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30 Doradus, Star Waves
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I was a wealthy author and fostering my cousins (who were now primary school-aged children?) and their tennis coach was Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.
After they spent ages on a plastic playground slide, Hrithik got all up in my face about them being terrible students then angrily asked me to give him all my best books. I told him I only had ten books out and he got frustrated and told me to make more.
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NO WAR Mars and moon (Mar. 28, 2023)
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Tempt me
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Crisp Death
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Happy birthday, Prongs
A little thing for @prongsfoot-microfic to celebrate our one and only James Potter. Today’s prompt is star and this is a bit NSFW so let’s put it below a cut.
Sirius might be the one named after the brightest star in the sky, but it was James that guided him across the ocean and through the rocky waves.
It was James that shone light on Sirius’ darkness, wrapped him in protective magic until everything became a little bit easier to bear. It was James who lifted him up when he felt like he was drowning, pulled under by the expectations put on him from his family.
It was James who taught him that love was not something to be earned, that it was unconditional and that he was worthy regardless of what the demons whispered to him in the dead of night.
It was James who opened his home, his family, his heart to take Sirius in when he had nowhere else to turn.
It made sense then, that Sirius wanted to give him the world.
He drinks in the sight of James spread out underneath him, fingers trailing down taut skin, along the trickle of hair that runs from his navel to the base of his cock.
He takes James into his mouth, his tongue tracing along the familiar hardness, the taste and scent of James filling him up. The soft noises that James makes goes straight to his own dick as he opens his throat, swallowing him down.
He brings James higher and higher with each bob of his head, each swipe of his tongue, each twist of his fingers deep inside of him. He brings him higher and higher until there is nothing left to do but to fall over the edge, James body tight and trembling beneath him before he does.
He feels James soften under him, strands of hair stuck to a sweaty forehead, a blush delicious enough to taste dusted across high cheekbones and dark eyes hazy behind round glasses. His smile is dazzling, golden, radiant as he reaches down to pull Sirius up towards him.
Sirius might be the one named after the brightest star in the sky, but he knows that without James Potter there would be no light in the world at all.
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“Love is like the stars: magnificent, intangible, universal and intimate.” 🌌
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After the ceremony and in a farther corner so as not to attract attention, Nevra asks Spica to head the family with him, despite the customs of both being totally different. As the eldest man in the family, Nevra is considered the head, and the terms they use in Yaqut are "baʿl" (بعل, lord and husband) for him and "baʿalah" (بَعْلَة, lady and wife) for her.
Despite the game's Oracle blessing, Spica's blessing is different. She touches with her index and middle finger the Moon of Charon on her forehead and then on her bust, and Chrome feels slightly more proud to recognize that gesture of her people yielding the blessing of their corresponding star (in Spica's case, her star Alpha Virginis and the constellation of Noctua).
Even though he is married to someone else, Nevra dances with Erika, as is the tradition of one-day brothers. Despite wanting to dance with Spica, she says that it would be better for him to dance with whom tradition says and as a provocation, it being kind of comical to see them baffled — since Erika supposedly still harbors affection for Nevra.
Spica ends up being shot in the left leg. Therefore, she is unable to help the soldiers against the Templars in the forest. Seeing his sister and wife hit, Nevra also tries to kill Charles, blinded by rage, and being held by Lance, Leiftan and Mathieu.
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Mount Rainier and the Milky Way
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HEDY LAMMAR by Clarence Sinclair Bull (1940s)
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The Black Eye Galaxy (M64) and some interstellar dust // Andrea Bergamini
The bright star to the bottom right is 35 Comae Berenices
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doodled my acnh character 💛
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tired, but still shining
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Sakura to Supernova
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This rare sight is a super-bright, massive Wolf-Rayet star. Calling forth the ephemeral nature of cherry blossoms, the Wolf-Rayet phase is a fleeting stage that only some stars go through soon before they explode.
The star, WR 124, is 15,000 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius. It is 30 times the mass of the Sun and has shed 10 Suns worth of material – so far. As the ejected gas moves away from the star and cools, cosmic dust forms and glows in the infrared light detectable by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.
The origin of cosmic dust that can survive a supernova blast is of great interest to astronomers for multiple reasons. Dust shelters forming stars, gathers together to help form planets, and serves as a platform for molecules to form and clump together, including the building blocks of life on Earth.
Stars like WR 124 also help astronomers understand the early history of the universe. Similar dying stars first seeded the young universe with heavy elements forged in their cores – elements that are now common in the current era, including on Earth.
The James Webb Space Telescope opens up new possibilities for studying details in cosmic dust, which is best observed in infrared wavelengths of light. Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera balances the brightness of WR 124’s stellar core and the knotty details in the fainter surrounding gas. The telescope’s Mid-Infrared Instrument reveals the clumpy structure of the gas and dust nebula of the ejected material now surrounding the star.
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Solar parasite
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Pleiades Star Cluster
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