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Dc au Elise cuz I haven’t drawn her in a while
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Artemis I liftoff
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baby 🥹
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for @f1blrcreatorsfest week 1: albums
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2021 - 2023
My style has changed a LOT lol
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Is it that easy ? Ok here I Go.. "Baggage Claim", then I give you my destination. BEG. Yes, that was it!
You and your buddies are on vacation in Croatia. And there you thought a suitcase from Belgrade could be useful. Of course, Serbs and Croats have not always been the best of friends. But let's see what develops. At least it's a huge sports bag that you got there. There should be enough stuff in it for the three of you. Even if most things are rather too big for you.
Tumblr media
The sun is setting, the beach day is over. Your buddies help themselves to their clothes. You try out something from the bag from Belgrade. Yes, the T-shirt is too big. But somehow it feels good. It gives you strength and self-confidence. And even if you were always the smallest of the three of you, tonight you are somehow the leader of your little group. Although you just arrived this morning, you somehow know your way around the place. You feel a bit at home. And you speak a few words of the strange language.
The next morning, you grab a pair of shorts and running shoes from the gym bag. It's only 5:30 in the morning, but a run on the beach at sunrise is great and part of the vacation for you. When you arrive sweaty in your hotel room, your mates are still snoring. Let them, it's vacation after all. You pack your things for the beach and start the beach day in the outdoor gym with a few pull-ups.
Your lads spend most of the day on their beach loungers. You have to work off your excess energy. While you're at it, you make friends with some of the other lads on the workout machines. There are also a couple of Serbians, so communication is easier with them. But your Croatian is also getting better and better. The only thing that annoys you are your curls, which are always wet with sweat. You ask a local to give you a tip on where you can get a proper haircut. You plunge into the nightlife with your pals with very short hair.
After your lads have slept away the next day on the beach, you urge them to join you for a training session before dinner. You throw them something from the sports bag to wear. And you urge them to work out on the machines. You can afford it, God knows you've worked out enough today. After you have completed your program, it's straight to dinner. Unshowered. And not back to your hotel either, you go to the restaurant of one of your workout partners. Your lads finally have to get something decent to eat. Raw meat instead of fried stuff. And then it's off to bed early.
During the sunrise run, your pals' clothes are still very loose. You can't say that about your shirt. But hey, you have a few years of workout and experience ahead of them. And they really try hard. And tonight, after the day at the seaside, it's off to get a haircut. Those two look like girls.
Tumblr media
If your lads really want to achieve something, an open-air gym like this might be a nice change. And it's also good for a basic tan. But you also have to go to a real gym. To the really heavy weights. So that your youngsters become real heavyweights, too. And if the two behave well today, it goes tonight as a reward again in the tattoo studio. After all, the muscles need to be decorated. And as a good coach, you have to take the stick and give them the carrot.
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A Collection of JOJOS - WIP
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Started this one out as a practice for myself to figure out how they all look similar yet different!! Will probably put colours on it later this week.
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um. three cheers for sweet revenge but eighteen thirties thursdaymonday
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Hongjoong x Reader (afab) x Seonghwa
warnings: minors DNI, slight exhibitionism (acts committed outside), polyamorous, Hong calls himself daddy once, pet names (love, doll, baby), one harsh name call (whore), fingering, very slight edging/orgasm denial, light Dom/sub dynamics, slight spit play, slight cum-eating, praise kink, conversations of tongue/finger riding. (1st person pov) I think that's all...
Word count: 2k
No relation to actually members, simply works of fiction
Tumblr media
"Hong, that's enough," I giggled, turning my face from the camera in his hand. Smiling widely behind the lens, the sound of clicking several more times happens. He had to have taken 200 pictures by now. I was getting slightly restless.
"Sit still for Daddy, doll. We need these pictures. Hwa, hold her still." He says to the boy pressed into my back. Not moving quick enough, Seonghwa's arms wrap around me, preventing any other movements away from the onslaught of pictures we needed.
"Be still, or you'll be over my knee." He spoke softly, pressing a smooth kiss to my ear. My face flushed, and I blinked up shyly to Hongjoong, who was sitting closer, the camera hanging from his neck. 
"Is our baby shy now?" He asked sweetly, but the look in his eyes darkened. No matter how many dates we went on and no matter where we were, they always made my stomach clench in desire. Shaking my head, I chose not to play into this little taunting game. It often ended with me having to fuck myself on their fingers, or tongues. Hong liked my shyness but Hwa would rather watch me struggle to chase my own orgasm. He liked watching me go from being self-conscious to being greedy and taking what I want. Said it was character building.
"Take all the pictures you want." I said, smiling softly. Heat bubbling under my skin from being flustered. Today, they decided on taking me out for a picnic. Though the weather wasn’t exactly sunshine and warmth. The sky was overcast, and there was a slight chill in the air. It was not really a day to bring too many people out, but that made it just fine for us. For the majority of the date, Hongjoong fed me different sliced fruits, meats, and cheeses, quietly cooing over me. He’s always made it a habit of taking care of me.
