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My Favorite Upgraded Card Art for Every PJSekai Character
I’m bored 
Uhhh spoilers for pjsekai trained card art below
Tumblr media
Hatsune Miku
Nightcord Miku has the prettiest cards 
Idk I like anything winter-themed 
Very cozy with a pretty color scheme 
Tumblr media
Kagamine Rin 
Ahhh the sunflowers suit her so well 
Flower girl Rin real 
Her outfit is adorable 
Tumblr media
Kagamine Len 
I used to listen to Servant of Evil on repeat 
Angsty art is always a W 
The yellow roses are a really nice touch 
Tumblr media
Megurine Luka
You know how hard it was to pick a favorite all of her cards are gorgeous 
I didn’t know I needed gothic Luka until now
I want this aesthetic 
Tumblr media
God this card, idk how to describe how it makes me feel other than “warm”?? 
 She knows she’s killing it 
Tumblr media
It’s giving angel 
God the lighting /pos 
He looks so ethereal here and it’s so pretty sdfljk I love KAITO 
Tumblr media
Hoshino Ichika 
Serious Ichika >>> 
I’m loving the outfit 
Idk what else to say other than I love this card and Ichika supremacy 
Tumblr media
Tenma Saki
I’m gonna be honest I just really like cards with desserts idk why 
I love the little stars on the chair and umbrella 
Saki looks so cute awee 
Tumblr media
Mochizuki Honami
I love the frame(?) of this card it’s just a really cool touch 
Very pleasing on the eye 
Tumblr media
Mochizuki Honami
The megaphone and loudspeakers are so good
The color scheme is very Shiho 
All the instruments around her lsdf genius 
Tumblr media
Hanasato Minori 
VERY Minori 
This card feels like it’s telling a story and I love it 
Super addicting to look at 
Tumblr media
Kiritani Haruka 
She rlly said “aesthetic Pinterest board” 
I like how it’s tilted a little I think that looks neat 
Her outfit is pretty 
Tumblr media
Momoi Airi 
Super cute and def suits Airi 
Again, desserts 
Tumblr media
Hinomori Shizuku 
Who gave her the right to have some of the prettiest cards in the game
This card is kinda bright ngl but idc it’s perfect I love the ballroom theme
This outfit >>> 
Tumblr media
Azusawa Kohane 
Kohane cottagecore lesbian real???
Like Rin she looks so pretty with all the sunflowers 
Look at her she’s just taking a stroll and having a good time 
Tumblr media
Shiraishi An 
I actually screamed when I saw this card 
Like what the fuck it is so pretty and that DRESS???? 
The angle too everything about this card is [chefs kiss] 
Tumblr media
Shinonome Akito 
God the art for this one is amazing 
Idk is he doing a fucking backflip or something I mean go off 
That ribbon thing on his mic makes him look cooler 
Tumblr media
Aoyagi Touya
Gosh the lighting on this one is perfect 
It’s simple but beautiful 
Wonderland x Showtime!
Tumblr media
Tenma Tsukasa 
This event man :(( 
I love him sm the skrunkly he looks so pretty here 
I like how he’s on top of a book and the book is like coming to life 
Tumblr media
Otori Emu 
Look at her she’s so silly 
Emu with a giant paint roller is horrifying /lh 
The silly drawings and animal friends aaa cute 
Tumblr media
Kusanagi Nene 
It’s giving Mary Poppins 
Her outfit suits her so well sldfkj 
Again I like the tilted angle it’s cool 
Tumblr media
Kamishiro Rui 
Before anyone comes at me I’m referring to the card itself, not the event 
Steampunk Rui steampunk Rui 
Cool hat 
Nightcord @ 25:00
Tumblr media
Yoisaki Kanade 
It reminds me of Tangled and that’s one of my favorite Disney movies 
Kanade’s dress looks gorgeous also her bangs 
I liked how it’s zoomed out 
Tumblr media
Asahina Mafuyu
I have a soft spot for black and white or like discolored(?) cards 
I care her,,, 
Tumblr media
Shinonome Ena 
I love how they tried to make this card look like a painting 
Who needs the Mona Lisa when there’s Ena /j
Tumblr media
Akiyama Mizuki 
Idk if there will ever be another Mizuki card that beats this one
This card is just so,,, Mizuki, I mean the aesthetic, the pose, the outfit 
I love them 
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atopearth · 2 years
Collar X Malice Part 5 - Yanagi Aiji Route (including Criminal Chapter & Mini Review)
Tumblr media
Time for the best looking guy Yanagi!! Okay, usually my favourite looking guy is never the route I like the most but we'll see how it goes! He's even got his own common route! Anyway, lmao at the glossary on Enomoto's relationship history, I find it hilarious how it says he's still haunted by the memory of his kindergarten teacher crush being married😂😂😂 HAHAHA, no wonder why Sasazuka doesn't have a good impression of Enomoto. Even on their first meeting, Enomoto gets his profession wrong and then he calls him tiny LOL. Way to be straightforward, I can imagine Sasazuka killing him in his mind already. On the other hand, Enomoto being a starstruck kid with Shiraishi's profiling job is so cute lol. Lmao at Sasazuka and Enomoto being nicknamed the Miso Soup Duo by Shiraishi because Enomoto calls Sasazuka seaweed, and initially Shiraishi called Enomoto Enoki loll. I'm really liking all the guys' first meeting! Especially how even though Sasazuka thinks Enomoto is an idiot, but could also understand and feel his sincerity towards the X-Day cases when they asked Enomoto what his motivations were. Well, it seems like Yanagi failed to protect someone a long time ago and that haunts him to this day, so I can see why he was so anxious over Ichika, and then so relieved to see she was alive (when they first met)🤔 I always felt like Yanagi knew Ichika, but it kinda got brushed to the side so I forgot, but now that he's actually asking her, I wonder where he met her... Yanagi's goal is as sweet as he is. To a certain extent, I have to agree with him that having a normal everyday life where you can talk with friends, eat what you want, go to work and then sleep soundly at night is something we should all be able to have, so Adonis taking that away from the people in Shinjuku makes him strive to return these "normal lives" back to the people. I guess that's understandable, I can't imagine the amount of stress all these people are under tbh. They're all stuck in Shinjuku, every adult has a gun, terrorists are everywhere with murder cases rampant, and the more cases that are discovered, the more the police's powers are questioned, as well as the discovery of more and more corruption within the police. No one feels safe, everyone wants a bit of their normal lives back so they try to live "normally" but at the same time it's not really their life because they're restricted, they're scared and they don't know if they'll even survive by the time X-Day comes. 
Anyway, Yanagi is really so gentle and caring. Considering how patient Yanagi really is, it's kinda amusing how much he can't stand Okazaki lol. LMAO when Ichika asked Mukai and Sakuragawa if they were questioning her relationship with Shiraishi because they were interested in him😂😂 I can so imagine their absolute disgust lmao. Even though Kazuki doesn't have the best attitude, you really can't fault him for his sentiments. If December really is the last month they'll all get before X-Day then yeah, it would definitely be worse being stuck at home feeling too scared to go out and missing out on actually living your life, and honestly it's true, I mean that guy who was the game developer got killed at home, so really, staying at home doesn't guarantee your safety, the only thing that guarantees your safety is if you're not targeted and no one will really know if they are until they're about to be killed. When Kazuki said no one has never done anything wrong in their lives, so there's no guarantee that any of us could be safe, it really resonated with me because he's right. Everything has done something "wrong" at least once in their lives and Adonis is judging them for it on their own terms, meaning no one knows if they'll get judged or not because it's not like Adonis is very clear about what kind of people they target. I guess despite Kazuki's brashness, he does think quite a bit about Shinjuku's situation. But yeah, I don't blame Ichika, like dude, Kazuki goes out at 2am?! Yep, I'd be super worried. Anyway, one of the things I hate the most about starting a new route again is having to experience Kazuki and Ichika's bad relationship again. I honestly feel so hurt for Ichika every time he shouts at her saying she doesn't care about him, when he just doesn't notice that even though she's been busy and neglected him to an extent, she always makes sure to do stuff like make him breakfast, dinner etc and tries to communicate with him in the time she does have, whereas he has never made the effort to try to reach out to her and understand her life or situation. Honestly, if he ever just worried about her considering how much danger she's in as a police officer right now with Adonis and all the other crap going on, I would probably be less annoyed by how rebellious he is but really, he still aggravates me because of how inconsiderate and harsh she is. Anyway, I'm glad Ichika called Yanagi to go with her to check on Kazuki, and it was so nice of him to immediately come out to help her. Lmao when he asked Okazaki if he was there and he really was following them😂 HAHAHA, when Okazaki asked Ichika for her phone number and she looked at Yanagi to see if it was okay, and when he said yeah, Okazaki was like yay he got her dad's blessing lmaooo. Yanagi really is everyone's dad😂
Tumblr media
How interesting though! Mochida and Ichika joining Investigations HQ to help out with the X-Day cases! I can understand why Ichika is so desperate though, honestly I always thought Ichika was never desperate enough in the other routes hahahaha. Ooh wow, so Yanagi couldn't shoot a criminal during his time as a policeman, and I guess that's probably related to this traumatic past and also Ichika's. Anyway, it's good that he puts a lot of weight to every life and doesn't believe in taking that away from a person, but yeah it would have been hard for him to continue as a policeman like that. Awwww, Ichika, Yanagi and the lost little girl holding hands looking for the girl's mother was sooo cuteeee!🥰🥰 I really liked how talking to Yanagi motivated Ichika to be more frank and honest with Kazuki and tell him what she couldn't before, as well as apologise for always just lecturing him and not trying to understand him. The CG with Yanagi touching her forehead checking if she has a fever and stuff after her "nightmare" was so pretty!! Yanagi has such beautiful CGs like dang, I love them all. Anyway, so great that she got to wake up to Yanagi's face hahahha, and food prepared by him too! It must feel pretty bad for Ichika...she so honestly told him she wanted to know more about him and be a proper partner with him for the investigations and he rejected her and pushed her away.. 
Tumblr media
Akito's plight always breaks my heart. But hearing him so honestly telling Ichika that not only has he recently finally realised that what he hated most weren't the people who harassed his sister but instead himself, and then telling Ichika that he really really regrets joining Adonis, I couldn't help but feel so much pain for him. It's also because of Akito that makes me think that no matter how much I think those people who died in a sense "deserved" what happened to them, what Adonis does for people like Akito will never truly help them with what they truly need and want in their lives after what they suffered. Adonis only takes advantage of them and their weaknesses to do their personal bidding for their own personal revenge against society. No matter how pretty they make it sound as a rebirth of society and from corruption etc, all they're doing is using all the people who need the most help to hurt themselves and others in a pursuit of hatred and revenge. It also makes me think of Sanjou, that even though Adonis supposedly "helped" him with stuff like his revenge etc, in the end Sanjou didn't feel anything more from it than wanting to die. However, it's also undeniable that despite the result, I'm sure a part of these people would be relieved to have been "saved" by Adonis, and probably don't regret it like Akito. I mean, Sugawara Rika's torment was one that Adonis really helped to erase. One thing I always appreciate about Akito is that Kazuki's dreams and trust in Akito is always what makes Akito have the determination to go against Adonis, so it really makes me happy how much their friendship means to them and how much they cherish each other.
Tumblr media
I was so happy that Ichika was there to help Yanagi continue to believe in his principles that you don't have to sacrifice people to save others, and that there can be ways to resolve situations without killing. I'm just happy that he didn't need to compromise himself in a state of confusion. As for Yanagi's past, it's something difficult for him to take considering even if it was ruled as self-defence back in the day (when he killed the guy who captured Ichika when she was young) it doesn't change the fact that he killed someone, so I'm sure that weighed heavily on him. I don't think many people would be able to stay the same after experiencing something like that. Just as Yanagi was saved by Ichika's words and could finally overcome a bit of the fear he had in shooting someone, him telling her how much he appreciated her encouraging him and helping him also relieved her of her own trembling fear in shooting in a real field and not just for target practice. I thought it was so cute how Yanagi admitted it was "his lost" and that he wants Ichika as his partner and wants to work hard together now. I'm not surprised that what happened at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building with the hostage situation was something Yanagi encountered before and that's why he found it difficult to face again, especially since in that incident, he continued to negotiate with the suspect even though he had orders to shoot him, and in the end the suspect got violent so others shot him anyway. Honestly,  I'm sure that Yanagi understands that it must feel like naivety to want no one to die and not just prioritise "innocents" and "victims" knowing the danger that "criminals" can create especially when you're planted in such a situation, but I can understand a bit of Yanagi's sentiments. Tbh, it has always unsettled me whenever I think about criminals dying, and I understand that there are situations where it can't be helped, especially when it puts so many other people in danger and I would never arrogantly think that these people "could have done better" because I'm sure most people would rather not kill someone if they had the choice to not, but yeah digging into the thoughts and emotions of "criminals" have always been something I've been curious about a lot of my life. And of course even if we just capture criminals, we could probably never really "understand" why they did what they did anyway, but I do naively feel that as long as we keep trying, maybe we can find ways to create less of these situations where so many people wouldn't have to be so "hurt" and turn to crime. Of course, this would probably only apply to some "criminals" though since if crimes only stemmed from people who were hurt somehow in their lives, then things would probably be much simpler, but instead people's lives are complicated and what they choose to do would never come about from just one or two things that happened to them.
Tumblr media
Anyway, considering Yanagi's thoughts, I agree with his decision to leave the police. With such doubts in his mind, I don't think he would be able to do what is expected of him, so instead of endangering others with his indecision, he might as well leave or take a break. And coupled with his desire to protect everything and new directives to prioritise shooting criminals performing acts related to X-Day, there's no way Yanagi would be able to stay with the police. And with that, I'm glad that Ichika was the one who was able to make Yanagi realise that alongside these ideals of his, he would still need to shoot people, even if it's not to cause death, but to protect others by disabling them from being able to cause danger. I think it's nice that Yanagi finally feels like he's actually moving forward from his fear of hurting people excessively. But yeah, seeing the past incident from Ichika's and Yanagi's perspectives was pretty daunting in the sense that Yanagi must have felt really bad that his actions caused the kidnapper to become violent with Ichika, and he felt responsible for needing to protect her and save her even more. His reckless and thoughtless actions led to that, and because he was "weak", he knew that if he wanted to protect Ichika properly, he needed to do everything he could to save her, and that meant killing the guy to make it impossible for him to do anything to them anymore. Yanagi was only a high school kid too, so that must have broken him so much. Ooh the kidnapper guy isn't dead, he's the guy in a coma that Yanagi has been visiting for 10 years! I'm surprised that no one took Yanagi to a therapist even if it was ruled as self-defence and he was a minor... It's so adorable how Yanagi was so concerned about whether Okazaki hit on Ichika, he had to message her again in the middle of the night after talking about the serious stuff before lol. I'm not sure if I'm being super suspicious but I feel like Mochida is a part of Adonis haha, sorry if I'm wrong since he's so nice😅 Saeki is expected since I kinda got spoiled haha but I've always wondered about him ever since he said in the beginning of the game that he admired Ichika's ideals or something haha. I'm glad that Yanagi told Ichika that just because Saeki is most likely the one who collared her, she doesn't need to think or deny everything she knows about him, and that if she wants to believe he has his own reasons, she should hear those first before thinking that everything was a lie.
Tumblr media
I'm kinda shocked at how ruthlessly Saeki poisoned Ichika with the collar...but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since there were other times he killed her in those bad endings... Anyway, Mikuni's mother being a part of the religious cult that was kinda where Adonis originated is interesting...I wonder what exactly is the difference between Mikuni and Saeki now that Mikuni is willing to discard Saeki to save himself and his other followers? It's so nice of Kazuki care so much about Ichika btw~ Those moments are always so nice and worth it. On the other hand, as usual, Yanagi's CGs are so so beautiful! I love how upfront they are with each other with wanting to hold hands and get some physical support from the other. They're so cute~ It's interesting how Saeki has the same goal as Yanagi, which is to restore normal everyday life to everyone, but I guess mostly for the "weaker" people who have been oppressed and he'll just destroy the other "evil" people who interrupt that peace. Well, aside from it being problematic that he'll probably kill a lot of the population depending on what he regards as evil, but I can understand his sentiments to an extent. If most of the people he wants to get rid of are like people who "destroyed" Sanjou and his other colleagues' lives, or all those stalkers that basically made Sugawara paranoid and crazy, then yeah definitely understandable, but I still think people like Fujii are worth turning things around for. Yeah, Fujii made a lot of mistakes, abused his power and connections, oppressed others to elevate himself, and it's understandable if the ones involved like Isshiki and Ogata never forgave him, but seeing him sincerely regret his actions and want to repent, and continuously go to apologise to Isshiki and do what he can to make amends makes me believe that Saeki obviously thinks everyone is irredeemable. Fujii was terrible, and he can never give back what he took, but he had the potential again to give to others what he gave Enomoto, and I think that's something only someone who has learnt from their mistakes will much more appreciate in doing imo anyway.
Tumblr media
Mikuni and Saeki seem much closer than it felt from the other routes, I guess that makes it all the more saddening that he died in Shiraishi's route. Sometimes I wonder if it's more saddening to be Mikuni, the person who has been so close to Saeki all this time and still not feel like he had truly understood him, or would it be more saddening to be Saeki and feel that Mikuni has been by his side all this time but still not really understand what he really wanted? I guess it's sad for both sides... It was really sad to see Mukai cry over Shiraishi, I honestly still feel like she's a better match for Shiraishi than Ichika but that's not important right now haha, but I do enjoy seeing how much it affected Mukai and how much she respects him even if she hates him at the same time lol. I'm so happy that Yanagi finally properly responded to Ichika's feelings!! I'm happy that he's finally come to terms with the idea that he can be selfish and happy as well, like it took a while, but it was honestly worth it with how the confession and everything went, it was so adorable and it really felt like Yanagi could fully desire a future with Ichika. Aww, I love how even Sasazuka made time to come to Enomoto's Christmas party (well Yanagi made the food though but yeah lolol). HAHAHA, I love how Yoshinari noticed something was going on with Yanagi and Ichika (when she told him to stop smoking so much since he's been smoking even more these days), and so Yanagi admitted to it by kissing her on the cheek in front of everyone hahahahaha! It was so funny how Yanagi was blushing after doing that lmaoo. And I died when Enomoto screamed that Yanagi was so cool😂😂 I love how supportive Enomoto is all the time, and I guess Sasazuka as well with his tsundere-ness lol~ Yanagi calling her Ichika instead of Hoshino was so cuteee~ Anyway, I'm kinda disappointed with how Saeki was...handled? Like, considering how much it was the core of the story for Ichika to be the one who was supposed to in a sense "truly understand" and succeed Saeki's ideals, I honestly wanted to hear more of what Saeki desired. Like yeah, he wanted to erase all sorrow and honestly it's understandable, especially when he said to Yanagi and them that there are people who are too weak to be like those who are "strong" and can continue to face forward and power through their "sorrow", because really, if everyone really could soldier on through their sorrow, then no one would be truly "unhappy". Anyway, I just felt it was pretty underwhelming to have Saeki to be the "mastermind" but he probably has less screentime than the other villains in the other routes lol. Otherwise, Yanagi giving a ring to Ichika was so adorable, I love how literally everyone is so curious about their love that they would all go to peek on them lmao. The other endings are pretty interesting, but honestly wayy too short to really feel anything about them. I think the crazed Ichika that wanted to lock up Kazuki and Yanagi so that they would never get hurt from Adonis was amusing.
Tumblr media
The Criminal Chapter is kinda interesting, but I think they might have been more useful in the chapters themselves than separately, since I feel like, if you felt something for them, then this only solidifies it, but if you didn't, then nothing can really change your opinion of them now. Personally, I've always liked quite a few of them though, so I did appreciate Ogata being fleshed out with the departure of his wife, I think it's more saddening that what caused her to leave wasn't really because she lost faith in Ogata himself but because she couldn't handle the pressure from everything that came from it. But yeah I think that would have made him a more empathised character in Enomoto's route, since I feel like in the route, they focused more on him hating the police and justice itself rather than exploring directly his pain itself, which I think would have made him a more interesting villain for that route. Hana didn't change for me, because it was pretty expected, considering how "normal" her reason was, her obsession and craziness was probably the worst, and probably the most uncomfortable to watch because out of all the victims, Enomoto's relation to Fujii and hearing about his story really made Fujii's death that much more personal. Akito's was definitely really tragic, because seeing Akito's attitude towards his sister before her death, and even calling her creepy like all the other bullies did made me further understand how much Akito hated himself the most. I always feel so bad for Sugawara though, I can't imagine these stalkers scrutinising every moment of her life, hindering her work, all her friends and everything, I honestly think I would want to just die to get away from all that. As for Souda... Honestly, the way Sasazuka captured Souda in his route still kinda haunts me, and reading a bit more about his past solidifies how uncomfortable I felt having to see Souda experience all he did in Sasazuka's route. I know it's not a healthy way to handle things and his problems, but I think by being able to personally understand how much a game could "save" you, and then having that betray you because of something that isn't your fault and then being hated for it really hurt. Shion and Suzune got a lot of screentime in Shiraishi's route, so yeah nothing much to say that I haven't said tbh. 
