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some spellbooks belonging to very different wizards✨ i really like the idea of spellbooks matching the spellcasters they belong to👀
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nightmaresyrup · 5 months
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Spellbook Binding 101
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Sarah Lyddon Morrison - The Modern Witch's Spellbook - David Mckay Company - 1971
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dndtreasury · 2 months
Grimoire of the Green Arts
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Harold Roth’s new book just in! @artofwitchcraft @haroldrothart It was first translated into English in 1896 by Moses Gaster, who removed many of the spells, making the text unusable for magic. Harold Roth's The Magic of the Sword of Moses is the first book to show, in detail, exactly how a magician can wield the Sword--how to effectively perform the purification ritual, adjure the angels, and pronounce and use the divine names for each spell. Freshly interpreted and with clear instructions on how to use the spells, The Magic of the Sword of Moses features a foreword by occult scholar Joseph Peterson as well I as information on how to practice ancient pre-Kabbalistic Jewish magic. Readers interested in working with early grimoires, hermeticism, angel magic, and occult talismans will find a treasure trove of information. Published by @weiserbooks @redwheelbooks - #swordofmoses #ritualmagic #folkmagic #jewishmagic #jewishmysticism #haroldroth #occultism #occultbooks #spellbooks #grimoire #grimoiretradition https://www.instagram.com/p/CnX5A5VLPT_/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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lilcabinwitch · 2 years
My Idol and favourite Welsh witch, Mhara Starling is coming out with a book called
"Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to the Spirits, Lore, and Magic of Wales" It's not out yet but it will be released around the 8th of February 2022
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-the cover is from mahra"s Instagram @Mhara_Starling
I absolutely cannot wait to have this in my collection of witch books and learn all about the witchcraft within my culture.
Hwyl ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
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anthonyspage · 6 months
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toruandmidori · 7 months
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Spooky season is almost upon us, time to start Halloween planning with our new range of witchy and a lil bit bitchy spellbooks. 
Good quality vintage leather look hardback journals and ring bound notebooks with plain or lined paper are available to buy online in our Redbubble store. Vintage vibes, modern feels -  they make great gothy gifts. Check out the full range here, individual link below: 
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saderpillar · 1 year
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ossian94 · 6 months
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The Witch of Books
... who's also a vampire hunter and the sister to the Witch of Wands
Prompt 7 - Book and Mirror
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theoryofmagick · 1 year
Ash's Favorite Spellbooks
Judika Illes - Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells
Oh my goodness, I'm sure I've waxed poetic about Illes' book a bunch on this blog, but it's a total staple. My one caveat with this book is that it (rightfully, and delightfully) includes spells from ALL walks of magic - we've got works from closed traditions, a variety of cultures, and many time periods. If you're just starting out, you might not know which spells are from which traditions, and may accidentally find yourself using a spell from a closed culture. The Encyclopedia includes many such spells because it's an Encyclopedia, and frequently includes the spell's origin so you can make decisions. Of course, if you're FROM those closed cultures - I personally have found some excellent spells from Chinese superstition and culture in the book - it's a fantastic resource; otherwise, it's still an excellent way to learn and research, with tons of non-appropriative non-closed-culture spells in there, too.
Power Spells - Lexa Rosean
I came across Rosean's book because I was having trouble finding, specifically, return-to-sender and truth-telling spells. Many spellbooks include the typical categories: drawing love, luck, weather magic, wishing spells, binding or banishing, and so on, but digging deeper, I found Rosean's book to have a lot of bite, and include spells that might be a bit more punchy than your average introductory spellbook. On this point, I'd probably recommend the book to someone just past their beginning stage. Rosean's spellcrafting style is results-oriented and her spells come a bit loaded, in that you PROBABLY want to protect yourself from backfire just in case your truth powder slaps you back in the face, as well as slapping your intended recipient. She also uses plenty of fruit correspondences and powders which I believe comes from Rosean's own culture.
White Magic - Titania Hardie
Shh, I'm allowed to be fluffy sometimes (but don't get me started on the "White Magic" title, which I have beef with for OBVIOUS reasons!). Hardie's book here is great not just because her books are full of gorgeous photography, but I can attest to the spells in White Magic being fully thought out and legitimately fucntional (no, I've not cast EVERY spell in it, of course, but Hardie's got one of the best track records in my own casting book). She's into gathering lots of stuff for ritual, and keep in mind the book is QUITE outdated - Hardie wrote it in the 90's and early 2000s, so she's got more than a few slip-ups - earlier versions of the book include an offensive word for describing Romani people, and she occasionally does the "wicca/witchcraft" vocab mixup in her early work, too. There is, however, a later version of this book with much of that corrected. Hardie's spells and rituals aren't "easy" to collect and prepare, but very "easy" and friendly to perform.
Obviously, the one thing I do recommend is putting together your OWN spellbook - a collection of spells you've tried, or want to try, along with adjustments you've made, a record of your casting, and any notes or addendums. There's almost zero spells I've used or cast that I didn't tweak in some way, usually either to match up or adjust to fit with my personal Craft, or because there's a historical correspondence that works better (this bit I've gotten mixed on - sometimes the spell has certain herbs BECAUSE that's what works, and it's NOT an invitation to sub in something else!), but mostly, these adjustments are made based on personal experience. Keeping a record is a great way to start making adjustments of your own for more effective spellcraft!
And lastly, remember - you don't have to fire off spells left and right every single day to practice and improve. There's plenty of magical training exercises, ritual, meditation, and daily practice that doesn't involve shifting the fabric of the universe to achieve a result!
What are some of your favorite spellbooks or documents that you've come across? :>
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calling all witches and wizards~!✨ these spellbook & quill linked charms will be looking for new masters very soon😉
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mybabywitchjourney · 2 years
The Sun Sign Elements
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Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've read the elements of sun signs are different from the elements of moon signs. I will also be posting those later.
This is an opinion and not something I have read: I think the sun sign elements apply to the sign overall and also for the planets but the elements for the moon signs specifically apply to the moon signs. Many things do overlap but my notes for the moon signs will apply in specific ways that the moon signs apply to astrology.
As always corrections, info & sources welcome
Astrology Your Personal Guide By Sasha Fenton
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whatdoiknowjr · 15 days
Spellbooks as Treasure
Are you like me, and enjoy the concept of spellbooks as treasure, but don’t like to detail individual spells in that appear in the book? [Insert Informercial Image of GM clumsily injuring themselves trying to write the names of spells on a piece of paper to detail a spellbook] Have I got an idea for you! Flexible Spellbooks as Treasure Part of this concept comes from the idea that some…
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dndtreasury · 3 months
Liber Glaciei
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Magic Info by World of Ideas
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