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sketchy-rosewitch · 1 year
Tumblr media
I’m about to throw a fit about this shit.
I’m so sick of everyone thinking Vincent is innocent or what have you. He isn’t, as far as we know he was never manipulated by Bo. I don’t care, headcanon that shit if you want but this was from an article which is what’s frustrating.
Vincent didn’t kill because Bo told him to, he killed people for Trudy’s legacy and for the wax museum. To make art.
Literally everyone takes that damn scene of Bo yelling at Vincent WITH AN ARROW IN HIS CHEST to heart, that he’s manipulative and abusive, yes calling Vincent a freak was low as hell but if my sister didn’t back the hell off of me when I’m in pain I have a feeling I’d be calling her shit she didn’t want to hear too. Then I would feel bad and apologize cause that’s what we do. She’d do the same shit to me we like our space.
Anyway the whole point of the twins arc is that people aren’t always what they seem. Sure there’s a “good and evil twin” in theory but the truth is both can be good or both can be evil. They don’t have to fit into that stereotype of one acts better than the other.
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deadsprout · 4 months
"why is gen z waiting so long to have sex?!"
idk its like there has been a 25 year long disinformation campaign around healthy sexuality that focusses almost exclusively on demonizing sex from a young age all the way to young adulthood that created a deep well of shame and insecurity and a total lack of basic information about their own bodies and natural urges? like what was the point of abstinence only education if you're going to act shocked that it worked
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dourpeep · 1 year
C keeps saying "Alhaitham is just dendro Keqing" which, from what is known, isn't wrong but goodness is it annoying for any time that he's mentioned for them to say that over and over OTL
anyway, like I told C, pls give characters a chance to actually be released on Genshin before judging them
but also also, I'll say this here as well, but...they're bound to have characters who are "just (insert character)" considering the amount of characters and the potentials for kits--and not just for "5*ing 4*s"
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yourlocalgrass · 3 months
I’m bored and thought of another scenario to put in tension and angst for obey me characters to go through. I like this one by the way.
Sorcerers’ society find out the causes of earthquakes happening faster than usual was MC due to their magic potential (MC being the cause of all the natural ‘phenomenon’ in S2) and now want to investigate MC and call them in.
Drama has already started baby.
Solomon who’s against this but goes with MC to make sure they’re ok because it’s not a good idea to ignore a seemingly threat invitation I mean.
It’s explained the Ring of light was used to console MC’s magic and everything is fine now but they’re doubting it and want to investigate the Ring of light for themselves, if it’s actually successfuly tamed their magic or just a temporary device to tone it down- simply meaning if MC’s overflow of magic would still be leaking and not fully restrained.
[Also add overprotective Solomon drama who’s against this because that’s hot and more dramatic]
It’s found out the ring of light isn’t powerful enough to completely prevent MC’s magic from overflowing and now…
The sorcerers’ society have deemed MC a threat. A large threat to the human world.
Who would be better off dead. No. SHOULD be dead.
「If only the story actually did have good drama like this~
Anyways I’m just describing the scenario since I can’t write at all lol if I had enough confidence I probs would haha」
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gonchillunchis · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
enterprise doodles yes i love eating from the supermarket's trash containers no i won't stop
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Muggleborn video game modders making hogwarts packs with inside jokes for each other to enjoy.
Cooking Mama but it’s Severus Snape and he teaches you how to “brew fame, put a stopper to death, bottle luck” and even more nonsensical claims. He doesn’t give outright praise but you’ll see “adequate” or “acceptable” and his face will be less pinched.
Pokémon but it’s Hagrid and he RAMBLES. There’s a second pack that emphasizes his accent.
Minecraft with magic creature mobs and enderman is Quirrel.
Slenderman but it’s Voldemort and you’re in the Forbidden Forest and the rest of the Hogwarts grounds. There is also a pack with McGonagall as slenderman which is somehow infinitely more scary because they spent so much time and effort into her expressions.
FNAF but it’s the prefects/professors and Filch. They randomly change who you get each night.
There’s a Stardew Valley mod pack with all the professors and a secret second pack where they’re all Severus except one of them is actually Snape and the rest are polyjuiced as Snape. You can’t romance anybody unless you expose the fakes.
Plants vs. Zombies but it’s Sprouts greenhouses and the zombies are NEWTS students.
The SIMS packs are the craziest though. No one talks about the SIMS packs, but if you want access, just ask around and someone will get you a link.
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bread-tab · 1 year
"stop making [media] your whole personality"
ah... okay. yes. so.
first off:
there's this neurodivergent thing, where you use an interest as a filter for processing the world.
for some people that is called a "special interest," for others with different needs it is more of a "hyperfixation;" there are far more variations than i (or the field of psychology) know how to describe now. if you want to understand the difference there are people who can explain those variations better than me. but i can tell you what it feels like.
you discover something.
it doesn't matter what it is; you find something that speaks to you, something you can connect to, and it becomes a bubble of safe habitat from which you can rest from and explore and connect to all the other parts of this strange chaotic world.
a source of joy. a source of illumination.
it's like you're a person who has lived all their life in dark caves and you find something that glows.
these interests can be anything.
