cheek a few times simultaneously.
"I'll admit, it got me a little excited. I didn't think an old man like myself would get the chance to raise a child of my own flesh and blood. But never say never, I suppose. You have nothing to worry about, precious. What you don't know, I have already experienced."
"...Thank you for being so understanding, Lilia."
"Of course, dear, after all, we're a family now."
Bonus the one stipulation is that you will not and will not ever share the cooking duties with him. Silver makes you swear by it to avoid his own childhood traumas for his younger siblings.
Floyd Leech
You brace yourself for the inevitable flurry of excitement before knocking on Floyd's door.
"WHERE'S MY LITTLE SEA STARRRRRR~~~~" You hear from the other side of the door before the door flies open. You hand the baby off to Floyd, who's more than ecstatic.
"It's permanent," you sigh, hoping he's listening. "We have to take care of the baby now--"
"WheeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE" Floyd runs back and forth across the small room with the child, making faces all the while.
"Floyd!" You scold, finally breaking his stride.
"Ehh? I hear you, shrimpy, how can I not? It's ok, I have a plan. We'll love this baby with our whole hearts!"
"...That's the plan?"
"I spent two hours thinking of it, do you like it?"
"That child cannot stay here," A smooth voice cuts in. "This room is much too small for the two of us, let alone a third."
"Oh, hey Jade, didn't see ya come in," Floyd remarks casually. "And obviously I've thought of that. The baby will live in Ramshackle, because there's more space. It just needs some touch ups to be babyproof, is all."
"Touch-ups? It needs a whole remodel."
Floyd grins.
"Got an idea, shrimpy. Transfer to Octavinelle! Then the baby can share a room with you and we'll all be nearby!"
"Oh forget it, I'm asking Crowley to help me improve Ramshackle. Until then, you'll have to deal with the living arrangements." You put your hands on your hips and give Jade a look that means you'll raise hell if he doesn't agree to you and Floyd's half-baked plans.
"I suppose it wouldn't hurt, so long as it was temporary."
Floyd's excitement leads to him jumping on you.
"D'ya hear that, Shrimpy? That means you can stay here too. And we'll be one big happy family."
Sebek Zigvolt
"Sebek?" You gently knock on his door, after having been told he'd been doing nothing but pacing around all evening.
"Sebek," you call again, a bit louder.
The door swings open violently.
"What?? Who dare disturb my-- oh. Human." He ushers you into his room swiftly.
"You still have the child? When does it leave?" He asked quickly.
"It doesn't," You said bluntly, putting down the freshly bathed and swaddled bundle onto his bed.
"Don't touch----! Ugh.. Besides... What do you mean, 'it doesn't'? It's leaving, I will not have that thing associated with the Zigvolt name just because of some lowly human's stupid mistakes!"
If you weren't so exhausted, you would be shouting at a decibel rivaling his own.
"Sevens, Sebek, it's permanent, no way around it. I can't go back in time and change this-! You were the one reading off the ingredients anyway, how dare you blame this on me?" You challenge.
"Ah-ahh.. Well, why didn't you check yourself?? Do I need to do everything for you!?" He crossed his arms.
"No, but you do need to do your task, and competently!"
That seemed to shut him up.
"W-whatever. I cannot be a proper retainer to--"
"Fine. Then don't raise the baby at all, I'll take care of it. I never said you had to involved."
"...I.. Human, I didn't say that." His tone seems to soften. You know he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders in his mind but you still find it hard to excuse his poor behavior.
He sits down next to the baby, picking it up at arms length.
"It's cute, just a bit. But I pity it.. it has even less faerie blood than me."
"Is that the heart of this?" You question gently, knowing it's a sore subject.
"Yes, I suppose so.."
"Sebek. Your heritage doesn't define you, and it won't define our child. You are an amazing, devoted person, and you've worked hard to be the person you are, and that's really all that matters. You have no reason to be upset, or worried. We can make this work, I promise. And I promise that I'll there to help you get through this. That is, if you're willing to."
He sighs, taking your hand.
"I fear I am diluting my sullied bloodline more than it already is. The Zigvolt family works with the royal family as their right-hand consults and guards. It's been that way for generations. But who would want a fae so adulterated with human genetics by their side?"
"I don't think that's true. If you really think that's the case, then why is Silver allowed to train as a protector as well? Malleus and Lilia are equally respectful of you both. You don't have to give up your family's title and honor just because of this."
He stiffens, a proud smile on his face.
"You are right, human! I shall not let this get the best of me. I will raise my child to be as dutiful as me!"
You laugh, relieved that he's warming up to the idea of having a family.
You kiss him on the forehead, giving him a hug that encompasses the baby in the middle.
"I'll work hard at being a good father, I swear on it."
-June 30th, 2023
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chiliyue · 3 months
You talk too much
↬kissing them as a means of shutting them up
Tumblr media
Includes; Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Floyd Leech, Sebek Zigvolt
Gender Neutral Reader
Tags; a little more on the crack side but i hope you like this nonetheless!
Not requested !
Riddle Rosehearts
Y'know the buffering logo for poor internet and such? That's Riddle at this very moment. It takes a solid couple seconds for him to realize what just happened or what he was even talking about for that matter
His face is blazing. The very same shade as his hair and his body is slightly trembling, shocked- no utterly astonished at what you just did.
Buffers out for a couple more seconds before promptly scolding you on how inappropriate your actions were and blah blah blah. Unfortunately, you may get collared... I hope it was worth it and honestly it is since you get to see Riddle's pouty face as he scrambles to recompose himself
But if he's being honest, your lips are really soft and warm on his, and now he can't help but stare at it for a little afterward because damn, he wants another. But he will not ask because that's below him, and you must pay for your actions - he mustn't give in to your kisses 😤
Proceeds to think about it afterward, becoming distracted in his tasks and zoning out because how dare you kiss the queen of hearts and definitely not because your lips are soft
Leona Kingscholar
"Careful Herbivore, you're tempting a lion right now. How shall I punish you for this, hm?"
How dare you cut him off and his words of wisdom 🤧<- said words were probably about sleep or something
However, he acts as though his hand isn't already sneaking its way around your waist, his teeth nibbling on your bottom lip, all for the goal of coaxing a reaction out of you
He composes himself fairly quickly. If anything, it's going to be YOU reaping the consequences of your actions and Leona is smug about it.
Flicks your forehead while his free hand grips your chin with two fingers. He's making eye contact with you simply to see your confident demeanor stutter and waiver before his very eyes.
He's making a toothy cocky grin at you, going off about punishing you and verbally assaulting your ears with his husky voice. And he leans in tierrbly close, his breath tickling your cheek. He's going to make you flustered and kinda terrified to what he may have planned, or are you 👀
If you think you're gonna be able to just walk away, you are horribly mistaken. Hope you have nothing planned for the rest of the day because you're gonna be acting as Leona's pillow.
