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captora · 3 months
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Soap has an entire collection of ass lettered athleisure apparel. This I know.
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pretty-dead-weight · 3 months
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martuzzio · 4 months
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"...Who are you guys?"
"Trust me, you don't want to know."
Check out more Medieval 141 here
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tumblsoop · 2 months
Saw you're looking for SoapGhost prompts! I'm a sucker for anything hurt/comfort related :)
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oldsportussy · 6 months
Just a bro cuddling his eepy bro.. peace
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wondariadreamparade · 5 months
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magolor shoots his shot at the cost of 1 bite of soap
[Image description: a simple digital drawing with three parts, using text from an online question forum. The first part shows Magolor face down on the ground in pain with a bar of soap next to him that has a bite taken out of it. His speech bubble reads “why do soap smell so good but taste so bad?” The second part shows Taranza enthusiastically answering with “The smell is from delicious perfumes that have been added to the soap. The taste comes from a myriad of chemicals and ingredients that are probably not the best things to eat!” The third part shows Magolor lifting his head up, attempting to look cool, with his speech bubble reading “you are so smart wanna go out”. End ID.]
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ok so we already know this guy
Tumblr media
what if instead of seam he got adopted by other shopkeepers? (flaming skull)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
his colors change like a swatchling B)
lore about the other guys will come soon if you ask politely
also if u dont know what im talking about. its my au where seam adopts ralsei
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They Survived World War III and Got Interviewed by VOGUE Because I Said So
inspired by @justina-c's awesome artwork of Ghost and Soap in dress uniform and I just couldn't help making one of my own. That's how the boys in uniforms turned into a VOGUE issue cuz you can't lie, soldiers in dress uniforms are just GORGEOUS.
Anyway here's the artwork without typography (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
Tumblr media
Literally scoured the internet for the details on real SAS uniforms cuz it turns out they're legit secretive and I only found the references from veterans or inactive soldiers. These guys are the real deal! PHEW!
Anyways, I hope you like this artwork! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
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alexgalaxyboo · 4 months
H. Hey alex. What about Pirate AU Soap. In a corset. Maybe
What like this?
Tumblr media
Ghost is literally wearing a mask and he still has a worse poker face because Soap keeps cutely grinning at him from where he's sitting across him and it feels like the entire room lights up and he's getting so so flustered and he keeps losing.
Matching Ghost
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appleciderp · 3 months
Tumblr media
The face he makes when Gaz sends a highly targeted meme to the group chat during leave.
Day 15 of Soap in Kilts for @empresscirque
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onebarofsoap · 1 year
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miku but tokyo street fashion inspiration. enjoy
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gold0kapi · 11 days
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buckle up my dudes, its time for a new hyperfixation
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charnelhouse · 7 months
Simon 'Ghost' Riley Masterlist
Most works are NSFW and contain smut. 18+ only
Tumblr media
A/N: These follow Ghost and a character who goes by "Red Fox". The character has no significant physical features, but that's her call sign. I've also tried to list it in order to read. Eyes on Me/No Promises kind of work in the same time.
no promises
The first time.
eyes on me
Ghost takes care of you, and you return the favor.
safe house
“Kid,” he husks. “I wouldn’t give a shit if they all came in and watched.”
boxed cake
Things don't go as planned.
mausoleum (2)
Put on leave due to PTSD, she goes home and finds the apocalypse a really opportune distraction.
Ghost braids your hair.
The first.
He holds your hand in one specific situation.
He knows his size.
He tastes you.
He taunts.
close call
You get him in the bathroom.
Ghost licks your tears.
The team overhears.
You and Ghost stay quiet.
Ghost has a surprise.
tattoo deux
Ghost is surprised.
Ghost risks it.
Red gets jealous. Butt stuff.
the dress
Ghost has reservations about Red’s mission.
two for one
Ghost and Soap and Red. (au outside the red x ghost narrative)
the golden net
Soap wants to be closer to them.
Price asks Red what’s wrong.
skeleton toys
After shopping for Halloween, Ghost's son shows him something.
stretch marks
She's beautiful to him in all ways.
Red pegs him.
