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Tumblr media
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When I was eleven I went to this cabin in the woods in Montana with one adult who paid like zero attention to me and the other kids there (my brother was nine, Cassidy was ten, and Gwen was twelve) so we were just being Really Irresponsible and somehow while my brother was with Gwen he got ahold of a gun and accidentally shot a frog so he got me and Cass (who was busy trying to fix my burnt hand) (we lit a firework off and it caught me) and we put the dead frog in a toy boat and took it to a creek and set it on fire
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Tumblr media
gojo who bullies you constantly, but can’t stand seeing anyone else do the same.
tags — major nsfw, unprotected sex, oral (f!rec), mean gojo, slut shaming, gojo senpai, angst, jealous gojo, mean girls, public humiliation (not from gojo), pussy drunk, lowkey toxic, love struck gojo, cum dump, secretly in love, dacryphilia, dumbification, fingering,
notes — ignoring the new chp bc my baby boy is happy and livin life XD
Tumblr media
you hated him. he was the worst person you’ve ever met. if someone put a gun to your head and asked you to name one good thing about this man, you’d probably have to say your prayers fast because you’re dead.
“one tutor session, princess?” his teasing voice was nagging as he pressed himself beside you. you hated when this happened. when he’d sit next to you just as the lecture was about to start so you’d be stuck.
“fuck off,” you huff, trying to pull out your laptop from your bag, only for his leg to keep you from getting your bag from under your seat.
this shit wasn’t new. no, instead it’s been going on for months. and I mean months. if you’d known rejecting the satoru gojo in public, let alone, at a fundraiser hosted by his family, you’d have politely said you were in a relationship, instead of the annoyed snap you gave after he tried hitting on you for a fifth time that night.
to say you rep what you sow, is a complete and utter understatement. satoru took it too personally—not to say that it wasn’t personal, it certainly was, but still!— you’re paying for it months after the fact!
“just move it, you’re acting like a child,” the same comebacks, the same snarl in his words, nothing was new here. and yet, he still refuses to leave you alone. so you had to sit the entire lecture unable to take a single fucking note because he refused to move his leg and he knew you weren’t about to cause a scene.
“asshole,” you finally shove him, grabbing your bag as the lecture ends and storming away. desperate to catch up to a mutual friend that could maybe, possibly, give you the notes….and satoru couldn’t careless.
…his eyes though….he followed the way your skirt flowed as you ran, hitting the back of your plush thighs. soft. the slight pant in your face as you reached your male friend, cute, a bit out of breath as your entire body pressed against the guy who immediately blushed at having you so close to him.
“asshole,” he mutters to himself, grabbing his own things. his blood suddenly boiling, and his veins straining in his jaw.
the campus was big, it wasn’t some small town university. no, it was one of the best in the country. you weren’t going to pride yourself and say you were the smartest shit ever, but you still tried your absolute hardest. point being, in the large fucking campus, satoru is still able to find you.
“whatcha reading—“ you don’t have time to react as he snatches the book from your hand and holds it up to read it. his brows pinched, as he looks down to see you ignoring him and instead pulling out your laptop. “what, the silent treatment again?”
no response.
he lets out a strangled sigh, unbothered by the other people in the park that take a glance, he squats down, his dress pants tightening around his built thighs and his white dress shirt crumbled across his biceps, sleeves rolled up to his forearms, showing the veins that run up the sides. it wasn’t surprising that girls were tripping over as they passed by.
“princess, upset you didn’t take any notes?” he taunts, his hand tilting your chin up when you refused to respond again.
“don’t fucking touch me,” you slap his hand away, eyes deadly as you glare holes into him. you hated how worked up he gets you. especially when he’d reciprocate the same amount of anger back.
“I just asked a question, why’re you acting like a fucking bitch,” he snaps at you, nothings changed. you grab the book back, gathering up your things, only for a grip on your bag to halt you.
“god, you’re such a fucking asshole, leave me alone,” you try to pull at your bag, just as his brow quirks, eyes set on you as he lets go, watching you fall back on your ass.
“calm the fuck down, will you, I’m just playing around,” he raises his hand, his sunglasses lowered a bit to look at the way you push your skirt down quickly, covering up the peak in your panties that he certainly caught. his breath catching in his throat at the cotton blue flowers which had him immediately stand up.
“maybe don’t go wearing skirts that easily show off your panties,” he glares down at you, making you feel so small and insignificant.
“maybe don’t look there,” you snap, completely embarrassed that this is happening. his grip suddenly held your jaw, breath warming your cheeks as it fans to your ear.
“don’t piss me off again,” you felt your body shiver. “i see you parading around like a common slut. I’m just asking for the decency, not to do it in public. no wonder everyone wants to fuck you.”
your breath was uneven, even though he was no longer beside you. even though he says mean things to you all the time. it felt different this time. you felt so completely alone. you were disgusted with yourself. who was he to tell to you anything? he who’s always with someone new every week. he who has every single girl falling at the sight. he who flirts with every girl in his class just for some answers. and yet, he was the one surrounded by friends. he was the one that caused girls to spread rumors about you. he had people thinking you were sleeping with him, with every guy on campus.
“fuck him,” you hated when these moment would cause you to shed a tear. you weren’t sensitive. you could care less about people liking you or not, you weren’t here for that. it was a degree and you’re out.
that didn’t help though. especially when you volunteered for the swim tournament. the university was hosting a marathon for every full 100 meter lap they’d donate a $1000 and if the representative from the school won a race they’d donate five times that plus every person competing.
it wasn’t uncommon for you to help fundraisers. so this was no different. what you didn’t consider though was having multiple men surrounding you as you checked them in.
“how many times do I have to win, until you say yes to dinner?” one flirted, he was objectively attractive, taller than you, blonde hair, but you weren’t interested.
that didn’t stop other volunteers from making comments. fucking slut. just because she got with gojo-san, she thinks she can be with anyone.
“why don’t you race? isn’t it open to all,” another guy was speaking to you as you did a quick check of the pools, kneeling beside the water as the stands began to fill in.
“what, me?!” you said a bit too shocked, the guy laughing as his fingers helped you stand up. you shook your head, letting out a laugh. you look so cute, the guy blushing at your reaction. “i can’t swim…like at all.”
“aww,” he cooes, making you laugh at his teasing. he was cute. “i can give you lessons,” your brow quirks, slightly interested. “I’m a great teacher, I help kids on the weekends.”
“that’s too convenient,” you brush him off jokingly, the guy immediately infatuated with your attention.
it didn’t take long for satoru to notice you. especially when he was also one of the volunteers. not by coincidence of course. what he wanted was to get on your nerves some more, but instead he’s watching every single guy throw themselves at you. but it was too convenient, especially with how some volunteers were snickering at you.
as the stands began to fill up, the more swimmers lined the pool. you were immediately eaten up by them, as you moved up on the stand. you were announcing the swimmers. but something was off.
bitch is getting what she deserves. cant wait to see the look on her face. she dressed all nice in that slutty outfit! satoru felt his blood run cold, eyes scanning to find the guys from earlier, fake wrestling by the stands loose base.
I don’t know if this is such a good idea. I heard she can’t swim. that’s exactly why! needs to learn a lesson about humility.
“what did you say!” satoru’s voice startled the group as they turned to face the man. his eyes were dark, veins bulging out of his white tee. he didn’t have time to get angry, until he was looking up at the loud gasp from the audience. your body already plunged in the water, too far from the edge to reach.
“shit!” his blood was boiling as he watched the swimmers just stare around the pool, struggling to push past the bodies before diving in the water. how fucking deep is this pool?! his hands grabbed your flailing body, pulling you to the surface.
“y/n!” you were coughing up the water, body shaking as you held onto him desperately. “fuck.”
“f-fucking asshole,” you cough, body struggling to get away from him, only for his grip to slip as you sink back into the water unexpectedly.
“don’t struggle, shit! just hold on!” he yells at you, as you cough some more, now holding him too tightly. “you’re gonna strangle me.” he jokes, but it’s received only by the trembling of your body. his hand pressed on your back, unconsciously soothing your body as he swam to the edge. his arm was tight around your body as he had you hold onto the edge as he lifted his body up.
the audience members gasping and whispering to each other as satoru’s white shirt easily showcased his sculpted body, his hand pushing his beautiful white hair back as he kneeled by the edge, pants tight around his crotch as his arms flexed pulling you up.
too say the girls were livid was an understatement. they were fucking seething when satoru gojo carried the girl instead of having her walk! her body curling in his arms from embarrassment and shame as she hid her face. he kept a deadly stare ahead, silencing anyone that even dared to look, having every single one of them cowering at his gaze. his aura too powerful for them to even breathe, almost choking on it. the biggest player in the university was a terrifying sight to see angry.
he hadn’t realized you were crying until he heard the quiet sniffles when he’d reached the empty locker room. your body was quivering in his arms, you hadn’t said a word to him, not even struggling in his hold as he sat down on the bench, his own head falling back, looking up at the ceiling.
his lips parted, stare blankly. but his grip only tightened around you.
what am I doing. he couldn’t make sense of his own actions. his emotions were a mess, anger, jealousy… he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. it was too disgusting. he hated himself for feeling this way.
“i hate you,” your fist squeezed his wet shirt. you were embarrassed, humiliated, and so fucking angry. this happened because of him. it’s his fault!
“i think you should be thanking me,” he snarks back, still not daring himself to look down at you.
“thanking—“ your blood was boiling. “thanking you? for what exactly?! for making everyone hate me? for embarrassing me—“
“for saving your life, for starters,” his eyes try to remain up, the water still trickling from is wet hair cascading down the column of his neck, his skin glistening as his chest rose and fell with each passing breath. your eyes followed the tight clothes that stuck perfectly as you saw his jaw clench. “and it’s not my fucking problem that you don’t have any friends.”
your breath hitched, and he caught it. his eyes betraying him, cursing himself when his heart stopped. the glossy eyes held in so much rage and hate, and the pinch in your eyebrows, the embarrassing tremble of your lip, fuck he wanted to bite them.
“i can’t even talk to you like a normal person,” you mutter, body moving on your own, as you try to get up. you couldn’t believe him, after everything that happened, could he not see your side? you’re not playing the victim, you could careless if everyone just ignored you, but this crossed a line. being invisible is better than being targeted. at least then people can’t say you’re doing it for attention—
“where’re you going,” he couldn’t loosen his grip. he didn’t want too. he was too used to your body heat. the weight on his lap—
“let go of me, I’m done with your stupid games. It’s not funny anymore,” now you’re struggling, squirming to pull his arms away, but it was hard. it was hard because why was he looking at you like that? why did his eyes pull you in? “senpai—“
“you think I wanted this to happen to you?” he snaps, blood boiling.
“yes! it’s even more humiliating that you had to save me!” the frustrations and insecurities that you had control of, was suddenly starting to boil over. all because of this asshole—
“so you wanted me to do nothing?”
“just leave me alone,” your throat is tight, don’t cry don’t cry dontcrydontcrydontcry
“and if I say no?” you couldn’t breathe, the proximity, suffocating.
“i don’t care, just stop it!” you’re now forcefully trying to get off, only to wince when his grip tightens. “senpai—let go—“
he moved too quick for your mind to comprehend, his lips crashing onto yours. the wind completely knocked out of you. his grip around your waist was burning, the other hand held your jaw as you whined in his mouth. his tongue was so warm and wet as it easily pushed into your lips, before you shoved him back.
“what the fuck?!” fuck…the tears slipped. “what’s wrong with you?!”
“i don’t know,” his jaw clenched. eyes shamefully looking away as he cursed again. “I couldn’t help myself—“
“what do you want from me?” satoru could feel your chest beating against his. your breath fanning still short of breath.
“I don’t know,” his voice much lower now, sending an unexpected feeling right down to your core. his eyes stilling on yours, thumb gently caressing your damp face, wiping the slow humiliating tears that seemed to escape one after the other.
you couldn’t properly think. you want to make sense of this. you did. but what is there to make sense of? everything in life is confusing, but this was someone who’s bothered you endlessly for two fucking semesters. it was exhausting—
he kisses you again.
you whine again.
you push him back again. your eyes are downcast, out of breath once again. his lips were so wet, yours were so soft. his hand was rubbing your side, soothing you. his eyes felt too real….too genuine.
he comes closer, the proximity had your lips just grazing one another, his breath taking in your own as his thumb gently eased your nerves as you felt it rub your jaw, holding the side of your face.
your lips pushed forward, and that’s all he needed. your lips moved in complete sync, as if you both knew the others body. your moans flowed in hushed whines as he felt up your body, groaning as you rolled your hips slowly, circling the growing bulge that was easily visible through his wet clothes.
“gonna make me loose control, princess,” he groans, grabbing your ass, adam apple bobbing as his hips jerk, pressing you down firmly.
“didn’t take much,” you reply, cheeks blushing as you earned a chuckle from the white haired man, only for your breath to hitch as he lifted you in the air. your arms immediately falling on his shoulders as he sat you on the bench in his place and dropped to his knees.
“let’s see this fucking pussy, I know you’re soaked,” he easily tossed your wet shorts off, which only seemed to be a bit of struggle. but it was well worth it when he pushed your legs apart, eyes immediately falling onto your drenched strawberry panties that hugged your pussy lips. “shiit, i can fucking see right through,” he laughs, thumb rubbing through your clothed folds making you bite down a whine.
“keepin yourself quiet?” his eyes flick up.
your cheeks feel hot, eyes stuck waiting for his next move that you only gave him a silent pout, as if you weren’t shutting yourself up.
“you look so cute in these,” he grins, pressing his face between your legs, kissing your clothed pussy.
“stop teasing,” you blush, as his eyes look up at you, smiling as he rubbed his face, he couldn’t help his cock from growing. his thick fingers skillfully pulling your sticky wet panties to the side as he took his tongue and licked up, up, before kissing your clit between his lips.
“ahhhhh, fuuh uhck,” your lips quivered as you reached for something—
“mmm, pull my hair,” satoru guided your other hand to hold his hair tighter, your hips were bucking as he absolutely devoured your leaking hole. “good fucking pussy,” he pulls back spreading your legs ever further as his thumbs pulled your slippery folds apart, getting a nice clear view of your pretty pussy. it was absolutely drenched stupid, your chest heaving as he soothed a hand on your tummy as his thumb rubbed circles on your cute little bud.
“your mouth—mmfh uhahh ah senpai—“ your head was thrown back, holding his hair.
“you’re so cute,” he groans, flicking your clit so fucking teasingly as you moaned over and over. edging you on and on. your eyes were seeing stars as you cried for more, just to feel warmth spread inside as he let a glob of spit fall on your cunt. trickling down inside your pussy, some sliding down to your ass.
“so pretty when you’re making a mess,” he murmurs, lips brushing your puffy wet folds, your heart beating in anticipation, as you felt his warm breath fan against you. his lips parted as he took a kitten licks, your fingers tangling in his white hair as he hummed. “taste so sweet,” he groans form the back of his throat, tongue making out with your lips before slipping inside your hole, the feeling had your whines echoing.
he was so fucking drunk. your taste, scent, he couldn’t help himself. his eyes shut as he coaxed another orgasm, your eyes falling shut as you pulled at his hair. his face moving back and forth, pulling you closer and closer, until you came with a muffled moan. your arm over your mouth.
“can’t stop tasting you,” his pants like a dog, tongue hanging out as he watches your pussy spasm. “more, princess,” he whines licking up your generous cream, sucking every thing, until he pulls away, middle and ring finger gliding inside, your tight walls, squelching at the intrusion. some more juices trickled down his fingers as he hums. “you’re so nice, giving me so much.”
“sen…pai,” the broken whine, sent his mind off. everything about your moans and body was just so fucking perfect.
“might cum from how good you taste?“ he kisses your swollen nub, “tell me how good yer feelin….cmon baby,” his free hand gave your inner thigh a tight squeeze as his fingers splayed. your hips bucking as your hand stroked his hair, eyes rolling back as he pumped his fingers inside you.
“you’re uh…so good,” your voice strained, orgasm coming on faster than before. he was not giving you a single break, his fingers curling up pressing against your sweet spot, lips sucking desperately on your swollen bud. you were so close—
“I was not expecting them to pull that shit. that was too far—“ the voices coming from the entrance immediately had your body jerking up.
“mmfh…w-wait—“ you were desperately trying to push his pretty face away, but he only went faster. his cheeks flushed pink as an unexpected moan came from the back of his throat. it looked like he was enjoying this more than you, he was glad that his pants were already soaked, so you couldn’t see his cum spraying in his tight pants. your hand went over your mouth trying to conceal the orgasm the ripped through you.
“stay quiet,” his lips were suddenly on yours, you couldn’t even think properly as his body lifted yours. your arms wrapped around his shoulders, allowing him to take you away.
don’t ask how things like this happen, because honestly even if you try to follow it linearly, you’ll still be stunned how you could’ve ended up on satoru gojo’s bed. your wet clothes were discarded on the ground as his fingers pulled at your nipples.
“you’re soaking the sheets, mmm…ya like it that much?” he sucked bruises on your hips and inner thighs. his face smeared with your juices, too addicted to the taste, he had to dive for seconds.
“senpai,” your sweet voice was like honey, it was too easy for his body to move on your command. automatically catching your lips in a deep kiss. he tasted like you, but his hands were pushing your legs up, pumping his heavy cock, his tip swollen, aching for you.
“is this your first?” his tongue played with yours, his cheeks flushing at the thought of taking away your first. his pre-cum oozing down on your puffy folds at being the first to go inside you.
“you’re not that special,” you slur, mind blessed out as your hands stroked his flushed cheeks. his brows pinched together pulling away to look at you. he had to contain himself, your pretty lips smeared with his spit, eyes blessed out from the amount of times you’ve cum just by his lips and fingers, you looked stunning.
“who fucked you?” his blood suddenly boiling as your thumb gently played with his swollen lips. his eyes half lidded with a sudden coat of dark blue as you answered.
“kento-kun,” you were a bit glad for this small break so you could catch your breath, pretty tits pushing up as you took deep breaths. “he was a lab partner in first year—“
“nanami?” his jaw clenched. he vaguely remembered the blonde. “you let him fuck you?”
“I’m letting you fuck me,” your hands are glued to him, unable to rip them away as they continue to caress and feel his naturally soft skin. “you still wanna fuck me, right?” you’re leaning up, lips grazing his, you were didn’t want admit how much you wanted him right now. his cheeks, chin and lip all coated in your juices—
“you some whore now?” his cold stare sent shivers down your spine as you suddenly felt your stomach churn in disgust.
“says you,” you suddenly realize who you’re with right now. “whatever,” you push him to the side, body sliding to get off the bed. what were you thinking—
“wait, wait!”
his arms tightly wrap around you, stopping you as he buries his face in your neck.
“I’m sorry…. don’t leave,” his voice was soft, a bit shaky, as he kissed your shoulder, neck, pulling you into his firm chest as you gave in again.
“do you hate me?” your words felt like knives. his movements freezing.
“I don’t hate you,” he turns your face so he can see your eyes, his hand was warm on your jaw.
“then why’re you such a dick all the fucking time?” your throat felt dry.
“I don’t know,” he dropped his head. “I can’t explain it,” his lips pressed onto yours. “i need you,” he mutters. “all the time,” he’s practically whining into your lips as you turn over, laying him down, legs straddling his waist as you rocked your hips, pussy leaking on his cock. “i can’t leave you alone,” he pants, holding your face as his eyes flutter seeing your pretty face above him. “i can’t think when I see you.”
“you in love with me or something?” you tease.
you pull away. what’s going on? your stomach churned at the flustered expression on the man’s face. his eyes glossed over, and his face bright pink. his lips parted—
“d-don’t answer that!” what the fuck?!
you weren’t thinking straight! so you pushed everything back and kissed him, your hips moving up as you swiped at his flushed tip, his body shuddering at your small hands picking up his hefty girth.
“you’re pretty sensitive,” you comment, his blue eyes look over at you with an embarrassed scowl.
“let’s see you take it,” an arm goes behind his head as the other rubbed at your hip, smirking as you lifted your hips, pressing his tip to your entrance. he had to contain his own moan as you slowly sank down on. your eyes unconsciously fluttered, you barely have experience, you were faking this whole shit. you’ve never been on top before!
his eyes flicked up to your pinched expression as you slowly struggled to take his tip. your juices squelching down his cock to his trimmed base as your body shuddered.
“need help?” satoru leans up, grabbing at your sides, as he kissed your neck, he wasn’t that mean…
“I can do it,” you stubbornly huff. cheeks flushed as your nails dig into his shoulders.
“it’s okay if ya need my help, I won’t tease you, princess,” he says with a wide grin, his ego easily going through the roof as he watched your body struggle. “I’m bigger than most—“
“it’s just…” you’re already out of breath, sweat trickling down your temple as you struggled. “been awhile.” you clamp around him unexpectedly.
“shit—might cum just from your dirty pussy squeezing me,” his hips buck on instinct, earning a strangled moan to escape your lips. “fuckk,” satoru throws his head back, abs clenching as his legs trembled, suddenly wrapped his arms under your thighs grabbing your ass, biceps flexing as his abs tightened, easily lifting your body up as his tip spurted excessive amounts of cum, littering your pussy lips and falling to his pelvis.
