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sunglassesmish · 13 days
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will be watching this scene on repeat 
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좋으니까 // 'cause i like you
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I mentioned yesterday that my Speckled Sussex baby is terrified of me and won’t let me get close to her, but today she came up to me and even started climbing on my arm with the other chicks! My heart melted, she’s an adorable baby with huge sweet eyes, I hope she learns to trust me a little bit more!
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WayV Season's Greetings 2022 : Xiaojun
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I actually want the scarf backstory.
Tumblr media
(warnings in the tags)
ok so here's the sitch, the scarf will come eventually i promise
wars' entire life growing up in castle town was just . frankly shitty GVYEAGIV his family was decently wealthy and they easily had food on the table, but wars' father was a Dick and very much not a good parent
wars' mother on the other hand, was like . basically The World to him. in his little 8-year-old eyes she was Everything and he followed her around everywhere she went and he just adored her. she was always so gentle and patient w him and she made sure to teach him how to be kind above all else. she was the one who kept him from letting the arrogance and just,, general toxic behavior of a LOT of people in castle town influence him
she gives him a big orange scarf that she made at some point, just a little gift for when he's older and able to wear it, but he ends up adoring it so much that he wears it even when he's Tiny and gets very attached to it
his mother sadly passes from illness when wars is 8. him being a little guy and not knowing how to process grief in the slightest, he grasps at the only thing he has left of her and that's the scarf—it becomes a comfort item, smth he can't leave his own room without having it wrapped around him
his father starts training him when he's 9 in hopes of making him a soldier good enough to defend the kingdom. he grows up, doesn't make many friends, and eventually climbs the ranks until around the time his game begins. his father dies in battle before wars is even promoted to captain. all that hard work to make him proud, and he never sees him succeed
impa promotes him and hands him the blue scarf, and he's forced to discard his precious orange one in exchange for the Hero's garb. it feels heavy in his hands, heavy on his shoulders, and even though he's 18 when this happens, he's still far too young to rly understand the scope of what he's being dragged into
months later, he knows. he knows far too well why that scarf had felt so heavy on him when he'd first donned it
i'm sure u can guess where i'm goin w this, but all the Expectations and the High Standards and the Pressure of being the hero sorta just melds w the scarf in his mind, and when he puts that thing on, he feels all of it weigh on him
the people in his kingdom are Critical. they love him and they hate him and they praise him and they mock him and u know how being a Big Figure goes, right? every little thing he does is treated with both cheers and malice and usually, to him, the malice reaches much further
they ridicule him for just abt everything. he stands next to artemis as she's giving a speech, acting as her bodyguard—rly just there for show since he never says much during the parades and the announcements—and people in the crowd r making gestures at him, slitting-throat signs w their hands, yelling and mouthing death threats right at his face. when he returns from a long battle injured and beaten, they accuse him of being a poor choice for a war, not good enough of a fighter, not strong enough; when he returns uninjured, they claim he's slacking and letting his underlings take the hits instead
and during the war ? wars' life is just . ,,,so so bad in the mental health department. he's Completely alone. he lives by himself, he has no friends, and impa and artemis are more coworkers than they are companions, even if they claim to have his back. he's overworked until he can barely walk by the end of the day and every surface of his house is peppered w paperwork that he can never escape. the weight of the responsibilities and the Trauma of the war on top of all that ?
he's close to breaking. he's the type of person that needs and loves and seeks affection and he hasn't gotten that literally since he was 8. he's an extrovert, Loves talking to people, loves Being w people and conversing and joking around and hugging and laughing and he's got none of that—the closest he manages is w his troops, but wars is careful not to get too close for,,, obvious reasons. he doesn't need to lose anybody else
he comes home to an empty house and it's that ? staticy, humming silence when he closes the door and stands there in the dark that he hates the most. he has a couch that nobody has ever sat on except him. he doesn't have enough time to decorate and the furniture and tapestries on the walls weren't even put there by him, it was the people artemis hired that were put in charge of housing him. it all feels utterly Empty, and wars is . pretty much hopeless at some point. just,, trudgin along
but then the war is won. and even though that doesn't relieve him of hero duty, at least the fighting and the death is over with. all their resources r directed to rebuilding, and while it's still a lot of work and everything is far from over and wars is still utterly fucking exhausted, he's just glad there's no more corpses he has to look at
fast forward to lu—he meets the chain, they go on a quest, and for the first time ever, he gets close to people. he starts calling them teammates, then friends, then Family, and since he's technically not on duty while out w the chain, he wears his orange scarf instead. it's lighter than the blue one in many, many ways
at some point when they return to wars' era for a visit and a quick break, wars is not included in that break. they overwork him hard enough for him to get ill and bedridden and legend gets so irate about it that he marches up to artemis and impa and makes a Big scene abt it
he's drawing negative attention to authority, but they bite their tongues until wars is better. when he is better, he is called to the throne room and ordered to "keep legend quiet." wars doesn't like that. stuff happens, arguments ensue, and it eventually gets bad enough to where they threaten to Ban legend from castle town altogether
this is . greatly disturbing to warriors. bc they Know how much ledge means to him. and they would blatantly use that against him, to get their way ? they call themselves his friends, when they'd do smth like that?
