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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days
Stephen: I think I'm at a stage of my life where I subconsciously purposefully fuck everything up just to see if I can find a way out of it.
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Tony: "Fuck you, my cat is completely fine!"
The cat in question:
Tumblr media
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doctorofmagic · 19 hours
Tumblr media
Let’s decide which Strange ship is the most popular in our sweet fandom.
(also please give me some love, it took me hours to do this ª)
About the requirements:
- Only 616 adult ships were chosen. No objects or monsters. Some were based off my personal preference, others by works made by fans (popular or not).
- Obviously, most are not canon. This is just for fun.
- The ships were randomized by a tournament bracket generator. No personal choices were made (I know it sounds sus but Clea was INDEED the first ship on the generator, I swear).
- Be nice to each other. No ship wars. It’s not that serious.
- Round 1 starts tomorrow (February 7th) at 11pm (GMT-3).
- Polls will last 24 hours.
- Campaigns are allowed.
Spouses Supreme (Stephen Strange/Clea Strange) Moonstrange (Stephen Strange/Marc Spector)
Strangehell (Stephen Strange/Daimon Hellstrom) Strangevoodoo (Stephen Strange/Jericho Drumm)
Kannastrange (Stephen Strange/Kanna) Strangedevil (Stephen Strange/Matthew Murdock)
Elekstrange (Stephen Strange/Elektra Natchios) Strangeblade (Stephen Strange/Eric “Blade” Brooks)
Ironstrange (Stephen Strange/Tony Stark) Strangewidow (Stephen Strange/Natasha Romanov)
Dormastrange (Stephen Strange/Dormammu) Janestephen (Stephen Strange/Jane Foster)
Strordo (Stephen Strange/Karl Mordo) MagicBullets (Stephen Strange/Frank Castle)
Strangepanther (Stephen Strange/T’Challa) Strangenurse (Stephen Strange/Linda Carter)
Doomstrange (Stephen Strange/Victor von Doom) Strangeluck (Stephen Strange/Felicia Hardy)
Strangenightmare (Stephen Strange/Nightmare) Strangemariner (Stephen Strange/Namor McKenzie)
Zelmastrange (Stephen Strange/Zelma Stanton) Scarletstrange (Stephen Strange/Wanda Maximoff)
Stranvers (Stephen Strange/Carol Danvers) Reedstrange (Stephen Strange/Reed Richards)
Wongrange (Stephen Strange/Wong) Strangerine (Stephen Strange/James “Logan" Howlett)
Umarange (Stephen Strange/Umar) Valstephen (Stephen Strange/ Brunnhilde)
Frostrange (Stephen Strange/Loki Laufeyson) Strangesmash (Stephen Strange/Hulk)
Silverstrange (Stephen Strange/Norrin Radd) Spideystrange (Stephen Strange/Peter Parker)
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Dr Strange x fem! reader
- OH MY FUCKING GOD. this is the longest smut fic i’ve ever done and i think it’ll remain my fav forevermore. dom!Stephen has me feral no joke. enemies to lovers is my niche. it’s my baby and i’m feeding y’all bc i spent so damn long on this one. enjoy u sluts x
he’s so fine i just wanna bake for him
Tumblr media
Who's fault was it?
No one really knew.
It was simply one of those things the universe designed even though it was completely manufactured by you and Stephen alone. Resentment is a funny thing, it was a hilarious thing when you and Doctor fucking Strange were involved - how can two people who work together hate each other on such a cellular level? You weren't even sure how he even had the grounds to hate you, to be so sure of something when you couldn't even place how he even got to this conclusion. Well...that's a lie. It was something that you couldn't even get into. It wasn't even about petty insults or arguments anymore. Stephen was seriously messing with your head in ways you simply didn't have the time to comprehend.
Stephen was always so fast. Obnoxious. Relentless and an aphrodesiac.
He honestly thinks he has the skill set to fuck every woman he sees, it wasn't unheard of. Stephen Strange believed himself to be this sauve master of pulling women, knowing what makes them tick, knowing how to get them down and dirty for him. Prince fucking Charming...well…without the sunny personality and gentlemanly persona. Did he even know what object permanence was? Stephen was never one for relationships, this was something everyone knew and believed. His work, his duties always came first but he was prone to entertaining sometimes. Everyone knew he wasn’t one for relationships.
He literally believed that himself. Relationships were never really on the cards for a guy like him. But now, you were the card counter, skewing his game, cheating the game he himself made up.
You were stubborn. A tick under his skin. Born to hang on, born to win, born to never give up or change your opinion and the one he's come to expect the most from you- you were born to never finish an argument. Arguments between you and Stephen can brew out of lot of things, stupid things, casual things- anything. Mission plans. Choice of weapon. Coffee. Fucking laundry. You would bicker like an old married couple and it was becoming distracting to the point where it would make people talk- at Kamar Taj, the Sanctum and the Avengers Compound. You both weren't safe anywhere. The last time he fucked you over it had gone too far, he exploited his photographic memory to point out every single thing you did wrong on the battlefield. Stephen can mock you, judge you for your rotten personality but he could never ever insult the way you carried out your work- he couldn't take that away from you. What made it worse is that he literally did it infront of everyone, your friends, peers and the people you respected.
The whole situation made you frustrated. And when the frustration builds and you think you could explode- you take a deep breath. You want to shout at his face, have a tantrum and beat your hands on the ground like a spoiled brat or rich kid that always get what they want. You want to vent, find the softest parts of him and just twist the knife. But do you really want to stoop to his level? It's just so easy to be cruel in the moment and then after that the damage is done- but that's the pussy way out, something someone with better judgement would obviously do. You weren't feeling warm and fuzzy about him at all, it was time to turn the tables on Stephen.
It was your turn to do your own sleuthing. It was more than he deserved.
Stephen was out of the Sanctum and you had nothing better to do...so you decided to do some snooping. A man always hides his secrets in his room and Stephen was no ordinary man so whatever he's hiding will defintely be worth your while.
Angry isn't a rational look on Stephen. He felt that there was a ghostly cord hanging upon his spine and pulling him back like a puppet on a string. You were the puppetmaster. As with most primitive emotions, when anger is directed by the logic, empathy and creativity of the higher brain, it becomes an element of the hero personality. Stephen often questioned if he was a hero sometimes, he definitely wasn't the hero in your story...he couldn't be after everything you've both been through. Women weren't a mystery to him. You weren't a mystery, you were a whole goddamn conspiracy. It's weird and it's like you took a small bite out of his brain and it sent him in a permanent zombie state. Stephen was at his wits end.
