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Baby girl you’re mysterious like etymology rooting back to an obsolete Pre-Greek verb <3
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Sunsplash - songs that light me up inside
vibe: sun hitting trees through a break in the clouds. meteors. lightning. unexpected joy
flavor notes: pops of brightness. upbeat
length: 57 minutes
Rush the original sunsplash song. the samples! especially the Baba O’Riley really really brighten this up. put this one on first and loud and yell along
Hanahaki (Bloom) FILLING IN THE CRACKS IN YOUR HEART WITH GOLD!!! thank u molly ofgeography this song is joy and light and the melody is so beautiful. so poppy! listen on shitty speakers for maximum brightness
Whoever You Are it’s the lyrics here. so simple and genuine. also love the groove - so bright n jangly!
Full track list:
Harmony Hall Vampire Weekend
Rush - Single Version Big Audio Dynamite
(Nothing But) Flowers - 2005 Remaster Talking Heads
Complicated Poi Dog Pondering
Saw Lightning Beck
Waterslide The Bonedaddys
Whoever You Are Geggy Tah
Let Me Go Cake
New Birth in New England Phosphorescent
Ooh La La Faces
Hanahaki (Bloom) molly @ofgeography 
Solar Power Lorde
Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games of Montreal
Bros Wolf Alice
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Solar Flare - II
Tumblr media
Your first day at your new job! Exciting, yes?
Also posted on Ao3
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«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
After that disastrous first meeting with Dottore, the agent waiting outside escorted me to my new quarters, a generous two room apartment with an attached bathroom. It had a spacious bedroom with a wardrobe and vanity; the comfortable living room was equipped with a seating area consisting of a couch and two armchairs near the crackling fireplace, a desk with bookshelves behind it and a small dining table at the window overlooking the frozen palace courtyards. It was actually not half bad.
I started unpacking my bags and put away my few belongings. Aside from my favorite clothes, the only things I packed were my research notes that I scribbled into an array of notebooks. I hoped the rest of my things would be sent here soon, the shelves were looking a little empty right now. The apartment was definitely nice and comfortable, but it was still missing the personal touch needed to make it feel like home.
While I stored away my things, my mind drifted off and I pondered what had transpired since I arrived here.
I certainly did not expect to suddenly find another version of the Doctor, or rather the real him? And he even implied there are more? I had so many questions, and our short interaction answered none of them. What are those Segments, as he called them? What purpose did they serve? How did he create them? Are they all the same?
Dottore didn't seem too keen on telling me, hell, he didn't seem like he wanted to say anything more than the bare minimum. He really wasn��t much of a talker, it seemed.
I sincerely hoped that he'd be more approachable when he's not faced with an unannounced visitor. Working with him could become difficult otherwise.
He had surely been less than thrilled to see me in his lab, that much was obvious. But something Omega showed him (What on earth was that about anyway? Another question to add to the list…) must have piqued his interest enough to let me work here for the time being.
I was intent on finding out why. He probably wasn’t going to tell me anything, but I would somehow unravel the mysteries surrounding him.
I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts by someone knocking.
An agent stood outside. She appeared way too young for this job, she couldn't have been a day over 18. The girl was trembling slightly, obviously nervous.
"Please forgive the intrusion, Madam! Lord Harbinger Dottore sent me to give you this."
She handed me a heavy file.
I raised an eyebrow and thanked her. She bowed deeply before scurrying away down the hallway.
  I turned back inside, placing the file on my new desk and flipped through it.
It contained a schedule, a map of the palace, and a stack of sheets with blueprints and summaries of what appeared to be Dottore's recent projects.
I noticed a mostly blank form that appeared to be a data sheet containing my personal info, for me to fill out.
I chuckled. It seemed even the mighty Fatui had to deal with paperwork and bureaucracy to keep their business running smoothly.
My eyes caught the space that was labeled as "position" and noticed it was already filled out in neat slanted letters.
  Personal Assistant of the 2nd Harbinger, Il Dottore
  So he did keep true to his words. I had to admit, it did have a certain ring to it. This might also explain the agent's nervosity. I figured that the Harbinger wasn't the friendliest person towards his subordinates.
There was a note stuck to the paper. It read, in the same delicate handwriting:
  Familiarize yourself with these. I'm expecting you in the lab tomorrow morning at 8.
   When I walked through the doors of Dottore’s laboratory the next morning, I was surprised to find it empty. Maybe I was early?
While I waited for him to arrive, I wandered around the lab and admired the equipment. It was mind-blowing, to be honest. This was every scientist’s dream come true: everything was state of the art, polished metal instruments, tempered glass constructions, fluorescent liquids in flasks and beakers…
I couldn't discern the purpose of more than half of these gadgets, but to say I was intrigued was definitely an understatement.
Several doors led off from the main hall of the lab; I assumed they hid rooms for more specialized procedures. Some were hermetically sealed, Dottore probably kept his more unstable materials and experiments behind those.
A few deactivated Chaos Cores on a nearby desk caught my eye, stacked neatly on top of what looked like a hand drawn diagram of their inner construction. But before I could make out the words scribbled next to the drawing, one of the doors flew open.
  Dottore and Omega entered the main lab. They seemed to be bickering about something, though I couldn't discern every word. Omega (at least I assumed it was him, judging by his fancy coat that looked the same as all the other times I've seen him so far) appeared to be concerned about delays to a certain project.
Dottore, who was wearing a similar blue shirt as yesterday, with a plain white lab coat over it, waved him off.
"I told you, it's ready when it's ready. We can not afford to rush this and miss out crucial details. Puppet Boy simply has to wait. What's a few more weeks now?"
"You know, she could be useful for that… it's what I brought her here for, after all."
"You think I can't solve this on my own? Who do you take me for? Just because you failed in Fontaine?"
  Dottore's face (at least the half that was visible) morphed into a deep scowl when he spotted me, as if he had forgotten I would be here until now.
Omega smirked as his master stormed past me towards one of the desks.
"You know you can't ignore her forever."
Turning to me, he added "Good morning. It seems you already had a first look around, correct?"
I nodded. "Yes, good morning. I hope I didn't interrupt your discussion just now."
"Ah, nevermind that. I will show you where you are going to be working from now on."
  I followed him as he listed the purposes of the adjoining rooms, showed me where the main storage was and explained the system they had in place for sorting and filing.
"I suggest you familiarize yourself with it quickly."
I nodded and hurried along.
He stopped his little tour in front of another desk near the one Dottore was working at.
"This is where you'll be working most of the time. I've prepared another set of notes on the recent projects, read through those first. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to."
Omega walked towards the exit without another word, leaving me with a stack of files and books on my desk and a Dottore who seemed very set on avoiding me.
I sighed and sat down, pulling the first folder towards me.
   The hours flew by as I worked through the pile on my desk. The experiments described ranged from reverse engineering and improving Ruin technology, over genetically enhanced organisms, to complex essays on the connection between dreams and Leylines. Blueprints of Delusions, weaponry, a contraption designed to produce hallucinations within a certain radius… There seemed to be nothing that Dottore was not interested in.
While reading, I glanced up every now and then and tried to make sense of what he was doing, since he was in my direct line of sight most of the time.
His behavior was erratic, to say the least. One moment he was sitting at his desk, writing, then he would suddenly rush to the other side of the room to shake a vial of questionable content. Scratching his chin, he wandered over to the pile of chaos cores I saw earlier and examined them as if he had never seen something like that before. Shaking his head, he turned back to his desk.
"What are you staring at?", he snapped.
"Nothing, Sir. What are you doing? I might-"
He held up his hand to interrupt me and rushed to scribble something down. By the time he was done, he had already forgotten about me again, so I resumed reading.
All my attempts at making conversation or getting any kind of information out of him went down in a similar fashion; he would either shut me down quickly or give me some vague or one-worded answer. I tried not to become irritated over it, but if he was always like this, working for him could prove to be very difficult.
Omega returned in the afternoon, but he immediately busied himself in a corner far away from me.
  Soon after that, a tall, raven-haired man strolled in without knocking.
Clad in a slim, dark brocade suit with a turtleneck underneath, his gloved hands downright encrusted with expensive jewelry, his appearance screamed money. He wore chained silver spectacles on his handsome face, while his eyes were almost closed, matching his sugary sweet smile.
"Dottore! How are things here in the basement?" He called out, his rich voice just as saccharine as his smile.
"Pantalone. What do you want?" Dottore growled without looking up.
"Charming as ever, my friend. I came to collect your Segment's expense report from the Fontaine mission."
"On the counter right next to the door." Omega offered from his corner of the lab.
"I see, I see… Oh?"
The man called Pantalone had finally spotted me.
"I did not expect to see such a captivating young lady in here, Dottore… Miss, is my colleague keeping you here by force? Blink twice if you need help.”
"New assistant. Omega found her in Fontaine." Dottore grumbled.
"Oh. My condolences, Miss. Allow me to introduce myself. Pantalone, or Regrator. Number Nine of the Harbingers. I'm in… finances."
He shook my hand with a firm grip, and I could have sworn I saw a sliver of gold shining through his glasses for a second.
"If you ever feel like talking to normal people, you're very welcome to join us upstairs in the Harbingers' private lounge."
Dottore groaned from behind his desk, and you could almost hear him rolling his eyes.
"Get lost, Pantalone!"
Without another word, Pantalone chuckled and pushed up his glasses before leaving the lab with a smirk on his face, grabbing the report on his way out.
  A few minutes later, Dottore spoke up again.
"Omega, did you exchange the reports like I told you?"
"Of course I did.”
Dottore giggled to himself and rubbed his hands together like a boy who just came up with a prank.
"Oh, we’re in for some fun the next time we see him!"
  My eyebrows rose in disbelief. Was this really the same grumpy man I had seen all day? Suddenly giggling and pulling what I assumed to be a prank on his colleague?
I shook my head. What an oddball.
  Later, after I had retired for the night, my mind was still churning.
Dottore truly was an enigma.
The questions just kept on piling up in my head, and I knew that eventually, they would just spill out at the most inconvenient moment.
I would need to find a way to make him talk to me, to answer my questions, or else working with him would be impossible.
  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be scared of him, or how exactly he expected me to behave, but truth be told, I was intrigued.
His behavior made me, being inquisitive by nature, giddy with excitement of a new mystery to uncover, not unlike picking apart a complicated mechanism.
Somehow, I would pry his shell open, and I was curious of what I'd find beneath it.
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afishmushy · 8 days
Luffy = sun god, Law = moon god?
Some long-ass Analysis of this Theory! Enjoy !!
Warning: op manga spoilers ahead
Tumblr media
first thing first,
Let us break down Law's name again. I found on Twitter, a translated tweet from a Japanese fan explaining that Law's taboo name isn't actually 'Water' but 'War Tale'.