Azul Ashengrotto
"Angelfish- dear- if you wanted kiss you could have just ask... ah, was it something I said, perhaps?"
Buffer logo number 2. He stands there for a couple of seconds unsure of what to do or what to say
Someone bring over his little pot, he needs to sulk for a little as he comphrends what just happened
His face is flushing pink in embarrassment, even bringing a gloved hand over his face to conceal his not so subtle mental breakdown. Furthermore, it was hard to tell if he was mad or simply flustered(its the latter). He kept diverting his gaze as his fingers twitched slightly.
He refuses to make eye contact with you because doing so just makes the red hue on his cheeks even worse. And suddenly his shoes became the most interesting thing— that or his glasses require cleaning for the nth time, definitely not an excuse or anything
Azul thinks he must have said something wrong, already apologizing over stuttered words, which really come off as babbles because his tongue is working faster than his brain
When he finds out it was just a small little prank - a little jab - he begs that you save his dignity and never do this again because he will turn into a puddle.
Pray this doesn't happen in front of the twins who will tease and berate the poor man with not so harmless humor from the kiss.
Floyd Leech
" Ahhh shrimpyyy did you get tired with my voice, hm~??? Why don't we take this somewhere private hehe~"
A death wish, we salute you
The moment you kiss him, he's already wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer against his figure. And those razor like teeth of his? Those are chomping down on your bottom lip. Your lips are gonna be all swollen and painted magenta by the end of this, but that's what happens when you tempt an eel he claims.
If he's flustered, it's not evident on his face; rather, he seems amused more than anything, a cheeky smile finding its way to his lips as he lets out a giggle that makes goosebumps run down your arms.
He's a horrible tease, one that's gonna use this as an excuse to drag you off and cuddle(and kiss you breathless) for a couple of hours. You can practically see all the ideas that is stirring up in his brain as he processes this
But sometimes it's hard to tell if what he's saying is a genuine or Floyd is simply making light... banter. "You're so silly shrimppy, but don't interrupt me next time, kay?~" He says with a grin that can be classified as either intimidating or teasing. Maybe both.
Tbh, he might take this experience and apply it himself, kissing you for no other reason other than that he was bored and your lips happened to be at the wrong place and time. What you were saying didn't matter much anyway 🤧
Sebek Zigvolt
We applaud you brave solider
Scolds you, no hesitations. He stutters over the first couple of words, struggling to compose himself, but once he does, his mouth is spilling words after words. His face is terribly pink, and he seems both flustered and offended... which he's probably both because he's a drama queen.
If you were trying to shut him up, he's only gonna be talking even louder as he berates you on your behavior and whatnot. RIP ears 🙏
Everyone will learn about it with how loud he is. The scene from an outsiders perspective is quite a silly one; one of Malleus's personal guards rendered speechless for a couple of seconds before screaming his head off.
He vents about it to silver later that night and treats it as though it's the end of the world. He's going off and off about your kiss. Without even realizing it, he started talking about how soft your lips are andddd he's going into great detail-
And he can not sleep, no matter how much he tosses and turns because all he can think of is your lips. If you see the tip of his ears reddening, no you didn't... 🤭
Lilia b e g s you to do this more often because it not only gives his ears a break but a lovely window of opportunity to tease Sebek into oblivion
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blackopals-world · 4 months
Ace: I been wondering. Do we even need a vet at this school?
Vet!Yuu: Of course we do! Do you know how many animals we have on campus! Riddle's hedgehogs and flamingos, Vil's peacocks, every beastmen, Crowley's crows, Trien's geriatric cat, Crewel's dogs, every student familiar, and Grim. I have alot of patients and I don't get paid enough to hide Sebek's pills in cheese.
Ace: Wait you give him pills?
Vet!Yuu: Not as much a Jack but Jack will eat anything if I put pear jam on. Once I just put it on a spoon with his iron tablets and he didn't hesitate.
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ryker-writes · 5 months
Could we get our Diasomnia boys reacting to overworked Yuu falling asleep like the famous picture of Princess Diana?
Of course dear anon! We love our Diasomnia boys
Request rules and Masterlists
he's so worried
you two were hanging out and you just fell asleep???
you're not even laying down in a comfortable position or anything
you're just sitting
Malleus probably doesn't know too much about humans so he might think there's something seriously wrong
because of this, he'll try to wake you up just to make sure you're okay
when you do wake up he simply asks if you're okay
and when you explain that you've been overworked...
Malleus is stepping in to help
he'll take you to Diasomnia so you can rest and he will handle all your work for a little bit
if anyone tries to give you more work he will put a stop to it
doesn't matter if it's some ordinary student or Crowley himself
picture this:
someone walks up to you with another task for you to do
Malleus appears behind you with a very threatening aura
there's also faint sounds of a thunderstorm starting outside
and suddenly that person is walking the opposite direction
you're left with a happy dragon
"Oh dear"
as soon as you fall asleep he's silently investigating
he's the one to figure out the reason the fastest
you don't even have to tell him
he's not going to wake you up, but he'll move you to somewhere more comfortable
and while you're sleeping, he'll go out and handle all your work <3
by the time you wake up he's happily sitting by you
and when you panic about your work he just laughs and tells you not to worry about it
"it magically all got done while you were asleep"
from now on he'll discreetly check in on you and make sure you're not overworking yourself
will also secretly take care of some of your tasks when you're distracted
worried but for a different reason
Silver is worried that his sleep spells are somehow contagious and have spread to you
you kinda just fell asleep randomly so it's actually a little reasonable
but then he starts thinking of other reasons why you might have fallen asleep
maybe you didn't get enough sleep?
that's the one he settles on and so he just lets you sleep
but he stays by your side the entire time
after all, you stay by his when he falls asleep
he's going to try to make you as comfortable as possible like using his jacket as a makeshift pillow for you
when you wake up he will ask why you might've fallen asleep and probably apologizes if his sleep spells did spread to you
after explaining why you suddenly fell asleep he's decided to try and help you with your work
it won't be as stressful and get done faster with his help
though he may fall asleep sometimes while helping, it still makes things easier
he will start asking you occasionally what you have to do and how he can help
how rude of you to fall asleep while he was talking
probably also thinks that Silver's sleep spells have spread to you and he doesn't like it
that or his brain starts to think that this is a normal human thing
no other reasons why go through his brain
you're not even in a proper sleeping position or anything
he will wake you up
demands to know why you fell asleep
when you tell him he's actually quiet for a few seconds
and then he's talking about humans can't handle as much as fae and how fae are clearly superior
he says all this as he's dragging you back to your dorm so you can rest
then he'll tell you how you need proper rest to handle everything
after resting up a little bit more, Sebek will help you with some of your tasks
usually he makes excuses about it though
like he's "trying to prove his capability to Malleus" even though Malleus is nowhere in sight
or that he was just conveniently in the area and figured you would be struggling so he's offering his assistance
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starboyshoyo · 2 months
The Summer After Graduation pt. 2
Pairing: Malleus Draconia, Silver, Sebek Zigvolt x fem!reader (separately)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Genre: fluff, domestic
A/N: @ryker-writes ;) you know. It’s so early and I’m exhausted, so if there’s mistakes I’ll go back and fix them later.
