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caught in your aura -::- @earthtowildrose
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Wonder what your coworkers think of you? This is the PICK-A-PILE for you! Lesssssssss'go.
Pile 1 -
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Pile 2 -
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Pile 3 -
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Pile 1 - The Keystone 馃攼
Overall Tarot Card: The Hanged Man
The Right Hand Man, or should I say, The Right Hanged Man 馃槈馃か馃槀
Tumblr media
-employee of the year vibes
-great multi-tasker
You are the coworker that everyone can count on to cover their shifts in case an emergency occurs for them. You may juggle lots of things and have a lot going on in life but you do it with ease and elegance. Your coworkers see you in a really good light but it's a little unrealistic. Very idealistic view of who you are. It's giving me Super Woman vibes. Your coworkers see you as someone who does very well under pressure. Someone who can handle a large work load all on your own with or without the help of others. Some may think you have the perfect life with absolutely no problems because everything seems to be so effortless and easy for you. Your coworkers see you as very flexible and adaptable. You barely ask for help but are always willing to help when asked. Your coworkers may have a tendency to take advantage of this willing spirit and flexibility of yours but you are like an endless well of love that never stops giving. A lot of your coworkers see you as a relief from the stresses of the workload. If they are working with you that day, they know it's going to be an easier shift to get through. When you are not around, the shift drags on for what seems like forever. Your coworkers really enjoy your presence and for a second you make them forget about their worries. Some of your coworkers are a little jealous at your flexible and free life style but worry not, my dear. Their opinion ain't got shit to do with you lmao. Your presence makes the entire work environment more enjoyable. You sacrifice a lot for your job, for your company and for your position. A lot of your coworkers feel you take your job a little too seriously but they are also the same coworkers who crave the respect that you have because of your serious nature. You are able to solve any problem in the job field under any pressure. No pressure is too heavy for you, at least that's what it looks like on the outside. You have the potential to climb very high in any company that you are apart of.
Channelled Song: That's My Girl by Fifth Harmony
Pile 2 - Incognito 馃ジ
The Overall Tarot Card: Rev. Tower
The Mysterious One 馃槒
Tumblr media
-level headed
-very quiet and reserved
-hot tempered at times
You could be working in an environment where you constantly have to prove yourself. Maybe the company you work for is lucrative or the field is competitive. But I'm seeing a lot of effort going towards proving your self worth. This could have led to arguments or disagreements other coworkers had with you and vice versa. However, they have seen you transform and tame yourself in a very short amount of time. You have become very mysterious and your coworkers are so eager to know what goes on in your life. You seem more stable and more financially secure. Your coworkers can be investigating you on the low. Searching your name in all social media and Google search boxes trying to find anything about you. They may mention your name in conversations with people outside of the job environment. You are very mysterious and hidden. Your coworkers don't really know what to think about you, to be honest. You may be misjudged and misunderstood by your coworkers quite often. But overtime as your true colors are revealed, they start to understand why you stopped fucking with dey fake asses. Cuz, hello? Who did they think they were playing with? Fucking Big Bird? be fucking for real right now馃槕. Anywho, your coworkers also feel like you have strong boundaries. You like to keep your home life at home. At work, you keep everything strictly business. People respect and admire that about you and wish they could have that characteristic within themselves. You are viewed as setting a standard. As much as people want to respect your privacy, they cannot help but feel the urge to know more about you. The gist of this all, is that your coworkers highly admire you but may overstep their bounds with you if you don't remain true to your boundaries.
Your coworkers are highly entranced and entertained by you. You may be an individual who transforms and changes many times in the shortest amount of time. There's always something brand new with you. Most of your coworkers live a very mundane lifestyle so a lot of them love to live vicariously through you. You are a dream. A fairytale. A fantasy. Can't really get a good grasp over who you are. You're so real it seems unreal.