The word used is ワーテル which is pronounced as "wāteru" and has no direct translation in English or any Language, unlike "水" (mizu) in Japanese. they point out that the same 'word manipulation' that happened to 'Laugh Tale' is applied here.
'war tale' according to Law is a taboo name, and his family for generations has...?
Let's take a minute and look at the Nefertiti family, for example, their duty was to protect the Ponegliffs all these years, also, The Kozuki Family's duty was to write the History on those Ponegliffs. ( there's actually a theory of them having a secret D as well)
Then, what is Law's Family rule? I am guessing something relating to inheriting or maintaining the records of the war that happened in the void century -The Story of War/ War tale- or some sacred wisdom or piece of Information. maybe Law had heard of the name Imu from his parents just like Copra did and that is why they keep their names secret - from Imu, which shockingly, knew Liliy for 800 years, and just now did Imu realize she is a D. So it runs in families?
Let me go back to why I think Law is related to the moon god despite the popular belief that Blackbeard is, in fact, the moon god.
here is Oda's statement for their flower:
Law=Queen of the Night
So, these D boys are:
Luffy is the sun, Law is the moon, and Blackbeard is the eclipse and not the moon.
Tumblr media
(Credit: @moustawott, on Tumbler)
Let's ponder Egyptian mythology for a sec, The god of the moon, Thoth, he is known for several things that sort of matches Law's actions and Characteristics:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( please notice the blue feather im dying)
Thoth helped the sun god ''Ra'' by providing him with magical spells to overcome obstacles during his nightly journey through the underworld( Luffy+ Law = Marineford).
2. He was depicted holding a writing palette and a reed pen, symbolizing his role as the divine record-keeper and lawgiver(war tale- Law's Family duty).
3. Thoth was also associated with medicine and healing. He was believed to possess knowledge of magical spells and remedies that could cure ailments and protect against diseases ( basically Law).
4. He was responsible for recording the verdict of the heart-weighing ceremony that determined if the person was able to continue on to the Afterlife (final operation theme).
5. in the eye of Hours, the sun is a symbol of good luck& the moon is a symbol of healing powers.
The moon is not the enemy of the sun, they co-exist, the moon is an ally that comes before the dawn. As Law broke the gear of the world in Punk Hazard, and announced the beginning of the new Area, a.k.a beginning of the Dawn.
Maybe Law isn't the moon god himself but he acts like a moon knight at least, since Luffy got to the new world, Law was at his side, as his guide from the darkness to the new dawn ( a bit romantic lol? not my intention really) and what drove Law to save Luffy at the Marineford was his instinct to protect the sun.
Another point is, Law's chest and back tattoos are clearly devoted to Cora, but his arms and hands show a wheel and sun-shaped circles, plus, his jolly roger, which I know is a rip off of doffy to piss him off BUT
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when putting those next to each other, makes you wonder, right?
what made me come up with those biased, wild, and crazy ideas is this:
Tumblr media
this cross is within a circle, the Solar Symbol cross. ( pointed out by @DawnDuskJapan on youtube, check it out)
the cross representing the rays of the sun and the circle representing the sun itself. It symbolizes life, vitality, and the power of the sun.
The ancient Shandians worshiped a Sun God, and The giants of Elbaf worship a Sun God as well, so maybe, The white city also worshiped the sun god? which Law subconsciously, added those features to his jolly Roger and tattoos.
Let's not forget, Both Law's and Luffy's devil fruits were what the WG wanted THE most.
in the end, I am ok with anyone calling me a nuthead.
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thefirstknife · 16 days
Lightfall quest is also really good. Seems to be something that will go on for a bit, I think, since the point was to get Golden Age files and we heard only one file. Osiris said there's more but that he needs time to decrypt them.
Files are Chioma Esi's logs! She is a voiced character now! Massive win for the lesbians. Osiris also directly mentions her having a wife, just in case there are people who wanted to be in denial until now.
But before that, really interesting dialogue between Nimbus and Osiris towards the end of the quest. I'll transcribe it and add a link to the video later when it gets uploaded by Destiny Lore Vault:
Nimbus: You know, ever since we defeated Calus, I've been wondering a lot more about the Veil. I think... I think we take it for granted. It's always been here. We always assumed that the Ishtar Collective brought it with them on the Exodus ship, but... Osiris: But now you question that assumption. Nimbus: Nezarec seemed to know something, didn't he? When we were inside the Vex network, he said something about... Savathun. Osiris: My memories cast shadows of Savathun's. Echoes of the time she and I were bound by her dark magic. The more time we spend here, the clearer the outline of those shadows become. The Ishtar Collective didn't bring the Veil here, Nimbus. Savathun stole it from the Witness and left it here... quite possibly for the Ishtar Collective to find. Nimbus: Why? Why would she do that? Isn't she our enemy? Osiris: She is. And yet, at times, she is our ally... when it is convenient to her, and in that convenience, we find common ground. Or as a friend once said, the line between Light and Dark... is very thin. Nimbus: [grunts] I kinda hate that. Osiris: As do I.
That's really good information and an interesting angle to understand the Veil situation better. First, Neomuni clearly don't even know how the Veil got there. They either assumed (as Nimbus said) that it was brought by the founders or perhaps the founders told everyone they did so, to keep the situation in control. It's easier to build a civilisation on this power if you tell people you brought that power here, rather than telling them that an alien entity placed it there during the time when alien entities were destroying the solar system.
But outside of that, ever since that time, people took it for granted, as Nimbus put it. They didn't really question it or wonder about it. The Veil is there, it's powering Neomuna, it was brought by the founders to make the civilisation, that's it. There's nothing really to wonder about for the average citizen. Not to say that they don't care about it, but they don't view it as something that has to be explained or pondered. As I've said before, the Veil to the Neomuni is a power source. They're not into it because of strange paracausal powers or whatever the hell is going on with it and the Witness. It's nice to see that reading was the intended one; to Neomuni, the Veil is a power source and one that is taken for granted aka isn't being actively researched. Meaning, they can't answer our questions about what the Veil is.
And now transcript of Chioma's first log (very VERY likely that more will be coming throughout the season, maybe on a weekly basis? They wouldn't voice her for one message is my main assurance). The log is accessed in the big room overlooking the Veil:
Tumblr media
The log transcript (again, will add a link to a video when DLV uploads):
Chioma Esi, personal log: incidental. Maya arrived yesterday with the Exodus Indigo. I should be relieved, but... in light of the current situation, I... I don't feel much of anything. We're presently en route from Hyperion to the terraformed surface of Neptune. I'm scared. I'm so scared! We don't even know what we've lost. Comms are dead. It's just silence everywhere. We might be all that's left. Maya was right about everything. The cult, the end... how we'll survive. [sighs] I hate this.
Some interesting points right away! Hyperion has been long established as a place where Chioma Esi was working. This is also giving us the Exodus Indigo route: Maya was on the colony ship which made a stop at Hyperion to pick up Chioma (and possibly other people). Shortly after they left Hyperion, the events of Winterbite lore happened where the colony ship was attacked by an unknown entity which left Winterbite in the hull.
Another neat point is that Chioma mentioned that a part of Neptune's surface was already terraformed. This gives us some crucial details; Exodus Indigo was going to Neptune on purpose and didn't just have to land there as an emergency escape. Going there was deliberate which also makes sense given that previously an ECHO ship crashed on Neptune. This makes it's more likely that Maya knew about the ECHO ship crash and about Soteria's possible survival and that Exodus Indigo followed that trail deliberately. The mention of surface being terraformed already also means that the colony was well underway of being established following the ECHO ship crash. Neptune was being hard-prepared to fit a colony.
This also means that Exodus Indigo was most likely a very well known mission and that Neomuna was not originally planned as something secret. They only went dark after making an assumption that they may be the only ones who survived the Collapse, which Chioma mentions in this log! Comms went silent and they had no idea what was going on; if they wanted to ensure the survival of the human species, they had to also assume that they're the only ones left and hide.
Chioma also mentions that "Maya was right about everything." She specifically mentions "the cult" which is Future War Cult, founded by Maya in the Golden Age. FWC was investigating something called the Device, a Vex-tech based machine capable of predicting the future. The cult would eventually regain access to the Device and use it well into the present day for the same purpose. Chioma also mentions "the end" as she muses about Maya being right about everything. Strange and possibly concerning. What exactly did Maya see through the Device?
This is some wild stuff, especially to me now after I've made a really long post about some curious connections between the concept of the history and mind of the universe and how it tends to be adjacent to Vex predictive technology. I mentioned Maya, Future War Cult and the Device in this post as well, trying to see if there's anything worth connecting in an analysis. Chioma alluding to the cult again the first time we've ever heard her voiced is intriguing. I'm not sure if this is something that will continue to be explored and if these connections are important, but it definitely felt like an important point to add into this fairly short voice line that specifies about Maya having been right "about everything," "the cult" and "the end."
I'm really excited to see if we'll get more and I assume we will. Osiris was very direct about us having to protect these logs and that there's a lot of them, but that he will have to decrypt them first. If we genuinely get more logs, it will be an incredible treat to hear actual voices from the Golden Age and the Collapse, of people who founded Neomuna and their first encounters with the Veil and possibly their original research into it.
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meatmensch · 11 months
once dean and cas retire and move into a house that is kind of falling apart but livable and very cozy and they don't have to worry about life or death bullshit all the time they take a year or so to do absolutely fuck all. cas will sleep with dean a bit but he gets up first and goes out to tend to the garden and meditate and look at the creatures and ponder the weather. when dean gets up he opens the window and leans out of it and looks down at cas and smiles. he takes a piss brushes his teeth washes his face drinks some water and throws on his satin robe. he picks up the half-finished joint from the ash tray on the nightstand and the book he's currently working on (it's either a romance novel rag or classic sci-fi or poetry). he tucks the joint behind his ear and heads downstairs to the kitchen. an al green (neutral musician that they both enjoy) record is on. the coffee's already in the pot. cas has written on the whiteboard on the fridge "good morning, my love! you are the warm, golden rays of this magical solar system's star. i love you more than i could ever convey with human language. p.s. PLEASE fix the broken rail on the porch. i have been hounding you about it for a WEEK now. what is wrong with you? xoxo". dean chuckles. he'll get around to it in the evening. he starts making them breakfast. he tries to turn on the burner but it won't light. he curses and grabs a matchbox from the junk drawer and lights the stove. he puts the joint in his mouth and bends down to light it. he makes eggs and bacon and pancakes (in the shape of hearts). he makes one cup of coffee for him and cas to share (they don't like their coffee made the same way but they really like sharing. they change it up every day. today is cas's day so he puts in a teaspoon of raw sugar and a tablespoon of cream). he brings the food and coffee out and says "mornin, sunshine" as he walks out to the dinky table and chairs they found at a yard sale for ten bucks. cas rises from the garden and comes over and gives him the biggest hug imaginable which is strange because he hugs him like that every morning but you know what every morning it feels like the best thing that's ever happened to dean. cas steals the j from between dean's lips and pulls on it leisurely as they take a moment to dance to "what is this feeling". cas's dirty, worn, faded jeans feel really nice on dean's mostly bare legs. so does his old zeppelin shirt against his chest. (but yknow, cas could be wearing a trash bag and it'd still feel awesome to be pressed against him.) they sit down and eat breakfast. when the record crackles to a close cas gets up and puts on their "PEACE AND L♡VE IN H♡USEH♡LD WINCHESTER" mixtape. half of it is dean's favorite songs and half of it is cas's favorite songs. they tease each other for having horrible taste but they really appreciate the variety and seeing the other happy. they lounge in the grass. they waste away the day being very in love and very calm and happy
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babydaddyleorio · 1 year
alsooo for the event may i request number 8 with senku gender neutral reader too if you don’t mind🙏🏾
prompt: senku ishigami - only soft for you ❦
warnings: none
⤷ 1k event masterlist!
