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Who’s Thinking About You | Pick A Pile
Hello and welcome to this Pick A Pile! In here you'll find out who is thinking about you. I hope you guys enjoy and find this useful. Do make sure to leave comments down below on your experience! I do want to remind you all that this is a General Pick A Pile which means this is for a lot of people: therefore keep what resonates and leave what doesn't.
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Pick A Pile!
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Pile 1:
A playful person is thinking of you; possibly a younger sibling or someone younger that looks up to you. They see you as an inspiration and adore how you guide yourself through difficult tasks (school, hobby, work etc.), they really look up to you with how you handle things, they are proud of you and want to impress you.
They find some things difficult to understand or sit in your shadow, but they like it that way. They like to observe, see and learn, to have ideas and thought about his own future and how they can be like you. They are possibly shy, or don’t say much when around people of authority or strangers, they get uncomfortable and possibly scared of some form of disappointment. They don’t understand why, but they always try to make sure to do his best and please the people around him.
Whenever you leave they feel left behind or not liked, but they understand that’s how life goes, and that you’ll come back soon again. They understand how you have a different life than them but they are still sad about it and that’s alright. They love you and want to spend time with you (or more).
Pile 2:
A person of authority is thinking about you with a worry they don’t feel like they should express, at least not all of it. They feel like you don’t understand how serious certain situations are and that you shouldn’t joke around about them. They feel like you’re trying to figure yourself out but you’re not quite there yet but they won’t intervene and give you the time and space you need to succeed in that.
They care for you and find you very important although they have a hard time expressing these feelings sometimes since they don’t always understand what’s going around in your head, how certain things you’re interested in work etc.
Because they find this difficult to understand they often use their authority over you in ways you do not appreciate nor like. They do this because they don’t understand how to get close to you, how to understand you and how to get to know you. It’s like wanting to control someone and let them go at their own pace but hating that there is not enough control to begin with.
Pile 3:
An entity is thinking about you and watching over you, They love to see you experience new things and work through difficult moments, they love and enjoy to see you grow and would want to be able to help / be more in your life.
They want to walk with you through all the troubles you’ll be going through in your life, guide you through them to help you learn from them in a healthy and understanding way. They want you to get you to know yourself and rid all things that no longer serve purpose to you.
This entity gives off a very parental and caring energy, something they want to share with you to get you to feel more comfortable in all troubles and new situations. They want you to look back at things you keep with you that still hurt or bother you, they want to help you do shadow work how unknown or scary it may be, they are there for you to guide and help you.
They know it might take some time, but they’ll patiently wait until you feel like your ready, although with a lot of you they know that you’re already ready for this new part in your life.
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Mind is anything experienced inside your head that is not literally happening in this moment.
Consciousness is everything experienced in this moment, including mind.
Awareness is the feeling you have that you exist, and it is also the reason why it feels like anything exists.
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stop thinking of the afterlife as one-size-fits-all. you don't have to be reincarnated if you don't want to. you don't have to go to heaven if you'd rather be in the fray of battle. explore the next universe. explore this one. hell, stay on earth as a wanderer if you want. do it all, and do it in the body that was always meant to be yours.
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There is a crystal on the third eye! They keep putting emphasis on that part of our body and I just love it :) Pineal gland is the actual name for it btw.
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In stillness I find my true self
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venus in the signs˙ᵕ˙𓆩ꨄ︎𓆪
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part one
venus in virgo
these people are self deprecating in romance. they will be self critical and over give to their lover, even if it causes them pain or hardship. could overthink a lot as well when it comes to romance. they keep their feelings to themselves and analyze them like hell. they would want someone who is calm, grounded, collected, nerdy, quiet, logical, helpful, thoughtful. they would want someone who is simple and clean. someone organized and structed.
venus in scorpio
these people are devoted and borderline obsessive lovers. their love is soul deep. they will kill for you! they want that kind of otherworldly love with someone who is all theirs. they may like to be in relationships where there is a bit of gameplaying (not in a toxic way). like they may enjoy feeling jealous, or the cat and mouse chase. loyalty and emotional vulnerability is very important to this placement. they want someone who truly understands them on a soul level. when they fall, it is deep and intense, and they want that shit reciprocated.
venus in sagittarius
this placement values fun and excitement above all else. they would want someone to travel with and go on adventures with. they would want someone free spirited, independent, rebellious, confident, straightforward, juvenile, and funny. these people may be into poly or non-committal. keep it light and fun. also they want to discuss your philosophical beliefs LOL. "let's make a bucket list!" type beat.