Something I think I would have really appreciated in Okazaki's route would be seeing more about how Sanjou and the other officers despaired over the physical and mental abuse they suffered at work from their superiors. Sanjou's feelings still got across to me though so I guess it was good enough, but I think it would have nice to delve deeper into how terrible the environment was, and how much hope Sanjou lost because this was the police itself that was destroying them, so where could they even turn? Considering how important Saeki and Mikuni's meeting 10 years ago should have been, and their ideals and everything, it's a bit frustrating to have to see it in this chapter that's not a part of the actual main story. Also, considering how much Mikuni being the prime minister's son was a big deal, and the assassination attempt years ago, you would assume the story would at least talk about the prime minister himself to get a gauge of his image and stuff, but this is also only loosely explored in this criminal chapter lol. But through this, I think I can better understand why Mikuni and Saeki can never really "understand" each other. Which can already be kinda described through their respective lives with Mikuni being strong in the sense that even though he grew up with most things people would wish to have, he chooses to discard all that to fight for a more equal world, whereas Saeki's determination was never something that stemmed from "choice", Saeki's desires seemed to be more fuelled by the pressure of survival in itself, and that's why Mikuni will never be able to understand his desperation, and also how truly personal it is to be fighting for the "weak" who just aren't strong enough to properly fight or do something about their situation, such as his mother. I really liked the CG of all the executors at the end though~
Tumblr media
MINI REVIEW Overall, I really did like Collar X Malice. There's a lot of things I felt a bit weird about such as Shiraishi's ending, how boring Ichika became in the second half of Sasazuka's route, lack of exploration into Saeki's character etc, but I still really enjoyed it! I think what I loved most was definitely the individual cases themselves, because exploring police corruption and the unfairness in society by "victims" who felt like they were forced to rely on Adonis to solve their problems and injustice was interesting and emotionally engaging. I empathised with a lot of them and especially liked Akito and Sanjou since something about them really resonated with me, it was probably their sadness tbh. A lot of them lash out in anger towards the "perpetrators" so I think seeing Sanjou and Akito just so "done" with this world and so sad about how they were forced to view themselves, their place in this world and how the world has treated them kinda broke my heart. Honestly, I liked all of them except Hana lol. As for Saeki, I didn't really feel much for him even after getting to know more about his story and relationship with Mikuni. Maybe my opinion might change after I play Collar X Malice: Unlimited since there's apparently an Adonis route lol, but yeah, honestly after all the fleshed out (most of them) "villains" in each route, it's kinda "funny" how shallow Saeki was portrayed imo even though I thought his ideals for helping the "weak" was an interesting idea. Anyway, as for the LIs, this is surprising (and kinda funny) but my favourite was definitely Enomoto. Whenever people mention CxM, it's always about Shiraishi and Sasazuka, so I had no expectations at all for Enomoto but I loved him SO MUCH. Not kidding at all, because every time I read his route, I couldn't stop smiling or laughing because he was so cute, earnest, sincere and funny. He's honestly not even the type I like because Yanagi is my favourite type lmao, but I loved Enomoto to the max. He and Ichika play off each other really well and in a cute way. The funny thing is that usually my favourite type usually has a boring route, but surprisingly I really liked Yanagi's route too! I think exploring Yanagi's weakness, guilt and inability to move forward properly was more interesting than I thought it would be and I really enjoyed how he and Ichika interacted. Honestly, I reallyyyy like Okazaki as an LI but I found his route rather boring until the end lol, and even though Sasazuka was kinda cute and less mean than I thought, I found that the "fire" Ichika had towards others in other routes wasn't present with Sasazuka and it kinda felt like she just followed him around in the second half lol. As for Shiraishi, it's funny how he's so mysterious but has such a "wholesome" route for the most part until the end lol, but yeah anyway, he wasn't my type in terms of looks, personality, story or anything so yeah... Lol. Overall, I would rate the game an 8/10! Enjoyable and probably one of the "better” otome out there with a good story~
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darkvictory · 2 years
i dont really trans anyones gender specifically in gk but also i embrace most trans headcanons regardless of like blah blah blah realism whatever idc they make me (:
but i do think about sexuality a lot um. (: i think sugimoto and tsukishima can be straight but if they're straight theyre trans but i like them both being bi that makes me (: and i wouldnt even care if tsukishima was trans or not if he was any taller sugimoto i believe and know in my heart is transgender that just makes me <3 but they can be straight mostly tsukishima for the fact bc i think it's nice of him to be surrounded by weird fags and just being begrudgingly supportive not in a homophobic way just bc they're weird but he is well <3 tries to look out for people
every other 7th div member is a homosexual though and they make me (: lots of things to say and lots of love but they make me <333 i love you
^ nikkaidou maybe not gay but i love him sorry i cant think of much for him but hi buddy (:
shiraishi can be gay he makes me (: he can be sweet he is <3 and asirpa is trans idrc beyond that she can like whoever she is just (: i have lots of thoughts on that one
um well. inkarmat can be bi i think she has a straight husband though and i *just starts wailing and screaming and crying and spitting on him a little in disgust*
idk who else even matters i think Kadokura being gay would be funny not in a bad way he can just be gay and old and lazy boutarou is unfortunately gay but also homophobic about it kiroranke and sofia are nothing to me so they can be straight so are the old men sorry they arent even funny or remotely cute to pair ushiyama is also straight just bc i still hate him a little
Ariko is bi and im in love w him hi beautiful kikuta and kantaro sorry you guys can be not straight but idrc but you are (: my friends
henmi i stopped caring for so much but i still respect and <3 you go queen ig (said w disgust a little) well you were fun i mean thanks for being the first broken homo that means something and edogai is also homosexual i think it would be funny if he was trans but idc enough you are just so beautiful i love you more than anything you and usami my everything men i miss you so much babydolls and wlel i just want to say nihei is straight and i will boil him alive i hate you kill yourself come back to life and kill yourself i hate you and um yeah <3
tsurumi well. this is not the time nor place to dump that
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sandflow · 2 years
Sugimoto and Ogata’s Rivalmance - anime vs manga comparisons
Hello there.
So I just saw the last episode from he 3rd season of the Golden Kamuy anime series and it left me a little perplexed. I’ll be talking about how the anime handled their scenes compared to the manga.
I’ll be blunt, season 1 was average while season 2 turned out kind of bad. Season 1 is alright as an introduction to the series, even though the CG bear really turned off many people from liking the show. 
Season 2 skipped a lot of arcs and while some of them turned out to be animated as an OVA, there are arcs that even at present haven’t been adapted and as of which happen pre-Abashiri. (Ogin arc, Fake ainu arc).
Season 3 was alright though. The animation quality is way better and the pacing felt really fluid and relaxing for the most part of the season.
I will only be comparing the scenes that have changed, and won’t adress the ones that haven’t been adapted in the anime.
Here we go.
Season 2 Episode 3 (chapter 81) - Sugimoto saves Ogata in Edogai’s house
The manga - After Sugimoto says the infamous tsundere line to Ogata, Ogata spits blood and then the scene shifts to something else.
Tumblr media
The anime - After Sugimoto’s line, we can see Ogata looking disgustingly at Sugimoto while he’s leaving the room, and then he spits blood.
Tumblr media
I guess that the anime tried to make it look like Sugimoto hurt Ogata’s ego with that line. And Ogata didn’t like it at all. 
(Chapter 83) 
The manga - Ogata tries to hunt the birds by shooting them only to be denied by Asirpa. Sugimoto is all smirky because Ogata is being lectured.
Tumblr media
The anime - They don’t show Sugimoto’s evil smirk reaction to Asirpa lecturing Ogata.
Tumblr media
The manga -  Sugimoto being jelly of Ogata who caught more birds than Asirpa. When Sugimoto says that Ogata tried to hunt the birds just to prove Asirpa wrong, we can see Ogata’s sad reaction to that line.
Tumblr media
The anime -  It’s pretty much the same scene but we don’t get Ogata’s reaction.
Tumblr media
Season 2 Episode 5 (Chapter 99)
The manga - Sugimoto calls out Shiraishi’s betrayal. Shiraishi panicks thinking that he might kill him right there, but it ends up with Sugimoto showing him that he gave fake skins to Hijikata.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The anime - it’s the same scene except for when Sugimoto calls Shiraishi out, we can see Ogata’s expression while the conflict unfolds.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And then Sugimoto says that the skin that Shiraishi gave to Hijikata was a fake.
Tumblr media
And we see Ogata again where he closes his eyes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Ogata reactions never existed in the manga.
I’m thinking that they added this so as to hint at his future betrayal in Abashiri.
(Chapter 100)
The manga - they kill some deer so as to hide in them and get rid of the 7th from pursuing them, Shiraishi becomes delirious and runs away. No one goes after him.
Tumblr media
The anime - Shiraishi runs away delirious and Asirpa goes after him and tells Sugimoto to skin deers with Ogata until she comes back. Sugimoto decides to go after her and Ogata calls him to come back.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This entire scene did not exist in the manga.
OVA 3 (Chapter 104)
The manga - Shiraishi gets bitten by a snake. Sugimoto, for some reason, gets bitten too. 
And when both of their heads get inflated, Shiraishi asks Sugimoto what happened to his face.
Tumblr media
The anime - Ogata is the one who asks Sugimoto about his face.
Tumblr media
All I can say is thanks Geno for this addition.
OVA 4 (Chapter 111)
The manga - Asirpa asks Ogata to help Tanigaki escape from these ainu dudes who think he violated and killed wild animals.
In the manga, after Asirpa asks Ogata for help, Ogata follows it with the reasoning that Tanigaki may have killed his comrades from the betrayer group, to which Sugimoto and also Asirpa defend Tanigaki by saying that he wasn’t the one to do it.
After that, Sugimoto sort of taunts Ogata by saying that uwu Asirpa won’t cook for you anymore~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The anime - After Asirpa asks Ogata for his help, the whole reason he wouldn’t save him is skipped, and it jumps to just Sugimoto taunting him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All what Ogata needed was a small tease reply from Sugimoto and he was totally down on risking his life saving Tanigaki. Comrades getting killed by Tanigaki? Naaaah.
Season 3 Episode 7 - (Chapter 169)  
The manga - The group starts talking about the legend of a mountain cat (lynx) and Koito thinks that they were probably refering to Ogata. And so the bullying begins.
Sugi when first hearing of this, he smirks in a way that says “Lol wut where did that come from”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The anime - when Sugimoto first asks “What’s Ogata gotta do with it?” we don’t see his smirking face like in the manga. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And when he says the line of “What a pathetic joke”, his face looks a bit more..dramatic and sad in a way?
Tumblr media
Or when he looks all determined after Koito says that they should kill a cat when spotted.
Tumblr media
This scene felt like he really does feel sorry for Ogata being bullied compared to the manga.
Season 3 Episode 11 - (Chapter 187)
Ogata lies about Sugimoto’s death to Asirpa so as to get the code out of her.
He sees that Asirpa isn’t cooperating with his pleas of sharing the code with him. So he uses the Sugimoto card.
The manga - he starts blushing the moment he mentions Sugimoto
Tumblr media
The anime - the blush wasn’t shown in this scene
Tumblr media
He starts talking about the fake flashback of hearing Sugimoto’s last words.
The manga - we get this simple panel of just Ogata calling out Sugimoto’s name.
Tumblr media
The anime - we are serviced with the same scene but from a different angle which I appreciate because it looks shippier.
Tumblr media
Another notable thing is that while this scene is happening, you can hear Sugimoto heavily breathing. To me it felt like the breathing sounds lasted a bit longer than I imagined when reading the manga... 
Sugimoto’s voice sounds very soft and gentle while begging for Ogata to take care of his buddy’s family.
The manga - blushy lying Ogata
Tumblr media
The anime - blushy lying Ogata but the blush seems to be drawn lighter? You gotta squint to see it.
Tumblr media
The manga
Tumblr media
The anime
Tumblr media
I don’t have an argument for these panels I just like how cute he looks while blushing.
when you imagine your arch nemesis’s last soft, gentle dying words you just can’t help but feeling flustered
The manga - Ogata leans in close to Sugimoto’s face. Sugimoto is looking directly into his eyes while trying to mutter Tome’s name. And Ogata seems to look sad.
Tumblr media
The anime - the scene is shown from a different angle, and Sugimoto is probably looking at the sky or something. We can’t see Ogata’s expression anymore.
Tumblr media
The manga - Ogata is still running on the ice floe while pretending to care about Sugimoto’s last wishes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The anime - Ogata and Asirpa are...standing still, looking at one another, and being all sad about their boo-boo Sugi-chan's death wishes.
Tumblr media
The manga - The projecting is now going off the charts.
Sugimoto grabs Ogata’s hand, holds it tightly,with Ogata also tighting the grip, tells him that he wants to go back to his hometown while also tearing up, all of this happening while they look in eachother’s eyes.
Tumblr media
This is peak soft fanfiction I SWEAR-
The anime - Geno wasted all of their money in this episode and they didn’t have any other left to animate this panel, so they just use the same frame as before.
Tumblr media
That sky must be very fascinating to look at.
The manga - Ogata being all pouty and sad that he has to bear Sugimoto’s burdens-
Tumblr media
The anime - He seems not as pouty but the cute eyelashes are more visible. CUTE.
Tumblr media
The manga - a beautiful ending for a fanfic  Ogata projects even MORE because I guess that everyone on this planet loves the same fish stew as he does.
Tumblr media
The anime - it’s basically the same but Sugimoto’s voice is so dramatique and sad that it just brings tears to my eyes how Ogata is so good at writing fanfics.
Tumblr media
(Chapter 188)
The manga - Sugimoto heard Ogata’s fanfic and was enraged because of how ooc he turned out, so he went to him and to show what sort of fanfics he’s into, he comes from behind, grabs Ogata by the hair, pulls it, and cuts his poisoned eye out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The anime - He comes in from the front???? catches Ogata’s head in a very gentle way, and cuts his eye out. No hairpull.
Tumblr media
Geno. I’m looking at you.
The manga - Sugimoto making very angry eye contact, sucking Ogata off and still pulling his hair.
Tumblr media
The anime - Geno doesn’t like gore so they just animated one single suck panel. Ogata is sort of moving his eye a little there. Hm.
Tumblr media
We also get some new frames that weren’t in the manga.
One in which he scolds Ogata for wanting to make small children kill people.
Tumblr media
The other still looking angrily at his bandages face.
Tumblr media
Ok Geno you’ll get a pass on this one.
Season 3 Episode 12 (Chapter 197)
The manga - Sugimoto tries very hard to convice everyone to save Ogata.
Tumblr media
The anime - it’s the same thing except the very heterosexual tension orange glowy eyes, and the more obvious and wider drawn devilish smirk.
Tumblr media
This is thirst depicted in one frame.
The manga - The doctor says that Ogata will most likely die and Asirpa is sad.  Sugimoto is looking at her thinking oh nooo she’s a killer now.
Tumblr media
The anime - Asirpa is sad but Sugimoto isn’t looking at her but towards the doctor....
Tumblr media
The manga - Sugimoto has white danger eyes with a tint of sadness/dissappointment in his expression.
Tumblr media
The anime - Sugimoto looks SO ANGRY HOW DARE YOU DIE LIKE THIS? PATHETIC OF YOU. *spits* 
He’s just as thirsty here too.
Tumblr media
I didn’t understand why they coloured his eyes like that. What was is supposed to mean????? He wants blood but he also wants to continue to hunt for it I guess???
This is, I think, the first time in the anime where they colour the pupils that bright.
The manga - Sugimoto is so shocked that Ogata is alive and ran away.
Tumblr media
The anime - they added two new frames, basically empathising how Sugimoto is slowly processing the whole event.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
God the adapted manga panel looks so funny he just goes super duper wide eyes as if no one would have predicted this outcome.............
(chapter 200)
The manga - wishing for his arch nemesis to come back to him. A very normal wish.
Tumblr media
The anime - it’s the same. But now with sparkly eyes like in the volume.
Tumblr media
And that’s it.
I think that Geno somewhat tried to promote their relationship to a certain extent by adding new scenes while trying to stay somewhat faithful to the source.
Sadly, they cut a lot of arcs. If you’d watch this series without checking out the OVA’s, you’ll definitely miss out on scenes where their bickering bond is being shown in all of its glory. They didn’t even animate the Fake Ainu arc even as of today, which has the best sugio bickering in the series.
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cherrywoes · 2 years
dark sun. (ryoumen sukuna x f!reader x oc)
i. ikigai.
— the reason for being; the reason you wake up in the morning.
Tumblr media
rating: mature for sexual content, violence, blood, gore, etcetera.
warnings: violence in this chapter, graphic descriptions of viscera and gore, murder.
a/n: i caved and finally wrote it. feedback is appreciated (adored *cough*). next on my list is a chapter for the girl in the foxes’ den. <3 
Tumblr media
THE SMELL OF BLOOD would make some people gag. But you—sitting complacently in the small, cramped room offered to you by the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College’s higher ups, the only thing they would even deem appropriate to allow you to own—were used to the faint tang of iron, the putrid odor of someone’s bowels spilling out of their body through a horizontal gash between their hips.
It was a regular occurrence, or at least a daily chore, that you had to clean blood out of the tatami mats and replace the shoji doors entirely. Most of your tiny allowance, collected from the bodies of the assassins who had been paid to kill you, was enough to pay for it, but sometimes you had to wonder if it was just as much a chore for the janitors to make the bodies vanish as it was for you to try to get blood out of tatami mats—which was hilariously difficult.
Staring at the decapitated head lying at your knees, you dodged a spurt of arterial spray coming from the stump of the neck, following the trajectory with your eyes and internally withering away as it struck at yet another set of shoji doors, rendering you up to two sets you would be replacing in the next couple of days. Masamichi Yaga would be disappointed in you; at least, you figured he would be. It wasn���t as if he was paying you many visits lately, not with the way your Curse was acting up lately.
Ama-no-Kagaseo slumbered away peacefully in your arms. Held by a sash wrapped around your shoulders and back with Shinto charms woven into the very seams, he was virtually hidden from sight so only you could see the small, chubby face within, and the wisps of pale hair curling at his forehead. He looked almost innocent like this, if you could just ignore the body bleeding before your kneeling form and the way an invisible breeze brushed hair away from your ear to whisper an unintelligible term of affection, as if you were oblivious to his presence.
“Another body, [Name]-san?”
The gentle touch at the back of your neck vanished. You looked over to the now opened shoji door to see your teacher—over qualified executioner, you liked to call her—Fujiwara, Sayaka standing at the threshold. She wore the typical black uniform of the college, personalized into a sleek and form fitting pant suit embellished with charms and cleverly woven Jujutsu spells to shield her from Ama-no-Kagaseo’s temper. While you had never told her they wouldn’t do any good, as he had tore through higher grade spells like paper before, she seemed to be aware of the constant danger she was in by just being around you or in your personal space. Sayaka was sketchy and dodgy at best, but she could match Gojo, Satoru on a bad day, so you trusted in her power at least only marginally. Your fondness for the woman was probably the only thing keeping her alive.
“Yes.” The carefully crafted speech of the Shiraishi clan was something Sayaka hated and you used as a security blanket. The elders couldn’t say anything if you were polite, respectful, and kept Ama-no-Kagaseo on a leash; which was foolish, you’d wanted to tell them, because the malevolent god was not above overpowering you and waking from his sleep if he so wanted. “This would be the sixth one this month. Do they ever run out of bodies to slaughter?”
“I’m afraid not.” The woman’s pale pink hair shone in the sunlight peeking through the broken roof that the assassin had launched himself through. It had been a comical sight; you’d even dropped your green tea in shock, even though you shouldn’t have been surprised with how often it happened. “Well, you can’t stay here—not now, anyways. I’ve been given new orders to secure your lodging on the college campus, effective immediately.”
You raised an eyebrow. You had never been allowed to set foot on the campus ever since you’d taken your position as Ama-no-Kagaseo’s vessel. You vaguely remembered the people there—Fushiguro, Megumi and Panda to name two—and what it looked like, though it had been so long that you wondered what they looked like now. They had been young, like you, when you met them, Panda being an adorable presence that had raised your spirits if only for a little while. Ama-no-Kagaseo was considered a threat to all life and, as such, you had to keep away from the main populace of Jujutsu sorcerers for their safety… or the higher up’s whims. So to hear you were going there, immediately, without question, raised a few red flags for you.
“What’s going on?” You asked, though the demand in your voice was clear. It was something you had picked up from Ama-no-Kagaseo when he had first started speaking to you through your linked souls. Sayaka always seemed unnerved when you demanded something of her, as if seeing something you couldn’t, not that you would be surprised if she could. She’d seen a manifestation of Ama-no-Kagaseo’s essence around you more than once and nearly lost her eye for it; the scar running lengthwise down her face was proof of it. “You know as well as I do that they would never let me set foot on those grounds unless something more important than keeping Ama-no-Kagaseo sealed came up.”
Sayaka squinted at something over your shoulder right as you felt the jade pins in your hair tinkle like windchimes. “He’s here, isn’t he?”
You offered her a sheepish smile. Ama-no-Kagaseo was fond of getting on every single one of Sayaka’s nerves through you, since you wouldn’t let him kill her without shunning him entirely. It was an unusually innocent form of torture for him, one you never took for granted. That didn’t mean that she understood exactly how lucky she was that he didn’t resort to his more cruel methods of torture.
“He’s been calm today,” you said in lieu of reassuring her. You deliberately left out the fact that he was more occupied with playing with the anklet around your sock clad ankle, a Shiraishi family heirloom that hadn’t been worn since Ama-no-Kagaseo had been sealed. The malevolent energy it gave off was distinctly Ama-no-Kagaseo’s and you doubted any of the other women before you had been comfortable wearing it. “You’ll be okay for today.”
“Like that’s supposed to be reassuring,” she scoffed. You had to begrudgingly agree; he had been calm the day he’d given her that scar, although the incident leading up to it had been… extenuating, to say the least. She eyed the still form of his human body in your arms and then looked away. “How far does his domain extend now?”
You recognized the question for what it was: a distraction. Clearly whatever was going on was something you weren’t privy to, or were ever going to be privy to. You pressed your lips together and Ama-no-Kagaseo stopped playing with your anklet to swipe an invisible finger over your mouth, unpleased with your dour expression. You attempted to relax your facial muscles ever so slightly and that seemed to satiate him, because he went back to fiddling with the charms on your anklet. If Sayaka noticed, she didn’t say anything.