Where does life take you, after you move back to Briar Valley with them?
Part 1 (Kalim, Deuce, Epel, Trey) || Part 2 (HERE)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
In Malleus’ eyes, the moment you agreed to be his was the moment you became engaged. A relationship with him starts and stays serious and committed due to the traditions of his species. So naturally, after the two of you graduate from NRC, you move back to Briar Valley with him and his family as his first friend and first love.
There are some difficulties with hostile fae at first. The traditional council would be very against your relationship with him. But according to Briar Valley lore, draconic fae children can only be born from immense love and care between a couple. So even if the royal advisors disagree with the prince’s choice of partner, they couldn’t deny him his happiness if they ever hoped for an heir.
So despite the protests of some narrow-minded fae, Malleus is free to bring you home with him, to live as his partner and lover. Of course, Lilia is In complete support of the two of you, as is Silver. Sebek took some time to come around- he complained a lot about how no one, human or fae, could be worthy of Waka-sama’s affections. But once Lilia pointed out how happy you made Malleus, Sebek quieted down. No one had ever seen the crown prince smile the way he did when you were around.
Moving into the royal palace takes some time to get used to. It’s easy to get lost in the corridors of Castle Draconia. The hallways can also seem gloomy and cold at first, and almost frightening when you walk the stone passageways at night. If you get nervous, Malleus will do his best to be by your side as much as he can, holding your hands and cuddling you at night. If not him, then he’ll send a guard or two to watch over you.
If you want to take part in more diplomatic duties in Briar Valley and insist that you get to know the citizens as their future queen, Malleus will be worried but support you wholeheartedly. You’re considerate, responsible, and kind, three qualities that make for the best ruler. And besides, he doesn’t want you being cooped up inside all day the way he was when he grew up. While the work you’re doing may be dangerous, Malleus trusts you to handle yourself. Just make sure to bring Silver with you along with the rest of your personal guards, just in case. Fae can be unpredictable at times.
When Malleus isn’t busy with his princely duties, he’ll seek you out and whisk you away to a private wing of the castle using magic. The castle is old, and even with hundreds of years of free time, he hasn’t been able to explore every nook and cranny of it. The two of you will roam the hallways, naming the various statues you come across and slow-dancing in empty ballrooms with ancient music echoing from an unknown place within the walls.
“Briar Valley has come alive, my dear. Do you hear that? They are greeting their new ruler. This is all for you.”
At night, nothing makes Malleus happier than returning to his bedchambers to find you cuddled up in the sheets. He’ll slide into bed around you, tail unfurling to curl around your body and hold you close to him. He’ll spread his wings and rest them over your body to protect the two of you while you snuggle through the night.
Malleus might not know much about romance, but he does know when he’s found the one. He’ll have to ask the royal jewelers for a ring soon- infused with magic and inlaid with his love.
Tumblr media
All his life, Silver was trained to become a knight for Malleus. It’s exactly what he did in the years he attended NRC. But what Silver hadn’t realized yet was that it was more of an obligation than his true calling. After meeting you and moving back to the Valley of Thorns, Silver began craving a quieter lifestyle- one where he could enjoy your company without having to be on guard duty 24/7.
It’s Lilia who first notices Silver’s restlessness, and he takes the matter to the young king. The two of them surprise you and Silver with a little graduation present- a cottage deep in the forest. Malleus tells Silver that he’s promoted him from the title of knight to that of a lord- the land that the cottage is built upon is now his to care for and do as he pleases. He’s already had servants move yours and Silver’s things there. Silver was initially worried that he was being fired from his job for falling asleep too much, but with some reassurance from his father, the two of you were on your way.
The cottage is gorgeous, situated in a clearing with a meadow and waterfall. The sun caught the water just right every morning- creating rainbows through the spray that danced in the dawn. It’s the perfect place for you and your boyfriend to live a peaceful, quiet life. The nearby villages are peaceful ones, and don’t mind having two humans living in their vicinity. They occasionally come by to drop off homemade food or ask for Silver’s help, but otherwise it’s just the two of you.
Silver’s animal friends come by daily to help out with the chores, making the workload light. The birds do the laundry for you and hang clothes out to dry, while deer often come by to help weed the garden. Even the squirrels play their part in helping to patch up holes in the walls and roof.
With only light work, your days are spent by Silver’s side, going on horseback rides through the meadow and napping with him in the garden. Finally, you have time to learn all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do. Speaking another language? Reading a book? Learning to sew? You have all the time in the world.
Date nights become a regular occurrence; something that you couldn’t do back at the palace. One of the most memorable dates is a time where Silver covered your eyes and led you to a beautiful meadow on the mountain, overlooking a valley. As you watched, songbirds swooped down carrying a picnic basket and blanket, setting up a romantic little spot for you and Silver to lay together and watch the sun go down. While you were busy watching the stars come out, a gentle smile graced your lover’s features. Yes, the sky was beautiful- but he could never take his eyes off your smiling face.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek Zigvolt has always known his dream was to serve Malleus Draconia in any possible way. A love life and career don’t always mix, so he feels grateful that he found you- always so willing to support his dreams. It helps that you and Malleus are on friendly terms as well. Nothing makes Sebek happier than seeing his lover and his Lord get along well.
Life with Sebek in Briar Valley is pretty similar to life at NRC for a while. Besides the fact that you don’t have to attend classes, Sebek still gets up at the crack of dawn every day to do weight training and go on a morning run, to train for the royal guard exam. He’ll ask you to get up with him, but ultimately leaves it up to you. If you have trouble sleeping, he wouldn’t want to tire you out. But for a while, you won’t be getting many lazy mornings with your boyfriend.
While Sebek is gone, his family will keep you company. Sebek’s mother loves to gush about her son’s younger days and show you embarrassing photos, while his father is quite happy to have another human around for once. His brother and sister love teasing him- who knew that grumpy Sebek would end up falling so hard for a human?
It’s a little-known fact that Sebek is actually afraid of horses- he tolerated being in the equestrian club because he needed to know how to ride if he wanted to be a knight for Malleus. Sebek will want to hold your hand before he goes to riding classes in the afternoon, and he’d appreciate it if you’d watch him- he’d feel safer if you did. He’ll do the same for you when you need him to be strong for you as well.
