#so I guess. what I'm trying to say is. here's to being insane together for the next few years. cheers!
daisiesonafield-blog · 7 months
Venice anon here! I was at the premiere just for the beginning and the end and it was, in my colleague’s opinion, “the most awkward one we’ve ever worked”, and we probably worked more than 200 between the two of us. The cast walked in without much fanfare while guests were still being seated, which is unusual. There was an award being given to the costume designer and the side of the gallery where crew was seated was louder for that than for the film. The costume designer gave a very nice thank you speech to Olivia and it seemed like things were going to go well for her but by the time we came back the vibe in the room was very different. It was one of the shortest applause we’ve ever seen, with the fact that Florence just started to walk away about 2 minutes in being the complete kiss of death. I am flabbergasted that a room full of fans and crew was so cold when it came to the end, like that is THE most forgiving room you’ll ever screen your film for. I guess they were picking up on the awkwardness of the cast vibes which was palpable. My colleague called it the “cringe mist”.
As far as Holivia interactions go, the one where they briefly whisper behind Chris’ back was literally the only one before and after the film. I was standing where I could see her directly and my girl was trying but Harry was literally saying hello to anyone who would look his way rather than locking eyes with her. I saw them standing before the screening and they were in separate groups, I’m sure they must have interacted but it definitely was not date night lol. Some of the Italian girls working as ushers there were saying “we should try, he’s obviously single” or something like that.
Re the Nick kiss, they did that because in the opening scene the characters joke kiss in the same way. We all know he would have picked Chris, cmon. Who, btw, was high as a fucking kite.
In general, this film is the talk of the town but the old motto of Olivia’s namesake about all press being good press doesn’t really apply here. She made such a spectacle of this and the film doesn’t nearly hold up, and all everyone’s talking about is how insane this rollout have been. Her and Harry are the ones that are coming out of this worse, and I’m so happy he has My Policeman coming out soon because otherwise I fear his acting career might not have the longevity we all hoped.
Tumblr media
Dear Venice anon,
Thanks for coming back! I love your details!
Trust me, the “cringe mist” was felt all the way over here. I was dying of second hand embarrassment for H. I think everyone with eyes and a working brain could see and feel the awkward and cringe vibes. And everyone ignoring Olivia, especially Florence and Harry, was abundantly obvious!
I just hope that whatever they're doing, this marks the start of the "are they still together?" press that inevitably ends in breakup articles everywhere when the movie drops.
Olivia's got what was coming for her. She greedily lapped up every single ounce of Harry Styles' fame for herself for the past two years, and inserted herself in every single tabloid and narrative to sell this movie. Her team must SUCK, because evidently they're a bunch of yes-people, bc no way a good team would have advised her to do this knowing full well her movie doesn't hold up. Heck, the entire fandom has been saying this for years - so that's evidence enough.
I kind of love that Harry kissed Nick after the movie was shown. Everyone in attendance obviously knew his joke - but to literally the rest of the world who hasn't seen the movie yet, to them and the press, it's Harry Styles excitedly kissing his male co-star after ignoring his alleged girlfriend during her own movie premiere. THAT speaks volumes tbh.
I agree, I am SO GLAD that H has My Policeman coming bc all the press he's gotten from DWD and his interviews, paired with the film's terrible reviews would have meant certain death to his acting career otherwise. "Just another singer who thinks they can act". I'm VERY hopeful that his name and acting career are redeemed thru My Policeman. The film, and Harry's Tom, have gotten nothing but praise so far. And the fact that the whole cast has already won an award is so telling.
I knewwwww Chris was high as kite kauhgdkasjhd he looked it. Damn he had a lot on his shoulders: promoting a movie he doesn't want to be associated with, with a director he doesn't like, for a film he knows is shit, AND he was the designated Holivia buffer all day, having to sit and stand between them or next to Olivia all day long so that H could be as far from her as possible. GOD - I too would like to not be sober for that.
I'm sad for Harry that Olivia's greed, unprofessionalism and lack of directing talent affected his performance in this movie so terribly. he got no time to rehearse, as he jumped on the project merely a few weeks before filming. Had no time to work thru things with a dialect coach, flesh out scenes or receive good direction for the final takes.
Glad your friend realizes his queerness. Sad it had to be this way tho. It does remind me of when we got those god awful holivia yacht kissing pap pics - and everyone was like "ewwww Harry Styles must be terrible in bed! He has no sex appeal or knows how to touch that woman!".......which....well....self explanatory. I hope Harry gets to redeem his acting skills in a new movie where he can show that with a proper director, professional environment and adequate time for rehearsals he too can convey sexual chemistry and passion with a woman on screen. Real life tho....better step away from the stunts for a while.
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captainsarahscratches · 3 months
Smut incoming. Final part, I think. It's also very long, sorry. and a lot of fluff
Tumblr media
You continued backstage, not even sure where to go. Typically you'd just get your things and head to the hotel for the night at this point. But Kenny asked you to wait up for him, and you're not letting anything get in the way of this moment.
You head back near the locker rooms where you approach Mox and Renée on their way out. Renée runs up to hug you and tell you how happy she is for you. Mox by her side, patting you on the back. "It's about damn time to be honest. I wanted to just lock you two in a room and sell tickets to watch." He joked as Renée gently slapped him across his stomach. Renée hugs you again, "we have to get going but text me what happens. I'm so excited" as they start to walk away jon looks back and yells "Be gentle with Omega, NO BITING!"
"Jon... really?" Renée replies, "What? It's funny." He pauses and yells back down "Unless you're into that, then have fun!" "Jesus Christ, Jon..." to which Jon just laughs as they walk away.
"What was that all about?" You hear Matt Jackson ask from behind you. "Oh Jon, just assumes I'm that I'm about to ride Kenny in the hallway. Ya know, normal stuff." You laugh as you turn around to see the three of them behind you, Kenny's eyes widened and slightly blushed as he smiled again. Your face returns to the blood red state of earlier and the Bucks laugh at the situation. "Well on that note, were going shower and pack up. We'll see you guys at the hotel. We're probably going to doordash something to the room if you want to come by." You both nodded and said to be safe on their way home.
"Thanks for waiting on me, it took a little longer than I expected, sorry." Kenny stated. "It's okay, i don't mind." An awkward pause fills the space between you. "Uh, so I have my stuffed packed already if you want a ride to the hotel."
You agreed and rode in the passenger seat beside him. As the two of you are stuck in traffic just a turn away from your hotel, the low music the only sound in the air, you finally break the silence. "So, I'm just going to say it. I like you, like a lot. And i think you're really nice and funny and sweet and caring and you make me nervous but in the best way possible. And ever since you kissed me I've been going insane trying to figure everything out. Was the kiss significant? Were you just being nice? Was it like a joke?" You continued to babble as you grew more and more nervous. Kenny parked and started to get both of your bags together as he continued to listen to your questions. You both rode up the elevator as he looks at his phone to see which room he was in. Meanwhile you continued to word vomit and blindly follow him to the room. Not even realizing that you didn't even check-in on your app yet. Kenny opens the door and let's you inside.
"And then tonight, you said you loved me... well i guess technically not me but this other person. But Matt and Nick looked at me and you smiled at me when you said it. So i thought you meant me but now I'm worried because what if you didn't mean me and now im just standing here completely in love with you and you were talking about some random per-"
In the middle of your sentence, Kenny quickly but gently grabbed you and pulled you close to his body, tilting you chin upward and kissed you softly yet passionately. You were stunned at first, but as the kiss deepened you wrapped your arms over his shoulder and matched his passion of the kiss. Your heart was racing, you were thrilled, terrified, and wanted to cry and scream of joy all at the same time. Kenny broke the kiss, looked into you eyes for a moment. "I meant you, i love you, I've always loved you. I'm sorry that it's taken me this long and that I've done everything ass backwards but I mean it. I am completely in love with you. Look, I definitely didn't do this proper and I'm sorry but-"
You reached up and kissed him deeply, cupping his cheek in your hand, "I love you too, Kenny". The kiss deepened as the two of you started to head toward the hotel bed. Kenny started to feel up your thigh, and you could feel you grow wet between your legs. You slipped your hand up the bottom of his shirt as he kissed your neck making you let out soft needy moan. Kenny broke away to remove his tshirt and you took the second to gaze at his chest. You had seen him shirtless before, obviously, but never shirtless in this context. Your thoughts escaped your head as you let out a breathy "wow".
He chuckled softly to himself as he kissed you again slowly bringing your back to meet the bed. Undoing the buttons of your blouse, he can't help but stop and stare at your breast. You get nervous for a moment, but as he breathes in deeply biting his lip, he looks at you and says "wow". You both laugh at the joke but it's cut short as he quickly does away with your bra and encapsulates your nipple in his mouth. Your back arches upwards at the feeling but that only gives him the opportunity to pull your pants down as well.
He sits up, a large bulge prevalent through his shorts as he sees the black lace panties you had been wearing. "Fuck y/n, you're so beautiful" his fingertips trace down your body and stop at your panty line. "May I?" You nod eagerly as he removes the from your body, without missing a beat he leans down between your legs and inhales your scent quickly before his tongue slowly licks the length of your folds. He continues to slowly tease you with his tongue. Only tracing over your clit softly. His hands grips your thighs tighter as he moans against your body, sending shivers throughout your body. You can't help but let out "oh fuck yes, you have no idea how many times I've dreamed about this please don't stop." as your eyes shut and your head falls back into the bed.
"I'm willing to bet not as much as I have baby girl." You smiled at the pet name blushing harder as you look into his eyes. "Y/N i promise I'm going to take you on a date but if it's okay, i really just want to make love to you right now." You wrap your arms and bring him back to your level. Kissing and suckling his neck as you whisper in his ear, a new found wave of confidence sweeping over you, "I'll let you make love to me now as long as you promise to fuck me hard later tonight too." You say and you nibble on his ear, earning a moan to escape his mouth. He looks at you with a smile of bewilderment on his face, "God you're amazing. And so fucking soaked, fuck y/n. Just promise me one thing, don't hold back i love to hear that I'm making you feel good." He says as he slips his fingers between your folds, gently teasing your clit. "Fuck, i don't think that will be much of an option on my end, so you have a deal."
He smiles as he retreated back between your legs, propping your legs on his shoulders. Kissing and biting gently along you thighs until you feel the tickle of his stubble on against your clit. You moan in pleasure as he immediately takes your clit into his mouth. He smiles against your pussy and slides a finger inside of you, "Fuck you're so tight y/n. Might have to go a little slower then planned." You asked what he meant but he said not to worry about it. To just focus on the the moment.
Moments later he's relentlessly suckling your clit and bringing his now three fingers inside you to tease a spot of yourself you've never been able to reach alone. He notices your hips grinding against his stubbleed face, he looks up at you and while keeping his head there he says "that's it baby, cum on my face. I want to taste you." With those words you couldn't hold back any longer as your orgasm washed over you. Kenny didn't move as you started to squirt over his face. Instead he growled into your clit and sent an oversensitive shiver through your core again. A slew of swears and praises left your body as Kenny quicky got off the bed and took away his shorts, you looked up right as his length bounced free of his underwear. Your eyes widened the sight, everyone joked about his size but you never thought it to be an accurate description. However, your mouth watered at the sight. He stood there noticing your reaction, laughing slightly as he told you, with a smirk across his face "dont worry, i will go slowly. I want to make this night perfect for you." You get on your knees and crawl to the side of the bed where he stood. Your eyes never leaving his cock, until locking with his and ask "may i?" He smiles and says of course.
He watches as you take his length in your hand, not able to fully close around him. Stroking slowly and feeling every vein in his throbbing cock. "You're so big" as you look him in the eyes sticking your tongue out to trace around the head if his cock. Stroking him firmly as you start to take his length into your mouth. His head falls back only to look back down as you manage to gently take his whole length down your throat. "Fuck y/n, shit. God you look so hot with my cock in your mouth." He starts to buck his hips forward and you take the motion with ease. "Jesus, i didn't expect you to be this good at this. Fuck" he looks back down your now watery eyes meet his as you swirl your tongue around the tip of his cock and stroke him faster.
Letting out a low growl he picks you up and throws you back onto your back, "come here". He spreads your legs out as he lines his cock up with your entrance. "I've wanted to do this for so long" he says as he teasing his cock against your clit. You're dripping wet and desperate body can only reply back "please Kenny i need you. Please baby." He leans over your body and kisses you as his head slowly starts to penetrate your folds. He sits back up and pushes further into you, both of you moan in pleasure.
"Oh fuck you're really big"
"don't worry darling, I've got you. Nice and slow."
After some blissful and soft passionate moments, your walls clamp around his thickness pulsing and begging for more. "I'll be fine. I promise. Please Kenny, I'm yours. Take me."
He needed no further instruction. He took your ankles and placed the his shoulders as he realigned his cockhead to your body. Watching your face as he slammed his length into you. Steadily gaining speed and power beyond his thrusts. His voice grew deeper and animalistic almost. His hands on your hips as he pounds into you. "God you're so fucking tight" looking down at you, a moaning mess, unable to even form a sentence at the moment. "I've thought about this so many times. And you look so perfect around my cock."
You reach to rub your clit, getting so close to you release as he continues to talk dirty, but he moves your hand away and replaces the sensation with his own. "Oh no baby, not so fast. You're mine tonight. Remember? Only i get to touch your little clit." He says as he pulls out of you, letting a whimper leave you but is instantly transformed as he bends down and sucks on your clit again. His bearded face adding even more stimulation. "That's it baby, you wanna cum?" He slams back into you. "Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock. I want you to make a mess of the both of us." With that you couldn't hold back as your release washed over you in waves, your legs shaking in Kenny's grasp, your walls pulsing and clenching around him. The only thing you could say was a string of swears and Kenny's name.
Kenny couldn't look away at the look of your face looking back at him as you came on his cock, the way your pussy was milking him halfway through your release you hear, "fuck y/n, that's it, so perfect. Fuck im going to cum"
"Dont you dare stop, cum inside me"
He looks to make sure he heard you right. Confirmed by your expression. His pace quickens, folding your body beneath himself so that you two are face to face, pouncing into you, hitting your cervix and causing you to go into another orgasmic state. "Fuck, i love you y/n" as he gutterly moans as his cum floods inside of you. He lingers over you for a moment. Kissing your neck and face, you both look at each other and simultaneously say 'ive wanted to do that for a while" you smile and kiss him deeply, turning the two of you to the side. Making your way to be nestled in his chest with his arm around you. "that was amazing" you say nuzzling closer to him with your hand and head on his chest. "Way better than i ever imagined." he replied "how many times have you thought about fucking me?" you asked he quickly retorted back "not important"
a moment passes and both of your phones go off, MATT: food is here
MATT: are you guys coming? we can put it in the fridge.
With that, the two of you go to their room trying to act normal. you eventually escape to the bathroom when matt asks "so are you two good now or is it still weird?" "considering the scratches on his back, it seems they're really good." nick replied.
kenny turned to try to and see in the mirror, smiled quickly and threw his tshirt on. "am i weird for actually being kinda happy?" he said
"about the marks on your back? nick asked
you walk out of the bathroom. "no, about finally having her." he wraps his arm around you and kisses you in front of them. You blush harder than ever before.
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Me & You Together- Chapter 3
A/N: Proofread but I'm sleepy. excuse any typos.
Warnings: language, small mentions of drinking.
"Wouldn't it be easier just to tell her?" Adam's sympathic voice whispered in Matty's direction as he set his drink down, resting his elbow on the table.
"Yeah, I mean, it's gettin' a bit hard to watch, mate." George chimed in.
"hmm?" Matty, whose eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him, hadn't heard a word. He took a sip from his drink to wet his lips. "What are you two on about?"
George leaned in closer, to make sure their discussion remained private at this public venue. "You and Penelope, man. How long have you been in love with her?"
"We think you should just tell her." Ross added, Adam nodding next to him.
Matty scuffed in disapproval, "pfft, that's preposterous! I'm not 'in love with her.'" He finally tore his eyes away from her and took a large gulp from his glass, staring at his own reflection in the drink to avoid meeting his friends' pitying stares.
"What'd I miss?" Jamie pulled a seat and sat in the middle of the table, with two of the boys on either side. "Has Matty finally stopped trying to kill that guy Penelope's talking to with his eyes?"
"I-I'm NOT in love with her!" Matty attempted to laugh off their remarks, but he sounded more nervous than humorous.
"Oh, yeah?" George interjected, "then why have you been following her with your eyes since we got here? You haven't even made any complaints about how much you hate award shows, or made fun of the record label guys in their suits and ties yet."
"You asked her to be your date tonight." Adam reminded him.
"Yeah, thought it'd be fun to hang out. All of us, I mean." Matty was now on the defensive, "Besides, I'm not watching her. The guy she's talking to is a twat, is all. Hate that guy!"
"Isn't he a major talent rep?" Ross asked Jamie, who nodded, confirming Ross's guess. "Could be good for her career, if he signs her."
"Well...He's still a twat. In his - his fuckin' skinny tie." Matty spoke through gritted teeth, looking back at Penelope and the twat. He stood up, finishing his drink. " Insane- you lot. 'M not in love with her. And I'm gettin' a refill. Be right back."
Matty found a server with a tray to leave his empty glass with and headed straight for Penelope. "There's my date!" He called out as he approached her, wrapping an arm around her waist.
She turned to face him, somewhat startled by his sudden appearance. "Oh, sorry, did I miss your category being called?"
"What? Oh, no. Show hasn't even started yet." He squeezed her closer, so they were now hip to hip. "I'm Matty, by the way." He extended a hand to the man in front of him.
"Jason....you're The 1975, right?"
