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For the requests, can I request diasomnia crew with Fe!mc (gnc if easier) who got hurt protecting them? How they dealt with the one who hurt her and after how they took care of her? Thank you 💜💖 (could be any format)
Hiii, thank you!💖💜💖
So, I got excited and basically wrote an one-shot for everyone. Writing Sebek is so amusing, ngl (probably my favourite one-shot out here)
Tumblr media
to the person who dared to hurt you...they better run. Fast.
Needless to say, Malleus was confused.
He had never taken care of a human before and you didn’t resemble dragons or faeries in any aspect. He furrowed his eyebrows, pulling out a list that Lilia had made specifically to help him.
,,How to take care of your human, easy guidebook”
It was supposed to be easy, yet it was confusing. Especially since you were insisting that you were fine and you needn’t his help that much. Fine? Said the person who literally broke her leg while trying to protect him.
In Malleus’ eyes you certainly weren’t fine and he was trying his best to take care of you.
,,Hmm, it is written here that you may need an ice pack for your leg. I suppose I could create some ice”
,,NO, no, no, there’s no need for it! Besides my leg is already in a cast, so it’s all fine, really”
You were quick to react, gesticulating violently. Knowing Malleus and his abrupt mood swings, he would create a blizzard of the century instead of a simple ice pack. You certainly wanted to avoid it. You were already getting fed up with constant rain and thunderstorms in the background. You supposed Malleus would continue to subconsciously create them, till you get better.
,,Are you sure, dearest ? Do you need something else ?”
He inquired, worry and concern audible in his tone. You shook your head and opened your arms widely.
,,I only need a hug”
Malleus hesitated for a brief moment, carefully scanning surrounding around you. You were currently sitting on the verge of the bed with your broken leg laying on the chair that stood nearby. He didn’t want to pass on this occasion, however he needed to make sure he didn’t accidentally hurt you or worsen your injuries. Malleus carefully climbed behind you, his arms wrapping gently around your waist. You leaned into his firm chest, looking up at his face. Your hands began playing with his silky hair, wrapping loose strands on your fingers. Malleus smiled at the mere sight of you, as he rested his chin on the top of your head.
,,Dearest, you must promise me that you will never do something similar in the future. Never. Next time, leave the dangerous matters to me. I can and I will protect you"
You could sense that he was deadly serious. His muscles tensed and his tone of voice was filled with determination and concern. You couldn’t bring yourself to argue with Malleus, so you only nodded in response, seemingly agreeing with him. Deep down inside you knew he was absolutely right, yet, you were sure that if he was in danger again, you would once again throw yourself before him to protect him at all cost.
,,I appreciate your concern and affection towards me, my dearest Child of Human, that’s why I thought that, perhaps, after your recovery, you would like to learn some basic self-defense ? I already talked with Lilia to teach you some useful moves”
Your face momentarily lit up, a bright grim dancing on your lips. You couldn’t hide your excitement, as your eyes were glowing up with happiness. You certainly wouldn’t pass on such generous and tempting proposition. You eagerly nodded your head.
,,Does it mean I will finally wield a sword? Like, a real sword ? This is so cool, I’m gonna prank Sebek so hard…”
You began rambling, clearly excited with the future prospect of learning some basic swordsmanship. Malleus furrowed his eyebrows, confused. You must have misunderstood him. There was no way he would let you carry or even barely touch a real sword. Given your recklessness and lack of coordination, you would be a hazard not only to society, but to yourself. Malleus could see in his head vivid images of you accidentally hurting yourself with the weapon and he immediately regretted giving you a false hope. He shook his head slightly, letting out a heavy sigh.
,,No, no, Child of Human, you must have misunderstood me. You’re not going to get a sword”
,,Oh, come on, Malleus! What could possibly happen ?”
Malleus could come up with at least 10 different scenarios, each one of them ending up in you injured to various extent. He noted mentally that he will have to remind Lilia not to give you a sword under no circumstance.