The both of you will be so proud when Sebek finally passes the class, and is certified as a real Briar Valley knight. Lilia assigns Sebek to lead a new, special battalion, one directly under his and Malleus’ command. Sebek will wear his uniform with the crest on it- a peacock with honeysuckle and iris flowers surrounding it, and a tail made of eucalyptus leaves- proudly. He’d probably wear it to sleep if you didn’t remind him to change out of his work clothes.
Sebek is a big deal in Briar Valley, and gone for work trips often. While you do miss his company, it also gives you time to plan surprises for him, such as learning to speak his native language. While Sebek has mostly gotten over his prejudice towards humans, he’s still immensely proud of his culture as a nocturnal fae. If you take the time to learn the language of his heritage from his mother, Sebek will realize that the feelings he holds for you are not between a human and a fae, but one between soulmates.
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jester-lover · 5 months
Boys Don't Cry
comforting your boy when he needs it the most (part 1)
cw- angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, body insecurities, mortality, discussions of depression, unbearably sweet
Tumblr media
Riddle tried to wipe his face with the edges of his bedspread, everything was going wrong. Ace and Deuce ruined his tea party, half of his guests didn’t show up, and he spilled tea all over himself. 
If his mother was here, she’d mock him for his emotion, his insolence and inability to keep his composure.
 His lower lip quivered, and he broke out into sobs again. 
The worst part of it all, however, was that you were there. You saw how he lost his temper and yelled at the freshmen, losing all of his gentlemanly composure.
He turned around and faced the long mirror against his dresser, his face was red and swollen with tears, and his nice new shirt was ruined. 
He felt like a fool.
Riddle got up out of bed, looking to go speak with Trey about further action, when he saw you standing in the doorway, a soft smile on your face. His tears bubbled up again.
“I’m so so s-sorry I didn’t mean for-”
You leaned in closer and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. His arms found their place against your waist.
“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault, you have nothing to apologize for.”
His sobs were muffled by the shoulder of your shirt, as you kissed his hairline and rubbed his back.
“Let it all out Riddle, cry as much as you need to, I’ll be here.”
His tears quelled as your hands moved up to brush against his hair. His arms against your waist tightened.
Leona looked out the big window in his room, he slowly undid the braids in his hair, taking deep unordered breaths.
His brother had sent a letter again, asking for him to return for a visit over summer. Deep down, Leona knew Farena had good intentions, but the idea of returning to the palace made bile rise up his throat. 
He reached for the hairbrush on his side, only to realize tears had begun blurring his vision. 
Leona couldn’t understand why he hated his brother, who had only been kind with him. Maybe it was the press constantly comparing the two of them, or the sense of inferiority he felt around him. Whatever it was, he didn’t care. He didn't want to see Farena, not when he’s finally beginning to feel content.
The tears began rolling down, and Leona wiped them off furiously. His hands were shaking and he dropped the brush back onto his bed. His shoulders shook too.
His head snapped toward the door, you stood there, still and frowning. He just stared at you.
“Do you need some help with your hair?”
Leona nodded, his head down, hoping you wouldn't see the tear tracks on his face. You moved to kneel on the bed beside him, breath touching his ear. Slowly, you untangled the knots along his nape, slowly adjusting to move near his forehead, keeping your hand steady,as to not to catch a knot too fast. Leona continued to stare outside, into the falling sun. He was thinking again. 
Slowly, after you finished with his hair, you wrapped your arms around his still shoulders. He brought one of his hands to rub your arm, leaning back against your touch.
“You deserve more than this.”
His words have a sense of tiredness to them, like he’s been meaning to say them for a while.
“I’ve got everything I need, everything I could ever want.”
You can see his reflection in the glass, his smile.
The door of his office slammed shut, Azul looked at himself with disdain, breaking apart all the points of himself he didn’t like.
 The silence of his sanctuary helped him think back, to all those moments as a chubby little octopus. His thoughts turned to the stretch marks on his back and hips, and he went to go sit at his desk.
 Moments of self hatred had slowly dissipated as his career and reputation grew, but deep inside he knew he’d always be that little boy, crying his inky tears. 
He put his head in his hands. No tears came, only thoughts swirled around his head.
“Azul, would you like to help me solve this?”
You stood by the end of his desk, he didn't notice you come in, and he raised his head up to look at you. You held a small wood puzzle in your hand.
His stupid self hatred disappeared, and a feeling of warm fuzziness rose in his chest. His regular charisma returned.
“Of course I would.”
A crumpled mass of magazines littered the floor of Vil’s room, he was hunched over his vanity in a display that ashamed him. 
A new poll was entered into his favorite fashion magazine, pitting him and Neige against each other. 
Niege had won by a landslide.
Vil’s mascara ran down his cheeks, he wished you were there to comfort him, but you were busy doing whatever Crowley had planned for you. He was proud of your hard work of course, but as he desperately wiped his makeup away with cleanser, he knew he needed you by his side. 
knock knock
“U-um please wait a moment, I need to recuperate myself.”
The last thing he needed was an annoying freshman or nosy sophomore disrupting him.
“Vil, dear it's just me, could you please open the door?”
He rose out of his chair in a hurry, reaching for the door and pulling it open, quickly shutting it after you.
At this point his shoulders were heaving, and his breathing was uneven as his hands curled at his shirt, digging back into his palms. 
“Hey, hey Vil, it’s gonna be fine, it’ll all be fine.”
He reached for you quickly, pulling you against his chest, brushing his hands against your head, his other wrapped snugly around your waist. He was silent.
“What happened, Vil?”
He turned his red face towards you, grasping your face in his hands, and pressing your foreheads together until his breathing slowly turned normal again.
“I don’t know, maybe- maybe this was the final straw, I’ve just had a terrible week and now my runway shoot is delayed and I think they might drop me-”
His sobbing started up again, and he went back to hugging you, head pressed firmly into your shoulder. 
“I understand, Vil, feeling like the world is turning its back on you.”
Your fingers brushed his back, and his hands loosened.
“Around me, you're free to do whatever you need, I can never see you in a negative light.”
Vil beamed.
Idia felt himself weasel his head out of the thick bed sheets, his messy hair clearly not cared for. There was knocking on his door, and he quickly looked at the security cameras. 
It was you, looking as radiant as the sun. He looked down at his pajamas.
Slowly he opened the door, and you gave him a hug and littered kisses all over his face.
He turned a little red, and looked at the ground. By this point, he would have asked to play a game or watch an anime, but he was silent.
“Hey, Idia, are you okay? Is something wrong?”
He smiled a little at how quickly you could read his mood. Your hand moved up and grasped the side of his jaw.
“Don’t you ever want a more adventurous boyfriend?”
You looked at him with a puzzled look on your face, mouth slowly turning into a frown.
“I much prefer you, Idia.”
His face fell, tears beaded at his eyes as your second hand came up to cup his face.
Idia felt like a tall child.
“You could have anyone.”
