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Ep 7&8 of Enchanté is just 'Your eyes tell' until they confess and kiss 🥹🥹
And Saifah best boy ✨✨✨
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Yandere Gangster
CW: NSFW, lap riding(GN reader), wounds/bruises, kidnapping, manipulation, gang activities
Yandere gangster who forces you to grind down on his lap as you're bandaging him up. What, you expect him to sit through all this pain without some form of relief? All he wants is his cute little victim spouse to make him feel good. It's the least you could do after all your hitting and screaming he's had to deal with since he "brought you home." You ask in disbelief how he could be worried about getting off after narrowly escaping being shot at. But he doesn't care for your protests.
Yandere gangster who threatens you without wavering, his beaten body only fueling his short temper. Maybe his buddies should get a round with you, as punishment for still having not learned your place. And that threat is more than enough to get you hesitantly inching towards his bloody pants. He already has them unbuttoned, black boxers hiding a bulge that pulses. But once you sit down, feeling him flex and poke from below, you're fully aware of how hot and bothered he's become. You try to focus on wrapping gauze around his bicep with his arm lowering to grip your waist.
Yandere gangster who whispers, "Move your hips" as he gently humps upward. You do as your told, whether more out of fear or out of the desire to get this over with, you aren't sure. But your kidnapper isnt bothered, too focused on the inpatient arousal inside of him. He sucks in through his teeth each time you pour antiseptic on an open cut, but he doesnt seem to mind the pain as long as you kept softly thrusting. He gets even more eager once his free hand pushes yours down towards his erection. You see the healed scars on his lower abdomen as his shirt pushes upward. They were sickingly familiar, as you had seen them everytime you were forced to "service" him like this.
Yandere gangster who you dont doubt would try to kiss you right now if it weren't for the bruises flourishing on his skin. You stare at his beaten face, a stream of dried blood down his nose as the cuts on his lips reopen when he bites them. Your hands become shakey the more he thrusts into your palm and against your groin, his bouncing legs making it harder to patch up his wounds. The sweat dripping down his chest, his slicked back hair now wild and free, it made him look more deranged than before. He was like a wild animal, starved and only interested in the meal in front of him. "Keep going." He huffs, and you aren't sure if hes talking about your work on his bruised knuckles or your hips that have been rocking back and forth.
Yandere gangster who uses you as the perfect stress toy, one that helps him get off with your soft body and oh so gentle fingers. His head leans back in the chair, lazily rocking upward as the friction becomes a desirable pressure. He cant help but feel he deserves this, after all his hard work and the time it took to get you here. Once you finish with the worst of his cuts and bruises, patching up everything to the best of your ability, you attempt to get off his lap. He's gotten what he wanted, right? A little pleasure to help keep off the pain. But you were sorely mistaken to think that would be the end of it.
Yandere gangster who lives up to his name, growling and cursing through his teeth, daring to pull out his switchblade the more you struggled to leave. He always had a short fuse, but today was no comparison. Waving the knife around he shot vulgar threat after threat, nearly nicking you. You didn't doubt hed cut you if push came to shove, having the scars to prove his past lack of patience. You still remembered how they burned, how he slid the blade painfully slow,  refusing to clean you up until he got what he wanted. And so, what choice did you have? You only hoped that if you went faster, forcing him to come undone, he may end up too distracted. But you knew your captor, and wishful thinking never got you anywhere.
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Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Percy jackson x reader? Where maybe the reader tags along on a quest with Percy and the gang and maybe innitaly it’s like an enimes to lovers where he doesn’t want her to come along cause he’s afraid she’ll distract him or something? And when they’re fighting whoever (you can choose! I’m only on the second book soo 😅) but maybe she gets hurt? And Percy just goes crazy in anger because
Tumblr media
  ੈ✩‧₊˚ FANDOM: riordanverse
  ੈ✩‧₊˚ FORMAT: long/short fic
  ੈ✩‧₊˚ WARNINGS: percy and reader are too dumb to admit their feelings <33 and annabeth and grover devise a plan to set their best friends up, a fight, bleeding, hospital room, y/n hyperventilating after seeing dried blood
  ੈ✩‧₊˚ SUMMARY: y/n finds out how much percy really likes her after she gets hurt in battle
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Tumblr media
“Does she have to come?” Percy complained, dragging his feet along the sidewalk begrudgingly.
Grover rolled his eyes at his best friend, and sighed knowingly. “Yes,” He replied, wrapping an arm around Percys shoulders. “she does, Chiron specifically recommended her. And, she did save you from the opposite team in capture the flag, so try to be at least a little grateful for that.”
“She didn’t save me on purpose. Besides, she pushed me into the mud so she could get to the flag first. I hate her so much!” Percy grumbled, shoving his fists into his pockets.
Grover released Percy from his arms and walked behind him to walk with Annabeth and Y/N.
Annabeth and Grover shared a look, and immediately knew what they were going to do.
“Y/N?” Annabeth asked sickingly sweet, placing her hand on her best friends back.
“Yes?” She replied, turning her gaze towards the pretty blonde.
“Would you mind walking before me for a little while? Grover and I have…” She paused for a moment, attempting to find a good excuse, until Grover cut in for her.
“We need to talk about a birthday party we’re throwing for you really soon, and it’d be a shame if you overheard the surprise.” He smiled.
They watched as Y/Ns beautiful eyes widened at the sight of having to walk beside Percy.
“What if I walked behind?-” She started, until Annabeth shoved her into him.
“Oops.” She whispered, as she and Grover held back giggles.
Y/N crashed into Percys back, almost knocking them over, if Percy hadn’t balanced the two of them.
“Can you not do anything right? You just crashed into me.” He glared, feeling his blood boil and his breath shorten.
“Yeah, I noticed. Can you not be a jerk?” Y/N retorted, feeling her face heating up with anger.
Behind them, Grover and Annabeth watched with amusement, whispering and giggling about how cute they were.
“They’re like an old married couple.” Annabeth mummered, leaning into Grover and grinning.
Grover snorted and grinned back, coughing to cover up the sound.
Before them, Percy and Y/N continued to glare at eachother.
However, Percy was zoning out looking at the girl beside him. Her eyes were filled with so much anger and hate, they were narrowed and staring directly at him. Only him, and he was the one making her feel so angry. Nobody else, only him.
“What are you looking at?” The girl asked through gritted teeth, curling her hands into fists.
“You, unfortunately.” Percy mumbled, looking away, despite the fact he desperately didn’t want to.
Y/N turned away from him, and made sure the gap on the sidewalk between them was big enough for two pairs of Annabeths and Grovers.
Percy sneaked a quick glance at the girl beside him, and his cheeks flushed. But not from the cold or anger this time.
It might’ve been the fact it was 8 in the morning, but Y/N was absolutely glowing with beauty. Her hair was messy and hung around her face, and her nose was red from the cold winter weather, there were slight tears in her eyes, but she looked stunning.
Percys train of thought was cut off when he walked into the bus shelter.
He could hear Y/N laughing and, then the quiet thump of her falling into the snow.
They made eye contact, and Percy had only one thought about the look on her face. DAAAAMN.
“Congrats, Percy. You walked right where to needed to be. Oh, look! Here’s the bus.” Annabeth said with a teasing smile.
Grover reached his hand out for Y/N, both of them still giggling from the impact of Percys forehead and the bus shelter.