,,A lot of undesirable outcomes”
,,Fine, I will steal it from Sebek then”
,,Dearest, nO”
you and malleus in nutshell
You: Oh, btw, Malleus, what happened to that guy that hurt me? Malleus responding casually not looking up from his book: oh, he is probably in dungeons You: ... You: you threw him into dungeon? Malleus: I have been stopped from pursuing my initial plan You: good for that guy then, I suppose...
Tumblr media
honestly, you feel that he is treating you like a child. Scolding you with his condescending tone
,,My, my, Little One, you could have gotten hurt really bad. All that for an old man like myself, tsk, tsk”
Lilia’s tone certainly was condescending and you could tell he was stopping himself from scolding you as if you were a small child. He tsked few times, before he returned to applying some, unknown to you, ointment to your bruise. You hissed, when he applied a tad bit too much pressure to it, making you wince slightly in pain. In response, you only glared at him.
,,Oopsie, my bad. You humans are so fragile…”
Despite a playful smile gracing his lings and light tone of his voice, you could tell he was still angry with you. Well, not exactly with you, more like with your careless actions. It’s been almost a week since you got hurt while trying to protect him and Lilia Vanrouge was still reminding you of it.
Making sure you would remember that your mortal body is certainly an obstacle.
,,Which is precisely why, Little One, you shouldn’t throw yourself into danger like this. Recklessly”
His cold fingertips left your bruise, making you release a breathe you weren’t aware you were holding. Lilia stood up for a moment, as he reached towards the bag full of bandages and other medicaments. A shiver run down your spine, as a scowl appeared on your face.
You knew it would hurt and you already started mentally preparing yourself for it.
Lilia seemed to detect your sudden distress. He offered you a soft smile, as he was returning to your anxious form. He sat down on the bed and patted his thigh. You raised your eyebrow questioningly, yet when you didn’t get any response other than a wave of his hand inviting you, you had no choice but to sit on his thigh. One of his hands began to gently trace circles on your back in order to calm you down.
,,Now, now, no need to be afraid Little One. We will change your bandages and apply some ointment, alright? Just like we did it yesterday”
This time, Lilia’s voice was soft and gentle, as he leaned down and began whispering. His other hand patted your head carefully, as he patiently waited till you were ready. With a heavy sigh, you prepared yourself for the change of bandages. You slightly raised your hands, as high as you could without your body responding with pain. Lilia swiftly helped you get out of t-shirt and began unwrapping the old bandage around your waist.
Despite dating this old man for quite a while, you were still a bit embarrassed, so you turned your head slightly to the side and mentally prepared yourself for the pain that was bound to arrive.
,,Little One, it may hurt a bit in a second. Don’t struggle or jump, alright?”
Lilia whispered softly in your ear, as his hands reached for the horrendous ointment. It was quite effective, rapidly healing all your wounds and bruises, however it made your skin scorch and itch tremendously. Frankly, you hated it with burning passion.
His cold fingertips brushed gently against your skin, tracing the outline of your wound which was bound to scar, before he pressed them, smearing the ointment on it. Your face contorted with pain, as you tried your best not to let a whimper.
,,Shh, shh, it’s alright Little One. One more moment and we’re done here”
You didn’t pay much attention to Lilia’s soothing voice. Instead, you bit down on his shoulder, earning a small chuckle from him. It certainly wasn’t your first time doing something similar and frankly, he didn’t mind it all. His one hand rapidly and swiftly applied the ointment, his other one was gently running through your hair, trying his best to calm you down.
,,Now, it’s all done! I will just wrap the bandages and we’re done for today, Little One”
At the sound of his words and at the feeling of scorching fire leaving your body, you leaned back, putting some distance between you and Lilia. You sighed heavily, relieved that it only lasted for a brief moment.
,,Thank you”
You whispered softly, sending a small smile in his direction. You could see that Lilia was hesitating whether he should scold you a bit more, console you in your suffering or once again remind you that you are too fragile to pull stunts like this. Surprisingly, he picked a fourth option.
One you didn’t expect.
,,You’re healing quite fast, Little One, however, I prepared something special to help you speed up your recovery. Ufufu~”
Hearing him giggling, you momentarily froze. It was never a good thing.
