#sirius black x remus lupin
inhale - @wolfstarmicrofic - word count: 222 - slightly NSFW?
Remus didn’t have a lot of enemies. He fancied himself a likable enough person, though sometimes he questioned why. He was a bit sarcastic and he had trouble giving a fuck about much of anything before a Full Moon. But nonetheless, he didn’t consider anyone or anything to be an all-out foe except, perhaps, the moon itself.
Until, that is, he saw Sirius arrive to the Gryffindor victory party in a skirt. Then, suddenly, that little piece of leathery fabric was his biggest adversary. Because it was in the way.
And fuck, the way it covered Sirius’s arse in a way that made every curve known, slipping up his creamy thigh every time he bent a bit while he danced to the music pouring out of the magically-enhanced record player…Remus wanted to rip it off his body. Preferably with his teeth.
“Remus,” Lily muttered into his ear as he stood watching Sirius grind against James, grinning and throwing his hands in the air, the tiny skirt slowly moving up, up, up his legs.
“Mmm?” he barely responded, glazed-over eyes glued to the moving hemline.
“Breathe,” Lily ordered, voice full of humor.
And, inhaling with a gasp, Remus turned, wrenching his gaze from his friend.
“I need a drink,” he murmured dazedly, grabbing Lily’s hand to drag her away.
“Or five,” she laughed.
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ellecdc · 13 hours
Sirius' Admirer
poly!wolfstar x fem!reader at a party with Sirius' determined admirer
CW: fluff, shy!reader but it's only discussed, possessive Remus, brief mention of alcohol/being tipsy but no description
original request/prompt = @unstablereader
The party was winding down as the small group that was left in Gryffindor tower pulled the various sofas and chairs closer to the low coffee table for another party game. 
Not you, though.
Remus was very happy to have you curled up in his lap, pretty well asleep, as he watched Sirius smirk and laugh with the remaining party goers. 
It was no secret that you were a touch more shy than Sirius or Remus were. 
Okay, you were terribly more shy than Sirius and Remus were, but Remus was more than happy to sit on the sidelines with his and Sirius’ little wallflower.
And it was no secret you put in a solid effort to be more social for your more extroverted boyfriends'; showing up to this party was evidence of that, both of them knowing that the old you would have never agreed to such a thing.
He was certain that had you been a little less tipsy and a little more awake, you would rather die than be seen falling asleep in one of your boyfriend’s lap. 
That made Remus love his current situation all the more.
You shifted slightly at a boisterous laugh from the group and Remus used his hand that was supporting you to rub your back soothingly. He couldn’t help the proud smirk that took over his face when you nuzzled a little further into his chest at the action. 
Remus could suddenly smell trouble in the form of one Gryffindor girl a year below the three of you - who seemed to have quite the crush on Sirius - as she approached the group. 
Now it’s important to note that it’s not that he blamed the girl for her crush, per se, but he certainly didn’t like it.
And Moony liked it even less. 
Remus watched as the girl approached Sirius, and Sirius - not quite able to rid himself of the Pureblood gentleman he was raised beaten to be - began to stand in order to offer her his chair.
“Oh that’s okay! We can both fit!” The girl offered boldly, grabbing Sirius’ arm before he was at his full height and pulling him back down into the (albeit rather large) one seater chair. 
Though Remus could see Sirius was slightly taken aback by the boldness of the younger Gryffindor, he quickly schooled his face and offered a polite shrug before turning his gaze to the rest of the room. 
Before the game began, Sirius’ eyes flit upwards towards the chair he knew the two of you were occupying where he took in your tangled forms.
A soft, loving smile took over his face as he watched your chest rise and fall peacefully before his eyes met Remus’, who he offered a wink before returning to the game at hand.
Now Remus tried to focus on the feel of your steady breathing, your weight on his chest, the warmth of your body, and the contentment he had felt all night with you and Sirius.
But Moony was far more concerned with that little witch who was sitting far too close to his Padfoot. 
Remus tried to mentally grab The Wolf by the scruff of the neck, begging him to relax for now.
And it almost worked.
Except the little witch had thrown her head back in laughter and slapped Sirius' thigh playfully. 
Remus could feel a possessive discontentment rumble through his chest, and unfortunately for him, so did you.
“I’m sorry, dovey. It’s okay, go back to sleep.” He murmured, pressing a conciliatory kiss to your hairline as you stirred in his lap. 
You tightened your hold on Remus in a way that you never do in public, and he was immediately back to feeling quite smug about his current situation.
Though, unfortunately, the smugness didn’t last long. 
Sirius was having a playful row with James over whether or not James had cheated during his turn, paying no mind to the younger girl who was scooching ever closer to him in his distraction, to the point that Remus felt she was nearly sitting right on his lap.
Mine. Moony growled petulantly in his mind. 
Remus thought, hoped, and prayed that he was strong enough to ignore it, but it seemed that either Moony was particularly possessive tonight or this witch was particularly bothersome. 