The group stood in the crowded bus, squeezed together tightly.
All Y/N could currently focus on was how close she was to Percy.
Her back was against his chest, and she could feel his breath on the back of her neck.
She was so caught up in the moment, she almost didn’t hear the urgent whisper coming from Annabeth.
“Guys!” She whisper shouted, “There’s monsters on this bus.”
The four of them all made eye contact, internally praying to whatever gods might be walking around Manhattan at the moment.
“PERCY JACKSON!” A dark, large and in charge voice boomed. “GIVE ME THE LIGHTNING BOLT!” It demanded, charging at him, pushing random civilians out of its way.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Percy grumbled, pushing Y/N and Grover off of him and wielding Riptide from his pocket.
“Well, get your weapons out. And, guys, let’s not explode the bus this time.”
Annabeth and Grover nodded, pulling out their weapons (whatever those may be).
The monster immediately charged towards Y/N, punching her hard in the side of the head, making her tumble back.
It only took a few seconds for Y/N to regain her balance, and she swung her weapon towards the monster, giving it a long cut down its face.
The thing, whatever it was, spun and kicked her directly in the nose.
Y/N’s eyes watered, despite the fact she hadn’t been kicked very hard.
“Y/N!” Annabeth called, finishing off her monster, “It likes to fight on its feet! Try to knock it-” the blonde didn’t get to finish her sentence when a third monster attacked her from behind.
But, Y/N understood what she meant.
The monster rolled its eyes. “Aren’t children of Athena supposed to be smart?”
Y/N raised her weapon, glaring down the monster. And, as she was about to swing, the monster knocked it out of her hands.
“You are ridiculously overpowered.” She said, fumbling in her pockets for anything else she could use.
“No, you’re just a weak little shit.” It replied, punching her as hard as it could in the diaphragm.
Y/N gasped for air, wrapping her arms around her torso, and panicked as she felt her lungs close up, making it difficult to breathe.
“Foolish girl.” The monster sneered, punching her in the jaw.
Her vision became blurry, and she could feel her lungs spasm more than they already were.
Right as she thought it couldn’t get any worse, there was a sharp pain in her chest.
Through her colourful and blurry vision, she looked down, and saw a sword planted in her chest.
Ah, she thought, i’ve been stabbed.
Y/N fell to the ground with a yell of pain.
The blood seeping from the wound only made her feel more dizzy, and she began to tremble from the struggle of not being able to breathe.
“Oh, no.” Grover leaned her against one of the abandoned seats, looking at the girl with wide eyes and a concerned face.
“You’re going to be fine, everything’s fine.” He promised with a trembling voice.
The two of them were oblivious to the fact Percy had watched the whole thing.
The last thing Y/N saw before passing out was Percy repeatedly stabbing and punching the monster.
Annabeth was shocked to see Percy so angry over Y/N being hurt. She and Grover shipped them as a joke, but to see that they were actually in love, it made her so happy! But also terrified at how feral Percy was acting.
A few minutes later, Percy was leaning over an unconscious Y/N. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, and he gently shook her shoulders.
“Y/N?” He asked with a gentle and frightened voice. “She’s not.. she can’t be, right?” Percy looked back and forth between Annabeth and Grover.
“We have to get her to a hospital right away.” Annabeth acknowledged, and turned to the bus driver.
“How far is the nearest hospital?” She asked politely.
“A-about 6 minutes, but it’s not on my route. However, I can maybe drop you off at the bus stop closest to it?” The woman suggested, voice trembling.
“Yes, please.” Grover said with a gentle but worried smile.
About an hour later, Y/N woke up in a hospital bed.
She felt pain in her chest, and grunted as she sat up, the bedsheets falling into her lap.
“Percy?” She asked, looking around the room.
“That must be one of the boys who brought you here, correct?” an unfamiliar voice asked.
She turned to see a doctor leaning against the door frame.
“Yes,” She said, her voice quiet and raspy. Shaking slightly, she asked, “are they still here? They didn’t leave me, did they?”
The doctor gently smiled, sitting on the end of the bed.
“Of course not,” he reassured, offering her a bottle of water. “they’re outside in the hallway, they seem very anxious, especially the boy with the black hair.”
Percy? she thought, Percy is worried about me?
She had thought he wouldn’t care if she died or not, she thought he’d probably throw a party if she did.
As she reached to accept the water bottle, she noticed the dried blood on her hands and gasped.
“Hey, calm down!” The doctor said.
She could feel her body stiffen as she desperately tried to wipe it off.
“It’s alright, it’s okay.” The man reassured, holding his hands out like he was taming a wild animal. “It’s dried, i’ll get you a cloth so we can wash it off.
Y/N nodded, tears dwelling in her pretty eyes.
The doctor handed her a wet cloth and took her hands in his, wiping them clean.
“Better?” He asked with a gentle smile.
“Can I please see my friends?” She asked meekly, after nodding.
“Alright, but be careful, the wounds still healing.”
The doctor opened the door and popped his head out, and in a few short moments, Percy burst into the room.
Y/N was shocked to see that he was crying.
“You’re okay!” He shouted, running and pulling her into a tight hug.
Before Y/N could respond, Percy kept talking.
“I was so afraid. They told us the sword went through your lungs, and there was so much blood. I thought i’d never see you again. I love you so much, I didn’t think i’d ever be able to tell you. ” He sobbed into her shoulder.
She gently wrapped her arms around him.
With her raspy voice she said, “I’m okay, everything’s okay. I love you too, I love you so much more.”
Percy pulled away from the embrace, and cupped her face with his hands.
He smiled through a tear-stained face. “You’re so stupid. So completely stupid.” He laughed.
They both leaned in, and as their lips were about to connect, they were rudely interrupted.
“Y/N!” Annabeth and Grover said in unison, going on either sides of the bed.
“How do you feel?” Grover asked, taking her right hand in his.
“It still hurts a little, but I think I’m alright.” Y/N said sincerely, offering him a gentle smile, which he returned.
“You don’t sound alright.” Annabeth retorted, gently massaging Y/Ns wrists.
“And, you got stabbed!” She added after, “It had to have hurt! Tell me everything, how excruciating was the pain?”
Annabeth looked excited to learn how it felt to be stabbed, and the other girl laughed at her eagerness.
“You’re so weird.”
The group laughed together, unaware of the fact they were missing their quest.
But, atleast they were happy.
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~ I don't guess pt.2 - S.R ~
summary: After the lecture, Y/N runs into Spencer in a coffee shop and questions about specifying in profiling and potentially finishing her FBI training at the BAU
pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (criminal mindsxteenwolf)
warnings: none
word count: 2,061
a/n: This is actually my favourite fic that I've wrote in a long time. I made it sickingly sweet because Spencer deserves it honeslty. Requests are open! Prompt list is there if you guys want extra ideas!
Master-List - Prompts
Tumblr media
Almost immediately after the lecture ended, Y/N abandoned Stiles to go to their local coffee shop. She would've gone with him but she wanted to avoid the inevitable teasing that was about to occur after what happened with the surprise lecturer, DR. Spencer Reid. She couldn't get too far though because as she reached the door her phone started to buzz, of course, it was Lydia. With a preparing sigh, Y/N answered the phone and opened the door to the coffee shop getting in line.
