mag200 · 22 hours
supernatural had NOOOO business saying shit like “freedom is a length of rope. god wants you to hang yourself with it.” where the FUCK do they get off saying something that good? on cw show supernatural????
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autisticandroids · 2 days
cannot stress enough how much what happens with dean in the magnificent seven is. okay. beginning of episode. he is having sex with some chick. the implication is he's been fucking his way across america. then he flirts with a girl in a store while they're trying to investigate and sam bitches him out for not working. dean then immediately reveals that while he was flirting he was actually casing the place. then a few minutes later, dean is aggressively hitting on someone on the phone, but it turns out that actually he was just trying to get info for the case. then. at the end of the episode. lust. of seven deadly sims fame. lust walks up to him and touches him. every single other person who has been touched by a deadly sin has promptly engaged in the sin uncontrollably until they destroyed themselves. and we think that's what happens with dean. he starts kissing her, just like he's under a spell. but it's a ruse! the next moment he grabs her and starts drowning her in holy water. and then, crucially - this is never talked about. never discussed. never pointed out by any of the characters. the narrative just goes about its business, leaving that entirely on the table. and dean goes right back to fucking his way across america.
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dunsbar · 3 days
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unhinged-jackles · 2 days
thinking about insane canon shit that happened in supernatural and the number 1 “jesus fucking christ I can’t believe they did that” moment for me was them creating the fictional non biblical character colette, the love of cain’s life, so cas can be paralleled to her in dean’s trajectory with the mark
like cas is not dean’s colette, cas IS colette because colette doesn’t exist!!! at all!!! they made her up!!!
they chose not to add in a best friend for cain, instead the writers wrote in a lover they wrote in a lover who only ever asked cain to stop and then we get dean beating cas bloody and cas only ever asks dean to please just stop
I will never ever in a million years get over this
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thefriendlypigeon · 7 hours
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Amidst the fluttering of wings, A broken angel sits and sings, Of freedom lost and skies above, Of soaring high and unbound love.
His wings now gone, turned to ash, No longer can he soar and dash, With pigeon friends and rooftop sky, Castiel relearns to live and fly.
(I hope you like this artwork with the little poem ❤)
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spn-lesbian · 2 days
Sam: I read somewhere that 1 in 4 people are gay. That means at least one of team free will 2.0 is probably gay
Dean: I hope it's Cas, he's hot
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420technoblazeit · 3 days
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season 12 is SO bad but at the very least it's entertaining because the team dynamic has literally just turned into this
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Destiel & Kanej parallels - part 3
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lesbiandeancas · 2 days
horniest destiel moment finals
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heller-castiel · 2 days
cas: dean doesn't love me
dean: hey im going out for food please come with me. Heres a picture of a flower i took. I made food for you to try and i want you to have the music i love. i need to show you these movies i love i need to share things i love with you and i want to help you please ask me for help please dont try to take it all on your own. i got this mug it reminded me of you i'll keep it in my home for you whenever you want it.
cas: he just sees me as a friend :(
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artofarkham · 2 days
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Dean Winchester ✨
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impaledbeetle · 2 days
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Do I look like I'm joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?
Dean Winchester being PrettyBoy™️ | 01.04 "Phantom Traveler"
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valeron99 · 2 days
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unhinged-jackles · 2 days
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ScoobyNatural Yellow Draft
In other insane things that happened on Supernatural, someone somewhere along the line decided to change the name of the “twins” Dean seemingly had intimate relations with from Carlyle to Cartwright
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and Cartwright Twins is the name of a baseball team based in Canada
Like we can’t make this stuff up there was a conscious decision to change the name bro
jacting joices are also wild in the second gif
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sunglassesmish · 3 days
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