Of course his name is Jason, Matty thought, but luckily bit his tongue. "Pleasure to meet you." He turned back to Penelope, "well, you must be thirsty after all this- mingling. Shall we get you a drink? excuse us, Jason."
"What's the matter with you?" Penelope asked, giggling slightly, as soon as they were no longer within Jason's earshot.
"What? Oh, that...nothin.' Just savin' you from the boring conversation. You looked miserable."
Penelope said nothing, only giving him a knowing look.
"What?" Matty shrugged. "Let's get you that drink."
The boys gave him teasing looks as he passed by their table on the way to the bar. Matty simply flipped them off with his finger.
"What was that about?"
"Nothing. Just messin' about with my boys."
"Yo, you coming, Matty?" George called out to Matty as the guys piled into their designated car, trophy in hand, after the show.
Matty turned to look at Penelope, then back at the car. "uhhh...Where are we going again?"
"Afterparty." George stated matter-of-factly.
"No, I mean, who's hosting?"
George made a "your guess is as good as mine" face.
"George heard about there being some cool gear, and said 'I'll be there.' Not sure if we even have the right address." Ross laughed.
Matty turned to Penelope, "what do you say we ditch this thing? Go somewhere else? I mean, unless you really wanna go to this afterparty. We could just jump in the car, if-"
"w-where would we even go?"
"I know a place." then turning back to George "You guys go. We'll catch up."
"Thanks, mate." Matty dropped the change into the vendor's tip cup and handed Penelope one of the hot dogs he'd purchased.
"This is the 'place' you know?" She laughed, biting into her hot dog.
"Just wait until you see our next stop." He gave her a mischievous wink.
"Are we gonna wrestle a bunch of subway rats for a slice of pizza?"
Matty laughed heartily. "Well, when in New York..."
"You're insane!" Penelope exclaimed when Matty picked a pair of counterfeit Gucci sneakers from the display that the definitely-unauthorized seller was advertising on the sidewalk.
"Well, do they fit you?"
"Y-yeah." It suddenly clicked, in her mind, that halfway through the award show, she'd complained that she was getting hungry and that her heels were killing her feet. "But, I didn't bring my wallet, and-"
"I got it." Matty took out some cash from his pocket. "Thanks, sir. C'mon. Put them on!" He offered her his shoulder to steady herself as she slipped into her new shoes, and carried her heels.
"Thank you- Matty, really."
"Well, don't ever say I don't spoil you. Bought you Cucci no less."
Penelope laughed harder than the joke called for. His head whipped around, instantly charmed by her sing-song laugh. He wanted to tell her that she was the most beautiful sight his eyes had ever seen.
"Well, you better not be expecting any sex after this shopping spree." She patted his shoulder. "I'm exhaustedddd." She groaned.
"I'm a gentleman. No strings attached."
They snuck into a small local playground and found a park bench to sit on. Looking up at the night sky, at this late hour, New York was uncharacteristically quiet, some of the stars even slightly visible in the dark. Matty softly hummed the tune of a song he'd had stuck in his head, though he couldn't, for the life of him, remember what it was from.
His light, melodic voice seemed to lull her to sleep. She rested her head on his shoulder and sunk in her seat.
"Oi! Have you fallen asleep?" Matty nudged her lightly after a few minutes.
She giggled, sitting up straight and looking up at him, blinking rapidly. "Mmmm...maybe?"
"You're wiped. C'mon, let's get you home."
He stood up, holding her discarded heels in one hand, and offering her the other.
They spent train ride back to her apartment gossiping about celebrities they'd run into at the award ceremony, and swapping stories about people they interacted with. In the hallway of her building, their slaphappy, tired giggles were loud.
"shusssshhh, you're gonna wake the neighbors!" Matty hushed her uncontrollable laughing.
"right, right....ummm." She cleared her throat, a sudden serious look on her face.
Matty's brain rushed with fragmented thoughts. He didn't want this night to end. He wanted an excuse to remain with her, but they'd already decided no shagging would take place tonight, so the usual reason wasn't an option. Could he do anything? same something to start a debate or discussion? invite himself to crash on her couch?
"Matty?" Her voice brought him back to his body.
"My heels?"
"Ah! yes, right."
He handed her the shoes back and he swore her hand had lingered on purpose.
"Thanks...for...umm, everything. Oh! And congrats! On tonight." She smiled through droopy eyes.
"Oh, yeah. Right." He fiddled with the cuff of his shirt nervously.
Matty counted to three in his head, and when her eyes didn't look away from his, he leaned in and kissed her.
For a one brief, heavenly moment, she gave in. Letting him press her against the apartment door and allowing his tongue to slip past her lips. But when their breathing got heavier, her sense of reason kicked in, and her guards were up. She placed a hand on his chest, pushing him gentle.
"M-Matty, no. We-"
"N-no, I know. No sex. Just a kiss goodnight?"
"That's- not what I meant. No kissing, Matty. We can't go through that again."
"B-but, that- that was years ago! It's different now-"
"Matty! Goodnight."
He heard her keys turn in the lock, the door clicked open, and she was gone. Leaving him alone in the hallway. He lean against the now closed door, sliding to the floor. fuckkkk. He sighed loudly, running his fingers through his hair.
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deathsweetblossoms · 3 days
"Jude will have a major political problem by the end of Prisoner's Throne"
Hello class, today we will very briefly discuss every political problem present by the end of The Stolen Heir, along with every political problem that has been foreshadowed throughout the Stolen Heir, as a fun means to try and guess how much trouble our favorite characters are in.
Let's dive right in.....to the Undersea!
The Undersea
Everything we know about the turmoil happening beneath the water comes from two discomfiting warnings from Jack of the Lakes and Loana, Oak's mermaid girlfriend. In short: the Undersea is fucked.
"There is a war coming in the waves. The Queen of the Undersea has grown weak, and her child is weaker. When there comes blood in the water, the land would be well served to stay away. Cirien-Croin is coming."
The main thing to note here is that Jack speaks in very definite terms -- when there comes blood, there is a war coming. He tells us both Orlagh and Nicasia are weak, and Nicasia is somehow even weaker. Also he warns us about a sea monster, Cirien-Croin. From mythology, we know this sea monster was large enough to feed on seven whales and that it can disguise itself as small silver fish when fishermen come into contact with it. Once aboard the boat, it becomes a monster again and feeds. Cool, cool, cool.
"You sent for me and I came, Prince Oak. And lucky that I did, for the Undersea has challengers on all sides as Queen Orlagh weakens, each of them looking for an edge. Soon I may be your only friend beneath the waves."
From this alone, we can wonder at how Cirien-Croin is connected to this. If the Undersea "has challengers on all sides", is the sea monster under someones control? Is it being sent by someone? Is it advocating for itself? Will we be exposed to these challengers in the next book? (Most likely).
Loana goes on...
"The treaty with the land still stands," Oak reminds her. "For now, beautiful one." ..."It is said that Nicasia intends to have a contest and marry the winning challenger." "Ah," Oak says carefully. "Fun?" "Or perhaps she will call on the treaty...and once she has all contestants in one place, let the land destroy them" "Alas," says Oak. "The land is trying to remedy it's own problems"
The interesting points here are, once again, that damn treaty between the land and sea and how precarious it is. To my understanding, if Orlagh and Nicasia get dethroned, the treaty may not stand anymore. Or it could be something that requires Elfhame's warriors to go to war, the way the Undersea warriors fought for the land in the Battle of the Serpent. Loana is saying here that Nicasia wants to bring together potential candidates for marriage under the auspices of a contest, but then have the land wipe all of them out when they're all present to vie for her hand? That's....insane. And I'm not sure how she would get Jude and Cardan to agree to that.
The underwater problems seem to be the most plausible unfolding plot that can happen "in the background" of the main plots (which are going to revolve around Wren, Oak, Madoc, Jude/Cardan, trolls & falcons, Bogdana etc) to then be left as a major problem at the end of the book that Jude will have to deal with.
Everything else seems to be something that will be resolved throughout The Prisoner's Throne....What are the "everything elses"?
The Prisoner's Throne
Most of the main threats to Elfhame at the end of The Stolen Heir go back to ... Suren. Lol. My girl really did so many things to undermine Jude that there is no way that's not going to be the main event. A short list of things that I believe will be *resolved* throughout Prisoner's Throne:
First, there are the consequences of Wren "unmaking" the falcon curse on the soldiers who betrayed the High King and Queen in the Battle of the Serpent. These soldiers, whom Madoc was trying to re-establish loyalty with, were swearing fealty to Suren by the end of TSH. It's unclear if their alliances are still with Madoc by the end. All we get is the soldiers saying "My queen, my queen". Either way...
Madoc is on his way to Elfhame to alert Jude as to what happened. There is the matter of his exile to contend with..but if he still has loyal soldiers in Suren's court, he can still make a play against Jude.
Suren having possession of Greenbriar blood, Mab's bones, and her own heart has the ability to "style herself as both Oak Queen and Yew Queen" with a power of unmaking, directly opposite to Mab's power of making. The threat here is that Suren's magic could "unmake" everything that Mab's made....so the islands... etc. That's kind of....a big problem (but I don't think it'll go this far because I think, based on context clues, Suren's journey will involve choosing love over power, in the same way Jude had to...but we'll see).
Wren "unmaking" the curse on the troll forest, awakening the Troll Kings, and allying the trolls with her Queenship. May or may not be a problem, but it's another group of fae against Elfhame.
Bogdana... technically, because of the bs between Bogdana and Mab, Suren is the heir to the throne of Elfhame, not Oak. Bogdana says this:
"Lady Nore is not the only one who can seize power. There is myself as well. Myself, to whom you owe your life far more than you owe it to her. Forsake the others. Come with me, and we can take everything for ourselves."
She wants power. Not sure if she'll get it, because she did sacrifice Mellith in order to get that power and Suren expressed not wanting to make "the same mistake's Mellith made" (aka, trusting Bogdana).
The Thistlewitch made a vague deal with Oak in exchange for him learning about Mellith's heart; it's very similar to Jude's unnamed deal that later forced her to murder Balekin. The Thistlewitch literally said "When you become King, you will give me the very first thing I request." We don't know what it is...but we do know 1) Oak will be king in some way 2) He's required to deliver on this bargain. No big deal.
Slightly unrelated, but also slightly related, and I thought was interesting.... in HTKOELTHS, Aslog is described as having ground bones down into a fine powder. She did this to get back at Queen Gliten. In TSH, the Thistlewitch warns:
"Mabs bones can be ground to a powder, and that powder used to do great and mighty spells"
Aslog is turned into stone at the end of HTKOELTHS, as per the troll's curse involved with sunlight, but I'm wondering if Suren unmaking the troll's curse on that forest has also undone the sunlight-related curse, and consequently, brought Aslog back "to life". Now she'll have a vendetta against Cardan... OR, this concept of grinding bones down, and Mab's bones being ground down ....just seems ... curious.
Potential Curious Foreshadowing
Jude and Cardan having heirs is discussed a few times. It's Oak's wish that "they live for a thousand years" and pass off the throne to one of a dozen heirs, but that Jude is intentionally not having children to make it clear to everyone that Oak is the heir. Just the fact that it was brought up is curious enough to make me side-eye a tiny bit...in the way of "Jude wants this, but its not necessarily what she'll get".
"Strangely, tendrils, like roots, grow from the case, one with a bud on it, as though flowering."
The theory that this is a clue that Jude is pregnant is a pretty good one, considering it would present yet another problem as to who is the rightful heir of Elfhame. At that point we'd have: Oak, Suren, and Jude & Cardan's child. And we know some people want Oak on the throne either because they think he "would be easier to manipulate or because they'd do anything not to be ruled by a mortal".
So, essentially, another problem could, in fact, just be another heir in the mix for the throne, thus giving more fae the desire to get a mortal off the throne. I’m not against this theory, I just don’t want to get my hopes up (lol). It’s entirely plausible, but it depends on how Holly wants Oak’s story to go..
Anyways, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. I'm curious to hear theories or thoughts...or even things that I missed.
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wolfiemcwolferson · 24 days
I though to myself “what kind of insane or wholesome thing should I ask for?” And landed on something up your alley: werewolf Dan going grrrrr on some people who try hurt human Max (could be a non driver au!). Bonus for some werewolf Pierre and human Charles being friends and coming to help? Idk, memories of teen wolf are banging around in my head like a DVD logo on screen. Dan being possessive in a healthy way! Max loving it! Piarles love! Idk, love them werewolves!!! (please tell me if this is too much)
Vicsy, my friend. I'm sorry this took me so long. I had a long think.
This actually is going to be a little scene pre - and it's coming closer. Just for you. So have a drabble from werewolf Pierre fic. It's a bit different, but I hope it scratches the itch.
Also, I guess Spoilers for my own damn fic.
Max could protect himself. Daniel was intimately familiar with all of the ways Max could protect himself.
He had a scar on his ribcage from...one of those enthusiastic protections.
It's just that...Max is making him wait for something and Daniel is like...fine with that. Something to do with their pack and the whole reason Max is here and blah blah blah. Danny knows it's important.
But right now. right now. Max is wearing one of those open shirts and he's dancing underneath the lights and it's touching all of his skin in the places that Danny is only allowed to look at and never touch.
Not yet.
Not until whatever Max is waiting on happens.
Danny trusts him and he trusts Pierre and he can be a very very patient man - he has been - but the thing that's cracking that patience tonight is that Daniel is under the impression that Max still knows that he is his.
Max might not be Danny's right now, might not be in his bed, but he's not in anyone else's.
Danny certainly isn't in anyone else's.
"Hey," Pierre bumps their shoulders together. "I knew bringing you two out this close was stupid, but get it together, yeah? You can't go wolfie in here."
"That guy is touching him." Danny grits out. "He's got his fucking -"
"Daniel." Pierre bites, pointing outside, but Daniel is already going, shoving through people to get out the back door, abandoning Pierre when he should be protecting him.
His breathing is hard and Pierre was right. He has no business being in this bar - not when it smells like sex and desire and Max. Everywhere smelling like Max. People smelling like they want Max.
The metal door slams shut behind him and Daniel gulps in the air - feeling the moon pressing down on him.
This was supposed to be fun. It was supposed to be a way to keep them all in check - let them burn off some of that energy that makes them a bit crazy this close to the moon - and Danny has ruined it by being two seconds away from -
Danny is leaning against the dumpster and it smells so awful and overwhelming, but it's clearing his head of Max. Or that's what he tells himself when he hears the backdoor open and he spins.
"Danny," Max is saying his name before he's even out the door, but he doesn't look mad - just soft. Sweat still dripping off his body and Danny can definitely smell all of that - can smell everything and it's really not helping with the moon and the -
Until he catches a whiff of that other guy - his scent all over Max so Danny puts up a hand, can't stand to have him this close.
"You are being very silly," Max says with a raised eyebrow. "You know I don't -"
"No, Max." Danny bites out, anger and frustration bleeding through. "I don't know because all I know is that I have to wait and -"
Max steps right into his space, hands on his face and it all melts away because all Danny can see is blue and all he can smell is Max and all he can feel is want.
It's not often that Max gets close enough to him for Danny to feel the bond between them, but he feels it now and it's like every other time - like the moon no longer has any say over Danny. Only Max. Only ever Max.
The bond between them flickers and it's enough that Danny can feel it - can feel how Max was dancing with that man and thinking about Danny's hands on him. How he only wanted Danny there. How he waits on Danny everyday. How he consults the gods for -
"Someone is coming," Danny whispers eyes wide. "Someone -"
"For Pierre." Max smiles before tipping his head forward to rest on Danny's collarbone. "After he comes." Max whispers. "That's what you're waiting on. When he comes, you and I get to -"
Danny wraps his arms around Max, tucking his face into his hair. "You don't have to tell me more. I know how it works."
Max breathes him in deeply and another flicker of something comes through - desire and trust. The feeling of being protected.
Danny can wait.
Danny can be patient.
"Soon," Max kisses Danny's jaw as he pulls away. "Thank you for wanting to protect my honor from that very ridiculous man, but you can go and run it off now. I promise, the only man I'm going home with is Lando and he won't try anything with me."
"He's too afraid you'll turn him into a toad." Danny laughs, trying to pin Max's quick fingers before they can pinch him in retaliation.
"I am not that kind of witch, Daniel." Max huffs and Danny releases him.
"Soon." Danny confirms.
Max raises a shaky hand to Danny's cheek. Love. It's love that comes through. "Soon."
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jackharlou · 11 months
Can you write something where Jack and reader get into an argument (try not to make him unrealistically harsh) but the reader starts crying and Jack feels bad so he goes out and buys her flowers and a gift and she’s emotional about it because nobody has ever done that before
"but why is he texting you?" - Jack asked raising his voice a tiny bit.
He wasn't the jealous type, but he had his insecurities when it comes to being in a relationship, specially knowing that there are guys who are into you and that are able to be close to you, something he couldn't do all the time due to his work.
"Jack, we go to the same class. We have to make an essay that we need to send as soon as possible, that's why he's texting me"
"out of all the people in that class, you two got paired together, that's funny" - he was getting more and more into your nerves with each word that came from his mouth.
"If you have an issue with that then go talk to my professor, he did the pairing, and even if we had the chance to do it ourselves, I would have chosen him. He's a great friend and an even better student, yes, he did wrong when he kissed me but he didn't know I'm in a relationship. Besides, being paired with him is something I could use because I've missed so many lessons because I'm following my stubborn boyfriend around all the time"
"now it's my fault? I never asked you to follow me" - he said with a sarcastic laugh.
"you're right, I'm the stupid one. What an idiot, chasing a man that will never put an ounce of his trust in me because he has fucked so many relationships that he thinks every girl he meets will do the same to him" - at this point you were tired of fighting with him, so you stood, grabbing everything you brought with you to the studio.