Tumblr media
Your eyes were Senku’s favorite color.
He found himself often getting lost in them, staring absently as your words drowned all around him and only drifting back to reality once you snapped your fingers before his face. 
Senku quietly whistled under his breath as he walked out of the store sitting on the busy intersection of your street, idly swinging his bag beside him while going in the direction of your house. 
He briefly wondered to himself If your eyes would shine as bright as they normally did as he jogged up the steps that led to your front door.
He pondered silently If they’d hold their usual softness as he easily moved across the threshold of your home.
And he considered the possibility of losing himself in them once more as he saw your figure sitting peacefully on the couch in front of him.
Without warning, you suddenly felt something being placed on top of your head as you were lazily scrolling through your phone, and your eyes slowly traveled upwards before curiously lifting the thing off. Your hands lowered the soft and squishy object down into your lap, but you paused once your gaze landed on the stuffed animal that was now staring back at you.
“Did you know that an asteroid found in the main asteroid belt of the Solar System was named after the Brachiosaurus?” Senku suddenly mused from behind you before lowering himself over the couch so that his face was right next to yours. You shifted your gaze from the adorable dinosaur plushie resting in your grasp and turned to face Senku with a raised eyebrow.
“And I needed to know that why?” You teased while playfully glaring at him, laughing slightly at how dorky your boyfriend was.
Senku hummed in consideration before sneakily poking your cheek.
“Just in case it hits us one day.” He shrugged his shoulders while straightening his posture, smirking to himself at the sour expression you gave him in return. You rolled your eyes before hugging the stuffed Brachiosaurus to your chest, already thinking about what you would name it.
“Anyways, this plushie is so cute.” You gushed softly before tilting your head backwards to get a good look at Senku. To anyone else, Senku was nothing more than a pompous know-it-all genius that spent all of his time dedicated to science rather than something trivial as emotions. Though, you knew that was far from the truth, and you truly adored to see these moments where Senku would give you gestures of love, showing you that he genuinely cared. “Thank you, you always know how to make me smile, Senku.”
And there it was, the look that you always gave Senku that could easily make him grow weak in the knees. Your eyes were the prettiest shade he had ever encountered, iris’ gleaming delicately while a slight glaze washed over them. You always thought your eyes were ordinary, but to Senku, they were what he looked forward to seeing everyday. And It made his heart flutter within his chest that he was the reason they were shining so brightly right now.
“Would it be too much to ask for a kiss?” You slyly questioned, teasingly puckering your lips as you lifted closer to your boyfriend. Now Senku typically wasn’t too fond of indulging in affection, but with your irresistible lips inviting him so temptingly in this moment, how could he pass up an offer such as this? 
With his hands still stuffed deep into his pockets, Senku leaned himself down once more, this time gently placing his lips against yours. He loved you, more than you could imagine. And he’d give you a million Dino plushies to make that fact as clear as you needed it to be.
“It wouldn't be much at all.” He whispered in response, flickering his low gaze to meet yours.
Your lips formed a gradual grin against his before you giggled softly, sending vibrations all throughout Senku’s body. And you slowly moved the palm of your hand to cover the eyes of the dinosaur still sitting in your lap, Senku taking that as his cue to hastily pull you closer now that the two of you finally had privacy.
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strwberri-milk · 4 months
hello! may i request valentine's day with kaeya? 💕💕
bc i dont wanna post this too late im posting it pretty quickly!! i was gonna do more of a fic but ive got a lot of work to do so!! just doing this hc/drabble format helps me mitigate the time it normally would - it's also going to be posted at not my normal time for the same reason !!! this is actually pretty long but!! it is only lightly proofread and will be read over properly later!! there is a Valentines Day Crisis i am going to go resolve but!! i hope yall have a good day <3
Tumblr media
Valentine's day is...a little stressful for Kaeya. He's not too sure what he wants to do for you, sure that even if he were to take the planets out of the solar system it still wouldn't be enough to prove to you just how much he loves you. Buying gifts is also hard since he buys you so many little trinkets whenever he spots something that reminds him of you.
Ultimately, he decides to put himself out of his comfort zone, inviting you over for a homecooked meal, complete with a few courses and a handmade dessert. It took him forever to learn how to make it, cramming in cooking lessons between his patrols and spending time with you but it's all worth it to see you smile.
The preparations for this special holiday began well before, Kaeya making sure that not a single thing was out of place. Everything was going to be the epitome of perfection, having everything prepared down to the placement of cutlery on the table.
It wasn't within his nature to be so precisewhen it came to doing anything with you, loving the look on your face as he acted spontaneously, but this was something he did not want to risk.
Kaeya takes a deep breath when he hears your knock on the door, running through his mental checklist one more time before finally letting you into his home. The smile you wear is so bright he doesn't think he needs the lights of the candles to brighten up the room. No, just your presence was enough.
"How are you?" you greet, pulling him in for a kiss that he happily returns.
"I'm doing alright," he replies, clearing his throat to try and eliminate the last minute nerves.
"Much better now that you're here."
"Oh, as if I haven't heard that one before," you roll your eyes, following after him as he leads you to his dining room.
Already, you can see the beginnigs of a lavish meal being put doiwn, about to sit when he interrupts your motions and pulls out the chair for you. You chuckle a little, entertained by this extra chivalrous knight persona he was wearing today.
"How kind of you sir," you joke, making him laugh softly in kind.
"Well, only thebest for the love of my life, don't you think?" he says softly, making your heart flutter a little.
"It is Valentine's after all, and just asking you in a grandiose way wasn't enough for me."
You think back to how he asked you, remembering the giant bouquet he insisted on buying and the lovely little poem he wrote and attached to the flowers.
As you ponder, you feel him press a kiss to your cheek, looking up at him adoringly.
"Have I told you I love you?" you say dreamily, making his hear melt.
"Yes, you have," he replies, sitting you down and helping serve your meal.
You didn't know what else to expect after dinner. The two of you were a little tired from your daily routine anyway, finding the time today to spend together to be enough for you. Maybe another day you can make a grand spectacle of it but not right now.
Instead, you focus your attention on returning his lavish attention and flirting with him, loving the way he averts his gaze when your sweetened words are too much for him to handle. However, he retaliates by upping the ante, both of you caught in some battle of affection. That comes to an end.
"Dessert is served," Kaeya says proudly, brandishing a plate of chocolates he made himself. Your eyes go wide, the intricate looking snowflakes decorated prettily on the plate making you gasp.
"Kaeya! This looks incredible. You made these?"
"All by myself," he huffs, taking one off and bringing it to your lips.
"Here, give it a taste."
You take a bite, happily chewing when you reach a creamy center. He can't look any happier you think, practically vibrating as he watches your reaction.
"Well? What do you think? Good?"
"It's amazing! I can't believe you did all this!"
"Anything for my beloved," he replies, taking a piece for himself.
You suddenly remember that your chocolates are definitely not up to par, simply a package you bought. That's not to say they weren't nice - they just paled in comparison severely when it came to your boyfriend's efforts.
"Well? What about mine?"
He pulls you into his chest by your waist, looking at you expectantly.
"You were carrying a bag when you came in here and I can only assume it's filled with sweets for me."
"Well...yes," you say hesitantly, pushing against his chest slightly.
"Then? Won't you give it to me?"
"I could, but they're not as good as yours," you mutter, fiddling with your hands.
"And?" he asks again.
"You still want them?" you say, surprised. "They're not that great Kaeya."
"They come from you, so as far as I'm concerned they're amazing. Is that not good enough for you?" he pouts again, making you sigh and get the package.
He was right. He didn't really care where they were from as long as they came from you. Honestly, you probably could have given him a rock and he would have reacted just as happily, hugging you tightly and telling you how this was the best day ever.
You couldn't help but laugh at his antics, hugging him close as you planned how to make it up to him next year.
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lunarmoves · 15 hours
for evermore
Tumblr media
summary: you laugh—loud and carefree—and they have never wished so desperately before to be human. if only to love you for the rest of their life.
Tumblr media
pairing: DCA sun/moon x reader
mentions: gender neutral reader, possessive (obsessive) behavior, ruminations of a robot, dark thoughts ahead tbh (human mortality, fragility, death), oblivious reader if u squint, non-sexual intimacy, forehead kisses, mentions of blood and gore, moon is glitch'd, sun too tbh but its more subtle, sun's pov is like. sm lighter and then moon's is right out of an mcr song, unreliable narrator
a/n: this fic is inspired by @bamsara's iconic solar lunacy. sun&moon in this are very much deeply, irrevocably in love with u, but! when taken from the reader's pov, u can interpret that as you like! hope yall enjoy my silly little 4 am thoughts LMAO hope they make sense
word count: 2k
ao3 link
Tumblr media
One of the kids has a bit of a crush on you. 
It’s cute, really. Sun watches the way little Riley holds out a drawing to you—two stick figures holding hands together in a field of flowers colored lavender and cerulean. It’s clear that it’s supposed to be you and Riley, both of you happy as can be. You smile as you take the drawing, admiring the care Riley put into every stroke of their crayons. 
“It’s us!” Riley says proudly, tiny fingers gripping onto your arm that holds the paper. Bright eyes look up eagerly at you for your reaction. “Do you like it?” 
“I love it!” you reply with all the care and adoration you can muster into your voice. Your free hand reaches over to smooth down the hair on Riley’s head. “Oh, you’re so talented! Look how cute we are!” 
Riley beams, bright and happy, and Sun thinks it’s so wonderful that you’re able to get along well with the kids. He twirls a crayon around in his hand, idly spinning it across metal joints and silicon, then returns to doodling across the paper in front of him. Long limbs have pretzeled their way into sitting at one of the kid’s tables not too far from your own. 