Ghost/Soap Thots
thots from subtle
ghost and red argue
soap, ghost, red
pregnancy needs
a kiss (soap)
deep throat (inc soap x ghost)
phone sex
spit roast
gorgeous art by @stealyourblorbos
Full Masterlist
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antigonusyuki · 4 months
John Price with a younger and non-military s/o headcanons
- I'm just gonna preface this by saying that John would not date someone in their early twenties. (sorry, not sorry)
- It's not that he doesn't find any of them attractive. Quite the contrary, they're nice on the eyes when he's nursing a pint in a pub. It's mostly the fact that John considers himself somewhat old.
- Definitely not about fragile egos or anything of the sort. Although he has some anxieties of his own, he's not ignorant that there's a certain crowd that find him attractive and his age doesn't often bring about too many problems. John has had many men and women under his leadership, some of whom are in their younger years and he sees them as not-quite children but still people who he'll never see in that light. He doesn't want to be in a relationship where his partner is someone that could very well be still in a lecture hall.
- He doesn't equate it to immaturity or incapability (God knows what he's seen those youngins pull with a few administered shots of adrenaline. He's still vaguely apologetic for the poor souls who're on the other end of Ramirez's gun) but best know that if you just got out of school, you've not a chance to woo this man.
- Moving to other things, when John does get into a long term relationship (shut your mouth Laswell, he's shocked too), he puts effort.
— He's well aware of how he can take some things for granted, the field's beaten him black and blue with far too many lessons of loss but if he's got to die for something, it's going to be you.
— He is well acquainted with possessiveness, it's something that comes with leading a team but oh Christ, you make him truly afraid of how you'll leave him ruined.
- Initially hesitant to even mention what he does for a living but eventually shares little tidbits about the taskforce banters and so on when he's more settled into the relationship. Zero chances of him ever telling you details about his missions, past or present ones. Not only could he be discharged, but it's also not something he ever wants you to fret about.
— Firmly reassures you that he doesn't see you as a child or any way inferior to him because of your age. Presses his forehead to yours and whispers a plea for you to trust him on this. To not force him into an uncomfortable spot and make him talk about his job.
— "Just this, alright?" he whispered, breath fanning your cheek. "Anything else is yours for the taking, love. Just not this."
— If you ever accidentally stumble upon some paperwork (very unlikely) that details the mission he goes on and the things he does, and end up being afraid of him of all things, he will never forgive himself. Had dreamt of it happening and had to slip outside to spend a cigarette else he'd throw up.
— Bought a safe the very next day.
- Definitely reads books about your interests when he's out in the field. Ghost will see him holding a book about archery one day and he'll just brush it off with a shrug and a muttered "little birdie mentioned it." Has a neon green highlighter stuffed next to his pack and lighter to keep track of the important stuff since he often gets pulled from his reading by missions or some other trouble.
— His local bookstore knows him as that insanely attractive customer who picks up the most random assortment of books with no common ground. Got asked one time if he was getting them for someone else (he was holding up 15 books) and John just smiled and mentioned that he wanted to be able to understand his partner's ramblings.
— Multiple hearts of bookstore staff were broken that day. Definitely got a TikTok made about him.
- Will never mention you carelessly when he's at work. He'd rather take a bullet to the chest than risk his lovely birdie's well-being.
- Although, when he's in the company of those he's mentioned you with, he will not stop talking. Soap has tried (and ultimately failed) to get John to not talk about you for a night under a dare from Gaz.
— Has mastered the absurd art of being able to speak about you for literal hours and somehow still not let anyone know anything too telling. Gaz could name a dozen disconnected trivial facts about you and not realize he knows next to nothing other than the fact that you love pink lemonade and potato.
- Won't stop you from dressing into clothes that leave little to the imagination whenever you go out if that's what you're into. Wears a smug little smirk when he feels eyes on you, his arm wrapped around your waist as you chatter to him about whatever he's missed out.
— Doesn't hide the pride in his eyes as he watches you laugh and pull eyes towards you with barely a tilt of your lips. He silently wonders if you don't notice the trailing gazes and realizes when you kiss him dazed in front of flustered spectators in a bar downtown that yeah, you're fucking oblivious.
— Loves it when you wear lipstick that leaves marks when you kiss him, to hell with social niceties.
- Damn clingy. Will literally force you to waddle around the house because he refuses to detach himself from your back. Hands locked on your front as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
— "John, get off.." he nuzzled his nose against the shape of your jaw and hummed. "No," his muffled voice spoke, rough with sleep and hair still a tangled mess.