His voice was quiet and still.
“But I only want you.”
Idia leaned down and pressed a kiss on your forehead.
The cool night air kissed malleus’s skin as he waited for you to come out of Ramshackle. He watched you slip out of the door and come up to him, pressing a kiss against his hand. 
The only thing Malleus saw was the large bandage on your cheek. He grazed the spot with the back of his fingers.
“Child of man, what happened here?”
You laughed and grasped his hand. 
“I was walking through the forest looking for clean branches for the fireplace, and I tripped over a root.”
Malleus thought for a second, a fall of that nature wouldn't even phase him, he would probably not even fall in the first place with his natural grace.
For you however, such an incident would leave a permanent scar, he wouldn't like to think about what would have happened if you had hit your head, alone in those unforgiving woods.
Flashes of fear ran through his head, regarding your mortality and human clumsiness. 
He went quiet, even more than usual, and squeezed your hand.
Malleus knew that one day you’d leave him, grow older and slip through his fingertips like the wind. Normally he ignored such thoughts, choosing to spend every hour cherishing you, but now a sense of dread filled him and he felt weak to the power of natural order. Suddenly he turned around, giving you a firm hug around the shoulders. 
“Malleus, what’s up, are you okay?”
He kissed your head, leaning down to look at you.
“Do you ever think of your mortality?”
He could see the wires turn in your head, and you gave him a sweet smile.
“Sometimes, but then I remember how happy I am, spending all of my days with you.”
His eyes closed for a moment, before opening again.
“Your life is fickle, short, and the most valuable thing in my world.”
He parted from your embrace.
“I wish to make your life as enjoyable as possible, especially as you rule by my side.”
Malleus saw tears brimming in your eyes. He smiled.
“Your life will be spent laughing and smiling, but after it ends I will spend forever yearning for you.”
The tears fell as you leaned against him.
“I will love you until my last breath, Malleus.”
“And I will too, Child of Man.”
“How annoying can he get?”
“Someone doesn't understand noise control.”
“Stay away from him, he’ll make your ears hurt.”
Sebek had grown used to ignoring the lingering words he heard in the halls, and he held his head up high. No matter how often he felt unimportant in human spaces, he knew he always had a place with you.
“Human! How did your classes go today?”
You smiled at him, grabbing his hand and walking alongside him.
“How can someone like them like someone like him? He’s insufferable.”
Sebek turned his head around, but whoever said it had already disappeared into the crowd of students.
He turned his head back in shame, something about being insulted around you made him feel insecure and upset.
“Whoever said that clearly hasn’t ever been passionate about anything.”
Sebek turned to look at you, he was quiet for once.
“Listen, no matter what anyone says about you, you have joy in your job in a way none of those idiots will ever feel.”
Sebek could feel his smile start to show again.
“Of course you think that! Any human would be glad to spend time with the retainer of the great Malleus Drac-”
AN/my sincere apologies to all the Kalim fans, I seriously couldn’t think of anything for him
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cheapshrimpysheep · 5 months
Slide With Me
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Before returning to NRC you show curiosity to know what it's like to ride one of those racing sleds. All the boys offer to show you, inviting you to slide with them. You just need to choose with one you'd like to slide with.
CHARACTERS: Jade Leech, Idia Shroud, Sebek Zigvolt & Epel Felmier
TAGS: Fluf; GN Reader (reader is taller than Epel and shorter than the other three... because so am I ...)
WORD COUNT: An average of 380 words per character.
COMMENTS: I wanted to do something with the Harveston Sledathon theme. Taking advantage of the fact that it finally came on the eng server. And I thought that I would love for them to take me on a ride. I hope you enjoy ;)
Tumblr media
Are you sure you want to choose him? Because Octavinelle's boys don't do anything without a deal. Maybe you made one with him without even realizing. Considering how smooth he is with words. Or maybe he'll remind you of this favour he did you when he asks you to accompany him on a hike up a mountain and you hesitate to say yes.
“You should go on front of me.” He will tell you “It will be easier to keep you safe if I am able to see you and if I have my arms by your side. That and, I am sure I'll assume correctly that you would like to enjoy the view.”
When cornering, you'll probably lose your balance and bump in his arms. And feel them around you without taking the hands off the handlebar, like a seat belt. “Are you well?” He’ll check. “Don't fret.I am able to keep my attention both on the mountain and on you. Fu fu.”
“Would you also be interested to know what it's like to jump over a ravine?” He will ask you if you’re having fun.
If you say no or your no sure: “This might be your only chance, you know? And I already jumped it once. I can assure your safety. I would never let you get hurt.” And if you still keep saying no: “*Sigh* Your lack of trust hurts me.” Not really. “But I'll respect your wishes.” He secretly enjoys messing up with you, especially when your afraid of something. But he won't go any further than teasing you.
If you say yes or you were not sure but decided to trust him on this: “Fu fu, I'll make sure you don't regret your decision.” He’ll tell you, amused. He loves it when your down for crazy things. He would get even closer to you, his abdomen on your lower back and his chest on your shoulders and head. If his arms were your seat belt, his torso was the back of your chair. He will not let you get hurt.
His stuffed deer will shameless asking you for petting after the ride. It gently bumps its head on your hip, as if trying to poke you with its rods, but since these are plush they bend when they go against you. “I thinks this is its way of asking for payment for the ride.” Jade deduces.
Tumblr media
HIM? Why are you choosing him? He just offered to be polite, you know? Or at least that what he want everybody to think.
When you guys get far enough away from the others, as you get ready to start the ride: “Don't think I don't know why you chose me.” He tells you. But despite your little blush: “You chose me because I have the best racing plush. Smart move.”
“What, no! I choose you for you!” You realize you haven't spoken in your head and cover your mouth with your gloved hand. Both your cheeks and the ends of Idia's hair turned pink. “Y-your bear. Yes, I choose you for your bear, you're right!” You say completely unconvincing. “Should we start the ride now?” Idia nods, embarrassed and flattered at the same time, and finishes preparing the sleigh.
He will suggest you to go in front of him. Since he's the tallest and the expert (although he's only been doing this for a day or two) the safest formation is for the noob going on front of him. What? This is his way to say he cares about you. He doesn't care for other noobs. “Are you sulking because I'm calling you a noob? But you are. Fine, fine, I'll stop.”
He will not go to hard on you. He knows going to hard on a player that is just starting would make them hate a game they could love. The same with the ride. Both are supposed to be fun.
When cornering, you'll probably lose your balance and bump in his arms. And hear one of his "Hiep!" while he tries to protect you with his arms without taking the hands off the handlebar. You know when you almost drop your phone and suddenly realize how precious it is to you? That’s what that "Hiep!" meant.
If you want to go faster, he'll be happy to speed up. He knows that feeling. When you're liking a game so much you want to try the next difficulty. But he will NOT jump over that ravine again. Are you crazy?