“When I grow up,” Riley continues in a steadfast voice, “I’m gonna marry you. And we’ll get a biiiiig house with lotsa puppies! And kitties!” 
“Lotsa puppies and kitties, huh?” you ask as you set the drawing down on the table and pull Riley closer so you can set them on your lap. You pinch at their chubby little cheek. “You ready for that much responsibility, squirt?” 
Riley nods. Sun rests his chin on his palm, propped up on one of his legs. The hand holding his crayon continues to doodle. “Yeah! We’re gonna feed ‘em, and we’re gonna walk ‘em, and dress ‘em up!” 
You hum out a response, but by then Sun is lost in his thoughts. It’s cute, he tells himself again, gaze not really seeing what’s before him as he glances at you and Riley. Humans and their little dreams. Their bonds and their emotions. The freedom they hold within their grasps. Silly, silly humans. Silly, silly, silly.
Sun looks down at his drawing. You and him, standing in front of a little house. Free as can be to live under a bright blue sky with puffy, cotton-candy clouds. He wonders what that is like. To live with someone so closely. Being there when they wake up and when they fall asleep. Seeing them at their highs and their lows. He wonders if that is even feasible, for someone like him. The freedom he dreams about rests just beyond the tips of his artificial fingers. He tilts his head to the side and releases the tight grip he has on his crayon. 
Silly robot, he thinks to himself.
Then, he folds up the drawing and stuffs it into his pocket. 
Tumblr media
The pizzaplex, above all else, is a cold place. 
Sun knows its lights are too bright and its colors too jarring at times. It’s something he has grown used to—the only thing he has ever known, really. He is not exposed to much, with how limited his boundaries are and how restrictive the access he has to the internet is. You give him new things to ponder about. You blow away the coldness like it’s nothing. And he thinks the warmth you bring along with you is something he has perhaps always craved, deep inside. Him, modeled after the sun. Ironic, he thinks. 
You play around with the children as he tends to a checkout by the door. It’s quick work, it usually is, and he gives his regular old smile to the parents who pick up their kids and press kisses to their scrunched up little faces in greeting. 
What a concept—kissing, that is. An action done by humans to express some of their pesky little emotions. He waves away the parents and closes the door, white gaze falling on you as you laugh while you chase a few kids around. The daycare was what introduced him to all the idiosyncrasies humans have—it is the only form of contact he has with people. And it is the only way he really learns about certain things he wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 
He thinks back to Riley. He thinks about the rings he sees on humans’ fingers and the terms of endearment they call each other. He watches you spin around and lunge after another giggling kid who squeals and barely evades your grasp. You laugh—loud and carefree—then make eye contact with him for a split second. And Sun feels something strange in his chassis. Something that lights his insides on fire and makes his wires buzz in fervor. Maybe this is the warmth he’s meant to hold—that he is meant to be. His rays do a little spin. 
Then Sun does what he does best. He swoops in, snatching you up from the ground and yelling out something-or-other about kidnapping you for his very evil, very nefarious plans. All in a day’s work, at the daycare. You smile up at him—so small, so tiny in his hold—and he thinks he wouldn’t mind seeing it again and again and again. 
Tumblr media
Moon thinks about the stars often. 
He wonders what they look like, if they match the designs that dot his hat and pants. He thinks about you, standing under the night sky. Do you like the stars you see? Do you come to the daycare and compare the artificial ones plastered to the ceiling to the ones you experience every night? Moon doesn’t know if it is enough—if it will ever be enough.
He glides around the daycare on his cable, keeping a watchful eye on the slumbering kids below. You had been subjected to Riley’s grabby hands as they refused to go down without you by their side. So now you lay next to them, idly stroking their hair as they suckle on their thumb and snooze close to your chest. 
Trapped now, he’d told you when he saw Riley latched onto your leg earlier. Bedtime for you. And you simply gave him a defeated smile and caved to the whims of the child. 
Moon ponders about what that must be like—laying so close to another. Would you be as comfortable with him—with his body made of unyielding metal? Would you let him soothe you to sleep with the music box in his chest chiming out a gentle song that would waft through the air? Or maybe you would prefer another human. Hmm, another.
He remembers the kiss you had pressed to Riley’s forehead at their insistence and his fingers reach up to rub thoughtfully at his own. Pesky little emotions. His red gaze always finds itself trailing back to you, lingering on your form through the rest of naptime. And when the lights flick back on, he thinks that his time with you is always too short for him to bear. 
Tumblr media
It’s the middle of the night, long after you’ve gone home, and Moon stands in front of an arcade machine that’s turned off. He stares at his reflection in the dark screen, fuzzy red eyes lighting the space up in a hellish glow. One of his hands passes across his mouth smoothly—the sharp teeth that make up his grin. And he thinks back to the parents kissing their children on the cheeks. He thinks about all the ‘sweetheart’s, and the ‘baby’s, and the ‘love’s. He thinks about you. 
Moon wonders what it would be like to be human. 
To just—feel everything, all the time. To hear his heart pounding in his chest. He doesn’t have a heart—never will—but he wonders what it would be like to have one. He’d give you his heart without batting an eye, he thinks. Would you do the same for him?
He ruminates on what it would be like to hold your hand. To feel the plushness of your skin against the firmness of his metal. To look and see the difference between the two. Unnatural, he frowns. Disconnected. Two puzzle pieces that don’t fit together—not in the way he would like. He doesn’t belong to you and the thought strikes him hard enough to frazzle his wires. He imagines you with someone better suited that can live with you, grow old with you. Someone that is not him—not like him, broken and robotic as he is. 
And Moon wonders if this is what it feels like to die. To have the wires ripped from his body and turned into dust. Something nasty festers itself in his hardware, sears through him like a vicious piece of malware.
He stares down at his hands, fingers slim and painted blue. And he sees them doused in ruby red. He wonders what it is like to have it running through tiny, tiny veins. So fragile. He wonders what it is like to hold your skin between his fingers and feel it rip into shreds. His grin tightens and he shakes his head minutely. He looks back up at his reflection and a gleam of purple flashes across his pupils before he seizes it and locks it away.
Tumblr media
Eclipse stands in the middle of an empty daycare and watches as you enter through the large, castle doors. 
It’s you, you’re here. They missed you so much, you were gone for so long you were gone for so, so long. But you’re here, and you’re safe, and you’re you.
You freeze when you notice them—looking at you with a too wide smile and too sharp teeth. Their head tilts at you and before they can even process their actions, they’ve already taken several long strides up to your form. Because you’re here, with them, so close they can touch you.
You’re looking up at them with an expression they can’t quite decipher. But they know it must be adoration! It has to be, it must be, what else would it be? And they lean down and reach out two of their hands to grasp at your smaller shoulders. They can feel your heart beating through their fingers.
“I love you!” Eclipse chimes out, hunkered down over your smaller figure. Casting you in their deep, deep shadow. And then they curl down to press the gleaming metal of their grin against your forehead. Again and again and again. I love you I love you I love you so much it hurts what are you doing to us don’t you know this hurts? You smile (you’re smiling, right? You have to be!) at him—confused, sincere maybe—your fingers balled into fists. And Eclipse thinks that if they were to dig through their software, through lines and lines of code, they’d find a little version of you there. Infecting them—constantly there with your kindness and your adoration. Their grin twitches, their eyes upturn. “Marry me!”
You say nothing, only look up at them, but that’s okay! That’s okay, it’s okay it’s okay, right? They are bubbling and boiling alive with the fire that runs through their wires. And they have never wished so desperately before to be human. So they can be with you—outside, under the stars, under the sun the real sun—and hold you, and treasure you until the end of time until you both die.
They think about you and them, standing in front of a little house in a field of lavender and cerulean flowers. They think about waking up with you and going to sleep with you. They think about the softness of your skin and the brightness of your smile. The blood in your veins that can so easily spill over their fingers. 
And they know they are not human. They know you will grow old and you will inevitably move on—leaving them for a place they cannot reach. 
But still, they think, they will love you until the end of your life. And until the end of theirs.
Tumblr media
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impossiblesuitcase · 6 months
Can you maybe write a fic of Kai or cinder explaining to the other, or both of them explaining to someone else the concept of “yes obviously i occasionally find other women/men attractive but that dosent mean that I am ATTRACTED to other women/men.”
‘Princess Winter offered him a docile, close-lipped smile. 
“The honour is mine, Your Imperial Majesty.” Drifting closer, she pressed a light kiss to Kai’s bruised cheek. His insides turned to goo. He had the presence of mind to be grateful Cinder wasn’t witnessing this exchange, because something told him he’d never hear the end of it.’ - Winter, Chapter Nineteen.
Laws of Attraction
“So, when Jacin said: ‘I serve my princess,’ you thought he meant…”
Cinder covers her eyes. “Me.”
Kai lays his hand on her leg, chuckling. “Okay, if you didn’t know him well at the time—I understand the mistake. But now…”
Cinder groans, not sure whether she feels justified in her misinterpretation or self-centred. What she isn’t sure is as to why she’s baring her revolutionary mishaps to the one person she wants to think her cool.
Or, maybe he’s the only person who should know that she isn’t.
Kai taps her knee rhythmically—a very intimate gesture that she is dumbstruck by but will mourn if he stops. It’s so…couple-y that she wonders if two months into the relationship is too early for this. At least it’s not in public; they’re in the queen’s solar to discuss reparative efforts for the revolution’s aftermath. They’ve pushed their chairs leg-to-leg, armrest-to-armrest. Torin just left them with a list of points and a deadline. They haven’t discussed any of them.
“He’s hard to read, that Sir Clay,” Kai continues in a drawl. He morphs his face into perfect neutrality, with a hint of underlying snark and judgement. “No feelings whatsoever.”
A laugh jumbles out of her. “Since when do you do such great impersonations!”
He grins. “I watched that impassive face for a long time when he was Sybil’s guard. You know, I bet I could make him crack if I really tried…” he ponders.
Cinder leans her head on his shoulder. “We have to give him some”—a yawn—“credit. He does love Winter, and everything he did, he did for her. That’s almost as fierce a loyalty as Wolf to Scarlet.”
“Or Kai to Cinder.”
Heat rushes through her body, palpable even in her metal phalanges.
Kai hums, looking thoughtfully into empty space. “And it’s not like everyone else that falls over Winter’s beauty the moment they see her. Jacin is genuine.”
Her eyes flutter closed, sleepy from painkillers and safe in his company. She runs over his words a few times before forming the question: “What about you? Did you think she was beautiful?”
“Of course.”
All is silent for a breath.
“I mean, she’s obviously beautiful,” he stumbles to correct himself. “Anyone could see that.”
“Uh, not to say that I’m attracted to her or anything.”
She peers up at him. “Isn’t that what finding her beautiful means?”
