7l7l7l7l7l7l7l7 · 2 years
breakups are ok. starting over is ok. moving on is ok. saying no is ok. being alone is ok. what is not ok is staying somewhere where u are not happy, valued, or unappreciated, that's not ok.
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anisahmahar · 10 months
Jadilah utuh sebelum menggenapkan yang lain. Berdamailah dengan diri sendiri. Jadilah versi terbaikmu. Isilah tangki cintamu. Penuhilah isinya bahkan sampai tumpah tumpah. Hingga akhirnya membuat orang lain jatuh hati padamu.
Temukan frekuensimu. Berdiskusilah tentang mimpi-mimpimu. Berkompromilah untuk hal yang memang dirasa perlu. Sederhana saja, jika tidak jadi dengannya, berarti memang bukan jodohnya.
Bersegeralah, tapi jangan tergesa. Bertemulah bukan hanya karena sama-sama butuh, tetapi bertemulah saat sama-sama siap. Bersiaplah untuk menemukan atau ditemukan. Selamat menggenapkan yang separuh !
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weshouldbethishigh · 10 months
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little-tiffany · 6 months
If you don't let the past die, it won't let you live.
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family-trauma · 1 year
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It's useful to know that whatever you're living with isn't actually normal. Realizing the difference between a healthy vs an unhealthy household environment can really open your eyes. I feel like it's the first step in become self aware and reflecting about what's really going on.
Alot of the times when kids grew up in a dysfunctional toxic household, they feel like whatever they have been living through is normal so when they talk to friends about, say about a family routine, these friends will be wondering why things seem sooo abnormal hearing it. (Something that's happened to me, which let me to start question everything).
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zenwords · 2 months
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Boundaries are the most direct way for you to protect your energy. Make them clear for your sake. If they aren’t, people will just keep taking more and more. Not because they are malicious, but simply because they won’t know when you need space or when you are feeling depleted. Boundaries are a proactive way of designing your life. To help maintain your inner and outer vibrancy, you need to be able to clearly know who and what can enter your space. Boundaries are not about being overly strict or mean, they are about using your self-awareness of what is genuinely good for you and allowing these things to become the new pillars of your life. In a world where there is a constant battle for our attention and a potentially overwhelming amount of information, we need proper digital and in person boundaries to support our mental health. — Yung Pueblo #boundaries #settingBoundaries #selfAwareness #mentalHealth #yungPueblo https://www.instagram.com/p/CnKJyjjOGw7/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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vivaciousofficiall · 9 months
The wounded feminine: Ignores her inner authority, begs to be chosen, codependent, unsafe for herself and others, attracts the wounded masculine, self sabotages, competes with other women (especially for male validation)
The divine feminine: honors her intuition, selective of who she lets in her space, independent but knows how to receive, has a healthy relationship with herself, attracts the divine masculine, collaborates with other women,
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wordscache · 7 months
And I just want to tell you, at some point, it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong. At some point, being angry is just another bad habit, like smoking, and keep poisoning yourself without thinking about it.
Jonathan Tropper
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lacooletchic · 1 year
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◘ #quoteoftheday #life #lifetime #experience #selfdevelopment #soul #souldevelopment #quotes #developpementpersonnel #mood #moodoftheday #selfawareness #quotes #quote #motto #mottooftheday #cytat #mindfulliving #mindfulness #simplylife #mindset #mindblown #mindfulliving #love #bodymindspirit #mindfulness #cytaty #notes #psychology https://www.instagram.com/p/CXM0rpWI0LA/?utm_medium=tumblr
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tuanpoetry · 11 months
22.30 pm
kuatlah seperti yang sudah-sudah. kuatlah seperti yang sudah pernah. kuatlah seperti yang sudah terlewati. aku dihancurkan oleh hatiku sendiri. aku diremukkan oleh pikiranku sendiri. aku ingin menertawakannya sekali lagi seperti yang selalu kulakukan dahulu.
kau tahu? butuh waktu seumur hidupku untuk bisa menjadi selupa sekarang ini. kupikir aku akan bahagia dengan kehilangan banyak ingatan. kupikir akan ringan langkahku saat aku berhasil merontokkan semua ingatan yang menyakitkan. tanpa aku sadar aku juga melunturkan diriku dari kehidupan.
terimakasih untuk telah menanyakan apakah aku baik-baik saja atau tidak.
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pamenfare · 1 year
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shayshaysblog · 1 year
It’s ok to have days where you have don’t have the strength to go on. Days where you are sad, mad or angry. It’s ok to wake up some days and instantly wanting to go right back to sleep. Whether you like it or not we are human beings, we experience low moods and negative emotions. It’s all apart of the journey my loves 🤎
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thequotegarden · 8 months
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princesslily · 2 years
Victimhood will get you absolutely nowhere 🗡️
I wanted to make this because these days it seems that a victim narrative has become cool or a trend
"You are a victim cause you are a woman"
"You are a victim cause you are a person of colour"
"You are a victim for existing"
I feel this narrative is also genuinely disrespectful for the people who have actually gone through something.
The more you cushion your identity with a list of reasons why you are underprivileged, a victim, why the world was made against you etc the more you become a sad blob of anger, dissatisfaction, unintelligence and laziness.
Let's say you're in this bubble, which I know a lot of you are. You have wasted who knows how long convincing yourself you will have a harder time at doing things.
Now what.
What are you gonna do.
Are you gonna do nothing cause you fear some potential rejection that's all in your head.
I call this mentality a mental cap, cause it's like, for example, putting a cap of top of your potential and covering where your brain could expand but now you are covering it so that you can breed your delusions and give yourself an excuse to get nothing done.
You choose what bothers you.
You can break down into shambles by something like an insult or brush it off and see that something in you triggered the defensive mechanism in someone and laugh it off cause
it's really none of your business how someone reacts, it's more of a reflection of them than you.
So many people give the excuse I'm black, so what, so am I, there are probably almost a billion of you either giving themselves the same cap or marching forward.
Things like racism and colorism are definitely not ok and but they wouldn't affect me because again it speaks more of the uncivilised, fragile and infantile mindset of the person, move on like the Goddess you are.
Stop listening to the media cause they are getting huge profits from your hero and inferiority complexes and most stuff they document is twisted and exaggerated in a way to rile up the most attention and reactions from people.
There is absolutely no reason the opinion of others should affect you and stop you from achieving greatness.
Comfort is your enemy, 9 times out of 10
Continue improving yourself no matter what
-Work out
-Educate yourself etc
Harness the power from within you so that the external influences have nothing on you.
If there is no doorway, create one
What is it gonna take for you to put your blood, sweat and tears into something you really want.
The route of collecting different caps to wear is way softer and comforting than the route of ambition, tenacity and grit.
Choose which one you wanna be
Tina, whose on her phone while also having the TV on and is consuming media that tells her she's not worth it and that she won't get a job and that she too much of this and that.
Lisa, who has a limiter on her phone to what type of media enters her atmosphere and is outside in the real world, getting things done and improving herself and gaining more power and empowering herself everyday.
Stop letting Victimhood be the reason why you are ineffective, sad and bummy.
If you want it bad enough, you would do something to get it.
Replace negative with positive affirmations and see how your mindset will change.
It's simple
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5 by 5 rule
if it's not gonna matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it.
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family-trauma · 1 year
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I didn't know this was a thing until I read this. Hope this is informational for those who are trying to heal or learn.
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