he says that if legend is banned, so is he—their Hero
and they agree to that
so warriors is, legally, exiled from castle town—his home. he'd meant it as a bluff, bc he'd half-thought artemis was bluffing—ofc tho, he doesn't regret the decision, not when legend was being wrongfully banned just for sticking up for him. and he spends the next few weeks thinking all that over—the fact that his "friends" would do that to him is appalling, but it suddenly,,, Hits him at some point that when he'd stopped being useful, they just,, threw him out
the second he got too hard to handle and not worth the trouble, they tossed him to the street. some "friends" they were.
when he's exiled, he's given a chance to reflect. and he realizes that it was actually one of the best thing to ever happen to him. he was so unhappy all his life within those goddamn walls, so miserably alone, so utterly hopeless, and then when he'd been sent through those portals and met the chain, the weight of that all seemed to ,, lift, a little
he realizes that even though he's on another adventure and looking death in the face, he's infinitely happier with the chain than he ever would have been back home. the chain loves him, treats him like family, talks to him, jokes w him, hugs him and laughs w him. they don't overwork him to death and they don't stop loving him when he's not at peak performance 24/7. he has people who care. he has people who don't only talk to him when they want smth from him
so he ditches the blue scarf altogether. with it goes his responsibilities and all the stress and depression and crippling loneliness it had housed. he dons the orange one instead, sunshine on his back—he's gained a family and the warmth of that resides in it, the happy, jittery feeling in his chest is what the fabric is practically made of. it reminds him of his mother and happiness and it feels so, so much lighter.
#qktalks#destructokats#tw parent death#parent death tw#tw death threats#death threat tw#i just rly enjoy stories of recovery and things getting better#and the scarves sorta represent that#btw he's still very much attached to the orange one#still treats it like a comfort item. is Always wearing it. gets genuinely jumpy and nervous if he isn’t near it in some way#he's gotten better over the years w it and he Was sorta forced to not wear it during duty back in the war#but that doesn't mean it didn't make his anxiety any less high back then. he Hated not wearing it#at some point he gets a white one just like it (or as close as he can get to his mom's)#and he wears that one when his orange isnt available. the weight on his shoulders helps a bit. makes him feel less naked#important note that i feel like somebody might be miffed abt:#yes i kinda characterize artemis and impa as like . cold and efficient coworkers and nothing more#and that is purely bc i feel absolutely nothing for their characters and how they were written in hyrule warriors GVIAEGYV#i'm sorry for making them Like That i simply don't have an attachment to them At All#please understand im just a little guy#anyway im so sorry holy shit GVIEYAV that was so long and needlessly dramatic. wow i am so cringe#but im so free. actually no im not i could be freer. i could be living in the woods hollering to the moon abt him#in my mind that's what im doing . i assure u#i skipped a good bit from him growing up to his shitty mental health during the war#mostly bc the details aren’t set in stone and they're a bit darker#kinda heavy stuff so i won't go too into it here but just know that he rly struggled and it was Bad#and that makes me sad cuz wars isn't inherently a very depressed person. he was Driven to that level of depression and hopelessness#he's usually very happy. but for a solid chunk of his life it was very hard to stay happy#i also just left stuff out cuz this was long and yaknow . i feel like there's a limit to how annoying u can be and im for sure reaching it#IM AT 29 TAGS . I HAVE ONE MORE TO CONVEY MY LOVE FOR WARRIORS IF THAT HASN'T ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED#twists him around like im wringing out a wet dish rag. /i love you i love you i love you i lo
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Tinsel, Lights, and Popcorn Strings
Day #10 of the 2022 December Event
Fandom: One Piece
Ship: MarcoXRay(OC)XAce
Warnings: Overly cute Christmas tree decorating and mild threats of violence
No, you didn't miss several days, I just knew my friend was having a difficult time and wanted to cheer him up! And it's easier to remember where I was in writing fluff after a coughing fit than smut (but the last one is next I promise!)
