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dotster001 · 21 hours
Diasomnia boys with a s/o that calls them her prince charming or knight in shining armor?
(ah yes, our cutsie boys, getting the loving they deserve 😢)
CW: Fem Reader, and I have yet to fix Silver's picture. Will I ever fix it? Who's to say?
Tumblr media
"Ah, Malleus, you're like my prince charming…"
Child of man, he has told you a million times he is a king. But how sweet that you think he is charming
He goes home to tell the funny story to Lilia. He is certain they will both have a laugh at your human mishap.
Until Lilia explains it is an endearment. It is a high compliment from one lover to another! He's so proud of his boy! Lilia is wiping a tear away as he hugs his son. He's going on and on about how he's such a proud dad, and all his children are perfect.
Malleus dips out in the middle of the speech to properly thank you for the compliment. Aka, scoop you up in his arms, and kiss you deeply.
He gets blushy, now, every time you call him that. He never really believed he'd find a happily ever after with someone, but it might just happen with you…
Tumblr media
"Sebek! You are my knight in shining armor!"
"Of course I am, human! I have trained extensively in the art of knighthood!" Those are the words he wants to say.
"Blehsichkenchdjzn" -those are the words that come out of his mouth.
You think you broke him. He excuses himself for a moment, and as soon as the door is shut behind him you hear him scream.
He comes back in and pretends that didn't just happen. But his cheeks are awfully pink. 
Anytime you need him to shut up, or you just want to fluster him, you say it from now on. He hates the power you have over him, and he practices in the mirror, calling himself a knight in shining armor, alone, in his room.
(Silver has walked in on this three times, and may never recover)
Tumblr media
"My prince charming…"
Well now he's awake. You'd been resting with your head near his heart, softly caressing his cheek, and pushing his hair out of his face. But that's not happening anymore.
"I'm not a prince, Y/N. I'm just a knight."
"Maybe you're not a prince of a country," you hum, "but you're my prince."
He's shy and blushy, but you grin that cute grin of yours, and he'd agree to anything you say about him.
"If I'm prince charming, does that make you my beautiful princess?"
How is he always so effortlessly smooth? He doesn't even mean to do it, he just is like that!
From here on out, whenever he is about to kiss you, he'll call you, "my beautiful princess"
Tumblr media
"Lilia! My knight in shining armor!"
Duh. He's smug as hell. He hasn't trained as long as he has, and read as many romance novels, to just be an average lover!
He'll bow deeply, before wrapping an arm around your waist and giving you a roguish wink.
For the rest of the day, he'll feel mischievous. He'll dramatically help you as loudly as he can, because "it's a Knight's job to help a damsel in distress!"
"Fear not, fair maiden, I shall hold this door open for you!"
"My darling damsel, do not fret, this jar of pickles is no match for me!"
"I shall duel this wretch to the death for the injustice he has done upon you!" -Lilia, after Grim took a bite of your sandwich.
If you want him to stop you can…
Lmao, you're so dumb, nothing can stop Lilia 😂
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Tumblr media
I did something.
Tumblr media
PNG version
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lokiinwonderland · 2 days
Sebek: Today at 7 am, Lilia poured a Monster energy drink in his coffee, said "I'm going to die" and drank the whole thing.
Malleus: I watched Lilia brew his coffee with Monster instead of water. Three cups in two hours. I think he ascended into the astral realm.
Silver: The survivability of the Fae race never fails to amaze me.
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akechisu1 · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tiyoin · 2 months
no cause this is still the funniest twst ss to ever exist
Tumblr media
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jangmi-latte · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it all started with lilia. it was lilia's influence. they're following their dad's footsteps.
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zvezdacito · 22 days
Mutual Understandings ⚔️🐀🐉
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was made before the Diaso part 2 update dropped so if this seems a bit out of place and unrelated to what just happened that's because i didn't see it yet that time and only decided to post now fsr😭 This isn't intended to be romantic necessarily. Also lettering is not my passion
(Interaction based off this Steven Universe clip someone sent me like almost 2 years ago but I only drew it now):
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lanshappycorner · 21 days
Tumblr media
emotional damage !
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ryuusea · 2 months
Tumblr media
i just think lilia would
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rizelcchi · 2 months
Mirror of Goodbyes
How each character who loved you deal with your disappearance.
Part III. Ignihyde and Diasomnia
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mirror mirror on the wall, why did you let everyone mourn in sorrow?