Channelled Song: Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre
Pile 3 - The Class Clown 馃ぁ
You are the Comedic Relief 馃ぃ馃ぁ
Tumblr media
-funny AF. Like I'm just barely channelling this energy and y'all already got a bitch cracking tf up! I'm so dead and I don't even know why, dafuqqqq? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
-light hearted energy
-your life's battle scars shine brightly through you
-hope and life
You are the coworker that has probably gained a reputation of being a little bit lazy but a really good time 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ I'm hearing, "this guy does the bare minimum but boy is he hilarious!". Your personality definitely makes up for your lack of work ethic, and I hope you don't take that personally 馃ぃ馃ぃ However, you are so relatable and personable. You can get along with anybody ranging from the newbies to the higher-ups. You are a shape shifter as its finest. It is your witty sense of humor that brings all walks of life, together. People don't care about your work ethic after a while because your presence alone elevates them as an individual. They love having you around. In fact, your coworkers would pick up any type of slack just to have you at work. Your coworkers want to serve you and help you succeed at this job. Your sense of humor really heals a lot of your coworkers, I don't think you fully realize it. You help people take a step away from their emotions and laugh at the situation instead of mopping over it. Your sense of humor helps the higher ups zoom out a little and release a bit of control when necessary. Your sense of humor pushes the newbies to laugh at their outrageous mistakes to push them to be a better worker moving forward. You make the work force a place that makes your coworkers happy to be at. Before you arrived, your coworkers felt like they were sleepwalking through time. When you popped up, you added color, a pep to everyone's step and you woke everybody up through laughter.
Dammmnnnn, y'all are mf GEMS! Y'all might be very attractive but super humble. Your coworkers see you as someone who isn't power hungry. They view you as being someone who is content with the position they currently hold and don't care to be a leader lol with less responsibility, means more time to tell jokes 馃槀 people may not take you seriously....like ever but it's fine because 99.99% of the time you're not being serious 馃ぃ I love this vibe. I love this energy! Stay blessed 馃槝
Channelled Song: Shining Star by The Manhattans
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Everything is really connected
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ivemanifest 3 months
Manifestation Tip Of The Day: Remember that change is part of the manifestation process. Many things will undergo change to bring you your desires and you MUST be willing to allow these changes if you truly desire your manifestations.
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The high priestess and the Torah
Tumblr media
I wanted to do a post on the high priestess and the Torah because a few months ago I've decided to convert to Judaism and naturally, ive been interested in the symbolic connection between tarot and Judaism. Specifically the high priestess and why she's holding the Torah scroll in her lap. I am not at all an authority on Jewish topics or culture. I just found this connection important and intresting.
Tumblr media
The (very breif) history of the Torah
The word Torah means law, guidance, or direction. Its made up of the 5 books of moses: genesis, exodus, levitucus, numbers and deuteronmy, and the writings of the prophets that follow are in the hebrew bible. To talk about the Torah you also have to talk about the oral Torah. It is believed that the Torah was orginally an oral tradition revealed to Moses at mount siniai, but it became urgent to commit this to writing when the second temple fell in Jerusalem as it was feared that the oral Torah wouldn't survive history.
This doesnt mean the oral Torah isnt important anymore. In fact, the oral Torah accompanies the written Torah as the Talmud, (this deserves more explaintion i dont have time to write) but its the refrence to the work of the rabbincal period that intends to expand upon and offer further intpretation to the written Torah. The talmud is very important in interpreting the Torah as it can be confusing, arcane and even contradicting at times. Its essentially offering what meaning that might have been lost in the written torah. It helps with interpretation of the written Torah and serves as a guide to daily Jewish life. In other words, if you don't understand something in the Torah, the Talmud may explain the oral tradition of said text (accompanied with Rabbis debating the explantion and offering further viewpoints) This breakdown does not mention the fact that there is more than one Talmud or even how the Talmud was constructed-this post is not meant to go into that. Just know that it is apart of important rabbinical literature that accompanies the Torah.
The Torah is also written mostly in Hebrew which is traditionally seen as having a mystical orgin. To approach study of the Torah you simply would not be doing yourself a favor by ignoring the language it was written in, as hebrew names and words have a beautiful depth to them. A single passage in hebrew could be studied for days or weeks even.
Tumblr media
It's connection to the high priestess
People unfamiliar with Torah and hebrew will find the depth of meaning in Torah inaccessible. Which finally brings me to the high priestess. The high priestess isn't just about intuition but the mystical. That's why she's associated with hidden knowledge. Because to most people, the knowledge and depth of meaning in the Torah is hidden to them as they don't understand hebrew nor do they know how to approach Torah study. They may try to approach it like they would the Bible or other pieces of work familiar to them. They may read it without the guidance of a Rabbi, or the help of the Talmud.
Additonally, in the talmud it is debated if non Jews should even read or study the Torah. Some believed that the Torah makes no distinction between Jewish people or non Jewish people studying the Torah therefore anyone can and should read it. Others disagreed, believing that the Torah is the inheritance of the Jewish people and non Jews shouldn't appropriate it. If they wanted to study it they had to convert. (This belief is the motivating factor in me converting as I tend to agree. Others may not and that's ok! Judasim is not a monolith and disagreement occurs alot.) Overall the Talmud reconciles these two beliefs by saying that non Jews can study the basic moral code but the rest of the Torah is reserved for the Jews.