(literally anything; i personally derive meanings that you could never imagine from ✨ drainage ditches. ✨)
but very often, they are stories. tv shows, books, movies, comics, songs, podcasts, minecraft improv streams, cartoons, web serials, whatever
these things are:
tangible. you can hold them in your hands, replay them, turn on the subtitles, take screenshots, read the sheet music
and yet
real. they form a genuine connection from your (isolated, untranslatable) internal world to other (formerly unknowable) people and the rest of the universe
they create meaningfulness
and they exist because humans find these incredibly effective soul-deep ways of communicating to one another.
now, appreciating stories, that's not a neurodivergent thing. that's a human thing.
the point of relevance here is that experiencing an extreme love for stories is a neurodivergent thing.
it's a very common neurodivergent trait which often gets mocked, portrayed as childish, and used as a pretext for infantilization and bullying.
(and it is also a trait of young people in general, to take stories very seriously in a way that looks silly to adults, and that is something that many people (regardless of age) try to bully out of each other.
what good is that doing anyone?)
"stop making [x] your whole personality"
listen, you. get down off that goddamn embankment and climb down into this ditch with me. dip your toes in this oily water. watch the stars and city lights ripple into constellations you've never seen
now look me in the eye
you need to understand that no matter what lowbrow, cringey, problematic or otherwise not-to-your-tastes drivel you might be complaining about today,
you are talking about the phenomenon of creativity
you are talking about a transcendent catalyst of human emotion
and yes that includes the overmilked disney franchises, it includes the formulaic shippy fanfictions, it includes whatever brightly-colored cartoon this website is obsessed with this year (and will be having incredibly dramatic meltdowns over next year), it includes the cheesy action movies and the fanservicey anime and the badly-designed video games and the milquetoast tiktok "literature", it includes the indistinguishable scribbles of some random five-year-old and/or famous fine artist and/or precocious elephant
i get it. you care about real life and touching grass and shit. you have taste. just take the stilts off your horse for a second, okay?
i know you're probably sick of "let people like things" discourse
i would just like for you to stop for a second and take a deep breath, and let the stench of whatever is in this mud puddle wash over you (yeah i know, ew, but you'll be fine) and consider
what is so bad about having a cringey personality, anyway?
and maybe you will think better of making "stop making [some silly moment in the universe] your personality" into your personality and maybe you will come off as a little bit less of a snob/ableist/ass and maybe you will have a slightly better outlook on life among humans.
that's all. yeah you can get out of the gutter now. thank you for coming to my ted talk—
ooh wait, look, a bottle cap
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scary-lasagna · 5 months
Question: do you prefer Fandom slenderman where he cares for everybody as a family or canon slenderman where he doesn't care about anyone not even the proxies? Also do you write for canon slenderman because I have a request I'll send in if you write for canon slender but I wanna see what you say for. Thank you have a good day ❤️✨️
Just and FYI to everyone in the fandom since the topic was brought up: Creepypasta doesn’t really have a solid “canon”. I see this around a lot and just wanted to mentioned that everything in the Creep fandom is just ideas welded together with the foundation of not very well written scary stories. Some of people people can like, or not like, and decide to implement what and change other things. I’ve seen some debate about what’s true canon. (Mostly with Ben being a child, Jeff always wearing a white hoodie, or even Slender eating children vs consuming souls.) But the reality is (coming from someone who’s been in the creep fandom since 2013), there is no true canon. Go crazy. Make Jeff trans, make EJ a cat-boy, give Offender a better name since his brothers deserve a fourth, make Zalgo a big softie instead of the usual hardass!
(Also, my dear anon, this isn’t directed toward you. The word canon reminded me of this topic, and I’ve been wanting to mention it to my blog. Although I usually see it on tiktok, I sometimes come across it on Tumblr as well.)
howEevveeerrr, back to responding to the ask, I do love writing for characters what an opposing personality from their usual self! :] I had an idea a while ago about what if Slender was pushed too hard and turned cruel and strict in order to keep everyone alive.
But yes I would definitely write for Slender who was cruel and didn’t care about anyone but himself. The proxies may attempt a bit of mutiny.
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antidotesprout · 2 months
Okay after this batch I may not do hand drawn sketch thank you cards, I may just sketch a few things and send out copies with just handwritten thank yous
This I'm trying to get through them and I'd like to put as much effort into each one but 😩
Tis I boo boo the fool
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blackbirdffxiv · 4 months
Tumblr media
Look imma rant a second: this is why I hate queueing up with random people (but I also don't like using NPCs as a DPS because it sucks).