- Pretty comfortable with PDA, overall. He's long past the stage of eating his partner's face out in public but he doesn't mind a few kisses here and there.
— The type to chase your lips when you pull away to catch your breath. Murmurs and hums between kisses. "Mmm, that's it, love."
— But will also use his height against you if he's feeling particularly playful. Will watch you with a smirk as you raise yourself on your tiptoes and try to pull him down.
— "Desperate thing, aren't you?" as he bends down to catch your lips again.
- Wears tight shirts since he knows you appreciate the sight of his muscles when you're out and about. Doesn't miss the way you eye him up and down, hungry gaze settling on his chest and biceps as he does his chores or as he reaches up to grab something from the top shelf. Enjoys flustering you till your cheeks are hot against his palm.
- Doesn't like to share. John is many things, a capable soldier, an admirable man, a skilled leader — but he is not generous when it comes to you. You are his, and only his. Makes this fact known at the very beginning of your relationship, sucking bruises on your skin and snarling out "mine" and "my darling" between every labored pant.
- If you use Internet slang a lot, he will try to learn for your sake. Has a list of them on his Google Docs, it's an adorable thing named 'Slang 🤘' that Gaz and you have access to.
— If he ever receives a text from you that uses a term he doesn't know, he'll hunt down Gaz and hand over the phone for a quick translation.
- Please try to learn about his hobbies too. If you start picking up the military slang he brings to your relationship here and there, this man's eyes will light up. His laugh is so loud when he notices that you're responding with stuff only he's said around you.
— If he hears you trying to mimic his accent, he'll actually smother you with kisses.
— "Say that again for me, hm?" He urged as he rubbed shapes into your thighs on either side of him.
- Has a thing for geography so if you're willing to listen to his rambles as he gestures from time to time to the map he's hung on a wall then you're both set for a Saturday night.
— If you start taking notes and asking questions, he'll do that half-smile that crinkles his eyes. He appreciates it so much.
- Buys you shirts that are in his size that he sprays with his cologne so you'll stop trying to steal his clothes. It doesn't work.
— If you like him in tight shirts, he prefers you in his clothes. He's possessive and seeing you literally engulfed in him has him eager to please.
Your favorite to steal is a green shirt that he's probably had since he was a Lieutenant. It really isn't fashionable, way too big on your frame and has wear and tear on the shoulders but good God do you look delicious.
"My clothes." John tugs at the shirt you're wearing.
"Our clothes," you say, smile bright.
- John prefers driving more than resting on the passenger seat so he'll probably be the one on the wheel most of the time. Wants your hand in his for the majority of the ride. Jokingly speeds up to give you a little scare.
- Enjoys building stuff by hand when he's on leave. Has definitely built more than one table or chair that you have lying around in the house.
— Speaking of his house: it'll take some time for John to invite you back to his home in the beginning of the relationship. It's his sanctuary, his safe space even if it's barely furnished other than the necessities. Barely anyone knows his address and he certainly doesn't bring folks from the local pub back to his residence.
The majority of his books are in his office so the living room is pretty bare when you see it for the first time. The only proof that someone's living there is the world map that covers an entire wall and a few photographs.
Definitely has a massage chair.
- Knows how to play the guitar. Isn't as good at it as he was back then due to a lack of practice but still has considerable talent. Hums when he has to tune the thing and his face scrunches in concentration, it's the cutest.
— Definitely practiced in secret so he could serenade you during your first anniversary and the sheen of tears in your eyes made it all well and truly worth it.
- If you ever (for some reason, maybe you're visiting HQ or some other thing) catch sight of him being Captain Price™️ and not your lovely tease of a boyfriend John and end up being turned on? Best know that he's using that against you.
"Count. Do I make myself clear?"
"Y-yes, sir!" A slap to your ass makes you choke on a gasp, a whine in your voice as you force out a little "one!"
- He buys a ring the moment he figures out that there's no coming back from you. That he'll be a starving and hollow man without your loving touch to come home to. Takes a while to propose, still, but definitely has a whole speech prepared as to why he wants to marry you.
— struggled to find your ring size and had to measure your finger after a night of bright neon lights and alcohol.
— Ghost pats his shoulders and murmurs a "congratulations" before he can even imply anything about taking it to the next step.