“It’s extended.” You adjusted the sash around your shoulders uncomfortably. Ama-no-Kagaseo’s domain was not something you wanted to talk about; Sayaka reported everything to the higher ups, and as a consequence, what little freedom you had was suppressed with every little progression that Ama-no-Kagaseo’s domain made towards more leeway. You had a feeling that he repressed his malicious urges for your sake, but you couldn’t be entirely sure—he never spoke in entire sentences, just fragments of words and quiet terms of endearment. “I think maybe a few feet. I’m not sure.”
It was more like another mile, rolling his total up to two miles, but you kept that part to yourself. Sayaka seemed to accept your answer, still eyeing the space that the Curse was occupying beside you, and then looked at your kimono like she always did. It wasn’t as if it was exactly normal.
When you had gained Ama-no-Kagaseo’s trust—or affection?—your wardrobe had been sliced to ribbons and replaced with shimmering kimonos of the highest quality silk, imbued with Ama-no-Kagaseo’s Curse energy and embroidered with his personal sigil. You had been distraught over your lost possessions, many of them belonging to your mother, the former vessel before you, but you had grown to appreciate the garments for their beauty and comfort. The silk seemed to have a permanent projection of the night sky upon it so that when you moved, the stars would shift as if in a time lapse recording. Ama-no-Kagaseo only let you remove it when you went to bathe or got ready for bed. By the time you were awake and moving out of bed, the kimono—sometimes a variant with thicker layers or thinner ones—was already wrapped around your body again as if it had never left in the first place.
“I’m guessing you won’t be allowed to wear the uniform,” she sighed, indicating that you’d need to blend in for whatever it was that was going on. “Damn. Okay, well, we can work on that later. Right now we need to get you packed and moving before—”
You hadn’t noticed the new presence at the door, or even within Ama-no-Kagaseo’s domain. Your eyes darted to the door, instinctively bristling as if an assassin was awaiting you, and all at once, you felt the temperature in the room—once a comfortable sixty-five degrees—drop significantly. Sayaka’s eyes widened and almost a second too late, she shoved the white haired male to the floor. A fraction of a second later a harsh gust of wind blew the wall behind his head out, the roof slumping down and crumbling into a pile of debris.
“Inumaki-san!” Sayaka growled, gritting her teeth in frustration. She got to her feet and when she was sure that Ama-no-Kagaseo’s curse energy wasn’t fluctuating for another hit, she pulled the male to his feet. He seemed a little shell shocked, or at the very least surprised, and his dark gaze drifted to you in minute curiosity. “Didn’t I tell you not to come in until I explained everything?”
“Salmon. Mustard Leaf.”
What? You fluttered your eyes open and shut in disbelief. Was he talking in… ingredients?
“Of course. I guess I should have expected that.” Sayaka rubbed her face and crossed her arms. Then she looked at you. “Shiraishi-san, this is Inumaki Toge, a second year student. Inumaki-san, this is Shiraishi [Name]. She’ll be on campus for the foreseeable future.”
“Nice to meet you,” you replied, feeling Ama-no-Kagaseo’s hostility dwindle with your calming heart rate.
“Kelp.” He bowed his head slightly, but for the most part remained straight and standing. That allowed Ama-no-Kagaseo to calm down completely and you had to wonder why, but your attention was quickly ripped away when Sayaka spoke again.
“He’ll be standing in for me when I am unable to attend to you.”
This was news—frankly shocking news, if you were being honest—to you. Sayaka had not left your side since you were ten. She had to be in her early thirties, your latest estimate may be in her forties, not that she would tell you. She saw any personal information as a weapon to be used against her by Ama-no-Kagaseo. She was adamant that it had nothing to do with you, personally, but the Curse who you carried against your chest as if he were your own child. You admitted it was a smart thing to do, but you also knew deep within your heart that if Ama-no-Kagaseo wanted to hurt her, he wouldn’t need her life history to do it.
“What do you mean?” You inquired, phrasing it as delicately as you could without appearing you were about to fly into a murderous rage. Sayaka was your only friend—not that she’d even let you call her that—in the entire world. You considered Ama-no-Kagaseo a protector, in a convoluted way, and a companion, since he would be with you until the day you died. You couldn’t call anyone else a friend in the way you could her.
Sayaka almost looked uncertain about telling you. She looked to Inumaki for confirmation and he shrugged, indicating the decision was up to her. You watched the interaction with keen eyes, noting the slight familiarity and the way Inumaki was deferring to her with his body language. Clearly he knew something you didn’t, something he shared with Sayaka. Before she opened her mouth, she waved for him to leave the room; obviously she was concerned whatever she was about to say would earn him another blow from Ama-no-Kagaseo.
“Long story short—Ryoumen Sukuna has been incarnated into this era.”
Bound to Ama-no-Kagaseo as you were, you were as in tune to his ‘emotions’ as he was yours. So when Sayaka let that little piece of information hang in the air like a guillotine ready to drop, you felt Ama-no-Kagaseo’s rage bubble up inside you like a potent poison. It was all consuming, hateful, and everything you dreaded when he got truly furious because once he was angry, and you panicked because he would—
And you were gone, taking a backseat in your own conscious. Ama-no-Kagaseo was too infuriated to apologize to you properly, barely managing to even sweep an illusory breeze across your cheek before taking control of your body. You knew he wasn’t angry with you, but this man Ryoumen Sukuna who he seemed to know well that he was beside himself.
Ama-no-Kagaseo had dressed up your shared consciousness to resemble something of a palace of stars and a night sky. The few times he did take control of your body (usually to stop you from tumbling over cliff edges, falling out of trees, or skinning your knees) you were granted access to this mysterious place, and yet it seemed you had a permanent residence despite only being present for a few times. You had a little mat seated beside his at a table; your favorite flowers were littered around the metaphorical palace in porcelain vases; you even had a closet full of star studded kimonos, which was where you assumed he got all of the kimonos he manifested upon your person now.
You appeared upon his throne, which was bizarre since you usually wound up somewhere near the entrance to wait for him to escort you back to your body, a pale metal contraption adorned with blue, green, and purple gems and silk that was smooth and silky to the touch. Since he stayed here often, he had made it comfortable; you had only seen his personal representation of his physical appearance once, and you had been so flustered that you immediately hid your face in your sleeves while he laughed in amusement. Besides that one time, you had only ever seen it in paintings, which were much different than the real—metaphysical?—thing. Ama-no-Kagaseo abhorred earth and for the limited time he was willingly present within it, he was usually only there for you.
A bright blue orb appeared in your lap, hovering just above your legs. You grasped it, worried it would fall and shatter, and found yourself staring through your own eyes at Sayaka.
Her face was contorted into panic and sheer terror. You knew that your appearance changed when he took control—your eyes completely blacked over from corner to corner and appeared as if they had stars in them, and two delicate dark blue dots appeared beneath your eyes to signify your soul and his—but you were curious what you actually looked like. You couldn’t be that terrifying, could you?
“Ama-no-Kagaseo.” Sayaka’s voice was strained. “Where is [Name]?”
That was the first time you’d ever heard her say your name without honorifics. Your surprise must have been evident, because Ama-no-Kagaseo allowed a brief flicker of wind to run down your neck. It was chilly, indicative of his anger, and you pulled your kimono closer around you as if it would help.
“She is present.” That was also the first time you’d ever heard him speak more than a single word. “I am allowing her to watch to reassure her I will not harm you in my anger.”
You would have been dying at his usage of full sentences if you weren’t so worried about Sayaka doing something foolish. You knew she would report this to the higher ups, but you had a feeling this intentional. Ama-no-Kagaseo picked up on your thoughts as well and agreed, gently tugging a jade pin out of your hair. The physical version of you was untouched, but you lost the pin in the metaphysical world.
“I see.” Sayaka carefully sat down, locking her knees and tucking her feet underneath herself. It was the complete opposite of the one she took when you were around. “I’m sure you heard, but—”
“Yes,” Ama-no-Kagaseo interrupted her, using your hand to pick up your discarded cup of green tea. “Ryoumen Sukuna. It has been over a thousand years since I’ve heard that name.”
Sayaka ignored the cup. “I am aware that he played a vital role in sealing you to this realm.”
That was news to you—you seemed to be discovering new things at every turn of the corner. You furrowed your eyebrows and brought your knees up to your chin, watching the globe more intently.
“Not Sukuna himself,” Ama-no-Kagaseo sneered. In your voice, it was a strange thing to hear. “His followers. But he was the indirect cause, so I am attributing the fault to him since I strung their corpses upon his precious temple.”
You could tell that Sayaka found his logic extremely concerning by the twitch in her cheek. A stream of sweat crept down her temple.
“You can’t kill him.”
“And why not?” Ama-no-Kagaseo’s tone went frosty. You watched a shudder roll over Sayaka’s shoulders. “Do not presume to tell me what to do, mortal.”
“He will keep coming back.” Sayaka backpedalled, clenching her fists. “We don’t have all twenty fingers. His host, Itadori Yuuji, is too good of a chance to pass up—if we can get him to intake all of them—”
“You can raze Sukuna from this earth and get rid of him for good.” Ama-no-Kagaseo inferred. “Except it will not be that easy.”
“What do you mean by that?”
Ama-no-Kagaseo didn’t answer her. You felt a telltale pull of your lips and were slowly pulled back into your own body.
“I bore of you,” he said, after a moment, and then allowed you control once more, the darkness bleeding away from your eyes.
You felt him settle into a doze within your consciousness and simultaneously found yourself staring at Sayaka. When you smiled at her in apology, she collapsed back and blew out a harsh breath.
“For a minute there I thought he was going to kill me,” she sighed, then sat up and fixed you with a glower. “You didn’t tell me you could see when he takes control.”
You shook your head and raised a hand, keeping the other firmly rooted against Ama-no-Kagaseo’s physical form’s back. “This is the first time I was able to. I didn’t even know I could.”
Sayaka narrowed her eyes and then looked away, seemingly in thought. “Well, I guess there’s no use in telling the higher ups right now. They have bigger fish to fry at the moment. And it’s not like we didn’t know all of that about Sukuna… Ugh. This is giving me a headache.”
“Me too,” you sighed, unnervingly aware of the way Ama-no-Kagaseo’s fingers were following the collar of your kimono, deceptively docile compared to moments before. He had decided to give up on his nap after all. “So, when do we go to the campus?”
“Right now. Pack up your stuff and meet Inumaki and I outside.”
When Sayaka left the room, you carefully began putting back your tea pot in its box and wandering to find something suitable to put your clothes in. You found a cloth bag, blank except for a few flowers embroidered on it by hand, and had just enough room to pile on your box of jewelry—all of it Cursed with Ama-no-Kagaseo’s energy—on the top. You didn’t have a lot of belongings because of the higher ups, but what you did have you treasured greatly; your favorite piece was an elaborate diadem of foreign make, decorated with diamonds and crystals that were made to turn into weapons if you willed it. You tucked it safely beneath two of your kimonos and found a ring lying on your nightstand where there hadn’t been one before.
You walked over to it, drawn by Ama-no-Kagaseo’s familiar energy. The jewel glimmered with power and visibly made the air around it ripple; you picked it up and found it warm to the touch.
“Protect. Sukuna.” He was back to one or two words again. You were almost disappointed but went back to examining the ring, wondering what finger to put it on. You eventually decided on your ring finger and it was a snug fit, as if it had been made with exactly that finger in mind.
“Thank you, Ama-no-Kagaseo.”
An affectionate ruffle of your hair was all you got in return.
Tumblr media
                                      masterlist | next chapter. >
let me know if you want to be on the taglist until the masterlist is posted.
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goldenkamuyhunting · 2 years
Quick outline of the changes in Golden Kamuy Vol 24
Here is a general outline of the more relevant changes that take place in Vol 24 compared to the magazine. Note that as usual I won’t dig into minor changes or redraws unless they seem to be relevant for the plot or characterization (or I really like them).
So now let’s start.
WARNING: I hadn’t had the chance to check dialogues yet. I’ll probably do it during Christmas holidays. If there are changes in them that are relevant I’ll update this post as soon as I can.
We spend a moment on the cover, which, like the previous, shows us a character who has never appeared on a cover before and who’s also one of my fave, our charming Roger... I mean Kikuta Mokutarou.
Tumblr media
It’s an action scene in which he’s making good use of his beloved Nagant while wearing Toni’s scarf... and he’s not alone on this cover.
Tumblr media
Ariko is also with him, ready to fire at his opponent. The background is Sapporo as we can recognize the building as appearing in chap 232 when the characters are in Sapporo.
Really, I love this cover and I was hoping so bad to have a Kikuta cover...
Anyway this is our updated list of covers.
Tumblr media
Noda please, give us a Boutarou cover as well!
We then move to the colour page.
Tumblr media
It’s the image with Tsukishima and Koito that was used as a cover for chap 251. It’s a fitting image considering this volume starts with the chapter in which the cooperation between Tsukishima and Koito began.
A colour cover that was in the chapters included in this volume and that instead isn’t shown is the one of chap 234.
Tumblr media
Maybe Noda will use it later.
No summaries for this volume. Pity.
This volume counts 9 chapters only and changes are pretty tame but, as usual there are additions of extra pages and panels to expand scenes that already were in the magazine version so we can better understand what’s going on and of scenes that are redrawn, either to improve their quality, correct mistakes or add to the plot.
Note I’m not going to add them all but only those which are plot relevant (or that I particularly like). Also no scanlations this time as the changes aren’t so characterization or plot relevant you’ll need to read a scanlation to get what’s going on. I’ll add a dialogue explanation though. Keep in mind I might be wrong.
Let’s start with chap 232.
We start with a new opening page for the chapter in which the box says we’re at Asirpa’s grandmother’s house near Otaru and we’re shown that Tanigaki is next to Inkarmat.
Tumblr media
As many already know Noda has enlarged Tanigaki’s neck as he watched Osoma and changed a little his expression so, although I know Sensei pays a lot of attention in improving Tanigaki, I won’t show you that.
A line is added to Tsukishima’s dialogue. Now in addition to saying that it might be that Tsurumi doesn’t have a true goal he adds that it might be a lie that Tsurumi is acting for the sake of the dead comrades and for the prosperity of Japan.
Tsukishima’s memory of Tsurumi having finger bones now is enlarged and that shows clearly Tsurumi’s naked feet.
Tumblr media
Naked feet had been used to foreshadow the death of a character so is this meant to hint at how Tsurumi too will die?
As everyone knows I’m partial for Ogata I’ll show him adjusting his bandages. I wonder, does he have the glass eye already and he’s trying to get adjusted to it?
Tumblr media
Asirpa and Boutarou’ hair had been redrawn, which makes them better but it’s nothing big.
We move to chap 233.
After Ueji manages to disappear noda added more dialogue between Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa.
Sugimoto asks for confirmation that the boss they met was called Wakayama and Shiraishi asks Asirpa if she’s certain that guy said they would never be able to find the gold. Asirpa says that’s what it sounded like and Shiraishi asks what they will do now, wondering if they should go after the candy seller or continue to pursue the pirate. Sugimoto thinks he should have stripped the candy seller and Asirpa wonders if maybe she heard wrong.
Tumblr media
Noda also expanded the scene with Boutarou and the old Ainu. Now Boutarou is no more heavily shaded at the start and his men are more active.
Pirate Boutarou’s main henchman (子分 ‘Kobun’) now has a name, Gontō Kōjirō (權堂 公二郎は) and he’s better drawn. 
The old Ainu says Boutarou won’t find the gold because his sons also went looking for it but it wasn’t anywhere.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Those are very good improvements, if you ask me.
Chap 234...
...continues the tradition of better drawing Boutarou’s hair (which are also often drawn longer than previously) and also gives him a better pose.
Tumblr media
The postman also has a name now he is Nozawa Niheiji (野沢 仁平治).
Shiraishi is definitely more worried when he meets Boutarou.
Tumblr media
...but Boutarou looks even happier to meet him, while his reaction catches the captain’s attention.
Tumblr media
The sailors are better drawn and there’s even a new small panel of a sailor trying to catch Sugimoto’s rifle.
Tumblr media
Sugimoto gets an extra page in which he’s shown throwing the sailor off the boat...
Tumblr media
...and then some more panels as he fights the other sailor as well.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Really Noda is so good at drawing fighting scenes...
He also expanded the scene of Boutarou talking to Shiraishi about Sugimoto.
Tumblr media
...and redrew Gontou with the other henchmen, who’re shown wet because they too had previously ended up in the water.
Tumblr media
Really, a lot of additions for this chapter and I love how Noda tried giving the henchmen some characterization now, despite them being merely plot devices.
We continue with chap 235.
I’ll say in the cover Noda better drew the water. It’s not terribly relevant though, so I’m not showing it, i just love the man for the care in this details.
Better image of best boy Shiraishi...
Tumblr media
...but there are also a lot of images that are better drawn.
The order of the panels is switched a little as in the magazine the bandits would knock at the door, then we would see Shiraishi praying the boat would hurry then we’ll go back to Asirpa and the postman.
In the volume first we see Shiraishi and Sugimoto praying the boat would hurry then we go to the bandits knocking and then to Asirpa and the postman, with the scene mostly redrawn.
Tumblr media
Noda actually put a lot of care in redrawing the postman who now to me look even more like Clint Eastwood.
Tumblr media
The shooting fight also gets better drawn and so the boat crashing against it. But my fave redrawn is the one of Boutarou and Shiraishi cheering, which now shows a much more happier Shiraishi and a childishly cheering Boutarou. I love those two!
Tumblr media
Noda then proceeds to show how Boutarou is very angry at the idea 3 of his men were shoot... which better explains why he took an anchor and attacked without regard for the people. Similarly to Sugimoto, when he’s furious he’s dangerous... and it’s possible he grew so angry because he was fond of those men.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We then see Boutarou take matters (and an anchor) in his hands...
Tumblr media
Another redrawn is in the Boutarou/Sugimoto confrontation.
Tumblr media
And with this to chap 236 we go.
Again, some scenes or expressions are drawn better here.
Plus we get some redrawing when Boutarou explains things.
Tumblr media
We’ve a new panel of Sugimoto turning down Boutarou’s idea.
Tumblr media
Then we get more interaction between Boutarou and Sugimoto as Sugimoto’s reveal of his past now involves more Shiraishi and Asirpa.
Tumblr media
And we better dig into Boutarou’s connection with Sugi.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sugimoto’s expression after he pet the cat is much more dramatic...
Tumblr media
...his eyes losing their light.
Chap 237 continues expanding things.
We get a flashback in which Boutarou remembers the cigarette case was Heita’s.
Tumblr media
The volume shows us the gold is a lot more than the one we see in the magazine version.
Tumblr media
The scene about Botarou trying to kill Sugimoto and Shiraishi is expanded.
Boutarou seems genuinely shocked when Gontou is hit by the spinning wheel, stretching is hand as if he were wishing to bring him aid.
Tumblr media
Differently from teh magazine he won’t be smiling when he tries to drwon Sugimoto...
Tumblr media
...and the two will fight a lot more. Sugimoto tries to kick Boutarou a lot and Boutarou uses his long hair to tie Sugimoto’s foot and pull him down.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s beautiful and definitely worth buying the manga.
We are at Chap 238.
A small panel about Asirpa explaining Sugimoto about Heita.
Tumblr media
We’ve then more interaction between Boutarou and Asirpa.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I find interesting how again we’re show Sugimoto saying hinna but not Asirpa.
And so we reach chap 239.
Jack/Ostrog’s face is still kept in the dark at first, but his clothes are much more visible. The battle between him and Usami is expanded and sorry, no, I’m not going to show it. Still Noda is more comfortable showing him, his face partially visible (and Kikuta too as his eyes were back in the magazine).
Tumblr media
And it’s when Kikuta see him we’ve the big reveal and it makes A LOT MORE SENSE having it here than as late as it happened in the manga. And honestly that lateness feels it was due to Noda not having chosen yet how to characterize him.
Tumblr media
We can also see that on his genitals there’s a birthmark... which explains why Kikuta comments on getting a look on his face and member, because now he can recognize him either by looking at his face or by looking at... something else.
So yeah, Ostrog/Jack stops being a dark silouette.
Tumblr media
Noda let us hear his thoughts after he killed those two women.
Tumblr media
We’ve a flashback from Kikuta, showing Jack/Ostrog’s face and how he had a birthmark in a... peculiar area, which is why Kikuta remarked it was relevant he saw it.
Tumblr media
And now we move to the last chap of the volume chap 240.
Ostrog is now clearly visible where before he was just a dark shadow.
Tumblr media
A new panel showing how Kirawus... well, he didn’t quite disguise himself, albeith he did something, he tried to sell fireworks.
Tumblr media
Another new panel showing how Kadokura in his disguise, can’t pick up coins.
Tumblr media
When Ishikawa explains about Jack the Ripper Noda added people walking in the image of the city he drew and also showed a nespaper talking of Jack. The writing on the newspaper explains how in Japan the case became a hot topic in 1888 and how in 1900 they started to call the killer ‘Kirisaki Jack' (切り裂きジャック “Jack the ripper”).
Tumblr media
We’ve another image of Ostrog/Jack when Ishikawa talks about him.
Tumblr media
And we finish with the last page which shows the faces of Ostrog and Ueji.
Tumblr media
And that’s all.
Well, actually no. The one thanking the editor is...  I’ll let you see for yourself.
Tumblr media
And that’s all for this volume. While there’s nothing drastic in terms of new content, it better flashed out the relationship between Boutarou and his underlings, giving a name to the main one of them, better showed how Boutarou fought underwater and handled Ostrog/Jack WAAAYYY better than the magazine version where it seems Noda remained undecided on his character design for a much longer time and that’s why he obscured his face, making the reveal pretty anticlimatic as nothing big justifying it happened.
Here instead it’s just perfect so really, I recommend you to buy this new volume of Golden Kamuy, either in Japanese or as soon as it comes out in your country!
