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yooo-lets-go · 15 days
Tumblr media
Some background character somewhere: is named John Kowalsky
Me: 👀👀😳🇵🇱🇵🇱🦅🇵🇱??
Tumblr media
Misja „Alone” to był po prostu szybki spacer po Sosnowcu
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fnny-bnny · 19 days
gromsko nsft a-z alphabet
a/n: lol i have a huge language fetish sorry not sorry. thank you to the polish speaker who helped with translations! if you see this, please let me know if you want to be tagged or not ☺️
Tumblr media
render by @namedlunagoddess; saved from twitter
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
he’s very big on aftercare! part of his aftercare for himself is ensuring that he’s not only satisfied you, but has also done his part in making you feel safe and secure, especially for quickies. he keeps a towel warmer nearby so that when he cleans you up he’s not using a cold rag. he’s big on cuddling too- thoroughly enjoys skin to skin contact with you. it makes him feel good. makes him feel like he’s protecting you and in a way he kind of is.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
! huge tit guy ! loves pawing and groping and kissing and biting your breasts and nipples until they're all puffy and sensitive for when he pinches them between his calloused fingers
he loves his mouth and tongue. loves the way he can draw out such intense reactions from you when he eats you out or even just kisses you. uses lip balm daily to keep his lips soft for you
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
loves cumming inside you. prefers your cunt, but he'll gladly cum wherever you prefer if you're not super into that. if you do let him cum inside you, he’ll watch as it drips out of you just so he can fuck it back into you as you whine into his neck
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
honestly a huge medfet and somno fan. 100% fantasizes about fucking you while you're passed out under anesthesia. they're just fantasies, of course, but that doesn't stop him from thinking about it!
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
don't get it twisted, because sobi can FUCK. i feel like he was a big fan of casual sex/friends with benefits when he was younger but as he's matured and grown emotionally, he prefers to have a single partner. he knows that he's got plenty of experience, though, so he doesn't worry about not being able to satisfy you
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
loves loves loves the mastery position!! easy access to kiss your chest and lips and to see your reactions as he fucks into you. easy for him to hold you to his body and easy access to your clit! he loves to wrap his arms around you while he’s inside you. makes him go crazy in the best way
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
goes with the flow! if you're giggling, he's giggling right along with you. loves it when you're giggling about something before he slips inside you because then he can kiss you and feel you moan into his mouth as he stretches you out
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
he keeps himself trimmed just enough but he leaves some around the base of his cock because he likes feeling your nose pressed into him. also enjoys the way you get dripping wet from smelling his musk
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
always always always soft with you, even if he’s not romantic in the traditional sense. he’ll be telling you one thing (“such a greedy cunt, kochanie. i can feel it swallowing my fucking fingers. so messy because of me.”) but he’s got a smile on his face while pressing kisses to any part of your skin that he can get to
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
shower jerker for sure! gets off on the idea of you being on your knees for him while you’re under the water, his fist in your hair to keep you still as he fucks your throat
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
medfet, cockwarming, small cumplay kink, and very into facefucking! also this may be a controversial opinion, but i think for quickies specifically he’s into the idea of being caught by someone. he’s proud that he’s yours and he wants people to know that! very into marking you as well
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
either your apartment or his, but if those aren’t available, his locked office or the back of his car will do the trick. so long as he has privacy he's good but he absolutely prefers somewhere familiar where he feels safe and comfortable
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
seeing you swoon over him and/or something he does for you gets him semi at best and rock hard at worst. he once caught you staring as he was loading crates into a supply truck, tossing them around like it was nothing. he found you after he finished, dragging you into a bathroom stall so he could have his way with you
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
make you cry out of pain! he hates seeing you hurt and he never wants to be the reason you’re hurting, physically or emotionally. if it ever happened, he’d coddle you for days after, apologizing to you profusely in whispered english and polish with every apology followed up with a soft kiss to your skin until he’s sure you’re ok
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
he is a MUNCH, your honor!!!! lives for giving head and couldn't really care less if he received it or not (not to say he'll complain if/when you go down on him). he's incredibly skilled. frequently eats the filling out of pączki before eating the actual pastry itself just because he can
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
goes with the flow for this as well, but definitely leans towards slow and sensual if he’s got nothing else to do. he’s a passionate man and he enjoys getting to know what makes you tick, as well as finding new things that you both enjoy. he sees sex as a bonding activity to be enjoyed, and enjoy it he does!