"So… you going to tell me or do I have to pry it out of you?" Lydia asked over the phone with a laugh in her voice. It was times like this that Y/N really missed having Lydia and the girls around, of course, Stiles is your best friend but he could be so clueless sometimes, it was a wonder how he ended up with Lydia in the first place.
"Nothing actually happened, he was just super cute!" Y/N said trying to avoid the conversation knowing that Lydia would pry, not in a malicious way. She was telling the truth, nothing DID happen Y/N just tried to show off to the attractive man in front of her.
"Okay yeah, showing off, eyes changing, blood pressure rising enough to shift slightly. A totally normal reaction to seeing a cute guy." Lydia knew that Y/N hadn't even attempted to date since she left Beacon Hills, they were like sisters and all Lydia wanted was for Y/N to find love as she had.
"Okay, so it's been a while. There was just something different about him, but with my 'condition' it would never go anywhere. I just miss how easy dating was when people around me were also 'different'" Y/N knew when Derek turned her that she would probably never be able to have a normal life, a normal relationship, but when it was both Lydia and Stiles' head on the chopping block and she was only human… she had to do something.
"I'm not saying this guy has to put a ring on it, but you deserve someone to care for you the way Kira did okay. Even if it's temporary you need to see that you can have a life, that's why you joined the FBI Academy with Stiles in the first place." Lydia had to admit that it was easier to love and feel safe when you didn't have to hide who you were.
"I hear you, darling… I needed to hear that thank you, Lyd. I'll call you back later I'm getting to the coffee counter."
"Okay babe, I love you," Lydia replied before hanging up. Y/N did need some reassurance that she wasn't a monster and deserved happiness. She did what she did for her family and she doesn't regret it a single day.
Y/N put in her coffee order and stood at the end of the counter and just waited letting her mind wander, that was until she felt a slight tap on her shoulder and she swung around coming face to face with the guest lecturer from earlier, Spencer Reid. Her heart momentarily skipped and she could already feel her pulse rising, so she just tried to think about the time Stiles fell out of the Jeep drunk and landed face first, it helped her keep a funny level head. Spencer just smiled and raised his hand not wanting to shake her hand.
"Oh, hi! Dr. Reid, correct?" Y/N questioned as if she could ever forget.
"That's right, good memory, Your name is Y/N L/N correct?" Spencer acted as if he could forget too.
"Lovely to meet you! The case file was super interesting, I hope you guys catch the guy." Y/N didn't know how to make small talk. Was it inappropriate to try and flirt with the guest lecturer? She didn't know, Lydia would tell her it wasn't but Lydia just wanted her to flirt with anyone.
"Your answer was incredible, I called it through to my team and our Technical Analyst is running it through now. I'll let your professor know if you're correct so he can relay the information to you if you would like?" Spencer was trying to talk to more people that weren't on his team, hence why he decided to be a guest lecturer for the academy sometimes, it did help that Y/N seemed genuinely interested in him and the subject.
"That sounds amazing Dr. Reid thank you, I actually had some questions about your team if you don't mind?" Y/N asked gesturing to an empty table in the coffee shop. Spencer knew she might have just been interested in the team but it was nice of her to offer to spend some time with him, he didn't really get that much with people outside his family.
"Of course I have time." He said smiling back at her. They weren't too dissimilar in age maybe 3-4 years between them so it felt nice for him to spend some time with people close to his age, and considering she was here at the academy they definitely had something in common.
"Now I must warn you, I tend to ramble a bit so if I go off just tell me to stop," Y/N said breaking into a smile that would make the sun jealous. Spencer knew what it was like to be cut off when being invested in someone so he wouldn't dare to imagine cutting her off but he nodded his head in agreement to please her anyway and to hopefully make her more comfortable.
The pair must have been sat there for a good 30 minutes by now just talking, at first all of Y/N's questioned was about Spencer and the BAU team. She seemed very interested in how Spencer described Penelope saying 'That definitely sounds like a woman that I would love to meet one day.' Spencer even offered to take Y/N to look around the BAU and meet the team after their case was done, he said it so quickly it shocked him. He was never this comfortable or even this forward with someone, let alone a pretty girl he was having coffee with. There was a good 15-minute section where Spencer hadn't stopped talking about each member of his team in detail. Y/N hadn't stopped him once either, she was just looking at him with such a deep interest in what he was saying he never wanted to stop talking. Neither of them had noticed that the coffee shop had almost completely emptied they'd just been focused on each other. They'd subconsciously gotten closer, both of them leaning further over the table as the conversation deepened.
"So is there any option of me finishing my time at the academy with the BAU team? Even if it's just doing the paperwork?" Y/N couldn't think of anything better than joining this team after Spencer had talked about the job and the team with such love. Spencer knew that Ashley Sever had done some of her academy training with the BAU team before moving to the sex crimes unit to Spencer didn't see any reason that wasn't her grades as to why Y/N couldn't
"There was a girl who did before, so if you're grades and physical are up to par I think my unit chief would consider it. You would have to show skill in profiling and take the class too though." Spencer was almost getting excited at the idea of Y/N being on the team so he could see her more.
"Physical will be no problem I was always a sporty child and well I'd say I can read people very well, it's like I've got a sense for it." Y/N laughed at the end of her sentence and Spencer had no clue as to why but he didn't mind, her laugh had such a musical tune to it he was happy to hear it on repeat.
"Okay give it a shot, profile someone," Spencer said smiling. He knew he'd talked non-stop for a while and after hearing her in class he couldn't wait to hear what she had to say this time. Now Y/N knew it was unfair to go off pheromones and pulse considering her 'sense' for people but she couldn't deny that this time she really just wanted to impress Spencer.
"Okay… Take Ellie for example. She's the barista taking orders. Her face with uplifting with a smile because she's the face you first see, but if you keep watching when she doesn't have a customer there's a micro-expression of contentment, her lip corner tightens and raises on only one side. We can't control micro-expressions but no one would notice it behind her happy and mostly faked macro-expression. This tells me it's near the end of her shift because the more time she's here the less her happiness is genuine from exhaustion, also her eyes keep darting to the top of the register then the door signaling she's near the end of her shift." Y/N said while pointing at different places and also waving at Ellie as she getting to the end of her explanation. Spencer was genuinely surprised that Y/N already knew micro and macro expressions and how to accurately point them out. He knew without a doubt that she'd do well it was just a matter of convincing Hotch to get a new and even younger team member.
After that big explanation Y/N just beamed a smile at Spencer and hoped she got it right, she tried to do it without her senses because she knew she had actual intelligence to back up the fact she'd be good at this, that's how she got into the academy in the first place. Spencer immediately texted Hotch to meet with him once he was back and he found himself praying that Hotch would play ball and consider it.
Just like that, they went straight back into a comfortable conversation that had Spencer regretting that he had to leave and go back to the BAU soon, he tried to use the time to ask Y/N questioned about her childhood and schooling instead. They both got so enamored with each other that another 10 minutes slipped by like no time at all. Y/N hadn't even noticed that Stiles had walked in, she was even oblivious to the fact that Stiles and his phone camera facing them and Lydia was definitely on the other end of it.
"Well in all honesty this has been the most fun 45 minutes of my life, unfortunately, my unit chief wants me back to discuss something. This has been great that someone took interest in what my lecture was about," Spencer hoped she was also interested in him, even though it felt selfish.