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pot-scenarios · 2 years
Hello! Good to have you back on my feed!! Would it be alright to request headcanons for Yukimura/Shiraishi with an s/o that loves to (and is good at) singing? Special attention to Yukimura since he is fond of classical music? (jokingly, "Sing for me, my angel of music" "You know I can't reach that note, Seiichi")
Yukimura is a T E A S E. That's it. That's the deal. XD Here you go! And sorry for taking so long to answer u.u I hope you enjoy 💕
• He is a TEASE. He'll be constantly asking for songs at any given time and mentioning the fact that his s/o in great at singing. But like, in VERY embarrassing ways. "You don't mind singing me to sleep, do you?" In front. Of all. His teammates.
• He also genuinely enjoys hearing you sing though, and when they're alone he'll still ask them to sing him to sleep.
• During his stay at the hospital, his s/o voice was the only way to make him have a good night's sleep when he was feeling particularly restless. And that catched on even once he was out of it. If they can't be with Yukimura, he'll ask for voice recordings.
• He flaunts, a lot, about their skill. Like: "Atobe: Be awed by my beautiful voice" "Yukimura: Aha. (S/o/N) still sings better though."
• He actually wants them to duel Atobe over "singing prowess" at some point. "Seichii, honey, N O." He won't give up though.
• Whenever his s/o starts humming to themselves, a soft smile appears on his lips and he'll pay close attention without disrupting them. Always hoping that the humming turns into singing at any moment.
• In the end, even though he adores teasing his s/o, it's those calm moments, when they are doing something and singing along to whatever's on the radio that he truly cherishes.
• And YES. He'll totally ask them to sing impossible songs. "Seichii. You know this actually takes years to study right?" "I still think you could pull it off though" "Honey. No."
• "You should sing to cheer for me. That way, I certainly won't lose." He LOVES IT when his s/o goes to his matches and chants along with the cheerleaders
• He asks his s/o to sing Kintarou to sleep when he's being particularly restless and it works every time. Or uses the "I'll make them sing if you don't behave" to calm him down.
• Kintarou is convinced that Shiraishi's s/o can kill with their voice. Oops.
• Shiraishi and his s/o will have a lot of duets together. Specially on karaoke nights. But he can just start singing and hold his racket to them as if it was a microphone for his s/o to sing along. Weird? Why would that be weird?
• If his s/o sings to his plants (because it helps them grow beautifully) he'll m e l t.
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chibivesicle · 3 years
Golden Kamuy chapter 224-226: Pirates, serial killers and a killer rabbit’s much awaited backstory.
For the sake of time, I will combine my summary of the past few chapters that I missed while I was traveling and I don’t want to break it into smaller bits.
Chapter 224 had a color cover featuring none other than our favorite solitary wildcat sniper Ogata.  I personally love the retro look for this!  It looks like a classic comic from the 1960s with the odd color scheme and the handwritten shaded boxes.
Tumblr media
The one box highlights the “100″ in Ogata’s first name as the kanji hyaku and the rest in latin letters. 
The text refers to “Come on, Let’s Go! On wildcat Ogata’s sure-hit express! (one step forward!).  Thanks to discussions on discord the phrase is in reference to the cat moving and delivery company in Japan, Yamato transport aka 黒ねこ (Kuroneko).  A huge shout out to tsurumineko for translating the pun based on their “target hitting/sure hitting” level of service.  I was previously familiar with the company in part due to my love of cats and noticing it everywhere when I’ve visited Japan.
Here is the official logo with a mom cat carrying a kitten and their official HQ (from wikipedia).
Tumblr media
I can’t help but wonder if this implies that Ogata is a very reliable character in regards to performing his duties or that he hopes to one day make sure bring his own “kitten” home.  Will Ogata be the one to take Asirpa back home to her kotan, Huci and her family? Either way, it implies that Ogata will get the job done, just like Kuroneko will deliver that package on time for you!  He’ll snipe that target, he’ll get that info, he’ll make sure your mission is a success etc.
The retro look also makes me think of comics like these:
Tumblr media
Batman works a bit outside of the law and has that dark edgy feel to it and Ogata also wears a cloak!  Plus, look at the style of Batman and Robin, they’ve got quite the build just like our GK boys do.
Anyways, the cover is a combination of Kuroneko delivery and Batman.
Chapter 224 starts at the Uryu river as Asirpa is lighting a fire to attract a swan to it so that they can have it for dinner.  For some odd reason, Noda chooses to rehash the Asirpa is going to kill a cute/beautiful animal for dinner.  She pulls Sugimoto’s head when she sarcastically replies to him that they will gently grab the swan. . . .
Tumblr media
I don’t understand this need to return to early Sugimoto-Asirpa humor.  Shiraishi has returned from pooping and a swan approaches as the two of them freak out upon noticing the other.  I personally find Shiraishi’s concern valid - swans are total assholes, so I’d also want to be upset at a swan at close range.
Asirpa beats it and they begin to prepare it for dinner in a temporary shelter as early on in the manga.  This is a repeat of when they first started working together and ate the deer that Sugimoto failed to shoot.  The three of them in Asirpa’s tent cooking some dinner.
Tumblr media
Keep in mind Sugimoto didn’t want to eat the otter head etc etc and he still has issues with things beyond brains.
This time Asirpa really highlights the need to give it the Inaw offerings and place the head in the river.
Tumblr media
Sugimoto still can’t eat animal heads and still looks awkward.  However in contrast to chapter 25, after eating Shiraishi begins to explain what he’s observed from Heita’s belongings.  He explains to us in a flashback what Heita told them about gold panning.  He knows now that gold from different rivers looks different so there is a way to identify where it came from.  And now, we get to see Shiraishi shine as he begins to help them lay out a new strategy for finding the gold without the skins.
He first off explains what we already know about the “Noppera-bou incident” which I find interesting based on the fact that he uses Noppera-bou - I wonder if Shiraishi thinks someone else killed the 7 Ainu men and Wilk was moving the gold, but not involved as Wilk told that to Sugimoto.
Shiraishi points out there may be people who know where the gold is hidden - and since supposedly Wilk moved it all by himself, he wouldn’t be able to move it that far. 
Tumblr media
He then continues to state, they just need to find the region where the gold dust was from and look close by.  Sugimoto is not convinced by Shiraishi’s line of reasoning at all.  He has a look of total annoyance and he’s like - “we” can’t identify a hidden gold dust stash etc.  I’m disappointed that Asirpa simply chimes in that he’s an idiot as she eats the swan head that Sugimoto wouldn’t.
Tumblr media
Shiraishi has to remind them what they learned from Tanigaki back when he was injured and recovering with Huci at Asirpa’s kotan.  Part of the gold was taken from the stash by Wilk and the boat capsized on Lake Shikotsu.  Therefore, they know where a sample of the gold is.  As soon as Shiraishi reminds them of what they know from Tanigaki, he catches Asirpa’s attention and she takes him seriously.
Tumblr media
She then summarizes where he’s been going with this - they likely won’t have the skins so they need another game plan.  Bravo Shiraishi!  He has created a plan B for them, better than Sugimoto’s “um maybe we will sweep in and steal the skins from Hijikata or Tsurumi . . .”
Sugimoto immediately rejects Shiraishi’s plan on the fact it is too hard and whines about it.  Asirpa at least has a well thought out and rational reply that the lake is too deep, so they can’t get the evidence.
This leads into a flashback with Heita and our pirate convict at Lake Shikotsu the previous year.  We get a “typical” reveal of his character as he’s completely in the nude about to dive into the cold spring water.  Boutarou the Pirate’s real name is Oosawa Fusatarou and this reveals some of his background as a talented swimmer and diver.
Tumblr media
He’s got some rather unique eyebrows - reverse Koito ones and he reveals that he’s going to dive for 35 minutes.  He then uses special breathing techniques to get as much oxygen into his system and he’s got large feet, webbed hands (due to cell death not occurring between his digits during fetal development btw) and he became a convict by drowning people and stealing their stuff.
By having a rope tied to his ankle, Heita can signal to him when his time is up and he can come up from his deep free dive.
The chapter then returns to Shiraishi pointing out that Heita and Mr. Pirate already found the gold.  This means that Shiraishi took the time to look at all of Heita’s samples and that they know the location and it is linked to one of the still remaining convicts.
Tumblr media
Shiraishi then reveals that he knew that there was a guy who was intense, physically robust and pushed himself to the limits - so if he could dive to find the gold - he would be the most likely to succeed. The flashback shows that he was able to dive down to Wilk’s canoe and that Heita found at least 4 locations for the gold dust.
Tumblr media
With the list of rivers, it means the gold dust found in the canoe can be traced to these four rivers: Toppu River, Saru River, Sorachi River and Shiriuchi River.  I have labeled each of those rivers on the map of Heita’s description of rivers that can be panned for gold and included a few cities for reference.  In yellow is the current approximate location of Asirpa, Sugimoto and Shiraishi on the Uryu river.  The rivers where the gold dust is from are in magenta.  The Toppu River is the closest one to them and the Sorachi and Saru Rivers are reasonably close.
Tumblr media
The only river that is further away is the Shiriuchi River fairly close to Hakodate.  Google maps has the Shiriuchi River labelled as the Chinai River (I checked with translator GlassHouses for clarification - apparently it can also be read as the Chinai River and there is one located in Shikoku - thanks for the help!) so if you try to find it in English it won’t be labelled correctly.  Lake Shirotsu is the large lake on the map just next to my arrow pointing to Sapporo.  Only put on a few cities for easy reference, Otaru, close to Asirpa’s kotan, Ashikawa and Kushiro. 
The chapter then ends with Sugimoto holding the list of rivers as his eyes are white.  He figures if they head to those rivers, since the pirate knows where the gold is from they just need to catch a pirate [and skin him].  Stop looking so well murder-y Sugimoto.
Tumblr media
The tag line at the end states that every river eventually leads to the sea . . . I guess this must be true in Japan perhaps, but if you live in a basin, or in the Great Lakes region of North America the lake does not lead to the sea . . . . but I digress.  This likely has to do with the pirate reference or something.
Recall that in 223, Hijikata is the one who remarks that Boutarou the pirate is making his move.
Tumblr media
with the end of 224, it is confirmed that Boutarou is another faction entering the quest for the gold. 
Quick observations and predictions from this chapter.
1.) Ogata is about to become a key player based on his color cover (if you don’t already get that Ogata is important).  Momma cat needs to take her kittens home.
2.) Shiraishi has laid out their plan to look for the pirate.  This may lead to an alliance or Sugimoto just trying to skin him based on the ending page.  I personally think an alliance with Asirpa-Sugi-Shiraishi and Boutarou to be the most interesting. . . .
3.) Hijikata is not surprised by Boutarou’s move to enter the quest.  He was working with Heita and now we know he will likely have his own faction as well.
4.) Based on my map, some of the parties will need to visit each of these rivers in order to gather information.  With the much farther away Shiriuchi River, it takes the cast close to Hakodate.  I can see this being key in future events involving Hijikata (due to his historical death during the Battle of Hakodate), Koito, since he was kidnapped in Hakodate by Tsurumi with the help of Ogata, Tsukishima and Kikuta.  It seems like some sort of confrontation at Hakodate is in the cards.
Chapter 225 - Another convict enters the story.
So chapter 225 starts out with a clear reference to the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper who targeted prostitutes in Victorian London and was never caught.  Oh yay, another serial killer - just my fav type of convict. [rolls eyes] The chapter title slums seems to refer to the slums of Sapporo where alcohol and prostitution were the few releases and the area was ripe with disease and violence. 
An older woman is walking back to the inn of her client, he’s a much taller man wearing a western style of dress and a top hat.  The woman is chatting away, she explains that she used to come from a wealthy family in Nagoya, since she’s in Hokkaido, it either implied her family was on the losing side during the Meiji revolution or that her late husband was on the losing side sent up to Hokkaido.
Tumblr media
She’s clearly flush with drink and she turns to notice that he may be Japanese based on her “Huh? You’r Japa . . .” as he then grabs her by the face and proceeds to slit her throat and then cut up her body.  As she struggled we get to see her hand pulled his jacket open a bit revealing yet another tattoo - so yep, another convict.
The following morning shows Sapporo police officers trying to keep the press away from a covered corpse, the woman covered with a straw mat.  A member of the press is confirming what happened with a very suspicious looking police officer. Apparently, there was prostitute who was killed in the same location within the past month or less e.g. indicated by the 31st of last month (we don’t know how far into the current month things are).  The man is revealed to be a criminal inspector and he has a shaded face and interesting wrinkles under his eyes.
Tumblr media
From the start, this criminal inspector seems to be quite tall compared to the reporter.  The next page reveals his identity as he’s trying to get a scoop on the story by bribing the inspector with food.  The inspector’s face is covered as he simply tells him to shut up as he turns away.
Tumblr media
The action then shifts to the temple where Hijikata and Co. are staying as we the readers are reminded that the man is Ishikawa Takuboku, the reporter who meet up with the group back when they had their photos taken before Abashiri in Kitami.  Most of the group went to the photo studio with Hijikata while Shiraishi went off to the red light district with Takuboku instead as they hung out with sex workers and got very intoxicated on Hijikata’s money.  The drunken Ishikawa blurts out that Hijikata is going to buy up newspapers to control the press.
Tumblr media
Shiraishi knew that the Russo-Japanese war resulted in sales of papers but Ishikawa revealed that the change was due to the addition of pictures!  Hence part of the reason why having a photo of Asirpa will be important to his Republic of Ezo plan.  Again this exchange between Shiraishi and Takuboku-chan illustrates that Shiraishi is a pretty observant and smart guy.  He’s def aware of more things than people give him credit for.
He’s finally back reporting to Hijikata and asks for more spending money.  Unfortunately, he’s trying to get money from Nagakura who is having none of this and reminds him bluntly that if he wants money it needs to be information not printed in the papers.
Ushiyama makes a comment on how gruesome the murders are and wonders if the man has some issue with whores.  Ishikawa comments that it is “unfortunate” since he hopes the man is apprehended quickly since he currently has a prostitute in the area that he is rather fond of.  Wow, way to show how you care about women trapped in sex work Ishikawa . . . that the were likely sold into but I digress.
The English translation has Ushiyama refer to sex workers as whores, and Ishikawa’s use of prostitutes implies a little more respect, but maybe not since he’s concerned his current interest in Sapporo may get his fav woman killed and he won’t be able to sleep with her any more.  What is clear is both men seem awkward in their opinion of how women in sex work should be perceived.
This is clear based on Nagakura’s reply to Ishikawa’s statement that he hopes he dies in a ditch.  Hijikata completely ignores the info and just asks Kadokura if there was a convict in Abashiri who fits the description for the current killer.
Tumblr media
Kadokura doesn’t reveal the name of any other information about the killer.  Clearly, this information will be revealed when it becomes relevant and Hijikata is concerned that if this man is a convict and he is making such violent headlines that Tsurumi and his men in the 27th will certainly realize that they should investigate as well.  It seems after Abashiri, Hijikata is taking Tsurumi as seriously as possible as well as the arrival of Ariko into his group after he was beaten up by Usami.
Hijikata’s reference to the 27th hunting the possible convict leads to another mallard flying.  The final part of the panel shows Ogata aiming at the duck.  Ogata fires at the duck.
Tumblr media
The duck flies on, but Ogata simply exhales as he works the bolt with his left hand.  He’s looking smug yet determined again.  We don’t seem him exhale like this frequently, but it does remind me of his “I shot the woodcocks” proud face or a focused “hmmph”  this is what I expected look.
The final panel shows two tail feathers from the duck fall to the ground both having been shot by Ogata.  It is clear that Ogata is pleased with his progress on re-learning how to shoot ducks with his left eye.  He’s making good progress - I’m not sure if we will get to see him make a successful kill in the manga or if Noda will keep it for a big reveal scene where he makes an amazing shot.
There are two ways to look at this i.) Ogata knows he’s getting better and he’ll let others see that he can still snipe and that he’s still a sniper.  ii.) Ogata gets better, but publicly doesn’t want others to know he’s back to “normal” and uses his injury as a way to hide his regained sniping ability as his wildcard.
Both of these can be advantages for Ogata - everyone assumes he’s a sniper and forgets about all of his other skills.  Or he makes others assume he’s weaker and than uses that to defeat them - an obvious sucker is Sugimoto - Sugimoto would look at one-eyed Ogata and think, “well if I can get close enough to break his arm again I can totally finish him off . . .” as Ogata then snipes Sugimoto again . . . (okay, not likely to happen just like that but you get my idea).
The chapter then shifts to an unnamed village along the Sea of Okhotsk.  This is a vague descriptor, and as my map indicates it can be along this entire coast of the northeastern part of Hokkaido.  Yay!  The panel is quite simple as it shows a dead horse laying down.
Tumblr media
The final panel shows Usami looking down upon the horse.  Stares down at the horse as his eyes are white around the iris. As his head shifts a little to his left.
Tumblr media
It is clear by the next page that Usami is the likely cause of death for the horse.  A random man yells “Who did this?  Who killed my horse!” as it shows Usami shuffling off rather quickly to avoid being caught in the act of horse murder.
Tsurumi is then outside of a shop that sells newspapers reading a newspaper with great interest. He then speaks to Kikuta who is nearby, telling him that the murders in Sapporo appear to be the work of an escaped tattooed convict.
He orders Kikuta to go to Sapporo to look into the convict.  And that he should take Superior Private Usami with him.  Wherever Tsurumi is along the coast is unclear, but Tsurumi seems to think staying on the eastern coast will allow him to find Asirpa from that area.  Plus, he has sent Tanigaki in search of them as well. . . Kikuta replies yes sir rather calmly in a typical Kikuta fashion.
Tumblr media
Usami walks up behind him with completely black eyes when Tsurumi tells him to take Usami with him. . . Kikuata can’t be too happy wit this as his reply is hesitant . . .” . . . yes, sir . . .” as he gives him the stink eye. 
Usami then speaks up highlighting that he really doesn’t want to go with Kikuta.  This is quite bold from a superior private, but Usami seems like he can get away with this in front of Tsurumi and Kikuta almost smirks as he feels the same way.  Tsurumi doesn’t even turn to reply to Kikuta, he simply replies that Usami will be of use to him in Sapporo and Kikuta looks curious as to in what context Usami will be helpful.
Tsurumi figures that Hijikata’s group will also move there to investigate due to the newspaper coverage and that they should avoid them if all possible.  Tsurumi doesn’t want them running into each other. 
This is interesting as Kadokura is currently in Hijikata’s group and can easily recognize Usami so that may come into play.  Usami beat the crap out of Ariko so he’ll be tied to the situation.  Ogata is back with Hijikata for now and has a previous work history with Kikuta and there is enough information for the two of them to have some sort of showdown/reunion etc.
With somewhat erratic screen tones behind Usami and a equally creepy font he declares that running into Hijikata’s group is fine.  He concludes that Ariko will be a useless spy and that he will just kill them all and steal everything - problem solved.
Tumblr media
And with that Usami gives off super creepy vibes at 110%.
He and Kikuta don’t get along at all - when they were chasing after Toni Anji which required a well thought out plan he was useless and whiny and Kikuta couldn’t take it and also trusted Ariko to succeed.
When they were chasing Asirpa off of the ferry - Usami’s solution was to simply kill Huci and Kikuta was clearly appalled by how Usami’s mind seems to work.  It was clear when Usami beat up Ariko that Kikuta was both hurt and torn about the entire situation.  This likely is setting up some sort of disagreement between the two men.  Kikuta is a sauve, sexy man, who appears a bit cocky at times but he gives off a vibe of really caring for others and avoids harming others who are not involved in things.
The next page reveals that indeed both groups are hunting down the convict in Sapporo.
Hijikata has brought his entire entourage.  He leads the group followed by Ushiyama and Nagakura.  Kadokura, Toni, Kantarou, Kirawus and then Ariko follow behind.  Ariko looks back at Ogata watching them from a distance and taking up the rear as he prefers.
Tumblr media
Kikuta leads with Usami behind, his face partially obscured by his visor of his army cap - Kikuta is too sexy to every wear a hat and mess up his excellent hairstyle.
It is interesting that even when you zoom in a bit, Ogata has his blank expression as Ariko nervously looks back at him.  He was nervous to see Ogata and he likely thinks Ogata is onto him as a spy or maybe even thinks that Ogata is still working for Tsurumi.  
Tumblr media
It looks like Kirawus is watching Kadokura - I wonder if he’s onto Kadokura playing dumb.  The two of them may get drunk and joke around, but I think Kirawus has been watching both Kadokura and also used him to get closer to Hijikata.  I think both of these men are carrying secrets that will be important as time progresses in the manga.  I just can’t shake the feeling that Kirawus knows more about the Ainu murders and I have a theory that he keeps his forehead covered b/c of some scar or something from the incident where the 7 Ainu men were murdered.
The next page has present day Tsurumi thinking of something disturbing based on the screen tones around him and it reveals a flashback, in Meiji 28 (1895) and back in Tsurumi’s home area of Shibata, Niigata.  The flashback starts with someone asking Tokushirou, Tsurumi’s first name, about how the battlefield was.
The next page reveals Tsurumi talking with a man who appears to be his martial arts teacher for jujitsu.  Tsurumi tells his teacher that he observed something interesting in war.  Despite the vast amount of training that soldiers underwent before battle, most of the men actively avoided trying to kill the enemy soldiers.
Tumblr media
Tsurumi goes on to state that during the American Civil war troops went to great lengths to avoid killing each other (as the nature of a civil war that split families apart at times) and he spends the rest of the page discussing that most humans will really try to avoid killing each other, even in the case of war.
This really is the heart of one of the major issues of GK.  What happens to men who go off to war and the actually kill others?  How do men do this and how to they move forward (or in the case of many of the elite men of Tsurumi’s 27th) how do those men get sucked into killing and do all of the dirty deeds for him.