The Sanctum was like a barren landscape, no one was there and a sigh of relief escaped you. You were at Stephen's bedroom door and you actually felt a twinge of anxiety sever your nerve endings. He was so cunning, you were sure he could jump out at you at any moment.
The door was fucking solid, etched in ancient oak and runic markings. You were surprised when you tried for the door handle and it opened, creaking it open you were happy to see that he wasn't there. Your first thought when you viewed his room that it was so fucking Stephen. Perhaps you had paid a little more attention to him than you had realised. The thought was startling. Spellbooks were strewn all over the room, did he even take care of his sacred relics? They were priceless. The walls were artifact adorned and priceless paintings were hung and championed like trophies, you couldn't stifle your eye rolling at his pompous nature. It was like he was dedicated to being pretentious. Other than his books, his room was immaculate. He was such a clean freak and it obviously it had to come out in a place that he was supposed to be the most comfortable in. Stephen's bed was massive, it was so regal and royal. You wondered how many women he fucked in this very bed. The kind of positions he put them in, how many times he made them cum. You frowned at the thought.
Why should you even care?
Your legs instantly gravitated towards his bedside table. Men hide all sorts of things in their bedside table. You had to be quick, you had a mission briefing in like twenty minutes and you were sure the rest wouldn't be happy if you showed up late. Stephen's bedside was neat but it was freakishly neat, too neat- you knew he was hiding something. You opened it up and you damn near stopped breathing.
Your heart stopped. Full throttle.
The drawer was full of sex toys? You scoffed, eyes paling at the sight. Your fingers traced over the velveteen and you had to bite your lip to conceal your shit eating grin- now this was interesting. You pulled out and examined the silk blindfold. Blindfold? Jesus Christ. Stephen was into kink? Of course he was, it was glaring, clear as day but you couldn't really contain the extent of your surprise. Why was this pleasing you so goddamn much?
It's so telling.
What really caught your attention was these silver metal balls that were strung together by a thick woven string. Oh? You were curious as to what these did...how did Stephen- what did he….? Absolved in your own thoughts that you simply couldn't bridle, you couldn't even hear that Stephen was at the door.
He was stood there, bewildered at first to see you in his space, in his room. Stephen should've been mad- seething actually especially at you but he just let you do your snooping. You were such a curious little thing, curiosity was your on button and he honestly thought it could get you killed. But in this case he'd allow it, considering that look. He was pleased.
Very pleased indeed.
Why isn't he angry with you right now? Why isn't he screaming and yelling at you to get out? He was gawking at you like a fool but he was enjoying it, seeing you come to so many new revelations about him and what he was really like and what he really wanted.
‘’What are you looking for?’’ Stephen finally cracked through the silence with a condescending question. He knew what you were doing and you felt like you were being scolded by the principle for cheating.
‘’Uhm…dirt.’’ You said with a fake plastic dazzling smile.
‘’You find anything?’’ He raised a quizzical brow, already knowing what you were looking at.
‘’I'm finding out things about you that you'd rather go unseen.’’
‘’Are you blackmailing me?’’ Stephen asked as he was treading over to you, hoping to intimidate you slightly but you weren't backing down.
‘’No. I'm threatening you.’’
‘’Oh you're cold.’’ He smirked down at you, attempting to pysche you out to make you feel off your game but you were at your wits end, you were simply not prone to his mind games anymore.
‘’And you're a masochist. You get off on this?’’ You smirked at him as you dangle the silver balls inbetween your faces.
Stephen scoffed. ‘’You're probing on my private life and now you're morally policing me?’’
You had a puzzled look on your face and Stephen revelled in it. He took the time to look at you in this resolve and he simply couldn't resist applying a label on you- stunning- when you weren't pelting him with insults and ransacking his room, but it did build his adrenaline when you finally saw the real him. Passionate. Rageful. Intimate. You had a pretty face, a banging body...why not make you squirm and have fun in the process.
‘’What even are these?’’ You recoiled as you held them, genuinely confused as to what they did. How did you even wear them? What did they even do?
A devious idea was mentally forming in his head, although he wasn't sure if you'd agree to it, especially considering your feud. But you were here, peacefully discussing the use of sex toys. You'd definitely leave if you didn't want to be here. You were smirking up at him and he let a sly smile form on his face. God. He wanted to fuck that stupid smirk off of you. It'll happen soon enough.
‘’What, you want me to give you a crash course or something?'’ Stephen stared down at your glassy eyes, so unclear of what you were thinking.
Come on, you needed to give him some sort of direction, you were awfully distracting. He didn't have the time to bend you over now.
Your mouth was running itself before your brain could even check it.
‘’Yes. Actually.’’ You confirmed and Stephen couldn't really fathom you saying those words. Yes! ‘’Surprise me.’’ You chided, you seemed way too chipper about this idea.
Fucking hell. You felt the density of the air changed immintently, it thrummed against your brainwaves. Flirting? With Stephen Strange? Now he was going to show you...whatever those balls do.
Shit. He could make or break you right now.
‘’Open your mouth.’’ Stephen ordered softly. Your face paralysed in shock at his request and you found yourself mindlessly obeying his command-your curiosity outwon you again.
Your mouth popped open and Stephen was satisfied that you actually did what you were told for once.
Fuck, that mouth of yours. Your lips. Your body. He had blinders on it before but now you were flaunting yourself off for him, only him- even if you were disguising it at as an educational opportunity.
Stephen thought that you were as dirty a he was. He slipped the balls in that sweet wet mouth.
‘’We need to get them wet. Suck.’’ Stephen hummed, completely satisfied with himself. Although that was shaken when your eyes just widened and you weren't actually doing anything.
‘’I'm not gonna ask again.’’ His head tilted down, eyes darkening as he warned you again. He didn't have time to. You actually took his warning though, wich he was equally as surprised by.
You began suckling on it, they were smooth and cool and your mouth had a bizarre reaction to it. Jesus Christ. Images of you down on your knees sucking him off, choking and gagging around him made his dick twitch in his pants. What was he, fourteen? You flashed him a brazen look, giving him those fuck-me eyes, batting your lashes as if you were this innocent little thing- all lies. Sweet lies. Stephen dragged them out of your mouth and you let them go with a pop, letting out a shaky exhale afterwards.
