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sharpcroft · 2 days
Three things a Hogwarts Legacy fic needs in my opinion:
Aesop Sharp
If you like any combination of these three things, please check out my fic If These Scars Could Speak, and hopefully you will not be disappointed!
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fearfulharmony · 1 month
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I made another stupid shirt
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ajm5k6 · 3 months
My bad...SIX videos in the premium rotation. EDIT: Follow my tumblr for more women like this and a daily featrue called “Find the Source” where I provide the instagram and an album of the sexiest women I can find.
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bubblebrow · 6 months
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5/30, megamakoto
This comic is in Volume 1 of my P5R comic anthology, sold on my online store here! -> https://www.rodi.best/
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saidsedsayd · 10 days
Alright, Henry enjoyers! Mutuals! Listen up! 
In the events of the @topdisease 2k23 semi-finals being officially over for some time now I must deliver what was promised. A celebratory party for our green diseased engine #3, Henry. 
Tumblr media
It’s kind of fitting for him having 3rd place, being the #3 engine and all. (let’s face it Spamton on paper does just not measure up to all the illnesses Henry’s had.) I think that more people than just me would agree that Henry deserves a celebration! So, without further ado here are the deets!
Since I am a small blogger who is very annoying it’s hard to organize something that is so... uh... invitational? SO! I’ve decided to host the Henry party in the form of party hours! There will be a set amount of hours on my blog that will be, “Henry Party Hours”. During these party hours, the ask box will be open to any Michael/Henry propaganda (#DownWithDuBois lets get it trending!), memes, fanart, headcanons, fics, questions, etc. 
There will also be a lot of reblogs, and @/ing in reblogs. So you can @ me in a Henry post you reblog or post yourself and I will reblog it for the party hour. Or you could even share the link to the post through an ask!
I will also be creating memes and artworks myself. (there might even be little snippets of Henry posted on my second blog throughout the party hours but you didn’t hear that from me 😏)
Henry party hours will take place every Tuesday (starting this Tuesday), for three hours a time: 9-11 P.M Eastern Daylight Time, until the Top Diseased 2k23 is officially over! 
So to clarify it starts tomorrow, Tuesday from 9-11 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time. It will start again every Tuesday at that time.
It will end for good once Top Diseased 2k23 has officially ended.
If your time zone doesn’t line up that’s okay! create a post outside of  Henry party  hours and tag me or submit them as an ask and I will reblog them or post them during party hours which you can come back to later!
The Henry party will take place mainly on my main blog, @saidsedsayd , so if you are seeing this and you want to attend, share this post around with your mutuals and other TTTE fans! Of course, reblogs/other posts from outside my blog are where a majority of the content will come from!
As I said before, I am an annoying little blogger with ADHD and larger aspirations, so I am shamelessly (okay I am actually somewhat really ashamed, but whatever I’m James in Tickled Pink!) tagging a bunch of ttte bloggers I thought were neat, a few bloggers who helped with the war effort, and my moots! 
No, I will not separate them into different sections so you know who is a moot of mine and who is a rando. I’m not ashamed of myself and self-concerned I might be being pretentious you’re ashamed of yourself and self-concerned you might be being pretentious!
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ohmi-ohmyj · 11 months
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When he ✨🧨 sparkles 🧨✨
Couldn’t fight the urge to redraw the panel of katsuki sweating explosive sweat (….👀???) in the new chapter. We love a sweaty boy 💕✨
Anyway, come find me on IG: @ ohmi_ohmy__
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featheredadora · 6 months
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Reminder as we're approaching gifting season: if you’d like to support my work, feel free to check out my AdoraBirdArt Redbubble store!
If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, and you like birds or lgbtq+ pride art or both, I’d love it if you could take a look!
Thanks as always for the support, I really appreciate it!
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misty-comet · 17 days
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beeps-bot · 10 months
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I got SHAMED (gently) into making robotkin-themed merch after complaining that there wasn't much around that I liked the look of.
So if you like any of these designs I've stuck them on Redbubble.
Have a gander! Or don't, you're a free robot.
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yanteetle · 3 months
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I have a need to flex @ssak-i ‘s art since its their birthday today (and because I’ve finally been given permission to show her art off), please support her instagram at @/s.uckee! I take so much inspiration from her art style and how well she mimics the rottmnt art style! Happy bday bestie <33 I hope you get over your art block soon and start posting again/nf :DD
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circadiancrunch · 3 months
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Shameless plug! Support me on Patreon and gain access to... a lot of things I put up for free. But you can get them first, and more importantly, I can actually work on them. I love making resources more than products. And I’d like to continue to make more anatomy sheets and guides <3 https://www.patreon.com/CircadianCrunch
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occudo · 3 months
I didn't know I needed an AU in which Gertrude is still alive until I came across you art.
10/10 would read again (and again. And again.)
Thank you, I'm glad you like them 😊
You can read them here as well 👀
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sweetmiss13 · 4 months
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character-therapy · 7 months
Friendly John Hancock at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
Just gonna throw this mod out there again for any Hancock lovers who want his in-game model to look more like he does in your head.
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snowbunnyy00 · 6 months
Cum play with me💋 DM me for direct link ✨
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hlizr50 · 2 months
Fanfic updates
Nobody asked for it, but I'm letting you know anyway! Marketing and all that, right?
Anyway, tell me what you're looking forward to most! Let me know what else you want to see! My asks are always open, so if you have more ideas, I PROMISE I do write them all down. Some of them just get addressed more quickly than others!
I might even have snippets for some of these, if you ask nicely enough!
Earned, Not Taken - RuhnLidia BDSM AU (in progress)
Lidia's previous Dom and boyfriend, Pollux, was an abusive POS. Ruhn teaches her what a real Dom is, with some high stakes as we go
Of Police and Pen Names - Gwynriel AU (in progress)
Gwyn is a romance author, writing under a pen name and keeping as low a profile as possible as she tries to escape her past. Azriel is a private investigator who makes a really bad first impression.
The Marked - RuhnLidia Tattoo Shop AU
Inspired by the Marked Men series by Jay Crownover. Ruhn is a popular, wickedly talented tattoo artist. Lidia - with all the outward appearances of a good, straight-laced girl - comes in wanting a back piece, and Ruhn dismisses her. But he'll find out that there's more to her than her prim exterior, and that they may have more in common than he thinks.
Gwynriel Kink-tacular
Basically I was salty about the age-old "Gwyn and Az can't be kinky because she's an SA survivor" spiel, so I made a long list of kinks in which they will engage.
Crossover Orgy fic
Started with my brain thinking, "Gwyn and Flynn would be fun", and then escalated into Frat Pack and Bat Boys and their ladies all gathering to have some fun. Lucien and Helion and Tharion and others also allowed.
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