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
huge fan of quickies. loves pulling you into his office for a fervent makeout session before a meeting so he can get you hot and bothered. pulls you into an empty meeting room or secluded storage office after the meeting is over so he can finish what he started
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
he’s game to experiment, especially if it’s something you bring up to him but, even if you asked, he would never take risks he deemed truly serious with you. one time you brought up knife and gun play to him, not to ask for it, you were just expressing your surprise at finding out people were into it, and he shut the idea of it down immediately. “absolutely fucking not. i’ll do so many things for you, baby, and you know that. that is not one of them. it never has been and it never will be. i love you too much.”
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
can and will go for 2-3 rounds if you're down for it. he’s very proud of this and will absolutely show off at the beginning of the relationship because of it (he stills shows off, but he’ll never tell anyone that)
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
owns a sleeve! he only really uses it if he's away from you for more than a couple weeks at a time. very much prefers the real thing
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
doesn't like to tease on purpose, at least not too much. he does know what gets you going, though, so he uses that to his advantage if he ever does want to get you wet without touching you
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
not loud volume wise, but he’s very vocal in the bedroom. hushed dirty talking in both polish and english (Kurwa- Dokładnie tak, nie przestawaj. Twoja cipka jest dla mnie taka mokra. Zostałaś kurwa stworzona dla mnie, stworzona dla tego kutasa. That’s it, baby. All for me.), grunts and groans, and lots of panting from him! he lowkey gets off on hearing himself, he sees it as showing you how good you make him feel
W = Wild card(s) (random headcanon(s) for the character)
has a shibari fantasy! wants to tie you up and take his time with you. he feels so bad for leaving you on your lonesome when he's on a mission for long stretches, especially when he's on ones where he's not allowed to contact you, that he really views it as a way to make it up to you and to spend quality time with you
also has a subbing fantasy. would go wild in the sweetest way if you ever took control from him, especially when he’s just getting back from a mission. don’t get me wrong, he loves the dynamic you two have already, but there’s something about the way you hold him close to your chest while you rake your fingers through his hair and across his scalp while you’re grinding slowly against him that he goes soft for
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
6 1/2 in or 16.5cm, thick but not painfully or uncomfortably so, uncut!!, and a deliciously heavy sack 😌
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
a little higher than average but he's nowhere near being a nympho. he’s just pent up from being in the field for so long and he wants to show you that he’s still got it after he hasn’t seen you for a while
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
doesn’t fall asleep until he’s sure you’re safe and comfortable. he’s big on aftercare, and this is part of it. he stays awake to run his fingers through your hair and across your skin. he also really enjoys humming to you, favoring polish lullabies to soothe himself and you (kotki dwa is his favorite, but you didn’t hear that from me)
in this context, kochanie - honey/sweetheart/baby
“fuck, you feel so good. your pussy is so wet for me. you were fucking made for me, made for this dick. that’s it, baby. all for me.”
kotki dwa is a popular polish lullaby/nursery rhyme. i like to think that his grandmother would sing it to him after a nightmare to get him back to sleep. i feel like he’s a very sentimental person, so it only makes sense that he’s kept the tradition alive
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antigonusyuki · 3 months
if y'all couldn't tell, i am making these up as i go. These were fun! Very much dedicated to the darling tulip anon :))
Fender Takacs
- Signing up to join the military by the time he was 18, Fender places a lot of value in trust. For a long while, he wouldn't be able to say those coveted three words but he'd substitute them with a firm 'i trust you'
— Spending a majority of his life as a soldier definitely affected his mentality a lot, it'd be folly to deny. He often has a rigid view in life and may find it hard to adjust when he's either forced on leave or has to take time off because of an injury.
— He'll soften with enough time though and it won't be forever till he's acting like a big cat towards you.
— Purrs if you scratch his scalp. Will lean into your hand and moan so softly that it'll actually leave you hot.
- Even before getting together though, there'd be a painful amount of pining. While Fender's not totally adverse to relationships, it takes a lot in him to actually get into one.