‘’What was that for?’’ You asked and blinked up at him dumbly. You didn't even realise how pathetic you sounded.
‘’You'll see.’’ He quipped and that just made you even more nervous. ‘’Now turn. Bend over.’’ He said under his breath, attempting to conceal his obvious smile. You tensed yourself when he thought of you as that breakable. You were not breakable. Hell no.
Stephen Strange asked you to bend over. Fucking bend over. What was he going to do? What did he want to do? You never once imagined yourself doing what he asked, but once again you did. Lust can be fun, not trustworthy, but you didn't have time to think it through properly, no time under that dark deceptive gaze.
You bit your lip and perched yourself on his bed, arms holding you up. Wiggling your ass too to show that you can flirt. You shot him a teasing look and Stephen just wanted to take you now but you both had a mission briefing in about ten minutes.
Watching in pure disbelief, Stephen lowered to his knees and it was such an unexpected sight- you were sure you were dreaming. He had this stupid smug look on his face and it was so irritating, the anticipation and suspense was killing you. It was driving you mad. You shivered when Stephen pulled down your pants, it was fairly easy- you had no objections. He was face to face with your sweet ass, your underwear was cute, black, simple. Stephen wondered what you would look like in fine lingerie and sky scraper Louboutins. Nothing but Louboutins.
"Stephen... what-?’’ You were shaking, you couldn't even get out what you were trying to say without stammering like a jittering fool.
‘’Shh…Keep still for me.'’He cooed at you as he brought the balls up against your skin and it made goosebumps break out in hives.
Stephen pulled your underwear to the side with one finger and positioned the balls on your clit. You let out a breathy gasp as you felt him put them there, it was such a different sensation. It felt so heavy. So good. Your eyes widened at the feeling, mouth agape like a pathetic idiot. Any other day you would've reprimanded yourself for acting like this...but today was different. He was basking in the glory of the sounds you made, whimpering and whining even though you were trying to bite them back.
Stephen smiled when you let out a dry chuckle, he planted a kiss on your asscheek to show his appreciation. He pulled your pants back up and you were honestly feeling faint, the sensation of those metal balls on you finally showing up.
‘’Stand and turn around.’’ He demanded again.
You swallowed as you picked yourself back up and turned around. The look painted on his face told all, sly smile, bright eyes- he was up to no good. He hasn't even told you what they do yet. You let out a shaky exhale as the proximity between you was growing smaller and smaller.
"So Dr Masochist...floor me.’’ You teased.
‘’Oh just you wait and see.’’ He taunted and you frowned.
What the fuck? Was he seriously about to hold out on you? You had a fucking mission briefing in five minutes.
‘’Are you kidding?’’
‘’Let's see how you feel after the meeting's over.’’ You wanted to bash his face in.
You let the words settle in you and even then it never fully registered. this had to be some sort of practical joke, just another way to embarrass you. Now that was something he got off on. When you stared back into his eyes, it only confirmed he was deadly serious- but then again when was he not serious? Even when he was trying to flirt he was all serious and hard features.
There's no way this could end well...but you wouldn't be you without taking a few risks.
‘’Stephen, you can be so obtuse sometimes but I didn't think you'd be actually fucking crazy. For all I know, maybe this thing you put on my pussy is actually a fucking bomb or something.’’ You said breathlessly, contemplating whether or not this toy was actually a secret torture device- it would just twist the knife within you and you wouldn't be able to live it down.
Stephen would be able to hold this against you forever.
‘’A bomb? I haven't reached that level of kink yet but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.’’ He bit his lip as his eyes thinned down on you, completely enjoying himself and how these events may actually unfold.
Stephen grabbed your arm after conjuring a portal to the Compound and his touch made you shiver, your body had a viceral reaction to his touch and it honestly just left you confused as he pushed you through the portal alongside him.
‘’We?’’ You questioned as you raised an intense brow. The gall. The cheek he had to say we. It surprised you- in the best way.
‘’Mhm. Let's see how you fare.’’ Stephen muttered as the balls of your feet hit the Compound marble, trodding your way to the meeting room to be briefed for tomorrow.
‘’You really have no faith in me and I think that's the main reason why we don't get along.‘’
‘’That confidence is going to shatter soon. See, I'm being nice and I'm warning you about it.’’ He scoffed and you honestly felt everything within you shaken up.
Stephen couldn't wait to see the look of excrutiating arousal on your face during this whole debacle; he'd simply treasure the moment and taunt you for it later but for now he just wanted an outline of what your beautiful face looked like when you came. Just a morsel of what's to come, this switch in dynamic was...different. Heavier than hate. He liked it. A lot. When other people and other agents in the Compound saw that you and Stephen were walking together. You weren't arguing or having a screaming match you were both just walking. Their mouths were agape in shock and any other day you would have been joining them in their disbelief, he was smirking and smiling at you like an idiot and that was more than enough to make other people think and question.
‘’Stop smiling at me. You look like a psycho.’’ You mumbled at him under your breath but you couldn't say anything either, you were smiling too. You let out a giggle and your pussy started clenching, a gasp fell through when you felt the balls actually on you. You swallowed and Stephen obviously caught onto it.
You entered the room and you were met with Tony's incredibly unsatisfied frown- you were both late and you felt like you were being scolded at by the principle for your tardy behaviour but Stephen didn't find it in himself to care. However, Tony's frown dropped and his mouth popped open in shock: you and Stephen were sitting next to each other. Like, actually next to each other without clawing each other's faces off. How fucking high are you two right now? Tony had a rule for this shit- no drugs before meetings, get high later preferably with him. He wondered if you had been smoking a fat blunt or took some shrooms or something- there's no way this could possibly be happening, it was simply one of these things that shouldn't be happening.
‘’Oh thank you for finally showing those cheery faces, we all missed you. Now pay attention: this is important.’’ Tony reprimanded but you genuinely couldn't pay attention. Perhaps you had underestimated Stephen's word, the thought was startling.
