taski-guru · 2 days
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Custom adopt for Digitalpotato
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pagesinmylife · 3 months
I cannot stress enough to Tumblr staff that they do not need to change the site. Do not try to be like Twitter. Do not try to be like Reddit. Do not alter how this site works.
Tumblr will be the most popular social media site if they continue letting all these other sites implode
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tittyinfinity · 4 months
Get rid of the new photo viewer. Put the tags button back where it goes. Get rid of the bubble around the notes. Stop stealing content from queer users while simultaneously flagging queer content. Do something about the porn bots. Fix the issue with pictures overlaying video previews. Stop giving us ads that loudly auto-play even when auto-playing videos is turned off in our settings. Let us permanently disable tumblr live. Quit making this website worse.
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ryonm-blog · 3 months
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tblrtwt · 10 months
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cozylittleartblog · 2 months
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@staff if you [change] the [design] of the fucking [dashboard] i will kill you
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sepulchritude · 4 months
While we’re complaining, I’m also getting really tired of staff replacing commonly used, muscle memory features with new features to force us to repeatedly click on the new feature, only to “hear our concerns” and “roll it back” when it was only ever a transparent way of forcing us to interact with the new features
Replacing the search tab with tumblr live, replacing the BLOG tab of all things with tumblrmart, and now replacing the add tags button with an add community labels button. It’s getting kind of infuriating!
And I’m not even opposed to tumblrmart and community labels! I’m using them. I just hate getting slapped in the face with them for weeks at a time!
That’s not even to mention replacing double-tap to zoom with double-tap to like (a feature which was already present on posts but now applies to images you’re looking at), replacing “swipe down to exit image” with “swipe down to see a random assortment of images from people you don’t follow and never will”, and whatever godforsaken thing is going on with the new video player that never loads
Tumblr media
And this fucking guy that won’t go away even while I type this!!
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nicostiel · 11 months
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#glad to see staff doing their part
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its-raining-cats · 23 days
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capesandshapes · 11 months
I love that musk is groveling asking people to pay for their blue checkmarks while tumblr's fundraising solution was to sell a tiny shitting horse, shoe laces, forced post visibility, and crab rain
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ars-matron · 5 months
I really need to talk for a minute about this new mobile update and how much I as a legally blind person hate whatever the hell is going on with the photos and how it's making this app nearly impossible for me to use
I'm not sure the same thing is happening on the desktop version but for those who may not know in the app whenever you tap on a photo it used to just pop up and you could double tap to enlarge it and zoom in and scroll around and all was great.
A double tap now likes the photo and it must be pinched and pulled to zoom in and out. A mild annoyance, and nothing compared to the rest of the update. If you scroll up, which I do frequently when trying to navigate an enlarged photo, it will send you to ANOTHER photo based on the tags of the post.
That's right, a completely different photo!!! A feature no one asked for and no one wants!! This isn't facebook, or instagram, and maybe tiktok but I never had that so this is a guess. When I click on the photo I only want to see that photo (or in the case of multiple photos in a post I want to be able to easily scroll side to side for those). I do not want to be taken to another post!!! Also if you scroll too far to the left you are then sent to the profile of the person who reblogged the post. I do not know why. Who wants this feature? Is it a feature at all?
As someone who only taps on a photo because I cannot see it and I need to enlarge it, this is beyond a simple annoyance. I cannot navigate the photo like I need, there's a hair trigger on whether it sends you to a new post completely or if you are sent to the profile of the reblogger. Neither, again, are things I want. this leaves me having to back track a lot, re-zoom the photo as it reverts back to normal, and hope dearly that this time I can just read the damned text before it freaks out again.
I haven't seen anyone else talk about this outside of the tags, but really this is making the app unusable for me, and I'm sure for many others.
@staff I know you guys haven't cared about your disabled community much in the past (other photo updates that stopped allowing me to zoom into gifs is proof of that) but please don't make this app unusable for me. I would rather not have to leave.
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This article trying to explain this site in the wake of the hilarious trolling of the checkmark thing might be the funniest thing I’ve read in a while:
Tumblr media
Because, heh, this tracks:
Tumblr media
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tacticaltaxonomist · 8 months
I love the rainbow checkmarks but the colors could be improved. Maybe something like this?
Tumblr media
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bebx · 2 months
lmao tumblr letting their users choose whether or not they want their likes to be public but then pulling a twitter 2.0 and showing your likes on your followers’ dashboards and specially saying who liked the posts in their new update, without the users’ consent or a way to turn it off, is actually pretty insane.
like how many times to we — the users — have to tell them we don’t want tumblr to be like any other social media platforms and that tumblr’s being different than twitter, instagram, tiktok is actually what makes us stay on this silly little site.
respectfully @staff you’re driving your users away. stop trying to “fix” things that are good and don’t need to be fixed. we want tumblr to be tumblr. we don’t want the site to be twitter or instagram 2.0
edit: so at first I was under the impression that you could turn off the “posts liked by blogs you follow” in your dashboard preferences, but couldn’t control how your own likes showed up on the dashboards of your followers, after I saw several posts claiming that this was the case. — however, now I think I might be wrong and it thankfully does look like as long as you have your likes set to private, they will stay private and will not be showing up on your followers’ dashboards. apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.
* from my understanding now, you can choose not to see other people’s likes by going to your dashboard preferences in the settings and turning off the “posts liked by blogs you follow” option, and if you have your own likes set to private, they won’t be showing up on your followers’ dashboards.
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aqours · 4 months
tumblr is a really unique experience because the website is inherently fundamentally broken but depending on if you're on desktop or on your phone its broken in completely different ways
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secondbeatsongs · 4 months
hey real talk, tumblr's recent update to web makes it impossible to navigate up a reblog chain, and I'm mad about it
like seriously, the "prev tags" thing? yeah, it's now impossible to see anybody's previous tags, because clicking on the previous reblogger's url does nothing, and the only way to get to a post is to click on its header.
that means that checking who somebody reblogged from? broken. following a reblog chain to find the earliest version of a post, because OP or one of the other posters deactivated? broken. can't do it. it's now impossible.
basically, this fucking sucks for a lot of reasons, and if it bothers you as much as it bothers me, please send in a feedback ticket to tumblr!
I've already sent one in - well, I sent a bug report, thinking it was a bug, but they confirmed in their most recent changes post that it's actually on purpose! which I cannot understand, because it really is just busted now.
I just feel lost without the ability to go back and see who reblogged what and what tags they added! that was a pretty necessary function of this website, and it sucks that they took it away! :/
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