- The end
Part I. Heartslabyul and Savanaclaw
Part II. Octavinelle, Scarabia, and Pomefiore
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hllokttyairhead · 10 months
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The first time drawing twst and im doing this
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cirquetrigo · 3 months
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burmese representation!? in MY twisted wonderland!?
so to celebrate saung player lilia being canon i put all the diasomnia boys in longyi 🎉 i'm obsessed with these i think i'll draw more of them
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mewsplainer · 3 months
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some malleus and silver based off of these cute pics of elle fanning and angelina jolie ^_^
i just finished rewatching maleficent and i'm really hoping for more hints of it in diasomnia's story .. considering crowley's design is based off of diaval + i've been thinking about how in the movie, maleficent tends to put aurora to sleep using her magic at random times?? HMM. anyway u know how it is i hope it releases soon
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acey-wacey · 3 months
hiiiii i love the future children series so i request Riddle, Vil, Kalim, Jamil and Idia if that is okay ^^
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This series is in quite high demand, I must say.
🌹 Riddle Rosehearts 🌹
Tumblr media
Riddle was on his way to attend to the Heartslabyul croquet hedgehogs when he found that their cages had been opened.
You can imagine his panic when every single one of them was gone.
He huffed, trying his best not to hyperventilate at this grievous issue.
He heard a giggle from behind the garden shed and stormed over, ready to scream at some irresponsible first years.
When he caught sight of two little girls, he was so shocked he forgot to scream at them.
The two girls, one of them 6 years old, the other 5, were petting and playing with the little blue and pink hedgehogs.
Both of them had bright red hair and features that reminded him of someone Riddle couldn't quite put his finger on
He cleared his throat, startling the little girls.
"What are you children doing here?"
"We were just..." began the older girl before she was interrupted by the other.
"We were making sure the hedgehogs weren't lonely!"
Riddle sighed and crouched down to be at eye level with the girls.
"I appreciate your concern for the emotional well-being of my hedgehogs but it was very irresponsible to take them out for their cages, especially without permission."
"Sorry, papa," the girls said in unison.
"No need to call me papa. I'm not your father. Speaking of, I'll take you two to the main office. I'm sure Headmaster Crowley will spare no effort to reunite you with them," Riddle spoke, trying not to crack as the little girls stared up at him with their big ol' eyes. He then muttered under his breath in contempt of the headmaster. "Especially if it will give him and excuse to not work on sending Y/N home."
The oldest girl tugged on his sleeve and furrowed her eyebrows.
"Why are you gonna take us to Mr Crowley? Do you not want to play with us?"
"As much as I would love to entertain you, I'm sure your parents are very worried about you. You must be visitors from the Isle, correct?"
The girls exchanged a look and burst out in giggles.
"Silly papa! Did you forget? We're from the Kingdom of Roses, not the Isle!" the older girl laughed.
"I learned about it in school!" The younger girl said proudly with her hands on her hips. "We talked about the Queen of Hearts and she was from the Kingdom of Roses too!"
"You're from the Kingdom of Roses?"
"Yes, papa! Keep up!"
"May I ask what your parents names are? Perhaps I'm acquainted with them."
"Is this a test, papa?" the youngest squinted at Riddle.
"I know!" The older girl squealed. "Our parents are Riddle Rosehearts and Y/N Rosehearts. And just in case you need it for your test, my name is Reina Rosehearts and my little sister and best friend in the whole wide world is Rosaline!"
Riddle was stunned upon hearing your name and his own as the children's alleged parents.
He was far too flustered to deal on his own so he called you and told you to come to Heartslabyul right away.
You thought somebody had broken some bone so you rushed over immediately only to find Riddle cuddles on the common room couch, reading fairy tales to two little girls.
It's safe to say, he warmed up to them pretty quick.
"This is the emergency you were talking about?"
"Hush, Y/N, we're at the best part of the story."
🗡️ Silver 🗡️
Tumblr media
It wasn't abnormal for Silver to fall asleep on one of the campus benches.
It was, however, unusual to spot a little boy cuddled up with him.
You were walking back to your dorm when you spotted Silver, who was curled up while hugging a little grey-haired boy.
The boy looked about 7, far too young to be on the campus without an adult, and he had Silver's jacket draped over him like a blanket.
You didn't want to wake Silver but you were so curious and you didn't have anywhere to be so you sat next to Silver on the bench, waiting for him to wake up.
About 30 later, Silver's eyes blinked open and he found you right next to him.
"Oh, Y/N. When did you get here?" he rubbed his eyes and tried to shift his posture without waking the boy in his arms.