,,I cooked something for you, Little One!”
You were certain Lilia Vanrouge was out there to murder you for pulling a stunt like this.
You: Hmm, and what happened to that aggressor? Lilia: a lot of things You: but like, what exactly? Lilia: he received the same injuries as you. And a very long talk You: you fed him your cooking, right? Lilia: Mayhaps
Tumblr media
this man is yelling at you, at himself, at the person who hurt you, at everyone within 5 kilometers
,,You! You foolish human!”
You certainly had enough of Sebek’s never-ending rant. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of actually agreeing with a few of the points he had made. No, you were far too stubborn and too annoyed with his constant yelling.
It’s been three days since you got hurt, while attempting to protect him.
Needless to say, Sebek was still angry.
At least, you assumed he was angry.
Past three days had been quite hard for him (as if he was the one laying in the infirmary), mostly because of his conflicted emotions. He wasn’t sure whether to spend every free moment with you or with Malleus. You assured him that it was fine to continue carrying out his duties as he usually did, without minding you (mostly since you were sick and tired of his constant rants accompanied with unnecessary screaming.) You were convinced your headache would only get worse with the sheer volume of his voice. Meanwhile, Malleus told Sebek to skip a few patrols and take care of you.
,,You can’t throw yourself into danger like this! With that useless, fragile, mortal body like yours! Besides,...”
Great, now he was offending you once again.
You rolled your eyes, not paying any attention to his words. Sebek would get over this, eventually.
,,Are you here to scream at me once again ? I’ve already promised I won’t pull something like this again”
Your tired and soft voice momentarily made Sebek stop abruptly with his rant, much to your relief. A brief hint of embarrassment flashed through his face and he looked away from your injured form laying on the bed. He cleared his throat, before he spoke once again, this time, he was also on verge of screaming. Screaming shyly, to be more precise.
,,I brought you something, my foolish human”
You raised one of your eyebrows and attempted to pick up your bruised body a bit and sit, yet a sudden wave of pain stopped you. Your face twisted a pain, before you composed yourself. However, Sebek saw it.
,,No, no, don’t move!”
,,I will if you stop screaming! My head will literally explode with all that noise”
You exclaimed, slightly annoyed. You could see a palette of various emotions on Sebek's face ranging from embarrassment, concern and guilt. You supposed that he was still blaming himself for the whole accident, which didn’t surprise you in the slightest. After all, he was a knight that sworn to protect and serve you ( when he wasn’t needed to serve Malleus).
,,I’m…I’m sorry, my dearest human. I will try to speak more quietly”
You didn’t have the mental energy to roll your eyes at this statement; you were sure he would fail this challenge. You sighed seemingly in annoyance, yet the soft smile gracing your lips indicated that you were just teasing him.
Of course, you were happy Sebek took his time to visit you and bring you something.
,,So…what is it? What did you bring me? I hope this isn’t some ‘exceptional-magical-dish’ that Lilia made to treat me…I’m definitely not falling for that again”
At the mere memory of the disgusting and horrendous dish that was supposed to cure your injuries away, you were filled with dread. You appreciated Lilia’s concern, yet you certainly didn’t need any of his suspicious “medicaments”’.
,,Nonsense, my dearest human! I brought you chocolate you wanted, a healthy and nutritious meal, fresh change of bandages, some painkillers….”
Sebek began enumerating various things he deemed that were necessary for your fastest recovery. You weren’t sure where you would put them in this small room you were currently staying in, but you could feel tears forming and threatening to fall from your eyes. You were simply moved by how engaged he was. Despite all those rants, you knew that Sebek deeply cared for you and felt extremely guilty for your injury.
You weren’t aware what exactly happened to the aggressor.
The last thing you remembered before you fainted was Sebek screaming some indecencies at the culprit.