This gets at the concept of how a person can be turned into a killer and be able to go to great lengths to kill and in this quest for the gold - who can serve Tsurumi best.
After perhaps working or training with his sensei, Tsurumi has changed into his uniform and is telling children nearby (perhaps students of the dojo) to be careful of Master Takeda’s horse is ill tempered (confirmation of the identity of the man he was just talking to) and that it may kick them.  The fact that Usami killed a horse in the present time and then there is a flashback about a horse seems to indicate this will be something to do with Usami’s past.
A voice then calls to Tsurumi, calling him Mister Tokushirou, indicating a person familiar enough with him to call him by his first name but with respect.
This flashback now has revealed not one, but two people close enough to Tsurumi to use his first name either as a senior, his sensei and this unknown yet clearly younger person.  Tsurumi responds, that he recognizes who the person is - revealed to be a younger Usami.  He tells him that he’s gotten taller again, and then calls him by his first name, Tokishige.
Tumblr media
Usami is blushing as he looks at Tsurumi before he replies yes, still blushing with black eyes as it reveals that he is Usami Tokishige, 14 years old. This means Usami was born in 1881.
Of course the editorial tagline mentions that he is yet another of the boys pining for Tsurumi.
Chapter 225 ends with several things as the main points:
1.) The next convict is a serial killer and is in Sapporo.  This will lead to a likely encounter between Hijikata’s group and Kikuta and Usami.
How will this showdown happen?  I’m hoping that Kadokura notices Usami and tips off the rest of the group and KIkuta and Ogata catch up.  They seem to be more morally centered members of the 27th concerned about others who can get caught in the crossfire.
2.) The manga is back to the concept of the ability to kill, what makes a killer? what makes a murder? and what makes a soldier?  Tsurumi wants men willing to go into the depths of hell with him to accomplish his goals.
Tsukishima will see this to the end - he’s officially dead on the outside and inside after his Koito confrontation.
Nikaido is losing all of his humanity to be a test subject for a new and improved solider.
Usami has clearly had a vibe that something is totally off with him since he was first introduced.  The fact that Koito was groomed by Tsurumi when he was 14, means that Usami’s age and blush shows that he was a previous and older Tsurumi fanboy.  The chapter ends with the idea that Tsurumi likely was involved in grooming him.
Usami is clearly a great soldier and killer for some of Tsurumi’s goals - this chapter is making it clear that Usami is “special” in the context of murder.  Or that he lacks some sort of moral compass or control in regards to murder and killing.
3.) That criminal inspector at the Sapporo police department is shady as all hell.  He could be the convict in disguise - and he’d fit the trope of the murderer working in the police so that he can’t get caught.  Or he’s a total red herring.
Chapter 226 -Sacred Ground
The chapter starts out with a brief update on the status of the Asirpa-Sugi-Shiraishi-Vasily group.  They are stopping by an Ainu kotan and Sugimoto notices another dog that looks exactly like Ryu, but isn’t Ryu.  Shiraishi is the one to remark that Ryu stayed behind as Tanigaki gave Cikapasi Nihei’s rifle so he won’t be going anywhere.  Interestingly, Sugimoto remarks that he hopes that Cikapasi and Ennoka treat Ryu well so he “let’s go” of his attachment to the rifle and move on. 
This is an odd remark from Sugimoto, since he himself needs to move on from a lot of stuff ~ he can see it in a dog’s life but not his own.
This leads to a key comment from Asirpa about Ainu dogs, that their loyalty towards owners can be a bad thing since they get jealous and ill tempered.  A Japanese man owned one and the dog was well treated but he ended up scolding it due to poor behaviour and went hunting without the dog.  The dog’s reaction to rejection was to kill of off the man’s chickens . . . Shiraishi then comments that people will do the same thing for the love of another.
Tumblr media
The following page is the title page with the title and a young Usami and Tsurumi. Based on the fact that we know Usami is very loyal to Tsurumi and he has killed for him - I think it is clear the story about the loyal dog is Usami and Tsurumi is the man with the chickens. . . oh great - this chapter is surely getting to the root of his creepy vibes!
Tumblr media
Usami tells him that he’s there even on a day to not train even though after he performed housework and chores to help his family he is more than willing to walk 2 hours one way to come to that very spot on the dojo grounds.
Usami’s face is completely shaded so clearly something dark is tied to that place.
The next page reveals that Usami refers to that spot as “our sacred place” as the wind dramatically blows by as Tsurumi looks at his back.
This leads to a flashback in the flashback, 2 years earlier so 1893, showing Usami’s family.  He’s 12 and he appears to have his mother and father, an older sister, younger brother and another younger sibling on his mother’s back as well. 
His father asks him if things are going well at the dojo and with his training.  He replies that Mister Tokushirou told him he’s the most talented of all the students that he’s seen there before.  Therefore, at the age of 12 he was comfortable enough to call Tsurumi by his first name - san! 
This catches the attention of his older sister and his mother as they look at him in shock and awe, his mother stopping her mending of clothing while his sister blushes.  His sister asks excitedly “Mister Tsurumi Tokushirou = Tsurumi Tokshirou-san?” followed by her having a teenage fangirl moment over him while his father looks on with shock and concern.  His mother confirms that he’s got to have talent since his father was talented too . . . I guess this implies that Tsurumi’s father was a well know ladies man and it is clear that Tsurumi is also seen as a ladies man in the area.
Tumblr media
So, Tsurumi is clearly a charismatic, charming and a confirmed ladies’ man and is the 4th son of another man who was also very well known and must have been an important samurai family.  Usami is happy that his family are glad to hear he’s attracted the attention of an important local man.  Their family is large and it looks like since his mother is mending clothes they aren’t the richest family but they must come from a more noble/samurai background than some of our other cast members.  It looks like the Usami household is a happy and fertile one.
Clearly, Tsurumi is interested in getting to know Usami and some time later, Tsurumi is working the water wheel that his family uses to pump water for their rice paddies.  Tsurumi clearly is doing some sort of research into him and he seems to realize that using the foot powered water wheel leads to the develop strong legs.  Usami is explaining how hard the work is based on their location etc when he is interruped by another young boy.
Tumblr media
This other boy is introduced as Takagi Tomoharu another 12 year old boy.  He really reminds me of Sugimoto a bit, that slightly messy hair and friendly look.  He clearly is another Tsurumi fanboy.
Tsurumi also calls him by his first name and asks if his father is doing well and the boy responds excitedly as Usami silently smiles with his eyes closed in the background having Tsurumi’s attention focused on another person.
Sometime after school, Tomoharu tells Usami to stay over at his house since they have training at the dojo and they can go to school the next morning.  He then adds that Tsurusumi will be at the dojo that evening!  This immediately gets Usami’s attention and he runs to the dojo yelling “Hurry, hurry!” so Usami is excited by this!
The next page shows the dojo and both boys want Tsurumi’s attention to train with each of them and Tsurumi just smiles back, again Usami’s eyes are closed.
Sometime later it shows Tsurumi in winter leaving the dojo - we don’t get the full conversation, just that Tsurumi is responding to something that Usami said. Usami will be graduating - I guess based on his age primary school - and Tsurumi who’s face is obscured asks if he will keep training at the dojo.  Usami responds with his eyes closed again stating he will have to help his father work on their family farm so it may not happen.
Tsurumi then turns and looks at him in a very friendly way telling him to continue at the dojo to become much stronger - he’ll be able to surpass Tsurumi as well based on his skills with time.
Tumblr media
Tsurmi then states he won’t be able to visit the dojo soon, with the impending Sino-Japanese war he’s about to go off to (with Tsukishima) and finally Usami opens his eyes with concern in them as well as light in his eyes.  Usami is clearly worried about Tsurumi leaving.  All of a sudden his friend appears interrupting him and Tsurumi again telling him to go home together.  Again we don’t know what else Usami was going to say to Tsurumi . . .
The winter gives way to spring, when the school year ends and another one will begin.
We get a scene where Usami is able to pin Tomoharu down and someone tells them to stop for the day . . . maybe Tsurumi maybe not.  It is clear that just like Sugimoto’s friend Toraiji - Usami is the natural martial artist while Tomoharu will always lose to him.  Tomoharu is sulking in the dojo and Tsurumi has to ask him what’s wrong so that he and his sensei can lock up.  He reveals that he’s never been able to beat Usami before he leaves.  Tomoharu then cases after Usami who is waiting outside for him.
It looks like he told Tsurumi that he’s leaving and Tsurumi got him to approach Usami to tell him about his departure to high school? in Tokyo.  However, Usami is not surprised as he already knew his friend was leaving and tells him that he really doesn’t want to spar with him one last time.
Usami from a very dramatic angle tells hi that he doesn’t want to lose on purpose b/c he’s worried about his feelings . . . and before he finishes Tomoharu yells his reply that he shouldn’t, that wouldn’t be a real friendship, it would end it.  Usami has light and sparkle in his eyes as he says his lines and his friend sounds like a passionate young Japanese man with fighting spirit.
Tumblr media
Tsurumi tells him that he will watch their match in the corner of the yard - the sacred place which Usami will say to Tsurmumi 2 years later. . .
The next two pages are a montage of memories of Tomoharu with Usami as he thinks to survive alone in Tokyo requires him to defeat him.  It seems that Tomoharu really enjoyed his time with Usami - but I really get the feeling that Usami just tolerated him.  It really does have this vibe of a one sided friendship, I could even see him staying over at Tomoharu’s place just to be closer to the dojo and by extension Tsurumi.
Tomoharu cries as he knows he’s fighting hard but still ends up defeated by Usami.
Tumblr media
This scene is very much like the Sugimoto’s flashback in chapter 35 - courtship.  He met Toraji at his burnt down house on his wedding day and he attacks Sugimoto who promptly defeats him.  With his eyes full of tears, Toraji refuses to give up and goes for another round with Sugimoto as he roundly defeats him again.  This clearly is linked back to Shiraishi’s comment about humans and the people that they love.  Yes, Sugimoto is a dick to show up, make Toraiji upset, beat him and then congratulate him on his marriage which only makes Toraiji more annoyed.
Tumblr media
Yet, in their second round ends with him declaring that he may have lost to Sugimoto in kendo and judo, but he won in the battle for Umeko’s heart. . .
This is clearly a parallel with Usami and Tomoharu and this is linked to Sugimoto.
Anyways back to 226.  Tomoharu despite being defeated pulls on Usami’s shirt and states that he’s not done yet.  The next full page panel shows Usami’s reaction -
full on murder rabbit!!!  He’s gained the white along the edge of his black pupils as he’s drooling, his veins are bursting and his entire face is contorted in rage/anger/i don’t know what else.  I call him a murder rabbit based on a nickname that the lovely Merdopsuedo came up for Usami a long time ago.
She calls him the The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, based on the rabbit that lives in the cave and kills many men in an excellent scene requiring the use of the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”.  This flashback has confirmed all of our fan jokes and theories and was a much better nickname the previously proposed one of “Thumper” the rabbit from “Bambi”.
Tumblr media
Tomoharu only gets a glance of his face as he raises his foot before he firmly kicks him in the throat with his bare heel.
This action is enough to even shock Tsurumi!  We see Tomoharu make his last gasp for air as Tsurumi, the man who watched his family die in Vladivostok, perhaps killed by his own actions or those of Wik, Kiro and Sofia.  Tsurumi is a broken and twisted man by this point before he even heads off to the Sino-Japanese war, but Usami’s actions have completely caught him off guard.  He thought he was helping out with a teenage issue and he’s just resulted in the death of Tomoharu by accident.  Look at those wide open eyes, sweat on his forehead and those stress lines!  Tsurumi is completely shocked.
Tumblr media
It is clear a man who has seen terrible things like Tsurumi (as we don’t know what his spying and previous military service was like) he is shocked by Usami’s violence that he uses as he clearly struck a killing blow on his friend.
And with that the chapter ends!
Wow!  Usami’s backstory is clearly revealed to be super creepy as I was always afraid of.  At the age of 12 he killed the boy who on the surface appeared to be his best friend.
Final thoughts on chapter 226
1.) Usami may be a natural born killer rabbit who always wants to please Tsurumi.  Chapter 227 will likely further explain why that part of the dojo is sacred to both of them.  Sei Kobiyama also mentioned on twitter that due to both Tsurumi and Usami practicing jujitsu/judo indicate they both came from samurai families.
Tumblr media
Tsurumi has alluded to the fact that his family was once wealthy when he was young and we know he’s the 4th son and they lost the wealth.  It is clear based on Usami’s families reaction to him the Tsurumi family was well known.
Usami is clearly not in a wealthy household that has to work very hard to survive, yet has a connection to samurai habits and culture.  This may be a link to chapter 225 referring the the slums of Sapporo and how the murdered woman was from a once wealthy family that lost it - likely a pre-Meiji era samurai family.
Is Usami jealous of Tomoharu?  Or does he want Tsurumi’s attention all to himself?  What motivates him?  He seems off the entire time before he kills Tomoharu so I think there is more going on than we realize just yet.
Does this information from Sei Kobiyama imply that since Sugimoto and Toraiji also practiced kendo and judo that they were also from poor samurai families also fallen on hard times in the Edo area?
2.) I believe that Usami and Sugimoto are supposed to be compared in some way with this flashback.  Both men are talented in judo and when they kill both men are demon or animalistic in the way that they fight and kill.  Yet, one killed his crybaby best friend while the other one as far as we know was unable to save his friend.
Noda has kept away from Sugimoto’s past and his unresolved issues surrounding Toraiji and Umeko for a long time.  This may lead to the reveal of more of Sugimoto’s past and what really happened when Toraiji died and Sugimoto clung to his dying body, giving up the sled for Tsukishima at Mudoken.  It keeps alluding to a potential situation where Sugimoto is either indirectly or directly related to the events that result in Toraiji’s death.  And keep in mind in the flashbacks his nickname is Tora-chan or Tiger.  If Kiro is Tanigaki’s tiger, we’ve discussed that Toraiji is Sugimoto’s tiger . . .
Sugimoto currently has a broken wrist and maybe he will have to rely on Asirpa, Shiraishi and Vasily his non-friend, not-enemy-ally.  I think Usami may be a link to more background into Sugimoto.
Keeping that in mind, I suspect that Kadokura will lead to more background into Ogata as his father would have been a contemporary of sorts with Koito and Hanazawa, but on Ogata’s mother side.
Well that is all I have for now with the chapters!  I’ll work on getting a few more meta up hopefully in the next few days including as long delayed cover analysis and some Koito meta!
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gunkyengines · 3 years
2&5 for the insert game 💞
NOUGAT!! TYSM for asking this!! ^^
This is a mega long post so... I’ll edit in a cut here!
2. Does your insert have a very strong relationship with a f/o, maybe more than one? Tell us a little about the dynamic they have! This can be a bond that’s romantic, familial, or platonic, anything - even an enemy would count as a strong relationship!
Ok so! I couldn’t decide which SI to write about, so I decided to write about all of my identifiable SIs thus far (feat. one of my more recent OCs)!
Bellamy Amplexus – Final Fantasy XV SI
-Bellamy is one of my least developed OCs/SIs, and I honestly know next to nothing about the Final Fantasy universe at the moment, so I can’t give much input on them. However, I can tell you that they’re very, very close to the Chocobros, mainly Ignis. Very close. (Wink wink!)
Also, Ardyn stinky, I think. lol
Ayame Otsuka – Golden Kamuy OC
-Ayame is one of my most recent characters in the vein of selfshipping, and she’s got a couple of interpersonal relationships that I’ve figured out—that being said, I don’t actually have anything written about her, so I just know this:
Her and Sugimoto are very platonically involved until about 3 years post-canon (all the while living together and even sharing a goddamn bed), at which point they stop silently pining and actually realize that they’re into each other romantically and sexually. This results in a pregnancy. Yeeah.
Ayame regards Asirpa as a daughter/little sister, effectively becoming a second guardian figure for her alongside Sugimoto. The relationship is a bit of a strangers to found family slow burn, what with Asirpa’s reservations towards randos stumbling into the group’s dynamic, but all is well in the end.
Her and Shiraishi have what I’d describe as a… complicated friendship? You know that one friend, who’s a friend of your close friend, and you only know them via said friend, so it’s kinda weird when they start cracking dirty jokes about you? And especially when they start encouraging your close friend to fuck you? But other than that yeah all’s chill with her and the Escape King.
There’s more to come though, I swear.
Junko Hisayo – Persona 5 SI
Post-canon, Junko is dating and eventually marries Haru Okumura. YES, my gay little heart fluttered just typing that out.
Junko is actually very good friends with my beautiful bestie @dancing-with-my-dreams ’ S/I, Reagan Miyasaki (who’s dating the amazing Ryuji Sakamoto)!
She’s got a pretty solid relationship with the rest of the PT too, considering they’re good friends and literal partners in (ethical!) crime! (Also, if the PT knew the P4 investigation team, she, Naoto and Kanji would be good friends, bcos GNC/AFAB-but-not-fem-aligned buddies and wlw/mlm solidarity, bro!)
However… Junko’s got a really rocky if not totally garbage relationship with Akechi Goro cos y’know… he fucking killed her then-crush-now-girlfriend’s father. (This isn’t to say Junko has any merciful feelings towards Kunikazu Okumura… but that hurt Haru, goddamnit! Also, group traitors are fucking abhorrent.) (Note: I personally don’t hate Akechi, he’s a character I can play around in the grey zone with, but my vibes about him are off-kilter cos of the hurt he’s caused. Especially to my girl.)
She has an enemy in another OC I made to add a villain to her arc—her reason for being with the PT in the first place, Hideo Sunjaya. He’s… he’s an awful, awful character that’s essentially a mini Kamoshida, and I based him heavily off of a person I knew IRL who I used to think of as a friend. He’s the ruler of the palace that she gets her persona’s awakening in. So, I guess he’s good for something… ah, fuck it, he’s a bastard regardless.
Elizabeth Beaufort – Red Dead Redemption 2 SI
Lizzie Beaufort, the only SI I’ve ever used my own first name for. What can I say about her relationships…?
Who am I kidding: she’s deeply, desperately, hopelessly in love with Arthur Morgan. He’s her gentleman, her darling, her angel and her husband. He’s the father of her children and a kind and supportive man… You can tell that I really enjoyed playing RDR2, yeah? (Also, they’re wlw/mlm solidarity of the most powerful kind—two bisexuals deeply in love and supporting each other. Because it’s 1899 but bitch I’m still queer.)
Well, she knows Charles Smith and Sadie Adler well, as friends, through Arthur. Since RDR2 totally definitely ended with Arthur and Lizzie moving to a nice tract of land and starting a ranch nearby the Marstons, she’s close to them as well.
She wasn’t present during the canon plot events don’t @ me.
Gillian Wright – Red Dead Redemption 2 SI
Gilley is Molly O’Shea’s Casanova darling. Loves her dearly, APPRECIATES HER LIKE SHE SHOULD BE APPRECIATED. RDR2 totally ended with her and Molly living in Saint Denis and saving up to move to Ireland because Molly is fucking miserable in America and Gilley has nothing tying her to the country.
This may come as a surprise to you, but Gillian Charity Eustace Wright fucking despises Dutch Van Der Linde. And canonically shot him in the foot. And stole his girlfriend right before his gang fell to pieces. So yeah.
Gilley has an alright opinion of Arthur. Hes a cool dude. That’s all.
She honestly thinks Bill is an annoying prick because she gambled with him and he didn’t fucking pay up when she won.
 5. Does your insert have any magical talents or otherwise special abilities? Are they passive, like the ability to befriend animals, or dangerous power that the villains want? Or if theyre evil - any powers the heroes want to stop?
I only have one SI that has any particular “special abilities” in the vein of magic, but I’ve decided to bend the rules a little and use a looser definition of the term “abilities”. I threw in some OCs with powers that’d help me fill up this space a bit better.
Junko Hisayo – Persona 5 SI
Junko’s the only SI I can identify with any particular “magical” abilities. She’s a persona user, wielding the power of a persona whose 1st tier* is based off of Anne Bonny, a famous pirate from the 1700s. She also uses flintlock duelling pistols in the metaverse.
*Her 2nd tier is Lilith and her 3rd tier is based off Mary Read. Junko’s arc is largely related to gender identity and justice, so I thought, why not center her persona tiers around crossdressing pirates and a supposed demon queen who, apparently, was just demonized cos she wanted to be equal to Adam?
Chisato Sato – My Hero Academia OC
Chisato has a quirk that allows her to produce and control a red, slime-like substance that carries an electrical current. Thanks to one of my friends, I’ve now dubbed this power “Taser Jelly”.
Etsuko Kuwata – My Hero Academia OC
Etsuko has a quirk in which she’s able to become in tune with the emotional wavelengths of animals, and this power is dubbed “Animal Empathy”. (She took up psychology and became a therapist because she wanted to understand people just as much as her quirk allows her to understand animals.)
Hoshi Hibiki – My Hero Academia OC
Hoshi has a heteromorphic quirk that gives him bat-like features, such as an upturned, heart shaped nose and set of large fluffy bat ears. The ears in particular give him hypersensitive hearing, which would be a good power if he wasn’t a wannabe villain who became the self-proclaimed nemesis of Present Mic.
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moonwolfhowl · 3 years
Yuletide 2k19 edition
Hiyo, first off I’m moonwolfhowl on tumblr and nightmoonz on AO3. I’m really excited that you got me and I just want to thank you so much in advance and I really hope you have fun with this!!
Secondly, here are a couple things that I like and dislike, (and some prompts but you can take ‘em or leave ‘em). If you’re not 100% sure on if something is or isn’t my deal my ask box is open and the anon option is turned on.  
Ratings: I prefer through T-M, but tbh I’m pretty easy so if you wanna go up to E feel free ^__^“’
Likes, Loves and DNWs:
Likes and Loves!
AUs! No, seriously, every kind of AU
Humor! Especially: sarcasm, witty banter, etc…
Angst and hurt/comfort are awesome!