Also, the 'rat' decorations are absolutely inspired by my own childhood decorations but I made them rats instead of the mice the originally are. Super cute decorations istg, they make me soft just thinking about them
Word Count: 1,740
If there's anything that needs adjusting let me know!
Merry (early) Christmas darling (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧!
Tumblr media
There was one single, gargantuan task that most Whitebeard pirates feared above all else.
It wasn’t enforcing yet another booze ban on their captain and father figure.
It wasn’t doing the dishes after every meal.
And it wasn’t even the prospect of doing the laundry for the entire crew.
It was decorating the tree.
The task no one wanted to do was decorate the tree. It seemed rather odd to Ace, truth be told, that the Whitebeard pirates feared this task so much. But it wasn’t until he actually tried to do it himself that he understood why.
There wasn’t anyone across all the blues as fucking picky about ornaments as Marco. Oh, it was such bullshit.
See, this ass sits back like he doesn’t have a care in the world but you try and use ‘too much’ tinsel on the bottom half of the biggest damn tree Ace has ever seen on a ship and suddenly Marco is ready to wage war.
Not that Ray is of any help, heckling the shit out of Ace’s honest attempts to decorate a tree with ‘helpful’ suggestions about which ornaments to use and where.
“Why not put the glass snowflakes lower, Ace?” Ray suggested, instantly earning an irate snort from Marco.
“And have them get knocked over and shatter across the floor? Nice try, Ray. I know you just want to replace them with candy.” Marco snarked, plucking the offending ornament from the box of ornaments.
“What’s wrong with candy canes on a tree, Marco? We’re putting popcorn all over it!” Ray huffed, gazing at the tray of specially prepared candy Thatch had made for them to use along with popcorn string long enough for Oyaji to use as a jump rope.
“You know, if you have such high standards for the damn tree, the least you could do is help.” Ace snarled, barely remembering that he was handling ornaments probably older than himself. Marco rolled his eyes and leaned back against the far wall.
“You’ve got it just fine without me.”
“Clearly not if you keep complaining you dick!” Ace hissed, tossing a wad of tinsel at him. It exploded into many short strings of tinsel, spraying the area and Marco in glittery confetti. “Either help me or stop riding my ass!”
Ray smirked, opening his mouth to say something with a glint in his eyes—
“Don’t.” Marco snapped, brushing the tinsel off of his clothes. Ray seemed to deflate a little as he sighed, rolling his eyes as he stood up and looked into another unopened box.
“Fine. Be that way.” Ray muttered, pulling out a string of lights that had wound up into a right ball. “How much tinsel and string lights do we need anyway?” Ace almost wept when Marco finally got off the wall and dragged open a box, efficiently unwinding the lights like it didn’t take Ace himself twenty minutes to accomplish the task on his own.
At some point, Ace is going to suspect this was all on purpose just to fuck with him.
“The point is to fill up the tree all the way to the top. Ornaments go on last so they don’t catch on the tinsel, lights, or popcorn. We got a bigger tree this year so we should be able to use everything this time.” Marco commented lightly, eyeing the string of lights in his hands. “The candy canes are to fill in any gaps left over.”
In a flash of blue fire, Marco transformed and started plucking up lights as Ray fed the line efficiently. Arching around the tree ever higher as he picked at them until he was pleased with their placement on the thick branches.
“Oh, now you guys decide to be useful! Couldn’t have done that an hour ago, huh!?” Ace huffed, picking at another wad of tinsel as he debated if it was worth trying to shoot Marco out of the air with it.
Marco slammed into the ground behind Ace, clicking his beak inches from his ear with a loud clack as a warning.
“Don’t even think about it, yoi~” Marco cooed, tugging on a stray loop of tinsel just to watch it explode open in Ace’s hands.
“Shit!” Ace cursed, tripping over the sudden mass of loose decoration at his feet, the other two laughing at him as they started on the tinsel. “You know, the fact that you both can do this just fine on your own is really starting to piss me off!” Ace growled as he crawled out from under an ever-growing pile of decorations.
“Maybe we just wanted to decorate with you, sweetheart.” Ray laughed, reaching down to help him up. “No one else is brave enough to argue with Marco over decorations.”