— Though he'll come around on his own, it'd be much more convenient if you just pushed him up a wall and growl, "let me love you, damn it."
- Working off of tulip anon's headcanons, Fender's an avid fan of rock and roll. Although he's long past the days where he regularly wore a full face of make-up, he's not over headbanging.
— Despite it being more comfortable if he kept his hair short and in a buzz cut, he leaves his hair long. It's long enough for him to put his locks up in a bun and you never fail to coo at him if you find him like that.
— Before being in KorTac, he had to keep his hair more or less shaved because of military regulations so he delights in the freedoms of being in a PMC.
- Has the awful habit of stealing your hair ties if you leave them unattended.
— "Fendie.." you start, eyeing the awfully familiar green hair tie wrapped around your boyfriend's wrist. "Mind telling me where my hair tie is? I swear I could've left it on the table."
— He looks up from cooking dinner, an equally green apron wrapped around his tapered waist before grinning, expression far too pleased. "I'm matching."
- An awful addiction to anything matcha-flavoured. Was genuinely begging you to come with him when the KitKat matcha got released.
— Has a traditional matcha set that he would use every day he could.
— Tries to get you to join him in his obsession by bringing home anything that has matcha in it. It's a little treat for himself as much as it is a tool to convince you.
- For non-Hungarian readers: he'd adore it if you try to learn his language. Even if you don't continue learning it because of schedule clashes, he'd still be so appreciative the idea even crossed your mind.
— Would definitely partake in your lessons, explaining the more nuanced connotations and jokes that aren't really mentioned in a classroom-setting.
— If you do manage to carry out a conversation with him, even if you are stumbling through your words, he'll tackle you to the ground and smother you in appreciative kisses.
— Leaves you a notebook of vocabulary and grammar tips when he has to be deployed out of country for a job.
- Brings you along for rock concerts if you're willing to come with. He'll ease you into it by playing you songs of the band that you'll be listening to so you don't feel too out-of-place.
— Is very attentive during the whole thing, just in case a mosh pit happens nearby and you get dragged into it. The last thing he wants to happen is for you to get hurt alongside the confusion.
— "You are not, under any circumstances, to try and get out of this." Fender shakes the band around your wrist, expression set in a firm frown. "I will not risk losing you. Understood?"
— Still holds your hand the whole time.
- I think he'd mention you a lot to his mother. Although I know "mommy's boys" get a bad reputation, I headcanon Fender's mother being really firm with her guidance when it came to her son.
— Would definitely not let any of his bad behavior slip past her, whether he was a kid or an adult. If Fender ever (and I'm not saying it would ever happen but hypothetically) cheat on you, his mother is the first person banging on his door.
— While I'd love to imagine Fender being the neighborhood's local troublemaker with a mean streak, this man joined the military when he was 18. He was definitely polite and respectful and got slightly above average grades.
— His childhood dream was to support his mother and buy her a good house that had heating because he hated having to stay at his aunt's when winter got too unbearably cold.
— His cousins definitely bullied him a lot as a kid but they stopped after his growth spurt hit when he was 15.
- Can play the Bass. Although he never really asked for one from his mother because of their financial difficulties, his classmate (and now one of his best mates) would often let him come to his house to play.
— His classmate's father caught on to his passion and bought him one for Christmas as a gift. Fender will admit to crying.
Sobieslaw Gromsko Kościuszko
- Gromsko has extensive medical training due to being a part of GROM and is magic with bandages.
— Despite this though, he is still very negligent of his own health and safety, often running back to the fog of battle with just a quick check and slap of elementary first-aid.
— Will start taking better care of himself if he has an s/o who openly speaks to him about the amount of injuries he comes home with.
— One time when he went and got lost in old habits again, he entered your home with a sheepish smile and a nervous mumble of ".. I'm home.."
- This man's body clock is set to a T and he often has the habit of bringing his military schedule back home.
— Becomes more indulgent with an s/o much to his own chagrin. Gromsko cannot seriously fathom how he's expected to rise at 6 am when his lovely partner's warm body is pressed up against his.
— Gromsko blinks up at the little dots on the ceiling with bleary eyes. It's 30 minutes past his usual wake-up time and by now he should've been coming home from a jog around the neighborhood.