He stops tapping her knee and hauls his hands up, assuring, “No, Cinder. Stars, I lo-like you. No amount of other beautiful girls is going to change that.”
She pulls away from his shoulder. “Sure.”
His mouth is hanging, a sudden panic in his eyes. She stares pointedly at her lap.
“Cinder,” he murmurs shakily. “Winter is a beautiful person, inside and out. But”—he brushes hair from her face, cupping her cheek—“you are the most beautiful to me.”
His adam’s apple bobs, then he rushes to take her hand into his, kissing it thrice.
She looks at him. “Kai.”
“Yes?” he says quickly.
Laughter tremors in her chest. “I’m messing with you.”
“…You!” Kai squeezes his eyes shut, exhaling deeply.
She retrieves her hands, holding them up in an erring surrender. “Sorry, but it was too easy! Of course you find Winter beautiful—everyone does.” She smiles wickedly. “Even I know when other guys are good-looking.”
Kai shakes his head, at himself or her or both she doesn’t know. “Oh yeah?”
Speaking of good-looking, the way his hair is gelled back and his blue dress shirt is colouring his skin is doing funny things to her gut. The hilarity of the situation has not fully tempered the sincerity that was his confession.
He is so gorgeous.
A shrug. “You can’t deny Wolf and Jacin are handsome.”
As though he’d put previous thought into it, he nods. Then his tongue juts out between his lips. “And…?”
A single name, a boisterous, loud, obnoxious personality lodges into their minds.
They share a soured cringe.
“I cannot ever voice that out loud.”
“Me neither.”
Cinder bites her bottom lip, a little guilty despite her amusement. “I am sorry: I didn’t mean to make you freak out. I don’t blame you for finding someone else attractive. Doesn’t change how I feel about you.” Nothing could at this point. So much so that she’s dreading his forthcoming departure. Because he may change; his miraculous, serendipitous feelings for her may crash in a mercurial meteor strike. But she will go on loving him.
Once (if) that happens, she’ll be a lonely queen on her lonely rock. A lonely girl without her lonely boyfriend.
Kai lowers his lashes, turning to face her in his seat. He’s suddenly solemn. Suddenly quiet and husky. She tenses with the change.
“Cinder, other girls may be pretty, or even beautiful, but that doesn’t make them attractive to me. You do know that it’s you that’s attractive, right?”
Something in that brazen tone makes her toes tingle. “W-well, that’s the general idea of dating, isn’t…it?” she trails off.
Kai leaps out of his seat, so quick she doesn’t register it until he’s gripping the armrests of her chair and towering over her. He leans in, craning his neck to hover above her lips. This closeness, though familiar, is charged with an electric certainty that is so very unfamiliar.
“Cinder,” he whispers, eyes low and consuming. “I’ve never been more attracted to someone in my entire life.”
She gapes up at him, very acutely awake. His hair tickles her cheek as he kisses her hanging lower lip, feather-light and tantalising.
She gulps.
Cinder has the presence of mind to be grateful that no one else—not Thorne nor Iko or even Jacin—is witnessing this exchange, because something tells her she’d never hear the end of it.
I don’t steal Marissa’s lines, I bedazzle them.
Okay I promise this is my last fic for a while then I shall crawl into my little hovel so you don’t get sick of me.
Kai makes Jacin crack
@cindersassasin @hayleblackburn @spherical-empirical @salt-warrior @just2bubbly @gingerale2017 @zephyr-thedragon @holdmysparks @oceanspray5 @icarusignite @slmkaider @luna-maximoff-22 @cosmicnovaflare @kaixiety
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springfallendeer · 4 months
Strange but pleasant (Vampire!Sun x Reader)
Guess what? Sun eats ass. Or at least that’s the main plot of this fic.
Extra spicy and explicit.
Sluts Ima tag because I can: @pulsarsatellite @xnanosilverx @juicyyyboxxx @feralmoonlight @saburo-kyoto
Anticipation can be such an uncomfortable thing. The knowledge that you’re about to do something new and potentially unpleasant has a way of paving way for internal anxiety. A subdued fear of the unknown and the unexpected. The unpleasant pondering of all of the potential ‘what ifs’ that might take place.
What if you make a mess?
What if it hurts?
What if you actually get hurt?
These questions and so many more ran through your head as you anxiously awaited your partner for the evening.
Ultimately, you need not wait long. The faint clicking of the door pierces the silence. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the sound. A blush finds its way to your cheek as your eyes settle upon their frame.
Sun silently enters the room.
He’s still damp from his bath. The water clings to his frigid skin. The shimmering golden markings that decorate his otherwise pale flesh have only been made more beautiful from the added glisten of the water. His halo of solar rays has shrunken down slightly.
It's no cause for concern. By now you’ve learned to read his body language fairly well. The arrowheads of light simply reduce in size when he’s feeling particularly calm or relaxed. They will disappear almost entirely in the event of him being fearful or upset.
Right now, you can tell that he’s calm. Calm and lost in his own thoughts. So much so that he’s seemingly forgotten that you were here waiting for him.
That or he’s simply lost the ability to feel shame in your presence.
His already loose bathrobe falls open as he shifts to nuzzle the towel that he’s brought with him. As the material parts, you bear witness to the bulk of his nudity.
Despite him lacking any of the immediate features worth getting embarrassed over, you cannot help but get flustered at the sight of him.
Genuinely, he and his brothers are beautiful. So utterly inhuman, but somehow so appealing to the human eye.
His body is well defined where it needs to be. Those shimmering markings on his skin only add to the appeal. He is a walking work of art.
So much so that you wind up staring more at his skin than you do at his crotch.
Though you do inevitably find yourself drawn to his crotch.
The Deity is quite peculiar where his genitals are concerned. Everything neatly tucked away behind what could be described as some sort of cloaca. You had once thought to compare it to a vagina, but it shared so few similarities. There were a pair of lips that would generally remain tightly closed, creating a perfect seal. When relaxed enough or aroused, the muscles in that area would lose their tension.
Either Sun was in the mood, or he was particularly relaxed. Because that seam between his legs was not closed. You could see the damp, pastel yellow interior of his genital pouch.
Nothing was slipping out of him yet. But something would be soon.
And that something would be slipping into you not long after.
Again the anxiety rose as your mind flew back to tonight's planned event. This was going to be new. This was going to be different. Quite possibly, it was going to be unpleasant.
Sun’s solar rays remained in their relaxed state as he finally shifted his attention to you. A smile tugs at his lips as you lock eyes with him. Shining and hypnotic. Quite literally like staring into the sun.
“Are you ready~?” Sun inquires, his voice chipper and pleasant as ever. You feel your blush burn brighter in response to his words. He’s not flustering you on purpose. You know that much. Still, you can’t help but shyly look away. He chuckles softly in response. “Are you nervous?” He asks, coming over to sit on the edge of the bed. You nod, still refusing to look at him.
“Is it... Is it going to hurt?” You question, voicing your most obvious concern. He chuckles again, reaching to put his hand on your knee.
“Not really.” Sun replies. He gently squeezes your knee. You shudder from the anticipation of the contact. “It may be unpleasant, at the start. Like when I bite you. But the discomfort makes way for pleasure rather quickly. And I’ll be making sure you’re good and ready to take me before we do anything serious.” He states. His voice is calm and reassuring, but still laced with a note of humor.
He’s not mocking you. Not intentionally. He’s just amused by how shy you’re being and he’s trying to keep the mood light. The more casual he is about the subject, the more you’ll relax.
Thankfully, it works. The way that he begins to run his hand up your leg also helps. Because the contact is pleasant.
He’s very gentle with you, but perfectly willing to use more force if that’s what you’re in the mood for. You like that about him. He cares about you but he isn’t afraid to relax and give in to his own urges so long as you’re comfortable.
That was sort of what led to this whole situation. He had mentioned it in passing and you couldn’t help but find yourself at least a little curious.
Nervous as you were, you were still excited. That hungry glint in his eyes only added to it.
Whenever that glint was there, you knew you’d be in for a fun experience.
“I-I’m ready~” You admit, giving Sun the OK to get started.
He responds with a chuckle. An almost devious sounding chuckle.
“Not quite~” Sun teases, pushing his hand further up your leg.
For a moment you anticipate where his fingers might end up. He goes outside your realm of expectations by simply bringing his hand up to part your robe. As he does so, he leans slightly to peer down at you.
“Roll over, Star~” He commands.
There’s no denying how you shake as you begin to comply.
He uses his hand to hold down the edge of your robe so your arms slide free as you move. The material becomes something for you to rest your stomach on as you settle down.
Once that’s done, he brings his hand back to your leg. An aroused purr escapes him as he begins to caress the back of your thigh. His cold fingers coax goosebumps into forming upon your skin. You haven’t quite gotten used to the contrast between your body and his, at least in terms of temperature.
As he shifts to get onto the bed behind you, you shift to bury your face in your arms. You aren’t quite sure what you expect him to do. All you can really focus on is the feel of his hands caressing your skin.
That and your embarrassment.
He squeezes your thighs as he pushes his hands upwards, simply enjoying the feel of your body. When his hands find your arse, he squeezes there as well. But the squeezing has a different purpose. He spreads your cheeks with his grip, exposing you fully to his view.
A soft whine escapes you as you feel his eyes studying you. You can’t help but mentally pray that he doesn’t make any comments or offer any embarrassing questions. A lot of prep work went into this. You had followed all of the instructions that he gave you.
His hands leave you for a moment as he makes himself comfortable behind you. You feel him lay down. Your legs wind up pinned under his arms as he relaxes.
Then his hands return. He spreads your cheeks once more.
For a moment, you feel more embarrassed knowing how much closer his face has gotten to you.
Then a startled hiss works its way past your lips as you feel it. He presses his mouth against you. His tongue begins to drag against your anus.
Despite having been told that he would be doing this, you can’t help but be startled by the contact. Startled to the point that you stiffen up. You practically throw your head up, eyes wide, as you stare straight ahead at the wall.
What a strange sensation.
His tongue is as soft and hot as it's ever been. His breath is heated against your flesh.
It's something you should be familiar with. But the fact that he’s licking you in such a forbidden area somehow makes it so strange. You can’t tell if you hate it or if you’re just surprised.
Not at first, at least.
Hearing Sun humming contently to himself as he licks your arse is certainly having something of an effect.
Or maybe it's the surprisingly pleasant motions of his tongue. You aren’t quite sure. Ultimately, you decide that you don’t exactly hate it. It's still strange. Especially so because of who it is that’s doing this to you.
A God was the last person that you would expect to be into this.
A God was the last person you’d expect to ever eat your ass.
Yet here you were. Flat on your stomach with the Solar Deity pressing his tongue through that tight ring of muscles. You shudder at the sensation of him slipping his tongue inside of you.