Throught the meeting, you were just in this zombie like trance, all hypnotized, you couldn't pay attention to any word uttered by Tony or Steve, Natasha or whoever. Your eyes were just fixated on the plain beige wall, lips parted as you gazed off into the distance like you've just been hit in the head with a baseball bat. Stephen stole a few glances at you, you were finally beginning to crack and he had to pretend to be devastated even though it was something he was expectant of. He could barely contain his delight; Stephen was right, he was always right and this was just another example of that- he didn't like the way you always doubted him, he'd show you soon enough. He just had to keep a straight face, but he let himself slip up a little: the corners of his mouth were tugging up slightly and he was trying his hardest to surpress it. You looked so whistful, so pretty, so restless and he was enjoying every second of it; Stephen had never felt himself be lazer focused on any woman but it was always different with you. Always. His eyes widened slightly when your perfect lips parted and you let out a shaky exhale, your breathing was becoming heavier and you obviously tried to hide it by the way your head was darting off to the side, your palm met with the back of your neck and it was heating up so quickly, so rapidly.
Stephen watched intently as you ran your hands along your thighs, he didn't think you'd break apart so quickly. What really did him in though was when you bit your lip to conceal your shallow breaths. It pleased him to an immeasurable degree, although he could read your body, he wished he could read your mind.
You couldn't hide your shaking. You were actually giving in and you hated it, you couldn't embarrass yourself like this. Especially infront of everyone.
You were so damn horny. So fucking wet and tense. Aching for a release.
What exasterbated things though was the way Stephen was looking at you, it was like he was waiting for you to slip up, to catch you out and prove that you were weak. Impatient wasn't even in the ballpark of what you were feeling, so many emotions and sensations were coursing through you, thighs clamped and feet thrumming on the ground. Your leg was jolting up and down and you couldn't control the way your body was reacting.
So that's what those silver balls did.
Washes of arousal throbbed at your pussy and all you could think about was Stephen fucking Strange. You couldn't lie to yourself any longer, you'd be cheating yourself if didn't want him so bad right now. So so impossibly bad. Pain stakingly bad. So bad it's good.
You knew you were done for when Stephen put his large hand on yout jittering leg. His hands were actually on you. In that moment that's when you knew you wanted him to fuck you dumb. Fuck you dizzy. Fast. Hot. Rough. Intimate. Crazy. You were seriously about to lose your mind.
Shooting Stephen a startled look, he knew he got through you and with that in mind he clamped onto your thigh harder. You darted your face away and then you met Natasha's cool and inquisitive expression. Shit. She was onto you. You stifled an agreeable smile but it made her raise an eyebrow, though she finally looked away. Stephen was amused by it all, mostly with the fact he got you like this. So uptight. So tense.
Stephen leaned into your ear and mumbled at you. ‘’Relax. You're going to give yourself away.’’
You wanted to scream a very needed 'Fuck you! I know!' but you couldn't.
When you looked at the clock, only seven minutes have passed. Seven measly minutes. Fucking seven. This fucking meeting was fourty-five fucking minutes fucking long.
It was like fucking was the only word in your vocabulary. You couldn't help yourself, all you could think about was fucking. Preferably fucking Stephen.
Time went on. Time ticked by, it's clicking becoming louder and louder as it pounded through your eardrums. Focus wasn't on the cards for you, but that was a good thing- you didn't realise that the meeting was over. You were thanking the God you didn't even believe in, praising the lucky stars above you for this heavenly moment of mercy. You were about to explode. It wasn't healthy. Heart hammering beneath your heated skin.
Everybody scattered out and now you had Stephen all to yourself, you'll deal with the confused looks and the tangled web of outside judgement later, needing him was the only thing you felt. Stephen made you hang back from the others when you exited the room, his hand on your forearm as he gave you a cunning calculated look. Tingles electrified your body and your heat pulsated at the minor touch- God you felt so pathetic but it was all his fault.
You sighed in relief when he twirled his fingers and made a portal back to his room; Lord, the yearning was impenetrable, unbreakable. It was all so secretive and provacative. Sexy and desperate. Stephen tugged you through the portal as if to hide you away from the rest of the world, shield you from wandering eyes and gazes from men who didn't deserve to even look at you. After finally getting you through safely and closing the portal back up, Stephen loosened his grip on you and let you stand alone as he leaned on his bed frame.
Now. What to say to you? What to do to you? Stephen had you all to himself now and he felt like a kid at Christmas. What a shame, you were so confident you could get through this but yet again he proved you wrong.
He always wondered what you looked like all fucked out and desperate and on days like this, he was so goddamn grateful to have a photographic memory. You stood there, breath shallow and heavy all at once and you were waiting for him to do anything but Stephen's eyes bore into yours intently. Waiting. Watching. Observing. Imagining the array of things he simply could do to make you cum- which wouldn't be too hard to do after what you were experiencing. Stephen got the hard bit out of the way, getting you all horny for him but now he was overthinking the easiest bit: what to actually do.
‘’So. How'd you feel?’’ Stephen's face brightened and you weren't happy. He was just pandering now and you were way too impatient for that- it was clear enough.
‘’Getting closer.’’
You gave in, you gave him what he wanted: the cracking, the breaking, the realisation that he shattered you, Stephen was trying to draw this out and it finally dawned on you. Although, you began to question that fact when he made his way over to you, you beat him to it however when you charged at him like a raging bull and just wanting to feel his hands on you. Stephen smirked when he caught onto your wrist in your trajectory and tugged you into him. Your breathless gasp was palpable.
‘’Very determined to fuck aren't you?’’ Stephen pointed out the obvious and it made you roll your eyes.
He gripped onto your jaw to make you realise how serious he was. What kind of man would that make him if he tolerated such rude behaviour! Absolutely not.
‘’Don't be dumb. You're smarter than that. Being dumb won't get you anywhere. So if you want me to put you out of your misery don't be callous and hard-hearted.’’
‘’Are you hard?’’ You asked sensually, already knowing the answer, eyes big and wide and so desperate.
Stephen scoffed down at you.
‘’I said don't be dumb. You're asking the obvious.’’
‘’Don't patronize me.’’
‘’Don't make me punish you for that snotty little attitude’’
‘’I'm not impressed.’’ You scolded even though you were simply on no grounds to.
‘’You're not impressed? Really?’’ You were shocked to see that he was offended.
You nodded at him and it made Stephen's jaw tick, you could hear the bones crunching and grinding together like grit and sandpaper.
‘’Your body tells me otherwise.’’ His voice was low and husky- as if he had never been sure of anything else in his entire life.