"It wasn't just the lecture, Doctor," Spencer nearly melted when she called him doctor. She said it in a way that made it sound almost mythical and he'd give anything to hear it again. "Here's my number, in case you ever decide to hold up that promise of taking me around the BAU." Y/N just smiled. Spencer started to forget what the ground felt like underneath him, almost as if he was falling.
"I'll definitely keep the promise." He said almost as a whisper as he nodded to her. He raised his hand knowing he didn't have any clue on how to actually say goodbye to her.
"Goodbye Doctor." There that was again, Doctor. Spencer had never loved being called Doctor so much as he did right now. She raised her hand to say goodbye as Spencer took his bag and walked out the door. Y/N didn't even look around she just sat straight down staring at the empty seat. That was until it was quickly taken by none other than Stiles who had his phone screen pointed at her to show Lydia on the other end of face time. Lydia didn't even know what to say she was just beaming and Stiles had a smile on his face that she hadn't seen unless he was looking at Lydia. They both started to talk at the same time, sometimes it was like having a pair of golden retrievers as friends, funny coming from the actual werewolf. Y/N just held up her finger stopping them from talking and tries to suppress a smile.
"Not. A. Word."
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moved2usagiiboo · 1 year
蜂𝕊𝕚c𝕜i𝕟𝕘𝕝𝕪 𝕊we𝕖𝕥蜜
Tumblr media
Syp; A collection of how Tokyo Revenger boys would use honey. Multipurpose kings<3
Ft; Izana, Smiley, Mitsuya, Wakasa, Chifuyu, Mikey, Taiju, & Draken 
Includes; Food play? Oral (m+f), descriptive language, & fem!reader.
Rating; Mature 18+, minors do not interact. Go do your homework or something
An; This was inspired by @dokidokimanji​ he was talking about using honey for food and I decided to be horny. Also, I wrote this with black reader in mind but skin tone is not described or mentioned in anyway.
Tumblr media
                       ★ Izana + Smiley 
“Don’t leave a single drop.” He groans out with the slyest smirk on his features to accompany it. His eyes would never leave your face, watching everything from the way you bat your eyes at him when you kiss the tip of his cock to the way you suck on his balls to get the rest of the honey that dripped down. You make sure to clean him up completely, like a good little whore. One hand is on the top of your head following you as bob up and down his length. He just wants to be able to push your head back down onto his cock forcing you to take it to the back of your throat if you ever stop. He loves the way your eyes roll to the back of your head when you begin to gag around him, the way your throat tightens up squeezing him just like your pussy would. He has no shame. When you finally pull away to catch your breath, he’s pulling your head to him until your face is resting against him. Pushing his cock against his stomach as your nose lays flat on the underside of his dick. Messily pouring honey onto his cock not caring if it gets on you or not. With a menacing smirk and glint in his eyes as the honey trickles down his length. “Made another mess, looks like you have to clean it up.” 
                     ★Mitsuya + Wakasa 
“C’mere princess.” He would beckon you patting his lap with a smile. You would initially think nothing of it, this is a normal routine between the two of you. Randomly he would call you, craving your presence and you would come. Straddling his legs as you push your chest into his. Your face would rest on his shoulder as you nuzzle into his neck with a giddy smile on your face, it should’ve been the same as usual this time. Just cuddling, but he loves keeping you on your toes. “Open ‘ahh’.” He will have you stick your tongue out for him to drip honey onto it. He doesn’t mind if the sickingly sweet product drips onto either you or him, that makes it even better. His hand wrapped around your throat while the other is wrapped around your waist keeping you from pulling away. Your back is slightly arched as he pulls you closer basically having you grind against his leg. The sweet taste of honey is on your tongue, you can’t even taste your boyfriend anymore. Even his spit tastes like honey, it plagues your mouth. It’s overpowering. His tongue dances with yours still having dominance over your mouth, the longer you kiss the deeper you get lost in it. A moan of yours is swallowed by him practically taking your breath away. The restriction on your throat grows tighter the more into it he gets, he loves watching the way you squirm against him when he squeezes a bit too hard. As if you get fearful, he might hurt you – it’s so cute. When the two of you finally pull away there’s a translucent line that was a reminder of what just transpired. Both of you heavily breathing but wanting more, his tongue licks up any drool that leaked from the corner of your mouth before asking - “Want to do it again?”
                    ★ Chifuyu + Mikey
He has never been happier; he couldn’t remember a time where he felt so at bliss. You’re laid on your back, your top and bra has been flung somewhere onto the floor without regard for where it landed. When he thought of using honey in bed, he wasted no time to strip you down and act out his idea. The warm honey drizzles down your mounds and the crevasse that separates the two. He watches as the liquid gold coats your breasts in stripes, admiring the way the honey adds a shine to your body. He wastes no time, mouth attacking your chest. “You’re beautiful, so perfect.” Your nipple is toyed with by the tip of his tongue before he rolls it in between his fangs, biting down harshly to cause a gasp from you. He’s in his own little world as he laps your breasts, he doesn’t realize the small moans slipping from your mouth. The way the honey melts onto his tongue s’addicting. He could never get tired of this. The moment he’s done with one you’ll hear a wet plop before he’s moving onto the other, doing the same things to your other breast. “S’so sweet.” Your chest is littered with bite marks and bruises and a bite mark as a barrier around your nipple. You’d think he’d be done after a while but how could he be when his cock is begging to be squeezed by you.
                        ★Taiju + Draken
Initially, you brought up using honey as a joke and he took you up on it. Your legs is resting upon his shoulder with your puckering cunt right in his face. His thick finger, cold to the touch drags down your covered clit to your slick slit. He chuckles to himself knowing you were a little too excited for this, kisses against the plushest part of your thigh with teeth gently pressing into your skin. Your hands slap against your face, either hand covering its designated eye with the two of you locked gaze. “Don’t get shy now.” He loves the way your body froze as the thick honey dripped onto your cunt, pouring the liquid right on top of your clit. Tongue darted across his lips before he started off, sucking the honey off your bundle of nerves. His tongue hitting against the tip of it. You buck your hips into his face with a whimper. Slowly starts to enjoy it, letting honey drip onto your slit before pushing his face into your cunt and truly eating you out. His hands grip either of your ass cheeks as he pulls you in holding you firm, not allowing you to go anywhere. Fuck, he’s enjoying this more than he thought he would. His tongue skillfully fucks into you, curling inside of you pushing up against your walls with precision. “Fuck, might get addicted to this pretty girl.” He lifts his head up only to say that before he’s diving back into your folds, anywhere his tongue can get to it’s there. Your whimpers melt with the slurping from your boyfriend, you’re grinding yourself against his face and he’s not protesting. Both so lost in the moment the two of you can only focus on what you’re doing. He didn’t plan on getting up anytime soon. 
Tumblr media
4lifers; @yukihime-mikeys-girl @bxnten
Ask to be apart of permanent taglist 💞
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feizon · 2 months
Tumblr media
warnings: blood + suggestive - !nfsw
summary: you had gotten used to your ex boyfriend's antics, the way he would pop out of nowhere and shower you with love just for him disappear from your grasp moments after. This time though, he was in a state you couldn't simply ignore.
note: fem!reader x kaneki ken / not proofread
I barely see kaneki smut so here you go <3
Tumblr media
Last October was the last time you saw him, it would almost worry you if it was anything new. You could wait for months, weeks if you cared the slightest, not a text or a letter, heck not even an e-mail just to notify you about his whereabouts.