— Instead, he lays still on the mattress, your head nuzzled on his numbing bicep. Gromsko has only heard what owning a cat is like, and wonders how he got himself a partner and a feline at the same time.
- Definitely brings you along when his friends invite him over to a gathering for beer and the like.
— Prefers having you seated on his thigh the whole time, if you're comfortable with that. Loves it when you finally get comfortable enough to lean back against his chest and he can drape a strong arm around your waist as a little seatbelt.
— No, he doesn't care if you think you're heavy.
— "Darling, it'll be uncomfortable—" he shuts you up with a hand on the back of your neck and a stern look. "If my face can handle your weight, I'm sure my thigh will do just fine."
- Sometimes (read: often) leads to compromising positions where he tries to shift you over his lap to hide his problem but it only serves to worsen his own suffering due to the resulting friction.
— "We forgot we actually had a prior appointment to go to—" you explain to your boyfriend's friends who all smile knowingly as you get dragged by the arm to the car.
— You try to scold him about it later, some reminder of the appropriate social niceties and all that but he only looks at you, grin dopey, and leans to capture your lips in a soft kiss. Afterwards, a trail of saliva connecting the both of you, he whispers, "Don't care."
- Likes fixing stuff, the grime and oil on his hands are familiar and he doesn't care much for the dirty aspects of the job. Why would he pay someone to do a job he's more than capable of doing?
— (Opens up the avenue of Mechanic!Gromsko with a florist reader but let's not get side-tracked.)
— (The sex would be hot.)
- May come off as scary at first. He's tall, dark-haired, and his face is set in a permanent bitch-face. It's not gonna help that he's not very extroverted either, and often just stands menacingly in the corner with his arms crossed.
— But, past the gruff exterior, Gromsko is caring, warm, and has some wicked jokes up his sleeve.
— "I really don't understand why some people get nervous when I just wanna talk," you whine to a friend, shoveling a forkful of pasta in your mouth. It had been happening more often as of late, people freezing up when you tried to ask for directions when you were on a date and the like.
— Your friend sends you a flat look, sliding her eyes over to your hulking mass of a boyfriend. "You bring around your Doberman everywhere. I'm not really surprised."
- Is very proud of his scruff. It's well taken care of and he spends a sizable amount of money for his maintenance products. He never lets it grow too long, however, so he can still be comfortable under his gear.
— You cannot convince this man to shave the thing off, no matter how far along the relationship you are. It's probably the only thing you can't negotiate with him. Gromsko is stubborn.
— Help you bury a body? Sure. Shave his beard off? No.
— They're a bundle pack, the boyfriend comes with the beard burn.
- He'll stock up on products that help take care of the beard burn though and will actively help you apply them when they're on.. more unreachable places from a night of good fucking.
— Gromsko likes to feast and he is decidedly not ashamed of his insatiable hunger.
- Also great with kids. He grew up with his father being a big part of his life so he's definitely a big family man as a whole.
— You're not close with your parents? No problem, darling, he'll fully support your decision and trash-talk your parents with you.
— No matter what, Gromsko is on your side and always will be. Doesn't matter if it's in an argument with colleagues or in a more physical sense, he's dedicated to you.
— He reminds you of this often. Being by your side and peeling an orange after your surgery, listening to your heated rambles about a particularly unpleasant co-worker, etc.
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archiviststar · 4 months
💛This is for you gorgeous @southernbluebellereader💛
Gromsko, sits next to them : You really have been through a lot, haven’t you?
Y/N : . . . More than you can possibly imagine.
Gromsko, takes their hand into his : Is there nothing I can do to ease the pain?
Y/N, looks at him : ……stay with me? Please? Just for a little while longer……
Gromsko, nods :
Gromsko, laid their head on his chest & softly caressing them : I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere. 🤗
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COD ask thingy - Gromsko, glasses
Gromsko x Reader
Tumblr media
cw: strangers meet, Gromkso thinks you're a cutie :3c, fluff, something cute and short
the corner store was quiet as this hour, very little workers and even fewer people. the florescent lights were somehow too bright and remarkably dim. corner stores at late night hours were just an extension of limbo, you were sure.
you wandered the aisles, adjusting your glasses to see the aisle markers more clearly. directories lead you on your way to the item you were looking for, but one exceptionally large man stood between you and it. the last stop on your list and you just had to just-
'-gonna squeeze right behind yo-ow!'
