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We heard some of you like Achievements 馃憖
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TRON games discounted up to 75% during the Steam Spring 2023 sale
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The Steam Spring 2023 sale has started, and TRON games are discounted up to 75% off until March 23, 2023!
TRON 2.0 ($2.49 USD): https://store.steampowered.com/app/327740/TRON_20/
TRON RUN/r ($11.99 USD for Ultimate Edition with all DLC): https://store.steampowered.com/app/392000/TRON_RUNr/
While you can install and play the games as-is, I鈥檇 recommend checking out these guides on Steam if you want to experience the games at their best:
TRON 2.0 Steam guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=325088441
TRON RUN/r Steam guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=585222834
Even though the guides are hosted on the Steam site, the advice in the TRON 2.0 guide also applies to the GOG (and Retail disc) version. Modding the game will add support for widescreen display resolutions, and even fix the broken Multiplayer so you can play it again.
And, yes, both games will work on any recent version of Windows. Including the latest releases of Windows 10 and 11.
Even the Retail disc (CD/DVD) version of TRON 2.0 can be made to work on Windows 10 and 11, if you follow the first two steps of advice in the Steam guide.
- TronFAQ
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It was to be expected, but it's still nice to confirm that the PC version of EO Origins Collection will include Achievements!
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(22 Achievements for EO1, 20 for EO2, and 29 for EO3)
Given the games have yet to release, it's not possible to see what the achievements themselves will be like for now.
Obvious achievements would most likely include 100%ing the Monster Codex and Item Compendium, as well as reaching each stratum (hopefully they don't pull an eou on this one and end up spoiling too much), but feel free to throw a guess at what else they might include!
If I were to guess myself, something along the lines of "Create one character for each class" could work as a simple achievement for all three games, as well as a way to tell players that they don't necessarily have to stick with the first five characters they make.
As for the harder side of achievements, something like "Beat the game (Postgame included) on Expert from start to finish without switching difficulties" or even "Beat X Boss with only 1 party member" could be interesting to see.
if they have an achievement for making a party with just a ronin and hexer for eo1 i'll scream.
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thanks steam
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For less than an Overwatch 2 skin you can currently buy Disco Elysium - The Final Cut for $10.00 USD. (Til Dec, 12th 2022)
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Hades II - Reveal Trailer
Hades II will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in 2023.
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Key visual
The first-ever sequel from Supergiant Games builds on the best aspects of the original god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft.
Key Features
Battle Beyond the Underworld 鈥 As the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you鈥檒l explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the forces of the Titan of Time with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment.
Master Witchcraft and Dark Society 鈥 Infuse your legendary weapons of Night with ancient magick, so that none may stand in your way. Become stronger still with powerful Boons from more than a dozen Olympian gods, from Apollo to Zeus. There are nearly limitless ways to build your abilities.
Mingle with (More) Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters 鈥 Meet a cast of dozens of fully-voiced, larger-than-life characters, including plenty of new faces and some old friends. Grow closer to them through a variety of new interactions, and experience countless unique story events based on how your journey unfolds.
Every Run is its Own Adventure 鈥 New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again. Reveal the mysteries of the Arcana Altar, tame witchy familiars, and gather reagents using Tools of the Unseen to get closer to your goal.
The Perks of Immortality 鈥 Thanks to a variety of permanent upgrades and the return of God Mode, you don鈥檛 have to be a god yourself to experience what Hades II has to offer. But if you happen to be one, you can brave escalating challenges for greater rewards, and prove just how divine you really are.
Signature Supergiant Style 鈥 Rich, atmospheric presentation and storytelling fused with responsive action is the hallmark of Supergiant鈥檚 titles. Vivid new hand-painted environments, even smoother real-time 3D characters, and an electrifying original score make this mythic world burst with life.
Coming to Early Access
Getting player feedback through key phases of development was vital for the original Hades, so we plan to reprise that process once more, once this game is further along.
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kitchen ghosts
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Itch.io has announced a huge bundle of games that will benefit the people of Ukraine by funding humanitarian efforts. Millions of Ukrainians have had to flee their homes and many of them are in need of food, water, and medical care.
For a minimum donation of $10 you will receive hundreds of games valued at over $6,000
Over 700 creators have joined in support to donate their work. All proceeds from this bundle will be split between the following charities:
International Medical Corps provides medical assistance in the region. They have very low fundraising overhead (1% of income), with 89% of donations going to medical aid and 10% to administration.
Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the horrors of war, PTSD, readjusting to school, and getting back to being kids. They have also been doing a lot of grassroots impromptu work during the war, such as helping set up shelters. Our hope is that this war will be over soon, and they can begin the work of healing these kids' hearts.
Click link in the source or visit itch.io for more information on this bundle
Please share this post and consider donating if you are able
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I'm going for gold, lads, lasses, and other gendered classes!
Do you like visual novels? Do you like stories about the fey? Do you like your entertainment as EDUTAINMENT?
The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) is a lore-rich and choice-driven romantic visual novel inspired by Irish mythology. Play as an Irish tenant farmer from the mid-19th century, whose path becomes inexplicably entwined with fairy affairs after getting robbed by the roadside and lured into the mythic and war-torn world of T铆r na n脫g: A once unified land, now divided into the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Will you escape with your stolen belongings? Or does fate have something else in mind?
6 wonderful romantic/PLATONIC options (each love interest can be pursued entirely platonically)
a visual novel whose philosophy is less on anxiety-inducing, arbitrary choices to get a good or bad ending, but instead focuses on if you, the player, are interacting with a character in a healthy or unhealthy manner, leading to player freedom and choice
intelligent and reflective writing that is reflected within character moments and dialogue
and MORE! (so much more!)
Here is the bio link, which has links for the indie developers' social media accounts (Tumblr, Twitter, Discord Server) along with the link to their official website, which has a deep dive into every main NPC and the philosophy of the game. The demo is out now and free on both Steam and Itch.io
(As an official statement: I am in no way employed or affiliated with Moirai Myths and I was not approached in any way to make this post. This is me being a feral fan on main, blazing this post)
They鈥檙e doing voice acting reveals this month, along with an early bird special to see blushing/flirty emotes!
WE HAVE REACHED FULL FUNDING WITH THE GAME! Which is excellent, because it means that my little hyperfixation is gonna be made!
It would be very nice if we could reach some of the stretch goals (which go into depth here: x). Not only are they fun (MC customization, a switch port, expanded voice-over work, more sprites, mini-games, side stories), but I think they'd spark a lot of serotonin for folks playing (myself included).
If this post has interested you at all, please, please, please check out the Kickstarter above! Thank you!
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Lava flow on Puna coast, Hawaii
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shoutout to this person in the steam reviews for stardew valley who decided to share an apple pie recipe
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I backed a video game Kickstarter whose organisers can't figure out how their bulk mailing service works and keep accidentally issuing every backer the same Steam key, so whoever redeems it first is the only one who gets to play. They've done this three times and counting.
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Stray PS4 | PS5 | Steam
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I need this game now!!!
Hades II is in development!
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