Still strange. Less unpleasant than before.
The heat of his mouth is nice. His breath mists over your lower area in a pleasant manner. Without directly touching you there, he’s stimulating your vulva.
Mentally, you curse this position. He’s getting you worked up. You crave more stimulation. The urge to touch yourself is there, but you can’t. Not with him holding you down with his body.
You can’t even bring yourself to ask. All you can do is impatiently wait for him to get you prepped.
Sun takes his sweet time doing that, seemingly enjoying what he’s doing.
The more he strokes you with his tongue, the more pleasant it gets. He licks you in short, clockwise motions. Slowly. So that he can get your arse nice and relaxed for the events to come.
Until at last he pulls his mouth away.
“Don’t hide your voice~” Sun purrs, taking a moment to kiss your lower back.
You didn’t realize it, but you’ve been repressing your moans. A shaky breath escapes you as you feel him scrape his teeth against the small of your back.
He’s not going to bite you there. That would be a tedious area to look after. But he certainly teases you as if he might.
When you let that first moan slip past your lips, he chuckles and pulls his teeth away from your back.
“Good girl~” He coos. He then shifts behind you. He moves into a kneeling position and pulls your hips to get you on your knees.
An embarrassed squeak escapes you as you feel his pelvis press against your arse. The wriggling tendril he calls a penis is out and about. Which means that he’s gotten rather excited simply by tasting your arse.
“Y-you’re a little too into this~” You murmur, attempting to tease him.
He responds with an amused chuckle, before teasing you right back. That wriggling phallus of his begins to twist and bend in order to find your hole. He coaxes an embarrassed squeak out of you in doing so.
“No fair!” You yelp.
This is a mean little trick of his. He’s got his hands firmly on your hips as he uses the dexterity of his manhood to feel around.
He has no business being this nimble with his phallus. His phallus has no business being able to move around so freely.
You have no business enjoying it this much when he teases you with his little display.
“You can’t lie to me, Star~” Sun hums, before moaning quietly under his breath as he finally manages to slip inside.
You begin to pant at the peculiar feeling.
Very different from his tongue. His manhood is hot and slick. Not to mention thicker than his tongue.
So as it begins to worm its way inside of you, you cannot help but groan.
Not unpleasant.
Not painful.
Just strange.
Strange and so weirdly arousing. The mixture of the unfamiliar sensation with the excited mewls of the Deity makes for a surprisingly erotic experience.
“You-” He pauses to moan quietly, feeling your body gradually allow more of him to slip inside “-you like when I tease you~ You like feeling me slip inside, like this~ Holding your hips nice and still while I inch my way in~ Ni-ice and slow~” He purrs, his voice escaping him as something closer to a whine than to his usual friendly tone.
There’s no repressing the moan that escapes you as he utters these words.
Oh yes. You love it when he does this. When he teases.
It's more blissfully infuriating this time around, because your womanhood remains untouched. Though you twitch and throb from the anticipation of penetration, he’s made himself at home in a different hole. Even though he’s mounting you, your body seems to be insisting that he isn’t.
You can’t even find the resolve to reach between your legs to try and satisfy that urge.
Sun is pressing you into the bed with his weight. When he finally begins to move his hips, your voice escapes you as a desperate gasp.
Somehow, you feel empty and full at the same time. He’s stretched your arse out pleasantly while leaving your vulva slick and waiting.
Full, but empty.
You begin to arch your back as he rolls his hips against you.
Another new sensation. Every thrust is stimulating you in a weird way. An arousing way.
There’s a phantom touch inside you.
As he rocks against your arse, the movements somehow stimulate your womanhood from the inside. You aren’t quite sure how. You aren’t quite sure what to make of the sensation.
It's so strange and yet oh so satisfying.
He takes his time with you, at the start. Every motion of his hips is long and slow, so that you feel every inch of his manhood being swallowed up by you.
Your vulva throbs faintly from the want of stimulation. But somehow, as he picks up the pace, you feel that sweet relief of an orgasm approach.
He’s not rough with you, but he’s certainly not gentle either. Once he’s certain that your body can handle him, the power of his hips really picks up.
You’re moaning his name by the time he’s reached his usual pace. Which isn’t at all embarrassing, because he’s also moaning yours. His voice is so sweet and affectionate. Passionate, even.
Sun is warm and tender but completely unwavering in reaching his goals.
Right now, his goal is to get you off without ever touching your womanhood.
If he had told you that he could do such a thing, you would have thought that he was lying. If he had told you that he could make you orgasm while fucking you in the ass, you would have called him crass.
Yet here you were. A mess beneath him. Practically pawing at the bedding as you felt your orgasm fast approaching.
The only thing missing is the sting of his teeth. He loves to bite you when he climaxes.
At this point, you crave that split second of pain that comes before he fills you with his seed.
“Sun! B-bite!” You manage to groan out, feeling yourself teetering at the edge. So close. Oh so close to that sweet release of orgasm.
He growls erotically in response, moving his hands off of your hips. He slides them up your sides. Around to your chest. Then under your arms.
In one swift motion he pulls you up, so that you kneel with him buried completely inside of you.
He curls his back and cranes his neck to reach you with his teeth, but he finds his mark. The sweet spot on the name of your neck.
He times the delivery of the bite with your orgasm.
This isn’t a feeding. At best he takes a sip of your blood.
He bites you to mark you. You beg for the bite because you crave the sensation.
It's so strange to have an orgasm with his manhood buried in your ass.
For the first time, you feel how your anus spasms from the strength of your climax. You feel it because every contraction of your muscles results in his stiffness pressing against you in all sorts of strange places.
Still, you can’t say you hate it.
In fact, you’d have to admit that you adored the sensation.
He pulls his teeth from your flesh just as he reaches his peak. Another strange, but arousing sensation. His seed pools inside of you. Deeper than he’s ever managed to plant it before. The natural heat of his orgasm causes a peculiar warmth to settle deep inside of you.
You feel him twitching inside of you as he fills you. You hear his satisfied moan as he reaches that point of sweet relief.
Then he just holds you like that for a while. Flush against him. His manhood buried in your arse.
He satisfies his thirst by lapping up the blood that trickles from the wound he’s inflicted upon you.
You can do nothing but gasp for breath and tremble from the lingering stimulation.
Somehow, you’re more aroused than before. Aroused and desperate to be filled.
Not in the ass. You want him in the proper hole this time.
“S-Sun~...” You murmur, your voice escaping you as a needy whine.
He chuckles. He chuckles his sweet, knowing chuckle.
He already knows what you want. As such he pulls his mouth away from your neck so that he can steal your lips in a kiss.
“After you catch your breath~” Sun purrs, letting his lips brush against yours as he speaks. “As many times as you want~ Whichever hole you like~ Just steady your breathing, and we’ll continue~” He hums, whispering sweet promises against your mouth.
His words only prove to increase your arousal.
He has no business being this erotic. A God has no business being this crude. Saying such enticing words with his phallus buried in your ass.
Still, you tremble from the anticipation of it.
You want him in the right hole.
Then, maybe if you still have the energy, he can have your arse again. After all, you had gotten used to it by this point.
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xiaoluclair · 12 days
6. eyelid kisses // lestappen // [ rating: G ]
Tumblr media
[First Class, 3.6kg] Package for:
[First Class, 0.01kg] Accompanying letter: Salvation.
Tumblr media
Max Verstappen goes missing on April 1st 2026. It is not an April Fool's joke. Still, it doesn't stop Charles checking his shower every evening, the undersides of hotel-brand soap bars, just in case. Maybe it's all a bad dream.
(It isn't.)
Tumblr media
On March 31st 2026, they have an argument. Charles hardly remembers how it started. He remembers Max though: smell sour, there in the apartment but not There. He remembers how it ends: grabbing his keys, the glow of Jimmy's eyes from the end of the hallway, the door slamming.
He remembers after:
Just come home, Max texted.
Charles didn't.
Tumblr media
No one questions the fact that Charles is the one who first reports him gone. Mainly because only a few people know he did: Christian Horner, the Kumpen-Verstappens, Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris.
Christian is unavoidable. He calls Victoria first. Pierre is his best friend. Lando dreams it.
Christian exercises 'ignorance is bliss' for the most part. How do you know? he asked.
He didn't come home, answered Charles.
He could've Died, offered Christian after another moment. Charles can just about hear his heartbeat over the line. It's too fast for the truth — besides, they both know April is not anywhere near September.
Tumblr media
They'd been fighting. The people who know: Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen.
(The people who know: Charles Leclerc.)
It was over inconsequential things, mainly. His therapist, when he asked her a hypothetical — say two people kept getting annoyed over silly things — said, Often, it can be a deeper problem.
How would they know that? said Charles, worrying over his claws.
Usually by asking about it. By talking about it.
They don't though. Maybe that's the problem.
Tumblr media
"If you still could, pizza or pasta?" Carlos asks him.
"Pasta," says Charles automatically. It must be the eighth time he has been asked this year.
"Monaco or Italy?"
"Monaco, of course."
"Sunset or sunrise?" Carlos asks him. That's a new one. For this year, anyway.
Charles says, "Neither."
"Neither," repeats Carlos, grinning. "Not even sunset?"
Charles shakes his head.
"Then what is your favorite time of day?"
Smiling, chest caving in on itself, Charles looks out at the docks at the bright blue sky. "Right now."
Tumblr media
Charles goes through motions:
Racing, because he loves it. (Supposedly if you go fast enough, you can travel through time.)
Hunting, because he has to feed. (There Earth is not limitless; the hiding places are not endless.)
Reading, because it is good to pass the time. (Mysterious Disappearances of the Nineteenth Century.)
Tumblr media
He finds multiple accounts of people disappearing on their Death day or within the few days prior.
Maybe it is far-fetched. April 1st is 182 days before Max's Birthday. 182 is not a significant number on any of the solar, lunar or beluar calendars.
Still. Before, he would stay up, kiss the skin over Max's blue eyes as they dreamt.
Then he would go for walks, think about kissing the skin over Max's blue eyes as they dreamt.
Now he collates excerpts, photocopied library documentation, Wikipedia articles. Soon he'll have enough to write his own dissertation probably. Why The Love Of Your Life Randomly Disappeared: The 143 Possibilities.
Tumblr media
[First Class, 4.2kg] Package for:
[First Class, 0.01kg] Accompanying letter: Find my son.
Tumblr media
Do you think he's just pissy because he hasn't Changed yet? Pierre pondered.
Charles, pacing and unable to find the solace he'd hoped for, shook his head. Max would not be like that.
Have you asked him?
No, was the answer. He hadn't. I do not need to.
Pierre's nose wrinkles. Charles remembers that Fae hate being lied to.
Tumblr media
Two days into Summer Break, he flies to Switzerland.