"where are you going? I'm guessing to meet with him"
You turned before opening the door, and with tears falling down from your eyes you said - "actually, I am. I'm going to finish my homework and go home, alone, because I don't want to be with anyone tonight, that includes you. I love you Jack, so fucking bad, and because I love you it hurts me that you can't trust me. I don't think I've ever given you reasons to doubt me or us, but if you really feel like I'm not trustworthy or loyal to you then let's just end this here, because I'm not going to live fighting against a wall that keeps closing on me" - when he noticed things could end there because of his insecurities, he stood, walking towards you, maybe to hold you and say sorry, but you wouldn't know because you stopped him before he could get closer - "have a good night"
His heart broke when he realized he could lose you over a stupid thought, but it was too late to run behind you because the team entered the studio, ready to work, but he promised himself he would fix his mess, including his insecurities.
So, later that night you were alone in bed, scrolling through your Instagram app when you heard your ring bell. When you opened the door the first thing you saw was a huge bouquet of flowers covering the face of the person holding it, but you didn't need to see it to know who it was.
"I thought I said I wanted to be alone" - you said harshly, making him feel so small, even though he was way bigger than you.
"I know, but I couldn't let this go for longer. I fucked up, and I'm so so sorry" - he said giving you that puppy look you couldn't resist - "can we please talk? I'll leave as soon as you want me to"
You thought about it for a second, you didn't want to hear him, in all honesty, but you also knew that a successful relationship is based in many things, including communication, so you just moved to the side and let him come in, closing the door behind him.
"give me that" - you basically snatched the flowers from his hands. You were mad at him but you couldn't deny the flowers were insanely beautiful. You found a vase to put them in and after filling it with water, you placed them in your living room. You sat on your couch and got comfortable - "I'm all ears"
He sat right next to you, leaving some space in between to not over step your boundaries - "I'm sorry. I truly am. I trust you, but you're right, I have fucked so many girls and relationships that I know karma is going to get me at some point and fuck me where it hurts the most and you are the only person that could hurt me. I also get jealous because you have all this friends, male friends, that get to be with you, take you out for dinner or drinks, or take you to the movies. They can do things with you that I can't do because I can't do normal things or I'm just not here. I feel at some point you'll get tired of waiting or following me and will fall for someone who can give you what you deserve"
You did see where he was coming from and you somehow understood him - "I don't want to sound mean, but that's a you problem, not mine, so stop making me look and feel like the villain, like the issue, when I know I'm not. I'm not your personal karma, Jack. I love you, only you. I love you with the crazy schedule and little time you have. I love you with your hectic life and career. I would trade all the silly dates for just a night in with you because I don't care where we are, what we are doing or who we are with, I only care about you. I don't care if you have a dollar or a million, I will love you the same. I truly don't know how to make you see that I'm here for you, that I love you, that I see you in my future"
"you're right. It's not you, it's something I have to work on"
"and I'm here to help with that, but please don't throw it on me, because I would never do anything in purpose to hurt you"
"can I kiss you?" - he asked, being respectful of the distance you clearly wanted between you two. You nodded, making him move slowly, cup your face between his hands and placing his soft lips on yours - "I love you like I've never loved anyone in my entire life"
You pulled him closer towards you, hugging his body and burying your face on his neck - "I love you too, Jack, I do hope you understand one day how much"
He pulled back, taking out a little box from the pocket of his jacket - "don't panic" - he said laughing after seeing how wide your eyes got. He opened the box for you, revealing a tiny ring with the letter J on it, formed with little and very shiny diamonds - "I want to give you this as a sign of me making a promise to you; I promise to give all of me to you, the good and the bad, and I promise to work hard on turning the bad into something I can learn and grow from. Maybe it's too soon but I also promise to replace this ring with something bigger and more meaningful one day"
It was your turn now to cup his face on your hands and kiss him while a few tears fell down your cheeks.
"you don't like it?" - he asked a little scared.
"no, no. It's not that" - you said caressing his cheek with one hand and holding his free hand with the other - "I never had someone make this much for me and it just feels good. It feels good to notice the way someone loves you"
"it does" - he whispered on your lips, before kissing you again. He could truly feel how much you loved him, something that made him love you even harder. The rest was something he knew he could work on and fix. You deserved him growing and being a better and more mature partner and he was going to give you that.
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rosetintednerdglasses · 4 months
This can't be the Republic of Soonyang! (Pt 1)
Oh, but it is.
Because, in case you've been remarkably fucking dense so far, this show is a story about how rich companies can run a country. (Not to throw stones or anything, but I HAVE seen some people wonder why Do Jun can't just take over and have fun being rich which leads me to believe a lot of people actually are dense. But I guess that is throwing stones. Oh well.)
Spoilers and essay for episodes 7 and 8 ahead!
A lot has happened in both these episodes, so this is going to be long. I'm breaking up individual posts to dedicate them to separate family dynamics.
Mo Hyeon Min, Jin Seong Jun, and Jin Do Jun
Look, if you've followed even a little bit of my reaction to this show so far, you know I have developed an attachment to MHM. But this is far, far beyond the idea of her and Yoon Hyeon Woo together. I am now firmly a big fan of Hyeon Min's manipulative, bitchy ass. And I say these words with huge affection because it's a compliment.
Backtracking a little bit to explain some things here, because I wonder that some people may not pick up on things:
MHM is extremely rich, but even as the sole daughter of the Hyunsang Ilbo empire, she's a woman in an Asian family in... what is this, the late 90s? Her worth is in her marriage, her future power lies in whatever her husband allows. Mo Hyeon Min, much like many Asian women before her and many after her, unfortunately, can only go so far. So, she needs a husband who can be, as darling JDJ put it, a puppet. Because it has to be someone she can control.
That look in the mirror... says a lot about her feelings about who she is and what she's embarking on, as we experience this to the soundtrack of her to-be-husband and his friends outside at her gate.
Enter JSJ and all her manipulation since the airport. Rather, enter Hyeon Min in episode 1 in the OG timeline. We know from the start that she dictates a lot of what goes with the Seong Jun, who is weak, a liar, unstable, and full of himself.
Over the last few episodes, she scoped him out, then realised she had a possible second option in the same powerful family, albeit a younger one. Someone who most definitely attracted her with his fuckery in the elevator, but then impressed her by being the Man Behind Miracle: Jin Do Jun.
Do I think she has feelings for him? No, are you insane? But did she try to get him interested in her? Yes.
This woman knows she has to get married and has done all the legwork to try and get married to someone who will let her be smart and in control, let her lead, and yet… Put Hyeong Min in a position like, say, Min Young's and do you think we'd see her marry at all? I doubt it.
Episode seven was delicious because we had Do Jun laying everything Hyeon Min wanted out in the open: you want to own me before you own Soonyang, he said. You want a puppet, he guessed, all very accurately. And then he rejected her partnership and all the implications that came with it, at the same time that Hyeon Min had Seong Jun's flowers and desperate desires to meet on little cards. Leading us to episode 8, with their wedding.
But before we get into that, backtracking again to talk about Seong Jun:
This is not limited to the Asian experience, of course, but men are brought up here to genuinely think they're gifts from god. They are their mother's babies, doomed to walk the earth as their shining precious children, until they marry and a new woman is bestowed upon them to be their new housekeeper & babysitter with the additional merits of being a warm fuck at night. (Sorry not sorry, this sexism and the world sucks.)
Anyway, you can see this well-represented in spades with the top two daughters-in-law of the Soonyang family. They left their homes, they're now spending their time in service of their MIL and the family. Their lives are their husband's family's. Jin Hwa Young, meanwhile, is no longer considered a full part of her family (see how many times she says that out loud, especially in episode 8) because she's married. But she made the rare marriage to a man who was controllable. Malleable. Weak. Jin Hwa Young could exist with some level of agency, but that's also because her father still let her work in the company.
Back to men and how much they're brought up to suck: Seong Jun is not just an Asian man, but he's a rich spoiled chaebol who's been brought up knowing he's in the line of succession. He knows his worth, and it's that of the company's weight in gold.
Coddled by his mother, circumstance, society and his grandfather who has doted on his grandson (well, 'doted' by Jin Yang Cheol's standards), he's also convinced he's the fucking best. Enter a challenger to this: Min Young. She hurts his pride by rejecting him (because no matter what he says to her in episode 8, he was always intrigued by her and we know it). She rejects him, threatens his standing with his grandfather, and then he finds out it's because of his younger, better looking, and inexplicably favoured cousin.
Seong Jun's pride is hurt.
So, the wedding? All that posturing? Their discussions about having sex outside marriage ('don't dirty the family registry' is her saying don't fuck around and find out, there can't be illegitimate kids)? It's just Seong Jun and Hyeon Min trying so very hard to have some semblance of control.
Here, Seong Jun slips many times and shows how unstable he is, which is something we've all seen in the OG timeline, and Hyeon Woo knows well. Hyeon Min's increasingly frustrated, and Park Ji Hyun does a masterful job of dancing a line of rage, fear and despair to show us all of that. What I loved the most is that, despite everything, she still considers escaping - in a moment I enjoyed, where we see her contemplate the door and raise her hand, only for it to change to her holding Seong Jun's on stage. Is this particularly new direction? No. Was it delicately done? No. But heavy-handed and trustworthy trope-filled direction isn't bad direction; arguably, in this instance, it worked.
Mo Hyeon Min could have reached for escape (the door handle) or lifelong imprisonment (Seong Jun's hand) and she chose the latter.
You can't feel totally bad for her, though. Remember: all things aside, MHM is a rich, beautiful, privileged woman. She's also greedy for power. Could she have just escaped and left? Kept money aside all these years and flown to a different country to live in obscurity? Of course she could.
But you have to understand: this is not a woman who wants obscurity. She wants power and money. She's grown up in it. Much like Seong Jun, she too, expects it.
She didn't run away because she wanted to stick it out and try to control him, still, knowing he's going to be a far harder puppet to have around, but a puppet she could try to steer nevertheless.
Only for shit to immediately hit the fan with the post-wedding lunch, when she's busy playing her part at being a simpering bride making heart-eyes at her new husband.
(God did I love that lunch)
Seong Jun goes back and forth in this episode blaming her and blaming Do Jun for his own considerable failures, and the lunch, with its huge embarrassing announcement, brought him to a place of nearly attacking Do Jun.
Do Jun, who is such a gorgeous asshole in this episode and especially that moment, because things have gone exactly to plan: the rule of primogeniture has been done away with, Seong Jun has been banished to—quelle horreur—a warehouse, and the entire family is now in a position to show just how selfish and shallow they all can be.
Do Jun, who is sitting and smirking, the literal black sheep of the family, in the corner.
Do Jun, with his illegitimate father and actress mother and idol brother.
Do Jun, who Mo Hyeon Min wanted and Haraboeji favoured and who has stolen the DMC project right out from the palm of Seong Jun's hand.
His pride, hurt.
Only for Mo Hyeon Min's quick thinking to help both Do Jun, herself and Seong Jun out. She fakes that faint, and it leads to her getting shit for it: she tries to explain to her new husband that they're a team now, for better or for worse, and she did what she had to save his loser ass from making more mistakes in an environment when he can no longer make mistakes.
Which made all that hurt pride come tearing out to hurt her.
I love the characterisation of Hyeon Min, and the amount we're getting to see of this character with the little bits we've seen of her. It's remarkably well done.
The Hyeon Woo of it All
Okay, so, this is me being an insane person shipping Hyeon Woo and Hyeon Min again, but here's my headcanon (i.e. a thing I don't know if is really true or not, obviously, but I like the idea and am considering it to be true): I think Hyeon Woo and Hyeon Min were having an affair in the OG timeline in a bid for Hyeon Min to have control over Chairman Jin's loyal watchdog, the unflappable and every-obliging and obedient Team Leader Yoon. I think Hyeon Woo would have accepted it because he wasn't looking for anything but his own ascension at work because he believed in the Jin family and their 'righteous' place in the world. He believed in what Jin Yang Cheol had built. So blinded was Yoon Hyeon Woo by the apparent genius of Yang Cheol's legacy and the family's richness, that he hated everything he did for them but continued to do it anyway. YHW hated himself; we saw bits of this shine out when he overheard his juniors bitching about him. We also saw that he had the real, enraged and hurting, YHW under the surface, on the brink of snapping.
I think Yoon Hyeon Woo allowed himself to be puppetted by Mo Hyeon Min to a certain extent, and that's why Jin Do Jun doesn't want to repeat patterns.
Think about it: all this is my own theory and it's something I'm totally making up but it fucking FITS.
Anyway, stray thoughts about this dynamic before I hit 'post' and get started on part two, where I'm going to wax eloquent about Jin Yang Cheol as a character:
"What kind of woman makes her husband stay up and nurse her all night?" A woman who a. doesn't like him b. is a manipulative bitch (I say this with all affection and admiration) c. doesn't wanna fuck him
"It's our wedding night, I'll consider it fierce foreplay" I TOTALLY thought this was going to be a precursor to Seong Jun forcing Hyeon Min to fuck him but thank GOD the show didn't go in that direction. It was a creepy thing to say, but in typical Seong Jun style, was more bluster than actual intent or action. Thank you, Show, for not taking us to a place of a woman having to be sexually abused. I appreciate it.
the way Do Jun just barely waves when he walks in, late, and joins the group with all the confidence in the world is very cool of him
big fan of the way that whole photo thing went down, especially because we know JDJ was grinning cause he's a total jackass with an ace the size of Daeyoung up his sleeve
Song Joong Ki SHINES when he has to play the jackass, and the wedding had that in spades, especially when Seong Jun is seething and on the brink of hitting Do Jun and Do Jun is just... calm. Watching him. Remember this: he's been hit once before by Jin Seong Jun when he didn't deserve it. And now, he's gone and baited the loser on purpose.
And loser he is.
With the way Jin Seong Jun's been constructed, with how weak we can see he really is, I think we can agree it's not him who called for Yoon Hyeon Woo's death.
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teatimeallovertown · 1 year
So I saw this post about how Mickey should get a little stud earring. And first of all, I agree. And second of all it made me have thoughts about Mickey actually getting one and being comfortable with expressing himself in his accessories and appearance and what that would actually mean for him and, well, the only way I know how to express these insane thoughts is in writing so here is a drabble about it for you all. Because I have big feelings about Mickey finally discovering his style and look.
Ian's in bed by the time he hears the door open. He places the book he'd been reading on the side table.
"Hey," he calls out into the living room, listening to the sounds of Mickey shrugging off his coat and drop his keys in the bowl next to the door. "I'm in bed."
"Comin'," he hears from the living room and he can't help but grin, pulling the covers up a bit.
"Thought you'd be home earlier," Ian says as he hears Mickey's feet padding down the hallway. "Sandy talk your ear off?"
"Nah," Mickey says, pushing the bedroom door open and slipping inside. "Got uh...got caught up with something."
Ian frowns. Something is up. Mickey's hovering by the door of their bedroom, shifting uncomfortably and chewing on his bottom lip.
"What's up?" he asks, sitting up a bit, eyes scanning over Mickey, looking for something indicating what the issue is. "You okay?"
"Yeah, yeah I'm just-," Mickey pauses, scratching at his nose, "Sandy just kinda...well I mean I wanted to but...I did something."
"Did something?" Ian asks, raising an eyebrow. "Something bad?"
"No," Mickey says, flushing a bit. "No not bad. I just...I don't know if you're going to like it. I should have told you first but it just fucking happened and Sandy said-,"
"Mickey," Ian cuts him off, holding a hand out to beckon him over to the bed. "What is it?"
Mickey shifts his weight between his legs for a moment, looking hesitant, but sighs before shuffling across the room to Ian. As he does, Ian notices something. Something small and black, centered in the lobe of Mickey's ear.
"Did you get an earring?" Ian asks, eyes going wide.
"I uh...yeah, I did," Mickey replies, pausing just out of Ian's reach, face bright red. "That's why I'm late. We stopped in a studio."
"You got an earring," Ian repeats, nonplussed. He doesn't recall Mickey ever mentioning an interest in piercings. Tattoos, sure. They've both talked about getting more together. But he can't remember ever discussing an earring.
"Do you like it?" Mickey asks nervously, running a hand through his hair. "If you don't I can just take it out. I mean it'll bleed a shit ton, probably, but then it'll just close up. That's what Sandy said."
"Do you like it?" Ian replies, eyes still fixed on the small piece of jewelry.
"I mean...yeah, I guess. Feels kinda weird. Probably gonna fuck up my sleep for a couple days."
"Was it just a spur of the moment thing?" Ian asks.
"I...well," Mickey begins and Ian can tell he's not saying something. That he's thinking too hard about whatever it is running through his brain.
"Mickey, what is it? You can tell me," Ian says softly, scooting forward in the bed and holding his hand out, waiting patiently for Mickey to take it in return. After a moment of worrying his bottom lip he finally does, stepping forward and lacing his fingers in between Ian's.
"I wanted one, when I was a kid, actually. Well fourteen or fifteen or something. Thought it looked cool. But I told Colin and Iggy about it and they told me it was...that it was faggy, or whatever. So I didn't get it. But I don't know...I've been trying not to worry as much about shit like that with my clothes and my hair and whatever. Sandy and I were talking about her piercings and I told her and she said I should just fucking do it if I liked it and there was piercing studio down the street so...," he shrugs, eyes fixed on the floor, palm clammy in Ian's.
And Ian has to bite down on his own lip for a moment because he doesn't want to cry. But he feels like he might burst with a mixture of pride, love and happiness. Because Mickey's finding finally himself. Finally accepting who he is and what he wants, other people's opinions be damned.
"Do you...do you like it?" Mickey asks again, voice still nervous.
Opinions except for Ian's, apparently.