“did you just…cum?” you’re holding his shoulder as satoru trembled underneath you. a bit out of breath, he can’t remember the last time he’s came so fast.
“shut up,” his jaw clenched as he slams your hips down, your eyes bulging out as your pussy swallowed his entire pulsing cock, feeling his cum trickle out.
“ahh! uh making me feel good,” you’re an absolute mess. his cock thrusting up at an unrelenting pace as he holds your body.
“fuck, you’re taking me so well, uh so deep inside ya—“ satoru was a babbling mess as he fucked up your tight pussy. your tits were bouncing so beautifully, he couldn’t help but latch his lips around your nipple to contain his whines. suckling on the erect bud as you whined.
“ahh, it’s so deep!” you’re eyes were rolling back as you clamped down, legs trembling as you felt a wave rush over you.
you’re panting, eyes half lidded as satoru manhandled your body to rest on the bed, as he moved over you.
“i think this cute pussy loves feeding me,” his voice was low, your fingers lazily petting his cheek, “now don’t give up on me, pretty,” he kissed your shoulder as his hand pumped his still very erect dick. “i still have a bit to go.” you felt him kiss your cheek as he turned you a bit more until you were on your tummy. his hand sliding down your back. “lift that pretty ass for me.”
“this…good?” you couldn’t think straight, as your back arched, pushing your ass up, giving it a cute shake as your pussy hole squeezes some more juices out, satoru bit his lip, groaning from the back of his throat at the image of your twitching hole.
“you’re so nice, baby,” he cooes, rubbing his fingers in your wet folds, as if he was petting you for listening to him. and you ate it up, whining as you pressed into him. “fuck, you’re so needy.”
your hips jerked at the harsh slap to your pussy, a whine coming out as you received another one. your nub was big and swollen and you couldn’t stop your juices from sliding down your thighs. even so, satoru was hypnotized.
“i think I might cum, just from seeing how much fun yer havin,” he bites his lip as he watches your tongue hang out, still obeying him as you kept your back arched and pussy and hole on full display. he could see everything.
“i wanna join the fun, cutie,” his cock felt unbelievably heavy, already knowing the build up inside his swollen length. “good girl,” he sighs rubbing his length in your juices again, slapping his tip on your oversensitive clit.
“good….fucking girl,” his moan was so loud as he slid back inside your pussy. your eyes roll back as you clawed at the sheets. why did he feel bigger! you couldn’t think anymore, cheeks bursting with heat as his hand grab at your hips pulling out, squelching oozing into your ear drums as he slammed back it, filling you to the brim.
“I’m so deep… mmh..kissing your womb,” satoru leans over your body, fucking you faster now. you were a crying mess.
“can’t understand you, princess,” his arm wraps around you, lifting your body up, as he turns your face. “shit.” his abs clench at the fucked out look in your face.
“please….call me….ah y/n,” tears and drool stained your face as he held your jaw, cock pulsing inside you as a grin took over his flushed face.
“why?” he kisses your ear, licking at the lobe as his other hand pinched your sensitive nipples, making you squirm and clench around him. he suddenly grabs your hips, and snaps into you again, and again. “you just want to have sex so we can play lovers? is that it?” his jaw clenched as his blood was boiling. “letting your bully fuck your stupid pussy?” your moans were so loud he was desperate not to bust a load right now.
“do you even like me?” his body laid over yours, turning your jaw again to see your flushed face, tongue hanging as you whined.
“my name isn’t….senpai, now is it?” his jaw clenched, biting your shoulder as you cried.
“so….sorrryy!” you were a babbling mess, so fucking stupid you could barely think. yet…
“my name isn’t sorry either,” he doesn’t stop his pace, still fucking your squelching hole, pressing down on the bulge in your tummy making your back arch, tears bursting as your head fell on his shoulder.
“pretty y/nn… you’re already mine aren’t you?” his tongue played with yours as you moaned at the sound of your name on his lips. “can’t speak anymore?” he laughs feeling your pussy reply to his words. “it’s okay….I’ll take care of your dumb little head,” his own body is loosing control. his balls tighten as you held his arms, feeling one wrapped in front of your shoulder as the other held your head, in a headlock.
“shittt, you’re fucking….”
“cu…cummi—ahh!” was the only warning you gave as you creamed around him with a high pitched moan, your body was shaking as you gushed. satoru pressed his face to your head as he continued giving sloppy thrusts.
“fu-fucckk,” his body shook as he felt the first spurts of his cum squirt inside you.
your nails dug into his forearms as you looked over your shoulder. he felt his heart skip a beat, cock busting as you smiled…
“please…keep cumming inside me.” your tongue hanging out, eyes clouded over.
“mmfhh….damn you!” satoru cursed, turning you over. pushing your leg up. “you’re just too…cute!” his jaw clenched as his eyes rolled back, leaning over your body as he suddenly sank even deeper inside, a choked moan came from his chest.
“ahhh toru!” that was his final straw. the sound of your voice screaming his name immediately had his hefty cock, squirting creams of thick white cum inside you.
“shit y/n…s-say my name again—“ he’s practically whimpering; panting, body shuddering as he still manages to move inside you as he pushes more cum even deeper.
“toru…feels good…you’re so good, so good,” you’re hugging his head as he groans, thrusts so sloppy, as you bite your hand from how sensitive you’re feeling.
“give me all of it, toru,” you slur, eyes foggy as he whines, kissing you, but it was more like drooling in your mouth because his head was no longer there, he couldn’t stop cumming.
his tongue was hanging out as his big hand pressed down on your tummy, surging more cum to shot inside you.
“you’re uh…making me stupid,” he shudders as he sees your tummy swelling. he twitches as he carefully begins to pull out. “think you broke my dick.”
“toru…” his eyes glance up. “satoru?” it was like instinct, immediately leaning down for you to cup his flushed cheeks, leaning into your touch as you smile.
“what is it?” he whispers, heart beating fast as you continue to caress his cheeks.
“why do you need me?” the question catches him off guard. he swallows thickly, struggling to maintain eye contact. “answer me.”
“I’m…” scared? he can’t excuse the shit he made you feel before, the consequences for his own actions, he was a real piece of shit. and for what? all because he— “I’m jealous when you’re not with me.”
you’re silent, his eyes darting, trying to avoid your eyes, as he mumbles in shame. “i don’t like it when you talk to other people, or when you’re….” he stops himself. “im fucking shit.”
“you are,” you maintain your stern tone as you see something crack behind his eyes. “so tell me why.”
what did you want him to say? he didn’t want to fuck this up! he finally has you! after so long…he can’t loose you now!
“i…i was upset you rejected me,” he mumbles, cheek flaring. “but after that I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
“that’s kinda fucked up,” your hands still brush his cheek, pushing back the loose white strands that were stuck to his forehead. he bites his cheek.
“not that surprising, I’ve always been a piece of shit,” he shrugs, rolling his eyes. his heart suddenly skips a beat, looking back once he heard you laugh. his own lips curling into a smile.
“god you’re something else,” you can’t stop laughing, pulling him to your lips. “is this when you suddenly change for the better?” you mumble.
he smirks against your lips, “who knows? i did get what I wished for.”
Tumblr media
istg this was supposed to be a quick little drabble but ig that’s impossible for me :p
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forever-rogue · 7 months
I have a Joel request 🥰 Maybe reader was pregnant when the beginning of the pandemic happened and they got separated until years later when they reunite and their kid is older?? Whether or not joel knows about the pregnancy is up to you 🫠
Fluffy and angsty if you wish, but please not too angsty cause my heart is still healing from that angst fic 😅💔
(I see someone has already brought up a similar idea, but I thought I'd request for your take on the story cause I can never get enough of your writing!!!)
Tumblr media
AN | Don’t worry babe, I’ve got you! But really I love this concept!
Pairing | Joel Miller x Fem!Reader
Warnings | Language
Word Count | 2.7k
Masterlist | Joel, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Joel?" your voice shook, and it was so painfully obvious that you were trying not to cry. Then again, a lot of people had been doing a lot of crying lately. You couldn't blame them; the world had basically ended.
And now it felt like yours was ending all over again. Fuck.
You padded into the living room of the apartment that now served as home for god knows how long. You found him sitting on the couch and staring out the window. He wasn't paying attention to what was going on out there, which happened to be very bleak at the moment. 
"Joel?" you called his name again, moving closer and hesitantly putting your hand on his shoulder. He startled easily lately; you didn't want to be the cause of it. He finally snapped back into attention and looked at you, all dark circles and empty eyes. It broke your heart, "I-I have something to tell you."
He remained quiet but looked raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement. You opened and closed your mouth a few times, suddenly at a loss for words.
How were you supposed to tell him that you were pregnant?
The world had come apart at the seams and he'd just lost his daughter. This was absolutely the worst in the world for all of this to happen.
You waved your hands for a moment, wishing the ground would open up and swallow you whole, "I-I'm-"
Before you could go any further, a loud knocking came at the door. Both of you startled as Joel jumped up and walked over to the door, opening it hurriedly, "what?"
"New horde of infected," a man's gruff voice reached your ears, "FEDRA wants everyone to pack up and go now."
"How far away?"
"Less than a mile."
You did not like the sound of that. A lump welled up in your throat as you looked at Joel helplessly. His face hardened into an unreadable expression before he gave the man, you were pretty sure his name was Nick, a hard nod, “we’ll be ready to go.”
“Good,” he was already moving along to the couple next door, “now go, there’s no time to lose.”
Joel slammed the door shut before letting out a long sigh. He was tired, so, so tired, but he couldn’t just give up. He had to keep going, he had to keep pushing. 
“Pack a bag, whatever you want grab,” he motioned towards the bedroom, “it doesn’t really matter anymore, but get what you need.”
“What’s going to happen?” your mind was reeling with worry; about you, him, the baby, and whatever the hell was about to go down, “I-I’m scared.”
“I know baby,” he set his large hands on your shoulders, “but right now you can’t worry about that. Just focus on getting your stuff and leaving. Ten minutes, okay? Then we have to get over to the FEDRA station and leave. Yes?”
“Yes,” you agreed shakily, already padding back to your bedroom to get the few possessions you had felt in the world.
Joel nodded as he went to grab his stuff, knives and guns and other weapons, agreeing to meet at the door shortly.
Time seemed to move in a combination of incredibly fast and wickedly slow and before you knew it, Joel was calling for you to leave. You met him at the door the two of you looked at each other in silent understanding.
The trek over to the FEDRA outpost wasn’t far and the other people in the small community were already in a panic to get out, all scrambling around each other. You grew nervous, wondering if you’d be able to get out in time. 
Joel’s hand was on the small of your back as he led you closer to the vehicles designated for exactly this purpose. 
The rest of it all happened so fast. The first group of infected had come around and were making their way into what you had once believed to be a safe space. Chaos ensued as some people tried to get out as quickly as possible and others hung back to try and fight. 
“Go,” Joel shielded you as he walked you over to the one of the vehicles. You were trying to get him inside with you, holding onto his hand tightly and pulled him. 
“Go,” he insisted firmly and for a moment, time stood still as he kissed you, “go. Get out to safety, okay?”
“What about you?” you hadn’t realized you’d started crying; you hated that he had to be such a good man, “please, come with me now. Please-”
“I’ll find you,” it was a promise both of you knew he might not be able to keep, “I swear it. I’ll find you.”
“I love you,” he took a step back as the vehicle started up and a few stragglers tried to get on, “I’ll find you soon.”
“I love you,” you cried, “please. Please.”
You weren’t even sure what you were asking for. Everything felt so surreal and left you in a daze; the next thing you knew, he was gone. 
You were leaving to get to the next safe space and he was just gone. 
You’d never felt more numb. 
But you never let go of the hope that one day he’d find you.
Joel Miller was a good man.
A good man that kept his promises.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Luca!" you sighed softly as you tried to find your son. You loved him dearly, but sometimes he just stressed out. He was just a kid though, and you couldn't be mad at him for that. 
He also happened to be extremely friendly and sociable, which made him popular among everyone. You walked down the street to one of his little friend's houses, sure they were just playing.
It was almost too quiet when you got there, and you were sure that they'd gone off somewhere else. You knocked on the door nonetheless and Lisa opened it, smiling when she saw it was you, "hey darlin', I'm afraid they're not here if you're looking for the little bundle of chaos they are."
"I had a feeling," crossing your arms over your chest you rolled your eyes playfully, "it's way too quiet and calm here."
"It's a nice change of pace if I do say so," she winked at you and the two of you exchanged smiles that only a single mother would understand, "do you want to come in for a bit?"
"Rain check?" You asked sheepishly, "I was going to go friend the kiddos….realistically I know they're fine but I'd rather see it with my own eyes."
"Definitely," she gave your shoulder a squeeze, "see you around."
It was a beautiful spring day, warm and breezy with small creatures scurrying about; it always felt like life was back to normal. Or what you had once known as normal…but this had been your reality for almost seven years now. Maybe this was your normal now. 
Nonetheless you decided to remain positive and decided instead to head down to the pond where the kids liked to play. Spring had brought around a bunch of ducklings and you were sure that the kids would be mesmerized by them. But, to be quite honest, so were you. The magic of such simple things was not lost on you. Now, more than ever, these sorts of things were so important. 
“Luca?” you saw a bunch of small figures around and screaming, and you finally relaxed. As you came into view, the boy grinned at you a big smile on his face, his curls roguish from the wind, “hey babe. You doin’ okay?”
“I’m okay,” he confirmed, his brown eyes sparkling as you ruffled his hair affectionately, “are you okay, mama?”
“Of course,” you crouched down so you were eye level with him, “all better now that I know you’re here. Remember when we talked about letting me know when you go out to play?”
“Yes,” he looked worried for a moment before you shook your head softly, “I’m sorry. I got excited about playing and forgot.”
“It’s okay,” you touched his cheek softly, “I’m not mad. Next time can you please remember to tell me?”
“Okay,” he wrapped his small arms around you, hugging you as best as he could. He was a sweetheart and of all the kids you could have ended up with, you were glad he choose you, “can I go back and play now?”
“Definitely,” tender kisses were pressed to his cheeks as you tickled his sides, “go and be good! I love you, kiddo.”
“I love you too, mama,” and off he was, running back to his friend as you watched him go. 
You slowly stood up before stretching and relishing in the popping of your joints. Having been reassured that he was going to be okay, you decided it was time to go back and start tending to the communal gardens. You never really had a green thumb before, but the last few years had really helped you grow. 
You were wrapped up in your own thoughts and almost didn’t notice the man in the middle of the sidewalk, clearly confused. You’d heard some newcomers might be headed your way, but you hadn’t come across any of them yet. Having new people around was something you’d come to love; it wasn’t common most of the time. 
“Hello there,” you were practically beaming as you bounced over to him. The man turned around at the sound of your voice, “you must be new…”
You stopped dead in your tracks as soon as you met his face, suddenly unsure if this was real life or just a wicked dream. You blinked a few times, trying to clear your vision and figure out if what you were looking at was real. There was no way…absolutely none. 
But he looked just like him, watching you with equally curious eyes. Your heart was beating so fast you were surprised it didn’t burst through your ribcage. Your mouth ran dry but you managed to get one singular, “Joel?”
After a moment of stunned silence he nodded before whispering your name in return. The tears were already welling up and threatening to run down your cheeks. Before you knew it, the man that once was your partner, lover - everything - took you in his arms and crushed you to his chest. You didn’t mind.
He was all too familiar, bringing back a rush of memories and emotions as you buried your face in his chest, breathing in his familiar scent. The two of you held onto each other tightly for some time; you were afraid that if you let him go he would disappear again and you would wake up to find it was all a horrible dream. 
When he pulled back, he took your face in his hands and gently brushed your tears away with his thumb. He drank you in, trying to understand every single thing that had happened since the day you lost each other, “hi.”
“Hi,” you grinned back with a teary smile, “you’re here. Really here.”
“I’m here,” he promised, leaning in to press a kiss to your forehead, “I’m here.”
“Joel, I-”
“Mama!” the small voice of your son reached your ears as he ran over to the two of you, “I found a little duckie and I don’t see the mom duck and it’s so small and can I keep him?”
“Whoa, bud, slow down there for a moment,” he tucked himself behind your legs, suddenly feeling shy when he realized Joel was there. You could see Joel’s eyes flick to the young boy as his brow furrowed in confusion. You put a hand on his shoulder and encouraged him to introduce himself, “can you say hi?”
“Hi,” he sounded so young as he looked at Joel; their eyes mirroring each other, “I’m Luca.”
“Hi Luca,” he held out his hand to shake the young boy’s much smaller one, his mind racing and reeling with questions. But he was a smart man and could put two and two together,  “I’m Joel.”
“My daddy’s name was Joel,” Luca mused as Joel turned his attention back to you, “that’s what mama said anyway. Can I go back to the ducks now?”
“Yeah babe, go ahead. Don’t touch them though and let the mama duck do her thing. I'm sure she'll be back,” he nodded in response before trekking away again, throwing a little wave at the two of you. You nervously turned your attention back to Joel. 
“A son?” he asked, his voice thick with emotion as you nodded softly, “we have a son?”
“Yes,” it felt like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders as you finally got to tell him what you had wanted all those years ago, “we have a son. He looks just like you.”
“I never…I had no clue,” he ran a hand over his face in surprise, “I didn’t even know you were pregnant.”
“I found out that day,” also known as the day. When everything fell apart for a second time and you were separated from each other, “I was trying to tell you, right before Nick had come and knocked at our door. I realized that morning that I was…pregnant. And I never got the chance to tell you…when everything just started happening, it didn’t cross my mind again. And then…I lost you. I thought I’d lost you forever.”
“You had to go through all of that alone,” he looked at you in awe as you shrugged lightly, “you had to go through being pregnant alone and then raised our son alone.”
“I had a lot of help along the way,” you admitted softly, “turns out that times like these are good at bringing out the worst and the best of people. I told him about you; from when he was little. I always wanted him to know what a wonderful man his father was. And now…he got to meet you.”
“All this time,” he could cry thinking about it all. You, alone and scared, being pregnant in a world that was collapsing, and then having to raise a son alone. He’d lost Sarah, a loss that hurt still, and he knew always would, and he’d almost lost his son. But the universe, fate, or whatever was out there had given him a second chance. Not only to find you, but to be you and the son you shared, “baby.”
“It’s okay,” this time the tears running down your cheeks were happy, “it’s okay. You’re here now and that’s all that matters. And now you’ll get the opportunity to know Luca, and it’s…all I ever wanted.”
“We have a son,” he repeated as though he was in a daze, a happy blissful daze.
“You don’t have to…if you don’t want to spend time with him or anything I-I understand,” it would kill you, but you’d understand, “I don’t want you to feel obligated just because. O-or if there’s someone else.”
“No,” he shook his head fervently, “there’s never been anyway else. How could there ever be? It was always you for me; you’re still it.”
“Yeah,” you exhaled with a small laugh, relieved to hear his answer, “it’s always been you for me too.”
“I was just planning on passing through,” he touched your face, thumb gently brushing over your cheek, “but if it’s okay with you, I could stay a while.”
“How about forever?” you asked softly, “i-if you want to. I-I mean we can figure it out, but-”
“Forever sounds perfect.”
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nsharks · 10 months
I BEG OF YOU MORE READER WITH SOAP (with months old baby because she gave birth already) , i feel like they would be besties, like ghost is at the back looking like a literal bodyguard while reader and soap are gossiping and cooing at the baby
"uncle johnny"
Tumblr media
aka soap and ghost stay at your home for the night. previous dad!ghost here and here
Soap never imagined he’d see the inside of your home again.
Since the incident at the base, Ghost had begrudgingly offered little pieces of information whenever Soap or Gaz pried about it. (Secret’s out of the bag, Soap thought. Might as well.)
You’d had a baby girl.
Your son was off to preschool now.
That’s all Soap knew.
Until a mission nearby at a cargo facility ends with them spotted by cartel (fuck knows how). A barrage of gunfire. A shot tire. They don’t make it very far in the Humvee until they’re debating their options, knowing full well that the base was 40 fucking kilometers away—
“Wait,” Soap pauses, a glint in his eyes. “Don’ you live around here, Lt?”
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
It would be silly of Soap to assume your pretty face would be greeting them at the door.
The lights are off, the entire Riley family fast asleep as Ghost finds the hidden spare key to let them in.
“Take your boots off before you’re in,” Ghost whispers harshly, already kicking off his own. He doesn’t seem all too pleased with this idea nor the fact that neither of them had a better one. “Don’t wake them up.”
They line their boots at the door, next to a pair of little purple ones that seem made for a doll in comparison. They shuck off their vests, the gear, all the ammo; carefully set those things in a haphazard pile. Ghost grabs his own gun and then flickers his eyes to Soap.
“Give me it,” he mutters.
While Ghost pads off to some other room, a closet to hide the guns in perhaps, Soap is left standing by the door. In his socks. In the dark of your home.
Noticing the toys and playmat on the floor, he’s wondering about how you manage with two by yourself when the silence is suddenly broken.
Splintered by crying.
Loud enough to carry from your daughter’s nursery.
He closes his eyes. Pinches the bridge of his nose. Maybe it’ll stop before—
Ghost’s heavy footsteps return and he’s glowering at him as if he’s spoiled a mission, gotten someone killed even. In a snarling, hushed voice, “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything!”