The rest was shrouded in mystery and Lilia only giggled menacingly when you asked them about it, while Sebek, once again, began screaming his rant concerning how “reckless, careless and absolutely irresponsible” you were.
you: *gets hurt while protecting him* sebek: *yells at you for being foolish* you on verge of fainting: *yells louder to establish dominance* the aggressor: 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️ *clears his throat* you & sebek: *…* also you & sebek: *begins team-yelling at the aggressor*
Tumblr media
the definition of "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed"
,,My, you could have gotten hurt really bad. Are you even aware of that, Y/n?”
Silver’s soft voice pulled you out of your thoughts. It was the first time he had broken the silence between you two. Your arm got injured, while you threw yourself in front of him to protect him from taking a blow. On the whole way back to the dormitory, Silver didn’t speak at all. He only quickly carried in his arms, eager to take care of your injury.
,,I know”
You whispered, leaning back on Silver’s firm chest. He only sighed heavily in response, as his hands swiftly bandaged your arm. Thankfully, your wound was shallow and there wasn’t any need for hospitalization or any medical intervention.
You weren’t aware that Silver was able to tend to the wounds, but given his rank as a knight, you probably shouldn’t be surprised. His cold fingers brushed against your skin, as he diligently and carefully wrapped the bandage around your arm, making sure it was firm and not too tight.
When Silver finished and made sure the bandage was secure and wouldn’t come off anytime soon, he gently turned you around, so you were facing him. His face was filled with concern, his eyes were slightly glassy, as his lips formed a tight line. He was quite angry, but not at you.
No, he could never.
Silver was aware that you did it, because you only wished to protect him. And while he certainly appreciated your feelings, he couldn’t help but be frustrated. It was his job to protect you; not the other way around.
,,Please, don’t ever, ever do something so careless again. Please. I’m a knight and I’m capable of protecting myself and you. Just please…don’t ever do something that could put you in danger”
His seemingly softly spoken words were filled with determination and a promise. Silver stared into your eyes, while his one hand traced a gentle circle on your back, soothing you. Or perhaps, he was also trying to calm down himself. He leaned closer, pressing a gentle, yet brief kiss on your forehead. His warm breath slightly tickled your skin.
You only nodded in response, carefully wrapping your uninjured arm around his waist. Silver only brought you closer, as you muzzled your face in the crook of his neck.
,,I can promise you this, Silver”
You whispered softly, bringing a small smile back on his lips, as he felt relief washing all over his form.
Although, one thing was still bothering you. You furrowed your eyebrows, trying to recall what exactly happened to the aggressor who managed to hurt you.
,,What happened to that guy who attacked me, I mean…attacked you…us”
Silver needed a brief moment to compose his thoughts, before he spoke again.
,,Lilia talked with him, I suppose. Hmmm, I think I will challenge him to a duel”
His soft words left his mouth, leaving you speechless and quite shocked. You were certain that if it wasn’t for his firm and secure arms gently wrapped around you, you would jump from the surprise. A duel ? That was quite unexpected.
,,What ?”
,,It’s only fair, since he hurt you. I need to avenge your arm and recuperate your honor”
Silver stated calmly, while you weren’t quite sure how to react. After a brief moment, you decided to leave it as it was. Given his determined and resolute tone, you knew convincing him not to continue with the duel would be pointless.
You only smiled in response, feeling quite happy knowing that he cared deeply for you.
Silver: *is avenging your arm* You staring in awe: ngl, this is so hot
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Special Delivery! 🎁✨
This is in reference to the recent Sonic Channel art
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Tumblr media
Not the fanart I wanted to post. Just a quick sketch of Lilia for studying purposes
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heavensdoorways · 3 days
Tumblr media
Iron lock (1911) with inlays of gold, silver, bronze, and copper on wood base,
By Frank L. Koralewsky (1872-1941) 
© Art Institute of Chicago
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Diasomnia With An Affection Boyfriend
{not proof-read}
I just realized…this is my first official time writing for Silver! We love our sleepy boy! Also, I know nothing about chapter 7 as I’m trying to stay spoiler free so there’s no spoilers!