"Charles," says Sebastian when he opens the door. "Nice hat."
"Thank you," smiles Charles, touching the finishing sun hat to his shoulder-to-ankle dungarees. "I wanted to ask you a favor." And, before he has pried off his shoes, reaches into the bag on his back and pulls out the 2021 WDC trophy. The replica, anyway.
Sebastian takes it carefully. "Come on," he says. "This could take a while."
Tumblr media
They come up empty.
"Maybe," starts Sebastian, stops. "Go in with it."
Charles steps into the Ponogan immediately. He's beyond questioning things now. If Sebastian asks him to cut off a leg, he will. He sits, curling his legs around the trophy, fingers finding the row of MAX VERSTAPPEN, MAX VERSTAPPEN, MAX VERSTAPPEN.
Sebastian closes his eyes. The runes on his chest glow louder than before. A large beating fills Charles's ears.
It quietens down after a minute.
Sebastian blinks. He looks at Charles; he smells apologetic. "He is not Gone," he says.
Which is better than he had before, so. "Thank you," says Charles.
Tumblr media
In Suzuka, Charles meets Victoria Verstappen. Meets again.
"He said he was having dreams," she says after she has ushered them back into Charles's Driver Room. "He just did not want to worry anyone."
"Dreams?" asks Charles. Of course he didn't.
Victoria nods. "Weird ones, every night. He never told me what they were about, but. He mentioned God one time."
"Max does not believe in God," says Charles, because he cannot think of much else.
"I know," says Victoria. "And he was still Human. I think he thought he was going crazy, Charles."
Why didn't he tell me?
Because it's Max. His brick-headed, independent Max who bulldozers through it all in bright spaces. Because it's Charles. Brick-headed, independent Charles who shoves it all down in dark corners. Because Pierre said have you asked and his therapist said have you asked and Charles said why would I.
Max had been worried about not Changing. Just not for any of the reasons Pierre considered.
Max, who had been having dreams.
Max, who had been having Dreams.
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly, Lando does not take kindly to Charles turning up at his hotel room after the race in the middle of the night.
"I need your help," he says. "Please."
Lando stares at him, nose buttoned up at his soggy clothes. He replies, at last, "Come grab a towel first."
Max does not believe in God; neither does Charles. Let this work, he prays as he steps across the doorway. Let this work.
Tumblr media
Lando finds him still at the hotel three days later, slightly wet with rain. Yuki's signature takes up the front of his hoodie. "I got a thing," he says. "Woke up with it in my hand."
He shoves a flimsy notebook tear-off into his hands. One edge is tentacled; it came off a ring-binder. Charles unfolds it, "Thank you, thank you—" please, please—
Tumblr media
On September 30th 2026, Charles has nothing more than dreams. Almost. Not quite though, not anymore.
Come Home, the note says.
The dining room light is on. He should have more on him than apartment keys and a phone, but that only occurs after he walks through the door. Max looks up from the far seat, a ring of light around his head.
Charles doesn't remember the distance from the entrance to the table being so long.
"I am home," he whispers into Max’s whitened hair. It is soft on his cheek. His nose bumps against the light stapled to Max's skull, his forehead. "You are home." Max clutches at his back.
He pulls away, points to his mouth. Opens it. A hoarse sound comes out. Charles thinks, okay, nods. And then Max points to his face, to the side of his nose-bridge. Charles blinks away his own surprise, leans down and Max's lashes flutter.
"We will figure it out," he promises. "Together."
He kisses the skin over Max's golden eyes.
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terrence-silver · 6 months
Omg I saw, "20. trying to buy the moon for their S/O because everything else wouldn’t be enough.", and I just KNOW this is literally what Terry would do. My heart lol
Tumblr media
-"Mr. Silver, I assure you, it is not legally enforceable to..."- He interrupts her, slurping his tea. Loudly. Obnoxiously so, maintaining eye contact with her, one finger raised as he sipped from his ceramic cup. Petulant. Challenging her.
Margaret shakes her head. This was quite a difficult morning.
More difficult than most other mornings tended to be, surely.
-"Don't yank my chain! With enough cash, everything is legally enforceable! And I've plenty of that! C'mon!"- Because there he was, in the bathtub, yelling, twirling his fingers at her, setting down the fine china like a clink and trying to convince her, that this was in fact, yes, doable. A notion that could be logically and plausibly conceived of. An idea quite honestly more ludicrous than when he wanted to commission Whitney Houston to sing a pro-envirometal jingle for a Dynatox fundraiser commercial back in 1981. This was, perhaps, slightly more ludicrous, that was a given. And she has heard her share of dastardly propositions while in this here employ. -"But, sir,"- Margaret utilizes patience, and tries. Oh, does she try hard to explain, as diplomatically and as professional as she possibly can without snapping and shooting back with a countering, curt: 'Listen here, you little Twat!’ no matter how much Terry Silver would've been amused by that. She has been trying to talk him out of this for the better half of the past two hours now. -"This is the moon we're talking about, all due respect."-
The moon.
The moon itself.
-"So!?"- With a pursed, irritated look, he tilts his head, taking a drag out of his cigar.
-"If the Emir of Qatar or wherever the fuck could buy himself a whole star..."- He rambles, sounding borderline angry and envious as he crushes the tobacco in a nearby crystal ashtray and Margaret raises an eyebrow. Terry Silver, really quite honestly, was a bit of an overgrown child. Resentful that someone did a thing and he didn't. -"The Emir of Qatar, sir, if I may correct, only bought the formal and strictly honorary right to name the star. He doesn't actually own it. And that was only due to his generous donation to the space program that made the discovery."- She articulates, slowly, and while the act of utilizing money to impart a name upon a heavenly body was already an eccentricity all by itself, someone owning the moon that orbits the Earth could've been an elaborate joke if Margaret Spencer didn't know Mr. Silver absolutely wasn't joking. No. He meant it. He really meant things like this. -"Bullshit! Sounds like a personal problem!"- He snorts, throwing his head back, unimpressed. -"Like someone didn't think big enough."-
Oh, big enough, Margaret ponders.
When is big big enough even?
Big enough, as in, half of the solar system? A Billionaire space race?
-"Language.”- She chides, like a mother chides a son spewing obscenities. -”And, sir, if I may,"- Letting her voice grow firmer, hiding exasperation as she pushes her spectacles up. -"While I do not pertain to get involved in the personal, I will still take the liberty to conclude this is on the basis of intimate attachments,"- Shoulders straight, she goes for it. Terry Silver wanted to buy you the moon ever since you came into his life. In fact, one of the many things on his elaborate to-do list of the things he should get you were sport cars, mansions, private islands, yachts and now, a satellite. Her job, among others, as his personal assistant and secretary was to make sure all these plans became reality. To a reasonable extent. Had to draw the line here. That's why she was so close to Terry Silver. Because she could call him out on things few of his employees would dare to. Never in a million years did she believe she would be giving amorous advices to a lovestruck man richer than Onassis. -"I am quite certain they don't really need the actual moon to be happy."- Margaret Spencer allows herself a moment of heartfelt sincerity and Terry looks at her from the tub, really looks at her, as if pondering those words, fingers playing with the residue ash in the tray. Like the idea of someone not needing the moon to be happy was, well, downright incomprehensible. Margaret gives him a moment. Terry Silver always needed a moment to process things. She was just as equally ready to suggest a choice of restaurants he can, instead of colonizing planets, arrange a date on. Far more achievable and withing Margaret Spencer's paygrade. Even though her paygrade was sinfully substantial enough to justify just about anything.
Tracing his lower lip with his thumb, Mr. Silver murmurs, to himself, seemingly.
-"Not need the moon, huh?"- Sounds like he was measuring that thought. Only to speak up again, with more tenacity. Oh, no. Goodness gracious. -"Right! Screw the moon! How about..."- His eyes light up in mirth, wheels working overtime in his mind and he nearly splashes the foam out of his tub as he jolts. -"A priceless moonstone!? One of those bullshit things that can be placed, into, I don't know, a crown!"-
A crown?
He seems so pleased with that one. She sighs, adhering to it, supposing his next idea could've bene even more explosive, making a note of it in her schedule book. Penning down their people at Cartier as one of the go-to's as he smiled at her, wide, toothy like the Cheshire cat that got the last of the cream. Margaret concluded d that was more achievable of a goal than something lightyears away in the space's atmosphere. And rare meteorites of all varieties weren't that impossible to come by. Negotiations concluded.
Mr. Silver was complicated when he was in love.
Not that she's ever seen him this taken.
He never did want to buy anyone the moon but you.
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fymoonbyul · 2 months
[INTERVIEW] Solar and Moonbyul on the creation of MAMAMOO+: “It was a road we had to achieve at some point” | NME Magazine
The MAMAMOO duo also talk to NME about ‘Act 1, Scene 1’, milestones in their solo careers and their upcoming US tour.
Tumblr media
Arriving from a small K-pop agency in 2014, few had expected MAMAMOO – made up of vocal queens Solar, Wheein, Moonbyul and Hwasa – to take the K-pop industry by storm. But they came, they saw and they conquered, breaking stereotypes and pushing artistic boundaries far and wide. Though it’s a calmer phase for them as a group now, as they look to shine in equal parts together and individually, their journey is a continuing source of creative surprises.
This time, Solar and Moonbyul join forces as MAMAMOO+, the first sub-unit of the quartet, to put out their single album ‘Act 1, Scene 1’. But as the duo explain to NME over Zoom, the dawning of this project was not a matter of if, but when. “We have spent a lot of time together since our trainee days,” Moonbyul says earnestly. “We fought sometimes, we agreed sometimes, and we had a lot of experiences to come this far. Becoming a unit wasn’t that difficult, and it was more of a road we had to achieve at some point.”
‘Act 1, Scene 1’ is the overture to their new zeitgeist, which Solar and Moonbyul first previewed last August with the digital single ‘Better’ with BIG Naughty. The three-song project melds their buoyant personalities with shapeshifting pop melodies, encompassing a well-known balance off and stage. “We felt the good parts we individually had supported each other, and the lacking parts were also fulfilled,” Solar adds smiling, her voice always poised throughout the conversation.
Here, both K-pop artists talk about their synergy, devising ‘Act 1, Scene 1’, last year’s solo milestones and MAMAMOO’s upcoming North American tour.
Tumblr media
When did you start conceptualising ‘Act 1, Scene 1’ and how was the decision-making process to better reflect the artistry MAMAMOO+ want to construct?
Solar: “Preparing for this unit isn’t something we did overnight. We had a lot of concerns and a lot of questions about which [creative direction] we should take. With all the pondering from last year, the actual time when we started to work on [‘Act 1, Scene 1’], it didn’t take that long.”