“Fuckin’ hell, Soap. Do you know how to be quiet?”
“Me? You’re the one stompin’ around—“
There’s a flicker of light now from down the hall. Shuffling around in one of the rooms. It causes Ghost to hiss out some more swears and then the rest plays out as a blur in Soap’s eyes. Ghost tries to clemently approach the bedroom, so as to not frighten you, but what he doesn’t know yet is you’ve already grabbed something from under your pillow. You’ve slipped out of the room and the shadow of you raises a defensive arm. Hand tightened around—Soap squints— a bloody knife, is it?
But, then, “Christ, love. It’s just me.”
A wave of relief. Your hand drops.
“Oh my god… Simon.” With a hard swallow, your moment of panic fades and you lurch into Ghost. Can’t help it, really. Even now, with your daughter crying and his bulky uniform smelling like sulfur and kerosene, you embrace him.
Soap tries not to watch from down the hall.
Breathing hard into his chest, “You scared me. Why are you here?”
“Needed a place for the night,” is the explanation he gives. A gloved hand settles just above your bum: bloodied, skeletal digits against a silk nightdress. The other hand— gently taking away that knife of yours. “Didn’t mean to wake you both. It was Johnny’s fault.”
And you’re pulling away from his chest only to furrow your brows. “Johnny?” Glancing around the hall, you finally catch sight of the other uniform-clad intruder in your home.
He gives a small wave
Your tired eyes light up. “Johnny! Oh… forgive me for being rude. I didn’t even see you there.”
“Sorry for wakin’ you,” Soap rubs the back of his neck. (Though, he knows for sure it was Ghost’s fault.)
Soap can’t say he is too sorry you’re awake because you are by far a kinder host than your husband. Even in your groggy state, you usher Soap to clean up in the bathroom with the promise of a comfy bed when he’s done. Then, you’re off to finally comfort the baby. Bouncing her against your chest as you direct your husband on how to fix up the guest room for Soap because you rarely have guests over and—
“Simon, give him some of your clothes to sleep in.”
To Soap’s amusement, Ghost follows your orders without hesitation (though, slips a few incoherent mumbles under his breath).
And although he sees your daughter in your arms, has heard her cries, Soap doesn't truly witness the tenderness of your little family until the morning.
The morning— stretched out on purpose.
Because, as Soap hears Ghost murmur to you, they don't really need to leave right away.
It's a domestic glimpse into the Lieutenant's other life that Soap witnesses. Ghost is already awake when he groggily slips out of the guest room that morning, having just had the best sleep in weeks and dressed in his teammate's clothes that are, perhaps, a little too big for him. He pads down the hallway. There are little coos and small footsteps and Soap realizes it's not just Ghost in the kitchen, but the whole family.
All four of you.
A toddler padding around in a onesie covered in trains (his current fascination).
Your daughter bright-eyed and calm against her unmasked father's chest. Snug in a carrier and visibly content with being attached to him as he makes breakfast.
And then you, given a break for this rare moment, hands slipped around a mug of coffee.
Soap thinks this is the strangest safe house he's woken up in.
Strange, but equally pleasant. Your son is the first one to spot the Sergeant, waddling over to him and tugging on the pair of sweats he's borrowed from your husband. And then you’re the second one, immediately slipping into nurturing hospitality as you usher him to sit down for breakfast.
Any prickliness in his Lieutenant is gone whenever he's interacting with his family. He dotes on you, just like Soap has witnessed before. But for this morning, he also witnesses how he dotes on your children. Offering them patience that Soap is rarely on the receiving end of. He cups your daughter's little head and periodically drops kisses on the top of her hair as he weaves around the kitchen. He merely tuts at your son when he tries bouncing a ball against the cabinets— take that to the living room, kid.
It's such a nice change from their usual blood-soaked routine that even Soap feels the pain of leaving it behind.
But breakfast can only draw out for so long, and soon Ghost is handing the baby back to you.
A quiet, "Do you have to?"
Though, you know that not even nuzzling your face to his neck will change the answer.
The two of them slip into the uniforms they came in. Shuck on the gear, the ammo, their boots (for your husband, a skull mask). You linger around with just your morning robe on, chewing at your lip and cradling your baby tightly as if her little hugs and kisses will be enough to supplement the impending absence of Simon's.
"It was nice to see you again," you're telling Soap when Ghost stalks off to get their guns. Voice soft but with a detectable sorrow in it.
Soap offers you a smile. "Thank you for havin' me in your home." And then, he coos at the baby, "Beautiful lass, you've got. Ghost is a lucky man."
"Would you like to hold her?" Your eyes are beaming at him now, and you shift the infant in your arms and utter to her, "Come on, sweet pea. Say goodbye to Uncle Johnny."
And Soap can't say no to that. Flushing, he takes the little girl from you and holds her, carefully, working around all his gear. He's got nephews and nieces but never has he melted quite like this, staring at an infant who's got the eyes of his Lieutenant and a soft romper on. She feels so delicate in his arms.
This is how Ghost finds you two.
By the front door, Soap holding his daughter and exchanging little murmurs with you.
"I hope Simon isn't mean to you. I know he can be a bit grumpy."
"Eh, he's all bark, no bite. Bit of a softie really, isn't he?"
"He tells me about you more than the others."
"Does he, now?"
A hulking man carrying two rifles stands there, just listening for a moment until you notice him. Irritated, maybe, but it washes away once you are giving him a final hug and peppering sweet kisses over the hard shell of his mask.
Then, a hug to his son (be good to your mum, bug). A nuzzle to his daughter, who Soap carefully hands to him.
"Guess I'm Uncle Johnny now,” the Sergeant comments cheekily after they've left and begun their journey back to base.
But the doting version of his Lieutenant is gone and all he earns is a grunt in response.
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kettlefire · 4 months
DP x DC Angst Prompt
Inspired by the song Preacher by Roe Kapara
"This is a distress signal from Amity Park Illinois." A scared teen girl was the face to meet the staticy camera. Red hair pulled up in a messy bun, tear stains clear on her face, eyes rimmed red.
All options were running out. They had two days, two days before the hunt began. Two days before they lose everything.
A distress signal, broadcasted on loop, over and over again to any frequency they can get their hands on with the limited equipment they had.
"This Friday, at 3:15am, my town is going to make an irreparable mistake."
A soft clang rang from somewhere of screen, but that didn't shift her attention.
"My town, my home, has fallen to the manipulation of a deranged woman."
A choked sound came from off screen, sounds uncomfortable close to a sob.
"Amity Park has always been disconnected from the rest of the world. A small town, in it's own small world. Things have been happening here for the past two years, and now..."
She paused, glancing off screen before wiping her face.
"Now we aren't enough to save it. We did took too long to notice the cancer that was spreading. The hysteria combined with fear of the unknown that drove out town to follow her.
My name is Jasimine Fenton, I'm here with my father Jack Fenton. My mother, Madeline Fenton, is the reason the world might be facing war."
The video footage grew worse, static starting to over take the image and the audio.
"Dad, we're losing it!"
"Sorry Jazzy-bear" The new voice clearly came from a man, even if he stayed clear of the camera view. A moment passed before it was fixed.
"We don't know how long we gave before they find us, but... My baby brother Danny Fenton is going to be brutally hunt down Friday morning.
There's no time to put all the information needed in this signal, but I'm begging anyone who sees this. Please send help.
Anyone who has spoken against the plan has been imprisoned, the only ones from the team that's fear is us."
Jazz let out a shaking breath, staring off screen for just a moment before coming back, fresh tears rimming her eyes.
"All Danny every wanted to do was protect his home, and all he got in return was pain and hatred. Please, you might not know us, but you need to know. Danny holds a high position with in the ghostly realm.
Whatever you want to call it, the ghost zone, the infinite realms, or purgatory. Doesn't matter, all you need to know of the living kill Danny, the ghosts will rage war."
A heavy thud filled the room, the camera seemed to shake at the sound. Fear filled Jazz's face.
"Dad, they-"
"It's okay Jazz, finish the recording, they can't get in yet."
Jazz nodded, moving toward the camera. She seemed to cup it in her hands and tried to speak over the loud thud that continued to penetrate the area.
"We're running out of time, I hope this reaches someone somewhere. More than anything, I hope this reaches the Justice League.
Reaches them before Friday. Before the world is in true danger. Danny is the only link to peace between worlds. Don't let a woman driven by hatred be the end."
This time instead of a thud, it sounded more like a crack. The camera shifted and a view of a large man built like a tank was caught. A strange gun in one hand, and what looked like a strange grenande in the other.
"Jazzy-Bear, there's an escape tunnel in the back. Go, I'll hold them off as long as I can."
"No! I'm not leaving you!"
"No. I don't care, I'm no use to anyone by myself. We need to stick together."
"I'm setting the recording to loop."
Loud crash broke through following another crack. Heavy footsteps followed. Voices screamed through the air.
Jazz's face filled the screen completely as gunfire could be heard.
"Please send anyone, I can't lose my baby brother too."
And just like that, the screen went black. Barely a couple seconds passed before the screen lit up again.
The video starting from the beginning. Hoping for anyone to view it.
A cry for help cycling through an endless loop until it found it's self broadcast for the League.
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dmercer91 · 22 days
jack's best friend always treating luke like a younger brother but he's just so obviously in love with her
my personal theory is that luke falls and pines hard
he can get a little 🤏 delusional
also- quinn would think luke pining is hilarious
movie day, lh43
Tumblr media
a quiet knock on your door knocked you out of your book, head turning in the direction of your bedroom door at the hughes’ lake house and casing your hoodie to droop out of its spot and into your eyes
you took it off your head, telling whoever it was to come in and closing your book in your lap. you smiled when you saw luke, looking like a deer in headlights
“hi, lukey. what’s up?” his face went rosy and you adjusted in your bed, fixing the blanket on your lap.
“um. supper’s ready. quinn made grilled cheese. he’s calling it gourmet,” he scratched the back of his neck and you giggled, biting your lip slightly
“would you mind bringing it up for me? im pretending to be mad at your brother so im having ‘movie day’ without him. i’ve just been reading,” you added movie day in air quotes, and luke finally cracked a smile, nodding at you and quietly turning to go back downstairs and grab your food
when he came back, he had his plate as well, and he gave you a sheepish look.
“i thought maybe we could have actual movie day, so i brought mine. can i…?” he trailed off, shifting his weight onto one leg
you nodded happily, moving over in your bed and patting the spot next to you.
luke grinned to himself, making his way over and sitting down, stiffening slightly when you leaned against him and took your plate from his hand
“you can pick the movie, lukey,” you handed him the remote, taking a bite of your sandwich and grinning when you determined that quinn’s gourmet grilled cheese was made with kraft singles.
he flicked through the movies on some of the apps you were already logged in on, eventually landing on xmen first class and looking down at you to confirm that what he’d chosen was okay
you nodded slightly, adjusting further into his shoulder and taking the remote from him to turn up the volume.
his face went hot when your hand had brushed his, and he quickly took a bite of his food to try and mask how flustered he’d gotten from just a small touch
“i told jack we were watching top gun, just to egg him on,” he whispered, eyes lighting up when you smiled and laughed.
his eyes stayed mostly on you throughout the movie, especially after you’d both finished eating and you started playing with his hair. you’d moved up so his head was on your chest, eyes zoned on the movie while he looked up at you, enamoured.
eventually, he nestled closer, grabbing your attention.
luke wasn’t a world renowned cuddler, so it raised suspicion. “you okay, lukey?” you brushed his hair out of his face and he nodded sleepily, pretending to be focused on the movie
you giggled “sleepy?” he hummed in response, bringing his eyes back up to yours.
“you’re not usually a snuggler, just wanted to make sure. you can talk to me, lu,” you squeezed his face a little, earning a smile
he knew that your words were meant to be coming off as jacks best friend, who’d been around for years, just wanting to help someone you’d known forever
but deep down he really, really wished that your words were meant to be subtle flirting, or letting him know how you felt
“if you fall asleep you can just stay, lukey,” you ruffled his hair, turning your head back to the movie
he nodded into you, tucking his head up into your neck
“thank you, baby,” he stiffened at his own words, the pet name coming out by accident
you only kissed his temple, not paying any mind to it.
he sighed in relief and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep
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aajjks · 7 months
Choice (m)
Tumblr media
synopsis. Your tears were his ointment for the pain you caused him by escaping.
pairing. yandere mafia!ex boyfriend!jungkook x fem!captive reader.
warnings. yandere themes, extreme possessiveness, obsession, degradation, mentions of kidn-pping, mentions of a g-n, mafia!, sadistic!jungkook, hard yandere!jungkook, hostage/captor au, ex!boyfriend au. he is not cute at all in this yikes.
disclaimer: This one is pretty triggering and dark, viewer discretion is heavily advised! This is purely fictional so please keep in mind that this does not represent jungkook of bts irl! DO NOT ROMANTICISE THIS BEHAVIOUR!
note. NEW JUNGKOOK UNLOCKED! share feedback? ENJOY. *not edited*
Tumblr media
He’s so glad that he was the one in control.
Jungkook starred at your figure, his eyes calculating as he watched your body squirm, fat tears lining around your lashes, your mouth gagged so you couldn’t scream.
He was loving it.
“Baby, stop struggling, or you can continue to hurt yourself.” He liked to be cruel, it gave him such pleasure. “You look so pretty like this, in all honesty,” he leaned closer to your face.
“You knew I’d find you.”
The armchair creaking as he moved his weight to stare you even closely, there was something so beautiful about your pretty face.
Especially when it was stained with your tears.
Jungkook loved it when you cried, the sounds you made? The way you looked at him so helplessly made his pants grow tighter immediately.
You were really fragile, he loved that about you. It wasn’t like you were physically fragile. Oh no.
It was your heart and your feelings that he loved to hurt so much. Because they were too damn fragile. He could stomp on your heart and then pick it up and kiss your heart.
Jungkook knew you two were not a match, and if you were? You were a match made in hell.
You were too innocent for someone so sadistic and fucked up like him, that’s why he grew so obsessed with you in a span of six months. Jungkook loved you in his own fucked up way.
So much that it was suffocating.
“How long are you going to cry huh? Your eyes are starting to swell, princess..” Jungkook clicked his tongue.
He loved you a lot but there was a limit to it.
He was never going to change himself for you, you had to understand that you couldn’t leave him just because you wanted to, just because you couldn’t handle the fact that he was a mafia don and a cruel man.
No, you had no choice.
“See, now you brought this upon your own head Y/N.” Jungkook sighed deeply, his words shouldn’t hurt you, he thought, you had known him for almost a year now.
You should know a lot better than you were acting like.
But he was always willing to forgive you.
“Why did you leave me? Huh? Who allowed you? How fuckin dare you!” He got up from his arm chair, sliding his hand down over to his white shirt, as if dirt was on it.
Jungkook focused his now angry gaze on you, glaring daggers into your face, you could only cry helplessly, blurry eyes at your ex boyfriends face.
You were glad you found out his reality and escaped.
But was it really worth it? This psycho had found within a span of two days. It didn’t take him long, of course.
You were fucked.
Your eyes widened at Jungkook’s next movement as you watched him take out his gun from his pocket.
“Mhmmm!!! MHMMM!~” you screamed into the cloth, spit gathered around the corners of your lips, your eyes crinkled with fear.
“Aw honey, want to speak?, you know I don’t like it when you talk too much, I like it when your pretty little mouth is quite or wrapped around my dick.”
Pervert, asshole!
“I know you’re going to say something to hurt my feelings, that’s all you’re good at, really.” He rubbed the neck of the gun around his jaw, “you drive me so insane, y’know that?” He chuckled, like a maniac.
You could only glare at him.
“Of course you do! That’s why you like it when I chase you, conquer you and punish you.” Jungkook growled, his laughing coming to a halt, his aura shifted.
“How… am I going to punish you this time?” The mafia boss pretended to think, the gun rubbing on his jaw, his hands were so close to the trigger.
“Should I,” he inhaled a deep breath. “Kill your little brother this time?”
The chair shaked violently as you pushed, struggling to break free from his captivity.
But no use.
“You know I can, it would be such a shame though? Princess. He’s such a smart little guy, and he’s pretty adorable too.” Jungkook pursed his lips together, tilting his head towards you even more. 
“So, you’re gonna try and leave me again? It’s going to be your choice princess.”
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All I Wanted - Part 1
summary: when you are kidnapped discovered by TF141 they can't help but fall in love.
pairing: 141 x fem!teen!reader (platonic)
warnings: mentions of child abuse, drugs, canon typical violence
Part 2
A/N: this is like my first fanfic in a while, and first on tumblr (yay!) any tips and tricks would be so helpful!
this also plans to be a series but posting might and will be inconsistent, thank you in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You always had a difficult life. Being abused by your parents up until you ran away at 13. After you ran away, you got in with the wrong type of people, promises of hope and money, food and validation was all they needed to say to get you hooked in their business of organised crime. Some good came out of it however, they gave you a home and how to defend yourself. They taught you how to shoot a gun and the best place to make someone bleed. They taught you nothing else mattered except them, they became your new family.
You were 15 when you were tasked with transporting a couple crates of weaponry and drugs. The organisation you joined knew you well enough and practically raised you to be the strongest you were. So one cargo ship to Amsterdam later, you find yourself in a rotting, metal warehouse, wearing pink apparel, pink puffy skirt and a white hello-kitty shirt. A baby pink cardigan is draped over your shoulders and over-the-knee white knitted socks. A chrome covered knife strapped to your thigh.
“Zus, how much for it all?” he stood across from you, a cigarette lit between his lips taking a long drag as you assessed his question. His black, slicked back hair elongated his face and the three piece suit almost made this deal professional.
“How much are you offering?” was all you said as a small smile graced your lips, ‘the higher the offer, the better’ you remember being told before you left. They weren’t the best weapons but they were definitely worth at least a couple K.
a grimace, “80”
a growl, “40”
a hum, “55”
“65. Final offer,” his teeth were bared, almost like he was sweating already.
A sinister, sweet smile stretched across your face, “Wonderful, and how are you wanting to transfer that?” out of seemingly nowhere you pulled out a notepad and pen, writing down the bank details before you gave him a pointed look, “You have one week to transfer the money, or I will have your head.”
His face paled, almost embarrassingly so. For how innocent you appeared to be, you knew how to handle yourself in these situations. You turned to walk away, the sound of baby pink mary janes clacking against the concrete as you bounced towards the rusted metal doors, sliding them open as you looked back at the man one final time, “It was a pleasure doing business with you,” and leaving.
You were good at your job. It was easy, for the most part. Gather intel, pass forward that intel. Transfer somewhat illegal items from one holder to another. So it comes to you as a bit of a surprise when you exit through the dusty doors when a bullet wizzes past your face, luckily just missing you. Swiftly pulling out the hand-gun out your waistband and shooting in their direction. You wish you had your sniper, but it was left in the hotel room you managed to stay at.
As you shot in the direction of the fire, you failed to notice someone sneaking out behind you, kicking your knees in. Dirt caked your socks as the grip on your gun became loose. Acting as quick as possible, you flipped onto your back, retching the knife from its holster. Before you could act, black invaded your vision as you felt pain shoot from your head. Shit.
White light invaded your vision, a grumbled swear leaving your dry lips at the pounding in your head. "Jesus Christ," your wrists hurt, rubbed raw by the shitty metal handcuffs they strapped you in, "Whose bedroom did you get these out of? Couldn't even afford good quality cuffs?" fell out of your mouth before you could think to stop it. No one reacted.
It was a van, you could tell that much. The interior white with small wooden benches lining it. Two men sat on either side of you whilst the other two sat across. From what you could make out, another pair sat at the front, driving to this unknown destination.
Maybe you should have been more scared. More begging for them not to hurt you. Four big, burly military men could definitely kill you much easier than you kill them.
They studied you like you studied them. The one on your left was most likely the oldest, a fisherman's hat upon his head and mutton chops-moustache combo was the dead give away. He had his eyes closed and arms crossed across his chest, legs spread wide.
You couldn't make out the one on your right quite as well. A black balaclava with painted white skeletal teeth paired well with the upper half of the skull mask he wore. He seemed to be in a similar position as grandpa, although he had an ankle resting on his knee instead, head tilted back against the cool metal of the van.
The two across from you seemed younger. One had a darker complexion, his eyebrows furrowed in a thoughtful expression. He was smaller than the rest but no doubtfully as strong.
Lastly was the man with a mohawk. His eyes bore into you the most, not so angry and more trying to figure out who you were. Breaking you apart and putting you back together with his eyes. Childishly, you stuck your tongue out at him. His face morphed into one of slight surprise before rolling his eyes and looking towards the front.
It was quiet. The hum from the light ticking like a clock in your ear. Trying to gauge where you were and how much time had passed, your foot started tapping on the floor.
"Stop," A gruff voice said suddenly making you jump before mumbling a sorry at the skull-faced man. It was quiet again. It numbed your senses, sending shivers down your spine. Gravel sounded under the tires before voices outside sounded, signalling your arrival.
The doors pulled open, sunlight shining in. As mohawk and shorty left, skully pulled your arm to tug you along out with him, a short yelp escaping past your lips at the action.