Seonghwa, on the other hand, had me try a couple of different mocktails he made in his boredom. We all talked about whatever came to mind; laughed, made jokes, and shared glances. Seonghwa took the camera out of Hongjoong’s camera bag to snap pictures of me and Hong, adoring the sight. Noticing the camera after a minute, Hongjoong smiled, reaching for it, stating that he didn't have enough pictures of Hwa and I. That's how I ended up laying in Hwa’s chest now. Not that I minded. He was warm.
“Doll, would you let me take some pictures for our eyes only?.” He asked, peering over the camera at me and Seonghwa. I frowned slightly, slow to catch on to his question. On the contrary, Seonghwa’s hands were already making their way up my thighs, pulling the long skirt I had on, with them. 
“Wait,” I panicked, looking around to see if there were any peering eyes; my heart drummed in my chest. “I know you don’t seriously mean you guys are going to do that here?” I was no stranger to the erotic pictures Joongie liked to take, but in the public like this was new.
“Does it make you uncomfortable?” Seonghwa asked, squeezing the flesh of my thighs. His voice was deep and laced with calmness. I knew that they wouldn’t press the matter if I was uncomfortable. I shook my head, wanting to try this with them.
“We have never done this type of thing. It is so easy to get caught here.” I said just thinking of the embarrassment that would consume me if someone saw. Hongjoong reassuring smile put me at ease just a bit.
“We won’t let anyone else see what’s only meant for our eyes.” Seonghwa spoke hotly, pressing a warm kiss to my neck. Biting back the moan, he elicited out of me, I couldn’t help but dart my eyes around. The park was quite empty, and we were seated far enough from the main walkway. The thrill of what they offered and the nervousness of getting caught played in my head.
Cutting my attention from our surroundings, Hwa’s hand took its time traveling up my skirt. Despite the brisk air, I could feel the heat rising on my skin as he painstakingly journeyed the length of my thigh. My hands gripped the tops of his thighs as my eyes watched his arm slowly disappear under the fabric. Pulling my legs apart, Hongjoong kneeled between them. 
My eyes met his eyes as Hwa’s fingers reached the fabric of my damping underwear. My breath hitched as his fingers traced my outline, slowly pressing into the soft flesh of my lower lips. My hips rocked, trying to press against his hand, wanting more friction. At this, Hwa’s laughter vibrated my back. 
“Needy, are we?” He said tauntingly. Finally, his finger traced up to my aching bud and rubbed soft circles around it, causing it to throb. My head rolled back onto his shoulder, and a soft sigh left my lips. Hong raised the camera, this time to capture the look of lust that painted the canvas of my face. Seonghwa’s lips kiss the shell of my ear, a wet sound making my hips jerk. His breath picked up a bit, aroused at how pliant I was in his hands. He was pressed stiffly into my back, driving me crazy.
“She is soaked under here.” He muttered huskily. I could hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke to Hongjoong. His fingers went back to tracing the outline of my cunt, pressing against the fabric. My eyes eagerly watched Hongjoong’s face, as a red tint washed over the surface. 
“Is she?” he responded back, leaning in, creating a small bubble of intimacy. Seonghwa took his own fingers, pushing my underwear out the way and plunged deep, hardly met with any resistance at all. A moan bubbled up from my throat as he massaged my inner walls, poking around for the spot that drove me insane. The soft stretching and scissoring had me squirming, working up a sweat across my forehead. The camera hanging around Joongie’s neck was left neglected as he gripped my legs, resting them slightly on top of Hwa’s. At the new angle, Seonghwa’s hand moved faster, reaching new spots, creating a rhythm that left the soft squelching under all the noises that surrounded us. 
“Hwa, please” I begged, nails biting into the fabric of his pants. A chuckle fell from his lips as he grinded the palm of his hand against my clit. “O-Oh fuckk” I whined bucking against the sweet friction. My mind was hazy, no longer concerned if anyone saw us. The soft shutter of the camera brought me back to reality a bit. Hong’s face watching me intently behind the lens, that reflected the scene of me losing myself on Seonghwa’s shoulder. Finally, after teasing me as much as he liked, Seonghwa curled his fingers, pressing them into the spongy part of my desire. A flame kissed my skin as my pleasure sky-rocketed. The winding of my hips, evident, even under the fabric of my skirt.
“Just like that doll,” Hongjoong mumbled as the shutter of the camera clicked several more times. All the while Seonghwa’s free hand traveled underneath my sweater, palming at my breast. A soft pout graced my lips as I tried to hold back a whine. The heat bubbling against my cheeks was in sharp contrast to the cool breeze. My hips rocked against Seonghwa’s ministrations, chasing the euphoric high cresting in my lower stomach. 