The cycle became sickingly repetitive. He would disappear without a trace or a single word uttered, would swoop in from nowhere and tell you the sweetest little lies right next to your ear that you fall for each time. Like a forbidden lullaby that lulls you to sleep, to enter a world of dreams that will never be reality.
It was far past noon as the stars twinkled in the sky, a pretty canvas hidden behind your thick, heavy curtains hanging by your bedroom window. You were in the confinement of your bed, sheets wrinkled and your blanket resting just under you shoulder, both hands being placed on the side you faced. You had just ended a typical late shift which slowly began to mess with your sleeping schedule, sleep deprivation knocking restlessly at your door every night. It was the main reason why you were up, a warm glass of milk proving to be useless at your awake.
Before you could even try to enter the world of slumber, you hear the sliding of your bedroom window accompanied by a loud thud as well as faint sounds of labored breathing. You paided no mind to it at first, assuming it was one of the many sleep paralysis demons that came to stir up your thoughts and fears once in a while. But that thought was somehow thrown out the window as the strong sent of blood filled your nostrils.
Your eyes shoot open as you jolted out of the blankets. Mentally cursing yourself for not making sure your window was locked before your went to bed. You stand upright as you try to follow the scent, those pants from earlier getting louder yet softer as you walked cautiously. The closer you got, the more your eyebrows seemed to furrow in disgust but what you saw after was something you could never prepare for.
Your eyes take note of white hair and a black mask with human like teeth adorned on it. The said man laid on his back, arms draped over his eyes and stomach as small puddle of blood formed near his torso, light from the open window emitting a gentle glow. He lowers his arm, titling his head to look up at you who was still standing on two feet. His eyes look hazy and extremely clouded, as if he was trying his best to stay conscious.
"...Y/N? Ha, Amusing. I came here purely on muscle memory, Arg-!!"
He groans at his attempt to sit up, cause a large spike of pain through his system. He still succeeded, one knee propped up as the other laid flat, an arm dangling from one knee and the other keepinghim upright. He looks down at his lap as you still stand there frozen, all the words you wish to say suddenly stuck in your throat.
"Why are you here."
You ask firmly, all this earns is a soft chuckle from his end.
"It's cute when you try to sound angry, Y/N."
"I'm serious. And why are you bleeding-"
He finally looks up at you as he senses very sutle hints of worry in your tone, he almost sighs in relief at the discovery.
"I was being chased down. They managed to pierce right through my torso but I managed to kill him and flee in time, before his subordinates could come and find me."
"So you so you chose to seek refuge in my home?"
"Subconsciously, yes."
You clench your fist as an attempt to hide your rising anger, venom coursing through your veins as all you could do was sigh.
"How unfortunate that you survived, it would of lifted a burden from my shoulders if you did."
He stays silent, very much aware of the rocky relationship you two had. Former lovers that split due to him being a live bounty, aching to be knocked off many people's hit list. He was a ghoul, a high ranked one in fact. He kills to survive and all the horrible little details in between. He originally left to protect you, from him and the many other disastrous consequences that followed. But like they say, old habits die hard.
He couldn't stay away from you for to long, his body ached just to get some sort of contact with you, your body on his, sexually or not. He loved you dearly, but he knew you wouldn't believe him, not after how selfish he has been lately and he dreads it so so much.
You noticed he spaced out for a bit which made you feel the faintest bit of guilt. You would be lying if you said you resented him entirely, Mostly would be a better word to describe the feeling. You let out a heavy sigh as you distance yourself from him, walking into your bathroom to fetch the mini first aid kit to hopefully stop his wound from staining your wooden floors. As you re-enter your bedroom you noticed that he hasn't moved an inch, the slow rising and falling of his chest acting as the only indicator that he was still alive. Your eyes dot to the puddle causing your face to drop slightly.
'Isn't he able to heal instantly? How bad of a fight did he get himself into...'
Tumblr media
The wrapping of bandages slowly turned to the lingering of touches. Your thumb was gliding over is bloodied, bottom lip. Palm resting on his check as he instinctively nuzzled closer to the source of warmth, tears cascading down his cheek. Because of where his wound was, he had to take his shirt off which was currently equivalent to a bloodied rug. One of your knees were placed between his legs as the other was on his side. He was crying for a bit, nothing but murmured apologizes and words of your name falling off his lips.
Occasional sniffles coming from his end as you just stared back with nothing but an impassive expression, but behind your facade you were just as vulnerable. You heart swelled as you saw nothing but sincerity in his words.
"I love yo- hiccup, more than anything."
You somehow felt guilty now, all he's pleas started to make you rather hot and bothered. You bite you lip as you trail your bloodied thumb down to his chin, your breath hitching as your thoughts seem to get darker and darker, lustful even.
"Show me."
You manage to say with a very soft voice, barely louder than whisper. He's eyes focus on yours, brain torn in two to try and interpret your words, to make sure he got the right hidden message.
As if to encourage him, you straddle his legs properly, slow with your movements just to test the waters. As if mimicking your movements, he slowly places his his hands on your waist, squeezing the soft flesh with his eyes heavily focused on you and your reactions. You shudder at this and sink down on his clothed crotch, palm of your hands now placed on both sides of his neck. You move your hips in a circle which erupts a soft groan from him that made your head spin, his hold now moving to your hips to assist with your ideas.
Tumblr media
"Mmm just like that, love."
The vulnerable state Kaneki was in was long gone, his mind clouded with nothing but the warmth of you engulfing him whole. You were riding him, actually he was making you ride him as he moved your hips for you, suckling your neck and nipples while leaving open mouthed kisses that made you shudder. He was happy you were still as tight as he remembered, assuring him that you haven't been entertaining anyone else during his absence. I mean he wouldn't blame you if you did, you were no longer his to claim but the thought just made his blood boil.
The lewd sounds of body exchanged was all that filled the air other than your pretty moans of his name, telling him how good he felt inside you. You mouth was agape as tears hung on your eyelashes, mind almost going blank as his pace increased. Hickeys covered your thighs and neck as you managed to leave a few on his neck as well. Bloody kisses could be seen on your perky nipples and lips, the metallic taste foreign to your taste buds but you couldn't help but to lick your lips.
He stares at you with lust and adoration as you whined after each thrust, like you always did when you took him. He let's out an airy chuckle as you begin to push him towards your chest.
"Somethings never change, huh."