Tumblr media
Malleus is extremely touch starved. He’s felt alone for a majority of his young life and the only forms of affection he ever got came from Lilia so for his boyfriend to treat him so gently, so lovingly, so softly, it makes his knees buckle
Please smother him in kisses! He will even bend down for you for easier access! Cheek, neck, lips, forehead, doesn’t matter please kiss him anywhere—
Your surprise hugs, even though he knows they’re coming, never cease to make his heart bloom. It’s the same with cuddles. Wether you’re sad , stressed, or you just want to be with him, his arms are always open for you
Whenever you’re near Malleus, you fiddle with his fingers or just simply hold his hand to the point where he subconsciously starts resting his hand against yours
Malleus isn’t very good with physical affection. Of course he’ll hold you hand and place chaste kisses on you, but he much prefers spending quality time with you and gifting you things he thinks you’ll like
Malleus will freely show his affection for you and will allow you to do the same so if someone has a problem with that, Malleus will quickly shut them down with a glare. He will not allow them to impede on his time with his boyfriend
Malleus really loves his boyfriend and anyone who knows him can see how much of a love sick fool he is for you and your affections
Tumblr media
Lilia is a very affectionate old man. He was a war general but he is also a father. Seeing countless losses of friends and comrades can really do something to someone. Even despite the metaphorical blood on his hands, his boyfriend still treats him with care and he honestly can’t get enough of it
Lilia absolutely adores your kisses he can’t help but giggle after every little one you place on his face or neck. He’ll let you kiss him for however long you want but he’ll get more giggly the longer it goes on and he may end up just floating with you in his arms
He absolutely relishes in your hugs. He just feels so secure and warm in them that he unconsciously lets his guard down and melts into you. He will eventually drag you down to the floor with how comfy he gets…
Honestly, he probably already fiddles with your fingers whenever so he’s happy to hold your hand…please do it he will get pouty when you don’t hold his hand—
Lilia’s own forms of affection aren’t too different to his boyfriend’s. Kisses around the face and nape, physical courting gifts, and acts of service to name a few I wish you luck with his cooking
Lilia loves when you show your affection to him in public and has no problem in quickly shutting down others who wish to comment. If they feel the need to comment on him and his boyfriend, then they must know why they don’t have a significant other. He’s just reminding them~
Lilia is a soft old man now and he needs the affection he lacked while he was general and his boyfriend is the perfect remedy for such an ailment
Tumblr media
Silver is kind of like his father. He’s not as affectionate as his father, growing up as a knight n’ all, and he’s only ever received familial affection from his father but will absolutely melt when his boyfriend does anything remotely affectionate
Silver is more than content with letting you smother him in kisses so long as it’s not during his training or usual guard work. Just seeing his face scrunch up at your kisses even in his sleep while subconsciously leaning into you is worth it every time
Silver isn’t great with hugs and cuddles. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy them, it’s just that he doesn’t know what to do. Where should he place his hands? Should he rest his head? Should he say something? He enjoys them but you’ll just need to guide him a bit
Please hold his hands please! He loves having that small connected contact with you, even if it’s just pinkies! His hands are rough and calloused, showing the story of a trained knight…but the warmth from your hands makes him feel…loved
Silver isn’t good with physical affection and often stumbles over his words, meaning one thing but it coming off as another. His way of affection is acts of service and quality time as he feels his actions would speak more than his words of love for you…and they do
He likes being honest with his feelings and thoughts and usually says something if anything is bothering him. So if someone were to make an offhand comment about you giving him affection he would not hesitate to call that person out honestly he would say some pretty mean stuff thanks to Lilia
Although he may have a hard time showing it, Silver truly loves his boyfriend and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to defend his honor and affection
Tumblr media
Sebek is…conflicted with your affection. He kind of has a love-hate relationship with it as he believes it interferes with his guard work but he also can’t help but crave it more and more from you
He gets so red and blushy from kisses! He’ll start stuttering and start trying to hide his face from you while trying to comprehend what in Twisted Wonderland just happened…before yelling about how “uncouth” it was. I promise he liked it. It’s like his brain crashed and he’s trying to reboot