‘’You cheated that's why.’’ You stepped closer to him and his grip on your wrist tightened.
‘’Touche.’’ A keen and entirely true obsevation, disarming as always and but he couldn't even care. ‘’You want me to take those balls off or keep them on and edge you?’’
The latter scared you. Him fucking you with them on would make you hornier than ever and to edge you as well? Out of the question- you weren't in the mood for glute jokes.
Your mouth shattered into his, lips capturing lips to capture each other's essence and to say it was bliding and heady was an understatement- you tasted bountiful, fruitful and excessive. There was too much of you, too much sweetness to comprehend, too much sweetness to taste. You were rotting his teeth beautifully. Your distinct taste was making him drunk and it only reinforced that when your tongue tangled with his. Stephen's arm loopholed and travelled around your body when he let go of your wrist, you smirked against his lips when his hands were wandering down the planes of your back to the curve of you ass. You fit his hand perfectly it was insane, like you were designed just for him.
‘’I wanna know what kind of torture you've been going through this evening. You really held your own during the meeting.’’ Stephen was mocking you when you ripped your lips away from his.
‘’You know exactly what.’’ You breathed tirelessly.
‘’Tell me or I'll go slow.’’ Stephen's threat made you pout slightly. ‘’I don't think that'll be fun for either of us.’’ He smiled and you just had to give into his incessant requests.
‘’You. Stuffing me full. Making me leak for you.’’ You exhaled before you leaned in and bit his lower lip and tugged it back. Hard. Stephen was surprised by your gall, you were so desperate to get in his pants you were actually doing what you're told. ‘’ That explicit enough?’’
Fuck this.
Stephen thew you on the bed careless of where you landed, so rough and hasty with his movements; like the need outweighed the practicalities. His body dominated against yours as he fawned over you, he looked like a God. He quite literally felt like a God: omnipotent and omnipresent in his stance. His mouth instantly went to your jaw and he bit down on it so hard you were sure he left teeth marks on you, it made wildfire zip down your core. Fucking hell. This man.
Now… what to do with you.
Stephen grabbed at your shirt and ripped it in two, the fabric tearing apart in both hands and he was happy to see you weren't wearing a bra. Your tits spilled from your top and he threw the discarded remanents to the other side of the room. You clawed and barbed at his back to get his shirt off and for once, he took you by law and did as you motioned. You relentless, tireless thing. Unyielding. Remorseless. He pinned your arms above your head and he ducked down to ghost at your lips.
You were at his beck and call. Under his mercy.
‘’You know what? I never really got the chance to scold you for rummaging through my things. Going into this very room, being perspicacious and then having the gall to threaten me.’ ‘
‘’If it get's you like this then maybe I should do it more often.’’ You bit your lip as you whispered against him.
Stephen didn't like that. At all.
No, no baby.
He had to put you in your place.
Stephen let go of one of your arms and his thick fingers clamped around your neck.
‘’You do not disrespect me, okay? I've been lenient today but you were actually being very impolite. I can't have that.’’ His voice was heavy, gruff and severe.
‘’An astute observation.’’ You sneered up at him. ‘’So you expect me to be under your thumb?’’
‘’Yes.’’ Stephen stated simply, so casually.
‘’You're so brainy Stephen. You're right all the time. I'll wake you up with breakfast and a blowjob. But right now I need you to fuck me. Hard.’’ You vilified and it made time stop in his palm. How dare you? He was livid. He was indignant. Stephen clamped onto your waist and he suddenly flipped you onto your stomach and spanked you.
‘’I don't think that was very sincere.’’ Stephen rebuked as he straddled your ass, his dick pressing into you and it made those silver balls act up again. ‘’You wanna try again?’’ He gave you the chance to redeem yourself and be polite.
You turned your head and looked him dead in the eye as you mouthed the words that would set your course. ‘’No.’’
Stephen's face contorted into an exasperated scowl, you bit your lip trying to be cute and flirt but he simply wasn't in the mood anymore. As a response he just shoved your face back into the pillow as he worked your pants off and discarded them to the floor. Your skin was flawless. Not a single fault on that perfect body.
‘’Stephen…’’You whined as you wiggled your ass against his clothed crotch.
He didn't respond, he just ripped your underwear off and you gasped at the feeling.
Fucking hell, the feel of his hands on you were too much to bare; your brows tensed when he finally pulled those silver balls off of you, your sigh of relief wasn't even one of relief- it was of pure freedom and unbridled bliss. The amount of wetness he had to work with was making him so insanely happy, you were soaked and so ready for him. He smacked your ass again and it was becoming difficult to control the direction of your whimpers and whines- you didn't even know what you were begging for.
The sound of him undoing his zipper made an absurd amount of electricity fall through you, like a number of concrete blocks falling upon you. The air was so heavy and dense- all you could do was wait for him.
‘’You look...pretty almost...like this.’’ Stephen chuckled to himself and head around and you shot him and angry glare.
‘’Fuck you!’ You screamed, voice going hoarse in the process of forming
‘’Isn't that what you've wanted me to do all day?’’ He cocked his head to the side as you smirked at his depravity. You opened your mouth to speak but you genuinely couldn't get the words out.
Stephen registered your silence as a response and he couldn't help but laugh down at you. How cute. He shoved your face back down again and it made you whine into the pillow.
He tugged his cock out and you felt him slap against you...and...uhm. Wow. You didn't even have to look at it to feel how big he was, you were actually worried he would split you in half with something like that and you wondered how you'd be able to walk after he was done with you. Stephen was pleased with your reaction: it was clear you were excited.
‘’Show me how much you missed something you never had.’’ You lifted yourself up again to challenge him and he was more than willing to oblige.
‘’You're dangerous.’’ He whistled and you honestly took that as a compliment. It made you blush.
Stephen was rock solid and he slid into your pussy with an ease he was hoping and striving for. You clenched around him so perfectly, so tight, so well fitted. You felt as good as you looked. He grabbed a fistful of your hair, moaning as he tugged you back into his torso- it was like he was a wall of pure muscle. He liked that you squirmed beneath him, to make you clench around him harder he bite down on your shoulder blade and peppered delicious kisses on that unimpaired skin.