“You manage just fine.” Marco scoffed, plucking at a line of tinsel with his talons as he did more minor adjustments.
“Well, that’s because I know you don’t bite…” Marco and Ace gave Ray a look. “Much.” Ray brushed off Ace’s hair as a rain of glitter and tinsel bits fell to the ground. Ace huffed, glancing at Ray with a sullen expression. The older man just smiled, adjusting his glasses with his Christmas sweater threaded with stray bits of tinsel. Horrendously, it looked all too similar to his floral shirts. But no less terrible than Marco’s, which was decorated solely with pineapples and candy canes.
To say nothing of his own sweater with cheery skulls and fire that he was too touched to throw out and too embarrassed to admit he loved to pieces.
“There. Now, we can add the popcorn and move onto the real decorations.” Marco declared, plucking the end of the chain impatiently.
“He’s just mad he’s not allowed to eat it.” Ray whispered conspiratorially to Ace. If Marco heard—which he definitely did—he didn’t act like it. Tossing the popcorn string along the branches in gentle curves along the branches until he reached the bottom.
Wanting to get it over with before something else happens, Ace opened a nearby box and looked inside.
The decorations were carefully swaddled porcelain. A set of some kind, featuring small rats with individual decorations. One was gleefully riding a scooter with packages in it’s paws. Another in a dress with a sewing needle shoved into a popcorn bit as an umbrella. One with a tree and a cute couple on a pocket watch. It was weird but cute. Ray plucked the and handed them to Marco to distribute to his liking.
They both looked oddly nostalgic about the decorations as they were placed on the tree one by one.
More traditional decorations such as bells, balls, and snowflakes were equally distributed with no real determination. Occasionally another unique set or decoration would pop up and would be handled with care. Ace assumed that they were bought or made by a specific crew member but refrained from asking. Just glad he wasn’t being buried alive in tinsel again.
There was a set of spun glass decorations that looked like different types of booze that got a good laugh though.
“Pft. Who’s are these? Oyaji’s?” Ace asked, holding up one that was no bigger than his thumb. Marco let out a bark of laugher, plucking it from Ace’s hand.
“Yeah. One year he was banned from drinking during the holiday and tried to sneak some in anyway. The nurses got him this set as ‘the closest he was getting to real booze until well after the new year’.” Marco grinned, hanging them up cheerfully with Ray handing them over as he went.
Of course, as they got further up the tree, it mostly just turned into Ray and Ace holding up ornaments for Marco to pluck and place as he pleased. Thankfully, Marco didn’t have nearly as much complaints when he was the one putting up the ornaments.
Finally, there was only one thing left. The tree topper.
“Uh… isn’t there supposed to be something at the top?” Ace asked, sneaking himself a candy cane to eat. Ray rolled his eyes but allowed it, stealing one for himself.
“There’s a competition every year where Oyaji decides the best tree topper. Last year Izo made a paper lantern with a light dial inside it and he didn’t stop preening for weeks.” Ray explained.
“Oh… Are there rules to it?” Ace asked curiously. Marco sighed, stretching his back out as he admired the tree.
“No fire for obvious reasons. Nothing too big for the tree or messy. Other than that, it’s free game. Oyaji keeps the winning tree toppers on a shelf in his room after the tree goes down.” Marco informed him, taking the time to ruffle his hair vigorously. “I expect you’ll do well!”
“Hey! Who said I was competing?!” Ace yelped, smoothing back down his hair from the mess Marco made to no avail.
“I’m pretty excited to see what you come up with myself.” Ray agreed. Ace scowled at the two of them and their shit eating grins.
“Either one of you would make good tree toppers, you know…” Ace grumbled mutinously.
“Oh, you want to use our feathers for your tree topper? That’s so sweet of you, Ace! I’ll see if I have any good feathers lying around to give you. What do you say, Marco? Should we help Ace win this year?” Ray asked cheerily. Marco rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
“Hmm… I think I can manage, yeah. I look forward to seeing the results, Ace.” Marco conceded, much to Ace’s displeasure.
“H-How the hell am I supposed to make a tree topper out of feathers?!” Ace grumbled, face burning almost to the point of combustion. Ray smiled softly and kissed his cheek.
“You’re resourceful. I know you can figure it out!” Ray declared.
Naturally, Ace couldn’t stand down after that.