"About a half hour ago. I wanted to ask, who is the boy with you?"
Silver looked down at the boy he still cradled and almost looked surprised.
"Oh, yes. This is Elliot. He's our son."
You couldn't help but laugh from the pure shock from Silver's response.
"Our son?"
"Yes. He's from the future and found his way here, one way or another."
Silver seemed so genuine that you stopped chuckling and furrowed your brows.
"Are you still half-asleep, Silver?"
"Probably, but I'm actually being serious about this. He's our little boy. He even says so himself. We could wake him to prove it."
You shook your head and looked at the little boy who peacefully snoozed on the bench.
"We shouldn't disturb him. How about we carry him back to the Diasomnia dorm where he can sleep peacefully and when he wakes up, we'll have this conversation?"
Silver nodded with a barely visible smile and gentle picked Elliot up.
The boy whined and shifted but stayed asleep.
The two of you took him to Diasomnia in comfortable silence and napped on Silver's bed with Elliot in between you two.
Of course later, Lilia would walk in and take a bunch of pictures before practicing you both about "intimacy before marriage".
He stops as soon as s he realized he had a grandson.
You have to pry Elliot away from Lilia because he so thrilled to have a baby again.
♣️ Trey Clover ♣️
Tumblr media
"Who are my strawberry tart?" Riddle screeched, fuming mad at his authority behind undermined. "Ace, you knave!"
Ace rolled his eyes and crossed his arms at Riddle.
"For the last time, Mr Dorm leader, I'm not always to blame for everything that goes wrong."
"But you gotta admit, it is usually your fault," Cater chuckled from behind his phone screen.
"This one isn't my fault! I'm not gonna sit here and be yelled at for something I didn't even do!"
"Then who would eaten it?" Deuce sighed, his head starting to hurt from all the yelling.
Trey cleared his throat and all turned to look at him as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen.
He rubbed his neck sheepishly as he looked at Riddle.
"Sorry, Riddle. That would be my fault."
"For real?"
"No, no, not me," Trey chuckled in embarrassment and beckoned for someone from behind the door.
Three children sheepishly stepped out with their hands behind their backs.
There was an older boy, a girl, and a very little boy, all three of them with strawberry red staining their cheeks.
"Trey, what is the meaning of this?" Riddle sternly inquired. "Are these your siblings? Did they eat my tart?"
"They did eat the tart but they aren't my sibligns. They're actually, uh," Trey sighed, unsure how to bring it up gracefully. "They're my children.
A gasp rippled through the room before all hell broke loose.
"You have kids?"
"When did this happen?"
"You're just 18!"
"Who's the mother?"
Trey held his hands up in surrender and ushered the kids back behind him as they seemed very overwhelmed by the influx of questions.
"They're from the future, so don't worry about me having children as a teenager."
"How'd they get here if they're from the future?" asked Deuce, though he wasn't sure if the answer was obvious to everyone else and he just wasn't getting it.
"I don't know, Deuce, but they're here until I can figure out how to get them back," Trey sighed. "Since they might be here a while, I'll introduce them."
Trey pointed to the older boy who had greenish hair and glasses just like his father.
"This is Julian,"
He pulled the girl, who had e/c eyes with a mischievous glint, into a little side hug and she giggled.
"This is Catherine,"
He ruffled the little boys h/c hair, making him laugh.
"And this little one is Lukas."
"Okay, but who's the mom? Is it someone we know?" Ace seemed very invested in the new tea.
"I'm not sure I really want to tell you anymore."
"Come on, who is it?"
"Mama is Y/N!" Lukas exclaimed, looking very proud of himself that he remembered his mother's name.
All the Heartslabyul students went quiet. This time nothing broke the uncomfortable silence as they all exchanged glances.
"I heard yelling. Are y'all alright?" you poked your head into the kitchen.
"We're fine!" Deuce practically screamed, making you even more concerned.
"It's absolutely nothing," Cater gave you a thumbs up and a saccharine smile as you raised your eyebrow suspiciously.
"You're all acting weird."
Before you knew it, three tiny bodied were upon you.
"What's going on?" you asked, panicked. You looked to Trey for help since he usually knew what was going on.
Trey sighed and began prying the children off of you.
"Alright, kids. Let's not suffocate your mother."
You practically saw blue screens.
"Maybe let's take this somewhere more private where I can explain."
You could hear a chorus of suggestive "oohs" from the kitchen as you walked to Trey's room.
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akechisu1 · 2 months
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Cooking with Lilia
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