"o kurwa! bardzo przepraszam!" Gromsko had turned around too fast for his wide frame. [fuck-! I'm so sorry!]
he had completely missed your warning that you were right behind him and whipped around. ceral box in hand, he accidently knocked your glasses right off with the side. it caught you both off guard. you, left more stunned than him without your glasses.
Gromsko scrambled to pick up your glasses from the floor, completely forgetting his box of cereal. "im so sorry," he repeated, his polish accent thick.
you rubbed your aching nose and politely waved off his apology. Gromsko set your glasses in your palm; thankfully, nothing broken. when your glasses where finally situated properly, the two of you met eyes.
"I am. so sorry," he looked like he was going to out himself in the corner for accidently bumping you.
"it's ok! just an accident! happy my glasses aren't broken," you laughed, looking up at him.
buh dum
Gromsko met your eyes, immediately enamored by the way the light reflexed off of your frames and into your eyes. he seemed to lose his train of thought at the proper sight of you. usually he wasn't at a loss for words, but you were breathtaking. your face flushes, hoping you didn't have something on it that would make him stare.
"uhm t-thank you, by the way! for gabbing my glasses." he nodded and smiled, a bit lopsided and nervous. you smiled back and gave him a soft wave. "have a good night."
"ty też- I- you too!"
late-night corner store trips are his new favorite.
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We all know there is a certain intimacy in knowing and using someone's name instead of their call sign. The moment you pass from professional callsign to their actual name always sign an important milestone in your relation together
Horangi : i want to know your real name
Gromsko : Sobieslaw Kościuszko
Horangi :
Gromsko :
Horangi :
Gromsko : you can still call me Gromsko
Horangi : thank you
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silesianangel · 11 days
I haven’t opened cod in months because of my poor internet and over 20GB updates.
SO my friend just sent me this video and I’m downloading cod just to hear this in person.
Gromsko is the most polish mf
@southernbluebellereader PLEASE LOOK AT THIS
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aukuro · 2 months
I think there is a criminal lack of Gromsko content in this fandom. C’mon, König and Horangi get all the love— what about the mop polish man? 😞
I’m totally not 3k words into relationship headcanons for him
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cassandras-nest · 4 months
I had the worst scare on twitter ...like i'm still shaken
But I believe it's likely a mistake 😅 or... i hope so (since I follow Horangi VA too)
But...Gromsko VA following me after barely 2 min i followed him? Excuse me?
Right after that I had to check my profile for anything compromising 😂😂😂
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swaoina · 9 days
life seems so lovely with you.
Jesus "Chuy" Ordaz x Sobiesław "Gromsko" Kościuszko
Just one glance, he said, it won't hurt. Yet, as his eyes wander up to his face, one glance ended up not enough. Just another one, he murmured to himself, then, I'll stop paying attention.
But as always, not everything goes according to plan.
His eyes stuck on the relaxed figure of the Mexican man, playfully hitting his friend with that one cowboy hat he's gotten as a joke. Oh, to be the unfortunate, yet fortunate, man in front of Chuy.
If God didn't want this, why would he make Gromsko feel like this?
After seeing their mixed relationship, many shot confused glances or ask unnecessary questions. But Gromsko doesn't like to explain. Nicknames are a must in a friendship, right? What's so different with their nicknames?
The footsteps approaching him left unnoticed by the Polish man, as thoughts of the church and his home ate him alive. His face neutral, but his heart beating a second faster upon catching the sight of Chuy's smile.
"How you holding up?" Chuy asks, leaning his hands on the chair near Gromsko. "Last week was quite... rough— hard."
Gromsko's voice stayed stuck in his throat, unable to mutter even a word or a letter to this masterpiece of a man, as if written by one of the famous writers in his country.
A sweet raspberry in a garden full of red, like blood, raspberries.
"...I'm fine," Gromsko replies, but manages to mutter out a few more words. "It.. wasn't that bad. I had worse."
"That's nice to hear." Chuy's prominent smile urged Gromsko to speak up. "Say, how about we take a walk together? Heard you like those."