You tripped over your feet, pins and needles shooting up your legs from sitting for so long. "Can you be gentle?" you spoke as you found your footing, "Please?" it was tacked on at the end for at least the tiniest bit of sympathy.
Skully looked down at you as he continued to drag you towards what you hoped was a five-star hotel with bed and breakfast. At least your death would be a quick one.
The halls blurred together until you were sitting in a leather chair in someone's office, back to the door, although you felt the looming presence of the men behind you. Mutters were heard outside before the door clicked opened, footsteps and a click again.
Gramps stood in front of you, leaning over the dark stained oak table. He had a file in his hand, putting it on the desk before sliding it over to you. "What do you know of El Sin Nombre?" it wasn't as much of a question than you'd like but an order for information.
Your mouth was so dry it felt like you swallowed cotton. As much as you wished to answer him, you look at him with furrowed brows and a confused expression. It took you a couple minutes before words formed in your throat, "Who?".
He didn't enjoy that answer. One of his hands slapping on the desk as he seethed, repeating the question again as if that would change your answer.
"I don't know who that is! I can't help you," you felt that burning sensation under your eyes as you desperately tried to convey your emotions. Tears meant weakness, and that's the one thing you didn't want to show to your captors right now.
Pairs of eyes hammered into your head. You felt like a child again, staring down at your toes being told off for not doing the dishes or not being quick enough to grab a beer. You braced for the hits, the punches to your ribs as you made promises that fell on the deaf ears of your mother and father.
"Price," A voice sounded behind you, soft and comforting. An accent coated the words that flowed through the air you didn't pick up on. The more time passed the more your eyes stung, tears slipping past your defences. Shoulders shaking as you try to curl into yourself, strings of "I don't know" and "I'm sorry" being nothing more than mumbles.
The room grew cold and quiet as you sobbed. Footsteps couldn't be heard over your own cries, so when an arm wrapped around your shoulders, you jolted. Expecting this is where you get hit. Bracing for the impact and sting they usually brought with them.
Instead, the arm pulled you into their chest, hugging you close and stroking your hair, along with shushing you softly. It only made you sob harder. When was the last time someone hugged you like this? Sure, you got the occasional pat on the back for a job well done, but never an embrace like this.
Time passed through your fingers like sand, not knowing how long you sat there for before you calmed down. The arms didn't pull away until you did, cringing at the wet patch you left on the man's shirt. Speaking of, you looked up to see mohawk looking down at you, eyes soft and an equally soft smile. "Y're alright now lass?" his accent leaked into the words, a curt nod allowing him to pull away and stand up again.
A heavy sigh sounded above you as you dragged your eyes up to meet who you presumed was this 'Price' figure. "What’s your name?"
Gears turned over the question in your head, thinking of an answer. Technically, you lost your name when you left home, gaining a couple new names at the gang.
Your silence was taken for an answer. "What are you doing in Amsterdam?" this you could answer.
"A business exchange. I'm just the messenger, I don't know any of the customers - I promise! - I just get the money and dip. I promise I can't help you-" you were hyperventilating at this point.
"It's alright sweetheart, deep breaths, calm down for me, yeah?" Price's voice was gentle now, seemingly not wanting the same thing to happen.
"Can you tell us where you're from? Who you work for?" He asked once he saw you calm down.
"Uhm- I'm from England. And I don't really work for them but I'm a doberman. They're some organisation that took me in," you weren't really interested in going into full depths of your life with these complete strangers.
Although, you felt the gazes lift off you and onto Price, his own eyes looking back at his men, a million silent conversations happening right above your head. Price inhaled sharply before he asked his last question, "How old are?"
"15." The air knocked out of his lungs.
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paper-ketch · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cucurucho versus — Bobby
Cucurucho, buddy, you simply can't handle the uber instincts of Bobby's uber chingon prowess.
see also: tilin (& juanaflippa) ao3 version (or check '#cucurucho versus' for more)
+ thank you @/tinylittlesimp for checking if the spanish dialogue is correct! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
bonus: explanation as to why the scanner didn't picked up the guns
/claps hand/
Okay, so.
The short explanation is that Bobby's front pocket isn't considered as in-game inventory, because the overalls is an attire, or it is considered as a Minecraft skin to be exact. The scanner camera only scans in-game-on-person inventory, or anything that shows you the inventory interface if you click on them, which is why the two guns bypassed the scan and remained undetected.
Were Roier and/or Jaiden aware of this? I'll leave that up to you guys' interpretation.
Also, there was an alternative choice to have Maxo be the one giving Bobby the guns, since he might be someone who probably figured that out one way or another.
But, I settled on Roier and Jaiden because it is quite funny to me if those two didn't knew about the loophole and didn't realized that they accidentally gave Bobby what he needed to wreck havoc in the afterlife (^^ゞ) + get revenge on that one time he died at the hands of the binary monster.
(Also, apparently according to the wiki, Bobby prefers the non-coloured sign because he likes the basic ones. But, he did have a teal/baby blue sign which he occasionally use.)
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gremlingottoosilly · 1 month
Lovefool [dark!Konig x fem!Reader]
Konig gets to secure a little trophy from the battlefield. Hope you're in for a ride.
!TW! Kidnapping, Yandere themes, Dub-con, dark!Konig
Tags: Yandere, Dark Romance, colonel!Konig, dark!Konig, Size kink, Age gap(Konig in his thirties and Reader is in her twenties), Stockholm syndrome speedrun, Konig is a huge pervert, submissive Reader
Tumblr media
You never knew who he was before he attacked.
Your teammates did – whisperers about KorTac getting on their tails, stories about their crazy psycho commander who could barely pass a word to his subordinates while smacking heads off trained men in full armor. Spooky tails for the recruits who refuse to train in their free time – something about “If you aren’t getting in shape by the end of the month, König is going to get you”.
You never knew who he was – you barely knew the organization you worked in.
Cyber security, lowly private military. They are hiring based on CV alone and didn’t ask for a fancy college and a few degrees in hacking that you could never get. They wanted experience, and you had at least a bit of it – you passed through basic training, never serving in the military before, but fine with promises of never actually going out in the field since you would be giving them intel and cyber support from the sidelines.
Well, they never told you that “the sidelines” would be 100 meters away from the actual battlefield.
You don’t even remember what the mission was about – something important, you guess, because they asked you to be here, on sight, computer in hand, and your comrades, with whom you barely talked outside of work, alongside you. Something about weapon smuggling, though you never actually understood if you were stopping it or doing it. Working in the middle of the European Union pays a lot, and it sort of counts as free travel – you’re somewhere in Germany, maybe on the border with Poland or Austria or Czech Republic. Nothing but fields of grass and occasional mountains. They gave you a riffle, a sidearm, and instructions to try not to get too wounded since they wouldn’t be dragging your body out of the field. S[read sheet with intel opened on your computer – you’re not their secretary, but at least they don’t want you to hack the Pentagon.
You heard screams from your tent: “KorTac”, “Compromised”
What was the weirdest thing – he was alone. A single man shouldn’t be able to take on a team of trained mercs, even as lowly as your company was. You all had weapons, armor, and means of at least taking him down as a group – and you were like a bunch of babies with toy guns on the playground when a pitbull came in.
Your leader fell first – you saw his head explode with a perfect shot right between his eyes. no one screamed sniper, but you still ducked under the field table, hoping that it would save you a few minutes of peace before you’d manage to delete all of the important files from your laptop. This was the protocol – if you are in the middle of dying, you need to first make sure that the enemy won’t get a hold of precious company correspondence and deeply personal photos of your cat.
You leaned forward to see what was happening on the field – you heard screams, you heard gunshots, you heard…
Deep, loud, the laugh that sounded both malicious and cheerful at the same time. It sounded like the man had a field day of breaking necks and stabbing his teammates. You've never seen so much blood on someone. You wish you never had.
Your teammates are falling like porcelain dolls when the elephant hits the kitchen, and you are trying your best to be a good little hacker and not let your company down before your inevitable demise. Turning on your laptop, waiting for whatever ancient version of Windows you had since the budget was mostly going into flashy guns and cool night vision headsets, you are getting ready to format all the disks when….
“The Windows update is in the process. Please, wait approximately 9 hours to complete”
Oh, hell no. You are not going to wait another 9 hours, you could barely survive for the next 9 minutes! Of course, naturally, obviously, you can just turn off the computer and get it off work because the files will get fried up and it won’t turn on again, ever. Which would still complete your goals, so…
— Come on, please…f-fuck, please, just let me…
“As a method of complete data loss prevention, Windows has disabled the ability to manually turn off your computer. Please, wait approximately 9 hours to complete”
— Found you, Maus.
Something – a hand, big, covered in the type of protection you never saw on your fellow soldiers – yanked your ankle, dragging you from under the table you were hiding under. The air stinks of blood and you involuntarily whimper, hands are going to grab the laptop. You need to smash it, destroy it, maybe just drop it hard enough on the floor, push it against the wall, and try your best to kick it enough to damage the disk and prevent KorTac from accessing the files.
The guy steps on your hand, taking the laptop away. You swear to god you hear a crack – you prayed that he would accidentally smash the laptop, but it was your hand under his boot.
— Hurts? Good.
You whimper as he carefully puts the laptop away, checking if it’s still working. He then returns to you – laying on the floor, fingers still shaking in pain, and attempts to grasp for the computer that was snatched away. There is nothing you can do – you have a gun, yes, and he has at least three guns and deadly man-bear hands, so even if you were fast enough to draw a gun before he would, he can just kick you like a puppy.
König – it’s him, it must be him, your teammates were screaming his callsign and talking about a devil who wears a sniper hood and has the height of a not very small tree – kicks you in the ribs, turning you from the side to your back, facing him. If you were stronger, you would do something cool – bite his ankles, for example. Or spit in his face as the last remaining tip of your dignity, before he would kill you or torture you or feast on your flesh.
— Verdammte Feiglinge, can’t even face your death like a man. Look at me, ja?
Crying isn’t a shameful thing to do. So, you cry. Soft little whimpers, sniffles, you are probably looking wet and disgusting, but you hurt, scared, and fucking tired and you want out of here, and you never actually wanted to be a soldier, and they all lied to you while promising to keep you out of the field, and this uniform is horrible, and you feel your tears soaking the half of bandana you were using as a face mask and…
He snatches the mask from your face. Look you in the eyes for long enough to make your whimpers even more audible. You can swear to god that his pupils were dilated. That his hands were shaking. You could see his eyes getting scrunched in that particular way that their owner is smiling – sincerely, openly, from the bottom of his heart.
— Please…p-please, be fast, I don’t know anything, I will…I won’t, I…
Rough, calloused hand goes to cup your face. The material of his glove is tough and soaked in blood as he smears it on your cheek, your fingers are going to wipe away the tears – you don’t understand what’s happening and you are even more scared, and your mouth is twitching in a terrified grimace. He pushes the tip of his finger into your mouth, making you suck on the blood and dirt of the fabric. You think you are going to throw up.
— Quiet.
You don’t understand why he didn’t kill you yet. He is touching your face, slowly, his one hand is enough to cover your entire head and you’re sure that if he’d want to just squish your brain like a rotten cabbage, he could just fine. He pushes his finger even deeper in your mouth and you lick it involuntarily because this is an intrusion and you have the brain of a two-year-old who sees the world through their ability to devour things, and his pupils dilate even more. He looks at your frown, your tears, and your lips wrapped around his finger.
He yanks you on your feet embarrassingly easy.
— You’re a hacker?
You blink a few times. Now, the protocol is that no, you can’t state who you are, If he knows that you are a hacker, he can take you away for interrogation, maybe torture you for passwords and the intel on your company, and being tortured isn’t something on your monthly calendar. Now, the protocol also states that you have to be able to die for your company, and…
He grabs your neck, lifting you – surprisingly gently, softly even, a hand supports your waist so you won’t be able to either kick him or get choked to death because of his grip.
— Answer me, Maus. I might have a reason to let you live.
You do want to live. Maybe not long, definitely not until you’re 100 years old with dozens of grandchildren, but being able to live past the next few hours and then days and then weeks does sound incredible.
— Y…yes. I’m a cyber security specialist.
He squeezes your neck more. Pushes you up, making you cough in your grip. You never experienced anything like this before – never had a guy strong enough to handle you like this. It would look cool from the side, probably – like something from a videogame. It would look hot in the porn, probably, if it was consensual and happening between two passionate lovers.
But you are his enemy, and he is yours – cold blue eyes peering right into yours. He is looking at you like a piece of meat, and not even in the lustful, hungry way. He looks like a butcher in front of a very good beef cut, thinking about where should he sink his knife to get the best steaks. A hunter standing over the wounded deer, thinking if he wants your head above his fireplace or taxidermy your whole body as a wicked trophy.
— Didn’t know they’d allowed someone so fucking small in the field.
You can swear to god that you saw him smile, under this hood. You can’t see his face, obviously, only the blood-soaked fabric and his eyes, but something still tells you that he is smiling. Enjoying your attempts to escape, maybe – you tried to kick him a few times, producing a deep, amused chuckle from his lips. He holds you so easily like you are nothing but a sweet little kitten. You might not be as big as him, but he still shouldn’t be able to lift a grown woman in full gear with just one hand. Right?
— I’m not…not s-small.
You don’t have much fight left in you. You are on the verge of just asking him to kill you, to be honest, your neck hurts and the pain spreading from your fingers pulsates and transforms. You hope they are not broken – even though you understand that your chances to live past these few minutes are very slim. Even your usual snark is lost, forbidden in the hands of a giant who likes to play with his food.
You do feel like a mouse – in a way that you would die under his boot very soon.
He – König, monster, colonel, fucking deadly mercenary – chuckles again. You can get used to this sound. Melodic almost, in a way that most alarms are melodic while telling you about inevitable catastrophe.
— Kleine verfickte Maus. Ich wette, dass du auch ganz eng bist.
He is laughing, again. Laughing and chuckling and you can’t take it anymore because he is so obviously stronger than you, it’s not fair. You want to put your foot on the ground and tap it like a spoiled brat, like a baby on the playground whining for their mom to take them home because other kids don’t want to play by their rules. The difference in skill is so obvious, that you aren’t even able to put on some sort of fight.
— Wh…I don’t speak German.
Your other hand – the one that didn’t get squished under his boot – goes to scratch his arm. Maybe put up enough struggle that he would accidentally let you fall right from his grasp. He doesn’t react and you feel hopeless. Weak, useless, you remember all the times you decided to miss training so you could just chill in the lounge with other rookies or do something on your computer.
— You will, Maus.
Then, there is only darkness.
You woke up…somewhere.
Come to think of it, it wasn’t the first time you woke up. You remember opening your eyes, feeling the vibrations under your cheek, hearing the noises of a car or other vehicle moving fast. Too fast for your already spinning head and stomach – you don’t remember if you were coughing or vomiting, but the movement wasn’t stopping to ever let you breathe. You were being transported somewhere, without a chance of knowing where you were heading. At least now, when you get to the final, as you think at least, destination, you’re clean.
As much as someone tied up to a chair somewhere that reminds you of a basement can be.
You’re stripped of your weapons obviously – not like you had a chance to use them anyway. Your hands are tied behind your back, your legs are bound to a chair, and your tragic lack of clothes is…more evident than you wanted it to be. At least you still have your underwear on – it still didn’t make the situation better. He saw you naked, completely, and he might do god knows what with you now.
Although you have some feelings about what he can do with a weak enemy hacker, half-naked and tied up in a secure place.
You would panic, but it requires energy. A resource that you don’t have right now.
— You woke up. Gut. Started to think I went too much again.
His accent is weird, you think. The thought only occurs to you now, when you can hear him more clearly while not being that afraid of getting out of this alive. His voice is weirdly calm for someone of his size – you want to think of gentle giants but this man is far from gentle and is almost too big to even be called a giant. A colossus, you want to say.
— Again?
Your voice is raspy, both from your sleep and from lack of water. When was the last time you drank anything? Probably more than a few hours – your throat is dry as sandpaper, and your head is dizzy from both your trauma – he either strangled you to unconsciousness or beat you hard enough – and the dehydration. You don’t want to spend another minute in this basement – you think this is a basement, at least, the high humidity on the walls and some garbage tossed to the corner is fairly evident. It’s large, too – you never saw anything like this. It might be a KorTac prison, but the remains of a bike and a few shelves of canned foods tossed to the other side of the room tell otherwise.
— We’re allowed to take trophies home. Sometimes I get…impatient.
You’re in his house? Does a monster like him even need a house?
“A trophy”
Funny how you don’t even feel that dehumanized. He didn’t kill you, you don’t feel the evidence of violation on your body – you are clean, neat even, your stomach and private parts aren’t hurting, and, as much as you hate to say this while tied up to a chair, you are as comfortable as a person in your position can be.
— What are you going to do with me?
You shake like a leaf. He finally steps closer to you, coming from the ladder – you can hear the lock and a heavy door being closed, setting your hopes of escape. Not like you could, in your position – the bruises already forming on your legs and hands, a numbed pain in your head and fingers. You feel shitty and comfortable at the same time, trying to tune off the discomfort and just concentrate on talking to him.
He didn’t kill you – this is good, you can work with this.
He left you alive – this is bad, he is going to torture you, he is going to do a million terrible things with you and you are not a part of a regular army, You didn’t get the torture resistance training. Maybe, if it was some of your friends, other girls in the group who got through military school and never missed gym to sit on their computers, they would have survived. You never felt so weak before – not even on the battlefield.
God, you’re scared.
— Your computer. My employer needs the info you had on it.
It’s not personal, at least. He is here for the information, not to take advantage of your weak, fragile body. It made you almost feel at peace, almost made you forget about your lack of clothing and the damp basement you’re being put in.
— What sort of info do you need?
You slowly start to wiggle your hands in your binds – he used plastic locks, those stupid unremovable things that are slowly cutting the soft flesh of your wrists. You can’t untie them, but you can try at least tear them on the metal of your chair. You can try to, just to say that you did, and not feel bad about not resisting him at all.
— Your last mission. You were trying to smuggle weapons into the EU border.
— We were trying to stop the smuggling of weapons.
At least, you think you were – your head hurts, your memories are dizzy, and they never actually told you what kind of job you had. Come to think of it, actually, you never asked whether you were the good guys or the bad guys – it was always about money, paychecks, getting your job done and not dying from lack of nutrition because most tech-jokey jobs are already filled with uninspired chatbots and graduates from fancy colleges with a dick between their legs. Not reserved for tired women like you – so you turn to, ironically, paramilitary organizations. How the tables have turned.
— That’s not what our intel says, Maus. Do you want to lie to me?
You don’t. You just don’t know if you are telling the truth or lying because you are too fucking tired to even think straight.
He comes closer, and you whimper involuntarily. His breath hitches.
— Scheisse…they knew who to hire.
He grabs you by the neck again, and you can finally see him fully – towering over you, cold blue eyes staring right into you. You sob, not able to handle your emotions because, oh god, he is going to rape you, torture you, and then put a giant burning stick right in your ass because everyone knows that this is the best way to hack a computer – you just need to find the person who put the password in the first place.
— Can’t you just hack the computer yourself?
He chuckles – you’re getting tired of that sound. You hate that you found his voice attractive, you hate the fact he is keeping you down here. You want to destroy that part of your body that likes the attention – how his eyes are only kept on you. Never had a guy kidnapping you before, and you fight the feeling of disappointment that strikes you when you remember that he is here because he needs the intel. Not because he wants you.
— It wasn’t a…conventional operation. Can’t waste manpower on breaking the walls you installed.
His hand goes to cup your face again – you frown, breathing stops because he is so close and he takes off his gloves, allowing his rough, calloused fingers to linger on your cheeks. He squeezes your face in an almost adorable manner and steps back again. You lick your dry lips again, trying hard to keep at least one part of your body moisturized, and his breath hitches again.
He goes behind you, ruffles through shelves – you can hear something falling, his awkward grunt as he had to pick it up. He is more clumsy than you though – more nervous also, hands are jittering and fingers twitching every time you look at him. Adorable, really, how this huge mess of a man can look so innocent and almost nervous in front of you.
König returns after a minute or two, holding…a water bottle. Closed, lid still on, little plastic wrapping in place. You have half a mind about just drinking it, even though he doesn’t offer it to you. Not like you could open it yourself, with how your hands are still tied up behind your back.
— You don’t speak German.
It’s not a question – it’s a statement. you watch him opening the bottle with ease, large hands are working on something so fragile and delicate. You can’t remember the last time you had sex, not with how fast your head is spinning and memories still foggy, but you think it was a long time ago – because you feel your cheeks heated from the simple actions of his large fingers ripping through soft plastic.
God, you don’t really remember what was happening before you got here, not in detail, but you know that you needed to get laid like, a year ago.
— No.
— You will.
— Wh…what do you mean?
Is he going to make you install Duolingo? Is this what it all was about? Some elaborate prank, a marketing campaign, a tough lesson for silly girls who think that knowing just your native language is enough to live your life and…
— When you want something, Maus, you have to say “bitte”.
If you were a strong and cool soldier, you would use this moment to jump from your chair, using the weight of your body to fall on him and make him lose balance, and then spit in his face as your last remaining blast of human dignity.
But you aren’t a cool and strong soldier, and you really need to drink.
— B…bitte. What does this mean?
— Please.