Moonbyul: “We have been wanting to do the unit for a while now, but it really came together when we started to prepare for our US tour. The identity we want [to achieve] as MAMAMOO+ is for our music to have a happy vibe.”
You mentioned that putting together a unit was the hardest – compared to MAMAMOO as a whole or your solo releases – because of the differences in opinions that may arise. Were there any creative discrepancies when outlining this record?
Moonbyul: “When [we are working as soloists], we create our own ideas, and there’s no other [perspective] to contrast or compare, while as a group, we all work together, and there’s a company behind what route MAMAMOO [should take]. But as a unit, it’s something between. The musical part wasn’t a big problem because we did brainstorming since last year, so that was okay. But some of the difficult parts were, for example, the design of the album cover and those [kinds of details]. It wasn’t necessarily a big conflict, but we [needed to] come with those different pieces and work together.”
MAMAMOO+ signifies “adding something to MAMAMOO to glow in a different colour”, and it could be said that your B-side, ‘Chico Malo’, embodies this concept the most because it is fierce and compelling. Why did you go this sonic direction, and how does it relate with the message you want to convey?
Solar: “The song ‘Chico Malo’ is very strong, and we thought a lot about how we should put the video, the outfits and the style of the song [together]. We wanted to combine the modern with the traditional because we really feel it matches the [vibe] of the song, and that’s why the lyrics are [very poetic]. They can reveal the beauty of Korea.”
Title track ‘GGBB’ depicts a dangerous and exciting love atop a mellifluous production. It feels the polar opposite of ‘Chico Malo’, but both songs have a lyrical connection. What made you choose ‘GGBB’ as the title track of ‘Act 1, Scene 1’?
Solar: “We want to show a lot of different aspects and different styles of music as MAMAMOO+, and to do that, we considered both ‘Chico Malo’ and ‘GGBB’ [as candidates] to be the title track. But overall, in real life and as a group, we’re very bright and positive so we really wanted to show that side.”
Of all the three songs on your new album, which one is the one you cherish the most?
Solar: “For me, it’s ‘GGBB’ because, of course, it’s our title track. But [I cherish] all the songs from this album.”
Moonbyul: “Our fan song ‘LLL’ is the one that we created together with the most coming back and forth in opinions. So this is the track I feel like it’s something I’m pretty attached to.”
Moonbyul, you recently won The Second World, the reality TV competition that put your singing abilities centre stage. What are some of the emotions you will forever treasure from this experience?
Moonbyul: “[The Second World] was a great program, and at first, I had difficulties [thinking about] whether I should be part of it or not. But I had a lot of support from our fans and I had great support from my members as well. They always gave me confidence and energy and they gave me a reason to be part of this show. That’s what I will remember the most.”
You’re also the most credited female idol in the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). This creative autonomy is essential to your musicality, and it has become more prominent throughout the years. What does songwriting mean to Moonbyul?
Moonbyul: “I was pretty amazed [to know] I’m one of the highest female artists that [are credited] in KOMCA. At first, this process of writing lyrics was very stressful, but there were many supporting me from behind. As time went by, I could see my work being accumulated in KOMCA and I felt very proud. I hope I can continue to be part of creating lyrics and producing songs as well. And songwriting really means a lot to me because it [represents] my musical freedom. I can challenge different genres and the lyrics I want to write, and that freedom really helps me become a better artist and a better producer.”
Solar, your portrayal of dancer Mata Hari marked your debut as a leading actress in a musical last year. What’s something that you learned while personifying such a complex and enigmatic character?
Solar: “Being a singer and idol compared to a musical artist is very, very different. Musical artists are someone that have to sing on stage, and at the same time, they also have to act as a different person. This [experience] was very challenging because I had to show the audience all the details, the feelings and the meaning of [Mata Hari], so expressing that through acting was something that I wasn’t very aware of and I didn’t have that much experience with. It was a new stage and a very difficult time, but I really enjoyed it.”
And how do you feel about the artist and the person you have grown to be?
Solar: “Oh, this is a difficult question! [laughs]. Since I was a trainee, I’ve always wanted to be an artist that could heal people and transmit positive energy to those that listen to my music. And as MAMAMOO, as a unit and as a soloist, I think I’ve worked to show that exact vibe and this brightness that I have to the fans. But the thing is, I have very high standards and expectations, and I always have different goals that I want to achieve. As an artist, I feel there’s still a long road ahead for me, and now it’s a process where I’m going towards that final goal I have in mind.”
Tumblr media
‘Act 1, Scene 1’ has been described as the start of MAMAMOO+, and your objective is to create expectations about the future steps. Do you already have a new chapter in mind?
Moonbyul: [Laughs] “Yes, of course! We do have a lot of plans, but it’s very early to reveal the details of [what’s coming next]. However, what we’re going to do is to meet a lot of fans – both in South Korea and overseas. It could be a concert, or it could be a fanmeet, but we want to meet them.”
Speaking of new chapters, MAMAMOO recently announced their long-awaited US stops for the first world tour, ‘MY CON’. How are you currently feeling, and what are some of your hopes for these concerts?
Moonbyul: “This is the first time we’re actually going on a US tour, so we are very, very excited to meet our fans there. We are preparing a lot, but at the same time, we are a bit worried if there will be a lot of MooMoos that are going to be part of the show. We hope to meet every single MooMoo in the States that we haven’t seen in person. That’s something we are looking forward to.”
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crystalsenergy · 1 year
mercury in houses - solar return chart 🌞🌄
Tumblr media
mercury in 1st house: this placement can signify a tendency to have a greater agitation and movement in your mind regarding who you have been. it can be a solar return where you step forward in order to get to know yourself, to know your personality. it may be that your mind is also more agitated and impatient. keyword: self-knowledge.
mercury in 2nd house: in this solar return you can be made to think more about financial, material matters. this placement can also represent a year in which you will study investments. keyword: financial education.
mercury in 3rd house: solar return that could be related to bringing more learning in some area of ​​your life, it can be a year with a lot of mental movement, searching for knowledge and even a year of meeting new people or simply having to communicate most. keyword: communication.
mercury in 4th house: this solar return may be a time when you're being led to think more about emotional issues, and even about your past in terms of your family roots and origins. a year in which your mind can tend to make more emotional reads about the world. keyword: emotional memory.
mercury in 5th house: it's a time to work with creativity, to allow your mind to express its creative potential. in this solar return, you can be led to exercise more your creative power, being more expressive and direct about what you feel, demonstrating through communication what is in your heart. keyword: expression.
mercury in 6th house: a solar return where you can be made to think more about health matters, your mind can be influenced to think things through in a more rational and methodical way. keyword: rational thinking.
mercury in 7th house: this placement on the solar return chart could mean a year with more judgments to be made, your mind may be more focused on thinking about your interpersonal relationships, especially romantic ones. you may be driven to solve problems for yourself or others, especially love ones. keyword: mental ponderings.
mercury in 8th house: your mind may be more focused on knowing more occult, deep and mystical subjects. this can be a time to process things more internally, to have more introspection. keyword: curiosity and mental investigation.
mercury in 9th house: this solar return can be a time of greater mental wandering about the world around you, it can be a time to get to know other philosophies of life/religions or simply delve into something you already know. desire to express your beliefs more openly and even with a certain fervor. keyword: mental journey.
mercury in 10th house: it is time for a mind that can become more practical, seeking some fertile ground to make plans blossom. mind that may be thinking more about career and goals to be achieved. keyword: mental planner.
mercury in 11th house: a time when your mind can be more focused on social issues or on integrating more into groups and expanding your intellectual experiences. it can also represent a time to put dreams into practice. keyword: social activity
mercury in 12th house: time to use creativity (or work internally with your creativity and imagination). it can be a good time for self-reflection and introspection. keyword: sensitivity.
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fdq666roadie-blog · 1 year
ISWM Codes
I’ve been pondering about this all freaking night, so I had to do a little bit of research. Codes so far: Aphrodite _PRESIDENT H Zeus _HES AS SITS AN Kronos _D A AND ST HERO I think each code we get represents a different main character from WKM while also refer to a planet in our solar system. Aphrodite refers to Venus Zeus refers to Jupiter Kronos refers to Saturn Aphrodite: The Aphrodite code appears in the scene with Pam slapping Mark. Pam is also the one who played Celine, so Aphrodite is probably representing Celine. Zeus: The Zeus code appears in the scene where Mick gets shot. Mick also played Abe. And Abe was a cop. Zeus was the God of law and justice. Kronos: The Kronos code appears in the newly added scene with the robot. If you look closely you can se y/n holding a gun on him, which could mean the code refers to us. Also the code says ”D A” and ”HERO”. Y/N in WKM was the DA (district attorney) and perhaps we are the actual hero of the story. Also, Kronos was the God of time, and since y/n appears in ADWM, WKM, AHWM and now ISWM, is this y/n the same character in different timelines? Next possible codes: Let's assume the upcoming codes will be one every day until the 4th April. Which leaves 4 more codes. There's 9 planets that are represented by Greek Gods aswell as our Moon and the Sun. If we stick to planets and eliminate the Moon (Artemis) and the Sun (Apollo), we get 9 possible Gods. Let's assume there will be no more female Gods, that also eliminates Earth (represented by Gaia). That leaves us with 8 planets – 8 Gods. Now, which is the final planet that will not be represented? I'd say either Pluto because it's no longer a planet (but it is!) or Uranus, because of the name and the God is also called Uranus so it may confuse people. Ares: One that I'm fairly certain we will get is Ares, the God of War. He represents Mars. He was also the lover of Aphrodite. William, the Colonel, Wilford Warfstache was Celine's lover and is also a high ranking military officer who tends to flail guns around. I'm guessing Ares is one of the upcoming codes. Hades: This one is a possibility because he somehow makes me think of Darkiplier or maybe even Damien. King of the Underworld (The Upside Down?). Representing the planet Pluto. Often associated with evil, but in the original mythology he was portrayed as passive. His role was to maintain balance. We know Darkiplier is basically trying to restore balance, right? Hades could be a future code. Uranus: Represents the planet Uranus. He is the personification of the sky and a primordial deity.Could Uranus refer to the Manor Entity? Or perhaps Actor Mark? Also, Cronus castrated Uranus and threw the genitals into the sea, thus creating Aphrodite from the sea foam. Poseidon: The God of the sea. And the sea is blue. What else is blue? Damien's aura in WKM. Poseidon represents the planet Neptune, which also is a blue planet. Poseidon was also the protecter of seafarer aswell as many colonies and cities. Damien was a mayor, a protector of a city. Hermes: Hermes is the last God and I'm having trouble placing him. He represents the planet Mercury. He was the herald of the Gods, the god of the road between the Under and the Upper world. He was able to cross boundaries into the different worlds. He was also associated with fertility male genitalia. Somehow, if Ares is not Wilford, Hermes could be a possibility.
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