His stuffed bear is shy but, after the ride, it will come close to you and nudge your hand with his nose to ask for petting.
Tumblr media
HA! Of course you would choose him! Why choose a human... or merman turned into human, when one of your options is a (half) fay young man train by none other than Lilia Vanrouge to be a body-guard of none other than the Greates Malleus Draconia? Looks like your not dumb for a human.
“I hope you are up for the ride, human.” He’ll tell you with his smug smile “But nonetheless you should go on the front. It will be safer. That way, if your weak hands slip off the handlebar you will not pass through me.”
When cornering, you'll probably lose your balance and bump in his arms. But you'll realize he's not just using his arms to protect you. He's practically embrace you like the bodyguard he is protecting you from any danger that may come towards you. Despite his smug attitude, deep down he is taking his job of protecting you during the ride as serious as if he was protecting Malleus himself.
If he hears your laughs of fun during the ride, he will smile (since you can't see him), happy that you're having such fun with him. He'll not admit he was also having fun with you.
If you ask him if you two could jump the ravine like they did in the race, he’ll be surprised but say: “Ha Ha Ha! You sure have a dangerous amount of courage for your own good. Are you sure you can handle such thing, human?” you confirm “So get ready, because now I will not back down! And neither will I allowed you to!”
Don't be surprised if he ends up taking one of his hands off the handlebar to wrap it around your waist and make sure you don't come off the sled. The other arm exerting as much force to stay steady as when he trains with heavy weights.
After the ride, Squirshie will come up to you and stick out his chest as if proud of his work during the ride. It reminded you of Grim for a moment. When you bend down and pat him on the head, he recoils. To then approach again as if asking you to do that again.
Tumblr media
YES! You choose him! Um... I mean, of course you choose him. after all, he is the most experienced at sledding. He he.
“I'm so happy you interested in sledding.” He'll tell you as you two approach his sleigh to prepare for the ride. “Despite the tension because of the race,I'm glad we still could show you how fun it is. I'm gonna give you the ride of your life!"
It will hurt his pride, but he will tell you to go behind him since you're taller. Your safety is way more important than his pride. “You must firmly grip the handlebar. But, um, you know, if you feel safer holding on to me, feel free to do so.”
If you choose to holding on to him, please don't mention the fact that his heart feels like is racing the Harveston Sledathon all over again.
When cornering, you'll probably lose your balance and and cling even tighter to him. This is the closest you've ever been to each other. Your chin is probably on his shoulder by now. “You’re okay?” he will ask whenever he feels you tighter your embrace. But don't think he isn't blushing every time this happens.
He'll ask if you want to jump the ravine. If you say no: “He he he. Don't worry. I was just kidding.”
If you say yes: “WHA-?! I was joking!” if you say you were joking as well, he will sigh with relief. If you say that now you want to do it. He'll need a minute to think about it. The last thing he wants is to put you in danger. But he understands you. In your position he would probably ask for the same thing. “Okay, if you really want to do this DO NOT let go of me! Don't even worry if you're hurting me. Hold on the tightest you can if you need, okay?”
Truth be told, he’s loving it! That shows how much you trust him to keep you safe even on a dangerous thing like that. And he won't let you doubt for a second that he won't be able to!
After the ride, his stuffed rabbit will start bouncing around you and wagging his little tail. And for some reason, I imagine if you pet him, he'll start tapping one of his hind legs on the ground. Like Thumper from Bambi. “Well that's new.” Epel will say, surprised.
Tumblr media
If you would like to read more from me, you can find it in my pinned post: INDEX
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aerith-jade · 7 months
Sebek: Hey, human! Do me a favor.
Yuu: Sebek, you're a condescending jerk. Why on earth would I want to do something nice for you?
Sebek: To go to heaven.
Yuu: I don't believe in heaven.
Sebek: To avoid hell?
Yuu: Have you met Grim? I live in hell!
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lyneira · 6 months
Tumblr media
♡ forced to share a bed ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> when you're forced to share a bed with them, how do the twst boys sleep?
fluff/mainly crack
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
The type that sleeps far away but wakes up clinging to you
Azul, Rollo, Sebek, Epel, Deuce
They'll make it a point to sleep the farthest distance from you, not because he doesn't like you, but be because this situation makes him nervous. He finally to sleep next to his crush? Lord, somebody go save him from the overwhelming excitement and nervousness he's feeling right now
When he wakes up, he'll realize he's feeling all warm and snug as he's clinging onto something that soothes him. That, being you, which he'll realize after noticing your arm atop of his as they were wrapped around your waist and his face was nuzzled in the crook of your neck.
I can see this going two ways. He'll either decide to stay there, albeit feeling both flustered and ecstatic as if he won the lottery. With your arm resting on top of his, did you like this too? Did you want him to hold you? The hope of this would keep him clinging on.
OR they'll end up retracting their arms and turning away immediately out of nervousness, embarrassment, and an 'OH MY GOSH' running through their head. They might also end up accidentally pushing you off the bed in the process LOL
Can't sleep at all
Idia, Malleus, Riddle, Rook
I see Riddle and Idia not being able to sleep also because they're nervous and feel a bit awkward having to be in the situation too. It's just so...intimate. They can hear your breathing, they can sense the warmth radiating from your skin, and when they turn over, they can see your lovely face. Wasn't this the type of thing he'd be able to experience if he woke up with everyday? He didn't know if he had the right to experience all of this, he wasn't your lover just yet, after all. But oh, how he dearly wanted to be.
In Malleus' and Rook's case, they wouldn't ne able to sleep because they'd spend the whole night staring at your sleeping face, take this wonderful opportunity to observe and admire it all the want. I hope you don't wake up facing him, otherwise, you'll wake up to see his eyes wide open, looking deeply into your soul *insert "AWOOP- JUMPSCARE" tiktok sound*
they'll even hit you with a "good morning, sleepyhead" even though clearly, they were the ones who were sleepy with dark circles around their eyes from having stayed up all night. They'd think it was all worth it tho
Sleeps, no problem
Ace, Leona, Vil
They frankly don't really care if you're sleeping next to them, they'd sleep pretty soundly. They'll probably only have a problem if you move a lot in your sleep or snore loudly lol.
Also sleeps soundly
Cater, Lilia, Neige
They'll be able to sleep easily, but before they do, they'll be full of happiness and excitement in being able to sleep next to you. They'll inch their bodies closer to you, but won't get so close that they touch you, not without your permission anyway. It's just that they want to hug you so badly. They want to hold you in their sleep. If you happen to flip over and lay a limb on them, they'd honestly be happy with that too.