And his crafted tree topper looked beautiful on top of the tree. Made of cinnamon, myrrh, and vanilla sticks woven into a nest. Cradling a bird made of clear spun glass with one of Marco’s feathers inside it, casting light across the iridescent pigeon feathers and beads that peaked through the spice nest. It glowed softly, even in the dark, with a delicate array of light. Absolutely worth the three days Ace spent trying to melt glass by hand before someone took pity on him and showed him where he could find a proper furnace on the island they were docked on.
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love-fireflysong · 4 months
Welp, finally got to play Until Dawn: Rush of Blood last night, and honesty guys? It was such a fun game holy shit. Only took me a little over 2 hours to beat the game, and I totally would have started over and hunted for my missing trophies (cause I have a problem lol) and ‘skittles’ if it wasn’t for the fact that I can only use the vr headset for ~3 hours before it gives me a headache 😢
As expected though, game was chock full of all sorts of ud easter eggs and every time I entered an area of a level and recognized exactly where in the game I was supposed to be or I recognized character models that were being reused I got super giggly. Like you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I blew kisses when ever the psycho entered the scene to try and scare/terrorize me...even when Psycho!Josh was being a complete dick and kept killing me like ten times with his stupid axe as all those Matt’s in clown masks kept throwing molotovs at me lol.
Speaking of Josh, you even kinda sorta play as him maybe? Cause when I looked down to see if I even had a body or if I was just a pair of floating arms with guns, I was 100% wearing Josh’s overalls. Which is interesting, cause during the moments after levels when I’m sitting in a chair in the sanitorium I don’t have a body at all so they really didn’t need to go through all that work imo.
And obviously, they reused character models as previously hinted at by clown mask wearing Matt’s throwing molotov cocktails at me. Got to see all the boys in fact! Whether they were Chris, Cabin!Mike, Sanitorium!Mike, Matt, Regular!Josh, Psycho!Josh, and even Fiddler hilariously enough, they just coming at me in all forms. From wearing clown or pig masks to just being plain ass zombies, they were intent on killing me let me tell you. Sadly, though none of the girls made an appearance 😔 (which is a shame cause I totally think would have loved multiple Ashley’s in a clown mask of her own trying to stab me with scissors, it’s what she would have deserved imo) They didn’t even make little cameo’s as body’s on hooks in the mines like the rest of the guys did for some reason. Closest I got to seeing any of the girls was in the second level, and that’s just because a portion of it has all the doll’s that Josh set up in the dollhouse so I kept seeing their respective dolls over and over again.
The only girls that made any sort of appearance were Hannah and Beth (mostly Hannah obvs lol), and that was mostly for jump scare and horror reasons due to being dead and all. Though for some reason Hannah was wearing a bow in her hair?
Tumblr media
(Like don’t get me wrong, even being totally dead and decaying she is rocking that hair bow let’s be real. It’s just such an odd choice, and I have no idea why they felt the need to add that to the character model?)
But seriously, if any of you ever have a chance to play this, I really REALLY suggest you give it a go. It’s a super short game but was so fucking fun oh my god.
Cannot wait to give it another run through tonight!
#until dawn#rush of blood#and if for some reason any of you happen to be visiting my area of the world i WILL be forcing you to at least try a level or two lol#the demo of it i played back in august when i was staying at my sisters was just the second level by the way#which makes sense cause it was not only by far the shortest level#but the first level itself if half a shooting tutorial in a carnival before some minor parts in the lodge#whereas the second is basement saw rooms dolls everywhere and lots of pigs#so huge amounts of ud call backs and easter eggs#reason the first half of the first level takes place in a carnival though is because the guy that 'accompanies' you#is larry fessenden as a carny lol#so becomes more and more bloody and unhinged as you go on so that was fun#felt bad every time i got a new highscore though cause i kept knocking ashley off the leader board#im sorry baby please dont hate me 😭#only reason you had scores that low anyways was because you were too scared and jumpy to play properly#absolutely would have creamed everyone else otherwise lol#that being said i do not accept josh having the second highest score#boy is absolutely dogshit at video games and i can not be convinced otherwise sdjfjsdhfhsd#though i will accept the fact that emily got the fourth highest into my headcannon#girl is insane at shooters but would die before letting absolutely anyone else find that out lmao#though bob washington not only being included on that list but getting the coveted first spot#is frankly both hilarious and the weirdest inclusion they could have chosen ajkdhakjhsd
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jesterjamz · 2 months
Tumblr media
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eggo-owl · 2 months
once again reminding all of you that my one absolutely awful terrible take is that i want a full on proper musical sequence . goodnight
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gglitchshit · 3 months
big progress on my first osu map today!! (that i actually plan to upload because it’s legal)
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carriegalaxyy · 5 months
Aw hey did you get that ask I sent a while back that had my question about describing your S4M OC?
my adhd ass forgor about it mb /gen
(i was planning on making a drawing for it and just completely forgot uhhhhhhhh if it makes you feel better i have a ton of asks my ass forgor about :'/ )
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Me, reading a fic:
Zuko, in said fic: *offhandedly says something horrifying about his childhood*
Me: haha same lol
Literally everyone in the fic: Zuko, that's horrible! Are you okay?
