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Freddy as older Ominis is my demise 😮‍💨
maybe I’m hallucinating but even the voice sounds pretty similiar to me
*I recommend a cane * 🧎🏻‍♀️
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heythereimashley · 1 day
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Break my back like a kit kat please
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Highlighting notes for homework and smoking a joint.
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lilmissnia · 5 months
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Thank you for allowing me to replicate your drawing @gniteruirui !!! I love your art so so so much!! AGHH IM A SIMP FOR THESE BOYS.
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becausekeiratoldmeto · 4 months
Does Martin Scorsese know? Has some gen-z intern alerted him to the fact that he has gone where no other director has gone before?
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tootietwo2 · 1 year
opening tumblr this morning like
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zinodust · 11 months
So one of my friends who writes more on the adult side of fanfiction just got flooded with angry people upset that she writes adult fiction. It went everywhere from "my child could/has read this." To "how dare you put it where anyone can see it?"
Like bro what?
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It's not our responsibility to make the internet as child-safe as possible. Especially on a site that we put down warnings that say that the work is 18+ or mature. Warnings that, even if you're signed in, usually warn you AGAIN that there's mature content.
Art sites do it. Fiction sites do it. Even fricken adult sites do it WHEN IT'S AN ADULT SITE.
If you are a "concerned person" doing this, kindly stop.
Don't let your child wonder freely on the internet and get mad at creators when your child gets too close. People have the freedom to post whatever they wish for anyone to have access to. If you don't want the possibility of your child accessing these works, you go and stop them and talk to them if they do see something bad.
Just a rant and warning to any creators that waves of these people are coming in AGAIN.
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nerdy-talks · 2 months
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I am in love with this new artwork for the new upcoming game.
Angry Lucifer, Satan, and Beel do something to me.
And how about Asmo doing the Yuno Gasai pose?
Not to mention their cute little fangs.
I approve of it all ¬‿¬ 
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placeforus · 3 months
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chaoswarfare · 1 month
dp x dc prompt #29
Dannys family and friends die due to the GIW in amity, and danny in grief fueled rage, absolutely dismantles the entire organization. clockwork sees how he goes down a dark path no matter what he does in the living realm, and moves him into his haunt until he recovers emotionally.
seconds and years pass by like blinking but neither of the two ghosts change at all. danny gets drawn in to the gear windows that show alternate realities that don’t exist, but clockwork is too busy monitoring the current timeline to really look into it.
so when clockwork sees the strain on danny from not helping his human half, he doesn’t even think about what he saw on the monitors as he sends danny back down to earth to find new people to protect.
danny has seen every dark future of many justice league members, and freaks out over them all banding together to accomplish something. he needs to stop them before it’s all too late for the world. this must be why he was sent here by clockwork.
when the jl go out for defending another invasion, they hardly expected a new unknown rogue with the power to destroy universes to declare himself their enemy.
(or alternatively- danny thinks the jl are villains planning on world takeover and does his best to keep them from winning.)
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provincial-girl · 5 months
Yeah, so A League of Their Own continues to live in my head rent free, and lately I’ve been really fascinated with what the show does with Sergeant Beverly. There’s one scene in particular in episode 7 which really strikes me as a moment that does some really great, subtle work towards helping us understand the ways in which she fits in the show’s larger goal of exploring queer and marginalized communities.
 It’s right after Jo is escorted into the house by the police, the moment Beverly asks to speak to Carson privately. I feel like this is the scene where we get our first solid hint at the fact that Bev is queer, because she speaks as if she knows. Bev knows how this works. She understands that the names will be in the paper unless someone gets paid, and she clearly knows how to go about paying the right person. She understands the danger of keeping Jo in Rockford in a way that doesn’t even seem to occur to Carson until Bev explains it. Bev discourages trades all season in an attempt to keep the team together, but she pushes this trade through overnight, because she knows that getting Jo out of town ASAP is the best way to keep her safe. Bev is very matter of fact about the whole thing, like she knows these facts of queer life, and has  known them for a long time. 
This scene also takes place in the same archway where Bev all but comes out to Jess, an interesting parallel which suggests that Bev often exists in a sort of in-between space. On one side of the doorway, we have the kitchen, a more private personal space. It’s the only place inside the house where we see Greta try to kiss Carson, where Carson asks Greta on a date, and Greta asks Carson to move to New York with her. It’s also where Bev shares the most she ever has about her service in the Marines as she has a heart to heart with Carson about learning to stand up for herself and find her power (even if that advice is a bit misguided). The kitchen is very clearly a private space, though one vulnerable to intrusion, as we see right after Greta asks Carson to come to New York, and where we can still see people milling around behind Bev and Jess. On the other side of the archway is the much more public space of the staircase and main entrance, the place where Jo is very publicly escorted in by police, as if to indicate that this is what can happen when a person’s private queer life becomes part of a public space. 