Ian grins, big and wide, tugging on Mickey's hand so he steps even closer. Ian brings a hand up to his hip, squeezing it tightly.
"It looks fucking hot, Mick," he says, leaning up to press a kiss to the underside of his jaw. "I love it."
"Really?" Mickey asks, letting out a relieved sigh. "Because I don't fucking care what anyone else thinks if you don't-,"
But Ian cuts him off by snaking a hand around the back of his head and pulling him down for a kiss.
"I love it, Mick. I'm proud of you," he says when the pull apart and Mickey flushes, scratching at his eyebrow.
"Shut the fuck up, it's a fucking earring."
"Yeah, it's a fucking earring. A fucking earring that looks really fucking good."
"So...I should keep it?"
Ian grins wider.
"Yeah, Mick. You should definitely keep it."
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cherrycheridarling · 2 years
never have i ever | t.h.
tom holland x reader
warnings: talks of smut, drinking, suggestive, swearing and angst.
summary: your fwb relationship with tom was still a fresh wound and his new girlfriend loved picking at it.
a/n: happy pride month!
wc: 2.3k
Tumblr media
You had messed up. Tom had messed up. Thinking that you could sleep with each other and not get attached. Spending endless nights together, filling the room with moans and heat. All while promising 'no strings attached'.
Your feelings for him had developed halfway through your year long rendezvous. The way he would lace your fingers with his as he pounded into you. Whispering sweet praises in your ear, guiding you to that high that you craved and only reached with him. His gentle kisses that were a complete abstract to the way his fingertips dug harshly into your hips. Everything he did had you falling head over heels.
Tom tried to fight off his heart. Tried to deny the growing love he had for you, but it was futile. Your fingernails left marks on his back, reminders of his nights with you. When you kissed his lips and lightly tugged on his locks, it was as if you were pulling the strings of his heart. The way you would lock eyes with him as you both climaxed, he fell head first into you and couldn't get out.
Your sexual agreement with him was strictly confidential. Meant to be platonic. None of your roommates knew of the activities going on after hours. No one noticed when you'd sneak into his room at three in the morning or when he'd leave yours at seven a.m., tiptoeing back to his bed.
You could barely recall how everything began. The night was a blur of too many shots and discarded clothes. You were able to remember the specific words: "Just once." Ironically, you both did not keep your word.
You remembered the time when everything fell apart. When your 'no strings attached' agreement formed two strong ropes, connecting you and Tom. His forehead rested against yours, thrusts growing sloppy as he neared his high. Pornographic moans falling from your lips. Seconds later, he lost all control and let four heavy words slip out.
"Fuck, I love you."
You remembered freezing. Heart rate sky rocketing. You weren't sure if your ears were playing tricks on you, but by the look on his face, you knew he had really said it. He had left in a panic, frantically grabbing his clothes and storming out of your room. Leaving you nude, out of breath and utterly shocked.
Your friendship with him took a toll after that incident. Your late night meetings came to an abrupt end. You couldn't be alone together, awkward silence eating away at the both of you. You both coped with the tension differently.
You spent more time out of the house. Going to clubs, visiting friends, even going to the gym. Anything to stay away from Tom and the history he held.
Tom tried to move on. He got himself a girlfriend. A pathetic attempt at distracting his mind from you and your shared secret. She would spend the nights at the house. You'd hear giggling through the walls, bed creaking, moans being muffled by the drywall.
You tried to convince yourself that it didn't hurt, that you held no romantic feelings towards him. But it was fruitless, he engraved himself into your heart.
You barely knew his girlfriend. Didn't have any interest in getting to know her. All you knew was her name and what she sounded like in bed. Nadia Parkes. A fellow actress friend of his.
She was never kind to you. From the first day you met at Tom's birthday party, she sent you sharp glares. Anytime you walked into the kitchen or living room, she would cling onto Tom like a lifeline. As if you would snatch him from her.
She became good friends with the rest of the house mates, Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry and Sam. Spending nights playing board games that you opted out of joining in for. But sometimes the four boys would beg you to sit down and spend time with them.
That's how you ended up here. Six months after Tom's confession. Sitting in your living room with your roommates and Nadia. Glasses of alcohol in front of you. Trying to fight the tension between you and a certain brunette Brit.
"Let's play a game." Nadia spoke up, Tom's arm around her shoulder.
Harrison shrugged, "What game?" he paused the movie playing on the telly.
Nadia smirked, "How about 'Never Have I Ever'?"
The boys shrugged, not caring about the game, too much alcohol in their systems to protest. You, however, weren't in the mood to sit around any longer and watch their disgusting acts of PDA. You knew that with the amount of liquor the group had taken, the game was bound to be a filthy one.
You shook your head, "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night." you stood up before Nadia spoke again.
"Aw, c'mon, Y/N. Play a few rounds with us." she fake pouted.
You narrowed your eyes at her, opening your mouth to reply, but Harry beat you to it, "Yeah, you're barely around anymore. It'll be fun." the redhead smiled.
You cursed him for speaking up, his hopeful grin making you sit back down on the couch with a huff.
"Goodie! Who wants to go first?" Nadia clapped her hands excitedly.
Sam's hand shot up, "I'll go. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping in a hotel pool." he stated.
You looked around as Harrison and Tom took a sip of their drinks. You lifted the glass and sipped a bit of the vodka.
Tuwaine chuckled, "Did all of you go skinny dipping together?"
Before you could deny the theory, Harrison nodded, "Yup. When we were in Atlanta for Spider-Man, Y/N came to visit and we went down to the pool. Man, we were so hammered. I remember I woke up wearing Y/N's bra!" his explanation of the story made the group laugh.
Everyone laughed except Nadia. Tom gave a slight chuckle. You smiled thinking of the memory. Nadia had a stone cold expression on her features. You couldn't understand her coldness. You barely interacted with the girl, you failed to think of a reason why she would dislike you.
"I wanna go!" Tuwaine announced, "Never have I ever faked an orgasm." your eyes widened at his risqué words.
You chuckled a bit, "How would a guy fake an orgasm?"
"Like, make the noises, but don't pull out?" Harry's guess made everyone laugh.
All the boys shrugged as they directed their attention towards you and Nadia. You sighed before taking a long swig of the liquor, Nadia did the same.
"What?! With who?!" Harrison exclaimed at the new found information.
Nadia smirked, "My exes. Never with Tommy." she turned and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
You nearly gagged. At the nickname that he knew you hated. At the grotesque display of affection. You wished that the alcohol would take away your ability to see.
"I don't know why it's so shocking. Most guys don't really care about a woman's pleasure. That is why vibrators exist." you tipped your glass as they chuckled.
Tuwaine furrowed his eyebrows, "Then why hook up with the guy if he doesn't make you finish?"
You shrugged, "Well, you don't know that they're not gonna make you finish until you're already doing it."
You watched from the corner of your eye as Tom's gaze stayed on you. Most likely wondering if you ever faked an orgasm with him. You hadn't, but there wasn't any way you could reassure him at the moment.
"Hmm, I'll go." Harry hummed, "Never have I ever joined the mile high club."
You scoffed and took a sip of the drink again. Harrison, Tom, Nadia and Tuwaine doing the same.
"You guys are insane." Sam mumbled making you laugh.
The only reason that you were a member of the club, was because of Tom. But you wondered if you were the only reason he was able to say he was as well.
Nadia smiled a sinister grin, "I think I'll go next." she sat up, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. She was sitting directly across from you, maintaining eye contact as she spoke, "Never have I ever had sex with someone in this room." she slowly lifted the glass to her lips and took a long sip.
Your breath hitched at her statement. The boys all locked eyes on you. Anticipating your next move. You chanced a quick glance at Tom who was subtly sipping his drink.
She couldn't know. Tom wouldn't have told her. So, where the hell did that come from? Was she making assumptions and trying to get an answer out of you? Or was she trying to brag? Sipping her drink, taunting you.
You let out a dry chuckle before bringing the rim of the glass to your lips and letting the alcohol run down your throat. There were audible gasps at your action. Tom diverted his gaze to the table in front of him. You watched as Nadia's jaw dropped. Pure shock written all over her face.
"What?!" Harry exclaimed, "I knew about the two lovebirds over there, but who the hell did you sleep with?"
You shrugged, "Who's going next?" you yawned and relaxed into the cushions.
"I'll g—" Tuwaine spoke before Nadia cut him off.
"—Me! I'll go again." she leaned forward again, examining your every move. "Never have I ever slept with one of the Holland brothers." she smirked again, thinking you had spent the night with Harrison or Tuwaine.
You figured out that she was definitely trying to brag, thinking that you wanted her boyfriend. She wanted you to know all about their sex life. She wanted you to know that he was hers, not yours.
You watched as she smugly downed her drink. Eyes locking back on you. You felt your irritation towards her taking over. Her pleased expression had your blood boiling. All rationality flew out the window. You no longer cared about who found out about your history with Tom. Wanting nothing more than to slap the smirk off of her face.
Your eyes gazed at Tom. He was watching your movements intently. Waiting for you to take a sip. He didn't care about who found out either. Having been fed up with Nadia's attitude for a while. He gave you the smallest of nods. You smirked, an equally sly grin, before letting the liquor burn its way down again. Wiping the excess drop on your lip with your thumb.
Her jaw fell again. Everyone gasped. All eyes on you. Tom awkwardly cleared his throat. Trying his hardest to suppress his grin.
"I didn't sleep with her." Sam spoke slowly.
"Me neither." Harry followed, "And I highly doubt she shagged Paddy. So," he trailed off.
Everyone's eyes landed on Tom. His scarlet cheeks were enough to confirm their suspicions.
"No fucking way." Harrison mumbled.
Before anyone else could react, Nadia screeched, "You slept with my boyfriend?!"
You rolled your eyes, "If you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have asked."
"You're lying." her eyes flickered between you and Tom, "Tommy would never sleep with someone like you." she spat the words filled with venom.
Her words raised a different level of anger in you. Everyone froze at the insult.
You shook your head with a dry laugh, "Is that so? You should get to know your boyfriend a little better then." you fake pouted.
Her anger was evident on her features. Narrowed eyes, furrowed eyebrows. Her whole face was turning red, "You cheated on me?!" she directed her rage at Tom.
His eyes widened, "No! This was long before I met you!" he defended himself.
Nadia stammered momentarily, at a loss for words, "S-so it's true? You slept together?" her voice was almost inaudible.
You smirked a sly grin again, "I'm many things, but a liar is not one of them."
You could see Tom stifling a laugh in the corner of your eye before Nadia erupted with rage, "How could you?! I let you live with my boyfriend and you don't tell me that you slept together? You disgust me." she spat the words at you.
Your anger raised, you stood from your seat, "You did not allow me to live here because I don't need your permission to live with my friends." you paused and stepped closer to her, "If I disgust you so much, please feel free to walk yourself out of my home. Because frankly, you disgust me."
Everything was silent. Everyone was processing the situation. Harrison and Tuwaine had stood up when you did, prepared to hold you back in case things turned violent.
Nadia looked to Tom, "You're going to let her speak to me this way?"
Tom looked between the two of you before shrugging mindlessly, "It is her home." he mumbled.
You could see Harrison and Tuwaine stifling laughs out of the corner of your eye. Nadia's face turned a darker hue of red.
"I-I gave you everything! And this is what I get in return? I loved you with all of my heart, Tom." she turned her gaze on you. "You two deserve each other. Absolutely appalling." Nadia turned on her heel and left the house with a harsh slam of the door.
An eerie silence filled the room as all eyes were on you and Tom.
"We were together for, like, four months." Tom spoke into his glass.
Laughter erupted at his words. The comfort of your flat mates filled the air. Eyes locked onto Tom's again as you mouthed the long awaited words.
"I love you, too."
His grin grew tremendously. Matching the smile gracing your lips. You basked in the moment until Harrison's voice screeched.
"Wait! When the fuck did you two sleep together?!"
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hyunsuks-beanie · 1 year
Game On
Tumblr media
(Kinda) Enemy! Jay x fem. bodied! reader; non-idol AU; hate sex; unprotected sex (Y/N on the pill); breeding kink; creampie
Word Count: ~2k
Mellow speaks: It's Jay day again!! You guys really do seem to like my JayHoon stuff a lot, considering the sheer amount of requests I get for these two hehe. And as always, I'm super thankful for these requests, and writing for my man Jay is always a pleasure lol. I hope you guys enjoy reading this!!
Tagging: @enhabb (Send in an ask to be added to my general taglist!)
Tumblr media
"What happened Y/N? Why are you alone out here?," you close your eyes at the voice, feeling your insides twist in annoyance at the mere thought of having to face him. Turning around, you almost regret it, the smirk on his face he eyes you mischievously making a groan escape your lips. "What do you want, Park?," you mutter, clenching your teeth as he gives you a mock hurt expression. "Now now love," he says, walking closer to you, "I was just being nice since you look so bored."
And he wasn't wrong, since you really were bored. The party was decent enough, but your friends having had been a little too drunk to your liking had prompted you to leave the room, escaping to the roof in search of some fresh air. Too bad you weren't the only one who had had the idea, though, leaving you with no choice but to be face-to-face with Jay Park, your mortal enemy. What had he done to receive such a treatment, you ask? Nothing really, except for being insanely hot and painfully annoying.
Despite being the campus heartthrob, he had always been the nice one to everyone, expect you it seemed, though it wasn't like he went out of his way to be mean to you. On the contrary actually, you often found yourself being cornered in empty corridors, or had random notes make their way to your locker, covered in flirty comments and lewd messages that were enough to make you press your thighs together. You knew he was interested, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't too, but you had decided to put up a facade in order to keep him at bay, afraid of falling falling him if he came too close. Cliché, it did seem, but it was the only way you could think of, making the so-called hatred the two of you shared, a one-sided affair at best.
Shaking your head, you merely roll your eyes before replying, not in the mood to cause a scene. "I-I just wanted to be alone I guess," you say, "But I clearly am not lucky enough." This only causes the smirk on Jay's face to grow wider as he quirks his eyebrows, shamelessly taking your form in from head to toe. "You know," he starts, taking yet another step in your direction, now standing right in front of you, "The offer still stands." It doesn't take you more than a second to realize what he's hinting at, the implication making a gulp slip down your throat as you stare at him. "What the-," you start, words dying at the tip of your tongue and all thoughts flying out the window (read: balcony) when he leans in close to you, breath fanning your ear as he says, "I could take your boredom away," voice dropping to a whisper and making goosebumps rise on your skin.
Shaking your head, you try to push him away, only to have him grab your wrist, twisting it ever so slightly. "Now now love, we both know you want it too. This hatred of yours is a complete sham and you know it," he grins, making your blood boil. "In your dreams, Jeongsong," you finally say, practically seething at this point, "I'm sure you won't even be able to make me cum." Your comment catches him off-guard, the surprised expression on his face leaving you satisfied.
Pulling your wrist out of his grip, you begin walking away, but this time, he takes hold of your arm, pulling you back against his chest. "Is that a challenge?," he whispers against your ear, making you clench your teeth and curl your toes at the same time. All of a sudden, your eyes go wide when you feel him grinding against your butt, his clothed member rubbing against the fabric of your dress. The simple movement makes wetness pool between your legs, all the pent up sexual frustration hitting you like a truck and making you let out a moan despite yourself.
Your pretty sound causes Jay to smirk as he suddenly stops, pulls away from you completely. The loss of contact makes you bite down on your bottom of your lip to keep from whining, and turning around, you decide to let go of your rules for one night. "Game on, Park," you say, grabbing him by the collar and smashing your lips onto his. He tastes of alcohol and candy, a weird combination that leaves you intoxicated as his hands grab your hips, squeezing them and making you moan into the kiss. Your hands go flying to his hair, tugging on them as you pull him ever so close to you. His tongue grazes against your bottom lip, and barely five seconds later, he is exploring the depths of your mouth, who you begin rubbing against him, eliciting a well-deserved groan from him.
Pulling away after what feels like hours, you keep your lips close to his, whispering, "Let's get a room." That's all it takes for the man in front of you to drag you inside the house, searching for an empty room. It doesn't take long for him to find one, and the moment the two of you are inside, he catches your lips in another kiss, pushing you back towards the bed and causing you to fall onto the mattress as he hovers over you, his lips moving from your own to your jaw and then to your neck, leaving a trail of marks in his wake. Pulling away, he admires his work, a grin playing at his lips as he says, "So pretty. And just for me." Scoffing at his comment, you say, "Stop acting like you're the only guy I've fucked," smirking when you see his expression turn into a sneer. "Don't you worry Y/N," he replies, "By the time I'm done with you, I'll be the only one you remember."
And with that he rolls the hem of your dress up your thighs, spreading your legs as he coos at the wet spot on your panties. "See? I haven't even done anything and you're already so wet," he says, making you open your mouth to give a snarky reply. But all that slips past your lips is a soft gasp as he presses a kiss on the inside of your thighs, dangerously close to your heat. The action leaves you wanting more, and you can't help but buck your hips. "So needy," is all he says, before hooking his finger in your panties and pushing it to the side, only to dip his mouth once again, leaving a long lick up your folds. The sensation earns him a moan from you, your hands moving back to his hair as you push his face down towards your pussy.
He can't help the chuckle that escapes his lips as he pulls away, the whimper from your lips stopping short as you feel him take the fabric off your body altogether, before lying down and kissing your heat softly. You mewl at the contact, feeling his tongue dart into your hole as his fingers begin rubbing your clit, the circular motions sending your eyeballs rolling to back of your head in pleasure. "M-more," you manage to choke out somehow, and to your joy, Jay obliges, speeding up as he continues to thrust his tongue inside you, his fingers continuing their ministrations on your folds.