Tumblr media
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butterflykissiies · 7 days
Ellabs x Reader sub!Abby
Consider, a Ellie/Abby/Reader smut where Abby is sandwiched between the Reader and Ellie, the Reader having Abby's head in their lap being sickingly sweet and soft. Lots of soft kisses to Abby's forehead and lips and hands when she shakes them too much, praises and compliments about how good shes being and how adorable she sounds. All while Ellie is between her thighs biting the shit out of them, fucking her with her mouth roughly and switching her tongue out for her fingers and strap, slight degrading about how submissive and pathetic her moans are to being man handled by her. Ellie swiping her fingers through Abby's folds and mocking her for how wet she is from being bullied by two girls. The reader leaning over to look making Abby close her legs and hide her face behind her hands, reader coming back down to rub their hands on her arms and push them down saying that it's cute and nothing to be embarrassed about, but Ellie spreads Abby's legs back open and is like "You sure? She's got it all over her thighs and through her hair". The simple concept of how humiliating it would be to be Abby in that situation and having these two people with drastically different ways of talking/touching her, talking about her like she's just a plaything for them, growing brighter and brighter and more whimpery and submissive until they decide when they are finished with her.
anon … oh my god .. H WORD H WORD H WORD
im definitely sticking this idea in my pocket … to be seen in a full length smut fic .. perhaps very soon
everyone say thank you for this delicious food (abby lmfao) ,, you are quite literally my favorite person rn.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Adult! Tanjiro Kamado x GN! Reader Headcannons
•LUCKY! You’re married to Tanjiro Kamaboko!
•He is so supportive of everything you do(No matter how weird), it will bring you tears.
•He will always protect you no matter what the cost is because he refuses to loses another person he loves.
•Nezuko is your best friend and she loves you so much. She might even pick you over her brother.
•As expected, his proposal was so heart-touching that it made all the pillars cry(even Sanemi cracked a tear)
•He calls you: Sunshine, baby, angel, honey, and love of my life.
•You call him: Tan Tan, dear, hon, slayer of my heart, and Jiro.
•You guys are so sweet that it’s sickingly adorable.
•”We’ll get through this, like we always do honey.”
•He is surprisingly big in thickness and boy does it hurt like hell the first time you guys go at it.
•His moans and groans aren’t too cute but aren’t too sexy either like it’s the perfect moan and groan that gets you turned on even more.
•He was submissive the first time but overtime h likes to top but there are days where he wants to be on the receiving end.
•His oral is heavenly like you will at least cum 5 times.
•PRAISE KING! He praises you during all of it and loves when you praise him too!
•He’s ashamed to admit but he loves adores your ass, he unintentionally squeezes it in his sleep and you don’t want to embarrass him.
•Jealous sex is so sweet yet so rough it’s amazing the TANJIRO KAMADO is capable of being rough.
•Sex positions: Counterblow, Sidekick, Oasis, missionary, and French-kiss are his go-to positions.
•”A-Ah honey, you’re doing so well..~”
Tumblr media
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thayerslayer · 6 months
KISS as Things Heard I’ve Heard at Work:
Paul Stanley:  *looks at customer* “He’s kinda cute!” *customer leans in* “His baby is adorable too! Two for one!”
Gene Simmons: “I’m well endowed, clearly.”
Peter Criss: “Quit sniffing panties weirdo.”
Ace Frehley: “The best way to grab a mannequin is by the crotch.”
Eric Carr: “You’re violating my register.”
Vinnie Vincent: *Customer standing directly in front of price sign* “How much is this?”
Bruce Kulick: *manager in a sickingly sweet voice with a fake smile* *Desperately* “Hey honey, can you stay another hour or two...please?”
Eric Singer: “Omg these short are so kawaii!”
Tommy Thayer: “Why are these big white men in my store?”
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colt-redfield · 2 months
Man I'm sick of not seeing any Duke x male reader smut for resident evil
But also the reader being Lady Dimitrescu only son 😘
Tumblr media
'Heat' of the moment.
Quick summary- Reader is best friends with Duke but one day as what's called the summer heat for people like the dimitrescu family sets in. Duke accidentally stumbles on you and draws blood with his lighter.
Warnings- nsfw, male x male, vampire boi, animalistic qualities.
Of course fluff at the end because I'd hate to be fucked and left 😅 so I'm not gonna leave Duke like that.
Duke sat in his post like usual, it was a full blood moon which worried him since the Lycans are werewolves. That was until he heard a scream, he typically wouldn't be worried if he hadn't had anything to do.
Getting up he tried his best to creep up to the noise, his size wasn't helping but oh well. He had a simple pistol in his left hand waiting to see what kind of beast lurked around at this time of night.
He stood surprised to see the man he came to know, the (what ever color hair you have) sat with a lady on the ground. Your fangs sharp and quickly draining her of blood, your pupils high and focused, he never knew you could be like this or that you were a vampire.
He went to back away from you and the lady who looked already dead when you stopped, sniffing the air. Suddenly all Duke could smell was a heavy cinnamon smell, it had him dizzy.
Before he could react he was pushed against a tree into a sitting position, looking up through the sickingly sweet haze. He's eyes widened "look who we have here" you stood above him flashing your smile at him, he could see your legs push against each other in what looked like need.
His mind couldn't focus on one thing at once "Duke could you do me a favor" your voice deeping in a deep accent. He tried to do his usual smile but failed as his eyes glanced over you "w-what would that be little one?" Your smirk had his heart flipping in his chest.
You kneeled dwarfing yourself again in his presence "p-please can I take you?" Your whine had him growing in his pants already. He nodded and you got onto his lap, he instantly had his hand on your hips.
You smirked rolling your hips to tease him but your own sensitivity got the best of you, your mother had told you to stay in your locked room like the rest of them are but you broke out and luckily Duke had came up and smelt so good.
Your cock felt so good even in your pants rubbing against his lap, resting your chest against his huge stomach. That left your face in his neck, biting down to draw little bits of blood to fuel your hunger.
You were thankfully sane enough to be able to watch Dukes reactions and body language to see if he was uncomfortable, you didn't really need him to get rid of this weird night as you did have two hands but still he's so cute like this.
His moans blocked out your thoughts as you kissed up his neck not leaving any space clear, you panted and sped up your hips grinding to gain your high.
You whined as you leaned your head into his neck, you felt his bulge get bigger as your ass continued to roll across his lap.
Before either of you could finish you stood up and took off your black pants, looking down at him "Duke take off your pants please" you spoke as the air got thicker.
His head was spinning but he wanted this so bad, he did what you asked quickly letting his huge cock out of his pants. You smirked and got back onto his lap, positioning yourself you were quick to start bouncing not giving either of you a chance to breathe.
He groaned lowly as his arms went to your hips gripping tightly, you had your hands gripping his shoulders. He bucked his hips as his eyes closed, the air was causing him to be much more horny than he normally is.
Making words with your bouncing as your cock rubbed against his stomach giving a bit more friction "s-shit (y/n)" Duke moaned cursing for the first time ever (or at least that you've heard).
You felt the coil like pleasure inside you start to come undone "Duke" you hissed slightly causing him to get tense and confused. You slowed down and moved his shirt "(y/n) what are y-" he yelped when you bit down sharply.
A mark was left as you slurped up the blood, speeding up so Duke could get his high. You felt him shot his cum into your ass as you moaned softly gripping his shoulders tightly, you cummed shortly after getting it on both of your shirts.
Duke watched your eyes turn from gold to it's normal color, his head was terribly dizzy as he passed out.
When Duke woke up he was in his caravan, he looked up to see you, you looked worried until you turned "shit Duke I'm so sorry I didn't mean for you to be there or for me to lose control" you panicked and he remembered last night. He smiled "I wouldn't mind you being dominant again little one" you looked surprised as you gave him some breakfast "o-oh?" He chuckled pulling you down to sit with him as you both ate breakfast knowing you'll have to leave soon to explain to your mother why you weren't there in the morning.