Hugs are a little iffy to Sebek. He does enjoy your hugs but he’s very sensitive when it comes to physical contact to where he either flinches or becomes defensive. So it really depends on his mood if he wants hugs or not but it’s very easy to tell as he’ll start getting more physically close to you (e.i sitting close to you or fleeting touches)
Speaking of, Sebek actually doesn’t mind hand holding so long as he’s not busy guarding Malleus. It’s usually just you hooking fingers with each other and only goes to full hand holding when he hasn’t seen you in a while Malleus and Lilia let him take more breaks now
Sebek, when it comes to affection, is rather fond of acts of service and gift giving. He has an important duty to uphold so he’s not always there for you but, when Lilia and Malleus tell him to take a break and spend time with you, he finds comfort in giving you something or doing something for or with you, such is his knightly duty to look after the ones he cares for, including his lover
Sebek is a half-fae of honor and dignity and would never let anyone dare tarnish the powerful name of his lord or the good nature of his boyfriend so when someone says something negative about you, he takes it as a personal attack and is ready to burst their eardrums with your praises
He still feels conflicted about your affection, especially with how often you show it, but he can’t help but crave it. At first, he thought it was just a spell you placed him under to distract him but, after some old man advice, he knows it’s just what his heart feels for you that he can’t accurately accept: love
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID in alt text]
birthday present for @manicpixiedreampharaoh !!! happy birthday I love you so much!!!!! 💗💞💓🐦🕊
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Farkas stimboard with furs and knife/sword sharpening for @qyuryyus
⚔️ 🐾 🐺 | ⚔️ 🐾 🐺 | ⚔️ 🐾 🐺
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Tumblr media
Have you wished her happy birthday today?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
UNDERCOVER: ‘Under The Cover’ Collection (1996) Designed By: Jun Takahashi
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brucenorris007 · 1 day
“Silver doesn’t choose when he time travels.”
This is... a baffling decision to me. I mean, from a narrative standpoint.
Sure, he gets thrown around and put in Situations because reasons, haha, whatever, but...
I was under the impression that a major draw of these characters, these adolescent animals was the sheer degree of agency they have in their lives.
The only reason Vanilla and Vector haven’t literally adopted every single one of them (independently or jointly) is that the cast is so capable and self-sufficient already that people sometimes forget how young they are; so capable that even when they lack agency, they figure out a way to make agency for themselves.
And yet, Silver, the guy who suffers from tunnel vision arguably even more than Metal Sonic is just... at the mercy of some unnamed god’s whims?
That Silver the hedgehog? The Determinator whose philosophy for dealing with his enemies is equivalent to the fucking sentry turrets from the Portal series; IT’S ON SIGHT.
THAT Silver???
I get that some interesting stories and moments in this franchise are owed to Sonic and/or friends being dropped into Situations, but there’s usually a face responsible for dropping them.
Maybe there’s going to be some big reveal that ties into lore or something.
Right now it’s just... baffling.
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Tumblr media
swamp arsenal
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Tumblr media
A Very Important Update
Sorry for the radio silence folks, it's been what, two months now?
I am so so so sorry.
Development for the game has not been entirely halted, it's had to take its pauses. I personally have gotten a few sprites worked on that will be needed for the prologue, and was even working on the extra special cg that will hopefully set the tone for the game.
There's just been one teensy problem... my health.
For those who just want a quick summary, I've had a string of unfortunate health issues, that while manageable at first, has now led to a very severe wrench into development plans for now. If you don't want any details, skip the cut. Especially if you're sensitive to the topics of cancer and heart problems.
With that in mind, development has NOT stopped entirely. It's just made me more glad I said not to expect the game anytime soon. I still want it finished, God himself can not tear this game out of my hands. I just have to be a little careful with how I go about it for a while.
I see we've gotten so many more followers, and there are plenty of messages for me to parse through, and I'll be getting through those! I hope to be more active now that I'm on what we could call the road to recovery, and I hope to deliver more content to you soon. For those who want more in-depth answers and insight into what's going on. The cut below has it all. I felt awful keeping you all in the dark, and Salt has suggested I finally tell y'all. So here it is.