“Shit, Song.” I groaned, bucking my hips. Panting, I pressed my hands into his thighs, hoping to ground myself “Oh fuck.”
“It seems you forgot all about the peering eyes, love” Seonghwa taunted, pumping his fingers relentlessly. My heart pounded, but my walls clenched tightly, thinking of someone seeing the erotic state I was in. Would they be able to see my face? Would they flush when they realized what was happening?
“My, my what a little whore. She likes the thought of being seen.” Hwa says to Hongjoong and a breathless moan leaves my lips. My eyes crack open and Hongjoong’s hooded eyes, pupils blown, and looking intently at my reactions. The camera raises slowly to capture another look that must have crossed my face. Suddenly, I was hyper aware of the soft conversation that seemed to be coming closer. A woman’s soft laugh and a man’s voice. Regardless of their distance, Song’s hand never stopped moving. My body drew tight close to climaxing and the cries of pleasure burned in my chest. I couldn’t be heard now. The wet sounds of his fingers moving in my seem to grow louder and a soft moan fell from Hongjoong’s lips.
“W-wait-” I hiccuped out as the conversation seemed to get closer. My whimpers were soft, but I was nervous they weren’t soft enough. Hwa’s hand thrusted harder against the soft spot inside of me, and I could feel a sweat breakout across my forehead. Hongjoong’s hands rested gently on my thighs, squeezing tightly as my hips rolled again. 
“Don’t worry about them, doll. I wanna see you cum. Can you do that for us?” Hongjoong asked, his voice edging me on. The tight ball, twisting in my stomach, raised every hair on my body. My pants grew more desperate and my eyes cracked open. The grey clouds hung overhead and just along the edges of my field of vision, Seonghwa caught my gaze. A smirk settling along his lips as he leaned down to press a warm kiss to my cheek
“Look at you pretty baby…answer Joong.” He demanded, his fingers slowing, and a whine broke from my lips. The crest of my high fading away, walls pulsing from being edged. Blinking the haze back for a moment, I lifted my head to look at Hongjoong. He hadn’t moved any closer, but the pressure from his gaze made me clench around Seonghwa’s fingers. Juices leaking, sticking to my thighs and ruining my underwear. A soft groan coming from Hwa’s lips.
“I can, I-I will.” I whimpered as Hwa’s fingers increased their speed again, the squelching louder than it was before. A low moan ripped from my chest as my legs began to tremble. Seonghwa’s hand that was previously palming my breast traveled down to press against my lower stomach, and my head jerked back. Eyes watering, I couldn’t control the pants and moans that spilled from my lips at this point. My cheeks burned as I felt my high coming quickly. I couldn’t hold it back even if I wanted to. My chest jumped as my breath hitched, and Hongjoong slid his fingers in my mouth to muffle the cries of my ecstasy. My body arched against Seonghwa as pleasure flooded every inch of my being. 
“Mmmh, what a good girl.” Hwa praised lowly, causing several tremors to rack my body. Hongjoong hummed in agreement as his fingers pressed down on my tongue. Moaning heavily against them, I sunk against Seonghwa’s chest. My muscles relaxed, and I blinked slowly, trying to get myself to come back to earth. Pulling his hand free, Hwa brought his fingers up to his lips. Placing them in his mouth, he sucked earnestly, trying to taste as much of me as he could. My walls fluttered gently at the sound and the loss of sensation.
“Aw, that’s not fair..” Hongjoong pouted, watching Hwa enjoy the taste. His eyes then snapped to me. “Hey doll, you did so well. Such a good girl deserves a reward, yeah?” He asked, straightening my skirt and placing the fingers that were in my mouth, in his own. My eyes took in the appearance of Hongjoong, and the tent in his pants caught my attention. 
“We’ll have to finish this back home. I can’t sit out here anymore.” Seonghwa said, pulling items from the blanket and shoving them back into the picnic basket. Hongjoong leaned close and pressed a chaste kiss to my lips. My mind slowly started to come back to me, and I quickly whipped my head around, only to see no one was around. 
“Trust me doll, we won’t let anyone else see what’s only meant for our eyes.”
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Dc au- Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog, a 14 year intern at Arkham asylum
An intern that a certain doctor takes a lot of interest in
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about╷main m.list╷taglists╷moots and anons╷k-labels
reqs open╷ random thoughts open╷inbox open
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╷ join in the 2k event preparations !╷
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◾Serbian man dressed in Serbian traditional clothes from Central Serbia 🇷🇸
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this paragraph fucks me up so bad (always but especially on reread post tears waiting to be diamonds) because we know elliot was absolutely right about himself. elliot schafer at 24 still upholding his morals and being exiled for treason when he refused to bend to injustice and spearheading even more revolution in the borderlands. jase could never handle him bc be made the mistake of thinking elliot could be ‘handled’ at all. like oh my god r u kidding me
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