venus in capricorn
people with this placement can be a little hard to win over. they do not fall in love very easily, and can even come off as rather cold or uncaring in romance. they would want someone sensible and practical. they value tradition and stability in romance. their love language would be acts of service. they want to be with someone who ambitious and hard-working, yet grounding and calm as well. maybe someone who is nerdy too.
venus in aquarius
another placement that does not fall in love very easily, nor are they the super romantic type (depends on the rest of the chart ofc). people with this placement would most likely treat their lover as their best friend. they value freedom and friendship in their romantic connections. they would want someone smart who stimulates them mentally. someone who gets along well with their friends too. this placement would also be a bit harder to pin down, but they're easy to get to know as they are open and friendly.
venus in pisces
bruh these people are starry eyed dreamers. they love romance and love. when they fall in love, they think everything about that person is beautiful even their dirty fingernails... they may romanticize people quite easily. they would want someone who is sensitive, creative, and warm. they value emotional intimacy as well as a spiritual connection of sorts. think: soulmates, twin flame kind of love.
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choose a... thing! (tarot card reading)
image source "what do you need to know?" spaghetti monster: what is that, pipe cleaner? affixed to some... nuts? hey, don't take that the wrong way. ploom the caterpillar: i don't even have the words to describe this thing. desert rain frog: ">:(" book a reading through dm/ask!
spaghetti monster・。.・゜✭
it's time to stop dwelling on the past! yes, you've probably experienced some sort of heartache, whether that be through betrayal, loneliness, or a bit of both. rest assured, in letting go, you will be off to bigger, and much better things. one of your cards is specific to this deck: the future. this emphasizes that now is THE time to move on! leave what has been hurting you behind-- it's leaving whether you want it to or not. this is a major point in your life, as signified by death and amplified by the future, which can (and will!) heed significant results. the hierophant tells you that the answers you seek will be found through joining with others, most likely an organization of some kind. you must be part of the group, working and striving with others to make the change you seek. heartache doesn't last forever, but what you're about to do with this group will. it's a long road, but at the end of it is happiness, fortune, and abundance abound!!! hey, this is a lot more cheerful than the last one! yahoo!
(the future [from the transient light tarot], 10 of pentacles reversed, the hierophant, 3 of swords reversed, death reversed)
ploom the caterpillar・。.・゜✭
another spread about letting go!!! except this one feels more pertinent. well, let's be real, the last one was pretty dire, too... anyway. my little caterpillars, your cards are less about the past or future, and more about the present. in fact, only about the present! the 10 of wands shows that you've been shouldering too much on your back, likely relating to self consciousness, some sort of inability to say "no", and/or difficulty especially in regards to living in the moment. but here's the thing... you've gotta. the hanged man puts it clearly: in order to get what you want, this situation requires you completely let go of whatever it is you've been holding onto. whether that's how you're being perceived or otherwise, it must be shed. the hanged man is upside down, able to see the world from a completely different perspective. try to change how you see things. live in the present moment and see what you notice; what changes when you give your entire attention to what someone is saying? or the thing you're doing? is everything really as you thought it was after seeing it from this new perspective? however you need to enact this change, the time to strike is right fucking now, baby. the engines are revving and ready to GO!!! don't be scared, what happens next is destiny. o_<~✭
(8 of wands, the hanged man, 10 of wands, the present reversed [from the transient light tarot.])
desert rain frog・。.・゜✭
like those who picked pile 2, the time for movement is NOW, my little froggies! you must declare yourself openly!! you are blessed to have a good head on your shoulders, being intelligent and good at handling authority. however! moving forwards, you will need to learn how to temper this energy (knight of swords). sometimes, this can go too far, where unadulterated words can hurt someone, coming across as blunt. it's true that you do know a lot about the world, but you need to let there be space for others' observations and knowledge. you can't possibly know everything! after making this big declaration, or finding this missing piece of the puzzle, you will get to the heart of the matter, to sift between what is true, what is fake, and to learn what to say-- versus what to definitely not say. a useful asset later on will be using the energy of the queen of cups, which means you must react to others through compassion and kindness, and try to be in tune with their emotional undercurrents. easier said than done, right? however, with the use of your intuition and logic combined, it will be much easier to wade through this future situation. in the meantime, i'd use that talkative knight of swords energy to propel yourself towards... whatever it is you need to propel yourself towards. here's a tip, whenever i feel a lightness in my chest, i know the answer's yes, but a pit in my stomach, be expected to plummet!!!... or, um, "no" would be the answer for that one. good luck! im also getting that some (3?) of you have some sort of.. "telepathic bond." no idea what that means! good luck with that, too, though.