❤️ I love fat men I'm sorry 😭😭😭
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bluiex · 3 months
I was thinking about how we always make others give Grian bird related pet names like Pretty Bird, Lovebird, Dove, etc. But imagine he gives those sorta nicknames to his partners/friends. They vary from sickingly affectionate to jokes. My favourite being Bdubs as 'bee.' Because of Bee Hummingbirds. The smallest bird in the world. Bdubs used to think it was cute, he doesn’t anymore
Grian just keeps calling him bee. But I like Grian calling Scar a clutz very over affectionately. Scar loves it tho
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crazy-queen-winx · 14 days
The last question I ask about those couples that I mentioned before in another question, do you have any headcanon?
As for Flora turning evil, I would like to see more fan content featuring the Winx as villains. Some could be interesting villains.
Sky x Icy - They think of each other badly at the start, but are also instantly attracted. Sky loves Icy's eyes and vice versa. He is intimidated by her even after they go on their first date. Icy dominates this relationship, which at first makes Sky nervous, but then he embraces it. He becomes malewife to Icy's girlboss. Nobody believed at first that they are dating. Erendor wanted them to break up and almost got a heart attack after he heard about them. But Sky doesn't want to leave Icy and also would be scared to do so.
Anagan x Flora - Anagan loves Earth and would show Flora all of his favourite places. Especially parks or gardens. They love teasing each other, which Stella thinks is sickingly sweet. I think that they would have a huge family. Others noticed that Flora becomes far more snarky when near Anagan and think that it's good for her after her forcing herself to be nice 24h.
Riven x Flora - they get together before s2 and girls would be worried that Riven will break Flora's heart, but I see them rarely fighting. Though some bottle up feelings may occur. They don't share hobbies, but they are very supportive of each other. Riven may not get poetry but he will read each of Flora's poems and ramble about them. Flora is interested in every weapon that Riven shows her. She tried to get him into gardening and now Riven has bonsai tree that he tries to take care of (Timmy helps with it, because he thinks that this whole situation is cute). Riven would confess first, but Flora would be the first to say I love you. I see Flora fantasizing about the wedding, but she is patient. Everyone would help Riven with proposal (even Musa).
Riven: Excuse me, she asked for no pickles.
Diaspro x Bloom - They would rock as royal couple. Nobody would dare to disrespect one of them, because they are both very protective of the other. Bloom calls Diaspro her princess and later queen. Diaspro sticks to 'my dear'. She is Bloom's impulse control and had to teach her more about royal etiquette, while Bloom introduced her to mundane things like pizza or movies. Her first date was going to romantic comedy and while Diaspro find movie to be a bit boring she remembers the event very fondly. Kiko considers Diaspro to be his second mom, but at first he was weary of her. Mike and Vanessa loved Diaspro from the start, but they were worried about girls future due to royal bussiness. Everything turns out fine after Diaspro deals with her strict parents. They would be the couple that wants to propose at the same time and later tease each other over who proposed to who.
Winx being villains is such a hot topic for video edits, actually :)). Sorry that I respond so late ;/.
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sofipitch · 6 months
I think claudia uses louis’ coffin, and after everything (esp with Louis more active role in claudia turning) they enter another quick honeymoon phase where Louis is actually happy and Lestat gets extra affection and thus, them sharing a coffin. Or maybe, even more sickingly sweet, in the amc timeline that’s just something they do when the other is stressed and needs comfort.
Yeah I hope you are right on both counts bc that shit is cute af. Lestat probably tempts Louis to share a coffin "for old times sake" the old times being coffin sex where they occasionally elbow each other in the face
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noritoshiikamo · 2 years
When you get time coul you do sickingly cute domestic hcs with a character of your choice, you can just straight up delete this is you don't feel like it. ~ embarrassed dragon asks
days of nanami kento, hc:
void, i know u asked for sickly cute domestic hc and i did but i cant help but twisted something at the end bcs i'm me and only pain is allowed ((jkjk void i'll write something pure sickingly cute later for you :* ) warning: 18+ minor dni, sexual content, public, eating out and thigh riding (mention of word daddy) if you read past the addendum, well uh mention of main character's death listen to beach bunny cloud 9 (slowed acoustic) for vibezz
i feel like who ever gets nanami’s heart wins at life
he would bring you flowers every time he gets home
“hello, i’m home,” you could hear his tired voice but when your face come in the view if him, he started to smile and he held the flowers to you, he wasn’t tired anymore
morning with him would be peaceful despite it being monday. you’ll wake up early, he would be sprawled on his belly, comforter wrapped around his waist with his face mushed into the pillow. your cat would be somewhere in bed, sometimes between his legs and sometimes on the same pillow as him; he loves your cat
he likes his coffee black, breakfast is just two toasted breads with spread of butter
when he kissed you, he tasted like toothpaste. you can smell his lingering fragrance from yesterday and his voice was still deep from the slumber
“good morning love.”
“coffee smells good today, did you do anything to em?”
he was shirtless you could see his back with his pants hung loose you could see his happy trails, glasses perched on the bridge of his nose with his messy hair as he took a bite of the toast
he leaned against the counter, his lidded eyes on you and suddenly you felt conscious, but you were in his tshirt and shorts and those adorable socks that looks like animal he secret loves
“you have work today?” he asked washing his hand
you shook your head, pointing to the laptop and sprawling paper works on the table, “working for home.” your body shuddered when you felt the shirt hiked up, his bare hand pressing against your waist, “good,” his voiced echoed on your ear as he pressed a kiss on your shoulder
how did it get here again? your back arching on the counter while his head mewling between your legs. his tongue is mean, it left burning trails wherever it touches, kitten licks along the sensitive slits before his lips enveloped the bundle of nerves
“kento, meetin-ahh,”
“meeting can wait.” yes it can wait until you were trembling, his arms around your waist and you were just begging him to cum and when you did he had no problem cleaning you up, eyes on you as he wiped his chin, sucking the thumb with a small smile
“thank you for breakfast, it’s delicious,” waltzing out of the kitchen with a wink like he hadn't started his day by eating you out while you sat there struggling to catch a breath
on tuesday, he took you for lunch, you went to his favourite bakery and he told the cashier that his girlfriend loves the sourdough bread their bakery made to explain why there's 4 loaves in his basket
he’ll get the same order everyday while you decided to go to the convenient store across the street because you felt like bread was too heavy for today's meal
“i’ll have another one of the croissant, she’s picky, she won’t find anything there,” he explained, pulling out his wallet
like he expected you came out empty handed, but your eyes lightened up when he held another croissant
“how did you know i won’t buy anything?”
“because i’m your boyfriend.”
on wednesday you would take him out for dinner, to that one sushi conveyor shop where they have happy hours for their sushi, its that type of night where you both get slightly wasted on beer, shoveling half priced sushis like tomorrow is the end
to nanami, money is priceless with you, no monetary value could compare to your smile as you feed him a slice of sashimi and the way i love you rolled out of your tongue when he grabbed your favourite sushi from the conveyor if she missed it
on thursday nanami looked restless. you sat at the sofa, him with a book on his lap and you going through your laptop with a cup of tea. “we have a mission coming, i’m escorting a couple of satoru’s students for their grading.”
you stared at him, cup barely got to your mouth, “you’re great, i don’t see any issues.”