To start with. I have Thyroid cancer, have had it for a little while, and I'm set to begin the real meat of treatment and chemo and all its fun stuff within the year. With that, it doesn't actually impact my life too much. I'm more tired yes, and I can only really do things in my free-time on days I don't work, since I work 10 hour days and those take up nearly ALL of my energy, so far it's been a good cycle.
I've found my rhythm, and I was working on the game through it! ....So, what changed? About almost 3 weeks ago now, I had a heart attack at work. It went untreated since I was unaware of the signs of a heart attack at the time, and due to that, I merely just finished my shift and went home. Yes, that's right. I had a heart attack and kept working.
I know. It was so so so stupid at the time, but I was so worried about inconveniencing my coworkers that I stayed. Thankfully it was not a severe one, more on the light to moderate side. I passed out for a few seconds, but mostly just felt like my heart had been kicked by a horse, starry vision, numb left arm, the works.
The next day I felt so awful I skipped work, but the day after I went back in, still feeling bad, but due to how my dad raised me... If I'm gonna suffer, might as well make money while doing it. Turns out, I was nowhere near better! I passed out at work, several times, and finally decided oh shit.. I should go to the hospital. They were able to diagnose that yes, I had a heart attack, and that I probably had caused some damage to my heart, damage they at the time couldn't see, and basically sent me home with a doctor's note to avoid work.
That's fine! Just a few days off, and I'll be better right?
Hahahaha, no.
I kept continuing to pass out, and as the days passed, it was happening more frequently. I'll save you some time, I was in and out of ER's, and finally two days ago, I was in-patient in a hospital for over 24 hours.
They found out that my heart is seemingly fine, but for no reason they can tell at the time, my BPM drops below 50, and sometimes even below 40 when I pass out. Walking, standing, heck, even sitting, can cause me to pass out. And even just laying down (I was marked as a high fall risk patient so I was basically locked to my bed the entire time watching Bluey ((I may be someone who writes awful things but even I love Bluey))) I still continued to pass out.
Literally just yesterday I was cleared to go home, with a little machine patch on my heart, that will record my heart rate for the next week, and if i pass out, I'm to hit the button on it, and record in their journal what happened, when, and why. Seems easy stuff, and for now I'm totally home-bound. I can't even walk out to my shed without having a severe fainting episode.
There's just one problem, besides moving around, and I feel like such a weak Victorian maiden saying this. But if I get too wound up or excited, I also grow faint. I literally. Faint at the sight of ankles now. I am so weak and dying.
What this means for the game is a little rough, since the game itself makes me so happy, heck, just talking ideas with Salt has me bouncing off the walls, and I have to take breaks from doing so to go lay down cause I'm gonna pass out from happiness.
For a... spicy game. With spicy elements. It means I have to pace myself so so so much cause my ass swooning harder than the girls over Gaston just cause I drew Malleus shirtless.
Good news is with this patch on me, recovery should be coming soon, they'll HAVE to find something. It can't last forever. I initially had an awful arrhythmia, and that went away, so the future is open! They've already determined it's not fatal, so I won't perish, but if I do go...
I hope I go out because I saw a spicy fanart of Malleus and got so excited I passed out and cracked my head open.
It's the only way to go.
Thanks for listening, and I hope to be able to give more updates soon, on the game, not me, please do not worry for me. I am literally immortal until proven otherwise.
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《 tsum peepaw very excitedly telling his son how much of a menace he has been ♡ 》
(not me posting abt tsum tsums when i havent read the story of tsum 1 event yet asjdfh)
idk if this was already told in canon or nah, but i always melttt assuming that silver unironically believes lilia's praises to himself jajd !!! like if lilia says hes a cutie then goshdarn yes he has the most cutest papa ever!! so proud, so supportive !!! 💖😭💖 I LOVEEE!! ✨
we got malleus and sebek for tsum 1 so i got my hopes up --- to the roof!! for tsum 2 w/ silver and lilia yayayy😎✨✨💖🥺
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