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馃寘 馃寘 馃寘 / 馃寘 馃寘 馃寘 / 馃寘 馃寘 馃寘
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Our Super Smash Bros Melee Disk Pillow
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zero suit
thanks to aprils' patrons for voting on this samus pinup!
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Scrub Daddy vs. Liquid Nitrogen
(or a Scrub Daddy being hit with a mallet when it鈥檚 hot, cold, frozen from dry ice, and frozen from liquid nitrogen)
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The daycare attendants from fnaf?
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No guillotine could stop the head I鈥檓 gonna give him
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I've never done a request before so please bear with me馃ゲ
I was wondering if you could do another Francis Mosses x reader.
I really enjoyed your Spouse!Reader x doppelg盲nger!Francis and wanted to see your take on D.D.D. trainee!Reader x doppelganger! Francis, where we get sent out to 'take care' of Francis.
Really excited to see what you do with this prompt馃檹馃従
>nahhh this is a devious prompt, -- I gotchu 馃檹馃槇馃檹馃槇
鈥淒oes this please you, Officer?鈥澛 // Doppel!Francis x DDD Officer Reader
--Doppelg盲nger!Francis x DDD Reader tasked with his neutralization 馃檹
-!! AFAB Reader, -- though genetalia isn't outright explicity stated -(?) -- there is room for your imagination though 馃構
-!! CW: nsfw- (smut), ; Dubcon /// Hand-job; sex against a wall; degradation; implied overstimulation
A/N: the number of Francis requests are CRAZY, -- and I completely understand why, -- man's actually majestic <3.
Tumblr media
This was not how you planned to spend your Tuesday night,鈥 grumpy and exhausted, woken up mid-sleep by an emergency dispatch.
鈥淢m鈥 hello.?鈥 Your groggy voice speaks into the ringing phone, eyes still sticky from sleep.聽
鈥淓mergency Dispatch: Doppelg盲nger identified at Complex II,鈥 repeat, doppelg盲nger identified at complex II,鈥 dispatch agent, neutralize the threat鈥. They clicked off, leaving you alone in the dark.聽
You fit yourself to your uniform quickly, practically ripping the hazmat suit in an attempt to get inside. Stupid cheap uniform.聽
Hurriedly, you grabbed your gear before rushing out the door, immediately stopping to softly tiptoe down the hall, (it would be inconsiderate to wake your neighbors at this hour).
You bolt out the complex, trying your best with the minimal light from the lampposts to groggily stumble your way to Complex II. You recall briefly the mention of a new doorman, a rookie. You figured it made sense,鈥 poor new guy鈥檚 first day and he鈥檚 greeted by what you can assume as a particularly aggressive doppelg盲nger.聽
Trudging up to the looming building, you approach the iron bound mechanical door. You can see immediately the shutters to the doorman鈥檚 office are closed, bits of movement visible from the gaps in the blinds. The poor dude was in shambles.聽
You approach the gate, eyes locking on the figure of the doppelg盲nger,聽
Hmm, let鈥檚 see who it is tonight鈥
You鈥檙e surprised to see the handsome face of your milkman staring back at you, eyes looking as dead as ever. The air was knocked right outta your lungs,鈥 holy shit these doppelg盲ngers were getting good.聽
Clearing your throat, you address,聽
鈥淯h,鈥 right, sir,鈥 you look at the doppelg盲nger, 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna need you to come with me.鈥澛
He says nothing, opting to just stare. It鈥檚 then you notice the gaping hole that was his mouth, the two black chasms that were supposed to be his eyes. From afar, he鈥檇 look perfectly normal,鈥 but in the light all the inhuman imperfections stuck out like a sore thumb聽
Holy smokes that鈥檚 hot.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 going to take you with me now,鈥 you don鈥檛 even know why you鈥檙e telling him this, why the hell were you being all nice with a doppelg盲nger? Sure, he was good looking,鈥 sure, you were curious what that mouth could do鈥-聽
But that鈥檚 besides the point.聽
You approach hesitantly, hooking an arm around 鈥楩rancis鈥, giving him a light tug to signify him to follow you.聽
Surprisingly, he does. Without a single word or complaint. He just鈥 stares. With those beady white pupils. It sends a delicious shiver down your spine.聽
Leading him away, you look over your shoulder at the doorman who just peeked out from behind the shutters, giving him a reassuring thumbs up as you walk away with your new companion.聽
鈥淭hreat neutralized,鈥 you repeat into the bulky walky talky attached to your belt, 鈥渙rder complete, over鈥. You place it back in its compartment, continuing until you and 鈥楩rancis鈥 reach the anomaly compound for all things strange and odd.聽
鈥楩rancis鈥 looks at the compound with horribly disguised disgust. You only chuckle grinning,聽
鈥淣o no, don鈥檛 worry. You aren鈥檛 going in there鈥︹ he seems to breathe a sigh of relief鈥 if that鈥檚 even possible鈥, before you finish the last bit,聽
鈥溾 don鈥檛 worry, I have鈥 other plans for you..鈥
鈥淓xcuse me?鈥 He whirls around, taken aback.聽
鈥淵ou heard me, strip鈥澛
鈥淎nd why,鈥 his eyes narrow, 鈥渨ould I do that?鈥澛
You shrug, 鈥渟afety protocol,-- we鈥檙e in the decontamination room,-- can鈥檛 let you in if your clothes are contaminated, y鈥檏now?鈥澛
'Francis' is absolutely flabbergasted.聽
鈥淥h, and for security measures someone else has to be in the room at all times, 鈥 but uh,-鈥 you grin, 鈥渨e鈥檙e a lil鈥 short staffed at the moment, so it looks like it鈥檒l just have to be you and me.聽
'Francis' only looks at you through narrowed eye lids, thinking, 鈥渁nd if I refuse?鈥澛