This is the in-between Bev works within for the entire time she is with the Peaches. On one hand, she’s an employee of the league, tasked with enforcing rules and maintaining their image for the public. On the other hand, she’s a queer woman doing her very best to protect these vulnerable women. Standing in that doorway as she has these conversations is symbolic of her straddling that line between her public and private self, brief moments where we can very clearly see one bleed into the other. One of the main difference in the shots is that she stands on the left as she talks to Carson, and the right as she talks to Jess. My theory is that this is symbolic of the fact that, in one case, she is taking something away from the team, even if it’s in Jo’s best interests, and in the other, she’s giving something back. It’s a literal give and take that Bev constantly has to balance as she tries to take care of her girls.
Bev may not be a main character, but this character arc acts as an important part of this broader portrait of the lives of queer and marginalized characters living out their own unique, often untold stories. Bev often hovers in the background, but the show treats her with thought and care,using small, subtle moments to create an interesting character, someone we grow to love and remember. By the end of the season, we learn that she’s an older, closeted, queer female Marine who doesn’t care about baseball, but is as devoted to protecting her baseball girls as she is to her fellow Marines, maybe even moreso. I can’t think of an occasion where I’ve ever seen a character quite like that, particularly one where we’re given the time to learn about her organically. I just really love that the show puts in the time and effort to allow a character like that to be seen and included as part of this larger portrait of the lives of marginalized people in 1940’s America. A League of Their Own is just so thoughtful and sneaky smart in how it does that, and I’m so grateful that it exists in this world.
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trashpocket · 4 months
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((excerpt taken from Plain White Beach Houses // part 3 of "Impossible Things and the Tin Can" by gibbouslunation ))
more pacrim steddie for tumblr, cause this series that i threw ideas with at myk (the author) has severely killed me
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dduane · 7 days
Available now for free download: "Herself"
Tumblr media
Since tomorrow's the start of the Irish national holiday weekend with what many Irish people will refer to as The Day That's In It, this urban fantasy novella is for the next few days free for download from the Ebooks Direct store!
Set mostly in the Dublin of 2004, it contains Irish mythology, abused civic statuary, famous cemeteries, celebrated dead people, the much-mourned sushi place behind the Brown Thomas department store, seriously cranky deities, and the mysterious serial murders of numerous Fair Folk.
…By the way, though this isn't a Young Wizards work, it's set in the same universe. One scene unfolds in a space that'll be familiar to YW readers as "[the pub] where the wizards drink".
Just head over here, shove a copy in the cart, and go through the checkout process. You won't be charged.
...And one other thing! Some of you will have seen our "Get Our Whole Store For $44!" offers, and for one reason or another haven't been able to avail yourself of them. Well, starting right now, our Tumblr folk have got another chance! (Ahead of everybody else, as the sale's not being announced to the general public on other platforms until midnight US/EST.) ...And you can even see the animated promo before everybody else! (Go on, try not to jig. I dare you.)
Details about how to get the "I Want Everything You've Got" package are over here:
Please note that if you get the Whole Store package, you won't need to download Herself separately: it's part of the package.
The usual frustrated note for our British friends: unfortunately we can't sell to you. It's a Brexit thing. Info about that is here. As always, our apologies.
And now for the jiggy bit!
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chatblancismyfursona · 5 months
Who would have thought that the most wholesome Miraculous power would turn out to be the cruelest in the wrong hands
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monsterbride99 · 1 year
FNAF: "Security Breach is out now!"
Me: 👀
FNAF: "Look at all the YouTubers playing it!"
Me: 👀👀👀
FNAF: "Check it out, it's Glamrock Freddy and Gregory! He's so sweet to him!"
Me: 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 "bear dad bear dad bear dad bear dad Bear Dad Bear Dad Bear Dad Bear Dad BEAR DAD BEAR DAD BEAR DAD BEAR DAD B E A R D A D B E A R D A D B E A R D A D B E A R D A D B E-"
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birdblacksocialclub · 29 days
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Shinra Propaganda poster for the new comic.
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