I say ALL that to say this- it makes alot of since that the high priestess would have the Torah. She represents that not all spiritual knowledge is accessible without initiation. In readings she says that sometimes intution feels hard to connect with when we haven't fully awakened to it. She even says that it's hard to understand something if we haven't done the work to study it. Some knowledge must be gatekept in order to preserve it. not just anyone should have access to it. Intution is sacred.
That's why the high priestess has a bit of tension with the hierophant. The hierophant is a teacher and an advocate for community. He attempts to bring people together to teach and guide them. He transcends boundaries and doesn't require a person earn or initiate themselves into the community. His goal is to teach and lead.
The high priestess isn't against the communal consumption of knowledge. But she does believe that some knowledge is sacred, its not for everyone to consume without the pre-requiste understanding of what to do with that knowledge. Going back to what I said earlier about whether or not non Jews are allowed to study Torah, it is believed by some that the Torah is the covenant between the Jews and God. And for a non Jew to ignore that covenant is to breach the intimacy between God and the Jews.
The high priestess regonizes the covenant between yourself and your own personal revelation of knowledge. Its not for everyone to know. It's not for everyone to understand. Her guidance may be a call to stop trying to get others to understand the truths you know internally, it's not meant to be broadcasted to people who dont even know what to do with your knowledge. Knowledge and intution has integrity, so respect it by keeping it private.
Hopefully I've outlined why the ambiguity and acraness of the Torah perfectly accompanies the high priestess, it's mysterious and to some people, a sacred inheritance. This symbolism represents that some knowledge and intuitive revelation should be gatekept. Initiation is necessary for full access to certain knowledge and even suggests that trying to access traditions and knowledge of other cultures or beliefs is appropriative and inappropriate. (This extends beyond Judasim.)
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In the garden: Azaka Mede, Kouzen Zaka, Oko
Agriculture is the source of our food supply.
Arguably the most crucial aspect of agriculture is that it's the source of the world's food supply.
No matter where or what you are eating, the ingredients in your meals come from somewhere. All roads lead to agriculture.
Tumblr media
Good farmers produce an abundance of healthy food and many other valuable goods.
Farmers take care of the soil, conserve water resources and wildlife, and they're the caretakers of mother nature.
Farmers play a significant role in community life.
Minis Azaka (Minister of Agriculture) is a praise name and aspect of the Lwa (Vodou spirit/energy) Azaka Mede, an agricultural spirit known for his folk wisdom and "country" dialect.
Very popular throughout Haiti, Kouzen Zaka, or Azaka, is the lwa of harvest and agriculture.
He is responsible for protecting the fields and the work there and promoting harvests and livestock.
He is a very good-natured man in the mountains, gentle and respected by all for being a hard worker; he enjoys the most simple things in life.
Kouzen Zaka is a master in treating diseases with leaves and herbs and is known for keeping his most essential herbs in his djakout (straw bag).
In some ways, he is also the living memory of Haiti; he carries the weight and knowledge of subsistence farming and how to survive with very little.
He is the reminder of where many Haitians come from and what Haiti used to be: a more rural island where farming and agriculture ruled over most other businesses.
He is often referred to as a lwa travay/work lwa for his unwavering work ethic.
Kouzen knows what it is to be hungry and to suffer, so he works all the time to make sure he never has to suffer again and that his family and those that he loves don鈥檛 suffer either.
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2/22/22 but make it ON A TUESDAY
聽 If this doesn鈥檛 excite you I don鈥檛 know what else would. This day means big transformations are underway, not to mention Pluto is in its first return in a very long time. Many people speculate that Pluto represents transformations and change. It will be at the EXACT placement it was at the VERY FIRST START of the US. This means it鈥檚 finally our time you guys, for all of us spiritual folks. The ones who are able to see what鈥檚 truly going on. Please, tomorrow while you鈥檙e manifesting... Don鈥檛 forget to add something for all of mankind, if you鈥檇 like some examples here you go:聽
1) Manifest that all lies and secrets of the world will soon come to light聽
2)聽 Manifest all facts, history, and information that has been stripped from all of mankind shall be returned聽
3) Manifest that all spiritual souls out there are able to not only keep strong, but are able to keep the light by their sides in such a dark time. Manifest that everyone with pure hearts will ascend into the new world.聽
聽 The elite do not want the general population to know about just how important days like this聽鈥渢wos day鈥 can be. It has the potential for great change and a major shift. I make these posts in hopes that I鈥檓 either able to reach at least ONE unenlightened soul, or for those that already know what鈥檚 going on, to be that source of validation. I know how it feels... I find myself constantly questioning myself and my sanity these days. Maybe I am a little crazy but hey .. What great philosopher from years ago do we know of that wasn't a bit off?聽
聽 In my next post I'll be talking a bit about the works of Dolores Cannon a past life regression hypnotherapist who I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across on this spiritual journey of mine. Everything she says is so validating to me.聽
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re: manifestation
if you love something, let it go. if it comes back to you, it was meant to be.