Moves around a lot
Floyd, Che'nya, Kalim, Ruggie
Good luck sleeping next to them because these boys are moving around nearly every minute as they sleep. They're gonna have their bodies splayed out one second, then be clinging to you the next. Will probably have a leg or an arm on you through 80% of the night. It may all be unintentional or intentional, who really knows? They might snore too, and I see them snoring LOUDLY. Rip
For Floyd, I can see him extending his leg too far out that it both hits you and quite literally kicks you out of the bed LOL. You'll be pissed but he'll be sleeping without a care in the world, not realizing what he's done
Insists on sleeping separately
Jack, Jamil, Silver
I see them wanting to sleep separately from you, even sleeping on the floor if they have to. They want a peaceful night's rest with little to no disturbances, and he believes he'll find that if he sleeps alone. They want you to have a good sleep too, and so he thinks this would be the best option to take.
Sleeps very still
Trey, Jade
These dudes are by far the most peaceful to sleep with. They're very quiet and they don't move around a lot, if at all. It'll be as if they weren't even there, haha. They're considerate of you too, ensuring that you have enough of the blanket and that you have enough comfortable space to sleep. You're in luck if you're able to sleep with them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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writingseaslugs · 11 months
Diasomnia NSFW Headcanons
Me: Don’t give Malleus a breeding kink, don’t give Malleus a breeding kink…EXTRA BULLET HE HAS ONE! I really cannot contain myself…I don’t apologize. Also might’ve been a little drunk while writing this, so I will not be taking criticism. I drank a glass of Moscato midway through Malleus, a shot of fireball/rumchata at Sebek, and a second shot midway through Silver. So you know…I did the best I could while under the influence of my bad decisions.
Disclaimer: All characters in this series is aged up. For more information about my version of this world and the type of reader you can expect, please do a quick read of THIS post. This post also has explicit content. If you’re under the age of 18, or are uncomfortable with this form of content, please skip this post. Content Warning: Marking, Edging, Oral Sex, Loss of Virginity, Body Worship, Soft Sex, Consensual Somnophilia.
Heartslabyul | Savanaclaw | Octavinelle | Scarabia | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Diasomnia (You’re Here)
Tumblr media
NSFW Headcanons
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Malleus is the biggest student at NRC…and not just in the height department. He’s pretty well endowed, and the anatomy might not be totally human, so be prepared to feel like you’re being split in half when he’s inside you. This bodes well since he has a size kink, and being a bigger presence to his lover is a huge turn-on. Watching his lover squirm when they see his size for the first time as he assures you it’ll all fit as long as you let him prep you for a while. The size kink goes both ways as well; if he has a lover who is somehow taller than him, he’s going to love being manhandled by them.
Fae have stamina for days, which means it’ll be hard to catch up with him. There’s likely never going to be a moment when he’s on top that you can keep up with his stamina. He will always manage to outlast you as he overstimulates your body until it’s almost at the breaking point. He’ll give you a break, though, and never judges since he knows you are simply a child of man. If you happen to be on top that night, though and drag him to orgasm time and time again until he’s twitching under you, you might be able to outlast his stamina. Maybe.
He is a switch, despite what others may think. Outside around others, he keeps his appearance up, but when it’s just the two, you’re on equal grounds at all times. If you want to be dominated, then say no more. He’ll have you screaming his name until you lose your voice; fucking you dumb is a fun pastime of his. If you want to be on top, he’ll let you play with his body to your heart’s content. He still is in charge during those moments, though, unless you manage to really overstimulate him or edge him until his brilliant green eyes are starting to tear up.
It’s not unheard of to leave his room with a few new bruises and scratch marks. He’ll heal them for you instantly if you ask, but honestly, he really likes how well-marked up you are. It’s never on purpose either; he just kind of loses himself sometimes and forgets how delicate humans are. He’ll apologize and kiss every inch of skin he might have injured and promise to be more careful moving forwards…unless you’re into that kinda thing.
When the mood strikes him, he’s going to have his way with you. Doesn’t shy away from public sex at all since he will be able to tell if someone is nearby and take the appropriate measures. If he wants to absolutely ravish you while he’s in class, the moment the bell rings, he’s going to find you and drag you somewhere and fuck you against the wall. Be careful what you wear around him as well. You have something on that he wants to tear off you like a present; he will with no remorse. Even if it’s your favorite underwear, he swears he will buy you fifty more of them later.
Bonus Bullet: He has a breeding kink. Not only from being a dragon fae but from being royalty and the thought of one day needing to produce an heir. He’s going to have you in a mating press, chest against his, as he tells you how good you’re taking his cock. Coming inside you several times as you go into overstimulation, fucked dumb by him, all while he wipes away your tears and tells you you’re doing so good for him. Watching his cum flow out of your abused hole and maybe even plugging you up after. Even if you are AMAB or on birth control, he’ll still do this. Seeing you so thoroughly fucked full of his cum makes him absolutely feral.
Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge
There is no doubt about it, Lilia has experience when it comes to being intimate with someone. Whether you’re experienced or not doesn’t matter to Lilia, he can still show you a thing or two. In fact, he’ll be begging to show you what he knows, using techniques that have made past partners squirm. He will have you begging for more by the end of it. His mouth isn’t just good for smart quips, after all.
Very open to kinks and honestly has probably partaken in them once or twice. If you name a kink that’s new, he’s going to be intrigued and want to test it out and see if he’s into it. If you’re really into something and bring it up, he’s more than happy to show you. He has a pretty extensive kink list that he’ll sit you down and go through to see what you’re down with trying. Biting his partner is definitely one of them, and he’s had several partners in the past swoon over his sharp teeth. If you’re willing to let him mark you with bites and hickies, he’s going to be a very happy man.
You get the best of both worlds when it comes to Lilia. You can have him be small and breedable if you want, fucking your cock or strap into him while he’s moaning and whining mess, begging you for more. Or he can take on his more mature and taller form, looking over you while your wrists are tied as he drives his cock into you. He’s happy with being a top and a bottom and will be happy if he has a partner willing to indulge with both sides. Not to say he won’t be submissive in his taller form and dominant in his smaller form. He is versatile and enjoys making his partner or himself a mess in whatever way possible.
Lilia loves to tease his partners in friendly, romantic, and sexual ways. He’ll be between your legs for hours if you let him, bringing you so close to coming only to lift away and tap his slick-coated chin, pondering out loud if he thinks you deserve to cum. If you return the favor, expect him to be overdramatic about it. He’ll be so loud with your lips around his cock, begging you to let him cum with tears flowing down his red face. Some of it’s just for show, but damn, it’s easy to rile you up even with that sight. He’s also going to edge both of you, taking his cock out of you as soon as the two of you are almost at the edge while leaning down and kissing your cheek and neck, saying, “One more time, and we can cum together.”