He rutted into you relentlessly, with passion, with a hunger and ferocity you'd only wish other men would have. You were feral for him, a wild cat under him as you arched against him, he clenched his teeth as he saw beads of sweat fall down your back. A symphony of sounds erupted in the dense air surrounding you both, you felt so lewd and naughty- you could only imagine what the others would think if they walked in on you like this. You smirked at the insane thought.
The hopeless amount of pleasure you were feeling was insurmountable and overwhelming, a cyclone of desire began building within you and it was idomitable to bear. Unconquerable. Stephen felt invincible, of course all this hate had to lead to this- fucking you crazy. It was such an intense realisation. With that thought, he pinned your arms behind your back. Shit. He was going faster, brutal, he was unbeatable and it made you whine like a lunatic. How did he do that? How could he do that?
‘’Come on, baby. Be sincere, no one else can see you break...just me.’’ He cooed.
‘’S-Stephen…..Please...I can't h-hold on any longer.’’ You stammered like a jittering fool.
‘’Oh, you can't? Didn't think that was in your vocabulary.’’
"You're w-wrong! Just shut up!'’
‘’Come on rocks, buy my silence. Cum for me.’’ The baritones of his voice sent you into overdrive- his voice alone could make you cum.
The sheer grip in which he held you was enough to drag you to the edge, you couldn't keep it in anymore, your body had given out. Stephen felt your warmth coat him entirely, you were so wet and slick and it made him so happy that he was the cause of that- well, with the help of those balls of course. And with that delighful sound you made as you came undone, he filled you up entirely in thick white ribbons. Jesus Christ, this was the fastest he'd ever came; he was embarrassed by the way he felt like a teenager- he was really questioning his stamina, you wore him out and he wasn't sure if it was for good.
He panted as he rolled off of you and tumbled next to you, completely spent and done for in a matter of sheer moments. You went limp as your body lay flat against the bed, trying to bridle the thoughts swirling in your head.
‘’Did I buy your silence? Was that sincere enough for you?’’ Your mouth was running itself a whole goddamn marathon, honestly just trying to keep up with the brutal pace he set beforehand.
‘’Yes. But be snippy with me like that again and I'll keep those silver balls on you for months.’’ Although he was completely serious of his threat, he did have to admit, he loved your smart mouth- it was so disarming and incredibly charming. He liked this flirtatious banter, he wanted it to continue.
‘’They did all the work for you it seems.’’ You insulted with a bashful smile and a blushed face, already going against his threat.
‘’Oh…that mouth. What am I going to do with that?’’
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Supreme Family Pride Inspired Moodboards
(All of these are headcanons except for America)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stephen: Asexual and Panromantic
America: Lesbian (canon)
Tony: Bisexual
Peter: Bisexual and Trans (ftm)
Harley: Aroace and Non-Binary (he/they)
Please reblog if you save 💙
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enidsinclair · 3 days
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marvel-writing · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the amount of love I have for you is stupid
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fanartka · 24 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He can be such a good father
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dino-fart · 2 days
From strangers to friends to lovers headcanon with What If! Stephen x reader
We need content about this guy 😩❤️
Fuck yeah we do!
Tumblr media
Strangers to Friends:
When you landed in his universe, he was cautious of you
Over time you told a dumb joke that made him laugh
From there your friendship started as he realized you being here was a good thing
Once the portal opened back up he became cold toward you, he knew you had to go home
But you figured out a way to return to him and with a gift!
Stephen was ecstatic and you had routine visits with him
And then...
Tumblr media
Friends to Lovers:
Then he started developing feelings for you
You made him feel happy, you made him smile
He knew he had to at least try, right?
He was nervous as hell the day he decided to confess
He took you to a interdimensional garden and enjoyed your reaction
In the center of the garden, he didn’t know how to confess, he just stared at you
But you picked up on it quickly and kissed him
He felt like he was in heaven when your lips made contact with his
Since then you two had make out sessions
He wanted to take things slow and gentle with you
Finally, you showed up in a beautiful dress for dinner with him
He danced with you and let his instincts win
He claimed you that night, on the floor, under the stars
It was a night you two remember 
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*shuffles to the middle of the stage and taps on the mic a couple of times* uh, *taps again* does this thing work? Right, okay. Um, so *claps hands together* I have come here today for a very very, very very special announcement. It is with great honour I announce that, err... probably a thousand years ago today, our dear, dear, lovely @lilbitofmac has been given birth. And so today we shall celebrate their birthday, as they are getting older than they already are. Anyway. *clears throat* *takes out a bunch of cards* No... done that bit. *flips it over* done that bit... *flips* that bit as well... *flip flip flip* *gives up and throws it into the air* Alright just-- gift! Right. Here -- *gestures vaguely around fic* for you, my love. Happy birthday. xoxo 
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man (Movies), Doctor Strange (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Tiberius Stone Additional Tags: Kidnapping, Kidnapped Tony Stark, Hurt Tony Stark, Protective Stephen Strange, Torture, Waterboarding, Ambiguous/Open Ending Series: Part 6 of Febuwhump 2023 Summary:
Tony gets kidnapped by Tiberius Stone.
Febuwhump Day 6: Shackled 
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benedictscanvas · 1 day
HI👋 I'm so glad your requests are open! I squealed and was grinning like an idiot reading "Stuck Together" with Steve R. Wondering if I could ask, should interest spark, for a play on number 3 from the Meaningful Gestures list with one Stephen Strange and a GN!Reader? Instead of a hand on the cheek perhaps smoothing some stray strands of his hair out of his face and he has the "Huh? Oh. Ooohh!" moment lol. No worries if not! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your work👍
the fact that people still read stuck together has me a little emotional! that was one of my first ever fics 4 years ago and is so so special to me, it means everything that you liked it, thank you <3 || 1.2k words
"I'm trying to concentrate, if you wouldn't mind," he said mindlessly, his thoughts still clearly on the task at hand. Usually, he'd be able to pick your footsteps out from all the rest and you'd at least be greeted with a curt nod or an amicable hum.
"You must really be busy," you said, knowing your voice would be enough to snap him out of his musings. He regarded you with slight apology in his eyes for a moment, but quickly went back to his work, "Unless you woke up today determined to bite the hand that feeds you?"
His only answer was a disapproving grunt, but upon a few strained flicks of his fingers over his current project, he finally looked at you properly, shaking his head a little to get the hair out of his eyes.