He is almost whispering, the water bottle tanging in his hands in front of you. You take your time, considering the possibilities – you can play like a good little prisoner and allow him to take your pride and just toss it aside. You can play like an obedient hostage and ask him nicely, hoping that it would be enough.
You don’t know what to do – appearing too shy and soft can give him…ideas. And you don’t want this crazed giant who is keeping you bound in his basement to get ideas. You can…you probably can spend more time without water. Or food. Or shower and change of position.
You take your time answering, and his demeanor seems almost…anxious. His eyes are darting between the water bottle and your face, between his hands and your body – like he can barely keep a calm facade and not force you into doing something nasty. Like he is almost afraid that you are not going to cooperate and he would really have to hurt you in a meaningful way.
— Can I have water, bitte?
— Gutes Kätzchen. Drink, you’ll need it.
In the end, you broke down first. Not because you are this weak, but because being a brat won’t save you in a situation like this. You don’t want to die over something as trivial as your pride.
König seems…at ease. He takes off the bottle cap and brings water to your lips, allowing you to drink as much as you want. You lick the remaining drops from your lips and he puts a half-empty bottle aside.
— I won’t tell you the password.
You mumble under your breath, barely audible. He chuckles.
— I count on it, liebe.
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zorobraun · 3 months
sexual tension with ghost that leads to sex (but he’s kinda toxic) part three
Tumblr media
“shit, y/n is throwing up in the bathroom! she said she’s feeling very sick.” soap exclaims a little too loud, wanting to make his lieutenant hear it. ghost’s eyes widen. “come again?” he stops cleaning his pistol to look at soap’s face, to make sure he heard it well. soap holds back a laugh as he sees the man’s concerned face. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” soap bursts out laughing, pointing at ghost. “the two of you have been messing people’s sleep schedule for so long now, i hate you, man.” soap punches his friend.
“is she okay, though?” ghost scratches the back of his neck, still worried if this a joke or not. “yeah, i was just fucking with you.” soap chuckles, taking a sip of his beer. ghost sighs in relief. “fucking hell, do you want me dead or something? almost got me a heart attack here.” he chuckles, turning back to his gun. “shut up, you know damn well that you’d love to have a cute little baby, being a dad and all.” soap points out and ghost smiles, nodding.
“i’d love to, but not with her. she’s too much.” he answers, chuckling as he thinks of you. “what do you mean?” soap frowns, too invested in this conversation. ghost clicks his tongue, focused. “you know… she’s too good. i’d ruin her. besides, this life of mine is shit, i’d hate to put my child in the middle of this.” he says, feeling very empty for a second. it’s almost sad. “i think you already did. you know, ruin her. she probably caught feelings and you’re probably being cold towards her. i know you.” soap shakes his head, punching ghost’s healed arm.
“yeah, whatever. i think she knows i won’t settle down for her, or anyone else.” ghost shrugs, but his heart hurts a little. he clears his throat, putting the pistol on his waist. “thanks for the talk, johnny.” he smiles half heartedly. you, on the other hand, don’t feel thankful for this talk at all. you let out a disappointment sigh behind the closed door, outside the base. fuck you for catching feelings.
“hey, y/n. what are you doing here?” konig scares you out as you put a hand on your chest. you chuckle nervously. “don’t ever do this to me again.” you smile. “i was just… being nosy.” you simply says and he laughs, his hands on his waist. why have you just noticed how tall konig is? “well, i can’t blame you for that. i’m nosy too.” he shrugs, walking towards you.
“where’s konig?” you both hear ghost’s voice talking to someone, and before you could get inside, he appears behind konig. obviously, ghost’s eyes find yours, since you’re in front of the teammate he was looking for. he clears his throat and you look down, as if your shoes were much more interesting. “yes, sir?” konig turns his body to face ghost. “what are you doing? i thought i gave you an order. alejandro’s waiting for you.” he says in his usual demanding tone and you slowly open the door to get the fuck out.
“you stay.” ghost points at you and you freeze, nodding. “sorry, sir.” konig mumbles as he leaves without saying goodbye. ghost sighs tiredly, coming closer to you. “new friend, huh?” he pulls his balaclava up just enough to put a cigarette between his lips. he lights it up, you smile nervously. “he’s cute, isn’t he?” ghost locks his jaw, nodding. “the cutest ever.” he chuckles dryly. “how’s your throat, sweetness?” he mocks with a serious face, looking away to see if someone’s around. he looks at you again when he assures that no one’s near.
you roll your eyes. “good, besides the fact that i have a raspy voice now.” your fake and annoyed smile makes him chuckle. “well, i think it’s sexy.” he smirks, blowing the smoke away. “yeah?” you stare at his lips before thinking twice. he’s so attractive… goddamn, what are you even doing? it’s embarassing — the way you act like a horny virgin teenager around him. “i-i mean, whatever. fuck you.” you panick with red cheeks, shrugging. he laughs out loud.
“i love your voice, raspy or not.” ghost points out, staring at your lips involuntarily. he puts the cigarette out. his thumb caresses your cheek. “if that makes you feel better.” he says in a low tone, holding back a smile, now brushing his thumb on your lips slowly. god, you hate him. you swallow hard when his hand leaves your face, standing still in front of him, too close for your comfort. his eye contact game is strong, so you look away to take a deep breath. “i should get back in.” you announce, pointing at the door.
ghost smirks, nodding. you hold back a laugh when you realize the both of you are waiting for a… kiss. he pulls you closer to kiss you, but konig appears out of nowhere, making him pull back and clear his throat, play pretending. “konig.” ghost greets him, annoyed. “lieutenant.” konig nods his head. “and y/n.” he chuckles, but he sounds suspicious. “hi again.” you smile, scratching the back of your neck. “i’ll talk to you guys later.” you wave at them, mostly looking at ghost. he knows how to read you well.
“y-yes, simon, right there!” you scream as you grab the fuck out of his desk, making him laugh against your pussy. you chuckle, but it breaks into a moan when he pushes a finger in while his tongue works on your clit. your fingers are intertwined with his hair locks, your legs shaking a bit. “s-slow down, please!” ghost pulls his head back for a second, to let the both of you breathe. he looks up at you and you almost pass out, he’s so pretty like this.
“you good, love?” simon caresses the thigh that’s on his shoulder, placing a wet kiss on the inner area. you just nod, your chest coming up and down. he comes back to your pussy again, this time his tongue is more controlled, his movements are slower. his sensual patience with your body only makes you closer to your orgasm. but then, he starts moving faster and you hold your breath for a second, not knowing how to handle the sudden change of pace.
you’re one second away from your orgasm when he slows down again, your high immediately fading away. you hate that he knows your body so well. you whimper in pain, making him smirk against you. “i’m feeling weird.” you announce with a certain difficulty due to how bad you want him to make you cum. “is that so?” he licks you slowly and you can’t hold back your moan. “do you want me to stop?” ghost looks at your fucked out face. “i think i need to pee. my bladder, it hurts a little.” you explain to him, but he never stops his ministrations on you, because he knows it better.
“then do it.” ghost sounds excited, even though he’s out of breath. you frown. “have you ever squirted before?” you shake your head and it makes him even more hard below you. “let go. do it for me.” he stops eating you out to place a kiss on your lower stomach, doing a trail of kisses until his lips touch yours. “but you’re doing it on my cock.” you do as you’re told. you don’t even have the time to think when he pushes himself inside you with a kiss below your ear, whispering not so sweet words that make you squirm under him.
the storm outside makes you sigh. you don’t really know how long you’ve been on ghost’s bed, laying beside him, just hearing his breathing. it’s not like you’re waiting for his aftercare or something, you’re just too immersed in your thoughts. “what’s on your mind?” he breakes the silence, staring at the ceiling. “nothing.” you lie, smiling half heartedly, avoiding eye contact. “i know you.” he adds, now turning his face to you. you sigh, licking your lips. you look at him.
“i think we should stop, you know, fucking every now and then.” you give in, fighting the urge to touch his face. he’s analyzing every inch of yours. “it’s all up to you, honestly. i’ll settle for whatever you decide.” ghost kisses your forehead and the world stops for a second. did he just kissed your forehead while saying he’ll settle for whatever you decide? you both widen your eyes at each other.
“did you just…?” you chuckle, pointing at him. “no, i didn’t. this interaction isn’t real.” ghost’s hand goes to your waist as he pulls you closer, giving you a quick kiss as he chuckles against your lips. “for real, though. i think we should stop seeing each other. i mean it, okay?” you say, this time more seriously and it almost breaks his heart.
“can i ask you why?” he’s staring at you as if he already knows, so you sigh tiredly. “no.” you smile, looking away. “c’mon, y/n.” ghost chuckles. god, you feel like running away from his room. but fuck it. “because i’m falling for you and i can’t stand the idea that you would never love me back. i can’t keep having the most soul wrenching sex with you because my heart hurts everytime i remember that although i may not be yours, i can never be another’s. and you know what’s worse? you don’t want me to be yours, never did, never will. so why should i keep hurting myself this much?” a weight just got off your shoulders.
ghost is looking at you as if you were the most brave woman out there; expressing your feelings for him out loud like that. every woman he had gotten with, was scared of his reaction to feelings getting involved. as they should, because… “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” he says, unsure and cold, swallowing hard. you blink a few times, staring at him as if he’s your worst regret. you nod, getting out of his bed.
“you know what, simon?” you smile dryly as you’re putting on your clothes. “i’m the one to blame.” you chuckle, but you’re not actually finding it funny. he sighs, now getting out of his bed too. at least he’s not naked anymore. “i fucking cared for you too soon. i should’ve kept my disgust for you from the beggining. now i��m here, humiliating myself for someone who didn’t even care for me in the first place. i was just your safest option all along, someone who you could fuck anytime, anywhere.” you’re mad as you point at him, your watery eyes making him feel like shit.
“y/n, it’s not like this.” he comes closer and your palm goes on his chest, as a way to stop him there. he looks confused and almost desperate with your attitude. “it is like this. and we both know that.” you say firmly, looking into his painful eyes. he cups your hand on his chest, you swallow hard. you’ll have to get used to live without his warm touch. you pull your hand away from his, your eyes shedding a tear down your cheek.
“you’re overreacting…” ghost says the magical words and you’re done. you laugh out loud, shaking your head. “you’re right. night, simon.” you give up, walking towards the door. he closes his eyes, sighing. “wait, y/n.” you stop, still looking at the door in front of you. “i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to lead you on for so long when i knew what i felt.” you swallow hard as you both take some time to think, never looking at each other. he’s staring at the cold lifeless ground, just like him.
“with that being said, i can’t love you as you want me to.” simon finally says, mournful voice. the silence is so loud that he can almost hear your heart shattering onto the ground. he’s glad you’re not looking at him, because he’s tearing up. you look down, defeated, but not surprised at all; you could never change his mind all along. deep down, you’ve always knew it.
“before you leave, i just want you to know that you were never the problem. i am. and i…” he pauses, the overwhelming affection for you hitting him too hard. “i was full of happiness, when you were around.” he adds and you sob even more, nodding to yourself, since he can’t see it. if he was happy around you, why not give the two of you a chance? you press your lips together, not wanting to keep begging for him to love you.
“i quit.” you announce after a few minutes. you could never handle working with him again after this. simon closes his fist, swallowing hard. fuck him for losing you like this. “i understand.” he mumbles, his chest coming up and down from the despair of not seeing your ever again. he tries to control his breathing. “i didn’t know it was possible, but i hate you right now.” you mumble, hoping to make him feel bad but little do you know that he’s never been worse. “i know. i hate myself as well.” simon tries to smile but he’s just so fucking sad.
“have a good life or whatever. from now on, try to be happy, for christ’s sake.” your sad chuckle breaks into a sob and you never thought you were this emotional when it comes to him. he chuckles just like you. “please, love. just pick up your things and go.” simon tries to kick you out because he can’t stand your broken heart anymore, it’s making his own heart break as well. “shit, okay.” you dry your tears with the back of your hand. “goodbye, simon.” you open the door as you look over your shoulder, just to see him turning his back to face you at the same time. maybe you both needed to look at each other’s faces for one last time.
“goodbye, dumbass.” he gives you a sad half heartedly smile. you notice that his gaze is very upset, heavy, meaningless. he had to kill you but it killed him just the same. was he crying? it seems like he’s got a heart, after all. you hold back your tears when you realize the same stupid nickname from last night. you smile sadly as you close the door behind you, leaving him alone. this time, for good.
you could say that soap was right, simon ruined you. but you ruined him too.
“brother, what happened?” soap sounds concerned as he catches ghost off guard, smoking outside the base, under the rain. simon looks like shit, but his friend would never joke about it in such a delicate moment, as what it seems to be. “y/n happened.” he mocks, even though he sounds miserable. soap frowns, making ghost sigh and blow the smoke away. “i fucked up, man. but it’s whatever, she’s better off me, anyway.” ghost forces a sad smile.
“do you want a hug?” soap smiles half heartedly, stroking his lieutenant’s shoulder. ghost chuckles, shaking his head. he swallows hard when he feels the urge to cry. the urge to run back to you and say: “i love you, i love you, i love you. i miss you so much, i’ve never been in love before and it scares me, i’m so sorry for pushing you away when i knew what i truly felt. what i felt for you was everything i’ve ever wanted to feel since i met you. come back, love. come back to me. come back because i still search for you in everyone and everywhere. come back because my eyes are only satisfied when you’re the one standing in front of them. come back because you told me to be happy and i won’t be able to make it if you’re not near. just come back.”
but he can’t. it’s too late.
“i need to tell the team about it.” ghost says, putting the cigarette out. soap nods, opening the door. the two of them get back in, making the team stare at ghost. he clears his throat. his heart is heavy. “i’m here to announce that y/n is no longer a part of our team. she quit yesterday.” ghost says in his usual firm voice, but god knows he’s falling apart on the inside. the team looks very upset, but they nod with a sad smile, already knowing that simon was the reason she quit — his defeated aura said it all.
“she really liked you, you know…” alejandro breaks the silence, looking not at his lieutenant, but at his friend, simon riley. “i know.” simon nods with an upset smile, lighting up another cigarette. “that’s all, y’all can go back to work or whatever.” he smiles half heartedly. soap clears his throat. “um, lt…” he says, ghost looks at him, confused. “last week, i kinda invited her to my birthday party, at the bar, this weekend. she said she’ll be there. is this okay?” soap holds his breath when he notices ghost’s death stare.
he locks his jaw. “of course. i’m too old for drama, anyway.” simon mumbles, already regretting to have soap as his closest friend; he could never be absent at johnny’s birthday celebration. just like you would never not go, since you’re a people pleaser.
fucking awesome.
Tumblr media
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That's My Wife - Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw x airline pilot!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: 3.2k words. Rooster and his coworkers drew the short stick and ended up on a commercial civilian flight across the country for specialty flight training in Key West. A certain someone makes the flight and travel woes well worth the trouble for Bradley.
Warnings: none really, just tons of fluff! maybe some cursing & frequent usage of she/her pronouns for the reader
a/n: hi!! i posted a little snippet/preview of this fic last night and def did not expect it to get as much attention as it did. i'm so happy that so many of you were just as excited as me to see the finished product! i hope y'all enjoy it! <3
master list
An advanced specialty flight training at the Naval Air Station in Key West had the best aviators in the U.S. military flocking to the vibrant Florida island. This, of course, included Top Gun’s best graduates.
Rooster, Phoenix, and Hangman all had impressive reputations before the Uranium Plant mission led by Maverick. After that mission? They were nothing short of living legends in the Navy. So, naturally, they were among the pilots being sent out for the rigorous training.
The Navy couldn’t rationalize sending a private charter plane or wasting the fuel needed to transport just a few pilots to a base thousands of miles away, so the three aviators were sent on a commercial flight. Phoenix, Hangman, and Rooster got to experience the joys of civilian travel–long security lines through TSA, insufferably stressed-out travelers, and the overwhelming urge to get wasted at the bar conveniently located near their gate.
Hangman joked that if Rooster weren’t in uniform and instead wearing his typical Hawaiian shirts and jorts, he would’ve fit right in with the other passengers. Phoenix, who gave in and treated herself to a glass of wine, snorted before adding that Rooster was uptight enough then to blend in seamlessly.
Bradley would never admit it, but they were probably right. His one consolation was the smile his boarding pass brought to his face. The airline they were traveling with was familiar to Rooster to say the least.
The three aviators received priority boarding as active-duty military personnel. They sat at the very front of the cabin and Phoenix took the opportunity to people-watch as the rest of the passengers boarded. Hangman busied himself with looking into which Key West nightclubs and bars he could hit up after training while Rooster sent a quick text.
2:37 p.m.  Hey, baby. Just boarded the flight to Key West. I’ll talk to you when we land 😘 – Brad
2:38 p.m.  Have a safe flight, babe 😉💗 – y/n
Rooster chuckled at y/n’s use of a winking emoji before he turned his phone off and slipped it into his pocket. The flight attendants moved down the center aisle to begin their safety demonstration. Rooster was certain he’d sat through the same speech a thousand times, so he got comfortable and closed his eyes to take a nap.
A crackling from the plane’s speakers preceded what Rooster anticipated to be another relatively boring announcement.
“Good afternoon and welcome aboard, everyone. This is your Captain speaking,” an upbeat feminine voice floated through the aircraft’s speakers. Bradley’s eyes shot open wide and he sat up straight at the sound. He’d recognize that voice anywhere.
“No way…” he whispered to himself with a surprised smile.
Phoenix and Hangman shared a side-eye glance once they noticed the sudden change in Rooster’s demeanor. The man previously looked bored out of his mind and now he was hanging on to every word of the announcement. A wide grin spread across Rooster’s face while the pilot continued her introduction. As they taxied toward the runway, Hangman’s curiosity got the better of him.
“What is it, Bradshaw?” Jake asked with a raised brow. The bastard couldn’t help but be nosy. Phoenix softly elbowed Hangman in the ribs, but she certainly wasn’t tuning the conversation out. Rooster confidently squared his shoulders and turned to look at them.
“That’s my wife,” Rooster stated proudly, referring to the captain’s voice with a grin.
Hangman’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head and Phoenix leaned back with an impressed smile. Rooster’s fellow aviators knew he was married; hell, he wore his wedding ring like a badge of honor. He was quick to reject the frequent flirting he received and would simply raise his left ring finger whenever he was asked out at The Hard Deck–the man was nothing if not loyal. But Rooster was never the type to speak about his personal life at work, much less mention that his wife is also a pilot.
In fact, the only person Rooster worked with that knew anything about y/n was Maverick. Bradley introduced them to each other a few months after they started dating. The younger Navy man knew by the end of their second date that y/n was it for him. It took y/n a little longer to come to the same conclusion, but once she did she never looked back.
Actually, it was Maverick that helped y/n realize just how head-over-heels in love she was with Bradley. He brought y/n to meet his stand-in father figure at Mav’s hanger. In the middle of y/n and Maverick geeking out about all the memorabilia displayed in the hanger and trading flight stories, Rooster ran out to silence his Ford Bronco’s ancient and overly-sensitive car alarm. Pete took the opportunity to let y/n know just how whipped his godson was. “I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time, y/n. He’s bailed on our dinner plans at least three times in the past month just to get a chance to see you when you’re in the area.” Maverick smiled and clasped y/n’s shoulder. “You’re good for him. I hope he’s good for you too.”
And the rest was history. Just after their one year anniversary, Bradley got down on one knee in the middle of a crowded airport after they spent three full weeks apart. y/n flung herself into Bradley’s arms, foregoing the ring entirely and pressed her lips against his before she said “yes, yes, a thousand times yes.” Maverick was one of the few people at their wedding. It was small and intimate–just how y/n and Rooster liked it. Their relationship wasn’t a secret by any means, but they preferred things to be private.
Rooster returned from his trip down memory lane as y/n reached the end of her airline spiel. Her simultaneous light-hearted bubbly tone and professional manner had Bradley sporting a sweet smile.
“Before we take off, there’s an additional announcement I’d like to make.” Rooster perked up. y/n was going off-script. “A little birdie told me that some very special Navy aviators are on board with us today,” y/n’s voice came through the speakers, pride seeping into her tone.
Phoenix and Hangman exchanged amused smirks before staring right at Rooster. In a different scenario, the sudden attention focused on him might’ve made him uncomfortable, but he couldn’t care less right now. His wife, whom he hadn’t seen in over a week, was just steps away and he would be able to hold her in his arms again soon.
“Thank you for your service, lady and gents,” y/n finished sincerely. A polite applause filled the aircraft, bringing appreciative smiles to the aviators’ faces. Rooster wasn’t surprised that y/n somehow found out they were on her flight; he knew better than anyone that she was particularly skilled at getting what she wanted, evidently including private passenger information.
With their busy schedules and unpredictable jobs, y/n and Rooster would sometimes go weeks without seeing each other. y/n was gaining seniority in her airline, so she was able to pick and choose her flights sometimes–all of which she strategically planned to be able to visit her husband. When they were on opposite sides of the country, or even the world, it was harder to align their schedules for just a phone call. 