Zuko and me, simultaneously: wait, what?
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lurker-no-more · 5 months
Headline: NFL world reacts to terrible Tom Brady news.
Me: Oh, man. Hope he/his family are okay.
Article: It’s a TRAGEDY … Tom Brady has a losing record for the first time and won’t be in the playoffs.
Tumblr media
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kitwing · 5 months
going to do shared live and then remembering
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pencilofawesomeness · 6 months
Hey there, Flabbergasted Anon here I just read your reply and I wanted to clear some things up
First of all I was trying to say things in a joking/overly dramatic tone (kinda like the you kick miette meme)
Second of all on my device when you click on next work it kinda jumps you down below the tags and straight into the story and I just assumed that the title was referring to lisanna and read on
Third of all when I did finally finish the story I was immediately called away by someone else so while I did read the note at the end of the chapter (I think I honestly can’t remember) I didn't really process it
All in all I will keep reading the story because I am invested in it now so I hope you keep up the good work
Hi!!! Okay!!!! It was a misunderstanding!! Good!!! Excellent!!! :D
I really wasn't sure one way or the other, but sometimes it's hard when it's text, heheh. Twas I who overreacted in the end. (Should I have read that when I wasn't super tired, perhaps I would have recognized the meme language for what it was, heheh.... MY BAD. In hindsight, I completely see the kick-miette kind of thing going on there. So very sorry.)
Ah, anyways, glad you're enjoying the series despite my little mean streak there! (I reaaaalllly wanted to prod at Mira, circa Demon Tales, heheheh....) Thank you so much for clearing that up anon! Hope to see you around! :D
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swingbakuraryou · 3 months
"I'm not sure where I am... But what I'm sure is that you look like someone I know." As a ghost he's been able to travel between dimensions. But time travel, however, is tricky. Something must've gone wrong. Nothing seems familiar to what he's been used to. "Could you tell me the name of this place?" // Hope this works!
"16.....16....16... Where is 16?" Ryou muttered as he flipped through the piles of paper on the dingy moldy desk in the wine cellar. Apparently there was going to be a special guest and they had requested a very specific wine, and who to do it than the part time booze runner on his day off? Ryou felt the fluids in his shoulders drain as the veil between worlds gave a little shift, nothing big, perhaps if you had to equate the sensation, a slight breeze through gossamered curtains. Ryou rolled his eyes as he continued on shuffling through the mess. Likely a psychic from another world peeking into his, or a kid playing with circles, or some small little combo of two small magical instances colliding, or perhaps just a small cat who had completed its 9 lives cycle and was here to start another. "Where the hell is it?!" He growled tossing the useless clipboard onto the desk, and started on another pile, on his day off and he had to rifle through this mess. Then a deep voice spoke up. Ah so a psychic. "Welcome to the era of the 1920s in Domino City....the year of the dance, booze, and unrestrained inhibitions." Ryou recited dully as though this had happened before and was a low wage tour guide. "Yeah yeah yeah, I just happen to have that sort of face. A face that everyone seems to know but not know. Consider me that person who you've probably passed a hundred times and never greeted." He said as he started with the drawers.
He shoved the last drawer close and started to straighten out with "Honestly, out of all the places you could have landed... you're in the cellar of the Keepers Tom-" he froze, streaks of golden blond hair and a pair of vibrant violet eyes caught the light of the lantern on the desk. Instinct took over as his hand swiped the tall stack of papers and kicked the stool towards him and shuffled back putting distance between them. Through the flurry of musty papers, Ryou stood ready with a glowering look and a hunting knife at the ready, "YOU! Back for another round?!" He snarled at the dimly lit man still partially obscured in the the dimensional fog. Yet, he knew that silhouette all too well. The soon to be crowned King of Domino and the bastard had a new magic trick. Or, so he thought.
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