The room grows silent, the only sound being the soft slurps from his mouth and the low moans from yours, and slowly but surely, you feel the tension rising in your body, a knot growing in the pit of your stomach. And then suddenly, just like that, you feel that knot recede as he pulls away from your pussy, the sudden exposure leaving you a whining mess. "Let's leave it for later, love," is all he says, sticking his hand out for you to take. You comply, letting him pull you up as he places a chaste kiss on your lips, making you taste yourself on his lips.
Pulling away, you waste no time in getting on your knees, making quick work of his belt and unbuttoning his pants. In less than a minute, you manage to pull them down along with his boxers, making his hard length spring out in all its glory. It would be a lie if you said you didn't feel your mouth water, the fantasies that you insisted on keeping in the darkest corner of your mind finally becoming a reality. Wrapping your hands around him, you pump him a couple times, before taking him into your mouth at an agonizingly slow pace, swirling your tongue around his tip ever so slightly. Growing impatient, Jay decides to take matters into his own hands, taking hold of your hair and pushing himself into your mouth, making you nearly gag as a "You're so annoying," escapes his lips.
Recovering fast, you begin bobbing your head up and down his length, letting his guide you as you hands massage his balls. "You're s-so g-good," he moans out, throwing his head back in pleasure and bucking his hips while you continue to swirl your tongue around his girth. It doesn't take you long to get him all riled up, only to have him pull out of your mouth just before he hits his orgasm. You can't help the satisfied grin that settles over your face as you get up, wiping the saliva off your lips.
Rolling his eyes at you, Jay doesn't waste a second in pushing you back onto the bed, grinning at the tiny yelp that escapes you. Spreading your thighs, he rolls your dress up once again, not wanting to engage in the unnecessary task of stripping naked. Picking up his jeans, he says, "God knows how badly I want to feel you," while taking a condom out of his pocket. But you stop him, saying, "Good for you I'm on the pill then," lips curving into a smirk at his delighted expression. You don't have to tell him twice, as he aligns himself in front of you, thrusting in without warning, hilt deep. A loud gasp escapes your lips at the sudden movement, hands wrapping around his back as you pull him closer.
Jay starts moving in and out of you, speeding up the pace as he lifts your legs, wrapping them around his own to get a better angle. Your fingers rake against his back as you pull him in for a kiss, the room growing silent once again. The only sound is that of skin slapping against skin, and the lewd moans that escape both of you into the kiss. Pulling away, you can't help but say, "I hate you," against his lips, giggling as he rolls his eyes, only to speed up the pace further. Soon enough, you feel yourself edge closer to your climax, the stimulation from before making your knees go weak.
Your moans get louder as you feel yourself hanging by a tiny thread, barely registering it when Jay says, "Want t-to cum i-inside-," opening his eyes to look at you. You somehow manage to nod your head, just as he releases his seed inside you, filling you up with his warm juice. That is enough to push you over the edge, your own cum mixing with his as he collapses on your chest, riding out his high. You stay like that for a while, until he pulls out of you, pulling his boxers up his legs as he admires the juices seeping out of you. Walking into the washroom, he comes back out with a towel, handing it to you before placing a chaste kiss on your lips.
Standing back up, he smirks, saying, "I could get used to this." And with that, he's out the door, leaving you shaking your head.
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neo-neos · 4 months
My BL journey so far
Okay kids gather round, get comfortable. This is a long one.
Disclaimer/background info: I started watching BL about a month ago-ish. I don't remember the exact date but I believe I started last month or maybe the end of the month before. So I am still a bit of a noob and trying to catch up with watching things. I am also a very chaotic person which you will probably find out by the way this is structured/written. Lastly, even though I do study/teach English for a living, it is not my first language.
Okay with that out of the way, let's dive in.
Like any good story I feel like a bit of backstory/intro might be a good idea. Hi, on the internet I mostly go by the nickname Peach, however I created this blog when I got into BL and have adopted yet another fruit as a new nickname for this side of my personality/identity which is Lychee. I don't really mind which one you use. I'm 24 years old and I am Dutch (the Netherlands). As mentioned in the disclaimer I teach English but I am also still a student, I plan on studying more after this because I love learning new things and especially about languages and cultures. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and mostly identify as Bisexual or Pansexual. I use she/her pronouns. When I was about... 13-14 ish I rolled into the K-pop fandom. I used to listen to bands like SHINee, Super Junior, EXO, BAP, Infinite, Girls Generation, 2ne1, Block B... I was a real fangirl if you ask me HAHA. In this time I also watched a Kdrama or two here and there. Favorites being: Heartstrings and Shut up flower boy band. (I was never too into Kdrama back then). I also used Tumblr back then, I have a literal 12 year old tumblr account with almost 50K posts that I used during my K-pop times. I stopped using tumblr quite a while ago too but that blog is still there. I would reblog gifs and pics and what not about my biases and ships. But as interests do sometimes, it faded into the background and I fully stopped keeping up and listening to K-pop. It has literally been 10 years now.
But then...
One random afternoon I was bored at home and wanted to watch something new. I randomly realized Kdramas existed and so my journey to find one began. I stumbled upon Semantic Error and almost by accident decided to read the little description and the tags that were with it. My eyebrows furrowed for a minute before I could feel my eyes widen: "WAIT THE TWO BOYS... IT'S... GAY???" I could almost not believe what I saw. Obviously back in my K-pop times every band had ships and pairings you fangirled over, Baekyeol or ChanBaek, 2Min, JongKey... You know what I mean...You fangirled over every random moment they were together but that was as far as that went. So you could maybe imagine my excitement when I realized that Korea has come far enough to actually make BL shows now. So without further thoughts I watched Semantic Error. And because it was the first BL I saw I fell in love with it, the story was good, the acting was good, the fluff was to die for. An all round great experience to start off with.
Little did I know...
After this experience I was obviously hungry for more. So, I turned to the internet to tell me where they had been hiding this secret stash of everything I ever wanted in Kdrama... And boy was I surprised with the results. This was the moment I found out that not only Korea but also Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and China made BL shows... And not just 1 or 2... The choices were endless. My journey continued with (either... I kinda forgor...) Don't say no and Love by Chance. This was my first experience with NC scenes too. I had no idea that Thailand already took the step to also go into a little more 18+ when it comes to BL and to be fair... I was kind of excited about it. Now that I have seen more BLs I guess you could argue that neither Don't say no and Love by Chance are the best BLs ever made but at the time I was completely hooked on them.
And so began...
An insane marathon sprint. By this time I wanted more more more and that's what I consumed. I watched some more Kbl, some Japanese BL and some more Thai BL's as well. Until I hit KinnPorsche and that's when I realized how hooked I actually was on this new comfort genre I had just discovered. KinnPorsche allowed me to put the shows I had watched for far into perspective. Most BLs have the university students falling in love drama vibe... KinnPorsche was something completely different and boy did I fall in love, and hard too. This show quite honestly changed a lot of things for me. I went from 'I'm just casually watching these shows' to 'Oh I might be a little obsessed now' and after finishing KP I realized I wanted even more and I could no longer deny that I was becoming a part of the BL fandom.
So where we are now...
In the past month I have spent every free second of my day watching shows. Binging one after the other. I was lucky to have a week off during this time too and I have managed to COMPLETE 32 BLs between then and now. 5 currently watching shows I try and keep up with and a TO WATCH list of 40+ shows. (aka: obsessed much?)
In the meantime I have made a BL twitter and a BL tumblr (this one) to find out more about the BLs I watched or am watching currently, but also to keep up with new ones coming out. I have realized that because of how badly I want to keep up with things I SUCK at remembering names. If the show did not leave a big impression on me I can also easily forget the whole storyline of some. This in addition to people talking about ship names but also IRL ship names using actors real names makes it quite hard to keep up sometimes.
The community...
I also made these accounts in the hopes to interact with the community. This part has been quite a challenge for me. I have never been the most extraverted person (both irl and online) but I am one of those people that is almost desperate to make friends (that sounds a bit sad but hear me out.) I love talking to people (< but you said you're introvert.. I know again, hear me out) but I have absolutely no idea how to behave in order to make friends. I am often too shy to interact with people so I just kind of pull myself back and hope someone reaches out first. As soon as they do there's a good chance I will latch onto them without mercy. I have realized that I am afraid I do not fit in sometimes within this community (mostly on twitter to be honest) I see a lot of very knowledgeable people when it comes to BL shows and I am too afraid to interact. Here on tumblr and twitter I also (after literally 10 years) realize how talented people are when it comes to making gifs, edits and translations. Something I did not really think much about when I was using Tumblr 10 years ago. I have so much admiration for what people make but at the same time I feel like being a cheerleader from the sidelines by reblogging/retweeting I cannot match up to them too. Now I am obviously very new to BL and the community and I have actually met some lovely people already. I guess I just want too much too fast haha!
BL as a whole... (Disclaimer: The things I talk about are not just directed at BL alone, the issues I list are VERY MUCH also alive in Hetero shows and I would like to see change there too. But to keep on the topic of BL I list them here with my reasoning)
Realizing how far these countries have come when it comes to even making shows about LGBTQ+ is an awesome thing to see. Like I said before I come from the time where all I could really do is ship two band members together and fangirl over them sitting next to each other basically. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and I live in a country is supposed to be very accepting so it is nice to see the steps different cultures are taking as well. However I do feel we are not there yet in the way they portray things. Consent (this is obviously not only a BL problem) has been a bit of an issue for me in some shows. Power dynamics - My main issue show for this one was Cutie Pie (not very sure how to elaborate further) NC scenes - Still being quite unrealistic sometimes, you really cannot tell me that bottoming is something you do without preparation of any sort. Only gay for xxx -> Straight but gay for this one man is not exactly how sexuality works. I feel like it might kind of give off the wrong idea as well. I do see that some of these trends are turning to the right direction (Between Us being a good example for consent for example)
Now I obviously know that these are fictional stories so please don't come for my throat over this. I am just listing a few things I have noticed in my journey.
The shows...
Now I would like to use this last little section here to mention and give my thoughts (positive and negative) about some shows I have seen. Let's start with the good shall we.
KinnPorsche -> I have mentioned this show before but I would like to do it again. I fell in love with this show, the actors are amazing, the storyline is great, the chemistry between the couples, the diversity in the storyline, the humor, the serious moments... It has so much and the casting they did for this show is a legit 10/10 Apo is such an amazing actor, Mile is his perfect match for the role and don't even get me started on the rest of the cast I would probably pull up an entire powerpoint presentation.
Life-Love on the line -> Is a Japanese BL that I related to quite a lot. The entire story of how two boys fall in love and grow up together, one becoming more serious while the other stays quite 'childlike' hit me right in the feels (I don't want to spoil things) It was such a beautiful story to be fair.
Semantic Error -> My first BL and what a great start to have to be honest. Need I say more?
Bad Buddy -> I loved this one because of the storyline and the awesome chemistry between the characters. It showed an amazing story of how sometimes you need to put your prejudice thoughts aside to find something beautiful.
Blueming -> The way this story unfolds made me fall even deeper in love with Kbls to be honest. The way this was filmed was just so beautiful.
Roommates of Poongduck -> I was a little hesitant in the beginning of this one. The storyline description did not grab my attention and after seeing how KBL is often focused more on the story than on the passionate kisses for instance it took me a moment to get into it. But we have all seen the kissing scene (that they robbed us of to be fair) and the chemistry between the characters had me sobbing while having the biggest grin on my face.
I told sunset about you -> When I got a little deeper into my research the name of this BL kept popping up everywhere and it obviously got me curious. Boy oh boy this was such a beautiful story I cannot even begin to explain. The exploration of sexuality, gender, love and friendship in this one... Ugh ugh ugh.
Not me -> A masterpiece. The themes, the storyline. They touch upon heavy topics while also maintaining an entertaining series. It's so good.
Love in the air -> Okay so, MOST of the shows above have a lot of deeper messages or storylines and love in the air might feel out of place. WRONG. Sky's storyline shows quite a bit of deeper meaning and I think it was done really well. The other part of why I like this show is because of the actors. They really did such an amazing job with this one and I cannot wait to see more of them.
ChocoMilkShake -> (up until last ep) this was my comfort show. I kind of ignored the dark side of them leaving and just focused on all the cute stuff but I just love it. They better give me a happy ending though!
Between Us -> I have seen UWMA and I must say that although the story was very very beautiful and touching and heavy... I did not vibe with the insane drama as much as I would have hoped. I did however enjoy the WinTeam moments quite a bit. And then BOOM Between Us happened and I am having a blast with this one. Consent being a big plus. The storyline is good, there has not been (knock on wood) unnecessary drama (I was afraid this would happen with the overhearing half a conversation thing they were giving us but I am SO happy to see it was done in a mature way). I love it.
And now for some shows I would like to give a tiny piece of my mind. DISCLAIMER: These are opinions you can ignore, I am not shitting on actors whatsoever, this is mostly targeted towards writing/storyline. THE ACTORS DID NOTHING WRONG!! I am okay with people asking questions about it though (: I also do not JUST shit on the shows I talk about here, I point out some things and also say what I DID like about it
Lovely writer -> This show holds a scene that I find THE MOST frustrating one I have seen so far. "Let me explain" -Silence- "I can explain" -Silence- "Wait don't leave" -Silence-.... If you have seen the show you probably know what I'm referring to. This is what I mean with unnecessary drama. Characters being angry at each other for longer than needed or for a reason that does not make sense. The rest of the show was okay. I don't hate the show but it frustrated me more than that I enjoyed it.
Big Dragon -> The first episode had me screaming. The NC scene, the open kink representation on this one made me so excited. It felt like the next step towards representation for kinks within the genre... And then that slowly died off. The scene where Yai is with the girl that (I suppose) normally helps him with his kink and then the bathroom scene where Mangkorn orders Yai around were 10/10 too but then it was gone and we were back to quite the normal BL plotline again which I found very sad. In the later episodes I also missed the chemistry between Yai and Mangkorn. I fucking LOVE MosBank together like... They are legit amazing actors and I would love to see them again in something different. I am just a little disappointed in the storyline progression.
Cutie pie -> The power dynamic in this show was not really my style. The controlling BF type deal was a bit hard to watch at times. and I KNOW that this entire show is about breaking free of that but the fact that there it is needed in the first place and the lying and secrets.. it was all a bit much for me. However the casting was really good. The chemistry between the characters/actors is awesome and everyone played their role really well!
To my star -> NOW BEFORE YOU BEHEAD ME, HEAR ME OUT. I love this show. I actually love this show. It is really good. But there are some small things that made me frustrated sometimes. Talking about feelings is hard and I do get that 110% but it sometimes felt quite frustrating and left me with a little bit of a bad feeling. I really hope that this show teaches people that you can only really move forward by talking about your feelings instead of running away from them.
Together with me -> The controlling, dramatic, witch female role. Now again, hear me out. The show is great! The chemistry is there, the acting is 10/10 the casting is 10/10 but it has an element I would like to discuss that I have seen in multiple BLs as well. Now I get that the girl is mad, right. Her BF literally cheats on her (shame on u) but the entire master plan the girls come up with like... damn girls... That's all I really have to say about it. Not all women become murderous, petty witches.
TharnType -> From homophobic to being almost assaulted into a gay relationship. Again casting 10/10, chemistry 10/10. But I see this storyline quite a bit too in deluded forms. Consent is a BIG issue in this show for me. Then there is the "I am only okay with this gay guy" idea too that just kinda made me pull some faces at my screen at times.
If you have made it this far... I'm so sorry?
As for now, I think I have written enough about my BL journey so far, if you DID actually read this far and have any questions about it, feel free to ask. I am willing to discuss anything and everything as long as we respect each others views (:
This post is also an invitation to whoever wants to connect. I really do love making friends and my DMs (here and on twitter or if you want to connect on a different platform let me know) are always open. You can literally go in there without context and go: GIIIIRL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT... and I will reply as if we've been besties for years I really do not mind skipping the awkward first stages of interaction.
My DMs (+replies) are also open for:
Show recs (dm me your fav show and a little description on why it's your fav show and why I should love it too!)
Questions regarding this post or me personally
FanFic recs (If you have written something pls show it to me I love to read!
Seeing my watched list, currently watching list or to watch list for the curious cats (: (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Thank you so much for reading and for now I cannot wait to see what the BL community has in store for me ♥
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romanoffsbish · 1 year
Your Sister’s Hot…
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Yelena Belova x Fem!Reader(Platonic)
Tumblr media
Yelena's POV
I just finished freeing the last of the widows that I could get to. I found Y/N, she was my best friend in the Red Room after Nat and I were separated. She was only two years older than me but she vowed to take care of me. Then we were separated years later due to the subjugation process. I'm just so happy it's all over. I have my best friend and my sister back.
"Y/N, would you like to go with me to tell my sister that I'm all done?"
"Duh! Where else am I meant to go? You're stuck with me Yel!" She replied with a cheeky grin.
"Wouldn't want it any other way!" I reply truthfully
"I'm excited, I can't wait to meet the famous Black Widow." She playfully boasts.
"Yeah, yeah, she's just sooo great..." I groan causing Y/N to breakout into fits of laughter.
Nat's POV
We just lost, big time! Thanos snapped and as upset as I am I'm also relieved. Yelena called, unaware of what's happened, and she called to tell me she's finished freeing them. I told her to come and see me, I just NEED to see her in person.
Yelena's meeting me at the compound, she was wary until I told her everyone's gone. They've all left to try and cope with the losses. I've got nothing better to do than try to hold everything together. Yel just landed, but to my surprise she's not alone. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen stepped out besides her. She had a widow suit on, so I guess she was a straggler? Based on how she's reacting with Yel I think she's more than that. A friend, a love interest? Hoping she says friend.