"I thought you were Tony," he said, as if he had actually voiced an apology. It was as close as it got with him: for him to almost admit he was wrong about something was an apology in itself in his language, "And I told you that you don't have to bring me food. I'm quite capable at taking care of myself."
"Lying isn't a good colour on you, Doc," you said sensibly, placing the warm bowl of pasta next to him on the table and sticking a fork in the top, "I made extra anyway."
Hypocrite. You hoped your own lie was less transparent than his. When he dropped into this work mode, it was impossible not to want to care for him here and there, knowing the work he did was so important that things like eating and sleeping sometimes took a backseat.
"Stephen, I told you, not Doc."
"Ah, you like it," you said, not sure that was true but saying it anyway. You thought you caught a tiny smirk at the side of his mouth, but it could have been a trick of the light.
"I don't," he said firmly. But his eyes strayed to the bowl of pasta and soon his hands did too, briefly abandoning his work in favour of food, "But I do like pasta, as you know. Thank you."
You wanted to thank him for the little things he did for you so regularly. When he wasn't lost to the depths of his work, he could be rather thoughtful. Always bringing a second umbrella for you when it was raining because he knew you'd forget your own. Washing your dishes when he did his without thinking. Just the other day, you had woken up with his cloak draped over you when you had fallen asleep during one of Tony's many, many briefings.
The cloak was unspeakably warm and it was the memory of it that had led you to cook him pasta that evening. You'd already eaten.
"You're welcome," you smiled, even though his focus was entirely on his food as he began eating. You turned to leave but his voice stopped you.
"You're not staying? Where's your food?"
Ah. Caught out in the lie you knew he would see through. You turned around to face him slowly, toeing your shoe into the carpet. It was better not to give him the satisfaction of looking flustered.
"You obviously know that I didn't make extra and I made it just for you. It's like 2am, Strange, I ate hours ago."
He produced a second fork that he definitely didn't have a moment ago, and held it out to you.
"It's Stephen," he corrected, as if on autopilot, and then- "You must be starting to get hungry again. Eat."
It would have been far more difficult to protest, claim sleepiness, head to bed without a glance backwards. He always had an answer for everything. You heaved a sigh, took the fork from his outstretched fingers and sat in the chair that you were also sure he had just conjured for you.
"If you insist."
You ate in silence. You spent the majority of your time together in silence truthfully, but it was where the two of you were most comfortable. You squirmed under his scrutiny when the two of you conversed, the glint in his eye too often unbearable, but when you had a task to focus on side by side, his company was always relaxing. Warm and safe.
He kept shaking his head to get his damn hair out of his eyes though, and the movement out of the corner of your eye was getting infuriating.
"Just-" you huffed, putting your fork down in the bowl with a light clang, "Hold still, would you?"
You reached up, both hands, and smoothed the offending curled strands out of his face, finding them just long enough to tuck behind his ear securely. Pulling a bobby pin from the belt loop of your jeans, you secured the hair in place with careful fingers. You sat back to admire your work, one hand still holding his chin in place with thumb and forefinger, turning it this way and that.
"You're welcome," you murmured, finally letting go of him and picking up the fork once more, "Again."
You could feel his gaze on the side of your face. Intent. Granted, there wasn't often much physical contact between the two of you, but he had to know that he had been driving you to distraction with that shimmying to get it out of his way. Yes, sometimes the way he looked at you bordered on sinful, but you'd recently realised you'd likely imagined that as a reflection of your own slightly inappropriate thinking when you watched his hands at work.
"I'll give it back."
His voice was soft. A world away from the stern words you had been accidentally greeted with when you entered. You looked up at him quizzically but he just lightly tapped at the bobby pin with two fingers. You chuckled, surprised that you weren't feeling your face heat up.
"I have hundreds, your need is greater than mine. Keep it."
You took another forkful of pasta, and he was still just looking at you. You gestured to the bowl with your fork.
"It'll get cold."
"As hot food tends to," he muttered, forever a smart ass. You rolled your eyes, "You do a lot for me, you know, Y/N. And somehow, you're good company when I feel like I'm losing myself in something."
There was that look in his eye again. Unbearable. It felt almost impossible to meet his gaze for too long when he looked through you like that.
"Anyone would want to-"
"Actually, nobody else does. You keep me grounded, and I appreciate it," he said earnestly, and you managed to keep your eyes on him long enough to know how much he meant it. Still, he could feel you itching to brush it off, so he did it for you, breaking your gaze, "Take the compliment and eat your pasta."
You did just that. You took the compliment and allowed it to warm you inside and out, and ate more of the pasta you'd cooked for him. In fact, he hadn't seemed to eat much of it at all. It was a comfortable silence until the bowl was finished, and although you tried to take it with you when you left, he refused to let you wash up what you'd cooked for him.
You glanced back at him at the edge of the room as you were leaving, just quick enough to catch him touching the bobby pin again. There was an expression on his face that looked like reverence.
"Goodnight, Stephen."
You were granted one of his rare, genuine smiles. Maybe you weren't imagining it after all.
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Be Yourself
Tumblr media
Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Mentions of childhood trauma. Surpressed emotions. Mentions of mental manipulation. Language. Pairing: Stephen Strange x MReader Summary: You always have a mask on when you are out at gatherings, and you have always hated it. But the person you are was never accepted by anyone in your family and you were taught that you had to be a specific way in public. You've perfected the art of keeping your true self under wraps: Or so you thought. When a handsome stranger shows up to your friend's wedding, you start to think that someone may finally see who you are, not what you've presented. Song Inspiration: Waves That Roll You Under by Young Summer Part 1/5
A/N: Christine and Stephen were never together at any given point; she was his most trusted friend since childhood and colleague. He got the job for her after becoming a surgeon. He had a lover and so did reader, but who they were won't come to light in this part.
All writings belong to @multiversemusings. Do not steal, repost as your own or take credit for my work. If you have a request, please put it in my inbox!
Tumblr media
Well, this is just fantastic, he thought to himself. I'm supposed to be here to support my friend on their big day and I've somehow gotten dragged into a conversation about stocks again.