He’s going to adore teasing you between classes. Coming over and whispering something dirty in your ear as you pass by him. Putting his hand a bit too high on your leg while at lunch. Maybe dragging you to an empty classroom for a heavy make-out session before parting and telling, talking against your lips, that you should head to your next class. It’s a fun game of his to see how far he can take it before you’re the one grabbing him by his arm and dragging him to an empty broom closet and begging him to make you cum before you go crazy. Depending on his mood, he might just use his hands while calling you a needy little slut to get you to cum and then leave you in your messed-up underwear until after school.
Bonus Bullet: Make fun of his height, and he's going to see that as a challenge. Either he's going to take on his larger form that towers over you at 6'8" (203.2cm) and tell you how tiny you are compared to him now as he impales you on his cock. Or he's going to drag you to his room and tie you up and fuck you in his short form, edging you for hours while saying you should be nicer to short people judging by how well they can wreck you.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek is…sadly, not well-versed in sex. He knows how babies are made, but his fae mother probably never sat him down for the bird and the bees, he probably never spoke to his father about it, and Lilia had just assumed he knew. Not to mention the lack of friends his age, and well…there’s some explaining to do. He’s not clueless; he knows what to do. He just doesn’t know about all the technical things, like foreplay. So it’s going to be fun to teach him all those things and watch as his face goes red when you tell him he needs to use his hands to stretch you out before he can stick his dick into you.
It might be a little awkward because he will be asking to ensure he’s doing things correctly. What kind of man would he be if he couldn’t even please his partner? So as he’s first exploring your body, caressing every inch of skin he can, he’s going to be asking what feels right. It’s almost going to be sensual as he gropes your chest, tweaking your nipples and watching as your back arches up into his touch, and he smiles, asking if that felt nice. The moment his hand goes between your legs, he’ll be a bit nervous but hearing you moaning out his name breathlessly is going to encourage him to keep at it.
His composure is going to be lost pretty fast when he’s fucking you. For once, he might be speechless as he watches your face morphing in pleasure. His entire face will be painted scarlet at the sight as he stops thrusting to admire you. When you ask him why he stopped, he’s going to stutter out an excuse before giving a harsher thrust. His hair is going to be disheveled, and the fluffy locks might even be in his face. He’s going to look absolutely wrecked when he feels your walls convulsing around you, and if he had any thought to pull out, it’ll be lost as he’s coming hard in you.
He will worship every inch of your skin. Every mole, freckle, blemish, scar…you name it. If you have curves, he’ll pinch them between his fingers and tell you how beautiful they make you. Expect to be bombarded with praise. You think his obsession with Malleus is bad? He could talk about your body, what noises you make, your expressions…he could go on for days. Just make sure to inform him not to accidentally slip up around friends when discussing you. The last thing you need is Sebek telling everyone how you are in bed and how last night your moans went a pitch higher than normal when you came, and how you left scratches all along his shoulders that he swears he’ll wear with pride and hopes they scar.
He’s a service dom to the max. He’ll always want to be on top because, again, “What kind of man would I be if I hogged all the pleasure to myself by letting you do that?”. He can be convinced, though. Ask if you can suck him off, and he might tell you it’s not necessary, but if you give him the puppy dog eyes, he’ll oblige. Watching as he bites his knuckles in an attempt to be quiet before breaking and moaning loud enough for the entire school to hear is ethereal. He’ll never ask you to do those things, but if you offer, he’ll allow it since you want to, and he has a hard time telling you no.
Bonus Bullet: No public sex. He is far too loud, and you will be caught instantly. There’s also no sneaking when you two are having sex. If it’s in Ramshackle, make sure Grim is out because even he can’t sleep through that. If it’s at Diasomnia, the dorm is going to hear you two. Lilia will chuckle and congratulate Sebek, which will make the boy beam. Malleus won’t say anything, but Silver will be visibly annoyed. Lilia might suggest that you keep your affairs at Ramshackle next time…or he could always let you borrow a gag for Sebek.
Tumblr media
Since Lilia raised him, he was given sex ed like a normal kid would when they reached puberty, but Lilia had drilled into Silver the importance of protection and how he didn’t want to be a gilf anytime soon. Silver took the protection part to heart and will be using a condom unless you tell him it’s okay and he doesn’t need to. He also knows a thing or two from overhearing people talk when they thought he was asleep. He’s not clueless, but experienced is another thing…thankfully he’s a quick study.
Generally, having sex with Silver isn’t really “Fucking” but more of “Making Love.” He’s going to be gentle and make you feel wanted like you’re the only thing that exists at the moment. It’s almost suffocating how the air sometimes changes when he begins having sex with you. You’re going to feel cherished and secure in his arms. He’s going to kiss you all over your body and murmur sweet nothings to you as he slowly brings you to an earth-shattering orgasm. Your entire body will feel like a live wire as you feel every vein of his cock rubbing inside you.
Silver tends to sleep over at your place more often than not, as long as Lilia assures him Malleus will be fine. So if you wake him up with kisses, he’s going to slowly reciprocate before groping your body and pulling you close enough to feel his morning wood through his pants. Slowly riding him with the morning beams of sun coming in through the cracks in the blinds is going to be the best wake-up call he could ask for. If you get tired of doing that, he’s more than happy to flip you onto the bed and slowly grind his cock into you until you’re both coming. Just be careful not to fall back asleep after that.
When the mood strikes him, he can be a bit more energetic in bed. Especially if you request him to go a little bit harder next time, he’s happy to oblige. He’ll keep fucking into you until your legs are turned to jelly. His hands touch every inch of skin as he roughly thrusts into you, pulling each orgasm out of you until your brain is short-circuiting. He might be the number one sleepy boy in the school, but his stamina is nothing to scoff at. He’s still a trained knight, and his body is up to par because of it. He can also try a lot of different positions with you, even fucking you against the cool tiles of the shower without worrying about slipping at all.
Sex with Silver is amazing, in all honesty, but the best thing is after. He’ll make sure you’re both cleaned up and then cuddle you. Normally he likes to be the big spoon so he can wrap his arms around your midsection and pull you against his chest. You’re almost like a stuffed animal for him. He’ll leave kisses along your shoulders and tell you everything he thinks about you and how much he adores you. He’ll keep this up for a while until suddenly, he drifts off and is quiet. It’s a clear sign he fell asleep, and his grip will loosen enough to turn around and face him to see his peaceful sleeping face.
Bonus Bullet: He’ll only be okay if it’s discussed beforehand and it's in a private location, but he is okay with you using his body while he’s asleep. He knows he’s got a condition of some kind, and that might leave you feeling needy at moments while he’s asleep. Not to mention he might get tired midway through sex and just fall asleep. So if you have discussed it, he doesn’t mind you using his body to pleasure yourself. If he wakes up to you riding his cock and moaning lewdly, he’ll think he died in his sleep and went to heaven somehow. Remember, though, it has to be consensual. He probably wouldn’t appreciate you doing it if it hadn’t been discussed.
Tumblr media
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