She's got beautiful y/h/l, y/h/c hair. Her eyes are this beautiful shade of y/e/c. She has a gorgeous smile, and an even more beautiful laugh. Yel must've said something stupid because I was blessed enough to hear it.
Yelena's POV
Y/N and I just arrived and within thirty seconds Y/N looked starstruck. Gross!
"Pick your jaw up off the floor!"
"Your sister's hot!" She bluntly replies
"Gross!" I replied making vomit noises
Y/N found my genuine reaction funny and started laughing her ass off. As I look up I see Nat returning the googly eyes, double gross! Not my best friend and my sister being horndogs over the other.
"Natalia!" I repeat while snapping at my dumb dumb of a sister. She's just staring off to where Y/N was. So! I move Y/N from my right to my front into Nat's eyesight. Y/N just giggles in confusion, oblivious to the fact that she's the reason for my sister's state.
"Oh shit!" Nat says as Y/N's now directly in front of her
"Finally!" I shout while throwing Y/N a little too roughly back to my side causing her to squeal and hit the ground with a groan.
"Cyka!" Y/N growls out
Nat immediately went to Y/N and extended her hand out to help her up.
"Are you okay, detka? Please excuse my dumbass sister."
"Hey! You two couldn't stop being all googly eyed so I had to break the trance somehow!" I shout in defense
"Was not"-N ... "You're insane"-Y/N
They both reply simultaneously
Nat's POV
Okay... I was distracted, but googly eyed?
No way! I completely ignore Yel as she's annoying me and I turn to the pretty girl with a smile.
"Natasha Romanoff, and you are?" I ask with my arm extended out
"Oh, I know who you are... I'm Y/N, last name unknown." She cutely replies, and shakes my hand.
"Oh, I'd be more than happy to share mine." I reply with a wink resulting in a flustered Y/N.
Before she can even respond Yel faux gags.
"I'm standing right here!" .. "Let's go inside, you better have food because we are hungry!" Yel snaps at me while dragging Y/N away with her.
Y/N turned back to smile at me really goofily...
That's when I realized I had been watching her walk away, when I should've been following to let them in. So I look down embarrassed and quickly approach them.
I was definitely googly eyed, but Yelena truly is insane for throwing me around. Crazy bitch.
Natasha can pretend she wasn't but I'm also a trained spy. I can see her subtle nervousness, also she was just staring at me as I walked away. I felt her eyes boring into my ass, and I had decided to taunt her with a sway of my hips. Then I waited for fifteen seconds before turning to catch her staring, and I couldn't help but grin widely. Then she looked down to hide her current fluster. Checkmate!
Yel's POV
These horndogs are keeping me from eating! I'm about to fight them…
"I'm hungry!" Yel whines
"Well, all you get is PB sandwiches because if I cook we all die." Nat replies
"Well, if you have suitable ingredients, I can cook. I used to do the cafeteria work in the red room." I reply knowing damn well I'd have to hold Yelena back if all she got was a PB with no J sandwich
"No, I couldn't ask.." Nat began before Yel interrupts
"Yes! Go! Now!" Yel shouts while pushing me towards a random door as if she knows where the kitchen is.
Natasha then walks towards me shaking her head, then proceeded to grab my hand and guide me to the actual kitchen.
"You can use anything that's available. Nothings off limits, even if it is labeled as such. If anyone chooses to grovel they can take it up with me!" Nat says with a wink as she leaves the kitchen.
"Hurry!" Yel adds with the semblance of a threat while being pulled out of the kitchen.
Based on what I've found in this random ass stock I'm making a spinach and mozzarella quiche and some banana nut muffins.
Yel's POV
Now that I'm alone with Nat she's not all smiley. It's actually kind of rude... Now she is crying...
"Natasha, what is it?"
"The world's falling apart and seeing you here in front of me just makes me happy. Brings me a slight sliver of peace..."
"The tears could've fooled me.. Ow!"
She slapped me ...
"Seriously, I'm just grateful I didn't lose you too!" Now she is hugging me and it actually feels really nice.
"So, the widows, they're free!" I change the subject
"Well, the one's that weren't blipped that is..." Natasha brings it back
"Well, yeah! Can you just relish in it? Something good happened! I got my best friend back! So I am taking the win!"
"I thought I was your bestfriend!" Nat pouts
"No! You're my best sister. Y/N is my best friend."
"I'm your only sister." Nat responds with an eye roll.
"However, I see the appeal. Y/N's great!"
"Yeah, she's mine!" I reply with a slight glare.
"We can share. Your best friend, my future wife." Nat laughs out
"You're skipping like at least five steps.." I groan
"Nat, she really is amazing! She took care of me after I was separated from you, and until we were put into the subjugation process. She's selfless, talented, and a total optimist. So please, don't break her." I seriously assert with a slight pout.
"Yelena, I wouldn't dream of breaking her! I don't see why you would even think I would do that... You know me, I don't get flustered, but here I am, a blushing mess around her."
"Yeah, I know... it's gross!" I whine
"What's gross? Definitely not this!" Y/N interjects as she enters with the plated food.
"I... love... you!" I say, directed at the food
"Aww. I love you too!" Y/N happily coos.
"Huh? Oh. Yeah, you too." I mumble while digging in and receiving a light shove from Y/N.
Nat's POV
The food Y/N served us, with her accompanying gorgeous smile, is divine.
"Thank you detka."
"You're welcome Natasha."
"Nat, everyone calls me Nat." She corrects me
"Tasha it is then!" She replies with a cheeky grin
"Ooh! I love it." Yel mocks
"Absolutely not!" I scoff
"Oh, um. Okay. Nat's fine." Y/N awkwardly tries to remedy the situation.
"Oh, no, you can call me whatever you want kotenok."
She immediately blushes and looks down
"Well, let me take the dishes." Y/N tries
"No! Yelena can handle them. She can actually do something for once!" I reply sweetly to her while sending Yel a glare.
"It's not a problem." Y/N tried again
"No, I got it!" Yel replies after I send her another harsh glare. I just want a minute alone with her.
I can feel Natasha's gaze on me and I can't help but feel shy all of a sudden.
"So, y/n/n, what are your plans?"
"Uh. I haven't really got any. I don't have much of a resume, unless you count my mind control assassinations as a resume point of focus." I awkwardly laugh out
"Oh, detka... I didn't mean to... How about your dreams? Let's go with that." Nat tries to reroute the conversation
"Tasha, it's okay, no offense taken. I want to use my skills for good. They were forced into me and intended for evil, but if I can use them for the opposite then I'd feel like I would have the control back they took. Be able to make up for all the harm I have caused. After awhile of that I'd like to settle down with the woman I love and have a family. Adoptions cool, whether that be kids, cats or both. I'd like to travel the world, but on my own terms. I'd want to sightsee, and have time to take it all in. I want to do stupid things, like learn to surf, or go skydiving. Mostly, I just want to find love and be loved though."
Nat's POV
Watching Y/N talk about her dreams is refreshing. She's so optimistic and it just makes me feel warm inside knowing how wholesome her dreams are. She's not dreaming of being rich or famous. She's dreaming of love, white picket fences, and making things right even when she's done no wrong. Our dreams are practically identical.
"What about you? What dreams does the great Black Widow have?" She teases back with a cute smile
"Well, I've also wanted nothing more than to work to clear my ledger. I have worked tirelessly to do it, and one day I think I'll be satisfied and settle down myself. I'm into travel, and marriage, I just have to find the right person. I'd want to live on a generously sized plot of land, near a river. I'd want to be able to sustain myself on my own land, but still be close enough to the city. So I could be able to go out for date nights and get the groceries I'd crave, like ice cream!" I chuckle out
"Ice cream sounds nice, I'll add that to my dreams too!" Y/N innocently responds, making me realize she's probably never had any...
I smirk in response, having the perfect idea.
"Want to get out of here? I can introduce you to the delicacy, and the many flavors it comes in?"
"Really?!" Y/N all but yells in question.
"Of course detka! It would be a dream come true for me to take a pretty little thing such as yourself out." I reply with my hand extended out to bring her with me.
"I'll get Lena...?" She questions
"Nope!" I reply as I drag her giggling form out to my bike.
"We'll be back later!" I shout to Yel as I close the door preventing any rebuttal.
We just walked into this place called Baskin Robbins. They advertised something about like 31 flavors, which seems excessive. Natasha, after some minor threatening it seems, has convinced the teenage boy behind the counter to give her a sample of every available flavor.
She lined the tiny samples meticulously along the tray to mimic the way they're displayed in the tubs. She got some water for a 'palate cleanser' and brought me the ice cream with a bright smile.
"Here! Try each one, then I'll buy you whatever your heart desires."
After I tried many flavors, some absolutely nauseating, like strawberry cheesecake
(or y/l/f flavor - I just hate this one)
Nat's POV
Watching Y/N try something as simple as ice cream just warms my heart. I remember when I first got out, I was the same way. The first slice of pizza I had was mesmerizing.
*bleh* I hear Y/N all but gag.
Y/N definitely doesn't like the strawberry cheesecake (y/l/f). Her reactions are hilarious. Except for when she innocently moaned for icing on the cake. That just made this experience far less wholesome for me and slightly distracting.
"Settle on a favorite yet, detka?" I lowly husk out.
"Well you! You made my day, I love Yel, but you're stealing her spot quickly." She winks causing me to chuckle
"Definitely torn between icing on the cake and y/f/f."
"No need to choose love. Cup or cone?"
"Surprise me, do what you recommend! What flavor are you getting?"
"Cone it is. I'll even get you a fun one! Sorry to disappoint you but I'm getting one scoop of strawberry cheesecake, and one scoop of vanilla bean."
"Oh... I don't know if I can forgive you for this atrocious taste you have." She playfully remarks
"So, does me liking you equate to atrocious taste?"
"No, actually it might be the only thing redeemable about your taste. You seemingly survive on PB sandwiches, literally with no J and that's questionable to say the least. Even I ate better in the red room." She laughs
"Hey! Don't mock my taste in cuisine. I like it simple."
I faux annoyance, with a pouty lip, as I get up to order our ice cream. Leaving a $20 tip for the teen I scared earlier.
So, Nat got me what's called a waffle cone bowl. She added whipped cream, and sprinkles with cherries on the side.
"I wanted you to have the full experience!" Natty says while popping a cherry, with the stem, into her mouth. She maintains steady eye contact with me before pulling the perfectly tied stem back out of her mouth.
"Uh. Thank you..." I stutter out while trying to remain composed, because that was hot.
The teasing is fun, but I'm already enamored, the games been won. It was won after the first nervous hello, I'm incredibly easy to win over and it helps that she's gorgeous.
Nat's POV
It's gotten late, and I decided to take Y/N to pick up a few slices of NY pizza.
"Detka, it's unconventional to have dessert, then dinner, but it actually happens more than you think. So, the nights not over, you're trying pizza!"
I excitedly rush out as we exit the establishment, pulling her out with me as she tries to keep up.
We get on my bike, and I hand her my spare leather jacket, and a helmet. As we climb on she wraps around my waist, pushing her front into my back with no nervousness this time.
As we got back to the compound we see Yel sprawled out on the couch snoring. It's adorable.
"Pizza!" I shout disturbing her oh so peaceful slumber, causing her to roll off the couch. She then runs to us excitedly, which just causes
Y/N to break out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.
I sat them down at the table and placed their slices in front of them.
Their eyes grew wide and I couldn't help the amusement that was dancing across my face.
"Welcome to New York!!" I yell, pulling their attention to me.
"Dig in!" I add as I go to collect us drinks.
After dinner I take Y/N and Yel to my room, offering them my PJ's. Then for my comfort I inform them that we'll all be sharing my Queen sized bed. After the dusting, I just need to keep Yel here next to me. I also don't mind a chance to have Y/N cuddled up with me.
"I call little spoon!" Yel shouts
I'm already in the middle so I open my arms to welcome my "scary" ex assassin, cuddle bug of a sister into me.
Y/N seems uneasy but I send her a smile and pat to my left. She seems to calm a bit before laying down.
Judging by the snoring I've all but confirmed Yel's asleep. I'm currently laying behind Natasha, trying to steady my nervous breathing, and fast paced heart back to a normal pace. Clearly I'm not doing well..
"Detka, are you okay?" Nat groggily whispers, shifting to face me with a gentle smile.
"To be honest, I'm a little nervous." I chuckle out
Her eyes soften and she reaches over and places her hand on my shoulder.
"I don't bite... unless asked to." She jokes out but that just increased my nerves.
She quickly noticed this.
"Hey, y/n/n. No need to be nervous..." she tries to reassure me
"Except there is... You're special, and I'm out of practice and I don't want to mess anything up." I mumble out
She immediately cups my face and makes sure I'm facing her with our eyes locked.
"It's okay, just breathe love. You couldn't mess this up even if you tried. One day with you and I'm the happiest I've been in ages. You bring this sense of peace to me. You're special too! I'd love to get to know you, if you choose to stay and do the same."
"I'm in, like so in!"
Nat chuckles and shifts closer to me, pulling me in for a hug.
"I'm in too if you will both just shut up... Also, if someone spoons me again!" Yel groans
As Nat and I chuckle I feel my body shift abruptly. Nat's rolled me to the middle and she pulls me into her. So now we're sandwiched with my back against her, and Yel's back against me.
"Now sleep detka!" Nat commands me in a whisper as she places a couple subtle kisses to my neck before burying herself against me.
I fall asleep fairly quickly now that I'm sandwiched between my best friend, and my newfound—hopefully forever—lover.
This being the most peace I've possibly ever felt.
3,143 words ... ❤️ Kaitlyn ☺️
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honeydewxo · 1 year
 Daryl admits his feelings towards Y/n while she's asleep. She then dreams of the words he confessed to her. But was it really a dream? Or a reality?
Tumblr media
Adjusting to this world hasn't been the easiest. I still remember the first day seeing the sign, “Welcome To The Alexandria Safe Zone. MERCY for the lost. VENGEANCE for the plunderers.”
I didn't want to believe it. I mean who would? After seeing this world turn to shit and the people with it, you can't trust anyone anymore. It’s a sick joke really. But I went in anyway that day. And god was I scared. I didn't want to believe what I was seeing. Kids playing, people gardening, doctors doctoring. It wasn't real. When you're on your own for many years out there, these things are just a fantasy. A sick, twisted fantasy. That was also the first day I met Daryl Dixon. He was very intimidating looking, but my god, he was by far the most attractive man I've ever laid my eyes on. I would NEVER admit that to him though. 
He was the first person to even really give me a chance and speak to me.
“What’s your name?”
Daryl could sense you were still skeptical, but he didn't want to stay away from you. The moment he saw you walk through those gates, he knew he'd find out about you. And he vogued to himself he would keep you safe. He didn't even know you, but the power you already had over him was indescribable. The first thing that caught his eyes were those soft, innocent brown eyes. He was a sucker for them. They were like a magnetic pull that he couldn't stray away from.
Y/n he thought. Pretty name for a pretty girl. She couldn't even look him in the eyes when he would speak to her. Daryl just thought she must of not been interested, but that wasn't the case for her. She was just nervous. I mean shit, look at him. Who wouldn't be?
“Maggie, are you kidding me? I can't just walk up to someone and say that. That’s totally inappropriate.” She is actually insane. She really believes if I walk up to Daryl and tell him to fuck me senseless, somehow he’ll feel the same way and BOOM! Happily ever after! 
She's my best friend, but fuck she really has no filter. I guess thats why I love her so much. She shoots shit straight.
“It just doesn’t work that way. We aren't in a porno. We’re in an apocalypse. Besides, I really don't think he feels the same way. I mean if he did, don't you think he would have already told me?” In my mind, I really hope he does. But the most reasonable answer is that he just likes me as a friend. Friend-zoned as they say. 
“First off, it can work that way if you weren't a pussy. And second, just because we are in an apocalypse does not mean we can't find love. Thats the whole reason we are trying to build a new future Y/n.” Fuck. She was right. “And also, theres no way in hell he doesn’t feel the same way about you. The first day you came here he was following you like a lost puppy. You always go on runs together, and you both look at each other like you're both madly in love. Makes me sick honestly,” Maggie said while grinning at me. 
Everything she said was right. Since the first day, we haven't been apart. He's the only person I'm truly comfortable around and trust, but do I want to ruin what we have over an idea I have in my head about us? Thats a big risk to take, and would be extremely embarrassing if he didn't feel the same way.
“Did it work for you with Glenn?” I nudge at Maggie while she's fixing her hair.
“Did what work?” You laugh at how oblivious she is to the question that you just asked her. “Telling Glenn to fuck you senseless so he’d fall in love with you?” You spit out barely being able to even finish the sentence without bursting into a fit of laughter.
She laughs at my question and turns to look at me. 
“No, but thats not the point. You never know Y/n, he may admit to you sooner than you realize.”
You wanted to believe that. You wanted Daryl to come over right now and tell you how he felt about you. But that wasn't likely. It wasn't likely he’d come over and kiss you like you were leaving the earth that day. Or him taking you to his room to show you how much he loved you and wanted you to be with him. To hear him pant out your name in need and desperation. It just wasn't likely.
It had been a few hours since your conversation with Maggie, and you were deep in your thoughts. You were sitting outside of your house, on your porch, watching a crew work in the garden. Should you really just walk up to him and tell him that? 
No. Absolutely not.
You wouldn't even have the balls to even form a sentence with the word fuck. You couldn't stop thinking about Daryl tho. Could he possibly think about you the way you think about him? Did he think about you late at nights when you were lonely? You started to close your thighs in desperation. 
Stop it Y/n. Now is not the time.
“Whatcha thinkin’ ab sunshine?”