A few nights ago, they had synced-up free time and they didn’t waste a minute. Despite the time zone differences, they talked on the phone for hours. Bradley told y/n about his upcoming week of specialty training at the Naval Air Station in Key West. Since there was no pressing mission or deployment, the Navy was opting to send Rooster and his coworkers on a commercial flight rather than coordinate Navy transport. y/n hummed and checked her schedule while they talked. Lo and behold, she would be piloting a flight from San Diego to Key West later that week. Specifically, Rooster’s flight.
y/n didn’t let on anything about their upcoming flight during the phone call, she wanted it to be a surprise. If there was anything being a commercial passenger pilot taught her, it was how to make sure no one suspected anything was wrong while she spoke into her headset mic. Once, she had to make an announcement to casually address turbulence despite her internal panic while she discreetly manually redistributed fuel between engines when the automatic fuel system failed on a cross-country flight.
The very next morning following Rooster and y/n’s phone call, she pulled a few strings at work and was able to glance at the passenger details for the upcoming direct SAN to EYW flight.
Seat 1D: Lt. Bradley Bradshaw
Seat 1E: Lt. Natasha Trace
Seat 1F: Lt. Jake Seresin
If any policies or procedures were violated in the process of y/n finding the answer to her burning question, no one batted an eye. After all, she was quite possibly the most beloved pilot in her airline. So, that’s how she found out exactly which of Rooster’s coworkers would be accompanying him.
As the plane sped down the runway, quickly gaining enough momentum for take-off, Bradley and y/n both fiddled with their wedding rings. It was a habit they’d developed independently, ironically enough.
y/n’s ascent into the air was smooth as always. Even the most nervous passengers appreciated the light-as-a-feather feeling settling over them as y/n gently reached cruising altitude. Rooster was no stranger to his wife’s expert precision and careful handling of her aircrafts. Phoenix and Hangman were thoroughly impressed by y/n’s skill and ease.
Once the fasten seatbelt lights were turned off, the flight attendants made their way down the center aisle of the plane with snack and beverage carts. Hangman didn’t hesitate to order a double shot of whiskey, earning him an incredulous look from both Rooster and Phoenix. ”What happens on this flight, stays on this flight,” he muttered, ignoring the sting in his throat after downing a third of the glass in one go. Phoenix shrugged and ordered herself another glass of wine. Rooster rolled his eyes at both of their antics. Before he could place his own order, the flight attendant addressed him directly.
“Lieutenant Bradshaw? Captain Bradshaw has requested to see you in the cockpit.” Rooster stood up without hesitation, a wide smile on his face. Hangman’s jaw dropped, a small huff escaping his mouth and Phoenix swatted his chest. Before making the short trek to the cockpit, he bought a bag of gummy worms from the snack cart. 
He gently rapped his knuckles against the door before slipping inside and shutting the door behind him. y/n didn’t hear Bradley enter the cockpit over her headset, but she instantly recognized his warm cologne. She whipped around and smiled wide at him, taking her co-pilot by surprise. The co-pilot offered to take over and y/n gladly accepted the offer.
y/n typically didn’t haphazardly hop out of her seat while piloting a massive plane with over 200 passengers, but for Bradley, she’d make an exception. She all but threw herself into his arms, sending them both stumbling back a few steps. Rooster gently pulled y/n’s headset off, careful not to mess up her neatly styled hair, before capturing her lips in a searing kiss. y/n’s co-pilot pretended not to notice, but the embarrassed blush spreading across his cheeks gave him away. When y/n pulled away to catch her breath, Bradley pulled her closer and pressed a kiss to her forehead.
“How’d you know we’d be on your flight?” he asked, brushing some hair away from his wife’s face.
“I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” y/n teased with a wink. Rooster was no stranger to y/n’s scheming, but it typically worked out to his advantage so he could live without knowing the details.
She all but did a happy dance at 34,000 feet in the air when Bradley pulled out the pack of gummy worms he hid in his pocket. y/n had admitted on more than one occasion she often got the munchies on longer flights with only stale peanuts to hold her over. She leaned against her husband’s chest and tore into the package of sugary goodness, offering a few gummy worms to her co-pilot in exchange for him swearing to secrecy.
The plane shuddered from a brief pocket of turbulence–one that y/n would’ve handled better, Rooster thought. Bradley braced himself against the wall and pulled y/n against his body to keep her from falling.
“Do you remember the first time we were in the cockpit of a plane together?” Rooster asked with a reminiscent smile. That first experience was undoubtedly more harrowing then the current one. y/n chuckled at the memory.
“I could never forget it, honey,” y/n smiled back, pressing a kiss to his cheek before offering him a gummy worm. The couple stood comfortable in silence for a few minutes, arms wrapped around each other. With the amount of time they spent apart, every moment they got together was precious. Even if they were simply holding each other in the cramped cockpit of an airplane.
y/n’s attention was pulled away from Bradley when a warning light lit up on the dashboard, accompanied by a shrill beeping. Her co-pilot turned back to her, silently signaling that she was needed back in the pilot seat. With a heavy sigh, she untangled herself from Bradley’s arms and pressed a final peck to his lips with a promised “I’ll see you later, baby.”
Rooster watched his wife climb in her well-deserved pilot seat and slip her headset back on. She switched back to her professional demeanor with an impressive ease as she worked to remedy the dash’s highlighted issue.
He wordlessly slipped out of the cockpit and back to his seat. Hangman, who was on the brink of tipsy after his strong whiskey, lost all sense of discretion as Rooster sat back down in his seat.
“Bradshaw, you sly dog. Was the Missus excited to see you?” Hangman poked, focusing on the lipstick print adorning Rooster’s cheek. Phoenix passed Rooster a napkin with a grin of her own. Bradley rolled his eyes but couldn’t hide his smile.
Tumblr media
With just an hour left in the flight, y/n handed all the controls over to her co-pilot so she could stretch her legs. Lucky for her, her husband was seated just outside of the cockpit. Whoever booked the seats for the aviators knew what they were doing; Bradley Bradshaw was too tall for his own good, something y/n reminded him of frequently. Ironically enough, she never brought up that teasing point when she needed help reaching something around the house or when they went grocery shopping. The point is, being seated at the very front of the cabin gave Bradley sufficient room for his long legs.
y/n slipped out of the cockpit as inconspicuously as possible. She learned from past experience that passengers tended to freak out when they saw pilots, well, not piloting in the cockpit while the plane was airborne. y/n smiled softly as she took in the sight of her husband quietly snoring with his head leaned back against the chair and mouth wide open. She thought about taking a photo, but she was nearly positive Jake Seresin already had based on the devious grin on his face.
Phoenix noticed movement in the front of the cabin, her eyes eventually landing on a woman in a formal pilot uniform. Her face looked familiar. Phoenix was sure she’d seen her somewhere before. With a final squint, she realized the woman a few strides away was the same woman in all of Rooster’s locker polaroids. Mrs. Bradshaw in the flesh.
y/n offered a friendly smile to Phoenix, who seemed to have figured out who she was. Hangman was still focused on the picture he intended to eventually use for blackmail. Phoenix gently shook Rooster’s shoulder, stirring him from his nap. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before his eyes settled on his wife.
“Good morning, Brad,” y/n cooed and reached out to grab his hand. He quickly checked his watch before pulling y/n in and kissing the back of her hand.
“Hi, baby,” he greeted with a glint in his eye. y/n chuckled, she knew he was holding himself back from calling her a smart ass while she was on the job. Hangman watched the interaction in awe. Not only did Bradshaw have a skilled pilot wife, but she was also gorgeous and witty? Jake briefly thought about asking Rooster for dating pointers.
The sleepy fog clouding Rooster’s brain cleared when he had three expectant sets of eyes on him, waiting for him to make introductions. He introduced Natasha and Jake first, citing their names and call signs, even though y/n already knew both from the stories her husband told.
“Phoenix, Hangman, this is Captain y/n Bradshaw, my wife,” Rooster finished with a warm smile. Man, he was whipped.
“Outranked by your wife, huh, Bradshaw?” Hangman jabbed harmlessly. The whiskey wore off a while ago, but Jake was always eager for an opportunity to poke fun at Rooster.
“Mmm, I outrank you as well, Lieutenant,” y/n smiled sweetly, responding without missing a beat. Phoenix chuckled and held out her hand to high-five y/n for her quick comeback. Jake was certain he heard Rooster mutter “that’s my girl,” as he looked up at his wife with a grin.
Rooster’s coworkers made small talk with y/n as she pulled her leg up behind her in a subtle stretch, using her husband’s hand to keep steady before switching sides and repeating the motion. In just the span of the few minutes y/n spent talking to Hangman and Phoenix, all of Bradley’s stories involving them made so much sense. When there was a brief lull in conversation, y/n checked her wristwatch, her eyes widening when she realized she’d been out for longer than expected.
“It was really nice to meet you guys, but I gotta get back in there,” y/n said apologetically. Hangman and Phoenix nodded in understanding, they were more than familiar with the painstaking pillar of time in aviation. Bradley gently squeezed y/n’s hand before she left, still trying to shake his nap-induced daze.
y/n turned on her heel just before reaching the cockpit door to face Bradley again.
“Are you free tonight?” y/n asked hopefully. The week-long training wasn’t scheduled to start until the following day, but she knew it wasn’t unlikely that the Navy would have Rooster busy in his spare time beforehand. His wife’s soft voice and wishful eyes were more than enough to have Bradley’s heart melting. Hell, he’d hand in his resignation as soon as the plane landed if it meant he could spend some time with y/n.
“For you? Always, baby,” Bradley smiled and winked at y/n. The captain grinned and slipped back into the cockpit, looking forward to being back on the ground with her husband.
Tumblr media
a/n: did anyone notice the Top Gun (1986) reference 👀? anyways, i hope u liked it! pls lmk what you think, i love reading ur comments & reblogs! :)
also!! i have a bit of a prequel for how rooster & pilot!reader met in the works. i'll finish it up & post it if anyone is interested :)
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vampyrsm · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
An Ode to Lost Love.
Tumblr media
✞ — Synopsis: What was that quote about another's silence? “Be leery of silence. It doesn't mean you won the argument. Often, people are just busy reloading their guns.” Right. You should’ve seen this coming, really, it was a little stupid of you to believe he just forgot all about you.
✞ — Warnings: MDNI. Dark content, implied stockholm syndrome, mentions of murder, the reader receives death threats, yandere behaviour, violence, blood, injuries, asphyxiation, the reader is knocked unconscious, concussion, heavy manipulation, preying on the reader, dumbification, objectification, gaslighting, non-con, dubcon (but hardly, it's a very grey area), disassociation, minimal/no prep vaginal sex, burning/marking in detail, reader vomits once due to injuries, creampie, breeding kink, baby trapping, Dabi flipflops a lot between emotions.
✞ — Word Count: 7k
✞ — Notes: This is a Dabi x female!Reader. This is my first real dark content fic. If this is not your cup of tea, please do not interact. Please take care with the warnings, it's very much a dead dove: do not eat. Posted over on AO3 too for ease of reading. I definitely do not condone anything that has been written here, I'm also not romanticising noncon or any of the warnings. Thank you for taking the time to read it, remember to take care and enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Living in the aftermath of someone's destruction was just as you would expect; chaotic, and lonesome. You had signed up for this all those years ago but you hadn’t expected it to turn out quite like this. You were never going to get used to the stares when someone recognised you in the store, or the smashed windows of the local youth who wanted to shame someone who was tricked with the promise of something more. 
Though you didn’t feel ashamed for what you had done, nor did you regret it – for the most part, anyway. Sure you had regretted keeping silent when you saw a man lose his life because of a simple mistake, you should’ve left when you realised that you were being lied to. That the man you had fallen in love with was not a misunderstood young man but rather a cruel and deceiving criminal. 
The man in question? Touya Todoroki – also most commonly known as Dabi.
You hated this part of town, it was… less than decent. Run down and filled with low-life criminals who were on the run or simply just wanted to live a somewhat normal life. The walls of the buildings you pass by are decaying, unrepaired from when heroes did decide to pay a visit to the neglected parts of the cities and towns they were supposed to serve and protect. 
What a fucking lie.
It’s not that you hated hero society, per se, but you also knew how disgusting some of the heroes still were. After everything Touya went through after he poured his heart out to you and the rest of the world – nothing fucking changed. Of course, it had pissed you off when they exhausted him to the point of near death before carting him off to Tartarus, they were sweeping him under the rug to be forgotten about. You attempted to reach out to the other members of the liberation but none of them wanted anything to do with you, you weren’t a villain. You were just attached to one.
The stairs up to your rundown apartment were practically crumbling with each step, you made sure to avoid the 8th step that was shattered entirely. When you first moved here, you thought it would only be for a short amount of time, just somewhere to lay low to avoid the probing questions of the heroes who wondered if you were compliant in any of Touya’s crimes. But the two-year timeframe you gave yourself quickly turned to three, then five, and now here you were eight years later. The apartment building looked the same as when you first moved in, the mysterious stain on the carpet leading to your apartment had never been removed and you’re pretty sure the world will end before it’s ever cleaned.
Your door opened with a creak, the old hinges were hanging on for dear life and you never worked up the nerve to ask the guy who let you live here to try and fix it. Of course, you would do it yourself, if it were not for the fear of breaking it entirely and having no door at all in such a shady neighbourhood. With a click of the door behind you, your entire body relaxes with a drop of your shoulders and you drop the keys in the chipped bowl by the front door.
Once free of your shoes, you trudge further into the apartment. Inside it was much nicer than outside, you had made sure to work hard to make yourself comfortable here. At first, you hesitated on decorating, the constant voice in the back of your head telling you that Dabi—Touya wouldn’t like it. But it became easier over time, as the claws he had sunk in your flesh had loosened with each passing day without him leering over you. Of course, he still lingered deep in your bones, scars like the ones he left on you would never truly go away.
You hadn’t realised you were quite so ‘damaged’ until after he was gone. When you were suddenly allowed to break the surface of the water Dabi had been holding you down beneath to see you squirm, it was jarring, to say the least. You struggled day to day wondering what to do with yourself, you had no one to direct your every move or to care for you the way he had. The first couple of years were the worst, a constant void in place of where your heart should be. You longed to have Dabi back, to card your fingers through soft snow-like hair, you missed his insufferable warmth. It had suffocated you at first until it became a comfort, something you needed to get through the day. 
The letters you sent back and forth with him had helped some, the smell of smoke and ash when you’d open a new letter from him would get you through the darkest of nights. He had always had a way with his words, not many would think that of Touya, he hadn’t finished school and he most definitely didn’t have the support through his teenage years but he had taught himself how to read and write. And he was very good at it, very fucking good.
With each letter, you could practically hear his voice, the syrupy low tone that would muddle your brain and numb your nerves. Those letters had started to grow more erratic, it morphed from the loving Touya you had been privileged to know in the safety of his bedroom into Dabi, a cruel villain who wanted you to suffer just as he had. He didn’t take it easy when you told him you were starting to question the legitimacy of your relationship with the scarred man. He grew unkind with his words, the I love you turning into I wish you were fucking dead at the end of each letter. 
He felt betrayed, you figured, everyone he had known had abandoned him and you were just the same as the rest of them. His final letter went into gruesome detail as to what he would do to you once he got out, how his hands may be made to burn but he would relish in watching the light leave your eye when he choked you to death. You didn’t need to read further to know he would’ve gone into detail about what he’d then do with your dead body. That was the last letter you had read, but they continued to come every fortnight like clockwork until they didn’t. You figured he might’ve gotten bored, or perhaps someone had taken him out on the inside. There wasn’t a shortage of people who would want Dabi dead.
The bag in your hand was heavy as you dropped it onto the counter of the tiny kitchen, the relief in your wrist was instantaneous and you could finally relax fully. Your eyes close for a brief moment, relishing in the quiet of the apartment with the distant sound of sirens from down on the street. It was good to be home, each trip was harder than the last with the fear of being recognised by heroes, or worse. With the safety of your home wrapping around you like a comforting blanket, you reopened your eyes to begin the trivial task of putting away the groceries. But as you step further into the kitchen, it’s as if your entire body is dunked into ice water.
There’s a letter. An open letter was pinned to the old wooden cupboard with one of the knives from the rack. You don’t need to get closer to know which letter it is, the paper is well-worn and the big hearts he had drawn at the bottom are enough of an indicator. It’s the one he sent you on your birthday. It was riddled with love confessions, how he missed you more than anything in the world and when he’d get out he promised your hand in marriage. A life you wanted but knew you’d never get with a man like Dabi.
You take a step back, hip bumping into the corner of the counter to startle you into action. You whip around, ready to run out of the apartment but instead, your path is cut off almost instantly. There’s a broad chest in front of you, wide shoulders and a head of snowy white hair that you would recognise in a crowd of a thousand people. When you meet his eyes, he’s sneering down at you with a heat in his eyes that you saw moments before he would burn someone alive.
“Hello, doll. Miss me?” His voice hasn’t changed in the eight years apart, it’s still got a timbre to it that you can feel deep in the pit of your stomach. He looks bigger, somehow, the muscles of his neck and shoulders look firmer. He had always loomed over you but now he seemed even taller, swallowing the room whole with just his aura alone. Dabi must be able to see the way you’re eyeing him up, not quite in the way you had in the past but rather in a way that makes him excited; you were thinking of running.
You’re horribly predictable, he realises as you dash to the other side of the kitchen to dart around the tiny kitchen island that really didn’t give you any sort of head start. You can hear him click his tongue, then huffing a sigh before there’s the loud squeak of his boots and the thump of his bounding footsteps as he chases after you. The apartment is small, you don’t have a whole lot of room to make your escape so you have to rush past him when he starts to corner you into the hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom. 
A big mistake, you realise. He’s always been quick, and lithe on his feet and it reminded you of when a snake would strike. Fast and precise. His hands grab at your ribcage, easily swiping you off your feet before you’re slammed against the closest wall with a bang of your head on the wall. The world swirls when you try to look at him, the blue of his eyes glowing with mirth at the fact you even tried to outrun him. You’ve never been able to do it before, so what made you think you could do it this time?
“Silly fucking bitch,” He snarls in your face, the heat coming from his hands alone makes you squirm uncomfortably, you can feel the sting of welts starting to form on your skin in the shape of his hands. “You thought you could hide from me, didn’t you? You really fucking thought I’d forget about you?” Your silence isn’t what he wanted, apparently, as he pulls you from the wall just to slam you against it once again before throwing you to the floor. The movement has your stomach churning, bile rising in your throat when your head impacts on the floor again. 
“I’d never forget about you, never.” His weight is heavy as he settles atop you, his thighs effectively pinning you beneath him before his hands descend onto your throat. His eyes are wide, manic, his lips parted in a twisted grin that makes him look more like the Devil himself. “Remember what I said to you? Hm? You remember the letters I sent?” You choke against his hands when he pushes harder, your fingers instinctively trying to come up and loosen his hold on you. “FUCKING ANSWER ME!” The spit of his words hits you in the face, but your entire head feels numb and fuzzy, your lips hurt – everything does.
“Y–” He leans in closer, sneering in your face and it does nothing to relieve the pressure on your throat. You’re going to die, he’s actually going to do it. “Yes!” you croak, hardly an audible word but Dabi hears it loud and clear. He holds eye contact as if he’s waiting for something, you’re not quite sure. Maybe he’s waiting for you to die, he had wanted to see the life drain from your eyes—
His hands come away from your throat, a too-hot hand latching on the underside of your jaw and his blunt nails dig into your cheeks. You suck in a harsh breath, choking on the sudden reintroduction of oxygen but you don’t get much longer to relish the fact you’re still alive. Dabi looms over you, the outline of his body blocks out the dingy yellow light overhead, giving him a grim outline that you have to squint at when you look up at him properly.
“Yeah? Then why’d you ignore me? Why’d you make me think you were fucking dead, or that you were busy getting fucked by some other guy like the whore that you are.” There’s a warning in his eye that prompts you to reply.
“I–I was scared!” you clear your throat uncomfortably, the confession coming from your mouth unwillingly but it was the hard truth. You were terrified of him and the things he had said to you, solely because you knew he would go through with it. If Dabi was anything, then he was a man of his word. His fingers curl harder into your jaw, forcing your mouth to open with the pressure. The look in his eye terrifies you, you can’t tell what he’s thinking with the way his eyes bounce back and forth between your own. He’s searching, you belatedly realise, searching to see if you’re telling the truth.
“Good,” he finally says, “You should be fucking scared.” He pulls your head from the floor just to smash it back against the floor in a blink of an eye. Everything falls into inky darkness.
Tumblr media
There’s a distant sound of water running, but it sounds like it’s miles away. Your mind starts to slowly swirl back to life, the pain at the back of your head blossoming into something fierce that has a pained groan coming from your lips.
When you open your eyes, you’re no longer looking up at the ceiling of your hallway but rather at the ceiling fan in your bedroom, you’re not sure if it’s actually on or if your vision is still swimming. Nothing is quite adding up, how did you end up here? You were on the floor, and a ghost of something heavy atop of you had your mind jogging to try and catch up. But you weren’t always on the floor, something had put you there — no, someone had put you there. Dabi.
He’s not here, as far as you can tell, there’s no immediate warmth that comes with him when he steps into a room but there’s a distant smell of ash. He was still lurking. The shooting pain in the back of your head has your body jolting, muscles seizing up before they relax once the pain subsides just enough to let you breathe.