Sirius was leaning forward in the seat with his elbows on his knees conversing with Peter as the witch leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder. 
Remus wasn’t exactly sure what his plan was in attempting to stand up, but that plan (or lack thereof) was quickly thwarted when you whimpered at the disruption. 
“Moons?” You whined as you started to tense; eyes scrunching in preparation to open and see what Remus’ fuss was about.
“Sorry. I'm sorry babylove.” He cooed as he settled back into his chair and kissed the space between your brows.
Damn his difficult hot and oblivious boyfriend and his sweet little sleepy girl - causing him nothing but grief. 
How in the sodding hell did Sirius not notice what was going on right now!? He had to feel the weight of her stupid sodding head on his shoulder?
But apparently whatever discourse he was currently participating in with Peter was more interesting than his admirer. 
Remus tried to remind himself that the fact that Sirius wasn’t noticing and not interested in the witch was really rather a good thing as he continued to keep an eye on his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s devotee.
Apparently though, Remus had a threshold.
And that threshold came in the form of the witch slowly wrapping both her arms around Sirius’ arm that she was already leaning against.
Sirius barely had time to furrow his brows and turn to look at the girl incredulously before Remus had shot a tame stinging hex at him. 
“Ouch! What the fuck?” Sirius hissed as he shook the hand Remus had stung - not coincidentally the hand that the witch was moments away from trying to hold - forcing the girl to straighten up from where she’d been attempting to cosy up to him. 
“Oi Prongs, are Rem and my girl still around?” Sirius called loudly regardless of the fact that Remus knew that Sirius knew exactly where they were. 
“Never very far, Pads.” James smirked as he used his head to gesture towards your and Remus’ forms. 
Sirius looked over with a salacious grin on his face before quickly standing and abandoning the witch in her chair built for one as he made for the two of you.
“Awe our poor girl, Rem.” Sirius cooed as he leaned over you to press a kiss to Remus’ lips. “You should have called me over earlier so we could bring her to bed.”
“You seemed a little preoccupied.” Remus answered pointedly, though his chiding was minimised by the teasing smile on his face. 
“Fuckin’ weird.” Sirius breathed out before crouching down to be level with you.
“Hey pretty girl.” Sirius murmured as he pushed some of your hair away from your face. “You ready for bed?”
You let out a pitiful sound as you tried to nuzzle further into Remus’ chest, only for both boys to chuckle at you. 
“Come on, sleepy-head.” He continued, pulling you from Remus’ lap by your hands and into his chest. Remus watched Sirius support basically the entirety of your weight where you were leaning against him as he guided you towards the stairs of the boys’ dormitory. 
“Goodnight everyone!” He called to the group, causing you to timidly burrow further into his side to hide from what Remus was sure was the horrifying ordeal of being seen. 
Remus watched as everyone wished the three of you a good night, save the usurping witch who was pouting in her rather empty looking chair. 
Remus couldn’t really blame her for trying, he supposed, but if anyone was going to spend the night cuddling you and Sirius, it was going to be him.
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just--vi · 11 hours
Tumblr media
Even though I have a zillion fest pieces due in the next few weeks, I wrote this lil birthday fic for @cancerravenclaw. It's just what you do when your best friend turns [redacted].
“Who are you into tonight? What’s your type?”  Remus looks at him incredulously before huffing and dragging his eyes across the dance floor. There are pink and green flashing neon lights that turn everyone into a mass of moving bodies, features lost to the cheap smoke machine in the corner. It’s trashy. Sirius loves it. “I dunno, Pads,” Remus says tightly. “Nobody. Slim pickings tonight.”
Sirius levels him with a look before promptly turning back to the dance floor. In truth, it’s sort of hard to look at Remus and not spill it all. Hard to watch the light slide over his face, sharp and beautiful, hard to watch his jaw work around something he wants to say but doesn’t. James, always sensible, has told him over and over again that maybe he should just tell him. But sensible doesn’t work with Remus, he’s too flighty. He ditched his first boyfriend two weeks into dating because he offered to pay for dinner one night and Remus thought that would tie him down, he switched majors three times before he dropped clear out of school because he “just doesn’t know yet,” and sometimes spends long minutes in the produce aisle debating apple varieties only to go home with pears instead.
“If you don’t, I will.” Remus is like a furnace next to him, hot through his clothes, solid, muscles tense like if he stands here determinedly enough Sirius won’t be able to drag him back into the crowd. 
“Fine,” Remus snaps. “Those two.” There are two men on the other side of the bar leaning against the same high-top table. Sirius wonders if Remus has picked what looks to be a couple on purpose.
“Them?” He snorts. “You trying to get into swinging? Have a foursome?” He can see the blush creeping up Remus’ cheeks.