His words full of truth, albeit his name a swear word in Gromsko's first language. How could he pass this up? Gromsko's day seemed lighter the second he heard Chuy's voice.
"...Alright..?" Gromsko's uncertainty didn't make him change his mind. "I take long walks. You'd complain."
"I don't complain."
"Is that so?"
"It's still going to be nice," Chuy says. "We don't talk much, it's about time to change that."
"It's good to have friends."
Yeah, Gromsko would enjoy that.
Just the friendliness is enough, even if it won't result into anything more.
Perhaps then, the guilt would leave and his days full of sunrays casting onto him.
But Chuy is already his sunray. A sunray on a cold day, his face softening at the touch of the warmth, whether it's a smile or words.
However, he is an annoying sunray that wakes him up in the morning, refusing to leave and serving as a clock.
Then again, why would he want to compare Chuy to a sunray? One thing is annoying, another he loves.
Chuy tilts his head. "So, is that a yes yes?"
"...yeah, it is a yes yes."
Before Chuy left, his hand reached out to Gromsko, gently setting the "iconic" cowboy hat.
"See you later, mi Cielito."
"See you, Słońce."
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yooo-lets-go · 26 days
Tumblr media
Translation under the cut if you’re interested:
The name Sobiesław Kościuszko sounds like his parents quickly googled "Polish culture" as soon as he was born and then fed him nothing but pierogi his entire childhood
Top left:
“Avada kedavra kurwa”- “avada kedavra bitch!!”
Based on this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P1tE7S1F4-4
in the center:
“Bejba,” - phonetic spelling of the way our Eurovision singer Blanka sings the word “Babe” (people make fun of that)
Top right:
“MOJE OHV CHCE MIODU” - “my OHV ( engine) wants honey (motor oil?)”
Based on this video with old Polish cars: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m_m0WFTAn0E
bottom left:
“nic się nie stało, Polacy, nic się nie stało” - „it’s fine, Poland, it’s fine”
A song, sung after our national football team loses a match (which is, unfortunately, often)
bottom right:
102 on the tank - reference to popular old Polish tv series “Four Tank-Men and a Dog”
their tank was called “Rudy 102” (rudy means red, like red hair)
Tumblr media
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fnny-bnny · 17 days
thinking about gromsko again! specifically thinking about how flirty he would be towards you, especially if/when you flirted back. he’d be so touchy with you, one of his arms draped around your shoulders or resting on your waist with his hand in your front pocket. he'd pull you to him by your beltloops mid-conversation just so he can watch your face turn pink as you get embarrassed. if he does it in a spot where you might get caught by someone else in specgru, he’ll grab your face in his hands and kiss you before you can protest. loves feeling your cheeks heat up underneath the palms of his hands
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ave661 · 16 days
Tumblr media
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Russian!Reader: Therapy
Reader with Taskforce 141 and SpecGru:
Reader: I recently spent some money on therapy.
Gromsko, whistling quietly:
Gaz: Sounds like a good investment.
Soap: Yeah, Y/N, that's great. How's it going so far?
Reader: Unfortunately, I already drank half of it.
Gaz: 'Drank'...?
Reader walking away: Thanks again, Gromsko.
Ghost: Care to explain?
Gromsko: I bought Y/N a Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka bottle.
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isabella-kr · 5 months
Hiii I saw your post about Gromsko and I was wondering if you would want to write for him🤍 is it possible you could do a fluff fic about him. Like maybe some cuddles with him. No rush at all and if you don’t want to write it that’s totally okay💕 have a wonder day or night 🌙
Hello!! First of, I’m so sorry this took so long! And second of, thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like this! I made this a GN reader because you didn’t specify, so I hope that’s alright!
Welcome Home
Do not repost
Synopsis: He was always exhausted when he returned home, but feeling her warm embrace him around him made him want to stay up just a little longer.
Pairing: Gromsko x GN!Civilian!Reader - second-person pronouns used
Warnings: None, just fluff
Word Count: 948
General Masterlist | COD:MWII Masterlist
Had to make my own gif for this… that’s how underrated he is 😔🤚
Tumblr media
He was tired, exhausted even. After weeks away on deployment, he wanted nothing more than to cocoon himself in his own bed – to feel the warmth of his soft duvet, to be enveloped by the floral scent of the laundry detergent, and to feel your soft fingertips against his skin once more. He was desperate to go back home, and when the sight of your small, shared home came into view, his heart began to race in his chest.  