Slow Burns
MUTUAL PINING and/or SEEMINGLY unrequited feels
idiots to lovers, this can either be enemies to lovers or friends to lovers. sort of related to the point straight above XD
found families
Fake relationship/dating/marriage you know for a cover/mission/(fill in the blank)
Bed Sharing
Sex Pollen
“In Vino Veritas” 
Happy Endings!!
Squicks/DNWs (do not wants):
Character Bashing
Abuse of any kind
Actual unrequited feelings
Harm to animals
Major Character Death
Scat and/or Watersports
2nd and 1st person perspective
Spiders especially Tarantulas, this is a huge trigger for me
Okay! I’m gonna put a break here because this is a long post and all prompts/ideas are below.
Alrighty, so these are just some silly prompts or ideas that you can take from or totally ignore altogether! It’s really just some ideas that you can look to if you’re stuck or need a jumping off point.  And man, like if you already had an idea? Please feel free to go with that instead, I just want you to have fun  = ^__^ =  
Also again, if you have any questions the anon option is turned on for my ask box.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OOctopath Traveler - Therion, Tressa Colzione, Cordelia Ravus, and Leon Bastralle
Oh boy this game. I have no words that can even describe how much I LOVE this game. The storytelling was fantastic and I got really invested in not just the main 8 but in all of the minor/side characters too. I know I have Therion, Cordelia, Tressa and Leon specifically but if you want to throw in any of the other characters in the tagset you totally can, same with any side ships (here’s looking **You don't have to include ALL the characters I selected here in your fic, you can mix them up or follow a prompt I have. I only request that you include at least one of the ones picked here <3
I’m kind of open to anything but if you do need a jumping off point (and/or want to see me gush over my favs) check out the prompts below
Therion - I love him and would die for him he is my perfect little trash bandit. It kills me how he longs to belong somewhere but is equally afraid of it for very good reasons. Because of this he’s so heavily guarded and *sobs* his reactions to people (the 8 and Cordelia) genuinely caring about his wellbeing? It just hrrk! I’m so happy I started with him, that I got to see his growth throughout the story and how his emotional wounds finally seem like they’re on their way to healing. Tressa - My adorable little gremlin, she’s such a little badass! While money may be on her mind a lot she’d never cheat anyone! She’s genuinely kind and her travel adventure is so interesting because it’s about exploring the world, experiencing new places—and while she has a certain understanding of this—she learns the true meaning of sentimental value in things. I love her so much. Leon - I love how much of his character is wrapped up in some mystery and that he seems like a tortured but mature soul (as you can see I have a type.) Cordelia - I love Cordelia and she is entirely underrated. She’s been through quite a lot and her faith in my best boy helped him come back into the world able to to trust and love people again. She’s very soft and caring and now that her stolen heirlooms have been restored to her she can come back into the world herself.
Gen ideas:
Tressa and Therion teasing TF out of each other doesn’t matter what about or who about. I just love them and they have such a brosis vibe
Tressa spear fishing and shocking Therion or everyone by it, you can add any and/or all of the characters in the tag. (Inaccurate Tressa, "What? I live in a Port Town my dudes.”)
I know this is cheesy but Therion having his first Apple Pie would destroy me ; __ ; it can be when he’s little or an adult, AU, Canonverse or Canon divergent it can be a Birthday treat to himself, it can be the first thing he pays for with money he earned on his own. If you want to include any character my sign up sheet or want to include any other octo character(s) that’s fine too!
Shippy ideas (which I’m a little more into but whatever you are comfortable with is a-okay by me):
Cordelia Ravus/Therion (Thordelia)
THEM *SWOONS* I just love them, Cordelia helps my baby boy trust in people again and brings happiness back to his world… and he has so much respect for her I’m just— ; __ ; I just love them
Actor & Author relationship: AU, Canonverse or Canon divergent you name it!
Again Tressa teasing TF out of Therion but specifically about Cordelia (esp after his chapter good god. *swoon*)
Cordelia’s POV on her Noble Thief
Anything post game like I wouldn’t mind seeing her rebuilding Bolderfall, visiting each layer of the city and helping it thrive
Fake Dating. Any Setting XD
The “I’m supposed to take out the target but I fell for them instead” is also very good
Tressa Colzione/Leon Bastralle
; w ; their relationship and care for each other—like Thordelia’s—makes my heart melt
Any kind of them traveling together and developing feels on the open seas post game
Her being his apprentice and learning from him while teaching him some new things
Does Leon have a thing for the arts? Is that why he’s particularly enamored endeared to Tressa spotting the painting?
yeah ngl anything, my thirst is real
A Very Shippy and utterly ridiculous prompt. Tressa x Leon (Treon? Lessa?) and/or Thordelia (however if you wanna include other side ships like Olberhardt or H’aanit x Ophilia for example you can go for it!)
Masquerade! Can be Canonverse, Canon Divergent or AU!
A Masquerade ball in which: 
They can either know each other beforehand or not
Halloween Party, Adults, College AU
idk this is just something to have fun with and hey lol if you wanna make it more mature feel free
Promare - Lio, Galo, Gueira, Meis
Man this movie messed me up and all the right ways. Honestly one of the most chilling things was to see all of the Burnish being used as engine fuel… I like—ngl I cried, and then when Lio gets used as the core? ; __ ;
Honestly I will be happy with anything you come up with, there are so many possibilities just know that a heavy angst fic is A-okay by me, but if you want to do a flufflier or humor fic those are also so Very VERY good. I have some ideas below but again like if you have an idea in mind or started something by viewing my likes list go for it!
**You don't have to include ALL the characters I selected here in your fic, you can mix them up or follow a prompt I have. I only request that you include at least one of the ones picked here <3
Lio - Um yes I love him. He’s just such a tortured soul and true cares about people. I like—honestly he is my favorite character. The way he used his flame to protect Galo? How hard he fights for the Burnish? How hard Gueira and Meis fight for him and stop at nothing to save him speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. I just love him and want him to have nice things
Galo - This wonderful brilliant dumbass. I also love him and despite me calling him a dumbass he’s actually pretty with it when it comes to adapting to his environment. He also takes in new information and rather than reject it out right he examines it critically. Like the way he approached Kray about the Burnish experiments was not the smartest… However, he still went to find the truth no matter how much it could have hurt him and that really defines what kind of guy he is.
Gueira & Meis - So unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of these two but what we did get to see was GOLD. I love them, I love how they fight so hard to protect their fellow burnish and how loyal they are to Lio. Like omg when the Burnish were being rounded up but they used the last of their strength to save Lio, believing—knowing that he would come back for them? *hrrk* My heart.
So okay!!! Ideas and/or prompts! Again you don’t have to use these if you don’t want to <3
Anything Shippy with Lio and Galo + hurt/comfort?? 10/10
An AU where the Promare gift the Burnish with their “fire bending” abilities permanently
Anything found family esp if it's adopting Lio's litter fam with Galo's ; w ;
I'd love to see what was going on with Gueira/Meis while they were locked up side by side. What did they talk about? Their faith in Lio? Them possibly growing up with Lio? Their feels for each other? And honestly you can go as angsty as you want to with this.
Gueira & Meis being over protective (big bros) of their boss and bestie Lio. (Poor Galo lmao)
Feel free to include any other characters you want from the tag set or canon in general ^___^ 
Crescent Moon - Any
Ah… my poor beautiful tiny manga fandom… I love this 6 volume series so much. The storytelling can be fast paced at times but it doesn't even phase me considering how detailed and intricate the themes, lore, relationships and monsters & magic are. For this fandom anything goes, like any AUs, tropes, canon compliant or divergent is all welcome here.
Bonus points if you have your own take of the song/legend: “Princess Princess why do you cry?”
If you want to make a fic about the Princess and the Demon boy when they were kids, or have any fic at all featuring them (kid or adult) I'm all for it.
I love Mahiru Shiraishi/Mitsuru Suou they are such little disasters anything with them would be amazing but I’m a multishipper so if you have a ship that isn't them and you've been dying to write your ship? Write your ship! I'd love to read it!!! 
And anything including Akira is god tier - he is the bestest boy. 
I’m sorry I know this prompt is very open ended and very vague but like I’d just be happy with anything
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citruspeel · 5 years
to gold be the gory
How Golden Kamuy Outshines Competition
A Review
Tumblr media
That’s how I first heard of Golden Kamuy – a male voice screaming its title in around 2-minute intervals. I was busy slurping ramen in the communal eating tent in Odori Park when it blared in my ear. All through the day, they played its trailer on the tent TVs over and over again. It seemed interesting, and it was quite apt to see it being promoted there - after all, we were surrounded by snow, in Hokkaido, where the story was set. I kept seeing it in bookstores and its artwas eye-catching. But as soon as I was back on home soil, my interest was gone.
Life caught right back up with me, so I forgot about Golden Kamuy completely. Not until I saw some artists I follow post amazing fan art of it on Twitter. They were all singing it praises and the official art was beautiful, so I thought, ‘aw heck, why not?’
Let me tell you: there are no reasons not to.  
I’m what you call a…sporadic manga reader. I’m not up to speed with manga trends and it can take me a while to catch up. I read stuff that get my attention and when they’re recommended by my friends (I still haven’t touched Boku no Hero Academia or Shokugeki no Soma, though). I also don’t limit myself to just one genre. There are months that I devour shoujo/josei manga, like Hana Nochi Hare and Dame na Watashi ni Koi wo Kudasai. Then I’d switch over to read through volumes upon volumes of shounen manga (hi, Gintama, Haikyuu). Then there are periods wherein I just don’t read at all, devoting my time to other activities instead.  
Golden Kamuy, brainchild of artist Noda Satoru, is probably my first real foray into the seinen manga territory. The art, the storyline, the comedy, the stakes – every page told me that I wasn’t reading shounen anymore. Dick jokes weren’t dealt with caution. Gore was done with no shame. Raw Japanese scans didn’t have the hiragana reading aids. Strangely enough, it brought me back to all the titles I used to read when I was young. It made me realize all the stuff I was reading back then were very edgelord-esque and middle-school-syndrome-ish - the stuff of nightmares. Body horror, violence, gore, debauchery – CLAMP and Kaori Yuuki had primed my teenage self for all of them.
But at least, now, the edginess was dealt with a more mature hand.  
Hence it was no surprise that Kamuy ignited a sense of familiarity. I had mellowed down when I grew up (it saddens me that I really am quite a grown-up now) and, in turn, settled for fun, cheerful, romantic manga (to keep the dreariness of everyday life away, I guess haha). I got used to leisurely pacing and lighthearted comedy. Reading Golden Kamuy felt like I skydived into the unforgiving arena I had left – an arena that had been made fresher, better.  
What makes Kamuy an instant hit is its interesting combination of rarely-used elements. Post-War, Meiji-Era historical, early 1900s, hunting, Hokkaido, Ainu culture: can you really find another title that uses said mix? It’s no wonder people are attracted to the series.  
It also helps that the art is just spectacular. Noda’s artistic skill shines through every page, chapter, and volume cover. His poses are dynamic, his coloring brave. Sometimes the color combinations he uses just scream modern, serving as nice contrasts to the story’s historical, traditional setting. His character designs are unique and fresh – more so their personalities. Sugimoto’s facial scars are refreshing to the eye; Tsurumi’s half-corrupted face paired with a metal plate is a design I’ve never seen before. His art style brings out his designs to life in a way only he can – we’ve all seen cross-dressing men and shaved-bald convicts before, but still he was able to make Ienaga and Shiraishi look striking.
The research that he has done to make the story believable is commendable. He even has his own Ainu and Russian language consultants. Each detail he adds in shows that every page is a product of hard work. He even features real buildings in Hokkaido and Otaru (I’ve also been to Otaru and it was nice to see it in the manga!). The information we learn from Noda’s usage of the Ainu culture, hunting practices, and military details – all of this, weaved in with an intricate, explosive plot, give us a series that feels…whole. Complete.
Kamuy also spreads word about the Ainu culture in a fun and entertaining way. I haven’t heard a lot about them in the series I’ve encountered – I’ve only heard of them through Rurouni Kenshin. Nothing since then. To see them in the spotlight is a breath of fresh air. Even the Ainu themselves feel the same way – apparently they told Noda that they didn’t want to be portrayed as discriminated anymore. They wanted strong Ainu characters, and boy, did Noda deliver.
Because of its seinen status, you can tell that Noda has no qualms about plotting and story structure. We’re given heavy-hitting story elements right off the bat: war vet undertakes a legendary treasure hunt to help the (stolen-by-his-friend) love of his life, requiring him to track down 24 of the most dangerous insane criminals to have ever walked Japan. It’s throwing punches right from the get-go. Kamuy doesn’t baby anyone (except for bear cubs). With its pacing, convoluted plot and bevy of interesting characters, it challenges the reader to not just enjoy, but to keep up. It’s unapologetic in everything that it does – character, story, and art.  
Immortal War Vet, Morality Pet Minority Action Girl, Escape Sweet-tooth King, and so forth. They somehow fulfill stereotypes but at the same time, Noda manages to twist things to a whole new light. His milieu, too, aids in solidifying the characters he writes – the setting itself makes them unforgettable.  
It is also in his cast that we see how unapologetic Noda is. Considering that Sugimoto is to track 24 of the most dangerous criminals in the country, Noda doesn’t shy away from showcasing every kind of evil that can exist within humans. We tackle lust, greed, wrath, and avarice with a dash more reality compared to the caricatures we often see in shounen manga. Those faint of heart and innocent countenance will have a hard time stomaching Noda’s cast as it unfolds. The more I read, the more I believe Noda probably has a subscription to the Crime Investigation channel (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Truth be told, humans are very much capable of evil, and I’m not surprised that some of his villains are actually modeled after real-life criminals.
Notable characters:
IENAGA  - a cross between Erszebet Bathory (a countess who was known to kill virgins and bathed in their blood to remain beautiful) and of H.H. Holmes, a real-life owner of an actual murder hotel in the US during the 19th century. Ienaga’s first dungeon appearance made me flashback to some of mangaka Kaori Yuki’s ornate gorefests such as Count Cain, Angel Sanctuary, and Ludwig Revolution. Noda felt no shame when he drew each and every one of Ienaga’s murderscapes. 
HENMI KAZUO – this one really made me blink when I was reading it. Serial killer Henmi Kazuo is an exploration of the depths of human depravity. Imagine, being stimulated by gore and the act of clinging to life the same way his brother did when a bear ate him. Damn, writing that sentence made me realize Noda just straight up doesn’t baby his audience. This is the stuff Netflix series Mindhunter would kill to have. This also would really need some real guts (pardon the pun) to execute.
SHITON – he also made me stop in my tracks. Shiton, a full-on bestiality-practicing scientist, was something I’ve never read about in any other manga at all. I’ve read about murderers and criminals and incestuous personalities (Kaori Yuki and George RR Martin weren’t shy about it at all), but this character was just sick. He’s a special type of crazy (although to be perfectly honest I am sure that somewhere in the world some sick human is partaking in stuff like this), and for Noda to actually use him in his manga just takes courage. He just has the balls to make you think twice, but hey, when you’re in seinen territory, everything seems to be a free-for-all. And let’s be real frank here – there’s just another level of human debauchery in real life that most people won’t even be able to stomach hearing about.  
TSURUMI – Tsurumi is the stuff of legend. He reminds me the most of Col. Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, but with his insanity turned up into eleven. He also has shades of Leonardo’s character in Django Unchained, as well as other manic-type ‘villains’ that we’ve seen in other series. But his impulsiveness and flamboyant nature places him a cut above the rest. Noda also draws him so dynamically (seriously!) that whenever he appears, your eyes are just drawn to him.  
Plus, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the level of real-world research that Noda uses in developing his characters. Tsurumi says that he has lost a part of his frontal lobe, which in turn affects his temper and his violent tendencies. This is actually true in real life, and has been seen in a high-profile murder case involving a famous football player in the United States. Because of the repetitive head injuries that the player received playing the sport, his own personality/temper had changed, and resulted him in killing his girlfriend in cold blood.
Of course we have the holy trinity of Sugimoto (classic lovable romantic badass war vet protagonist), Asirpa (butt-kicking girl-child) and Shiraishi (adorable slinky/comic relief), all gems in their own right. Noda has endeared them to us with the heartwarming dynamic between Sugimoto + Asirpa, plus Shiraishi’s antics. Character-wise, they seem to follow a specific trio formula that works in almost anything. Harry-Hermione-Ron, Gintoki-Kagura-Shinpachi, Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke. While his main character trio wins people over, his supporting cast can also shine bright on their own. Some great examples that come to mind are Ogata, Tanigaki, and Monkey-Scream Guy Otonoshin (even Tsukishima is memorable! He even has the Voldemort nose, doesn't he?).
Noda’s principle of mixing reality with caricature is also evident in his character designs. With every cast member we meet, it’s clear that Noda is far from being a sufferer of the six-faces-only syndrome. His designs do sometimes border on the impossible (Monkey-Scream guy’s eyebrows, really?), but it’s not a bad thing. If anything, it makes the visual experience of reading the comic even more worthwhile.  
Noda is a great manga artist. Let’s start with that.  
Tumblr media
Just look at these covers!
Tumblr media
This coloring + color schemes!
Tumblr media
This character design!!
I’ve been raving about his character designs for a few paragraphs now but it’s just really that good. I love his eye for composition and his impeccable framing for action and comedy. I’ve always thought that framing comics need special planning – especially action + comedy ones. You have to ensure that the first thing the reader sees in the next panel will make the action/joke understandable and clear. It takes great skill to decide what the reader sees and doesn’t see. Through Golden Kamuy’s 158 chapters, he makes use of this skill to make us laugh whenever Asirpa’s badgering them to make citatap, or when there’s a new animal part to eat, or when Tanigaki’s out showing nudes of himself to people. If the pages weren’t framed well, the jokes would’ve fallen flat. Let’s also not forget his adeptness in drawing facial expressions. This manga just does faces so well.  
Tumblr media
(Just look at Asirpa! collage c/o the Golden Kamuy reddit)
His fight scenes are also top-notch. You just know that Noda, as a mangaka, isn’t knocking about. The flow of action in every page is just downright superb. It also shows his mastery of human anatomy – and his courage when it comes to gore. His use of crisp blacks and whites, solid lineart, thick, expressive color give us pages that are fresh and clean...I’d be a fool to dismiss his technique, because his (and his studio’s, I guess?) skill just shines through every page.
He’s also not shy when it comes to details – which is admirable. After all, it takes some great dedication for someone to give his main character distinct facial scars that will require repeated drawings in almost every single page (and give his heroine a detailed headband). It makes me wonder just how he does it with a weekly schedule. His color pages look like they were done digitally, but I still have doubts whether or not he does his chapters by hand.  
It took me just a few days to wolf down Kamuy. It was a romp right from the start – nail-biting, stomach-clutching, hair-raising. A truly entertaining piece, if you will. But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed with Kamuy, it’s that it somehow lacks heart.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s great! I love it. It’s superbly crafted, beautifully drawn, amazingly detailed. It’s one of the rare titles that I’m actually thinking of collecting. But it’s also a title that seems to drip technique. Like the author made it for the sake of drawing an intense, gripping title, but somehow solely for that purpose. It’s a career-conscious showcase of ability, a manufactured adventure in the truest sense. I couldn’t see the earnestness I found in Sorachi Hideaki’s Gintama, or the relatability of Nakahara Aya’s  Dame na Watashi wo Koishite Kudasai. Full Metal Alchemist showed Arakawa Hiromu’s passion for muscled men, her interest in alchemy, and views on family, while Haruichi Furudate’s love for volleyball, sportsmanship and camaraderie is undeniable in Haikyuu!!. While I do like the backstory that Sugimoto is somehow based on his real-life war-vet grandfather, I find it a bit sad that it seems to lack that personal touch I’ve always liked seeing in other manga.
But it doesn’t mean that it’s not great. I will still recommend it to everyone I know. Awesome story, great art, refreshing comedy. By all means, read it! (Not sure about the anime, but I keep hearing reviews that we’re better off with the manga). Golden Kamuy is a title of both style and substance – whether it’s about the gore or the gold, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  
Then let me know if you agree with my upcoming post, an analysis of Sugimoto and Asirpa.
Photos c/o reddit + our lovely scanlators + Satoru Noda
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akaskira · 5 years
My Favourite Songs of Hosoya Yoshimasa
I don't think I need to say how much I love him. One of the factors that lead me to be such a fangirl was because of his singing. Below, I shall document some of my favourites and tell my story. Characters included. Click on the names for links!!
Clutch time - Hyuuga Junpei in KnB
This was one of the first songs I heard of Hosoya, purely due to curiosity, and then I was just like WTF. I wasn't expecting anything and didn't think that this guy, who has such a deep voice, can sing in such a high pitch. The start just took me away. After that, I found it amusing cause he turned pissed lol but that was surprising too. But everything basically escalated from just hearing this song.
Ashita e no Last Race - Yamazaki Sousuke in Free!
Just Wanna Know is also good, but I prefer this song. The start was beautiful af, and I was just amazed. The song is so sad I felt a little emotional. It's just so beautiful. Sousuke is fucking beautiful. Hosoya is so beautiful.
Kaze no Requiem - Nezumi in No.6
I literally teared up the first time I heard this song. This song is just.... really beautiful (I've been using this word too much) and the lyrics mean a lot too. And I repeat: this is the anime that saved Hosoya. So this song kind of saved him in a way. This other song: Buna no Mori de is also a nice one. 
Boku ni Totte - Yamato Ishida in Digimon Adventure Tri.