That fucking nickname. Daryl gave you that name after spending many days with each other. Every time you’d both go on a run together, if he needed you, you’d hear that nickname. You never got tired of hearing it come out his mouth. The way it slipped so perfectly out of his mouth. Like that name was made for me. It always made you blush, and he knew that.
You look up at Daryl and give him a soft, welcoming smile and you huff. “Just thinking, nothing important.” You look back to the people working in the garden. You feel Daryl’s presence next to you as he sits. His shoulders almost touch yours, and you hold your breath to make sure you don’t make it obvious by the simple gesture. You turn your head slightly just enough to take a look at his features. He has these little crinkles near his eyes that you’ve never noticed before until now. He was so beautiful. Handsome even. You catch yourself staring at him, so you turn your head back to what you were once looking at.
“Anythin’ you’re thinkin’ about, is important to me ya know? So tell me Y/n, what’s goin on in that pretty little head of yours?”
Daryl wanted to know what you were thinking about. He always did. He could read your facial expressions like a book. But sometimes, he just can’t pin what that head of yours is thinking. But he was gonna find out. He always did. He knew he always got his way with you. He trusted you, so he wanted you to trust him as well. He looked at her and saw her cheeks turn a deep red shade. Was it something I said? He kept his eyes on you to see if you’d ever speak up.
“Do you think Harry Styles is still alive?”
Do what?
That’s what she’s been thinking about this whole time? Harry Styles?!? He couldn’t help but giggle at the simple answer to his question. You always had a way with words. He doesn’t blame you for asking, he knew you were a big fan of the man before the world went to shit.
“Erm I- I don’t know really. I do know this though. He wouldn’t of been able to keep you safe the way I have.”
Shit. That was too much. He looks at Y/n, only to see the biggest smile on her face. He loved seeing her like this. Like there was nothing else in the world that mattered at that moment. He was obsessed. He wanted you to know how he felt, but he didn’t know how to put it. He never has. He wanted you to know he thought about you constantly. He wanted you to know he thinks about you when he’s lonely.
That’s he thinks about you when he touches himself. God he wants you to know. But he doesn’t want to scare you.
“Yeah, you’re probably right. No one could protect me like you have.”
He was shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth. But it felt good to hear. To know that he was the one keeping you safe.
Only him.
They both sat in silence, not speaking a word for a moment while they watched the sunset. This was one of their many traditions. Sitting in silence and taking in a moment that brings peace for once in this world. It was such an innocent, calming act you two loved doing together.
You started to yawn and Daryl took notice almost immediately. He’s so attentive.
“You can put your head on my shoulder. Y-you know if you’d like to of course. It won’t bother me none.”
He was nervous. The stuttering in his voice made him want to mentally punch himself. He wanted you so badly to put your head on his shoulder. He wanted to feel you against him, just for a little while at least. There was never a time he didn’t want you around him.
You take up his offer and you place your head on his shoulder and start to slowly feel yourself drift to sleep. Fuck. You don’t remember getting so sleepy. Moments pass, and you are sound asleep with the sun going down. Daryl takes this time to admire your beauty. The freckles on your face, covering just about every inch of it. He loved them. The curve of your nose, the shape of your lips. He couldn’t get enough of it.
If only he could kiss you, and taste your lips just once.
You were truly stunning. He wanted to tell you that. He wanted to scream to the universe how fucking beautiful you were. He knows how hard you struggle with your self image. He would let you know every single day, how worthy and beautiful you are.
As he keeps his hold on you, he starts to imagine you in his bedsheets with nothing covering you but them. The way your body would fit perfectly in his sheets, like they were molded just for you, and only you. He starts to feel flustered and guilty he’s even thinking of you in that way.
He knows a beautiful girl like you could never feel the same about some redneck. He hasn’t blinked once since staring at your face. He sees your mouth slightly open while sleeping. He smirks slightly and takes a mental picture, so he can remember this moment.
“You have no idea what you do to me sunshine. No fuckin’ idea.” He hastily blurts out. “I would worship the ground you’d walk on, if you let me. I-I think I’m in love with you.” He doesn’t know why he’s deciding now to confess how he feels, but words just keep falling out of his mouth. “I know you probably don’t feel the same way about me, I mean who would. I know I’m not much, but I could give you everything you’d want in a man.” He continues his rant like no one is listening besides himself. “I don’t want to be without ya. You’re on my mind 24/7. You are the only thing that crosses my mind when I wake up in the morning. And those brown e- fuck- those brown eyes Y/n. The way you look at me with them, just makes me want to fuck you right then and there.” He can’t believe he just said that. But he doesn’t care, he knows you’re asleep.
He takes a deep breath in and out before he takes one more look at you. He then decides to take you home and let you get comfortable in your own bed. Probably much more comfortable than laying on someone’s shoulder. He hooks your legs under his triceps and cradles you bridal style into your home. He walks up the stairs slowly and quietly to make sure you don’t wake up. He finally reaches your room and peaks through the door to spot where your bed is. He sees, and maneuvers his way to the bed.
He lays you down gently and tucks you in. He sees a strand of your brown hair falling against your face, so he lightly tucks it behind your ear. He smiles to himself, then faces the door and heads out to go home.
“I- I think I might be in love with you.”
“And those innocent brown eyes Y/n. The way you look at me makes me want to fuck you right then and there.”
You wake up abruptly and very confused. You kept replaying those words in your head over and over again trying to make sure what you heard was right. Did you have a dream about him? Or did he really say that to me? You were so confused, but you wanted an answer. You wanted to know.
As you get up and get dressed, you try to remember the moments right before you fell asleep. You smile remember how sweet Daryl was to offer his shoulder to you after he noticed you yawn. Maybe it was a dream.
“That’s it.” You finally decide to man up and just ask him straight up if he said those words, or if it was in face just a silly dream. As you walked out the door, you see the gates open to Daryl walking inside. He must of went on a run early this morning you thought.
Walking up to Daryl, you started to get cold feet. He notices you walking towards him and starts to put a smile on his face. You see the grin and butterflies immediately go off in your belly. You had it bad for him.
“Hey, you went on a run this morning?”
“Yeah, didn’t find shit tho. Wasn’t really a good run. Got my hand cut for no reason too.”
You take a hold of his hand to inspect the nasty cut that’s appeared on his palm. You need to get this treated right away.
Daryl looks at the way your inspecting his cut. He’s never had someone care for him the way you do. No one ever paid attention or cared when he got injured. Not that this cut even hurt him, but it’s still the thought of you wanting him to be okay.
“Cmon. I got some bandages at my place and I can get you stitched up.”
Daryl didn’t disagree or say no to you. He never could. You were his weakness and he didn’t care. He followed you to your house and into your room.
You say him down on the edge of the bed and you grabbed a chair to sit next to him so you can stitch up his hand.
You weren’t a doctor here, but you knew how basic stitches worked. It wasn’t rocket science.
Daryl watched you as you prepared everything together. He was getting a queasy feeling in his belly knowing you’d be super close to him and touching him. He watched as you finally took a seat next to him and grabbed his hand forcefully.
“Sorry, I, um, didn’t mean to grab you so hard.”
He nobs his head signaling it was okay. The way you pulled his hand towards you, made a slight tightness appear in his jeans.
No. Not now. Please not now. You’re just touching his hand and he’s already got a rock hard boner in his pants.
You start to numb his hand with some cream and begin stitching. Carefully placing the needle in all the spots that are needed. You glance ever so often to make sure he’s okay. He gives you an approval nod everytime you look his way.
He’s so good looking right now, but you really don’t need to be distracted right now. When did his hands get so big? Have they always been this size? You can only image how they would feel around your neck, or grabbing your ass. Squeezing them both. How his fingers would feel in your mouth. Or even inside of you.
Your breathing starts to get a little heavy, and your cheeks start to turn a dark shade. You really hope Daryl didn’t notice.
Oh I notice.
“You’re gonna think that pretty little head of yours off, ya know that?”
“You’re thinking about something. And I wanna know, so go on, what is it?”
Please tell me.
You finish up his stitches and bandage his palm up. You don’t know what to say to him. He wants you to tell him what you’re thinking but you don’t know how to say it. You get up from the stool and turn to face the dresser that’s near the wall.
You weren’t going to tell him what you were just thinking about. But you decided to finally man up and tell him about this so called “dream” you had last night. You wanted it to be true so bad. You didn’t think you’d actually do it.
“Um, I had a dream last night. A-and you were also in this dream of mine.”
There’s an uncertainty in your voice. You’re nervous. He can tell. But there’s nothing to be nervous about. So what you had a dream about him. That’s doesn’t bother him. He watches you intently, seeing if there’s anything else to add. He’s enjoying how shy you’re acting about this. Did something else happen? Was it something sexual? Is that why you’re being so cautious about what you’re saying?
“You told me you think you might be in love with me and y-you…
Daryl took notice of your stuttering, but he was also picking up the pieces to this dream. It wasn’t a dream, and he knew it. He said this to you.
“And I what?” Daryl doesn’t hold back any questions. He wants to know what you’re about to say. He knows it’s what he told you last night, but he wants to hear you say it. He wants to hear it come out of your mouth only. He was starting to get nervous himself as he sees you pace back and forth.
“You said something about my brown eyes, and then something else but that was it. Nothing important really.”
There it was. That last sentence.
You said something about my brown eyes.
Quiet. Silence. That’s all there was as a few moments passed. Not a word has been said. Daryl sits still on the edge of the bed and Y/n still facing the wall.
“I shouldn’t have said anything about this dream I had. I’m really sorry I brought it up. If I made you uncomfortable Daryl I’m really, truly sorry.” Is she apologizing right now?
“I should go.”
As you being you walk out, Daryl speaks up after the defeating silence that was going on for too long. His voice makes you stop in your tracks and you stare at the door. You know why you admitted about the dream. You wanted to know the truth. You wanted to see if you were dreaming or it was a reality.
“I need to tell you something.”
You turn around to see Daryl staring at you. Not taking his eyes off of you. You gulp at the way he keeps his hold on you. Looking at like you like you’re the only person in the world.
“You know. That dream ya had? It sounds awfully a lot like what I said last night.” Fuck. Why did I just admit that? She’s gonna leave. She’s gonna walk right out the door and think I’m a complete weirdo and creep. Why isn’t she running?
Daryl looks at you, as you slowly start to walk towards him. Walking a little too slow for his comfort. You’re so powerful, and you have no idea. You move in between his open legs, puts your hands to the back of his neck, and you hold. You stare into his eyes.
“Is it true? My eyes? Do they make you want to fuck me right here and now?”
Holy fuck.
The tightness in my pants is painful at the moment. Hearing those filthy words come out of your mouth just did a million things to him. God I want to fuck her so bad.
She smirks at his sudden stuttering. You look down at his lips and back to his eyes. You’ve never been this confident, but you don’t want to stop. You’re enjoying how he’s reacting.
“You’re insane.”
“If you don’t feel the s-“
“You’re insane to think I don’t feel the same way about you Dixon.”
He’s never heard you call him that before. The sudden nickname made his dick twitch in his pants. He’s starting to get anxious at your actions. You’re starting to think she’s just messing with you at this point.
“Please don’t play with me Y/n.”
“I’m not. I swear.”
She pushes his hair from his face and stares deeply into his eyes. He closes them and hums out of satisfaction. This simple act, is making his dick become harder and harder. He’s aching.
“You have no idea what you do to me.” He finally confesses while she’s actually awake. He grabs her waist and softly pulls her into so he can feel her body against him. She’s so soft. And delicate.
“So prove it. Show me.”
Daryl looks into your eyes and licks his lips. He moves his hands from her waist and slides them down the side of her thighs. He can tell she’s being genuine about this. She wants it just as much as he does.
“Can I kiss you? Please?”
Daryl is so desperate for you. He needs to hear you say yes. He needs to hear the words. You nod your head reassuring this is what you want. Daryl makes a disapproving tick noise with his mouth.
“Nu uh. Words sunshine. I need to hear you say it.”
He is smiling from ear to ear. He can’t hold it back. He stands on his two feet, moves his hands from your waist, and moves them to your face. He leans his face into yours and finally gets to feel what’s he’s dreamed months of.
Their lips connect and they are slow at first. Daryl wants to take in this moment and never let go. The way your lips are molded perfectly into his. It’s like a fucking fairytale. Is she wearing cherry chapstick?
Fuck me. Just fuck me Y/n.
She hums in approval as Daryl suddenly quickens the pace. As they move faster, teeth start clashing and moans start to spill out. Daryl catches every breathy moan you let out into his own mouth. He wants it all.
You pull at Daryl’s hair and he whimpers.
Oh my god.
You know for a fact, that was single handily the hottest noise you’ve ever heard come out of a man’s mouth. And for it to be Daryl’s, you’re losing your mind.
Their bodies are so close together it’s almost suffocating. They’ve never felt like this before ever. While lips are still on one another, they move towards the bed and Daryl sits down with his feet planted on the floor. Y/n contemplates whether or not to straddle him, but she goes for it. She sits down and places her hands back in Daryl’s hands and leans her lips back in. Daryl moves his hands under your ass and grabs. You push your body upwards and hit against something devastating.
A small little whimper pours out of your mouth, and Daryl does his best to keep his calm and not fuck you right there.
He moves to your inviting neck, and starts to nip and pick at the glowing skin. He wants to let everyone know your his, and he wants everyone to know of what you two have just done. He wants everyone to know that only he makes you feel this way. Only him.
You sounded so fucking pathetic under his arms, and under his lips. Daryl groans from the way you said his name. He starts to rock your hips back and forth on his very apparent strain in his jeans. He can’t hold back the small little moans slipping from his lips. He grabs the ends of your shirt and suddenly stops kissing at your skin. He takes a moment to look into your eyes. All he sees is lust and need.
“Can I?”
“Good girl.”
Good girl? You sucked in a sharp breath with the name he just called you. You’ve never been called good girl before, but god did you enjoy the way it fell from his lips.
He takes of your shirt and is genuinely stunned by what he sees. You have the most illuminating body, the most perfect thing he’s ever seen. All he can think about is how this is all for him, and no one else.
Daryl starts to kiss down your neck to your breasts. Your breathing begins to become staggered and labored. He loves knowing your absolute puddy with his touch. He loves knowing he’s making you feel this way.
He finds his way to the back of your bra, and unhooks it. As it falls to the floor, he starts to kiss Y/n in a feverish pace and pushes up against something that he knows needs attention.
He moves his mouth towards your breasts and find his mouth on your perked nipple. He takes one little lick on the hard nub and looks into your eyes. He wants to watch how you react to these actions.
“O-oh my god.” You breath out. This feels so fucking good. His mouth feels like a fever dream.
Daryl growls into your chest, and closes his eyes and keeps licking and nipping at your nipples. He starts to pay attention to the other nipple and does the same thing. He’s watching intently as you keep your eyes shut and head leaned back with pleasure.
“You look so pretty for me right now. The prettiest fucking girl.”
She mewls. She fucking mewls.
Does she get off to my words?
“Do you like when I talk to you like that? Huh, sunshine? Do you like when I tell you how good you look sitting on my lap? Hmm? Tell me baby.”
You can’t do anything but moan a breathy yes. He knows what the fucking he’s doing. And he’s enjoying.
Little fucker.
He wants to hear her admit what he’s doing to her.
“Y-yes. I like when you tell me how pretty- fuck- how pretty I look.”
Daryl hums in satisfaction with her confession. He continues to kiss all over your body and mark what’s his.
Their bodies never stop moving against each other and never stop hitting the spots that they both need the most attention. You’re such a moaning mess and Daryl loves seeing it.
Daryl grabs under your ass, and puts you on the bed so that he’s now on top. He takes a minute to stop and admire the beautiful girl he can’t believe he has. He smiles and dips back to kiss you once more.
He moves his hand down your body to the button of your jeans. He looks up at you and raises his eyebrows to make sure that it’s okay. You nod your head but you should have known that’s not the answer that Daryl wanted. He looks at you and narrows his eyes, to be sure this next you’ll be vocal.
God he’s so hot.
“It’s okay. I want this.”
I want this.
That’s all he needed to hear before he pulls your jeans off your waist. You give yourself a mental high-five for the underwear Maggie gifted you. Black, lacy boy shorts.
Daryl is practically foaming at the mouth with what he’s seeing. He’s in awe. The way your body has his own shape, and the way it’s glowing through the glass window. You are truly a masterpiece.
He sets in between your legs and starts to slowly and seductively kiss all the way from your stomach, to your pubic bone. He makes sure he doesn't miss single spot to kiss. He wants you to feel the way his lips are pressed against your hot skin. He's starting to get impatient, but he knows he needs to take his time. He moves his hand into the waistband of your panties. 
“May I? Im dying to have a taste.”
It was the truth, and nothing but the truth. God, he wanted to know what you'd taste like. He dreamed about this moment, having his head in between your thick thighs. He would die here if he could. Have this as his last meal. He would die happy.
Hearing you say that simple word made Daryls dick twitch. He thinks to himself that you're going to literally ruin him, but he didn't care.
He takes your panties off and takes a moment to really see you. And fuck are you breath taking. He loves the way your body is begging for him. Like he's the last man standing on this earth and your body is calling out to me. The way your face is stained with the blush on your cheeks. The way your lips are swollen and so fucking inviting. He's taking it all in. 
Daryl dips back down and starts to playfully tease you. Kissing at your inner thighs, ignoring the throbbing coming just a few inches from his mouth. 
“D-daryl, please. Stop teasing me.”
He loves to hear you beg for him, but he doesn't want to push his luck.
He takes a long stride against the center of your folds and begins to lightly suck at your throbbing clit thats been begging for attention. Y/n starts to moan, but not as loud as Daryl wants. He wants to hear you scream and plead.
As he’s continuing to suck at your clit, he hits a sensitive spot that makes your back arch and your mouth openly slightly with sound.