The air was cold, and prickled on his skin when he got out of his car. His cheeks quickly turned a bright, pink colour and his nose began to feel numb as he made his way to the front door. His hands were slightly shaky when he pushed his key into the lock and twisted it, smiling at the satisfying click of the door unlocking.  
The warm air and smell of a home-cooked meal greeted him the moment he stepped foot inside his home, and he barely had time to put down his bag, let alone take off his shoes, before your excited figure rushed towards him. He welcomed you with open arms, eager to feel your warmth pressed against his as he nudged his nose against the side of your face. He shamelessly inhaled your scent, his shoulders relaxing and arms tightening around your form as he pressed a loving kiss against your cheek.  
God, he missed you.
Pulling away just enough to look at your face, he couldn’t help but grin once his eyes locked with yours. “You okay?” he asked, his voice soft, barely above a whisper.  
You nodded, eyes searching his face; he had a yellow bruise on his temple, and a faint cut above his lip. Even though there were many times when he returned looking worse than he did then, you couldn’t help but frown at the sight. “Are you?” you turned the question around.  
He breathed out a chuckle, “I’m fine,” he assured, pressing a quick kiss against your lips.  
“Would you like to go take a bath, the-”  
“Are you trying to say I stink?” his tone was light-hearted, and a toothy grin appeared on his face.
“Honestly?” you couldn’t help but laugh, “A little, yeah.”  
He feigned offence at your words, “Wow,” he shook his head at you, “Can’t believe you’d say that to me.”  
You sent him a look, rolling your eyes at his dramatics before speaking, “I was going to say the food isn’t done yet, so you might as well use this time to have a bath.” You placed your palms against his cheeks, and he practically melted into your touch, “And then you can go sleep... you look exhausted.”  
“Okay,” he wasn’t going to argue, only pressing another kiss to your lips before disappearing in the bathroom.  
The moment his sore muscles submerged under the hot water, he let out a sigh of relief. The warmth felt delicious against his body, and he could feel the knots in his neck begin to relax, the tension slowly leaving his tired and beat up body. He let his eyelids fall closed, and his lips parted slightly at the comfortableness he felt for the first time in what felt like months.  
The second he felt himself slipping, he shook himself back awake. If he was alone, he would have let himself fall asleep, but as relaxing as the hot water was, he would rather be with you. Pushing himself up, he moved to clean his body, slightly wincing whenever he pulled on his strained muscles.
When he made it to the kitchen, you were already waiting for him, a smile ever-present on your soft lips. He couldn’t help but mirror your expression as he happily sat down at the table. He only realised how truly starved he was when the food was placed in front of him, and he scarfed it down like an animal that hadn’t eaten in a month.  
You were happy to see him enjoy the food you made, but the way he inhaled it made you afraid the man was going to choke and die right in front of you. Pressing your hand against his shoulder, you urged him to slow down, “No-one’s going to take it from you,” you told him with a laugh.  
He snorted at your words, but in the end, he listened.  
It wasn’t long after he ate the food that he made his way to your shared bedroom, the exhaustion quickly catching up with him. Even when he tried to act as if he wasn’t tired – eager to spend more time with you – the purple circles under his eyes betrayed him.  
You followed him to the bedroom, and happily joined him under the covers when he asked, nay begged you to. It would be a lie to say you didn’t miss the way he held onto your form, pulling you impossibly close as if he needed to feel you beside him – needing to feel you to know that you were there, and that you were not leaving.  
You were laid on your back, and once your fingers drowned in his brown hair, he hid his face in your warm neck. His arm was securely wrapped around your torso, thumb drawing invisible circles on your skin after he pushed your shirt up just a little bit.
“I love you,” he whispered, his lips brushing against your skin as he spoke.  
You hummed happily, tilting your head to press a soft kiss against his forehead when you responded, “I love you, too.”  
He always slept best when he was next to you, your scent comforting him even in the state of unconsciousness.  
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Tumblr media
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