that is almost exactly how manifestation works. if you want something, declare it yours and let it go. the universe will literally take care of the rest.
i have found that letting go is the hardest part of the process. letting go requires you to forget about the thing you desire, and when you want something, moving on as if you don't want it sounds counterproductive.
But it works. the universe sees that you want it, and when you forget about it and live as usual, you are moving from a place of peace, instead of the lack mindset of wanting.
So, the next time you think about manifesting, or your skeptical as to whether or not it works, try this.
affirm that you have the thing you desire i.e., thank you for *thing I want*, I am so grateful for *thing I want*
Forget about that thing. Live your usual life and try to be extra grateful for your breaths.
Go with the flow. If something inside you is saying something, listen.
If you continue with your affirmations and gratefulness, the universe will deliver. They got you.
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A short clipping on why my head lives in the clouds.
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To Truly INNERSTAND yourself you must let yourself fail and see where you failed, change is key to finding who you WANT to be. So keep going. This will be to everyone who wants to change but doesn鈥檛 know where to start, start with self love.
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inner transmissions -::- @livebythemoonseclipse
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Why we need to repeat our affirmations ?and do we need to believe them?
From a scientific perspective!!! 馃挋We have many neural pathways in our brains, which are the reason for deep rooted beliefs + constant thoughts. They're basically your thoughts. This is why you may automatically think negatively when thinking about your SP or SC, it's how your brain is wired. BUT it doesn't mean it's permanent.
馃挋There is a concept called Neuroplasticity, in which you can literally physically change the neural pathways in your brain, like destroy old ones + create new ones, JUST with consistent new thoughts. This proves that you don't need to believe your affirmation. That means every time you constantly think the same thought, let's say "I'm a master manifestor," you will eventually create a new neural pathway for that thought + destroying the old neural pathways of "I can't manifest" leading you to AUTOMATICALLY think "I'm a master manifestor" whenever you think about your SC.
馃挋once this becomes a regular thought, it's an assumption/belief, which will manifest. You can literally destroy old thoughts and make new assumptions just with repetition. 馃挋This is literally what it means to reprogram/rewire your mind. 馃挋In short-listen to Sammy when she says to say your affirmations even if you don't belive them! The repetition WILL work, it's scientific. cr to @spiritualtea on IG
love, jade
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f o c u s - 2021
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ivemanifest 10 months
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Picture on the left - 18 years old 130 pounds
Picture on the right - 22 years old 160 pounds
Making this post because I need to say it. I used to be so happy with my body when I was 18. And Over the years since then, I鈥檝e gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again and remained the same weight. It鈥檚 so fucking important to acknowledge that as developing women, we are bound to change. Bigger breast, thicker thighs, bigger arms and all in between. I鈥檝e finally realized that this is something that is meant to be. I used to think that being 130 pounds was the perfect weight only to realize that this wasn鈥檛 going to be me forever. Because as a WOMAN I am developing and growing internally & physically. I give so MUCH love to woman who remain the same weight, who have gained weight or lost weight as they continue to grow. But the importance of this shift is that we continue to acknowledge we are GROWING. We are MEANT to change, expand and ascend into all different aspects of ourselves. This is a new chapter of our lives stepping into womanhood so we must TREAT this divine GODDESS within with respect, adoration and blessings. We are mother Gaia becoming GODDESS and truly stepping into our Queen like chapters. It doesn鈥檛 matter if you are male or female or whatever you identify as. Accept your inner divine feminine, accept your inner divine masculine and enjoy the journey that is unfolding before you. These moments in THIS body is the only one we will remember until we transform into something different. Give your body blessings, love, respect and comfort. Enjoy each progression and see it with love for the next ones. Become the most loving part of yourself by loving the body parts of yourself. You can make this into anything. Do what makes your BODY truly feel good with respect, responsibility & awareness of the consequences and learn to Learn from your experiences. It鈥檚 now the time to ascend 鉁
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Living without fear is the way I want to live. #spirtualawakening #spiritualjourney (at Stacy Schuerman Spiritualist Teacher, Minister, and Medium) https://www.instagram.com/p/CpSkmWxuBcc/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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