This song seems a little not-like Hosoya, especially with the beginning, but it turned out really nice too. Definitely recommend a listen. And his "kimi ja nakya" killed me lol. (Translates to something like "it can only be you")
Song for You - Shiraishi Kuranosuke
SO MANY FEELS. Listen to the Shiraishi Kuranosuke Concert version, it’s much nicer there I swear. I already cried while watching the concert, and cried a river when he sang this song. It's such UGH so so so fucking nice. Please have a listen to this song, as well as the whole concert! (This song is about 47 minutes in the concert).
Other favourites in the concert: Ecstasy,  l.ng (apparently Hosoya wrote some of the lyrics or sth), Get Started, Kaburiel Hakusho, Go on, Prayer, Ashiato, etc.
I feel like I should try to translate his songs but idk and copyright
Lost in Thoughts All Alone - Shigure in Fire Emblem Fates
Again, fell in love with the first line. This is a song I play on repeat Everyday and just indulge myself in this slow song. A song that is so peaceful it’ll bring you to sleep. Also what the heck is this (Shigure being our boyfriend???) haha I’m dead. 
Tengenji Kakeru: Angel Lost (Just like the song title, this is angelic and totally made me cry) 
Haruto Kirishima: Kimi no Iru Machi (Ending song for the anime: Kimi no Iru Machi sang by the one and only) 
Trurugi Yashiro: Under the Moon (Yet another nice song)
Yuuki Tetsuya: Billion Swings (A manly yet good song proving the efforts of this character from Diamond of Ace) 
Perabu: Little Happy Days (with Kimura Ryohei, Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Kakihara Tetsuya) 
Okay, I ranted enough. If you read until the end, congrats to you XD I will forever and ever share my love for this talented person. Looking forward to the day I meet or hear Hosoya singing live. I will legit cry like a baby. 
Thank you for reading!!
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recentanimenews · 2 years
Golden Kamuy – 28 – Big Top, Big Turd
Tumblr media
There’s no shortage of deep, dark, horrible stuff in Golden Kamuy (see: last week), but what keeps the audience from descending into despair is its well-integrated, irreverent, and sometimes gross comedy. Yet the comedy almost always serves and propels the more serious and dramatic central story, rather than simply serving as isolated points of relief.
Take Kiroranke introducing Asirpa to a opokay, a fanged deer that was her father’s first kill. He has her smell the musk glad, giving us another wonderful Asirpa Face (Ogata’s face, funnily enough, barely changes upon smelling it). Kiroranke tells the tale of how he and Wilk not just hunted this deer, but were called musk deer due to their wandering.
Our sense of smell is most closely tied to memory, so Asirpa remembers the beaded hohchiri her dad gave her to wear until her first kill (which is typically only for boys). This is how Kiroranke hopes to uncover the mysteries Wilk left in his daughter’s head: by continuing to familiarize her with the man her dad was, and that above all she can trust him, her father’s friend.
Tumblr media
Comedy returns to the fore in a big way this week as Team Sugimoto ends up in Toyohara, the cultural capital of Karafuto, and fall victim to a circus acrobat who snatches bags in his spare time. Despite the kid’s speed and agility, Koito is up to the task of chasing him down with the Japanese equivalent of parkour.
When the circus’ ringleader Yamada hears the boy was thieving again, he whips out his sword and appears to cut his face, only for there to be no cut, only blood. Turns out the sword is part of Yamada’s show-stopping fake harakiri act, which was so good in Russia that he was declared dead in the newspapers.
This gives Sugimoto a fresh idea for reuniting with Asirpa: by performing his “Immortal Sugimoto” act in the circus, he’ll be putting himself out there in front of a huge crowd as well as the local media, meaning there’s no way Asirpa will miss him.
Tumblr media
The other three soldiers also join the circus temporarily, as they are all united in the goal of finding Asirpa. Koito is an instant hit with Yamada and the girls for his considerable and effortless acrobatic feats. When asked what circus he came up in, he proudly proclaims “The 7th Division of the Imperial Army!”
Tsukishima and Tanigaki, who lack any acrobatic talent, are shunted off to join the dancing girls who perform between acts. Tanigaki reveals how sensitive he is to harsh criticism by the stern battleaxe of a choreographer, but is comforted by one of the older girls, Beniko, who cheers him on as she contemplates her final performance before the circus cuts her loose.
Then Sugimoto is taught the harakiri act by Yamada, who not only reveals what a good showman he is, but how damn big his nipples are! In truth, the sword has a grove containing red dye, and the water splashed on the body to “purify” it is really the liquid the dye turns red upon contact, leading the audience from afar to believe real cuts were made.
Tumblr media
The day of the big show arrives, and the soldiers must before to a packed house, only with their natural or acquired artistic skills, not their fists. Koito performs almost perfectly until he finds a photo of his beloved Tsurumi on the tightrope.
Later, Tsukishima confesses he put it there worried Koito’s performance would overshadow Sugimoto’s, and thus their objective to find Asirpa. But Koito’s resulting improvisation ends up bringing the house down anyway. As for Tanigaki, he turns in a performance he can be proud of, and is finally acknowledged by the tough choreographer.
Tumblr media
All that remains is the big closer: the Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show. His assistant Cikapasi (whom we learned received a hohchiri from Enonoka that he won’t be removing anytime soon) douses him with water in the right places, but Sugimoto soon learns that the sword he has is real—Koito switched out the fake as revenge for trying to sabotage him (before Tsukishima claimed responsibility).
Sugimoto shows he has a bit of a gift for showmanship by drawing the sword close and pulling it back with a chuckle, allowing the audience to let out the collective breath they were holding in. But this only works a couple times; they want to see blood. So after cutting his wrist, he cuts his leg, and prepares to cut his chest in a place where it will bleed a lot but not damage anything vital.
Tumblr media
Right then, he’s bailed out from having to cut himself when one of a trio of suspicious Russians pulls a gun on him. He slices the assassin’s hand off then slashes him across the mid-section. He then takes out the other two, all to the rapturous delight of the crowd, who of course think this is all fake.
It’s delcious irony that just as Tsukishima’s attempt to sabotage Koito’s act made his act much better, the same happens when Koito tries to sabotage Sugimoto’s. More than that, if Sugimoto hadn’t had a real sword, he could have been in real trouble against those three Russians.
After the show, which was an undisputed hit, ringleader Yamada reveals that the Russians were likely hired to assassinate him, as he was an Imperial Army spy embedded in Russia before the war and provided intelligence to Japan.
Tumblr media
Yamada’s intelligence bonafides also make him an ideal source of intel for their search for Kiroranke and Asirpa, as the newspaper only had two sentences mentioning Sugimoto. Yamada tells them about Alexandrovskaya Prison, where a large group of “eastern minorities” were recently transferred there for plotting a resistance.
As the four soldiers prepare to head further north to the prison, Sugimoto holds out hope Asirpa’s beautiful blue eyes will read those two sentences about him in the Toyohara paper, and learn that he is still indeed alive. Instead, in another irreverent comedy aside, we see that Asirpa is actually, in that moment, looking at poop she mistakes for that of big game, when it is actually the recent leavings of one Shiraishi Yoshitake.
Maybe it’s just as well she’s staring at a turd…what if the paper had erroneously reported Sugimoto’s death? In any case, the ED sequence in which both Sugimoto and Asirpa see the same snowflake glide by gives me hope that one of these days he’s going to finally catch up to her, and with some amazing new stories to tell.
Tumblr media
By: braverade
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goldenkamuyhunting · 3 years
Did you start making chapter theories in ch. 179? I would have liked to see your take in the psychology of certain convicts, like Sekiya, Gansoku and Henmi
I began a little earlier at around chap 162, but at the time I didn’t really make a rambling post for each chapter.
I’ve also a re-reading series, but I ended up interrupting it at chap 18 (even if I actually wrote it till chap 38) for various reasons.
If you feel like listening to me ramble about those three I don’t mind doing it, just keep in mind it’s not a real psychological analysis. Those take a professional and much more information about their lives than I have at hand and I’m not even sure if Noda wanted to make them THAT psychologically accurate.
So take this more as a character analysis than a real psychological take of them.
For a moment let me group together Henmi and Sekiya as, like most of the characters of Golden Kamuy, they’ve in common they lived a traumatic event that influenced the rest of their lives and became their Freudian excuse.
Mind you, the trope is called Freudian excuse but in Noda’s case often it’s more a Freudian explanation, a ‘why they ended up like this’ a showing that they weren’t just random bad men born evil but once they were just ordinary guys like you and me and then something happened and they reacted to it in the entirely wrong way, turning them in complete monsters. A For Want of a Nail effect, if you want, something happens, and this event has a ripple effect, resulting in massive change in the character changes radically.
So, with this in mind, let’s go dig into those two.
Henmi is the first convict we meet whose life was totally screwed over by a traumatic event.
The previous convicts are:
- Gotou who, according to Shiraishi, murdered his wife and child while drunk, even though I would be more prone, analyzing his interaction with Sugimoto during which he’s friendly and harmless when drunk and attempts to murder him when he’s sober, to assume he was actually not drunk when he did it and merely said he was hoping this would result in a less
- Prisoner n 1, of whom we know nothing about except that he viewed himself as a small fish
- Tsuyama, whom we know is a murderer but not why
- Shiraishi, who’s not a murderer
- Hijikata, who’s actually a political prisoner
- Ushiyama, who killed out of self defence
- Nihei, who just couldn’t let go whose who attacked him but had to take revenge on them.
And then comes in Henmi, who actually has a backstory that explains why he became a monster.
Henmi himself doesn’t consider it an excuse, just his starting point, albeit it’s possible that, had Shiraishi never asked, he would have never wondered why he took that turn.
Tumblr media
Henmi saw a board killing his little brother, apparently eating it alive.
Tumblr media
We’ve no info on why this incident took place, but this seems to point out Henmi didn’t deliberately cause this.
So really, this is what turned him from an ordinary kid to a monster, so it’s not something he had caused.
Henmi watched this from his hiding spot, meaning he either arrived on the scene, was scared and hid or that both siblings were there but only Henmi managed to reach a hiding place and from there he couldn’t move to help his brother.
Henmi describes his brother’s death vividly. It was horrific, his brother was helpless and it wasn’t even the boar’s fault as the animal couldn’t understand him. Henmi thinks his brother was in a lot of pain and fear, in despair and hopelessness.
But then he says something that clearly leaves into us an impression. He says that each time he thinks at his brother ‘he really, really want to kill somebody, anybody’, and he seems to have an erection as he says so.
Tumblr media
Due to this it’s easy to think that Noda is trying to depict him as someone committing ‘lust murders’, murders done by someone who searches for erotic satisfaction by killing someone… by is it really so simple?
Not quite because it’s not murdering someone what turns Henmi on, it’s the idea that this someone will murder him.
Henmi is not identifying with the boar, he’s identifying with his brother.
I’ll go and assume the idea here is that part of the problem here is that when Henmi saw his brother being killed, his body reacted in an inappropriate manner.
When one is scared the body produces dopamine. Some individuals may get more of a kick from this dopamine response than others do as, and according to some studies dopamine can trigger penile erection (though they’re still debating over this but whatever, Golden Kamuy isn’t meant to be a medicine text).
Anyway, in between the trauma to seeing his brother being killed in such a horrific way and his body’s reaction somehow Henmi came up with the idea he wanted to die like him.
We see Henmi doesn’t get an erection when he kills the Yakuza,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
just when he thinks to how Sugimoto could kill him. We see Henmi thinks Shiraishi is masturbating to the thought of getting killed, not to the thought of killing someone.
Possibly part of all this is also due to guilt, he just stood there, watching as light died in his brother’s eyes (it’s interesting how he carve the kanji for ‘eye’ in his victims, as if to mark them with his sin) and let his younger brother be killed and even got off by it and that also explains his wish to die. In a way in this he’s similar to Sekiya, who thought he should have been the one who died, and not his little girl.
And it’s interesting Henmi has to think at it, before explaining this is what turned him into what he is, because this hints he tried to forget what he saw, that he buried it inside himself, for him it wasn’t ‘oh, okay, so this is how my brother die so let’s start killing people’, Henmi didn’t try to understand his impulses, he just followed them.
But, long story short, Henmi’s wish to die a beautiful death, like his little brother, lead him to become completely twisted.
Maybe the boar attacked them because they attempted to attack him, that’s why Henmi began to attack people, attempting to murder them in hope they would instead murder him, attempting to recreate what happened with his brother. Maybe if this experience had never happened to him Henmi would have just been an ordinary well-mannered and very sociable guy who helps friends (when Shiraishi sees Sister Miyazawa and follows her Henmi stops the guard from chasing him).
This however wasn’t meant to be.
Henmi flips, develops an obsession on his own death, whom he wants to be terrible like the one of his brother and maybe the second tragedy of his own story is by misfortune he had to kill over a hundred people before he met someone who could give him ‘his beautiful death’, hundred kills he likely felt insensible about because, when you start thinking being killed is the most exciting experience ever, you probably don’t even connect you’re doing something bad, which is also why we can label Henmi as a monster, because he’s absolutely remorseless toward his victims.
Henmi is dangerous, a serial killer that can only be stopped by death… but it would be interesting if we could peek to an universe in which he was never exposed to the trauma of losing his brother and see if in it he could have become an ordinary guy instead.
Oh well, we’ll never know.
Sekiya now as he’s similar to Henmi, yet very different.
While it’s likely that Henmi’s traumatic event or turning point took place when he was young, Sekiya’s traumatic event takes place when he’s a man and, in the volume version, Noda pays special care to it.
We know Sekiya used to be a livestock veterinarian who went around to different ranches in Hokkaido and looked after their horses and things like that.
The traumatic event that ruined his life is well known to the fandom and easy to understand and sympathize with.
Sekiya himself tells it to Kadokura, in a way that mimics a confession.
It was a Sunday morning and he was walking home with his daughter, who was still a toddler, she being right at his side, plodding around.
The images shows us a Christian church and this, combined with how it was a Sunday morning, tell us that Sekiya was probably walking home from Sunday mass.
We see him smile as he watch his daughter, light in his eyes.
Tumblr media
Sekiya probably used to be a normal person, likely nothing over the top but what you would easily label good, and probably he felt that since he also has done his religious duty and gone to mass, God should smile down on him and protect him and his family.
(It’s possible he’s indulging a little in the capital vice of pride here… and considering his future actions in the future too)
We never hear Sekiya talking about a wife so it’s possible she died and he had to overcome that loss. Assuming a wife existed and died, he clearly overcome losing her and, evidently, being with his daughter, just watching her walk next to him, gives him joy.
Then something exploded behind him and he lost consciousness. When he wakes up he can only see that his daughter head and feet had been blown apart…. Which should be a pretty horrific thing to watch, especially for a father, but it takes him a while to realize this was due to a lighting having struck her, his eyes losing their light as he realizes this.
Tumblr media
Abruptly Sekiya had lost his daughter, in a way that he didn’t even understand at first, a horrible way. She was a beloved child, a reason of joy for him and it could be she was the last member of his family alive.
Now there’s a really common characteristic in humans from various cultures.
Many of them tend to think that the lightning is ‘the weapon of God/a God’.
Wikipedia even have a full page in which they list the various thunder gods from all around the world and the bible too implied God can toss thunders and lightnings.
So Sekiya, man of faith, who believed to be a good person likely blessed or at least protected by his God, is facing such a terrible tragedy just after he left the church in which he probably received the Eucharist, a tragedy that took place by a mean that’s considered by many ‘a weapon of God’, a tragedy that should cause him agonizing pain because losing a child so young should be terrible.
Now… sadly the best thing Sekiya could have done at this point was just to mourn his own child and learn to cope with the pain of her loss, possibly without losing his faith but using it as a crutch in his darkest hour.
Sekiya though, doesn’t find in himself the strength to chose the best option for himself.
Sekiya can’t accept his own disgrace and the way it happened, mourn and move on.
We see Sekiya back in the church, wondering why this happened to his daughter and not him.
Actually he asks himself (or God) why his daughter was chosen and not him.
どうして娘が選ばれたのか… どうして俺じゃなかったのか
‘Dōshite musume ga eraba reta no ka... Dōshite ore janakatta no ka’
Tumblr media
His next step, he explains to Kadokura, is to ask himself the following thing:
“Is ‘luck’ the will of God… or does the fact that a man like me was left alive prove that there is no such thing as God?”
‘“Un” to wa kami no ishina no ka… kami no yōna ningen o ikinokora seru to iu koto wa kami nado sonzai shinai node wanai ka?’
Tumblr media
It’s this thought that likely pushed Sekiya to test people’s luck over and over, ending up on murdering quite a bunch of people.
I think part of Sekiya’s problem is that he was a man indulging in the capital vice of pride.
He sounds like he believed he believed he knew how things worked (God would punish the wicked and protect the ones who walk on the right path as hinted in chap 172) and viewed himself and especially his daughter as people who should be protected, blessed by God and just couldn’t accept to be proved wrong when his daughter died, demanded an explanation, deluded himself he could understand what no human had ever understood, God’s plans or that, if he can’t, this would mean God doesn’t exist.
Of course Sekiya’s view about who God would bless and who he would punish is extremely limited as it implies God should murder whoever would deviate by the right path and would protect from everything whoever would remain on it and it doesn’t take a genius to know IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY, bad things can happen to good people and terrible people instead might be blessed with good luck.
But part of the problem though is that Sekiya’s obsession with trying to understand why his own misfortune happened to him works as a copying mechanism that distract him from the agonizing pain of his loss.
What’s more it makes him feel as if he has the power to control things.
What Sekiya wanted to get in fact was exactly what he got, for God to protect someone righteous and punish him for not being righteous anymore.
He’s overjoyed when he’s proved right, Hijikata survives to an extremely risky bet and kills him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Although he says he has great interest in observing how fortune play out in people he’s never delighted when they die. He’s just businesslike, this is done, let’s move to the next.
Instead he’s delighted when he’s proved right even if this means he’ll die… but well, life had probably lost part of his meaning to him, circling about a sick game that couldn’t give him any satisfaction.
Nowadays may countries would have given psychological help to both Sekiya and Henmi after they suffered their trauma, so that they might not have ended up turning into monsters like they instead did.
However, in Golden Kamuy’s time, this possibility didn’t exist and if you couldn’t find by yourself the strength to overcome in the right way your traumas and problems well… no one would be capable to help you.
Most of the cast of GK would benefit from psychological help, Henmi and Sekiya are merely among the people who reacted to trauma in the worst way.
Now… Gansoku… well, the guy is hard to pin.
As far as we know he didn’t have a ‘traumatic moment TM’ that turned him into who he is.
When he explains himself, Gansoku says he expresses himself through violence the same way one would express himself through art but acknowledges this made others hate him as they didn’t understand him, which lead him to get jailed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gansoku doesn’t view this as bad as prison was a place busting with violence in which he made friends who were happy if he punched the guards and where he would go on a rampage and could only be stopped by Ushiyama.
His explanation seems to pain the picture of a violent man who can’t control himself and beat people left and right.
However when we met Gansoku we discover he’s a guy who basically promoted the stenka fights by encouraging people to bet on them. He’s a man who doesn’t attack at random but in a fight, can play in a team, tries to understand Sugimoto and helps him with his problems, helps Tsukishima when he’s wounded and can’t walk, can travel with Svetlana and protect her and wouldn’t fight with Sofia because he believed she wouldn’t be up for it.
He just love fighting and make no difference if he’s the one beating others or he’s getting beaten up. As long as he’s fighting someone strong he’s happy.
In short he’s not an uncontrollable abuser but a guy who loves to fight and who goes all out when fighting, a guy who can control himself and even being nice.
I wonder if he ended up in jail for a reason similar to Ushiyama, because he overdo it in a fight or in an argument. He said he was hated so maybe it’s the other people who would start the fight but, due to his superior strength he would hurt them too bad when he would react and end up in jail.
It’s hard to say, he’s undoubtedly strange but, at the same time, as he seems someone who doesn’t attack at random, that’s why he remind me of Ushiyama. But well, we’ll see if he’ll get more development.
For now that’s all I can say.
Thank you for your ask!
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sweetmaririn · 5 years
End of the year 2.5D Butai/Musical Asks!
Alright, I know this is really late since I finally got the chance to do this so let’s get it on to it~ 
Truth; I didn’t expect to be tagged along but I was. I have to say that I’m very happy that I got tagged. 
I was tagged by the lovely @allyyyyy0619
Once again, thank you for tagging me. My way of describing might be an odd way to describe a stage/musical/person and etc because in all honesty I actually don’t know what to say or how to describe it. And please, pardon my bad English!
Now let’s get to the questiosn! 
1. Firstly, how did you manage to find out about 2.5D butai/musical? Which butai/musical was your first and your impression of it?
I’m not sure which was exactly my first but it’s a Musical, it could be either Kuromyu (Musical 2) or Tenimyu. It’s either this two and my impression on both are somewhat the same? As it was something new for me because everyone is acting on stage, with wigs and full makeup on which I first find it quite funny but then I got used to it since it’s also fascinating. Hmm to say when it happened, I think it’s safer for me to say it was all in 2012, I was 14 at that time and only started using the internet fully. But it was a wild, fun ride for me. I like how I started from there to here.
2. Who was your first favourite 2.5D actor/actress? Why?
Hmm it should be Mizuta Kouki because of Tenimyu. I don’t remember how I got attracted to this guy but it was a love at a first sight. I find him very cool, especially when I saw his Kenya! It was awesome.. 
3. Top 3 (or more) favourite butai of the year?
1. Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu -Shousha to Haisha-
Since I’m also a fan of Haikyuu itself, I just love it when it comes to Seijoh since they are my favourite school after Karasuno. As this stage is the one when Karasuno lost to Seijoh during Interhigh, I get to see the touching scenes being acted out, putting me in tears. Of all thing is the music, I really like the orchestra theme going on, it gives you the bumps every single time and everything sounds so epic that it is as if there’s a strong wind swiping you along the way.  