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valiants · 2 months
hiii just wanna tell you that i love your art and designs of them so much <33 love how you draw ghost, he's hard and dangerous and funny and vulnerable at the same time, and your soap is just so charming and also all of the above. and their interactions are chefs kiss i love how you portray their dynamic<3 yours i DEFINITELY my favourite ghost design ive ever seen!! also your WRITING?? HELLO?? obsessed. 💕
idk if you still take requests but if you do... would you be interested in drawing something related to Ghost's mexican torture/rape dungeon backstory from the comics? or maybe even in the context of a nightmare/PTSD?
Thank you 😭😭😭 that’s so kind of you to say!… <3<3<3
And man, had no idea he went through all that in the earlier games... Tried a take on a nightmare, please excuse my lack of knowledge in these matters.. hope I capture him better going forward
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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imaginesheaven · 3 months
Can we have Tf 141+ Rudy , Alejandro nd Konig react to y/n (Innocent looking) having bookshelves upon bookshelves of smut books? 🤣
(Prolly a bonus funny scene is y/n tried to recite a smut part in front if them and the Cod Men are begging for her to stop 🤣🤣)
(I can read those spicy scenes to everyone with a straight face 🤣)
Thank you, hope u see this.
Tumblr media
Oh my god, thank you so much for your request. I had so much fun writing this one! I hope you like it~
I literally can see Ghost staring at you with those annoyed eyes like "are you bloody done?" :D
Warning: Mention of smut books, cursing
Funnily you always run around the base with a book in your hands, but actually none of the soldiers ever paid enough attention what it is about or what the cover looks like. You are definitely not hiding your obsession from anyone.
One evening you all drink beers together after a mission together with KorTac and the Los Vaqueros. Alejandro leans forward in his chair pointing at you suddenly very interested, “Every time we work together you are running around with a book. What are you reading?” A slight smile appears on your lips.
Your time to shine has finally arrived. The conversations around you stop as everyone looks at you. Finally, someone dared to ask you the most interesting question. The silence adds to the mystically atmosphere.
“Oh, my books? I’m reading smut all day long for the last few years”, you explain them like you are talking about the weather. Gaz next to you gasps for a second just to start coughing. He literally inhaled his beer into his lungs.
Soap pats Gaz’s back rather harshly but couldn’t help himself to laugh. Price rubs his temple already mentally done with this conversation. Ghost shows not a single reaction like always. Rudy hides his red face behind his hand.
Alejandro looks at everyone rather confused, “I’m not getting it.” Rudy leans closer to explain him what books you are reading in a whisper yet you are faster than him, “Poor innocent Alejandro, I’m reading literally porn.”
König is so happy to have his hood on, because his face is burning with red cheeks. His thoughts went downhill from your confession. He doesn’t want to imagine you reading those filthy books on your bed all alone. Oh, shit. Oh, shit!
“Ay dios mío!”, Alejandro takes a sip from his drink trying to calm himself down. You turned the tables literally in seconds. None of them has to say it out loud, but you are a breathtaking human being. You reading those books is kind of hot…
“I actually have tons of bookshelves at home with smut books. I call it my little curiosity museum of porn”, you enjoy this situation way too much, “You want to hear a page or two?” A mixed chorus of no and yes can be heard.
With a stoic face you get out your book at the page you left off and start to read. Fortunately, you actually are at a steamy scene, which makes the picture perfect. As you read out how the pair starts licking and biting at each other you sound so nonchalantly like you would read from the daily newspaper.
“Steamin’ Jesus! How many thumbs has this man to add?”, Soap can’t stop his laughter from breaking out. This is the funniest thing he has ever heard. He is literally the only one who has fun. Gaz, Rudy and König stare at the ground with burning faces. They don’t dare to look at someone else in this situation.  
“Please, for God’s sake stop reading. This is hell”, Price looks and feels traumatized for the first time in his life. He actually thought he has experienced everything yet you are sitting there proofing him wrong.
Ghost stands up from his chair without a single word making his way towards you. He closes the book in your hands then throws it through the entire room. “Hey! It isn’t that bad!”, you run after it needing to know what happens during the next few pages.
“I apologize formally to everyone that I asked”, Alejandro raises his hands at the group taking the blame. “You are all peasants who have no sense for pure art”, you reply laughing coming back with your book in your hands. The evening continues without steamy scenes read out loud to your displeasure.
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