You were no idiot, you had hit your head a number of times, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you were teetering on the edge between life and death. Though that doesn’t deter you when your mind finally catches up with you, you have to get out of here. If he’s not here right now, then you have a chance to leave. This might be the last chance you have.
With a great effort that has your face screwing up, eyes clenched shut, you roll yourself onto your side until your face is stuffed into the soft cotton of your bed sheets that you huff against. Your entire body felt like it was being weighed down, your muscles screamed when you slowly got your arms beneath you to push yourself up enough to stare down at the bed. Instantly your eyes lock onto the patch of still-wet blood, the stain was massive and the sight of it had your stomach threatening to empty itself. Or maybe that was the concussion.
Your feet slip on the floor when you try to find your footing, your knees colliding with the floor with a muted thud that you hope Dabi doesn’t hear. The feeling of your jeans against the skin of your knees is relieving, you knew Dabi preferred for you to be … conscious, but you wouldn’t put it past him to want something regardless of whether you were awake or not. Slowly, you get up onto unsteady feet as if you had never walked a day in your life before. Your vision swims again when you stand up straight, it feels as if your head is ten times the size it is as it lolls back in threat of toppling you over again.
But just as you’re about to fall, there are hands catching you beneath your armpits and letting your head land against a shoulder – a bare one, but your mind doesn’t quite connect the dots just yet. “You really are pathetic, aren’t you? You can’t do anything without me, no wonder you panicked when I wasn’t here anymore…” Dabi drawls into your ear, but his voice sounds like it’s submerged in water. He breathes in a heavy exasperated sigh, his body jostling yours. “C’mon doll, let’s get you cleaned up. You made such a mess.”
There’s no room to argue, not that you would be able to form one with how your tongue tingles and your throat burns. Dabi is anything but graceful with the way he drags you towards the bathroom, uncaring for your feet that slip or bang against the corner of the shoddy old wooden door as you pass by.
There’s a bang of a door and you’re submerged in sticky warmth, the steam from the bathtub filling the room to the point where you can’t quite see more than a few inches in front of your face. With a shove and a push, you find your hands pressed into the slippy tile of your bathroom sink, your mind still too foggy to control your extremities and you find yourself pressed against the cool glass mirror.
You can feel Dabi’s eyes on you as he watches you struggle to get your bearings, your forehead pressed to the glass is soothing against the deafening thunderstorm in your head. His fingers are long when they wrap themselves carefully around your throat this time, pressing into the bruises you weren’t aware had already formed from his previous attack. Your head slumps back against his shoulders and you can just make out the glowing blue of his eyes as he stares right back at you, it always felt like he had the ability to stare into your soul.
“Look at you…” He coos, voice a soft contrast to the harsh voice from earlier. His spare hand cards through your hair, brushing past the gash on the back of your head that has you wincing. “My poor baby, you did this all to yourself.” Had you? You supposed he did have a point, you did ignore his letters, and you did try to run when he always told you to never do it. If you weren’t so stupid you might’ve avoided this, you shouldn’t have turned your back on him.
His burning fingers slide up from your throat until he grabs at your jaw once again, angling your head to stare at yourself directly in the mirror. Even through the thickness of the steam you can see you look on the verge of half-dead, there’s no life to your eyes, no usual glow to your skin. It’s horrifying to see yourself looking like a different person entirely. You were no longer you, but rather you were reduced back to the role of being Dabi’s plaything. Dabi hums deep in his throat as if he can hear the sluggish thoughts rolling around in your mind, hooking his chin over your shoulder.
“Look what you did to my baby, my doll. She’s all broken and for what? Because you forgot your place?” He clicks his tongue, chin withdrawing from your shoulder until he’s drawn back up to his full height and you can just make out the look on his face. His nostrils flared, lips drawing into a grim line and eyes half-lidded. “Maybe I should do you a favour, remind you of your place.” Dabi spins you on the spot, steadying your whirling head with both of his hands before he takes a careful step back and you can’t help but wonder if he plans on reminding you of your place by finally putting you out of your misery.
“Don’t make me do it for you, you won’t like it.” It’s a very clear warning, blaring sirens and red flags. You have to blink hard, will your mind to work with your trembling hands that attempt to grab at the bottom of your shirt. It feels like an eternity goes by until you’re dropping the shirt onto the floor with a wet plop, your eyebrows furrow at the sound but when you attempt to look down your vision swims again – “Useless.” Dabi grumbles before his warmth is pressed to your front, the smell of forest fire smoke choking you.
His fingers are quick and precise when they undo the buttons of your jeans before they’re shoved down your thighs, pooling at your ankles and Dabi is at least courteous enough to let you hold his forearms when you climb out of them until you’re left in just your underwear.
As if appraising a piece of art in a museum, Dabi lets his eyes slowly trail over flesh that he had seen an endless amount of times in the past. His head tilts slowly, regarding the swell of your breasts in the cup of your bra and the softness of your stomach, the way your hips pudge a little from the tight elastic of your plain underwear.
Still engulfing your personal space with his heat, he lets a hand slide up along your side, pressing dangerously into your ribs to hear the sharp inhale of when his fingers brush into bruised skin and muscle. Cerulean eyes level with your own when he inches around to the back of your bra, his fingers seemingly hardly move before the straps slip down your shoulders and the cups slacken on your chest. He plucks it from your body, letting it drop to the floor before his fingers trail back around to your front.
He keeps his head tilted, gaze redirected down to your chest and he can’t help but wet his tongue in anticipation. You had always been his most prized possession, the most beautiful, a masterpiece that was all for him. Those same too-hot fingers trail along the underside of your breasts, feeling the weight of them before groping one much too hard in one large palm. His fingers curl cruelly, squeezing as if it were a stress ball and all you could do was take it, your face crumpling in pain much to his delight.
“I trusted you, y’know.” He all but mumbles, gaze not lifting from the way your tit spills between his fingers when he gives another squeeze. “I thought it would always be me and you, against the world or whatever the fuck they say.” His thumb and index finger mercilessly pinch your nipple, tugging on it harshly to pull a pitiful cry from your mouth.
The sound has his eyes flicking up to yours, watching the way your lashes clump with unshed tears and how you’re not even attempting to stop the saliva dribbling from your lips. You really were so pathetic. Dabi chews on his scarred bottom lip for a moment, tossing over a thought in his mind but instead he opts to move his fingers to your neglected nipple, pulling and tugging until you’re a snivelling mess.
“‘M sorry!” You sob, the volume of your voice makes your head throb and the tears falling in fat streaks make your head feel heavier. “I’m sorry, Touya! Please, I–I didn’t know what to do without you.” The use of his name makes his eyebrow twitch, jaw clicking in place when he glares at you. It’s a low blow, to use his name like that and he knows you know that. He had always forbidden you from using that name unless you were given permission.
“Last warning, doll. I’m being nice here. You don’t get to use that name when you betrayed me.” His words have your mouth closing, bottom lip wobbling in an effort to keep yourself from openly crying in front of your tormentor. He would only ridicule you for it, tease you and see how far he could go before you broke apart from his words alone. Dabi doesn’t wait to pull down your panties next, the material dragging and scratching at your skin until they’re pooled at your feet along with everything else. “Turn around.”
And you do. You wordlessly turn, letting your hands brace on the sink once again before you meet your own gaze in the mirror. You somehow looked worse, the snot and saliva made you look quite like the snivelling petulant child that Dabi spoke to you like. There’s a clink of a belt before it hits the floor, the dropping of your heart into your stomach threatens to tip you over the edge.
A boot kicks your ankles apart, uncaring for the way you flinch at just how hard he kicks you. You’re perched over the sink, your stomach twitching every time it touches the cold porcelain. Dabi had only ever forced himself onto you a handful of times in the past, at the start of your “relationship”, he always soothed your tears and hushed your refusal with false promises hidden in between his sickly sweet words.
Over time the lines blurred between him forcing himself onto you and you willingly opening your legs for him when he asked for it. It pleased him to see you listening to him, and he became ‘softer’ if that was a possible word to describe a villain like him. Time spent with Dabi got easier when he was softer, it actually felt believable when he whispered into your ear at night how much he loved you, how much he appreciated you and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. It was hard to distinguish his lies and the truth when he looked at you like you hung the moon and stars.
A searing hot hand pressed to your bare ass has your mind jolting, bile rising momentarily in your throat until you lean into the coolness of the sink once again. Those same fingers that feel as if they had come from the depths of hell brush their way down over your sensitive skin until they find their way between your thighs. And much to your embarrassment, you’re wet. Biology was a cruel mean thing, your body was still hardwired to react to the man of your nightmares lest you want to face the consequences. Your bottom lip wobbles, thankful for the fact Dabi is preoccupied with his new discovery.
His laugh is loud and boisterous, almost manic with the way his eyes widened in disbelief. “You’re fucking wet. I knew it,” he breathes in hard, pushing his hips flush with your own and you can feel the twitch of his leaky cock between your cheeks. “I knew you missed me, I knew you still loved me. This pussy never lied to me, unlike someone.” His words sting, a jab directly into your heart.
He sounds hurt, upset that you’d actually try to lie and hide away from him. It has fresh tears pricking your eyes, how could you hurt someone like him? Someone who loved you so devotedly.
Long deft fingers prod and poke between your thighs, pulling your lips apart crudely to watch the strings of arousal snap and cling to your thighs. He’s still chuckling deep in his chest, elated with the newfound knowledge that you still want him in such a carnal way. He circles your clit in clumsy patterns, enough to have your thighs tensing up and hips arching into the pleasure you’re unwillingly receiving. But the thing about Dabi is—
He’s not a patient man.
The tip of his cock pierces your unprepared hole, the pain shoots from deep in your pelvis and ricochets up your spine until it tingles at the base of your skull. Your hands help brace yourself over the sink, your head drops down and you’re vaguely aware of the way your throat aches with a scream. His fingers find a home in hidden bruises, the sting of his metal staples heating against your skin is familiar. Dabi had always been big, thick and unforgiving with the piercings that he adorned. Each of the barbells digs into your velvety walls, his hips so flush with yours you’re not sure where you end and he begins anymore.
“Fuck, missed this too much. Thought I’d never get to feel your cunt wrapped around me again.” His words are vulgar, but they spark something to life in your brain. Something you hadn’t quite considered until now. Just how was he here? Last you heard Dabi was never getting out, he killed too many people and committed far too many crimes to just be let loose on the world again.
Though you never got to air the question, his hips drawback until they’re smacking back against your ass. The pace from there on out is brutal, the tip of his cock bullies itself into your clenching cunt until it hits against your cervix. Each tap feels like you’re being punched in the gut, your lips parted in a soundless scream.
The pain was too much, the ache in your head was getting steadily worse and the back-and-forth thrashing of your body was making you woozy. “D–Dabi…” You try to speak, the words slurred with the saliva that dribbles from your parted mouth and drips into the sink.
“What?” He snarls, grunting with the effort of how hard he’s fucking you.
“Hurts.” You reply with a gasp, his fingers instantly latching around your throat until you’re pulled up to face what you assume must be the Devil leering over your shoulder with the most disgruntled expression on his face. 
You can smell the burning of flesh before the pain registers, the sizzling hardly audible over the sound of his hips slapping against your abused rear. “Yeah? Maybe it’ll teach you a fucking lesson. Next time you think about trying to leave me, you’ll remember how much it hurt.”
His fingers squeeze tighter around your throat until you can’t breathe, the horrid stench of marred flesh the only thing flooding your system when you desperately try to suck in air. Then you’re falling forward, your forehead plummeting with force against the mirror and you think you hear it smashing over the deafening ring in your ears. It feels like your head is being held under a pillow, like someone has pressed two large hands over your ears and held you there. Your throat burns, for a lack of a better word. The flesh bubbles and hisses with a reminder of Dabi’s words.
You’re not quite sure how much time has passed until you work up the strength to lift your gaze to the now-smashed mirror. The first thing you notice is the blood trickling down from a gash on your forehead, trailing down along the bridge of your nose until it meets the plumpness of your lips – filling the cracks with a metallic taste. Then you see it, the burn, it’s gnarly.
The flesh is hardly recognisable as flesh, it looks like butchered meat. It’s blistered already, layers of the skin open for the world to see and the sight finally does tip you over the edge. The bile doesn’t burn quite as much as the 3rd-degree handprint on your throat as you spill the contents of your stomach into the sink.
Dabi groans in anger, snarling as he retches you away from the sink and throws you onto all fours on the floor. “Disgusting fucking whore,” There’s something wet pressed to your mouth, a sponge you realise, as it drags roughly against your mouth until he forces it into your mouth. The scouring pad scrapes along your tongue, replacing the taste of vomit with soap. “Always making me clean up your messes.” Then it’s gone as fast as it came, your body being shoved and pushed until your back is against the bathmat and you’re staring up at Dabi who seems to be kneeling already between your thighs.
He wastes no time once again in pressing himself back inside of you, the stretch this time nowhere near as painful but it reignites the old ache of when he first forced himself inside. Your heart aches when you stare up at him, silhouetted by the flickering dim light of the bathroom bulb. It makes the white of his hair glow, angelic your brain supplies, but he was anything but an angel. His hands grab at your thighs, forcing them back until they uncomfortably press into your chest. The angle makes it hard to breathe, the furious pace he sets is agonising.
But your body is betraying you once again, the lewd squelch of your pussy is giving you away. A deep dark and twisted part of you has missed this, missed him. Missed the way he would fuck you like it was his last day on earth, like he had something to prove. It has an involuntary whimper leaving your throat, and of course, Dabi perks up at the sound – whilst he didn’t care much if you were silent the entire time, he always enjoyed the cute noises you’d make for him and only him. His eyes find yours, and you’re sucked into the endless expanse of the blinding blue Hellfire.
Dabi has a new goal in mind now, to fuck you the way he knows you liked to be fucked. His hips roll a little more fluidly, finding the old rhythm from all those years ago that surely would have your eyes rolling into the back of your head and your lips parting to sing him the most beautiful of songs with your moans. You don't disappoint him either, not when his thumb joins the fray and rubs languid circles against your puffy clit. The initial contact and stimulation have your hips jerking, fighting against the hold he has on you but it’s futile; he has you pinned beneath him much like a wolf would with its prey.
“There she is,” he grins when your fluttering eyes meet his, that contempt and confusion you had held onto for so long being replaced with a glassy look in your eye that must be lust. “There’s my fucking girl. Missed you so much baby, missed your cute noises. Y’gonna give me more, right? It’s the right thing to do, after all, you did hurt my feelings.” He still looks angelic angled over you like this, the shadows of his face almost hiding the glinting staples and scars that cover most of his body now. You can’t help but nod at his words, it’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?
Dabi groans at your assent, fucking into you somehow harder. The slap of his heavy balls against the rim of your ass is loud, the sticky sound of his hips meeting yours fuels your own impending orgasm.
Of course, Dabi knows it’s coming too, his thumb presses firmer against your clit and moves a little faster to edge you closer and closer whilst he drops his hips just enough to have the tip of his cock hitting that squishy spot that no one but him has been able to reach. 
You can’t help but gasp and squeal, your back arching off of the floor until it slams back down when your orgasm hits you like a train. It’s violent, shakes through your bones like an earthquake would through a building. Your toes curl uncomfortably in the air, your thighs twitch in an attempt to close them to bar the man still torturing your clit from causing you any more pleasurable pain.
“Enough,” you try and push his hand away but Dabi never listens, he bats your hand away with a harsh slap that has your skin tingling in pain. “You’re gonna take it, like the good girl I know you are.” 
“Yes you can,” He grapples your still twitching thighs until they tighten around his waist and then he’s diving down to your face. His breath is hot against your face, the smell of cigarette ash suffocates you.
“I know you can. Now kiss me.” He demands, and the fear of not obeying his command in such a compromising position has you indulging him. Your lips press against his, you work hard to try and keep yourself dispassionate but it’s impossible when he does the thing with the tip of his tongue – drags it along your bottom lip so delicately until he pries you open, lets the smooth expanse of his tongue coax yours out until he can suck on it. 
The steadily rising heat of the kiss engulfs you, douses you in an indescribable warmth that you can’t help but lean into the familiarity of it. It’s intoxicating to let go of that fear, to detach yourself from the person you had become in the eight years of solitude and recede back into the one who was simply in love with a man who was willing to burn down the world at her feet. But you’ve never been allowed to live in the illusion you formulate to ignore the harsh reality of things, Dabi would never give you that luxury.
His lips part from yours with a wet smack, saliva coating your lips and he grins again. The staples in his cheeks almost look like they might split as he stares at you, splayed out with a faraway look in your eye when you stare up at him.
“Gonna cum inside this beautiful pussy,” he breathes, eyes coming to life when your eyes slowly start to refocus on him and the words he’s letting spill from his saccharine mouth. “Fill you up nice and good with my cum, get you pregnant so you can never fucking leave me.” 
What? Is that what he wanted? You squirm in an attempt to get away from him, but he keeps you uncomfortably pinned in a deep mating press whilst his cock bullies itself deeper – you hadn’t even noticed the way it was twitching so harshly in the depths of your pussy until now. He was too close, he was really going to do it—
“Oh fuck, yeah, squeeze me like that baby. I knew you wanted me to breed you.” You don’t, you don’t want to be trapped with his child. It’s the ultimate thing he would hold over your head until the end of time, you could never escape him if you gave birth to a child that had the same dangerous eyes as his. “Aw, doll, don’t cry. It’s okay, I won’t leave you to raise the brat on its own. I’ll be there, always.” You hadn’t even realised you were crying until he mentioned it.
The groan that rumbles deep in Dabi’s chest and vibrates up through his throat is something you would never, ever, forget. It was a sound that meant only one thing; he was about to cum. You feel the twitch before the first spurt of molten cum paints your insides. That burn of your insides is something you had grown accustomed to after the time spent with Dabi, he had said it was because of his quirk. Everything about him was just hotter.
He holds himself balls deep in your dripping cunt, uncaring at the shuddering sob that shakes your body at the realisation that he’s going to keep his promise of making sure you get pregnant. The thought has your eyes closing, your head far too sore to think about what might just happen if you were to get pregnant with Dabi’s child.
Your body is limp when he effortlessly picks you up eventually, tucking his hands under your armpits before your feet are placed in something cold and wet. Your body starts with a jolt, your skin pricking with gooseflesh before you’re forced to sit down in the bathtub. Just how much time had passed for the bath to grow cold?
A warm chest is pressed to your back, pulling you effortlessly between long defined legs and arms loop around you like a safety belt. Dabi holds you there, his fingers stroking delicately along the skin he had bruised and marred not too long ago. You could almost fall into the allusion of him being a lover, a man who was simply giving you the aftercare you need.
The bath bubbles around you with the raising temperature, his skin is too hot for you to be laid up against like this and you can feel the staples burning their way into your flesh but you can’t find the strength anymore to fight back. He pushes you forward slightly to reach for a washcloth, dipping it into the scorching water and slowly but carefully dragging it along your bloodied skin. He doesn't go near the wound on your throat.
It feels like no time has passed at all since he left you and now, those eight years apart squashed into nothing when he noses his way into your hair and breathes in.
“How did you find me?” You speak eventually, Dabi remains silent for a moment and that only makes you worry more. 
“I always knew where you were. You shouldn’t trust everyone you meet.” 
And if that wasn’t the truth.
Tumblr media
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smaptain-smerica · 9 months
Thank you for the suggestion!
abaker74 I always love when Jake or Bradley Meet then date a single mom. Being a single mom myself that's on brand for me 🤣🤣
Summary: Bradley introduces jake to his high school best friend and her child. Basically Jake likes Milfs. Fluffy content.
Pairing: Jake "Hangman" Seresin x Female!Reader (Single mother reader)
Tumblr media
Roses and Thorns - Part I
(Previously called “Pool Table”)
It had been a long day of training for the pilots at Top Gun. Jake "Hangman" Seresin had given them a run for their money after becoming an instructor. He would be lying if he said that he didn't enjoy making the pilots suffer.
He was now enjoying an ice cold tap beer with his fellow instructor and friend, Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw. The two of them shared notes over the pilots they were training. Bradley kept annoyingly texting on his phone the entire time, smiling every now and then.
Finally, he had gotten a phone call that he seemed to be anxious about getting and he ran out of the Hard Deck. Jake rolled his eyes at his friend, finally relieved to be free from his suffocating phone use.
Jake looked around the Hard Deck, listening to the sounds of classic rock playing on the jukebox mixed with the hum of different voices having different conversations.
Jake felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down at a little girl. Large doey eyes and h/c hair put up in two curly pigtails with pink bows wrapped around them. She had on a little sweater with strawberries on it. "Daddy?"
The question caught him off guard, nearly spitting out his drink. He felt his heart drop to his stomach and panic began to settle in. "I- um-"
Laughter came from a few feet away. He looked over in the direction of it and saw that Bradley was doubled over in laughter with his hand on a woman’s shoulder, who was also laughing. The two made their way over to the table and sat down. The small girl ran back to the woman and jumped in her lap, giggling like a maniac. I assumed now that this woman was her mother.
“Oh man your face was priceless.” Bradley said while wiping a tear from his eyes.
Jake grumbled, rolling his eyes and bringing his beer to his lips. His attention turned to the woman with the same colored hair as the little girl. He watched the way her face moved when she laughed, the lingering smile on her face made his heart skip a beat.