2. Stage play Touken Ranbu -Akatsuki no Dokuganryu-
Hmmm what do I say for this one? Maybe because there’s Kasen Kanesada and Ookurikara. Kasen is my starter so I’m happy to see him on stage, besides Wada Takuma-san did an excellent job portraying him. I could stop fangirling over how elegant Kasen is? Besides that, it’s Tsurumaru. I totally love ‘Dark Tsurumaru’ , I was so shocked and that what a huge surprise for me. I’d always wonder how would a “ Dark version of Tsurumaru looked like” never thought it would really happen. Plot wise, everything is well written and well done. As usual Tousute has good music as well. 
3.  Joker Game
Okay this is quite unusual for me because I didn’t even watch the anime or read the manga to know the story but I definitely enjoyed the stage. It was very entertaining, everyone was so cool and despite it’s dark story, I actually really like it. The whole story isn’t my cup of tea but I watched it for Yamamoto Ikkei and didn’t thought it was be amazing.  
4. Top 3 (or more) least favourite butai of the year?
I don’t think I have one that I can list? Even if there’s some that didn’t fully caught my attention. . . . . . or maybe I didn’t watch much enough to actually have a least favourite. 
5. Top 3 (or more) favourite musical of the year?
1. Musical Touken Ranbu -Mihotose no Komoriuta- 
As usual, Touken Ranbu will win over everything. Anyways, for Mihotose’s storyline, I cried. I watched the musical and cried a lot. The acting was tip top, especially when I saw Yokota Ryugi’s real tears coming out, I couldn’t stop crying. Ishikirimaru’s suffering kills me, Nikkari’s observant kills me, Sengo’s uhhh self kills me, Tonbokiri kills me, Monoyoshi’s suffering kills me.. And the most would be because of Ookurikara, in this musical, we were shown the the softer side of him like when he said “that’s why I didn’t want to become friends” and how he actually cares. I love it.
2. Musical Star-Myu
I actually don’t have anything much to say about this musical since I can’t call myself much of a fan but I do like it and got hooked with the songs, and since I like Otori. (blame Suwabe Junichi for all of this) And since Kiyama Haruki did a good job as Otori.. 
6. Top 3 (or more) least favourite musical of the year?
I really do think I haven’t watch much so nothing to be listed.
7. Top 3 (or more) favourite actors/actress of the year?
1. Arisawa Shoutarou 
2. Mikata Ryosuke 
3. Ota Motohiro / Someya Toshiyuki
8. Top 3 (or more) rookie actors/rising actors whom you’ve high hopes for in the future?
1. Arisawa Shoutarou 
As we all can see, Shoutarou’s popularity is rising day by day now, from just an ensemble to an actual main character, that itself is a huge achievement and it doesn’t even take him that long to achieve that. I couldn’t be more proud of him, all I know is that he deserves all the love. And since Shoutarou is quite new, I want everyone to see Shoutarou’s true talent and he’ll prove the world that he is more than just “a rookie actor”. Shoutarou still has more years ahead but I know he’ll improve in no time, he already proved that to us from K Stage to now. And as I predicted, he’ll be in the new Toumyu next spring! I’m totally looking forward to that.
2. Kohatsu Allen
Allen has been around for a while now just like Shoutarou, and slowly I can see that he’s getting more better jobs now. But I still want to see even more for him. I was so happy when it was announced that he’ll be playing as “Shu” in Diabolik Lovers stage. Allen will totally be able to catch everyone’s attention once they see how he is on stage.
3. Shiraishi Judai 
I don’t know if Judai is considered popular or not but I know everyone really likes his Mattsun. I can’t say much since I haven’t seen other than his acting in Engeki Haikyuu or which stage was it with the one him being the villain(?) He was so cool in that stage, so I can say that he’s a great actor. Sooner or later, he’ll get something bigger that everyone can agree with me. I really do have my high hopes for him.
9. Top 3 (or more) favourite butai/musical related drama/movie of the year?
1. Yowamushi Pedal 
well since I love the manga, anime and the stage, of course I will love the drama as well especially when most of the actors in the drama were also in the previous stages. I get to see Pedal without seeing everyone running on stage, in a fixed position cameras I meant and with actual bikes. Pedal takes lots of stamina and energy so I admire all the actors that could bring us Pedal to live.
10. Top 3 (or more) actors/actress that you think have the best singing voice?
I’m bad at describing how beautiful someone’s voice may be so I’ll just rank it with a weird way of describing it?
1. Mikata Ryosuke
Ever since I’ve known him, I still think he’s the best of them all. I like it whenever he sings. I don’t know, his singing is just all dreamy for me. I love it. Mikatii;s singing isn’t the strong-windy type but he’s like the boyish type too. Easy for me to describe it, his vocals are like the when you went for a jog in the morning, the sun rise as you breathe in the fresh air. Or his vocals is like as if he’s pinning you to the wall. 
2. Ota Motohiro
Mokkun’s voice is the medium kind of strong. Most of the time I’ll hear him having to wave his voice and he did it perfectly. Mokkun’s voice is the kind that will melt your voice. It’s as if whenever he sings, he is trying to lure you into his honey trap and you’ll forever be captivated by him. Woooo goose bumps.
3. Yazaki Hiroshi 
I’m not even a fan of him but I really like it when he sings. This is due to Hakumyu where I’m exposed to his acting&singing. He has a very melodic voice and a gentle kind but strong voice? It’s like when you’re walking in a garden filled with roses. 
4. Spi
Spi’s vocals are the strongest and powerful but yet he could go softer when he has or wants to, depends on which song he’s singing. So Spi’s vocals are like the strong wind that will blow you away while you’re having your cup of tea during tea time, along with the table & chairs. His voice is that strong. 
Bonus: Unpopular Opinion (I think)
The person who I personally thinks has the best voice that could put me all over the world would be Arisawa Shoutarou. Maybe because I’m such a huge fan of him and I love him so much that I think that way. When I think about it, I really love his singing voice, his voice doesn’t sound so manly or strong. But people can improve. When Shoutarou sings, he sounded really boyish like when you’re having a moist chocolate cake. It’s sweet, concentrated and chocolatey. When I first heard him, I didn’t understand why I don’t see much people complimenting him? Like when I first heard him singing Heart to Heart in the Musicals, I could actually feel the song. Shoutarou’s voice is like he’s complimenting everyone. When he sings live or recording, both sounds excellent and I could tell straight away which voice belonged to him. It’s as if his voice has a personality on its own? I don’t know if this make sense but Shoutarou’s singing can make me teary too, it’s just too beautiful to me.. and I’ll say this, I got addicted to his voice. I really want to hear more, so I hope for Toumyu, next spring, he’ll get his solo. 
11. A (or more) butai/musical that you didn’t initially love, but has/have grown on you?
I’m not sure about this... hmm
12. Top 3 (or more) anime/manga/game that you would love to see being adapted into a butai/musical in the future?
1. Free! 
I’ve been wanting to see Free! to be adapt into a butai since who knows how long. Imagine how fun would it be....It would be a nice thing to see all characters, especially my favourite ones to be portrayed by an actor. I don’t expect it to come true any time soon. Let’s just hope it can happen but somehow I feel like it won’t happen because some would prefer for it to be left as it is.
13. Top 3 (or more) favourite fandom on the year?
I’ll be honest. I don’t really like fandom/s because sometimes fandom tend to ruin my mood and fun for something. However, most of the time, fandoms are fun especially when you see everyone goes crazy when productions dropped news onto them hahahahaha.
1. Toumyu / Tousute
This is obvious since I’m in TKRB hell so it would be obvious I’m in Toumyu hell too. I honestly don’t know how I got way too attached to Toumyu? maybe because of the Shinken Ranbu Sai that made me feel like Toumyu fandom is such a solid fandom. Like fans can keep expect new things and it’ll keep coming.. The production is alive and not a dead one. Like some you might not even know if there will be more musicals/stage ? Maybe that’s why I’m so attached because somehow I know it won’t end anytime soon and I can keep talking about it. And since most of the people I follow are in this fandom, it makes it hard not to love the fandom even though I’d never really get the chance to talk to anyone.....in the fandom..or becoming mutuals...Anyways, It’s just really fun to see everyone’s reaction.
Tousute is different than Toumyu, it’s two different franchise but it’s still tkrb. Tousute gives more of the serious kind and it kills us with the amount of angst they give out, that sharp pain in the heart and I like that. So, I like how everyone has to suffer the pain too. But in truth I don’t have much to say because it’s the same for me since I like both franchises. 
※there are some fans that likes Tousute but doesn’t like Toumyu (or vice versa). So I guess there’s why there’s separated fandoms?
3. Enstars 
I’m not in this fandom as I don’t even play the game nor do I’m a fan of it but 70% of people around me do & really love the stage. And since I always see it on my timeline, somehow I became to like the fandom without actually being in it or becoming a fan. I guess I just enjoy seeing everyone goes crazy in here. Great fandom.
14. How long have you been in the 2.5D fandom?
I started late, as it was in 2012 when I joined so it’s been 5 years. 
15. Lastly, what is your overall opinion of the 2.5D fandom so far?
Back then, everything was free, whatever was uploaded will be shared by everyone just like that but it wasn’t really that easy to look for something and the community was much smaller so everyone sticks together however nowadays, there’s stricter & stricter rules and such so it makes it harder but it’s easier to look for something now. I guess all these happens when the fandom started having toxic fans, as usual toxic fans ruins everything so I can’t really blame anyone. But I do miss those days when I first joined, all the fans seems more mature and everyone was more understanding. It’s like everyone looks after one another. Now? it seems like it’s lacking of those. I’ll stop it right here as I don’t want to say too much. 
But I will say that I am glad that more and more people know about the existence of 2.5D, so there’s more people to talk about it. The fandom itself is fun, especially when everyone is having fun & fangirl/boy-ing together.
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chibivesicle · 4 years
Golden Kamuy chapter 213: the classic trope - the enemy of my enemy is my friend - on ice!
This week’s chapter was only slightly shocking with the reappearance of our favorite (and only Russian sniper) Vasily.  I’m going to be a little slower with my turnaround time on the meta for the next little while - my work schedule is less ideal and I’m having a hard time adjusting to it, so please bear with me for the next few months, things will lighten up towards the end of November.
Overall, I’m not surprised at how things went down in this chapter but I’m just feeling “meh” about it.  It seems like a transitional chapter for a realignment of the factions - pretty common by this point in GK.
Tumblr media
The chapter then reveals a quick one page flashback of Shiraishi and Asirpa the night before just hanging out in the inn.  This is clearly before Shiraishi went out for drinks later that evening and the innkeeper or inn staff person is casually chatting with them.
She points out that the ferry will be leaving tomorrow morning and that one will have to walk out onto the drift ice to board the ferry so that they should be aware of these things to make sure they make it on time.  Shiraishi has taken the lead with Tanigaki (he’s really a type of man who has no problem following others) and realizing that only he and Asirpa are privy to the information about the ferry back to Hokkaido, he knows that she must be heading there. 
The action then shifts to Asirpa with Sugimoto hiding under a building.  She’s tearing some cloth to back his wounds and this will prevent them from being followed.
Tumblr media
This shows how well trained Asirpa was by Wilk.  Just stop and think.  She immediately takes the best action to conceal their location and prevent detection.  Not as harsh as Wilk killing his own comrade like he did in front of Sofia and Kiro but her default thought is to prevent the pursuit of them by the 27th. 
Sugimoto looks like he’s in pain and his face is completely shaded - what is he thinking here?  Is he realizing that Asirpa is a product of Wilk and that his best efforts won’t change the fact that she’s able to do things that indicate her ability to be more proactive?
She then grabs his hand and encourages him that it isn’t that much further to the ship and that he can make it.  She looks up to see a horse approach them and the next panel dramatically reveals Vasily on horseback and he takes up half of the page in a total power pose.  This means that Vasily had been watching them the entire time from a strategic location and followed them to where they were hiding.
Tumblr media
Sugimoto looks shocked and a bit hesitant and Asirpa calls him the “hood guy - hoodie/hood-chan in Japanese” based on the nickname that Shiraishi gave him.
He then offers his left hand to them to get onto the horse.  Sugimoto then mentions that perhaps he was wondering if Ogata was hanging back as long as the members of the 27th were around Asirpa and he trails off not completing the statement.  Asirpa looks at him with an almost neutral face.  Whatever she sees in Vasily’s eyes she’s willing to work with him for the time being.
Tanigaki and Shiraishi are still running and Vasily, Asirpa and Sugimoto catch up to them.  Asirpa calls out to Shiraishi and he smiles and yells at her that things were going like he had thought.  She orders him to get on and he does!
Tumblr media
These actions say a lot about the relationship between Asirpa and Shiraishi.  Even though she didn’t tell him what her plan was, the two of them were smart enough to have faith and trust in each other that the other knew what the other would do.
I like this so much.  It makes their time on Karafuto mean something substantial.  They really learned how to work with each other and Asirpa and Shiraishi are likely more “on the same page” than Asirpa and Sugimoto are based on his drunken rant to Sugimoto. 
By this point, the poor horse isn’t going to be able to fit anyone else.  Tanigaki then realizes he’s being left behind.  Shiraishi gets a sarcastic remark in that the horse doesn’t have room for him.  It is clear that this is linked to the fact that Tanigaki killed Kiro.  I don’t see Shiraishi ever forgiving him for that action.
Asirpa then tells Tanigaki he can’t come along b/c Inkarmat is still under the “care” of Tsurumi.  As she says this Shiraishi does not look pleased, his eyes are half closed with his mouth down turned just a touch.  He likely has mixed feelings on Inkarmat, he was friendly with her but when she sold them out to the 27th and her kerfuffle with Kiro accidentally resulted in her injury Tanigaki went straight for revenge instead of asking for clarification which had to have upset Shiraishi.  At the time of Kiro’s death Shiraishi felt hurt and confused, it is clear now with some time he has come to respect and understand Kiro’s actions and he likely is judging the fact that even though Tanigaki loves Inkarmat, he doesn’t understand her “situation” as an Ainu.
Tumblr media
What really shocks me the most is how as he’s running he almost seems to realize that “Oh yeah.  Inkarmat. Right - the whole reason I went on my second revenge quest.” 
At least he finally blurts out what he had been alluding to - that the 27th would be watching Asirpa’s kotan.  She looks sad when he tells her she can’t go back but he should tell her Huci that she had a dream where they meet again.  The next page she declares to him that “she will absolutely be back again.”
Tanigaki then falls behind and the trio looks back at him.  Shiraishi tells him to take care of himself but his facial expression is anything but kind or caring.  I don’t think Shiraishi is a vindictive person but it is clear he’s fine with Tanigaki left in the hands of the 27th.  He knows what kind of man he is.  Sugimoto finally glances back with a frown also disappointed looking.
Tumblr media
As Tanigaki runs out of steam Kikuta catches up to him also looking quite exhausted.  You may want to cut back on the cigarettes Kikuta.  He then asks Tanigaki if he was with Shiraishi and what happened to him?  Tanigaki then lies to him and points and tells him that Shiraishi met up with Asirpa and Sugimoto and headed back to the town.
Kikuta then asks him why he isn’t chasing after them, looking distressed.  All Tanigaki does is reply that he’s a Matagi and Kikuta is like “what?”.  This fits with the past information that Nikaido had no idea about Kikuta and Ariko, and that they were in a different regiment of the 7th during the war and did not meet until now.
Tanigaki then gets a very dramatic half page image of himself stating that he’s Tanigaki the Matagi as sunlight streams down behind him and he looks confident back at Kikuta. He’s flushed a little and still breathing heavily but seems less hesitant than he normally is.
Tumblr media
What does this even mean?  Has Asirpa yelled some sense into Tanigaki to remember what is priorities are?  She removed him from the “Asirpa side quest” since she had decided she will make it home her own way in the future.  It is clear he wasn’t going to remove himself from the Asirpa side quest.
Vasily, Sugimoto, Asirpa and Shiraishi have safely made it onto the ferry and Shiraishi is concerned that the still need to get the bullets out of Sugimoto as Asirpa looks on concerned.  As usual Shiraishi wonders how Suigmoto is still going but he finally owns up tells Asirpa that he’s fighting for the gold for his own reasons.  He’s no longer under the guise of using Asirpa softly.  What I mean by that, is he aligned with her first to make sure that Noppera-bou would be no longer useless and then killed.  He then chased after her to rescue her from Kiro and Ogata and to remove her from the gold hunt.  Now he’s at least owning up to the fact that his own personal reasons are driving him.
Vasily mumbles a little to get their attention and point out a man from the 27th picked up on Sugimoto’s blood trail and was trying to stop the ship from leaving.  Shiraishi then determines that Vasily could - should be able to hit him from that distance based on experience.
Asirpa tells him to hit his foot to incapacitate him by tapping on his boots.  Vasily takes aim and - snipes him right in the forehead between the eyes.  Well, it looks like Vasily is the type of sniper that Ogata determined he was during their battle.  He want for the most efficient and effective kill despite what Asirpa said.  Keep in mind that when Ogata facilitated the escape of Shiraishi and Sugimoto from the 27th in chapter 98, Sugimoto leapt out the window with Shiraishi and Ogata shot the man in the shoulder slowing them down and preventing anyone from following out the window.  When they escaped from Edogai’s house, Ogata also shot at others but didn’t hit them between the eyes like Maeyama, he flushed them towards the front door instead.
He also followed Asirpa’s directions to save Tanigaki without shooting anyone.  It is clear that Vasily is a different type of sniper than Ogata.  He shot Shiraishi in the hope he’d flush Ogata out since he is a more compassionate comrade and will come to the aid of others at his own risk.  Ogata frequently avoids unnecessary damage when possible.  The last fatality that is known in the manga is when he shot Ilya, Vasily’s partner to allow them to rescue the wounded man, escape and set up his trap for Vasily.
Asirpa nervously inquires if Vasily hit his foot while Shiraishi tells him good job and pats him on the shoulder.  The sweat and shading on Shiraishi’s face likely indicates he’s a bit uncomfortable with Vasily but he’s got the binoculars, so he knows exactly what Vasily did even if he likely disagrees with it as well.
Tumblr media
Vasily looks dead serious as he still keeps his rifle at ready.
Tsurumi heard the gunshot and stated it came from the ocean.  He and Usami head that direction.  Shiraishi nervously declares that they did it and they were able to escape from them and Karafuto as Asirpa glances back concerned.
There is a beautiful panel as Sugimoto and Asirpa look back towards the land and Karafuto across the water.  Sugimoto looks back firmly while Asirpa has a blush/flush across her face as she looks back a changed person.
Tumblr media
Tsurumi noticed the man shot dead on the ice with the boat in the distance.  He then notices the abandoned horse.
Shiraishi mentions how it will take about 3 hours to reach the port in Hokkaido.  He then asks why the time that they escaped was when they chose to do so.  Sugimoto says if Asirpa were under the control of Tsurumi’s men, then she’d have no chance of escape and Shiraishi adds in that they may have just taken her into custody since she’s not required to track the the few remaining convicts.
Tumblr media
This is all pretty interesting since Sugimoto is speaking for what was Asirpa’s plan.  Shiraishi is the escape king, so I could see his reason to wonder why they chose this time and I’m guessing he would have done things a little differently even though it worked so far.
Sugimoto then goes on to explain that if they find the gold they will decide how it is used. He states that he now understands that Asirpa will stay strong on her dedication to not killing anyone.  He uses this to reason that if she is true to her own beliefs than she will find her own way to protect the Ainu.  He’s decided that he will believe in her and her beliefs.
Tumblr media
Asirpa smiles and blushes as he says this.  I’m glad to see that Sugimoto has decided that maybe he should take her own feelings and opinions into account, but he’s still setting himself up to likely hurt and kill others in the future. 
Plus, Shiraishi adds in that it is a fine idea, but he points out a major issue - how are they going to find the gold all by themselves.  His point is 100% valid.  They have no skins and just the code.  Are they thinking of meeting up with Hijikata again?
Of course the last page ends with an explosion in the water near the ferry and a navy vessel in pursuit of them!  Next up a battle at sea!
Conclusions and a few quick hypotheses.
1.) Vasily is an ally for now.
But I don’t see him being loyal or faithful to their group at all.  Sugimoto is shit at reading people when it comes to Ogata.  I’m under the indication that ALL Vasily wants is to continue his sniper game with Ogata.  I don’t even know if he wants to win or lose either.  He just wants to get back into that mindset.  By the way Vasily - you lost.
2.) What is Asirpa’s plan?
Okay, Asirpa got them out of the clutches of Tsurumi as she determined he was not a man to align with.  She appears to have gotten Sugimoto on her side with the help of Shiraishi but what are they going to do?  We still don’t know the result of their argument after the movie.  Did she tell him the code or withhold it?  Is she looking to reconnect with Hijikata? This has got to be in the works - with the photos in Hijikata’s possession and all, Shiraishi’s understanding of his media plan will come back into the plot. How will she navigate the quest with no skins and only a clue to the code which will still need the help of a Japanese person to read the kanji.  She showed great faith and trust in Shiraishi and vice versa so hopefully she’s figured something out. 
3.) Tanigaki the dense Matagi.
Tanigaki got ditched hardcore for both strategic and personal reasons.  He had become a liability just like Inkarmat was pre-Abashiri.  His entire reason for being involved with the gold quest has been to avoid going back home to Ani.  He’s much more comfortable being told what to do and he needed Asirpa to tell him that he needed to stay with Tsurumi for Inkarmat. 
He only had the grace that Kikuda didn’t know him and know that he’s a terrible liar when he was running.  He will likely get caught in that lie as soon as he sees Tsurumi again who is already in pursuit of them on a naval vessel likely with Koito Sr.
Kikuta is also likely trying to figure out how to do what Tsurumi wants from him while feeling torn about Ariko. 
I’m curious to see the fall out with Koito, Tsukishima, Tanigaki and Kikuta but likely we will get Tsurumi and Admiral Koito who recall talked to Sugimoto who now stabbed his son.  Yeah. . . .
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