(8 of wands, knight of swords, ace of swords reversed, queen of cups reversed)
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I always go to bed counting up to hundred or down from a hundred, it helps me sleep as it makes my mind focus on one thing instead of the running thoughts my mind created. When I count a number I take 1 deep slow breath as way to calm my brain.
Before I continue I want to preface by saying I BELIEVE YOU DONT NEED A “MATHOD” TO ENTER THE VOID. The breathing is something I do just to fall asleep it isn’t a method for the void at all. For some people I know you need to hear every little detail about how to enter the void but remember what you believe is how you live. You constantly over complicating methods and overusing and stressing is only because you keep believing you need to “work hard” to enter the void maybe it’s because we live in a society where you can only achieve things if you work hard that your mind is still set on trying to enter instead of already accepting that you can enter. Okay now that I got that out of the way let’s get back to my experience.
The only difference this night was I read a post (I don’t remember the user so if you get what post I’m talking about please comment the user/post) saying how we only overcomplicate everything because society told us we have to work hard to succeed. It really opened my eyes about how even overcomplicating and constantly searching for “methods/solutions” was such a lacking mindset because if I already accept the best for my life I don’t need to search for anything. So when I was going to bed I fully accepted that if I want something to happen it will happen because I said so. Okay so as I was falling asleep I felt my brain start drifting away from the numbers to random scenes, I realized these scenes were the opposite of thing I desired in my life, such as being rejected/broken up with, finding myself gaining weight, going back into depression and anxiety. When I realized those were not what I want in life I told myself in each scene “this is actually so funny my life is not like this at all if I want somebody they want me, I have my dream body so this can’t even be real, and my life is wonderful enough were my mind will never fall back, I’m healed.” NOT EVEN A SECOND AFTER EVRYTHING WENT BLANK. It felt like I fell into the black whole of my eyes I couldn’t hear anything feel anything or see anything, just pure darkness. It wasn’t scary at all it felt like my whole body went numb I could still move if I wanted to I could tell I was awake but asleep. That when I started affirming using first blanket affirmation and then going into specific ones. Then I ended my own void by slowly moving myself in the 3d to wake up.
I want to tell yall I didn’t immediately wake up and check for results why? Because I already have it if I accept that I have it then I have it, my 3d isn’t proof, the “proof” is in my mind, it doesn’t matter what my 3d is showing because it doesn’t mean anything. Searching for “results” is still a lacking mindset and means you haven’t accepted your 4d/imagination/desires yet. Which is why you keep searching. Accept the desires you want live life don’t look for them, don’t try to feel them, see them or search for them. If you already desire it, and accept you have it you don’t have to stress to find it because it’s already yours.
Okay that’s all love you guys 𓆩♡𓆪
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Every day assume that your dreams are your reality. Feel it. Act like your greatest self. Behave like your greatest self.
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You don’t need to be everything to everybody. Just stay true to yourself.
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Virgos (Sun and Rising) often end up with very artistic and creative partners.
Since your 7th house falls in Pisces, you are attracted to and attract partners that can enjoy and are involved in arts or any other activities that require them to come up with original ideas.
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Ways to use Essential Oils:
Sleep -> a few drops of lavender on a tissue to help you relax and fall asleep
Perfume -> dilute with a carrier oil (coconut, caster) and place on skin
Headaches -> peppermint oil is known to ease headaches
Clothing -> add a few drops to laundry for slightly scented clothing
Hair -> rosemary oil shown to improve dandruff and promote hair growth
Nausea -> the scent of lemon / orange oil is known to help with stomach upset
Reducing anxiety -> lavender, jasmine, basil, chamomile, rose (carry scented item or dilute onto skin)
Colds -> eucalyptus oil for congestion
Air freshener -> mix with water in a spray bottle (lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass all work well)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
* look for 100% on the bottle so you know it’s not mixed with harmful chemicals.
* always dilute when placing on skin, should not be ingested without knowledge and caution, and can occasionally cause negative affects in some people.
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