鈥淭hen I鈥檒l strip you myself鈥 and you step closer to do just that.聽
'Francis' skitters backwards to the other end of the room, back hitting the wall, 鈥渉-hey! No need for that, I鈥檒l do as you ask鈥︹ he mutters
Chuckling, 鈥渁t least you can be obedient鈥澛
'Francis' looks away almost bashfully as he begins to undo the buttons on his shirt, fabric peeling away to reveal the pale skin underneath. His hat rests on a nearby bench
鈥淔ully,鈥 you purr, 鈥淚 want it all off.鈥澛
You swear you see the tiniest hint of red tinge his cheeks, and you can鈥檛 help but wonder just how advanced this doppelg盲nger was. Good thing you were about to see for yourself in a moment鈥β
The air is heavy, tense, almost, as 'Francis' slowly undoes the buckle on his belt, pants sliding down to his ankles, 鈥 his boxers the only scrap of clothing left hiding him from you.聽
He wearily regards the way you look at him, not missing the growing flare of hunger behind your eyes,聽
鈥淒oes this please you, officer?鈥 his words are clipped, tension building up behind each one. Biting your lip, your breath almost catches at the way he smiles, teeth a little too sharp to be human.聽
鈥淣o.鈥 The words are thick in your throat, forcing them out a bit of a struggle, 鈥淕et rid of the rest of it, now鈥澛
He bites his tongue, making no move to do so. In a second you鈥檙e on him, pinning his figure to the wall, bodies pressed up together. He has no time to react as you hook two fingers around his boxers, harshly yanking them off.聽
Free of the confines of his pants, his erect cock springs loose, tip already dripping with precum.聽
鈥淗uh.鈥 'Francis' can鈥檛 even turn his head your way, face hot and sweating slightly, 鈥淲ho would鈥檝e thought,鈥 鈥 your hands curl around him, taking him fully in your fist. His eyes fly to your face, pupils blown and dilated, staring in horrified arousal as you began to knead the hardened flesh, 鈥--what a sick little thing you are, getting off on my reprimands, hmm?鈥澛
'Francis' sucks in a sharp breath, muscles tensing almost to a breaking point. His entire body shook with an animalistic need. More strands of precum build up on his tip, all read and agitated. Your thumb rubs the tiny slit, coating him with the sticky fluid. You found it hilarious, 鈥 no way this freakish creature had a fucking thing for degradation.聽
His mouth opens in the shape of a small 鈥榦鈥, eyes rolling back as you teasingly pull at his dick, your hands making wet squelching noises playing with the soaked meat.聽
鈥淢m,鈥 you hum as you continue to play with him, dumbifying the creature in your hands. His legs start shaking like a dog鈥檚, lewd whimpers flowing from his lips, glistening with saliva and drool. He desperately thrusts himself against your hand, chasing his pleasure farther. Jerking him off slowly, immense satisfaction burning in your stomach at the way your hand milks him. Each low groan went straight to your pulsing heat, drenching your own pants.聽
Panting, unfamiliar with the immense, foreign pleasure curdling through his gut, 'Francis' seems to forget the guise of his human appearance, pornograpic moans mixing in with groggy animalistic growls and grunts. Carnal desire ripples through his veins, building up in his stomach, molten hot, and threatening to explode from his twitching cock in your hands. Poor thing can鈥檛 even formulate words, getting his brains fucked out just by your hand alone.聽
He gasps, right about to climax into your hammering fist when you suddenly retract your hand. 'Francis' looks at you with wide eyes, looking every bit the kicked puppy, cruelly robbed of his orgasm.聽
鈥淗h. huh鈥 nghu..- ga-?..鈥,聽 panting.
You chuckle slowly, 鈥渘o, not yet鈥︹澛
He can only watch with teary eyes as you skillfully unbuckle your pants, sliding them off along with your underwear. You grab him by the hips, positioning him (which isn鈥檛 hard, considering the only thing keeping his shaking body up was your torso), and aligning your pelvis, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You carefully slip him into your drenched hole, gasping softly at the sensation of him.
鈥淗ah鈥 like I said鈥.鈥 鈥楩rancis鈥 can only gape as you adjust yourself, cock twitching madly inside of you,聽
鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 not done with you yet鈥︹
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Oh look, another older man.
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I don't like when artists in the Spy X Family community make Loid look super lean and skinny. In canon (especially in the manga), he's actually pretty big with broad shoulders. I think this really sets apart his character design from a lot of other anime men, who often have the same skinny body type.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOWEVER there is also the other end of the spectrum where artists make him look freaking massive with like 2% body fat and covered in muscle. I completely understand the point of drawing him like this (it's hot), but there are limits. Personally, I don't find it attractive when a guy looks like a total bodybuilder. I'd much prefer for him to have practical, lean muscle.
My point is that I wish Loid was consistently drawn more correctly; big and bulky but not an absolute unit 馃槶
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let's get physical 馃挭
thanks to herozeroart for the leotard inspiration and to june's patrons for voting on this wii fit trainer pinup!
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Dungeon meshi sticker sheet!!!
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