valiants · 3 days
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Cuts ✂️
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scentoflaven · 2 days
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’why would you bust open my window...’
‘you locked the door and we ran outta milk.’
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yakowo · 3 days
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I wonder what he said...🤫💕
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cod-dump · 2 days
Soap: Who hurt you? Ghost: You want a list? Soap, checking to see if his gun was loaded: Yes, actually-
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Alejandro: [stabbing the air between Ghost and Soap]
Soap: What are you doing?
Alejandro: Trying to cut the sexual tension between you two. Shit, it isn’t working.
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nekronyancer · 1 day
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I keep forgetting Tumblr exists, pardon me 🫠
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amazeingartist · 2 days
*Mermays your 09 SoapGhost*
Tumblr media
also I know 09 ghost doesn’t wear a hard mask or anything just thought a leopard seal skull would be neat.
in lore reason why he has a face mask underneath is becuz he stole it from a fisherman to better hide his face. not lore is because reason I didn’t want to draw his face
( next posts will be request stuff :D )
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krissdoesfanart · 3 days
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Simon deserves to be held, please and thank you 💀🧼
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ghcstao3 · 2 days
civilian au ? where soap and gaz have only learned a second language for the purpose of shit talking in public spaces where the language isn’t at all common—but also for talking about hot people without needing code words and subtle glances
this backfires, though, when soap spots a stranger in public he thinks is attractive and states so too loudly to gaz, assuming no one would understand—least of all the hot, incredibly well-built blond soap is shamelessly talking about
but ghost overhears. and understands. because he, too, has learned whichever language for similar purposes (and work—but that’s hardly important), so now he is very well aware of what soap thinks of him
soap is absolutely mortified when the blond tells him he isn’t so bad himself in the same language, while gaz is laughing hard enough to make his stomach hurt, especially when soap finally snaps out of his stupor to chase after ghost and apologize (and maybe also possibly get his phone number)
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defenderofue · 2 days
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yes. mhm. havw this little uh thing yes. take it, go on 🚶🚶
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A mimir.
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valiants · 9 hours
all of your art no matter the subject matter just has such a domestic tone to it that i love so much… the colors and dialogues and expressions. even the raunchier stuff makes me sit and think about like… ghost trusting soap to help him shave (scary straight razor near his throat), or tiredly leaning on each other in the shower after long missions when no ones around… soap making sure ghost eats, et cetera et cetera ❤️❤️❤️
This... is such a sweet note ❤️❤️❤️ privileged to share it with the loved ones... and thank you again, @rnetallica I'll try to keep it going!!! 😭
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Ghost lost and mourned his family. He was certain he will never have something like that again.
Until the first Christmas he agreed to spend together with 141 and not hide in his baracks for the whole holiday season. Soap convinced him, who else could?
Ghost was scared of the Christmas Eve dinner. He was sure it will be awkward and the whole team will be walking around him on egg shells - rightfully so. He was awfully sensitive during this time.
But he was wrong- the dinner felt... homey? Even though they were all stuck on base. Laswell and her wife showed up and helped Gaz making various dishes in their small base kitchen.
The trio shouted at anyone who dared to enter the busy kitchen and bother them. The rest of them could only salivate at the amazing smells coming out of the room.
Soap made them all wear silly sweaters so he could take a picture of all of them and send to his mother. Mama MacTavish wasn't too happy about Soap's absence in Scotland so he tried to ease her nerves.
When they finally sat at the two flimsy tables put next to each other Ghost was afraid of the silence that will come, the awkwardness. But it never came.
Price raised a toast for all of them, happy that they get to be together another year. Simon noticed that Price was smiling right at him, like he was happy to see him at the table.
When Gaz served them their first meal- which smelled delicious, Soap immediately snatched the mashrom filled dumplings right out of his beetroot soup.
Soap remembered that Ghost did not appreciate the slimy texture of the mashroms but the soup was great.
No one expected him to talk so he was happy to listen to the chaotic banter and several conversations going over the table engaging only when he felt like it.
Gaz shared his fish recipe with him later getting carried away and telling Ghost about his grandma's delicious pastries. Ghost loved every minute of the conversation.
And when a familiar Christmas song played on the radio- the exact same song that played at his brothers house that awful day he lost his family- he spaced out a bit.
But his family was right there with him.
Soap putting his hand on his thing the minute he noticed something is wrong. Prices raspy laugh pulling him out of his head. The pleasant noise of people's voices happy and alive.
The pleasant noise of his family around him.
My head hurts so sorry if it's gibberish, love ya all
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sol-svnstorm · 3 days
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they’re in love your honor
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cod-dump · 1 day
*Soap trying to cuddle Ghost but he keeps pushing him away*
Soap: This was supposed to be a cuddle! Not a struggle snuggle! LET IT HAPPEN!
Soap, climbing onto Ghost’s desk: I DON’T CARE! COME HERE-
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Soap: Simon, I’m in love with you.
Ghost: You’re also drunk.
Soap: I can be both.
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