He'd been invited to Christine's wedding after working with her for the last five years in the ER and introducing her to Charlie from accounting since they'd been friends since high school. They had been honored by the invitation, thrilled to be the best man for their childhood friend and remain a part of his life as he started the next chapter in his own. He knew Christine would be good for Charlie after they had discussed fundamentals of relationships a little the year prior to meeting the lovely ER nurse. So, when they had asked him to be a part of their big day, of course there was no way he was going to say no. Even still, life had a way of reminding him exactly what he was. As the reception party started, a couple of their partners had approached him and began to start talking about the funds going in and out of the hospital and what the board was going to be doing with it. When he was growing up, his father had told him that if he couldn't handle business, he would never amount to anything in the material world and would be a disgrace to their lineage. So, when numbers came into the conversation, he was quick to fall into calculations and suggestions about what the best way to distribute the funds. He also made suggestions of how to make sure things remained fair enough that people and staff could get equal care and benefits. His mother told him that the award-winning smile he had was one of the things that would benefit the business world, just like his father, so he had always made sure to smile when he knew the situation dictated it even if he didn't want to. For all pretense and purposes, he was the perfect business gentleman who knew how to work the crowd and reassure everyone around him that he knew exactly what was going on and he was always in the know. What he actually was, would be tired. He had been at this conversation for a little over an hour but wouldn't excuse himself for any reason unless it was urgent. Which given the situation of the day, it wasn't likely that he would be getting out of it any time soon. His fingers itched to tap the neck of his champagne flute anxiously, his foot begged to be tapped in agitation because he knew that there were things that he could be doing for the couple to make sure their day was the best it could be. Yet he stood there, patiently and calmly, ignoring his body's wants in favor of keeping the conversation flowing easily.
"Hopefully Braxton sees things the way you do, Stormy," the woman said in a worried manner. This woman was one of the few people you trusted with your personal nickname that had been given to you years ago by someone you loved and lost. "I just want to know that we're giving the employees and the best we can offer while still being able to pacify the insurance companies."
"I assure you; we're doing all we can," he told her, his smile still present. Just as he was about to speak again, he became very aware that there was a strange sensation on the back of his neck that prickled like electricity. It reminded him of the way that he would feel when he encountered a spirit in the hallways of the hospital. His sixth sense suddenly became very alert of the fact that he was being watched from somewhere. Still, he didn't acknowledge it in favor of continuing his thoughts. "The prices on the bonds will be going up within the next couple of months as the flu season starts coming into play and we'll see a huge pay off. The employees will be able to get a raise from the influx we get from our partners, and we can still offer care to patients even if they don't have insurance. In an ideal world, the government would drop rates as well, but we both know that's not likely to happen."
"Indeed not," the woman replied. She took a sip of her wine before a man off to the side of the room called her name, so she lowered her glass and smiled at him. "Thank you for your insight, dear. Enjoy the rest of your evening."
"Thank you, Mrs. Grey." He kept his smile as he watched her walk away before turning to head for the bar as he finally allowed his face to relax, and he exhaled. He set his glass down and the bartender walked over to him. When he went to refill it with champagne, a deep voice as smooth as black silk spoke to his left.
"Make it a Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon, bar keep," the man said with a smile as he stepped up next to him, setting his own glass down. "And a refill for myself, please. Thank you."
He stared impressed at the man's taste in wine before looking at him and was immediately struck by the icy blue of his eyes and the warmth in his smile. There was something familiar about that smile, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was, exactly. His sixth sense, however, did inform him that this was the person who had been watching him from across the room earlier. When his glass was set down and the flute moved as well as the man's martini being refilled, he smiled at him.
"You have great taste, sir," he replied with a smile.
"My treat, for you keeping up with Harriet for so long," he replied, implying by the first name that he knew the woman. "She lost my interest back when she started talking about Bill Lauren taking over the third seat on the board. The fact that not only did you keep your smile, but you kept the conversation flowing without conflict or difference of opinion was worthy of a Nobel Peace prize."
"You seem to know a lot of people associated with my work," he replied as he eyed the man with genuine curiosity and interest. This was the first time tonight that he was actually enjoying himself and engaging in conversation because he wanted to, not because he felt like it was what he was supposed to do. "And you seem oddly familiar. Have we met before at Mercy General?"
"I don't believe we have met officially, no, but I used to work there," he offered with a smile warm like a summer sun. He offered his hand to him as his blue eyes kept a lock on the other's. "Doctor Stephen Strange."
His eyes widened and he smiled brightly as he breathed out a laugh and he took his hand, giving it a slightly firm shake. "You're Stephen Strange?" he asked as they lowered their hands and reached for their glasses in sync. "I knew your eyes looked familiar, but you're a lot different from the picture of you they have hanging on the wall."
"Ew, they still have that old thing hanging up there? God, I hated that picture," he mumbled as he picked up his glass finally. "They got my bad side. It's not fair that you know my name and I don't know yours. How about we fix that?"
He couldn't help but laugh at the man's words and the sour look on his face, but his laughter seemed to make it go away and he smiled once more, which he thought that he liked to see a lot more. He raised his glass to the man.
"You can call me Y/N and it's a pleasure to meet Christine's childhood friend finally, after hearing so many stories. As for the picture, I'll try to get them to take it down for you," he said with a smile. "Or at least put a better one up. To good taste and better pictures."
Stephen huffed an amused noise and tapped his glass gently to the other man's, both of them taking a sip after they had but their eyes stayed on the other's. It wasn't hard for him to see that the charismatic, ex-surgeon had something on his mind as they stood there together. When they lowered their glasses, Stephen wrinkled up his nose and grunted as if the martini had smelt like something foul and he couldn't help but smile in amusement as he did.
"I do have one question for you," he said thoughtfully and when he hummed in question, acknowledging his words, the blue-eyed man looked at him with a serious expression. "Why do you hide who you truly are?"
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elisaphoenix13 · 3 days
Peter: I accidentally washed my hair with dog shampoo.
Tony: What?
Peter: Now I feel like such a good boy.
Stephen, to Tony: Just remember you adopted him first.
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druig-knight-mcu · 2 days
Marvel characters as Random Watcher quotes part 4:
Stephen S.: Yeah I should be afraid of it, but it turns me on.
Tony: To, as the children say, a bit of a vibe check.
Steven upon seeing Khonshu: Uh so, I think I’m maybe trapped in hell.
Sam, about Bucky: oh, I hear cranky little footsteps.
Clint, after literally every mission: well that was incredibly unsettling.
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Tumblr media
Peter really said I can fix them
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mywitchcultblr · 9 months
Tumblr media
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