#source: miraculous ladybug
aerith-jade · 1 year
[Ramshackle Dorm]
Yuu throws a birthday party for Malleus, but he doesn't show up.
Yuu: Tsunotarou's pranking me, right?
Yuu: Wait. That's impossible. He has no sense of humor.
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fatherfigurefusion · 5 months
(Context: The DRDT Gang decided to have a dorm room comparison competition, resulting in everybody seeing Xander's massive collection of David Chiem memorabilia, much to his mortification.)
Xander: (sneaking his way over to his locker) Phew! Hopefully, he didn't see me.
David: (pops out from behind Xander) Hey, Xander!
Xander: (jumps up and screams in shock)
David: (taken aback) How's it going? After what happened last night, I was worried and-
Xander: (awkwardly) Oh, so you've attended the room contest, then! Hehehe...um...Look, about what you saw during the contest. The totographs in my room!
David: (confused) You mean the photographs-
Xander: (smiling unconvincingly) I-It's not what you think...
Xander: (awkwardly) You see...I'm a big fan of your speeches and...um...
David: (getting closer to Xander, smirking) Are you lying?
Xander: (pushing David back, embarrassed) NO! I'm SO not into you! I mean, sure, I'm INTERESTED in you, but, um, not in that way. Well, y'know! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
David: (giggling, slinging an arm around Xander's shoulder) Just teasing, I understand! Don't worry! I've gotten used to having lots of fans. And photographs of me everywhere! Even in the most unlikely places...
Xander: (blushing and giggling awkwardly) As if someone would have a picture of you under a bed, right?
David: (retracting his arm) Yeah, I was wondering. Since you love my speeches so much, you could come attend my next TED Talk.
Xander: (excited, stumbling over his words) NO WAY! For you-fyu-myu-FOR REAL?!
David: (smiling) Honestly, it's pretty long and boring, but if you were there it would definitely be more fun. What do you say?
Xander: (cheerfully) OH, WOW! YES! Thank you, Mr. David.
David: (walking off) I'll keep you posted then. See you later in class.
David: (turning back, smiling, before walking out) I'm glad to have you as one of my fans.
Xander: (standing still, face entirely red)
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ladymiraclewings · 3 months
Luz: Hunter may annoy me to pieces sometimes, but he's never lied to me. Hunter: Thanks for the compliment... I think?
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incorrect-kaishinshi · 9 months
Kaito, holding his hand out: Hi, Shiho-chan. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Shiho: I'd love to. Where is he?
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liv45no · 11 months
Beverly: Richie, we’ve decided to ask Ben and Mike for help. If anyone can come up with a perfect plan for you to tell Eddie you love him, it’s them.
Richie: WHAT?! Are you serious?!
Bev: yeah, so?
Richie: so they all know how I feel about you-know-who?
Bill: Everyone knows that you’re crushing on Eddie.
Richie: Even Eddie?
Stan: Eddie’s probably the only one who doesn’t know.
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bluejay-the-geek · 2 years
After Red Hood officially became part of the batfam
[Dick and Jason are fighting a villain]
Villain, shooting at them: Ya know, it’s kinda weird seeing you two on the same side. I don’t buy it!
Dick, taking cover: He’s right you know, we should show everyone you’re with us now!
Jason, dodging the bullets: Now’s not the time, dickhead.
Dick: Wait, if we hug it’ll help display our brotherly bond!!
Jason: Argh- that's enough!
Jason, picking Dick up: GO TO YOUR BASKET DICKHEAD!
Dick: Wha-?
Jason: *YEETS Dick into a trashcan*
Villain: I believe you
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incorrect-losers · 11 months
Mike: You’ve gotta be nice to people
Stan: N-nice?
Mike: Yes, nice! It's not that hard
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hitchell-mope · 9 months
Xavier: You’ve gotta be nice to people.
Wednesday: N-nice?
Xavier: Yes, nice! It's not that hard.
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Mayday, to Zuke: Okay, I have no idea what a Hakuna Matata is, but I trust you.
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Curly: Hi, Rhonda. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Rhonda: I'd love to. Where is he?
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totallycorrectmlp · 5 months
Vinyl Scratch, you’re as clear as a music note, and as sincere as a melody. You’re the song that’s been playing in my head since the day we met. 
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aerith-jade · 1 year
Ace, holding a hand out: Hey, Yuu. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Yuu: I'd love to. Where is he?
Ace (-_-) (^^,) Yuu
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fatherfigurefusion · 2 months
Tumblr media
Fun Fact: I originally came up with this, when I thought up the idea of "Kagami Tsurugi Kinjo".
So, now I have this KinjoMae comic to solidify it!
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ladymiraclewings · 10 months
[Before Knock Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's door]
Luz, seeing a call from Amity: Amity? Amity !! I...huh look at that? It’s Amity calling. I guess I’ll just answer casually…
Luz, blushing: Hola! ¿Cómo estás, amiga?
Amity, confused: Huh...Good, I think?
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nightfurylover31 · 11 months
Silver and Blaze fall over each other mid battle.
Blaze: *purr noises* Mmp!
Silver: Did I just hear you purr?
Blaze: Uh, no way!
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emmikay · 2 months
Plato: Leave now, or I'm calling the protectors!
Plato: Wait! I am a protector!
Plato: Get out!
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