“Jake, this is my long time friend from high school, y/n.” Bradley introduced them. Y/n reached her hand over the table to shake, a kind smile on her face. “It’s nice to meet you.” She charmed.
Jake grabbed her hand and shook it. Her hands were soft and delicate but she had a strong grip.
“Jake Seresin.” He returned the introduction to her. He then pointed to the little girl in her lap. “Who’s the troublemaker?” He asked.
Y/n smiled and grabbed the little girls hands in her own. “This is my daughter, Rose.”
“Momma I want French fries!” Rose exclaimed excitedly upon seeing someone walk out of the nearby kitchen door with a basket of them.
Jake smiled at the way the small girls face lit up. He’d never admit it to anyone, but Jake loved kids. He had always imagined himself having as many boys as possibly. Someone he could roughhouse with and throw a football on the beach. Maybe they would even take after him and join the military. The thought of having girls scared him. Maybe it was because he didn’t know how to take care of one, or maybe because he wouldn’t know what to do if she brought a boy home. Boys would be easier, more low maintenance.
“I’ll get you some French fries baby.” Y/n said nonchalantly as she pet the little girls head.
Rose pounded her little fists on the table, making the liquid in our drinks vibrate slightly. “French fries! French fries! French fries!” She chanted like a battle cry. Jake chuckled and shook his head.
“Alright I’m going!” Y/n gave in, throwing her hands up in surrender. “Here, go to uncle Brad.” Y/n handed the child over to Bradley. She now sat in his lap and giggled menacingly.
“You are very right she’s a troublemaker.” Bradley commented and took a drink from his cup.
“So you and y/n were friends in high school?” Jake asked, attempting to learn more about this woman he never heard of before.
Bradley nodded. “Since freshman year. We had PE together. Beat the shit out of me with dodgeballs every day for four years. We’ve stayed close ever since.” Bradley reminisced on the memory of the past. I looked over at her as she leaned against the bar, talking with Penny. She was unbelievably sexy. Just her posture and the way she carried herself and talked in the conversation from afar. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that?
“Is it safe to assume that’s not your kid?” Jake asked, wanting to poke some fun at Bradley. Bradley laughed, shaking his head. “Oh no. I don’t know where Rosie’s father is at. Y/n doesn’t really talk about it.”
For some reason, knowing she was single heightened the attraction that he felt. He hated to say it, because it made him sound kind of misogynistic, but Jake loved seeing women with kids as much as he loved kids. There was nothing he loved more than watching someone play pretend and cater to someone’s needs. Jake watched her walk back over to the table with a cocktail in one hand and a basket of French fries in the other. Y/n slid them down onto the table and plopped down into her chair. “Boom! French fries.”
Rose used her little fingers to make a grabbing motion towards the basket of fries that Bradley grabbed and slid them closer to the little girl.
“So, Bradshaw tells me you’re a pilot as well.” Y/n began to strike up conversation with Jake, taking a French fry from the basket and popping it into her mouth. She looked at him with an innocent interest.
The three and a half people made pleasant conversation as the night went on. Rose had only eaten about 5 of the French fries that she had demanded she receive so the three adults finished them off. It was 9:30 now and Rose was passed out in y/n’s arms, her head resting on her chest with her mouth wide open.
“I better get going so I can put her to bed.” Y/n said as she slowly stood up from her chair. She struggled to reach down on the ground to grab one of her bags. Jake jumped up to grab it off the ground for her.
“I can get it.” He insisted. Y/n looked at him with a warm smile spreading across her face. “Thank you.”
Jake looked back at Bradley as y/n made her way to the door. Bradley winked and raised his glass to Jake. He had turned around and quickened his pace to catch up. He jogged to the car to get there first and he opened the door for y/n while she strapped Rose into her car seat.
Once she was in the seat she walked around to the driver side door and took her bag from Jakes hands. “Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.”
“No problem, any time.” Jake smiled, sticking his hands into his pockets. Y/n nodded to him, saying her goodbyes before driving off.
Tumblr media
It was rounding 6 o’clock when Jake decided to take a run on the beach. He had run a couple miles when he came up on the beach that butted up with the back of the Hard Deck. He noticed an umbrella with two silhouettes sitting underneath it. The closer he got the clearer the two became. It was y/n and Rose.
He approached the two, stopping in front of them. Y/n looked up, blocking the sun from her eyes, even though she was wearing sunglasses, and then smiled. “Hey Jake.”
“Hi.” He smiled. Jake facepalmed himself. That was all he was able to choke out? Hi? How mortifying.
“What are you doing out here?” She asked. To the right of y/n, Rose was digging sand up from the beach and putting it into a bucket.
“Just out for a run.” He shrugged plainly.
“I see.” If she hadn’t been wearing sunglasses, Jake would have sworn that she looked him up and down, suddenly making him feel bashful. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt that way.
Jake felt a tug on his right hand. He looked down at Rose who was trying to pull him in the direction of the little mound of sand towers that she was building. “Come on.” She encouraged.
“Rosie sweetheart, Jake is busy he can’t play right now.” Y/n, took her daughters hand out of jakes. Of course, that was the one sentence a parent could say that could make even a child hating person feel guilty.
“He can’t play?” Rosie frowned, looking back and forth between the two adults.
“No no no, I can play.” Jake said quickly, afraid of upsetting the pouting girl. He sat down on the sand next to y/n under the umbrella.
“You don’t have to,” y/n reassured him, pulling her sunglasses up off her face and into her hair.
“I want to.” Jake smiled at her, holding eye contact for a little longer than normal.
Jake was drawn away from admiring the woman’s features as he was handed a small Pail and shovel. “Can you fill this with sand please?” Rose asked. How could anybody say no to those big blue eyes?
Eventually a small sand castle was built in front of where their set up was on the beach. Rose stepped back to admire her work. Her face then lit up with an idea. “I gotta get water for my Algators.”
Jake chuckled at her mispronunciation of the word alligator and watched as she took off running toward the water with her Pail in hand. “She’s adorable.” Jake hummed.
Y/n chuckled and nodded her hand. “She is the light in my life. Always keeps me on my toes.”
“I bet you guys always have your hands full.” Jake chuckled. He wanted to see if y/n would talk more about what Bradley said about her father being absent.
Y/n waved her hand dismissively and blew air through her mouth. “My hands are always full. Dead beat father didn’t want to stick around.”
Jake frowned. He already knew the answer to her question before he asked it, but hearing the venom dripping from her voice as she said it really stung his heart. “I’m so sorry.” He took the opportunity to place a hand on her shoulder. He felt her soft skin underneath his course hand and felt a fire ignite his chest. She looked over at him and gave him a gentle smile.
“Thank you. It really isn’t that big of a deal though, it was a long time ago.”
“What happened if you don’t mind me asking.” Jake asked.
Y/n sucked her teeth in thought before continuing on with her story. “We wanted different things. I wanted to have a baby and stay close to my mom, and he didn’t want a baby and to go to New York to peruse his acting career. So we compromised and I got full custody and he’s doing compression sock commercials.”
Jake couldn’t help but break out in laughter at the way she described it. It really did seem like a thing of the past to her. Or maybe, she covered up her pain with humor.
“How long ago was that?”
“Little over 5 years ago. it's just been me and her ever since."
Jake nodded in understanding of what she was saying. “Well, for what it’s worth you’ve done great.”
“It’s too heavy!” A small voice called from the distance. Jake looked off towards the ocean to see Rose struggling to carry the water filled bucket back to their spot on the beach.
“I’m coming!” Jake quickly got up from his spot on the sand and went up to rose. He took the bucket from her and grabbed her hand to help her walk back up the beach. Jake poured the water into the small hole she dug.
“There, a finished castle.”
Rose giggled and smiled. “I’ll be the princess and you be the knight.” She suggested. Jake chuckled and nodded to her.
“Yes your majesty.” He brought his hand up and saluted to her. Then Jake got an idea. He gave y/n a mischievous look that caused her face to turn up in confusion.
“If I’m a knight, that means I have to protect the princess from the evil queen.” Jake looked back over at y/n and gave her a wink. A wide smile spread on her face and she slowly shifted her weight around and crouched over on her feet.
“I’ll get you my pretty.” She twisted her voice to a creepy witch-like tone, causing Rose to giggle in anticipation.
“Go we have to go!” She encouraged Jake. Jake wrapped his arms around Rose and picked her up off the ground.
“I’ll save you princess!” He announced. Jake took off at a jog down the beach with y/n on his tail. Rose gripped onto jakes arms and let out many screaming giggles. The sound made Jake happy, the shrill of happy little kid screams made him want to do everything to keep this little girl happy.
He had looped around and made his way back around to the umbrella. He quickly set Rose down in the shade and then stood up to face y/n who was barreling towards him.
“I’ve got this, princess. Stop evil queen!” Jake commanded. Y/n showed no signs of stopping. In fact, she didn’t. She got right up to Jake and then ducked her shoulder down into his abdomen. Taken back by the sudden tackle and the strength at which she laid him out.
Jakes back hit the ground, y/n following shortly after and landing on top of him. In the tackle he had wrapped his arms around her to prevent her from rolling away. He felt the soft skin of her back against his hands as their skin was pressed together. He couldn’t help but feel the attraction simmering in his stomach as he looked up at her, a wide smile spread across her face as she laughed.
“Get off my knight!” Rose was near them now, pounding her little fists into y/n’s back in an attempt to get her mother off of Jake. Y/n rolled over and grabbed rose, wrapping her up tightly in her arms before plopping back down in the sand next to Jake.
“I’ve got her Jake! Tickle her!”
Jake laughed and reached his arms over and ticked her sides. Rose squealed and thrashed around, laughs erupting from within her. “Stop stop!” She said in between her laughs.
Jake brought his hands back and propped his head up on his hand. He looked over at the mother and daughter duo. Y/n had her arms wrapped around Rose, planting kisses on her cheek. Jake felt something warm in his heart. Admiration, affection, adoration, all the mushy feelings he had ever felt all at once. Rose changed his view on girls. He wanted to have 5 girls if they all turned out like this one. In turn, he wanted to know more about the spectacular woman in front of him. He knew he would do anything to protect them both.
“Forgive me if this is too forward-“ Jake began to talk before he was cut off by y/n.
“It’s too forward. I can’t forgive you now.” They both chuckled at her sarcastic response. Jakes face then fell to a more serious expression.
"Would you like to go on a date with me?" Y/n's expression durned up in surprise. It took her a minute to think about an answer which caused Jakes heart to begin to race. It was too forward. He hadn't even asked her if she had a boyfriend, or anybody she was seeing.
"Yes, actually." At her response, Jake felt his heart return to it's chest. Relief flooded over him.
"Hard Deck at 7 tomorrow?" He asked.
"I'll be there."
Tumblr media
“You met her two days ago and already asked her on a date?” Bradley exclaimed over the phone.
Jake smiled with the phone up to his ear. He was already at the Hard Deck when Bradley had called. Apparently y/n had asked Bradley to babysit for her while she went out with his friend.
“The heart wants what the heart wants Brad.”
“This is hardly your heart talking.” Bradley retorted sassily.
“I’ll have you know,” Jake jumped to his own defense. “I hung out with her and Rose on the beach yesterday-”
“And you fell in love with Rosie’s intoxicating giggle?” Bradley chuckled.
Jake felt the heat rise to his face. He didn’t want to admit it, but it was absolutely true. It was an addiction, something that Jake could listen to for the rest of his life. Which, is part of why he asked y/n out.
“Shut up, Bradshaw.” Jake growled, hanging up the phone before Bradley had a chance to clap back. As though it were scripted, Y/n walked through the door and glanced around. Jake stood up and walked to the door to meet her. Y/n saw him, smiling as they met halfway.
Y/n was wearing a deep blue dress that stopped in the middle of her shins. She had on a pair of white sandals and a golden chain around her ankle. Traveling back up to her face, spaghetti straps across her strong shoulders and a plunging v neck where a necklace with a pink pendant played across the top of her breasts. Leaving just enough to the imagination.
“Wow. You look beautiful.” Jake raved upon approaching her. Y/n smiled and held her arms out, embracing Jake. He reciprocated the hug, putting his hands gently on her lower back.
“Thank you! You don’t look so bad yourself.” Y/n took a moment to look Jake up and down. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a red shirt on top.
Jake directed them to the bar, opening the tab and buying them both drinks to start with. He then directed her attention a few tables away from the central bar.
“Now, since this is a bar I wasn’t able to reserve a table. But, I have reserved the pool table.” He spread his hands out wide in a presenting way as they approached the pool table. Y/n smiled and laughed.
“I think we can manage with that.” Y/n grabbed two sticks and then turned around, reaching one over to Jake. “Are you breaking or am I?” She asked.
For some odd reason, Jake had never been that attracted to someone.
“Ladies first, obviously.”
Y/n smirked slightly, placing the que ball down and bending over at the waist to line up her shot. The way that her necklace dangled in front of her now more exposed chest was next to impossible to ignore. His eyes wandered to there, hardly listening to the words that left her mouth.
“You know, I know exactly why you asked me on a date.” Her eyes wandered from looking up at Jake to at the pool table, drawing back her stick and breaking the stack. Unfortunately, no balls went into any pockets.
“Yeah? Why’s that?” Jake asked, looking around the table for the easiest shot to start.
“You like hot moms.”
Jake was mid shot when y/n said that, causing him to completely miss the ball in front of him. He looked up at y/n who was propped against the pool stick, laughing at his misfortune.
“Now that’s not true-“
“You don’t think I’m hot?” Y/n interrupted him with a pout.
“No, you’re very hot.” Jake huffed with a shy giggle.
Y/n smirked a little, walking around the table to observe potential shots. She found one right beside where Jake stood, bending at the waist and took a shot, sinking a striped ball into a socket. “And I’m a mom. Therefore, you like hot moms.”
For the first time a woman had left Jake speechless. He rubbed the back of his neck and feeling the intense heat rise to his face. Y/n seemed to notice when she looked up at him. She put a hand on his strong chest, gently pushing him backwards slightly so she could slip between him and the pool table.
“Relax Seresin, I’m pulling your leg.”
Jake had felt a tingling sensation running over his whole body. Like fire ants were crawling in his veins. He watched her take another shot at a pool ball and missed.
“So, do you want kids?” Y/n asked, taking a step back to allow him room to move.
Jake chuckled and looked around the table for his next shot. “Straight to the deep questions, huh?”
“Well I’ve got a kid who’s not going anywhere. Just want to make sure you’re not some secret child hater.”
Jake chuckled and shook his head. “Yes, I want kids.”
“How many?”
Jake huffed out. “As many as my partner would let me.” He admitted.
Y/n nodded in understanding. “Let me guess, boys?”
Jake missed his third shot before standing up straight to look over at y/n. He smiled at her and nodded. “Yeah.”
“I figured as much.” Y/n hummed with a chuckle. “It’s the typical male answer.”
Jake put his hands up in defense. “Forgive me if girls are intimidating.”
“So you think my little Rosie is intimidating?”
“Well no-“
“Don’t worry. The more time you spend around her the more girls you want.”
Jake smirked a little, watching y/n take her next shot. “Will I be spending more time around her?” He asked hopefully.
Y/n looked up at him from her spot bent over lining up her pool shot. A small smile curled up on her perfectly plump lips. “There’s a good chance.”
Jake smiled. His heart warmed the more he talked to y/n about just the smallest things. He couldn’t remember the last time he talked to someone for this long about mundane things. He enjoyed every second of it.
Much to his distaste, the night eventually had to come to a close. Jake walked y/n out to her car, the two of them laughing about a joke that was told earlier.
“Thank you for tonight Jake, I had a great time.” Y/n leaned against the back seat of her car while Jake stood by the drivers door.
“I had a great time too.” Jake hummed. He held out his hand and gestured with his eyes for y/n to take it. Y/n smiled, placing her hand on top of Jakes. He brought it up to his lips and gave her a kiss on the knuckles while simultaneously opening the driver side door for her.
“So when is our second date?” He asked. Y/n stepped up into position to get into her car. The only thing between her and Jake was the car door. She stopped for a moment, seeming to think. Y/n shifted her weight to her toes, stretching up and placing a kiss on Jakes lips. She lingered there for a couple seconds. Before going back down on her flat feet.
“I’ll call you.” She said sweetly. Y/n got into her car and closed the door, rolling down the window. Jake was so caught up in the intoxicating kiss that he forgot one critical detail.
“I never gave you my number.”
Y/n put a pair of sunglasses on her head and poked her head out of her driver window. She smiled wildly up at him. “I know.”
Just like that, she drove off. Leaving Jake smiling like an idiot in the parking lot.
Next Part
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nilawii · 3 months
Mirage, smooth pickup Artist
Mirage X AFAB!Reader
Mirage using Noah to pick you up has been living in my head rent free this past week, he definitely makes Noah hold a boombox up to your window even though he could just blast the music himself.
Tumblr media
The Porsche quickly rolled up towards your apartment and stopped with his wheels leaving marks on the ground. “Dude, do I seriously need to be here? You have a built in radio! You can do this by yourself”, Noah rolled his eyes as he got out of Mirage and threw the boombox over his shoulders. He sighed looking at Mirage as he shifted back to his Autobot form. “You’re here for moral support man. Plus, It’ll look more cool if you hold it” Mirage shot finger guns and winked at his human friend. Stretching a bit, Mirage muttered quietly, “You got this Mirage, You’re the best looking bot out there, You’re charming, You're hot and just overall better than human guys”  hyping himself up. Noah looked at him tired and annoyed, it was almost 12am after all. Mirage rested his servos on his hips, looking up at your semi-lit window with a confident gaze and gave Noah a quick nod.
“Alright, It’s go time baby”
“Mirage, (Y/N)’s probably asleep"
Noah yawned and leaned his hand against the boombox. Mirage grabbed the boombox from underneath Noah and firmly placed it back on his shoulder, “No she’s not ok. Now play the music or else you’re walking home”. “Ugh...Fine” Noah groaned and put the CD into the boombox which only had one song.
As you walked out of your bathroom, ready to start heading to bed, the noise of faint music could be heard. At first you didn’t think too much about it, the walls in your apartments were pretty thin, but after the music got louder, you weren’t sure where the music was coming from, so you hurried for your control and turned off your TV and stood still. Letting the sound sink in, you realized what it was, someone was blasting music outside of your window. Grabbing a sweater from your bed, you rushed to the window and opened it to see Mirage outside, singing to you as Noah lazily held the box over his head. “Oh. My. God”
Mirage had placed a servo over his chest and another towards you, he wasn't the best singer but he sure felt like he was. As he sang, you covered your mouth, in both awe and a little confused, you couldn’t help but to let out a loud laugh. He saw your reaction and slowly stopped singing and signaled Noah to turn down the music, taking your laughter as a sign of defeat. You leaned against your window still giggling, wiping away a few tears that formed in your (E/C) eyes.
“Heeey (Y/N), um. Sorry If I, woke you, I think I'll just head o-.”
“Geez Mirage, You’re so corny, Wait for me right there ok!”
You smiled down at him, giving him a small wave before you ran back inside your room to change out of your pajamas. Noah looked at Mirage in disbelief, not believing he had successfully pick you up by blasting some random song he heard once in the radio. He punched the air as he celebrated his victory, “See! Told you It'd work, She loves me man” Mirage chuckled and extended his fist toward Noah, awaiting a fist bump. “Come on... Give me a little tap... Ugh come on! How come you never want to give me fist bumps. You’re lame man” He retracted his servo, watching Noah give him sleepy blinks. Still in disbelief himself, he was proud that his strategy to get you on a date worked. He's liked you for the longest time, he was a confident and charming guy, everyone knew this. Sure he flirted with you, but that's how he was. But something about you couldn't let him tell you straight up, you made his spark feel fuzzy and whenever he was around you, he'd get his circuits all mixed up.
Mirage looked up and watched as he saw you run down the fire escape. “You know, you could have just asked me for a date and I should have said yes”, you said jumping off the last ladder. Rushing over to him, hugging his leg as he moved some of your hair out of the way with his finger. "Yeah but that's lame, you know I gotta go the extra mile for you”. He kneeled down to be closer to your height and extended a servo towards you, “How about it? Let me take ya on a joyride”. Mirage winked and gave you a small sly smirk. Placing a kiss on his cool steel cheek, your hand rest on top of his servo you nodded, smiling back. “Hell yeah!” you stepped back and let him shift back to his car model as he flung open the door to the drivers side, “Lets go then hottie”. He flashed his lights as you jumped inside of him, the second you strapped your seatbelt in, he hit the gas and zoomed away with you. Rolling down his windows to let your hair fly around a little bit, holding onto his steering wheel, you laughed and ran your hands down it softly. Feeling his engine purr a bit, he turned his radio on and gave you a little suggestive warning, "You keep that up and I'm taking you to the garage". With the corners of your mouth forming a little smirk, you grabbed his gearshift and ran your finger on the stitching, "Now that would be a shame". He roared his engine and made a quick and rough turn. "Alright you asked for it". Holding on tightly, you giggled and prepared yourself for your eventful night at the garage.
“Mirage... MIRAGE!” Noah yelled at the bot as he zoomed off with you, leaving him behind, alone and sleepy.
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