“I don’t know!” He snaps, and Sirius almost feels bad. His fingers are so tight around his plastic cup that it’s at risk of splitting and spilling all over the floor. Sirius takes pity on him then, finding a rowdy looking group across the bar and gestures Remus toward them. They’re a pretty lot, a man with inky black hair that curls around his ears and sharp green eyes, a sandy blonde, tall, buff and freckled, a girl with a blonde shag cut around her shoulders. Nobody is hanging on one another, nobody looks like they’re on their way to going home together. 
“The tall one’s mine,” Sirius tells him halfway across the dance floor. Remus flicks his eyes up and down the other man and back to Sirius. He’s trying very hard not to read too much into that look when his own elbows land on the group’s table. It’s abrupt, all three sets of eyes turn to look at him, equally intense. The woman moves first, lips twitching into an amused smile that feels a little bit predatory. It has him seriously wondering if he really is that easy to read. 
“Hi,” Sirius drawls, giving each one of them another once over. “Haven’t seen you in here before…”
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donotwishonme · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
whatever keeps you around (it keeps you around)
wolfstar | T | 3.3k
Sirius sidles up to him, circling his arms around his frame, kissing his shoulder before laying his head on it. “You seem so tired, Moony. If I could be of better help I would be.” “Oh, love, you’re amazing, I would have long given up without you by my side.” He turns his head to the side to place a kiss on top of Sirius’ head, breathing in his scent, calming him instantly. or Remus is stuck in a time loop
Written for @marauderswithpalestineproject
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incorrectwolfstar · 6 months
sirius: just found out james is shagging regulus
remus: and??
sirius: therefore me and you need to get together so we can give him a taste of his own medicine
remus: how would that remotely affect james
sirius: i don’t know but we should still do it anyways
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pxrty-crxsher · 14 days
Barty: Sirius, shut the fuck up.
Sirius: lack of sex will make you mad for no reason.
Evan: he just needs to get laid.
Barty: I’m right here, you whores..
Regulus: that’s your cue, Evan.
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not-rab · 30 days
James: listen, being gay isn’t a choice you make… it’s a choice I make
Remus: what-
James: *brings out Sirius*
Sirius: *waves*
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worldofwolfstar · 8 months
Sirius: I just think my instincts about people are better than yours.
Remus: What? Why?
Sirius: Well, I picked you-
Sirius: You on the other hand, picked me
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myrows · 2 months
They are each other’s home
Tumblr media
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peaches - @wolfstarmicrofic - word count: 274
"Ah, shit," Sirius murmured, hastily moving his foot out of the way as the canned peaches tumbled out of his hand and hit the ground, denting the metal of the rim.
"Shit!" Harry, sitting in the child seat of the trolley, squealed out triumphantly, waving his drool-covered fist in the air and smiling sweetly.
"Shi-shoot," Sirius nearly cursed again, turning to the two-and-a-half-year-old and speaking in a patient voice. "Haz. That's not a good word. Let's say...erm...darn, instead, yeah?"
But Harry just grinned more, his green eyes making Sirius's strict expression melt quickly off of his face. "Shit!" he yelled again, giggling hysterically, loud enough for the old woman a few feet away to hear and give them both a scandalized look.
And Sirius just wanted to bury his head in the cereal boxes at this point. James was going to kill him.
"Fatherhood isn't easy, huh?" A voice asked from behind him, causing Sirius to turn around quickly to set the record straight.
"Oh, not fatherhood," he explained as he turned. "Godfa-"
But he stopped, taking in the image of the man in front of him. He was fit, with tan skin and the most beautifully disarming smile Sirius had ever seen in his life. Sirius had to tilt his chin up to meet his stunning chocolate-brown eyes, and his height made Sirius want to climb him like a tree.
"Fuck me," Sirius mumbled, his train of thought completed lost as he stared into the eyes of the stranger, who threw him a flirtatious smile.
But before either of them could think of a response, an angelic voice yelled from the trolley, "Fuck!"
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teaformoony · 9 months
sirius: hey remus, are you awake?
remus: what
sirius: are you awake?
remus: who the fuck do you think just said ‘what’?
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alltoounwellll · 3 months
wolfstar fanfic is either the longest slow burn ever or they lock eyes for 1 second and decide immediately that they are soulmates
there is no in between
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Regulus: um Sirius, I have to tell you something. I’m gay-
Sirius: oh my god bitch ME TOO
Regulus: -and I’m dating your best friend
Sirius: I-
Sirius: oh my god bitch ME TOO
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lexithwrites · 5 months
Tumblr media
@whoisflattery brought my babies to life, I can’t wait to write them💕
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Tumblr media
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incorrectwolfstar · 4 months
sirius: i was gonna say we could do a marilyn monroe and john f kennedy roleplay but i’d get too much into it
remus: how?
sirius: because you’d be all sexy and say “come to bed, mr. president,” and i’d be like “i can’t, i need to increase the amount of american military advisors in south vietnam by eighteen.”
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