“they are kids,”
you reached for his face, his face softened to your touch, nuzzling gently against your palm
“they’ll be alright.”
you squealed when he tossed the book aside, laptop forgotten on the carpeted floor and the cup carefully placed on the coffee table
your shirt slipped off your head easily while his lips never left yours
"you come back home to me alright?" you threatened, "or i'll murder you myself."
"i will, love."
on friday, nanami took you out on a date
he held your hands in the train, shielding you away from the leering men
he took you to a fancy cafe for lunch, he barely touched his food, eyes on you as you stared happily on your choice of meal
"what? is it my mascara? is it messy?" you wondered
"you look pretty today," he said, leaning to brush a thumb across your cheek
he took you to a bookstore, he followed you as you ventured through the long dimmed hallways, the smell of books overwhelmed him as his eyes burned on your back as you looked around for books, the loose material of your dress swaying around
well you did find your book, but he would hold it up high, a small smirk on his face as his fingers tapped on his lips; you got his point
so you held him against the bookshelf as you kissed him, books long forgotten, his hands under your dress as you mewled against his thighs
"let's go home," you begged but he held your waist tightly, bouncing his legs to encourage you to bounce against his thighs
"you can do it here," his lips traced kisses along your jaw, ears as you clutched his shirt, desperately rubbing yourself against his thigh. your eyes drowsy in lust, lips torn from biting too hard as you held your moans and the flexing of his thigh against your clit got your belly in knots
"can you cum for me?"
"yes, daddy,"
he smiled, "good. cum then."
you didn't get caught, but it was hard to stop people from leering at the weird wet patch on his pants as he swiped his card at the counter
you went groceries shopping, his head on your shoulder, arms around you and the trolley as you went down the isle looking for dinner idea
"what do you want, love?" his voice deep against your ears sending shudders down your spine
"anything you want."
he smiled, "well i want to marry you."
"is that a proposal in the middle of a cereal isle?" he laughed, but you can't stop the way your heart beating at the words he said. his lips pressed against the side of your face as he slipped a box of flakes in the trolley
you stopped the trolley, turned around to face him
he looked puzzled, brows up in question
"i want to marry you too."
"good, how about next monday?"
but you woke up alone, the next day on saturday, nanami was long gone away for his mission
he left the coffee running, toasted bread and scrambled eggs in the pan and a note on a cup that said i love you, nk , his initial signed
you made yourself a cup of coffee, looking for the remote to turn on the tv
"we had lost contact with the shibuya train station, trapping approximately hundreds of people with no cell phone connection inside,"
the news anchor's word went in her one ear and another
where was nanami being sent to again?
you held his note to your heart, the coffee tasted too bitter for you today, and you leaned against the sofa
how's nanami doing?
on sunday, your ears perked up when you heard a knocking on the door
leaving the pancakes you planed to make, you wondered if it's nanami returning home from his mission
you felt slightly uneased, another set of knocking barged in, you said hold on and closed your eyes, telling yourself it's just your mind fucking with you
you smiled, feeling slightly relief as you twisted the door handle
"welcome home."
"hello, y/n?"
it was just not fair that the one time you decided to bring flower home to him, he wasn’t there to receive it.
but you’re used to it. it has been a year
all you’ll have to do is just remove the old one from the vase, add more water before arranging the bright flowers in the vase, before placing it back on his tombstone. your hand touched the cold stone, a small smile on your face as you kneeled on the grass
“hi, nanamin, i’m home.”
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narcosmx · 1 year
being the arellano baby sister and being into barron would include (pt.2)...
Tumblr media
a/n: the much awaited second part to this is now here, sorry for the wait but you know how i am lol
here we go so we left off at the spot where benjamin announced that you are not to go fucking anywhere without barron and you're like fuck yeah
and you got dressed in your best workout outfit and announced you were going on a run which meant that barron was following right behind you and getting into a car to follow you
"you really trying to get me killed, aren't you, baby" and you're just like "enjoy the show"
and i'm just imagine you running and barron is driving behind you slowly and you could feel his eyes burning holes through you
you could feel him fucking you with his eyes and i'm crying because it's the first time that he has mentally like let down his guard
a k a lets himself get hard as fuck for you
so when you get back closer to home, sweaty and giving him a breathless smile as you turn around to check on him
and he's like motioning for you to come over towards him
you sticking your head through the passanger side window like "yes, bebe?" you ask with this sickingly sweet smile tilting your head a little bit pretending like you don't notice his raging boner
and him just shaking his head as he's loking over you and leans ovedr to open the passanger door for him "let's go for a little drive, hm princesa? may have an idea for a better workout?"
aha ahaha haha i'm in danger because directing barron to some like some road or alley to pull in to
and and !!! car!!! sex!!!
car sex with barron just him pushing his seat back and you settling in his lap
teasing the fucking shit out of each other; i can actually see you having competitions like
....kissing no touching, whoever touches loses the winner gets to choose position or gers oral or some shit
whisper barron fucking loses the first time because eventhough he has this fucking poker face he'e been holding back for too long
i just struggling for dominance vibes
this being the beginning of your fucking rendezvous; you both have this look you two use to signal to each other that hehehehe
i have this idea of like you taking him shopping with you and you march his fucking ass into a victoria's secret
crying at the idea of like you're cute little ass holding his hand and dragging him towards it and hes teasingly like "oh fuck this" and you respond with this cheeky little smile and like motion over your body like "this? yeah i know this is the whole fucking point"
you're skipping around like a fucking kid in a candy shop, lit skipping around and barron is carrying around the basket you're throwng all these cute sets into
and half of his brain is like gotta stay on alert and half of his brain is like titties
he's literally having this internal breakdown and you're like la la la la
getting into the dressing room, and he hands you the basket and keeps posted outside of the dressing room all like fucking tough trying to revert back to the days where he could like detatch himself and like be cool as fuck around you
but those days are fucking gone,you have him wrapped around your little fucking finger
now he knows why and how you fucking run this family LOL
and you're like "you gotta come in with me, do you remember what benjamin told you? not a fucking second out of your sight" you remind him peaking behind the door and like "you wouldn't want word to get back to my brother, hmm?"
fuckin barron giving this devilish grin and rolling his eyes and being like "whatever you say, patrona"
so here you are, barron man spreading on the little bench in the dressing room
and you're all excited i'm crying teasing him and being like "close your eyes, close your eyes it needs to be a surprise"
and him mocking you with your "not a fucking second out of your sight" line and you narrow your eyes at him and throw your blouse at him
putting on your little sets and standing between barron's legs, spinning around to give him a full view and his hands are going straight to your fucking ass pulling you closer
him saying you need to bend over and sit on him to make sure they really fit you well
and i just, your back up against the thin walls of the dressing room, legs wrapped around him as he's carrying you and just fucking you relentlessly
walking out breathless, messy hair but it doesn't even matter once you pull out your credit card and pay for all these fucking sets without blinking an eye
go d you flexing your rich kid shit planning trips to go on
telling your brothers you and your girlfriend's are going on a girl's trip and being like U G H when benjamin tells you that you have to take barron with you
and getting fucked into next week by barron
why is he giving me doggy style vibes, pulling your head up by your hair so he can give you a kiss
why am i like this
would have you lick his fingers clean after he fingers you i don't make the rules this is just what comes to me
dude lowkey what if the next one is one of the brother's probs mon finds out about you two screams anyways
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