For further context, MY NAME is blocked out in the blue block, but I blurred everyone elses, while leaving the numbers showing to indicate who is speaking. Other DPS is marked with the (4), the healer a (3)
I just ran a quick dungeon so I could get arcanist to 30 so I could finally just unlock SCH and make my leveling journey on my alt easier. I had a queue for Thousand Maws.
We got a newbie tank, never tanked before, an astro, and a dragoon. Tank was not even level 30 yet, dragoon was dragooning, and the astro from another DC. Tank and dragoon? Wonderful, did their job; run was a bit slow but I was expecting it the second they said "hey there new to tanking".
I was fully prepared to be a minute or two longer.
The astro though? Kept running ahead, and not even pulling mobs, were just STANDING THERE. Not DPSing, not healing, legit just running ahead to stand there, as if they were waiting for the rest of us to hurry up and get to them.
And then when called out on their laziness, whined about me "pointlessly healing for them" when they weren't even healing to begin with.
If you queue as a healer? Then heal. Do your job. If you want fast dungeon runs? Queue with friends next time.
Don't make your impatience everyone else's problem.
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citrusdevilll · 6 months
just mentioned to my dad that im gonna talk to my doctor about me having EDS, quickly explained what it was, and then he immediately said that my issues aren’t severe enough for me to have it :/ i wanna cry.
i know its not normal for my joints to be aching all the time, i dislocate and subluxate things all the time, over-extend my arms, am constantly sore, and i keep it all in bc they would just call me a crybaby (my sister), but that doesn’t mean i dont suffer!
not to mention my undiagnosed adhd and autism, that i have not mentioned to them bc im highly masking and have lower support needs, but that doesn’t mean i dont struggle!
my issues are still here, i still exist!
i just dont know what to do, i wanna ask for mobility aids, just some crutches, but i know they will think im just being dramatic.
this is awful.
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sketchy-rosewitch · 1 year
Bo Sinclair and Rusty Nail with a Nymphomaniac
I’m so feral for Bo Sinclair and Rusty Nail, y’all don’t get it!
The thought of a calm reader Bo just decides to keep her but the second he does she’s fucking crazy for him and is always at his side and is just so clingy. Bo could so easily kill her but he just can’t bring himself to do it.
The sex too like reader can go way too many rounds but Bo, Bo’s only going 2-3 and he’s clocking out. He isn’t cumming one of those rounds cause he’s eating you out. Like this man got so lucky cause you willingly stay with him and you love sex and it’s good for getting his stress out but goddamn can you please go run some laps and get that energy out. Eventually he gets you some sex toys, you specifically ask for a dildo that is his dick and constantly use it. He also likes when you hump him. Calls you a bitch in heat all the time which makes you whine like one.
Every once in awhile you need a break for like a week and Bo’s sigh of relief is just. So loud. But he still has to cuddle you and all of that shit.
Rusty is in the same boat as Bo. You were so calm and polite when you first met him then he found out you’re a Nympho. He can’t kill you, this is the first time he sees someone and he just knows he’s formed some attachment. You’re still so polite, just more crazy with him.
This man can only go so many rounds too but he can eat pussy for as long as you need it. He loves your noises and all that. He’ll make you cum around him a few times before he even cums once. Which is like really good control Jesus fuck Rusty.
Yet you always beat him out. So he either has you ride his thigh or shoves a vibrator in you and let’s you go at it by yourself until you pass out.
Yes you do also need a break sometimes but it’s not like a week thing it’s more of just random intervals of not wanting sex. These days Rusty just sits you on his lap and you cuddle into his neck.
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mayabunny23 · 8 months
Late night rambling time.
A lot of my experiences of being like a shipper of WXWood has just been people being a little nasty towards it.
Like obviously WX-78 wouldn't feel romantic feelings towards Wormwood!! or some shit.
Like okay? Leave me alone, it is a harmless ship between two characters that I found silly and fun.
The characterization isn't right but it's close?
Idk it was mostly on Klei's official server and OrangE's server (If he still has that server and hadn't nuked it.)
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fiddleleafedfig · 3 months
Tumblr media
It’s like a knife to the guts
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sleepdeprivedsprout · 12 days
I have a buncha crap
Follow me I guess?
I’m bisexual, demiromantic, and greysexual
I wanna learn to play DND but I’m a dumbass so some help would be greatly appreciated
enjoy my cringe
characters I rp as/want to rp with
HuskerDust Height Theory
Comment, Keep It
What Species Is The Hazbin Cast Supposed To Be? (1/9 done)
Helluva Hotel: Can I rewrite them?
Support my Friend?
Other Accounts/My Muses
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cve-th3mvsic · 2 months
dang i want a cool friendship like fog and porto have, calling and playing games with each other
i want someone to call with and play games with .. that’s so freaking fun
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