God he's so good with his mouth. Why haven't I confessed sooner?
“Ah- oh my god.”
He looks up at you and can't take his eyes off. Fuck he needs some relief. He's so fucking hard for you and doesn't know how long he can behave himself. He unbuttons his jeans, pulls them and his underwear down so that his cock springs free. He looks at the way your chest rises and falls with every suck he makes on your clit. 
You need to grab something. You put your hands into his hair and you give it the tightest pull.
“Fuck Y/n, keep doing that.” 
He continues to suck and lick until his mouth is dripping with your juices. He brings his middle finger up to your entrance and teases his way in, just barely the tip of his finger. He watches your face contort with pleasure as he finally enters his finger fully inside you.
His mouth gapes open with the sight he's seeing. His finger entering in and out of you with your wetness. He wants to touch himself so bad.
“You're doing such a good job taking my fingers sunshine. Does it feel good?”
“Yes, god yes. Don't stop please.”
He takes that as a signal to quicken the pace with his finger and his mouth. He decides to add another finger and finds himself feeling his finger against something squishy. Y/n mewls with the sudden act.
Holy fuck.
His cock is leaking with precum and he can't refrain himself any longer. As he's fingering you and eating you out, he reaches down to touch himself. He wraps his hand around his long, hard member and begins to go up and down. He starts to quicken his pace with his fingers and mouth.
“D-daryl.. fuck.. I'm getting close baby.”
Baby. The way you said baby. He's never had anyone call him that before. It sparks something in him that he's never felt before. He continues his pace and never takes his eyes off of you. He wants to taste it so bad. He wants you to see you lose yourself on his fingers and mouth. 
“That’s it sunshine. You're being such a good girl, ya know that? Looking so filthy and pretty. I want you to come all over my fingers. Do you understand me? And don't take your eyes off, or I stop completely. Fuck, you're doing so good.”
Y/n loses herself right then and there. Daryls words and request set her off as she's screaming and pulling at his scalp. Your body is convulsing and your breathing is like you just ran a mile. Your fingers wrapped so tightly in his hair just so you can have some leverage. You finally ease the pressure and catch your breath. 
Daryl removes his fingers from you and begins to lick and suck at your juices. Its just an exotic moment and you're becoming wet again by the sight. The way he's not letting any drip from his fingers. Like he wants every ounce. 
He moves up to your face and kissing your lips with such need and want. You hum and groan into the kiss as Daryl takes the lead. He parts in between your legs and starts to grind himself against you to relief some pressure for himself. He's a panting mess already. He knows he won't last long, but he doesn't care. Teeth are beginning to clash together again and they become out of breath. 
Y/n moves her hand underneath Daryl’s waist and slightly touches over his length. He gasps from feeling her warm hands grab a hold on his member. You let your hand go up and down just to give him some relief. You start to move your waist towards his own. His throbbing cock only inches away from your own. 
“Are you sure you want this?”
You take notice of how caring he's being. You push his hair out of his face and give him a slow. soft kiss. You look into his eyes to reassure that this is indeed what you want. You’ve never wanted anything more. Daryl sees how vulnerable this simple act was and closes his eyes in satisfaction.
Daryl reaches over, grabs a condom, and groans with the relief he gets while putting it on. 
You stare at his actions and get anxious with waiting. You see how big he is and wonder how much of a stretch this will be. 
Daryl props himself back in between your legs, looks deeply into your eyes and starts to slowly sink himself into you. Stretching every muscle. Youve never felt so full before, but it feels so good.
“F-fuck. You feel so- oh my- you feel so fucking good.”
He’s not even able to properly form a sentence. He's never had anything feel so good for him. He starts a steady pace as he's intently watching your face. Watching how he's making you feel. The way he’s sliding in and out of you so easily. Taking in all the faces you’re making, all because of him. The way your mouth opens slightly every time he hits that one spot. 
You moan his name and grab ahold on his back and start clawing. Daryl groans loudly at this act and starts to go at a faster pace. 
“Sunshine, I love you.” He tells you while pounding deeply into you. He wants you to know he does love you. Fuck he loves you with everything in him. He looks into your eyes to already see you staring into his. He dips his head down and captures your lips while you breath out the words back.
He puts his head in the crook of your neck, and starts nipping at it. You don’t want him there, you want his eyes on you. You want him to see how he makes you feel. How good he’s making you feel this very moment. You grab his face from your neck and you look into his eyes. You lean your face towards his, and you kiss him with every last bit of energy you have. You both moan into the kiss as he starts to fasten his pace inside of you. He grabs your legs and puts it over his shoulders so he can go deeper inside you.
“Ah D-Daryl!”
He locks his eyes with yours, and pounds even harder inside of you. He looks down to see his cock entering in and out of you. Seeing that sight alone makes him lean his head back, with his eyes closed and moan. He looks back to you and see your eyes closed shut tightly.
“God you feel so fucking good. I’m not ever- fuck- I’m not ever gonna get enough of ya sunshine.”
He puts his face back into the crook of your neck and he feels you tighten against him. He knows you’re close. He wants you to come again so badly.
“I’m close baby, and I know you are too. Please look at me. I want to see you. See I’m making you feel this way.”
You open your eyes and look into his. You grab and tug at his hair signaling your almost at your peak. He goes faster and faster into you never losing eye contact. Your legs start to shake feverishly, so Daryl let’s them fall back down from his shoulders and you wrap them around his waist. You scream his name so loud you’re surprised someone hasn’t came in to see if you were okay. He puts his arm under your back that’s arched and starts quickening his pace to reach his own high.
“F-fuck- fuck-fuck Y/n, I’m coming.”
You don’t want him to stop. He feels so good pressed against you. The way he’s losing himself is driving you mad. He looks so good, so sweaty and panting out your name while he reaches his climax. You want to relive this moment over and over again. He shakes and goes at a lazily pace as he finishes inside of you.
His breathing is erratic and head is pouring with sweat. He kisses your neck a few times and turns to look at you. He’s in absolute awe. You look so fucked. But so sexy. This is a image he’ll never get out of his head. Something he can fuck his hand to late nights when you’re not around.
He lays there’s for a second until he finally picks himself up. He gives you a quick peck to your lips and then carries himself to the bathroom to clean himself up. You get a sudden sadness with his disappearance, but it goes away when you see his shyly walk back in the bedroom.
He crawls back in the bed with you, grabs your waist, and snuggles back into you. You both hum in approval with each other’s presence. Both not wanting to let go.
“I love you Daryl. I always have. I’m sorry it took me so long to say it to you.”
“It’s alright. Just happy it happened now.”
You turn your head to look into his eyes, you move his hair from his face and you give him a reassuring smile that you’re never going anywhere. His leans in to give you a slow, meaningful kiss. He knows you love him.
You smile into his lips. There’s nothing that can take away this moment. He puts his head on your chest and you start to play with his hair. His hands are wrapped around your waist, making slow trails with his fingers on your soft, naked skin. Giving you goosebumps.
Daryl starts to suddenly chuckle. What could he possibly be thinking about right now? And laughing? After what we just did? Really?
“What’s so funny Dixon?”
He looks at you and begins laughing even harder. You’re actually confused as to what he’s laughing at. Did you do something?
“Well, what just happened is something you can actually dream about.” He chuckles while looking up at you. He’s couldn’t contain his laughter, but you felt a bit of embarrassment.
You move out of his grasp and huff in annoyance. He smirks and moves closer to you and cuddles into you. He gives you a kiss to your forehead and rubs your back. You both slowly drift to sleep in hopes you dream about what happened tonight.
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jessnotfoundd · 4 months
if your requests are open can you do friends to lovers with dream?? before or after the face reveal or during!! just fluff and tension!! go drink some water <3
This is amazing anon! i love your idea! <3
𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐬
Pairing: cc!Dream x reader!
Masterlist here!
Tumblr media
The first time I met Clay, we were 17, when he got into a fiscal fight because a boy was making fun of me.
I was shocked because it was the first time I'd ever seen him. I stopped him before the director come to put him into detention, I just took his hand and make him stand up just to run to my car.
-Why did you do that? are you insane?- I said when we were already inside the car. I open the car dashboard and take the first aid kit to help him with the scratches and the cut lip.
-Not I'm not, he was being an idiot that it's completely different.- he smirks.-I'm clay- he looks at my eyes and I just focus on my job at his nose, which is bleeding.
-Idiot fits you better.- we both giggle.- I'm y/n- i take a moment to see him.
-Well, it fits you really well.- I roll my eyes and smile.
-Yeah, I wish I could say the same to you.- we both laugh and he tickles me a little.
A knock on my door distracts us from our jokes.
-Detention, now, both of you.- the bald man yells and I sign.
-We should drive away- he says and I look at him smiling.
-it's Too late.- I kiss his cheek and get out of the car.
At detention, this guy Dylan, who was making fun of me earlier flinches when Clay passes beside him and I try not to laugh.
We sat together and the teacher that was supposed to take a look at us for the rest of the classes fell asleep, so Clay decided it was a good idea to talk so we could get to know each other.
Two years later, we both finally made it to college, we manage to keep being best friends by living together, we were just friends, even tho everyone thought we were a couple.
-That bot over there is really looking at you- The tall guy talks to my ear- he's eating you with his eyes.- I can hear the rage in his voice.
-Should I talk to him?- I question and he holds my waist. We were dancing together at a friend's party when he realized that boy was "eating me with his eyes"-
-No- he smirks at my neck and I smile. I turn around and snuggle into his arms.-Want to go home?- I nod into his chest and yawn.-Let's go say goodbye.- He always left with me, even if he was enjoying the party if I wanted to leave, he was leaving with me.
After saying our goodbyes we get into his car and he starts the engine. I take his free hand and play with his fingers, my vision was completely affected by the drinks I has before.
-You take really good care of me, Clay.- I smile at him.
-It's because I love you y/n- his eyes looked at me for a second.
-I love you too.- I kiss his hand and close my eyes. I know that I was going to wake up in my bed.
After three years, the brunette was a really big streamer, a faceless one, the only one who has seen his face was sapnap, who is now living with us. Clay sit on his gaming chair and sits me on his lap, I was having a bad day and wanted to be with him.
I just came home from a dinner with work colleagues and those few drinks had my head dizzy.
-Did you realize we never kissed?- I blurt out and I feel him tense.
-Because we are friends, I guess.-
I take my head out of his neck and look him straight to his eyes, all this sudden confidence was crazy.
-But you don't want?- he looks at me, I can read him like he was a book with the years of being friends, he was nervous.
-What? kiss you?- I nod.- Yes.- he starts editing his video again.
-Then why don't we do it?- my hands are now holding his cheeks so he would look at me.
-I guess, you had more drinks than you should.- he smiles and I can't take it anymore and kiss him. At first, he just stays there, he doesn't reciprocate so I just stand up blurting a few apologies before running to my room. A knock on the wooden door sounds.
-Y/n?- it's him.
I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom.
I heard his steps. I put my arms around my legs, knees on my chest, and my face hiding.
-Why did you run away?- he sits beside me.
-You don't like me like I like you.- I sob a little.- You see me as a friend, I don´t want to be just your friend.- I feel pathetic for crying over this.
-How do you know that?-
-Well, I heard you talking with sapnap about a girl, and how you didn't want to break our friendship because of that and I can't help but feel jealous of her, because she has you and I don't.-
-I guess you didn't hear the whole conversation. He takes my hair out of his way.- Look at me- I do so.- You are the same girl, all the conversation was about you, about us.- he says smiling.
-You're just trying to protect my feelings.- I sign and he moves me so I'm now sitting on him, with my legs at the sides of him.
-You are the only girl I have my eyes on, I just didn't want to be the only one who feel this way and fuck up our friendship.- my forehead lays on his.
-Really?- I say, looking into his eyes.
-Really- he gives me a quick peck on the lips.-I swear to god, I've been in love for so long that this moment feels unreal.- we both giggle.
Our lips are connected over and over again, not losing more time than we already lost.
-My mom is gonna be really happy we are finally together.-he laughs and I nod.
-My mom is gonna lose it.- I think about how our moms wanted us together since we met.
-Do you want to be my girlfriend? even when the drinks that you have disappears from your system?- I nod, I wanted to keep this moment for dear life. -Doesn't drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?- I smiled and kissed him again.
-Even when the night changes It will never change me and you-
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eli-my-beloved · 3 months
I must ask the age old question.... Which one of the guys would love us if we were a worm?? Like what would they say if we asked them that? I can see Beau looking at us like we've finally gone insane
this is the question ever. thank you anon.
beau would definitely be confused, especially if you asked him this question in the original storyline. i guess if MC asked him that in the modern au, maaaaaybe he would understand that it's some sort of joke?
“beau, if i were a worm, would you still love me?”
“i—.... [y/n]. what is this supposed to mean.”
but if you took the time to nicely explain the joke to him, i'm sure he'd say yes and chuckle a bit.... but then he'd actually start treating the question like a serious one and he'll just be sitting here, his eyebrows furrowed as he asks himself, “but would i truly still love MC if they were a worm? what would that actually entail? would it be morally reprehensible of me to have feeelings for a worm?”
even though he'd be slightly confused at first, i'm a 100% sure winter white would end up saying yes. he just loves you a lot, and even though this is a very weird question, he assumes it's some sort of "test" you're doing to see if he really loves you. you're not doing that btw, you're just being silly.
“winter white, if i were a worm, would you still love me?”
“wh— i mean, of course, my mausebär! i'll always love you. even if you were a worm, or a fish, or an ostrich, or a penguin, or....”
tyrian would be a bit surprised by your question at first, but he'd just find it funny and endearing. of course he'd still love you.
“tyrian, if i were a worm, would you still love me?”
“of course i'd still love you... well, i guess it would be hard to really love a worm in the first place, since they're so small and unexpressive. but for you, i could try.”
alistair would definitely say no.
“alistair, would you still love me if i were a worm?”
“no. and if i saw you as a worm i'd crush you.”
maybe he'd apologize if his answer actually made you cry.
rampion is... well, how do i even explain this....
“rampion, would you still love me if i were a worm?”
“would 𝘺𝘰𝘶 still love me if i were a worm?”
“of course. and we'd be worm buddies, and we'd do worm things together, like, huh... eating dirt!”
“oh yeah, dirt is delicious.”
these were so fun to make, thank you again anon!
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demadogs · 9 months
I know, i know 😭 (30% anon here). It's not that i think the idea is absurd at all, like you listed so many good things!! I'm just trying to actively lower my own expectations because i'm the type who gets really invested and then consequently really disappointed (though i guess since this is tumblr most of us are that type lmao). I'm just used to shows not following through with subtext, and i'm not only talking about gay subtext, but all different kinds of plots. I hear you though, trust me!
Since i'm already in your inbox, i have a question: have you been around for a while? What's the history of the byler ship? Was it always popular? Did people always think there might be a serious chance or was it more of a crackship? Were there any popular theories that came true or that were completely false? Since i'm super new to the show myself i'm curious!
yeah i totally get it. my brain is just not wired to be able to have lower expectations for something that his this much evidence for. im either 100% confident in something in a show or i have absolutely no idea whats gonna happen lmao.
i only started being active in this fandom a few months ago but ive shipped byler and followed lots of byler blogs for years. people started shipping byler after s2 came out. i didnt see anything about it during s1 because they literally had two scenes together and there was almost nothing really to work with. but when i watched s2 when it first came out i distinctly remember thinking “….is anybody else seeing this?? am i crazy orrr?” and then i went on here and found a small fandom of people who shipped them too so i was like “ok cool nice”. at this point it was mostly gifsets of their scenes together and maybe some edits and we hadnt established whether we were gonna spell it byeler or byler yet lmao. then i found @kaypeace21 and she was the first person i saw ever actually analyze it and really start to believe that everything might be intentional.
before i followed her, i never even considered that they might actually go through with byler. i think that was the case for most people during s2. i shipped it in the same way i currently ship ronance and steveddie. i thought they were cute and had good chemistry but i never believed it would go anywhere because of mlvn and also just the doubt that an insanely popular 80s scifi show would put their main characters in a gay relationship. i still loved reading kaypeace’s analyses but i wasnt convinced yet. then s3 came out and that changed everything for me and a lot of other people.
i watched s3 the day it came out hoping for some crumbs of byler but again, not at all expecting anything evident of them actually going through with it. it was kinda just in the back of my mind bc i love this show mostly for the supernatural plot. but during their fight scene when mike said “its not my fault you dont like girls” i was shocked. that convinced me that at least will would have a crush on mike but i still wasnt sure about mike until that painfully awkward kiss on the last episode. it wasnt until a few months later i rewatched that season and went back to kaypeace and found SO many things that i missed!! mike not letting el touch him when they kissed, the drastic tone and aesthetic difference between the break up and the byler fight, the frame of mike perfectly in a closet when they kissed!! i was completely sold then and so were a lot of people. i also think it was around this time that finn liked some byler art that had the quote “im not gonna fall in love” on it so that made a lot of people like 👀.
then everything the cast and duffers have said leading up to volume one only increased my confidence. i went into volume one completely expecting more obvious queer coding and i was right to. i was already overly confident but the biggest thing from volume one that made me more confident wasnt even a byler scene, it was mike and el’s fight. im glad they had her explicitly call him out for not saying he loves her. they kinda had to spell it out for the general audience. that was a really good scene and the fact that they played eulogy over it!!!?? insane. i lost my mind when i watched that episode a second time and realized that. that is 10000% intentional and the only explanation could be that that fight was the death of their relationship.
anywho yeah ive shipped them almost since the beginning and its been so fun slowly realizing that theyre actually going to do this and watching it build up and seeing the general audience start to catch on. it added a whole other layer to a show that already would have been my favorite either way just because of the plot alone.
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